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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  December 8, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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>> thank you. >> congratulations. >> thank you. that's it for today. and for the first ten years. have a great week. and we'll see you next "fox news sunday." fox weather alert. we begin tonight with a dangerous storm hitting the east coast. it's happening right now. heavy snow is falling in new jersey. first the pictures that we'll bring to you. video just come into our news room a short time ago. numerous accidents on icy roads already out there. the precip is hitting the ground icing over first. and this is from wisconsin. a massive pileup on a highway. and we're told it took hours to clean up this scene. scenes like this playing all over the country. there are 60 trucks and vehicles in this one scene.
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and no reports of injuries. and this is the same storm that caused so much trouble in dallas, texas, and other portions of our country. 400 flights out of the dallas-ft. worth international airport. and that was a number that we're told 6,000 nights delayed today by at least an hour or more. our meteorologist is live at the fox weather system. things are clogging up in the air. but it's the problem on the ground we're focused on. >> and look at some of these snow totals. close to a foot of snow in delaware, new jersey, maryland.. we still have snow across the ohio river valley. still have rain pushing across the southeast. and freezing rain pushing into the virginias right now. it looks like it's kind of ending, you might say. no, we have another wave coming
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into the evening, overnight and into tomorrow. while things look quiet here, watch the radar as we go out in time. we're going to see ex-seventh sift delays, d.c., philly, new york, even towards boston in the next 12 to 24 hours. with the heavy snow, freezing rain, and ice. let's take a look at the ice progression. again, around roanoke and washington, d.c. and even into new york city as well. we're going to watch this. mainly a rain event, but you can't rule out the wintry mix. but monday afternoon, monday evening, it's out of here. but we still have many hours to go and many problems on the roads and airways. look at the forecast precipitation. this is ice. this is the area i'm concerned with where we can see ice on the roads, power lines could give us incredible amounts of power outages in these areas. that's going to be dangerous. taking a look at the winter weather advisories.
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freezing rain watches and warnings, ice storm warnings for parts of virginia. this will continue for the next several hours. and harris, behind us, extraordinary cold air for this time of year. subzero temperatures and with the windchills dangerously cold as far south as texas. this is going to be quite a while before we're done and over with this. >> we'll come back to you as the news warrants. things have changed just in the last 45 minutes or so. we will check back. this storm obviously affecting millions of people mgt and as we say with any storm of this particular magnitude, if you don't have to go outside, you should stay at home. of course this weekend is prime time shopping season for everybody. they're trying to get all of it done before the big christmas day. it falls during the week, so they've got a little bit of extra time. let's go outside to brian who is near our studios out on the plaza now. looking a the people trying to
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get last-minute shopping done. >> reporter: they're friendly. the thermometer says it's about 30 degrees, but it seems a lot colder. it doesn't seem to bother the people walking around on 6th avenue in new york city just steps away from the stores on 5th avenue. the people that look at the economic impact of weather, retailers saw up to 15% fewer shoppers this weekend which could amount to a loss totally roughly a half billion dollars. and we're already halfway through the shortest shopping holiday season since 2002. >> it could have a significant effect because that's when the bulk of shoppers hit the stores. and this year we have six fewer shopping days between thanksgiving and christmas. that's four weekends instead of
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five. that could have a major impact if retailers lose three days of prime time for shoppers to get to the stores and start buying. >> reporter: and that's a big deal. according to the national retail federation, the average holiday shopper will spend $738, that's 2% less than last year. >> all of those people behind you are not shopping. they're trying to get in your shot on fox. this actually is not a loss for everybody. if you've got a shovel to sell, this is the time you're trying to sell it. >> reporter: home improvement stores stand to benefit the most in bad weather. according to the analysis, sales are up 6 % of ice blowers. winter boots are up 19%. while more and more people are shopping online, the majority of purchases are still being done in stores.
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overall sales this holiday season are still expected to amount to $602 billion. that's a 4% increase from last year. >> people tuning in are going to think it's new year's eve already on times square. the nfl is dealing with the weather too. in philadelphia blowing snow and making the game against the detroit lions extra challenging. lions running back reggie bush hurt in warmups. players from both teams huddled around portable sideline heaters. eagles won the game. in baltimore, the ravens won their game as two -- temps were colighting. it was icy and snowing. the player had a hard time standing. vikings running back adrian
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petersen hurt his ankle. and if you have any wild pictured or videos with weather, sent them to us. it looks pretty outside, but it can be dangerous. be safe when you snap. a new warning about just how big a threat irans nuclear program poses to world peace. benjamin netanyahu says they must be aware of iran's true intentions. and the only way to get peace is to demand the constant threat. >> i'm saying what is required is not nearly a shift in iran's capability to produce nuclear weapons, but also a demand to change its jen sidal policy. >> netanyahu's comments coming one day afternoon the concerns of barack obama. he said the chances of reaching a final comprehensive agreement
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are less than 50-50. conner powell with more tonight from jerusalem. >> a day after barack obama -- israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu pushed back. saying that preventing -- they come after a historic deal between iran and the international community. in which they agreed to halt some of its activity for six months. netanyahu who has called the deal dangerous warned the international community to be aware of teheran's swengss and not to ease tension on iran. >> we share barack obama's preference to see iran's nuclear weapons program end through
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diplomacy. but for that to skied, it must be coupled with powerful sanctions and military threat. >> reporter: barack obama defend the the international deal saturday. his obama line is to prevent iran from eye wearing a nuclear weapon. >> connor, thank you. u.n. inspectors visiting a nuclear site inside iran. they were invited. it's the first time in two years they have had access to the facility. israeli. long time still unfinished reactor could still be used to make a nuclear bomb once its finished. iran said it will be for generating peaceful power only. and construction will continue on the site despite the deal reached with the united states. right now, police making
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arrests after a big college football celebration gets -- well, look at it -- out of control. fires burning in the streets. police in riot gear. and one of the architects of the affordable care act is helping to clarify the president's promise if you like your doctor, you can keep it, or the plan that you like, you can do it. he says, you can do that after all. you just have to pay for it. hey kevin...still eating chalk for heartburn? yeah... try new alka seltzer fruit chews. they work fast on heartburn and taste awesome. these are good. told ya! i'm feeling better already. [ male announcer ] new alka seltzer fruits chews. enjoy the relief!
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but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what? a 16-year-old boy died on a flight from seattle to atlanta. add we're learning more about that. the delta flight was diverted to spokane international airport yet. a spokesperson said he had a medical emergency and died of natural causes before the plane could get on the ground. one passenger said they were told there was a emergency, but didn't know what happened until they landed. >> i'm a veteran traveler. as we were going, i know we were
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turning around. and the plane landed quickly. after that, we landed and then we saw a lot of -- there were -- p> some passengers took other flights to get to their destinations another crew was called in to get the ones who were on the plane to atlanta. in east lansing sh michigan, chaos after a football game. thousands of michigan state students filling the streets around campus after that are spar tans dee feeted the ohio state buckeyes. police in riot suits told up. arrested a ton of people. and they say, they will charge anybody connected to this mess. they were reviewing video to try to identify potential suspects. let's turn now to the troubled rollout of obama care and the latest. a big deadline, december 23rd.
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that is the final day people can sign up for health care coverage and have their coverage begin, if they don't have it now, on january 1st. so you got to do it by the 23rd of this month. but the ongoing problems with the federal website and getting customer information to insurers could mean that some people who think they are going to get covered, may not be. and as it turns out issues with people trying to sign up or extending to certain state exchanges now too. those had been working separate from the federal we can site. now some of those aren't working. >> reporter: not only the federal obama care website that's had its difficulty. rebecca pierce who was in charge of the troubled state-run website resigned friday and some members hypotheticaling she was forced out. they signed up just over 3,000 people by november 23rd and only 700 more one week later. the goal by the 1st of march is
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150,000. >> we're for competition and selling insurance across state lines. and above all, we're for driving premiums down. the problem under the old system was premiums were too high. under obama care, the premiums are higher. i don't see any way obama care can work. >> reporter: and another promise president obama made that turned out not to be true was put in the spotlight today on "fox news sunday." did he not say, if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. >> he didn't say you could have unlimited choice. >> simple yes or no. >> yes. but look, if it you want to pay more for an insurance company that covers your doctor, you can do that. >> reporter: also today insurance brokers are complaining they're having trouble helping their clients because of troubles at the back end of the obama care enrollment process. >> so obviously the problems from obama care are still far from resochld. but according to one architect
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of the health care, he says all the white house needs is good old-fashioned public relations. our political insiders will weigh in on that. and i'll ask them a good question, what exactly would work at this point in the way of pr. tweet your thoughts to us and we'll include some of your thoughts on the show. and thousands are gathered to remember paul walker, the "fast & furious" star killed in a fiery crash. tonight, what authorities are doing to make sure all goes as planned. marie callender's knows all white meat chicken was made to be blanketed in golden breadcrumbs. with whipped mashed potatoes, topped with a thick homemade gravy. so she makes her country fried chicken to be eaten together. so they savor every last bite. marie callender's.
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south africa is honoring nelson mandela with a national day of mourning. they're singing, dancing and praying for mandela who broke apart the apartheid.
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mandela died thursday at age 95. and today they were remembering him for being freedom's champion and a shining example of forgiveness and love. greg palkot has more from johannesburg. >> reporter: it's been three days since the passing of mandela. crowds continue to build, candles being lit and flowers being laid. earlier on sunday across in country, worshippers remembered the the man. south africa president zuma was with his e. wife winnie. and they were calling on the company to keep the man's dream alive. here is what we saw earlier. >> i appreciate what he has done for the country and africa and the world. >> a celebrating the life of a great man.
4:22 pm
we loved him and we're still going to love him forever and ever. >> the man was sick. and i think for what he has done for the country, i think that i'm -- i don't know what to say. >> he's gone to heaven. >> as overwhelming as the zeens have been, it is just beginning. tuesday is shaping up to be a very big day. a massive memorial service is planned in a stadium here. tens of thousands expected. as well as over 50 heads of states, including four u.s. presidents, president obama, former presidents george w. bush and clinton and carter. all demonstrating the dignity of this man. and one man who knew him well was pik doe that who worked with him an served with him in his first multi-racial government. here is some of what he had to
4:23 pm
say earlier to fox news. >> i think this country can be grateful for all the tremendous value and values which he brought to south africa. the proper government, the official government. forgiveness in the sense of don't let revenge influence your decisions. it will hamper progressive decisions. not promote it. that's the symbolism. that's what he stands for. >> reporter: one last note about nelson mandela's passing. it is reported today that in his last hours he was taken off life support. he was breathing on his own, not too well. he was asleep. and as one eyewitness said, he finally gave up. he surrendered. but he fought so many battles and one so many battles. >> thank you. well, back to the story here
4:24 pm
in the united states. let's just go to video. my goodness. the northeast getting slammed. we knew this was coming because the midwest had to deal with this last week. snow, ice, powerful winter storms. we'll take a look at current conditions. and new poelg says young people aren't buying into the nation's new health care program. and you know without them, the entire thing is in jeopardy because we need the funding from them signing up. tweet your comments on the matter. what exactly would work to get you to sign up in a pr campaign? stay close. hi honey, did you get e toaster cozy? yep. got all the cozies. [ grandma ] with n fedex one rate, i could ll a box and ship it r one flat rate. so i kn untilt was full. you'd be crazy not to. is tt nana? [ male announcer ] fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex.
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my ambulance talks with smoke alarms and pilots and adiums. but, of course, 's a good listener too. [ female announcer ] today cisco is connecting the internet of everything. so everything works like never before. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. and if you are just tuning in, winter weather is hitting us here on the east coast. dangerous conditions across the mid atlantic and east coast. the snow is piling up in new jersey, as much as a foot. 8 1/2 inches three hours ago, so it's fall really fast. the national weather service estimating some parts could see well over a foot of snow. heavy snow also in philadelphia where there is a winter storm warning in effect. it's already happening. authorities are urging against anybody being on the number of road.
4:29 pm
number of accidents reported in pennsylvania at least one that was a fatality. and the wintry weather snarling air travel. at least 2,000 flights canceled, 6,000 delayed nationwide at this hour. well, the obama administration is expected to shift into public relations mode this week. with in the hands of digital experts, we're told that the white house is prepared to launch a major campaign to get more people to sign up overall. they got to get going. because the deadline to get coverage for january 1st is december 23rd. the penalties will kick in to all of those still uninsured in about four months. let's bring in our panel. you know, you all can also weigh
4:30 pm
in on twitter @fn insider and ought harris faulkner. big pr campaign. what likely is coming? >> basically that things are improving steadily and you can sign up easily and you will get insurance that will be affordable and arguably better than what you had before. and that the problems with the system have largely been addressed. and bottom line, harris, we are heading towards the realization of the goals of the aca. whether that will be the reality, remains to be seen. but that's what the campaign will say. >> it's not as though we haven't seen any sort of a push. in fact, dr. seekial emanuel, i want to take a look at what he had to say which is that we haven't even seen the pr campaign. >> no one has launched a big pr campaign because of the problems with the federal website.
4:31 pm
we are about to launch one and that will persuade a lot of people to sign up. >> had him confused people have seen billboards. we've seen speech after speech from the president. >> ever since right after it passed, we were right for months. they kept say, people will like it the more they hear about it. we've heard about him, all of these pr campaigns. what we have is rahm emanuel's brother out there doing what he does best which is to tell the american people he knows what's best for them and they're too stupid to figure it out. after all, we're the good people. and the result is, this is not just a problem of what is going to happen. it's also perception. they've lost the perception war. >> let's put up some numbers, and john i want to get your thought on this too. when you look at young people, we know that they have to sign up to be the funding engine for obama care. look at this from harvard, this
4:32 pm
latest poll. 45% polled said they're unlike to enroll. what kind of pr campaign do they need to get these young people back? >> they're not stupid. they voted for obama. some of them voted to ree elect them. but they've realized now that they've been sold a pig in a poke. the economy is not getting better. they're discouraged over the whole thing. they're down on both parties. they're unhappy. >> we have a little bit of the president at a youth summit from the past week hitting on, i guess, maybe this is the beginning of the pr campaign. let's watch that and then i have a tweet i want to share. >> if you're a student body president, set up a spot on campus. open your doors and use an e-mail list to help people learn the facts. if you're a bartender, have a
4:33 pm
happy hour. >> bartender, really? >> this reflects, and i dare say, pat, i think you would agree with this, desperationen by the president. bottom line, if young people don't sign up, if only 22% or 25% don't sign up, it means that the affordable care act's economics don't work. there isn't the resources to sustain the plan. so the president has got to get everybody involved. and that speech, harris, i think he's just tilting at wind mills. >> so then we would call it the ca, and take out the affordable. >> unaffordable. >> and he and with those young people they claim the white house who were helped by obama care but they wouldn't disclose who they were. so this is another one of these phony things. he's out there sounding like a pitch man. >> does he have anybody else to help him besides a former advisor dr. emanuel? >> whatever ads.
4:34 pm
>> he has his congressional liaison. he was living a peaceful life in new mexico. he's back for three months to aid the administration. >> harris, they're desperate. >> and again, that's the timing. >> dr. emanuel not to the contrary saying, california has signed up. no. 20% or less in california -- where we can see the numbers. >> so it is consistent. >> young people as doug said they aren't stupid. >> and the politics that's going on that we're not yet talking about is democratic panic about 2014. they are scared of that. and they've told the white house, get this thing straightened out, or we're going to lose the senate and lose more seats in the house. and the republicans will ven eadvice rate this thing when they have control of congress. >> we've got a lot of people chiming in on twitter. and here is what we're finding out. someone says, harris, fox news
4:35 pm
insiders, what would it take? i would need reassurance that my personal information could not fall into the hands of internet hackers. >> remember, it was obama's loss with millennial's young voters started with the nsa scandal. you're being asked to go on a website and you have no security and everyone in the world is hacking. no wonder, they would be out of their minds to do this. pay the fine. >> can we just roll the one other from the president's youth summit. he fried it this way. >> i do remember what it's like being 27 or 28. and aside from the occasional basketball injury, you know, most of the time i kind of felt like i had nothing to worry about. of course, that's what most people think. until they have something to worry about. >> i don't -- i this that's
4:36 pm
called pandering. >> it reminds me of the awkwardness of richard nixon trying to talk to a crowd. >> but this is his base. >> but it is not working. >> if the media wasn't rolling over with their paws up in the air and actually -- >> we are asking tough questions. >> mainstream. >> i'm talking about mainstream what's basic job in life -- >> that's quite a visual, on their back with their paws up. >> they're lap dogs and rubbing their stomachs. if they were covering him the way he ought to be covered and the way they would cover any other president -- >> have you notice the scandals have disappeared. >> that's the republican's fault too. >> the website helped push some of that language out. i want to go on to the next topic. you heard the president talk
4:37 pm
about the minimum wage. that's a toss out of the playbook from the republican party. >> they're only talking about it in a response to the a push in the congress to do it. now what none of them, in either party, and the three of us keep bringing it up here with us, instead of worrying about the minimum wage, why aren't we talking about growing the economy to create more jobs that pay better. the jobs report on friday was not very good. i mean, 200,000 -- >> people -- >> well, pat, there is a history of faking the numbers, we think. where is that investigation going. >> i didn't mean to interrupt you. >> but bottom line, we do not have from either party and certainly from the white house an economic plan. there's no tax reform. no plan for economic growth. there's no plan for empowerment. bottom line the white house is talking redistribution. the republicans are talking no. and the american people are sitting there saying, what's in it for us. >> and doug if you're a 25-year-old, right, if you have
4:38 pm
a job, you're paying tax to pay for social security that you don't believe you'll ever collect a penny of. you're now paying into a health care system that you don'tyou n. medicare, medicaid. no wonderer they feel hopeless. >> i'm seeing a lot of that on twitter. this gentleman calls himself strawman. he says forget obama. can america reverse down ward spiral. gop, dnc, both focused on winging at the expense at the united states. >> that's what most people in america think. and today i got a quote sent to me and it says republican and free government would be an obvious absurdity if the particular checks in controls provided by the constitution had no real influence for the public good. and that is what we have now. this is what we have -- we have two parties who they care only about their temporary political advantage and the country be
4:39 pm
damned. and the american people, guess what? they've figured this out. >> i'm wondering what people outside of this country think about it. >> they laugh. >> with the whole iran deal. and now netanyahu chiming in. what is he thinking of our leadership. and we'll talk about more. president obama pushing his second term agenda. but with all of the distraction and dysfunction inside of washington, will he be able to get anything done. we'll talk about that. as well as iran and israeli. political insiders. weigh in oftn all of it. stay with us. ♪ love... in the nation, what's precious to you is precious to us. ♪ love is strange so when coverage really counts, count on nationwide insurance.
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all right. we are back with the political insiders. i want to jump right into the deal with iran and the focus that we got into today with benjamin netanyahu saying wait a
4:43 pm
minute. they talked about genocide against us. i'm paraphrasing. >> this deal ratifies something the union hasn't, which is the iranians right to enrich uranium. and the bottomline, the inspection routine is not intrusive enough to guarantee our safety and security. and we don't even know where all of their installations are. netanyahu is correct. >> migrate concern is what we have done is basically assured they will enrich when they're ready. they will have nuclear weapons. and we have now created a monster when that happens. we have taken our influence off the table. this -- what i said two weeks ago, this president who desperate for a deal for anything can't wait to go over there. he is -- we watch what the chinese are doing. and you know the united states
4:44 pm
can't stand up to what they're doing in the -- in the south china seas. everywhere. i never thought -- >> a president who extends himself more for the iranians that he does to the republicans. >> good point. >> or anybody. >> our allies. >> and more to the iranians an radical islamists than he does to our allies. >> john, wurp quiet. why? >> i said this before, i don't trust john kerry. >> you don't trust the secretary of state? >> i do not trust him. i've dealt with him. >> is that a political difference? i don't think this agreement is an honest agreement. tehran decides what sites get inspected. what are you doing here that you're not tell us about. >> why would you get into a deal like this. >> because you want -- >> i don't think anybody in the administration you want to call them silly or not trying. but why would we agree to that?
4:45 pm
>> they're desperate for a deal. >> after the disaster in syria -- look, you have the same woman who negotiated the catastrophe with north korea handling the negotiations. the more incompetent you are, the more you get to repeat it. and this administration is so desperate for any deal. they don't mean to sell the country out, but that's what they're doing. >> this base in iran is where they're reppizing nuclear material. not covered in the agreement. no inspections. >> they did let the inspectors get into iraq which was that reactor that everybody was worried about. haven't had access to that in years. so that was something we got. >> but that's in the agreement that they're going to get to look at that and stop some of the building that's going on there for six month. >> some, not all. >> but it's still going to be built. >> i want to get deeper into your point of why the president would be desperate, in your words, eager to another to get
4:46 pm
any kind of a deal. they did it topic by topic. we'll start domestically here now. the polling breaks down this way. comparing january to november of this year, approval on health care has fallen to 37%. >> that's his issue. >> his issue. the president losing ground on his handling of the threat of terrorism. the key number here is the jump in the disapproval rate of 44%. 44% of those say that he's not doing a good job of that. and 34% of the americans approve of the president's foreign policy. >> this is the key statistic. with only a third on his foreign policy, harris, he's desperate for a deal. bottom line this week, we saw with biden in asia, he was unable to persuade the chinese to stand down in the east china
4:47 pm
sea. unable to get japan and korea working together. bottom line, the obama administration needs a deal. >> that's an interesting point. >> what they want is about -- it's all about appearance. it's not be substance or rereality. those numbers drive this president. >> you think he looked at those numbers? >> of course. that's all they do. >> you're side of the inside on this. >> i've never seen anything like the way they exercise -- we're in trouble, we make up something. we go out and talk about the income inequality. which i think is a real issue, which is an excuse for your program. remember, the reports record numbers of americans saying that we have lost influence in the world and less powerful than we've been. the depth on foreign policy disaster that the american people perceive of this president is staggering. >> it's not just obama who reads these polls. foreign governments reads these
4:48 pm
apologize and congress reads these apologize. once they view the president as weak in beijing, they're going to say, we're going to put up a no fly zone and -- >> we flew a b-52 and it's like it never happened. >> right. >> i've got to let you go. here is the thing. you can continue the conversation on twitter tonight. these guys stay up late, too. >> yes, very light. >> and on our website every monday morning at 10:30 eastern. that's life point fox good to have you. >> happy holidays. >> we'll toggle into news now. police had deep concerns about what's coming together at this hour. people gathering at a memorial for actor paul walker. he was the one in all of those "fast & furious" movies who died this past week. walker and a friend died in a
4:49 pm
fiery car crash. and her voice leaves millions of people around the world in awe. tonight an announcement about susan boyle's health. ♪ i'll be home for christmas ♪ you can plan on me p secure rs and protect financial futures. to help communities recover and rebuild. for companies going from garage to global. on the ground, in the air, even into space. . . and gave america back a profit. we're here to keep our promises. to help you realize a better tomorrow. from the families of aig, happy holidays.
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susan boyle, the scottish sinner that rose to fame after being on "the x factor" has revealed that she has as
4:53 pm
perger's sin strong. she said a specialist diagnosed her with the form of autism. she also learned that she has above average iq and she is releaved to know that. she has been told for years that her learning problems as a child were due to brain damage at birth. a lot of law enforcement at the crash sight of the accident that killed paul walker and his friend last week. police said 3500 people showed up. dominic is at the memorial site tonight, and the big concern tonight was that people were speeding by in cars. >> absolutely, police managed to slow down the thousands of cars passed by here today. and people are still turning up
4:54 pm
to pay their respects. there was 7,000 people that signed up on facebook for this, and they weren't entirely sure how many people would turn out. people are peacefully paying their respects for walker. one way is to see the cars that paul drove in the "fast and furious" movies. for everybody out here today, they're all underground tuners and fans of the franchise. these cars all represent paul and the movie, and i think that everybody can relate to that. >> the organizers also put up huge billboard on the sign of the truck and they were able to sign and write their condolences for the families. the police are still doing their
4:55 pm
investigation earlier today and they talked about where they today. >> as you can imagine, any fatal collision takes a great deal of time to look at all of the evidence and factors that could be in place. so when the report comes out it is a correct report. >> not entirely sure when that report will come out. we're still waiting for tox kolg report -- toxicology reports. how about a little help for santa claus, and i do mean little. look, elves in missouri filling packaged for our military members abroad. ♪
4:56 pm
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and a 30-tablet free trial. a special thank you to soldiers serving oversea that's won't be home with their families this holiday season. the tiger cubs are decorating boxes and filling them with necessities. about 700 packages will be sent to the american redcross in afghanistan and distributed to men and women serving in some of the most remote regions in the world. >> i wrote words on it like merry christmas. it makes me feel love because it's christmas time, but they're out there saving our country and they're not home with their families for christmas. so we're doing this to make them feel love. >> the annual packing party is a tradition they had have since 2009. this year soldiers will get
5:00 pm
fleece blankets and slippers. a lot of you tonight were asking if we would tip or hats and give love to the troops, of course we will. thank you for watching "huckabee" is next. tonight, the president urging young people to help plug obama care. >> i need you to help spread the word on obama care. but most millennials don't plan on signing up. >> and the obama care website a bullseye for hackers. >> the serious privacy risks that come with signing up for health care. plus, students that used to get straight a's now struggling in class. why common core is not making the grade.


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