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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 9, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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the fallen -- they will place a wreath on every cross. and never miss an episode of "the five." see you next time. reality check. president obama said if you like your -- can you keep your doctor. but there is a catch. this is special report. good evening. i'm bret baier. in politics, two people look at the same exact event in two completely different ways. millions of americans know firsthand that they could not keep their plan or their doctor like president obama promised. too many people -- to many people that is a lie and undermines trust. but to others, apparently that statement is still true.
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with a major caveat. meanwhile visitors to the obama care website are seeing what plans are costing in detail and while those vary, you might suffer some sticker shock when you hear how much the website cost. we have fox team coverage. peter doocy looks at the revamps website and ed henry has the latest from the white house. hi, ed. >> reporter: the administration will make sure will get a new look over the weekend, but there are questions about how they sold this to the public. first president obama and his aides had to adjust his promise that if you like your health plan you can keep it. and now ezekiel emanual is adding another caveat to the pledge. >> the president never said you can have an unlimited doctor in your country. >> he said if you like your --
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you can -- like your doctor, you can keep your doctor? >> if you like your doctor, this is a matter of choice. >> that is shifting to if you can pay for your doctor, you can keep it. >> when this was being debated, 85% of americans weren't satisfied with the health care, but they liked the plan they were on and they liked their doctor. but this administration will destroy the entire system to provide a strong social safety net. >> the president's allies continue to build up the safety net. his political group organizing for action held 100 events this weekend in new york, new hampshire and state as cross the country. the president tweeting out today that many americans without insurance are getting coverage by expanding medicaid and there was a report that 60% of the 4.2 million uninsured african-americans might qualify
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for medicaid, the children's health insurance credit or tax premiums to lower premiums. >> they can score political points by attacking affordable care act, or they can save taxpayer and ensure that thousands of their citizens have access to qualify health care. >> the cost could be astro nommical. another report by national center for policy analysis, claims in one state alone, arizona, medicaid expansion will cost taxpayers about $1 billion a year. emanuel stressed he still believes enough young and healthy people will sign up to pay into the system and help balance it out urks. >> i think there will be a fiscally safe budget. >> usa today recording that scores of people dealing with this glitch and not being able to get insurance before the
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december 23rd deadline to enroll. >> ed on the north lawn. thank you. some people think the revamped health look better. but looks can be deceiving. >> there is a new future at that puts premiums and deductibles or out of pocket expenses on the same screen, so the prices are easy to see but hard for some to swallow because the average deductible is now 42% higher for the most basic bronze plans than the deductible of similar plans before the fgt took effect. now some experts say sticker shock may hit sooner. >> people who use medical services frequently will be the most affected by the out of pocket cost. if you are very healthy and rarely see the -- the deductibles become a bit of an academic point for you. >> and that is not all.
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tech experts are saying the new window shopping feature does nothing to improve the website performance. >> it seems like they are trying to put together and piece together different things to make the website functional or look like they are gos to -- continuing to make changes on it. >> it was said today that government agencies are leaving exposed. >> homeland security is in charge of what they call space. homeland security is not doing anything to secure this website. >> but the centers for medicare and medicaid say, quote, when consumers fill on their online market place application, they can trust that the information they are providing is protected by stringent security standards. security testing happens on an on going basis using industry best practices to safeguard personal information. our research department estimates the site, which may or may not be safe, has already cost hundreds of millions of to
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build. meanwhile, some experts say that is hundreds of times too much. >> you could do this site for under a million bucks for what it does right now and keep it up and running and support it. 50,000 users a second is nothing in the real world. >> we asked the administration to give us a precise price tag for they told us they are conducting a aud ilt to add up all of the costs but if we call back in two months, they might be able to give us more details then. bret? >> okay. we'll call. peert, thank you. senior political analyst brett hume has thoughts on president obama's office. >> hello, bret. when the president last week blamed his health insurance malfunctions on government agencies which he said were poorly described and outmoded, it was a reminder of what oscar goodman said after the president had more than once disparaged his city and tried to take it back. mr. obama, goodman said, is a
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very slow learner. the inefficiency and sluggishness of the federal bureaucracy is known to every politician and citizen who has had experience with it. but the president seems to have glided through his brief term in the senate in his four plus years in the white house without noticing until now. supremely self-confident intelligent people who lack experience often learn lessons the hard way because they don't know enough to know how much they don't know. rahm emanuel, chief of staff during obama care, urged the president not to try to overhaul all at once. but the president liked ezekiel, and now defending broken promises on television and saying now it needs a good p.r. campaign. and so we ride along with mr. obama on his learning curve. it has been a slow and bumpy
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ride. bret? >> domestically the administration has its hands full with obama care. on the foreign policy front, there is a potential bump in the road with iran sanctions in that there is a potential bipartisan deal in congress to move forward -- >> brett, right. we are hearing tonight that senator lindsey graham and several republicans joined by democratic senators, among them chuck schumer of new york, senior man in the democratic leadership, will hold a news conference on tuesday to announce they will introduce a bill that will apply more stringent sanctions on iran unless they meet a set of conditions within six months. far stronger than any imposed so far and would resemble the shape of what they hope will be the final outcome of the negotiation. if the negotiation don't get us there, these sanctions would
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take effect. >> that is embarrassing for the administration. >> it would be, if they say it strengthens the administration's hands. and the problem is these sanctions might easily pass the senate and if they pass the senate, they will almost certainly pass the house, forcing the president to veto something heavily supported by democrats. >> thank you. a 30 car mileup in milwaukee on sunday was one of many accidents caused by the deep freeze over the weekend and it is not letting up. >> look at that. plano, texas, large sheets of ice fell off apartment buildings, damaging cars below. more than 1500 flights were canceled nationwide. forecasters expect more wintry conditions tonight and into
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tuesday. american airlines merger with u.s. airways went through today, officially. creating the world's biggest airline. american airline's group. with that deal, four airlines control more than 80% of the air travel market. the airlines facing less competition have limited the number of seats, upping prices and profits. the u.s. government is out of the auto business. it sold the last shares of general motors today. taxpayers lost $10 billion on the 2009 bailout. gm stock was up over a% anti- -- a percentage point today. the dow was up 5, s&p 500 up 3. and nasdaq up 6. kt tv in l.a. is covering federal officials who filed five criminal cases against 18 current and former los angeles county sheriffs. it is part of an fbi
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investigation into allegations of civil rights abuses and corruption in the nation's largest jail system. fox 32 in chicago is covering the bears retiring coach mike ditka's number at halftime during monday night football tonight. the governor pat quinn's office also said he has declared it might ditka day. and this is a live look at eden prairie, minnesota, from our fox affiliate there, kmsp. the big story there, extreme cold weather we told you about earlier and the damage it has caused in that region. that is a look outside of the beltway from special report. we'll be right back.
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it is like deja vu all over again. time is coming up for a budget deal or risk another shutdown. >> with the senate just
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returning from thanksgiving recess and the house due to adjourn on friday, it is crunch time to get a budget deal. sources suggest the size of the agreement may be narrowing. mississippi republican roger wicker is a budget conferree. >> i'm thinking about the end of the week we'll have a deal that gets us some sequestration relief and we'll there to pay for it. if it is just like the sale of spectrum, that won't be much of a victory. with were going to do -- we were going to do that any way. >> democrats have been hoping to restore funding for medical research and education. the pressure is on patty murray and republican congressman paul ryan to finalize a deal to fund the government beyond january 15th. a new push from democrats in recent days has been a $25 billion unemployment extension which is due to run sought december 28th. >> right now more than 1 million of americans are poses to lose a
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vital lifeline, a few days after christmas, if congress doesn't do something about it. >> unemployment benefits have been extended five times at a price tag of $226 billion and some conservatives argue more extensions are not acceptable. >> they are causing them to become a perpetual part of the unemployed in our economy and while it seems good, it does a disservice to those who need a help. >> and they said it wasn't part of the necessity of a budget agreement. >> negotiations are moving in the right direction. they haven't closed the deal. but i hope as part of it, the negotiators will take to heart what the president had to say. >> the budget conferree was optimistic. >> the key is not to raise taxes at a time when the economy is still week and i think we can accomplish that over the next couple of days.
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>> there was an agreement on a defense authorization bill which extends combat bay and a compromise of sexual assault prosecutions and a transfer of some gitmo detainees and a deal of chemical weapons. >> on the defense, the house would go first and then the senate could finish up. a deal could be announced as soon as tomorrow to allow time for votes so the threat of a government shutdown doesn't loom over christmas. >> thank you. lying to a senate could be severeus. the truth about lying to the nsa. >> not even the intelligence chief james lapper should get a pass for misleading congress. >> i think a little bit of a lie is like being a little bit
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pregnant. a lie is a lie, and the only way congress can do its over sight properly is with truthful testimony and that is why the law is on the books that says if you lie to congress you've committed a crime. >> as the author of the patriot act which lays out the framework for post 9/11 intelligence and surveillance, brenner's call to prosecute clapper has added weight. the liberties group calls this patently false. >> does the nsa collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of americans? >> no, sir. >> it does not? >> not wittingly. there are cases where they could inadvertently perhaps collect but not willingly. >> less than three months after his testimony, these documents, including a court order leaked by ed ward snowden showed the
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collection of american phone records, the meta data, was not accidental, but rather a fundamental nsa strategy to identify terrorism suspect pects and destroy plots. in an interview with nbc after the leaks, clapper offered a apology by saying the senators question was unfair. >> i was asked when you are going to stop beating your wife kind of question, which is meaning not answerable necessarily by a simple yes or no. so i responded in what i thought was the most truthful or least untruthful manner by saying no. >> there are a few precedents, given his job as a cabinet level post and that the obama administration has to share some of the blame. >> what they have done with the occurrence simply turns that on the head and go the security right and forget about the civil liberties and constitutional
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route. >> a dna spokesperson identifies that clapper has written to the central intelligence committee that it wasn't a lie but rather confused and thought it was about e-mail content and not the phone records. >> least untruthful. thank you. a fight at a soccer match so intense it took rubber bullets for crowd control. and first president obama and other world leaders take off for south africa to honor nelson mandela.
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this is a fox news alert, government sources confirm justice department prosecutors filed charges against a russian spy ring. it involves a group of current and former russian diplomats who ran a nine year scheme that
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stole $1.5 million from medicaid. they were also apparently engaged in espionage and being investigated for other reasons than just the medicaid fraud. about 50 people were charged. of those, 11 are still in the u.s. and have immunity so they can't be arrested. but the state department can send them home. topping world headlines now, dozens of world leaders, past and present, are joining with tens of thousands of others making their way to south africa to pay their final respects to the late nelson mandela. greg tal cot is in johannesberg with more. >> the world is coming to south africa to honor nelson mandela. they are testimony to the reach of a man and his message. president obama, first lady michelle and the bushes and clintons are wheels up. also well over 70 leaders and figures from around the world,
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perfect prins r prince charles to hugh castro will join for a memorial in johannesberg on tuesday. all of this is presenting a monumental challenge to south african security. some 11,000 troops and police are deployed. >> what is cutting us is the spirit of the people around the world and yet in south africa, in the streets an the townships, sbhb suburbs, people-suburbs, people are uniting and holding hands together. >> this is a symbol of post apartheid nondenominational symbols. and people lined up to visit an earlier home and wrote messages on a wall of remembrance. the mood was not mournful but one of celebration. >> it is very touching but i feel very happy. we have come to a point as a country we enacted and are
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liberated. >> there are things we will never forget. >> president obama is set to speak at tuesday's memorial and then will leave. but the events marking nelson mandela will continue. his body will lie in state for three days and then a burial at his home village on sunday. a lot of remembrance and music to come. >> brett, thank you. u.s. military will help fly african forces to ease violence between christians and muslims. more than 400,000 people have been displaced since muslim rebels seized power in march, unleashing rapes, massacre and looting on the majority of the christian population there. some 400 people have died since thursday in the capital align. riot police took up positions in ukraine ahead of a court ordered deadline for protesters to leave a building they are occupying. on sunday demonstrators toppled a statue of former soviet leader
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vladimir lennon. .country has faced weeks of protests last month in favor of strengthening ties with moscow. a key brazilian league match was stopped for more than an hour after fans started fighting in the stands on monday. police were forced to fire rubber bullets and teargas to contain the crowd and bring in a helicopter on to the field to airlift an injured man to the hospit hospital. a story that will make you think twice before fallingasleep on an airplane again. and you've heard the display of the 10 command -- 10 commandments. that is coming up next.
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and now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. some businesses are finding the bright side of the botched obama care rollout, learning lessons on what not to do. according to politico, public relations experts are offering crisis management that were not followed by the obama administration. the president of one boston firm said, quote, this will be taught in a lot of business and marketing courses and probably just as importantly in a lot of technology courses on how do you launch a new product. you certainly don't do it like this. a chicago kae e-mailed his clients, quote, i'm sure you're
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familiar with the obama care website problems, just a reminder, we should make sure our technology is ready for the market. and the public affairs school at the university of texas is offering a spring seminar on obama care enrollment. a satanic memorial next to the ten commandments, it could happen. a new york based satanic temple is petitioning to set up a display outside of the oklahoma state house next to the biblical statue. proponents argue if the state allows one type of religious expression, it must allow alternative forms as well. the aclu said it agrees but there should be no religious statues on any state property. it was dismissed under the nut category. and for everyone who naps during a flight. take a lesson from one man aboard a united flight who dozed off when the plane landed and
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everyone got off, and no one woke him up. when he finally got up, the plane was empty, the lights were off, and the doors were locked. luckily his cell phone worked. >> i called my girlfriend and she thought i was crazy. i said, debbie, i'm locked on a plane. she said, tommy, stop. i said i'm telling you, call somebody to get me off this plane. >> that is scary. united issued an apology along with a hotel for the night and a $250 voucher. does the health and human services contraception violate civil rights. here is shannon green. >> what we just saw in the courtroom is of biblical proportions. >> reporter: another challenge to the mandate landed in federal district court today with more than 80 spread across the country. priests for life said it cannot comply with the regulation which
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will require employers to provide employees covered by their health insurance plans access to cost-free contraception, including methods critics say can cause abortions. the national director of priests for life said the organization will drop insurance al together if the only alternative is to comply with the mandate. >> where are the breaks? where does it stop, for the government to tell a church what it can and cannot do. >> reporter: the government arg eyes it has provided a framework in which the organization can exempt itself from the mandate. something supporters say will exact these concerns. >> the obama administration has made a strong compromise trying to accommodate interest liberty interests and protecting the health of women. >> reporter: but it is still in conflict with catholic teaching,
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via a third party offender. the university of notre dame and the fellowship of catholic students have both filed suit in recent days as well. >> i think the attempt to take freedom away from anyone will fail. >> reporter: it could land on the side of the push for contraception coverage. >> contraception care was important to creating gender equality and to improve public health. >> reporter: the superior court has agreed to hear the case of two for-profit companies who arlington their -- who argue their religious rights will be compromised. >> shannon, thank you. obama care, a website with sticker shock ajd the comment -- and the comment you can keep your doctor if you pay more. and if you have not
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participated, take a moment and go to our home page at and log on to the polls and it is your chance to sit in on the panel and you can access it from your smartphone, iphone, whatever kind of phone.
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your doctor if you pay more.
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if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. period. if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. >> people will have a choice as to whether they want to pay a certain amount for a network or pay more for a broader network. >> so premiums will go up. >> they get that choice. >> and so the premiums will go up over what you were paying so in other words. >> no one guaranteed you that the premium wouldn't increase. >> the president guaranteed me i could keep my -- >> and if you want to, you could
3:40 pm
pay for it. >> that is without the period. what about this? let's bring in our panel. steve haze senior writer for the standard and charles krauthammer. steve? >> there was one set of arguments beforehand to pass the bill and now we are hearing often in the voices of the strongest proponents that the things they said before they passed the bill was not true. you can apply what ezekiel emanuel there what he said, the fact he said if you can pay for it, you can keep your doctor. you would say the same thing to your insurance plans, even though they might change, you could say the same thing to access to hospitals. it will end up, it is sort of an irony, the people who designed obama care from the beginning had wanted to level the playing field in health care, in the
3:41 pm
field, and what i think it likely to end up as a result is an even broader difference between those who are going to be able to afford the best care and everybody else. it is just the second group will end up much, much larger than i think anybody who was pushing obama care envisions. >> i think that we've learned weeks ago that you will not get the plan that y once had. you won't be untouched by this law. most people will be affected by it. there is no guarantee if you are working for a company right now that tells you everything is right, that next time the waiver expires for corporations you might be dumped into the exchanges. so you were always -- this promise turned out not to be true. we learned that weeks ago. but what the promise was that the care would be affordable and i think the concern is now that even when the website problems are fixed and democrats are hoping there is a period now before december 23rd, a quiet
3:42 pm
period and then december 23rd you have a rush of enrollies that will be ensured by january 1 if they get the payment system built. but later on, do people in the system six months from now believe it is affordable when they look at the out of pocket costs, the premiums and deductibles, after paying a $12,000 deductible as a self-insuranced person, afford the next care that will kick in by the insurance company, that is the problem for obama care. until it is deemed affordable, it will be appealable to those even looking for a specific -- >> and we have been down in the weeds for a lot of them and a lot of course pondents has been covering it and the new york times did a story today about the deductibles, pretty detailed, in which -- a quote here. carolyn f. pearson from a consulting company who has analyzed hundreds of plans. she said, quote, the premiums are lower than expected, but the
3:43 pm
companies will facefore they ret of pocket costs. $3650 for an individual. and if you make less than $28,02$28725 for an individual and 78,0$78,0 and if you don't make less than that, you don't qualify for subsidies and the deductibles could hit those high numbers. >> and that is another truth emerging. i think what is happening here is not just a matter of what is affordable, it is a matter of a vast deception. the idea that you can keep your plan, which was said to millions
3:44 pm
at the time it was debated, they said they liked what they had. it was a way of saying, you will be unmolested, the bill is only a narrow attempt to help the unfortunate who aren't getting help. and who would deny that. it is going to be a small -- and what happened with jim engle and with fox and those few outlets who actually read the bill, and went into it in details, including the rise in deductible and including the fact that millions will lose plans unwillingly, including the fact that premiums will go up, and including the fact that you will lose choice, all of this was in the bill but nobody looked at it. the members of congress didn't even read it and pelosi said we'll learn what is in it after it passes and what we learned -- we learned what is in it as we learned with the deductible, it was a bill to redo all of american health care that would include everybody who liked this
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plan, as a way to socialize the system to get millions of americans subsidizing others in a way they never imagined. that is why you have to have the young and the healthies in the bill. so the perception was you will be left alone. it was never in the bill. it was an attempt to revolutionize and everything happening now is exactly what was written. >> but was it working? this is doctor ezekiel emanuel on what is happening next? >> no one has launch aid big p.r. campaign to get people signed up because of the problems with the federal website. we are about to launch a big p.r. campaign and that i think will persuade a lot of people. >> is it working? >> well in aversion what he said was true. the administration didn't want to have more people signing up with the bad website for the first two months because of the back-end problems so what he is
3:46 pm
saying in a sense is true. but the idea he is implying that people will become aware of obama care and rush to sign up because the benefits are so obvious is preposterous. it is very clear to virtually to anyone awake for the past two months, it is a disaster and it is getting worse and none of the challenges have come to pass. >> and if it is three sick people for every one to sustain the program and prices are set for 2014, are the prices affordable? if they don't getern they need -- if they don't get everyone they need, the prices for 2014 could be higher. >> we don't know how long democrats have before they cut and run. there are questions about how long they can wait. next up, congress threatening new iran sanctions? could that happen this week. and a nuclear deal hangs in the balance with iran.
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the panel breaks it down after the break. test test test test hi, i'm terry and i have diabetic nerve pain.
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until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. ask your doctor about lyrica today. it's specific treatment for diabetic nerve pain.
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we have to not constantly assume that it's not possible for iran, like any country, to change overtime. -- over time. it may not be likely. if you ask me what is the likelihood we are able to arrive at the end state that i was just describing earlier, i wouldn't say that it's more than 50/50. but we have to try. >> president obama at the sabam forum here in washington this weekend talking about iran and the
3:51 pm
possible long-term deal with iran. now, there's talk on capitol hill of a bipartisan plan to move forward with new sanctions, even as the administration is saying that that could potentially kill the interim deal it has with iran. in fact, reuters reported this from the foreign minister of iran -- or "time" magazine rather, said, it asked the foreign minister zarif what what happens if congress imposes new sanctions even if they do not go into effect for six months, he replied the entire deed is dead. we do not like to negotiate under duress. if congress sanctions it shows a lack of desire to achieve resolution on the part of the united states. we're back with the panel. charles? >> that statement shows how factious the president as we just heard that a regime can't change its behavior. all of the evidence that is the iranian regime has not
3:52 pm
changed its behavior. it's supporting the slaughter of the syrian regime in syria, supporting it actively and in many other ways. it's doubling the number of machines producing enriched uranium and now the foreign minister as you quote him as saying that if the congress passes a resolution that essentially enforces all of the elements of the interim deal we are going to walk out. what this resolution would do is nothing except outline and enforce the provisions. number one, six months. it says, okay. in six months, if a negotiations are a failure, we're going to go back and reintroduce sanctions. and it says what is the end game that we want? very simple. dismantle the plutonium facility, number one. number two, take away the enriched uranium under the interim agreement simply change into uranium oxide, which can be chemically
3:53 pm
reversed. dismantle the machines that spin the uranium and enrich them. that's simple, one, two, three points and that would end the program and create a new era of peace between the west and iran. either it's done or not. that's exactly what we want. and why would the administration reject a resolution which would enforce every element of the plan that says it already has. >> voting here on bing should congress push forward for new iran sanctions? yes, 97% of those voting right now. no 3%. a.b., would this be, as a bipartisan push, an embarrassment for this administration? >> yeah. they have warned him. he has been well warned that there has been bipartisan support for stricter sanctions. i loved that comment we don't like to negotiate duress which means we don't want a tougher deal. as long as they retain enrichment they have a great deal and they pretty much
3:54 pm
said that there is forces in both parties, you know beings creating, i think, a strong majority. they have warned the white house that they don't think, as charles schumer, senator from new york says this is portional. which means we got a bad end of the deal. i think there is going to be, in light of the whole relationship democrats and the president, i think it's going to be very hard for the administration to talk them out of a vote if the numbers are there. and i think they probably will be. >> would the president veto it? >> that's a very good question. i think he probably would. certainly they will make very clear their opposition to any kind of a new deal. charles raises the obvious and i think important question here. it's clear why iran would oppose enforcing the deal. they didn't think that they were going to have to abide by the deal in the first place. what's far less clear and i think would be very difficult for the president to explain is why he opposes any enforcement mechanism for a deal that he cut and has been out touting for days. one interesting thing to watch, you had polling in the immediate aftermath of the deal that suggested that the public was favorable to the deal.
3:55 pm
that has turned. there is a new pew poll out today that finds that 32% only approve of the deal. 43% disapprove of the deal. it's split. have you people skeptical that iran is serious about what it portends to do. >> this is developing. we will follow it. it could come as soon as midweek if this bipartisan push happens. we will have it all right here. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for wacky weather plus the ss.r. pulse bing highlight.
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tonight's s.r. bing pulse. agreed with steve when he said promises the passed now that it passed was not true. some disapproval when a.b. said that we are are going to see a rush of new enrollments on december 23 reasonable doubt even though that is the deadline. all parties, plus men and women strongly agreed when charles said obamacare
3:59 pm
socialized medicine -- is socialized medicine and claimed that few members of congress actually read the bill before voting on it and before it became law. total votes tonight 212,000. finally tonight, much of the country has faced some wintry weather over the past few days, heavy snow and ice in the midwest. ice and sleet in our nation's capitol. more snow on the way. apparently unseasonable conditions in los angeles as well. which always brings interesting reports. >> it is cold outside. >> windy as well. leaves certainly blowing all around. trees swaying. >> how are you feeling right now? >> cold. >> let me ask you a question about this cold. people come in and they come in to escape the cold. this is is a really nice spot you have here. >> um-huh. [ laughter ] >> that's okay. >> we do have some sort of a breeze here, can you see my hair flowing around.
4:00 pm
the leaves blowing around behind me. >> those are clouds? >> those are clouds. >> are those clouds? thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. >> a new video of a new possible knockout attack. you won't see this video anywhere else. but right now operation opt out young americans targeting other young americans using a popular game to warn them about obamacare. >> was it the botched rollout. [ buzzer ] or was it because the web site kept crashing? [ buzzer ] why did our generation decide to opt out of obamacare? because we haven't lost our [bleep] minds. we don't want to pay an arm and leg for a doomed government program. and we're tired of footing the bill for washington's failures. [ buzzer ] [ buzzer ] [ buzzer ] >> so sorry, politicians, our healthcare is not a game. [ buzzer ]


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