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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 9, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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tonight's show and post and answer all the polls and everything else. see you on gte ir. would good night. see you tomorrow night, 7:00 p.m. i am disappointed that carlos santana wore one of his more conservative shirts. back in the day you could see it from space. >> president obama socializing last night. guess who was in the crowd? your humble correspondent. i will tell you what happened. >> you are not high now but. >> i don't smoke pot but i do eat it though. >> is it a laughing matter that the denver post has hired an editor to promote marijuana is that funny in the mile high city? >> quarter pounder, man. >> do you feel connected to america here? >> no. >> also tonight jesse watters heads to the end of the u.s.a. key west. >> what do you guys do down
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here? >> as little as possible. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. president obama escaping reality. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. under intense pressure, because obamacare is so controversial. the president of the united states is on his way to south africa to pay tribute to the late nelson mandela. he will be back wednesday. 34 hours round trip. after the president comes back from south africa, just a few days before he is off on christmas vacation to hawaii. or for you folks in san francisco his holiday vacation all this traveling might actually be good for mr. obama because the pressures are growing on his administration and he needs
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some diversion he got one last night as the kennedy senator program honored billy joel, opera singer, herbie hancock, carlos santana and shirley mcclain. when you first. first question people ask you what -- are you on? [ laughter ] >> when i wanted to know i called shirley mcclain. [ laughter ] i think i just became the first president to ever publicly mention area 51. >> it was a good night and your humble correspondent was on the scene that's because the kennedy center asked me to introduce herbie hancock and i was happy to do it. her buy is a good guy and brilliant artist. >> look at him now, sitting up there with the president of the united states, the first lady, all those brilliant artists, and he is
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the only one not nervous about what i'm going to say. [ laughter ] he doesn't care. >> that program will air on cbs sunday night december 29th. amidst all the swirl i did have a chance to speak with the president. not a big schmoozer but very gracious. michelle obama as always extremely personable. it is the president who sunday the most pressure. a report in the washington examiner today said that 70% of california doctors will opt out of obamacare california medical association disputes that report. there is no question many american doctors are not going to get involved with the affordable healthcare act. as talking points has said from the beginning of this controversy, it will be the doctors who will make or
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break obamacare. no doubt most americans will pay more for health insurance if the care was elevated that might be acceptable. if doctors are not available the whole thing will collapse. you know what? nothing president obama can do about that he can't force doctors into the obamacare program. until america's leader is in a tight spot. he knows it you know it right now his only solace may be up in the air. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction. joining us from new orleans, democrat james carville, do you agree that the doctor thing will make or break the new law. >> if you don't have enough doctors, that will. it's not a problem in massachusetts where law is essentially the same as the national law. and, you know, since medicare started, saying well we are going to opted out of medicare. won't take medicare patients and medicare is one of the most popular programs we have in the united states. i'm not too worried about it. >> you are not worried about it. this report, if that were even close to being true,
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that 70% of california doctors not going to be in the program. we have had a couple of doctors here, antidotal, nobody can say yes or no mary landrieu under intense pressure to not repudiate but modify her stance on obamacare. if if people in louisiana are worried and upset and taking it out on the senator run next year and nay very well lose. i don't know why you are so confident here. >> because it's worked in massachusetts. starting to work now. enrollment numbers are up. things are starting to work better. as i said earlier, i think it's going to be fine. there are going to be some problems as it goes forward? of course there are. there will continue to be problems and they will have to continue to work on fixing them. it's up and running in massachusetts, doing just fine. >> well, you know, massachusetts is a debatable situation because the debt there has risen so high.
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affordable healthcare law in massachusetts is the driver of that debt. wait time for doctors has increased exponentially in massachusetts. it's not sugar plumb fairies. let's stay with this thread on the basic law. i want to be fair to this law, okay? i mean, i'm not predicting doom for the law. my prediction is 75% that it will not work. based upon the information that we're getting. because, you just pointed out that some people now are starting to sign up. it's not easy to do so. even now but some people are. but you know who those people who are signing up are, do you you not? do you know who they are primarily? >> i don't know exactly who they are but a lot of people. >> do you know what state they are in? do you know? >> a lot of people preexisting conditions signing up. that's the general idea behind it. >> that's right. >> it's the people who are going to benefit directly from obamacare. either getting it free or heavily subsidized or, they have leprosy and they are
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going to die in 8 months and they are going to get some insurance before they do. the other people aren't signing up. the young invincibles as they say. >> we don't know that and the history tend to sign up late. i would argue that society is better off than someone with a preexisting condition. >> theoretical debate gets it. believe me, i respect your opinion on that? >> it's not theoretical. it's actual. >> i'm interested in the country, in the present state of the country and our leader, pesident obama is under siege to say the least, is he not. >> he is president of the united states. it's a tough job. of course it is. he got a lot of flack for the rollout of the thing. the healthcare thing is doing much much better. it seems like the economy might be on the uptick here. we might have a chance for historic deal in iran. i mean, there are things out there that could turn good for him. but i will be the first to tell you the last couple of months will be be for the president.
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the president tough period. no doubt about that. >> i'm not going to be convinced on the economy until doesn't matter 7.1 or 7 or 8.2 unemployment. if the wages are stagnating going down, which they're. okay. i mean that's a sign of the economy. >> pressure on the last numbers. i don't know if it will stay. >> not on wages. like 0.4%. it was nothing. nothing. >> something. >> talking about seeing a glass half full, carville, come on. these people are getting pounded, man. can't make any money. >> look, the health care thing is working better. i would say even much better. the economy is showing some signs of improvement. >> all right. so you say. >> some signs are there. >> james carville, everybody. next on the rundown, brit hume sees it a bit differently. he will analyze the president's current position. rocky mountain high once again as "the denver post" hires editor to promote
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marijuana. we're coming right back.
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hume zone segment tonight: you disagree with carville a little bit, right? >> i do. i think he made the case for optimistic view of the president's predicament about as well as it can be made. i think the tide is running too hard in too many ways against the president at the moment. i don't see any relief in sight, really. >> when you say the tithe is -- tide is running against. the democratic party still remains firmly behind the president except those who are running next year. so they are running for cover. but the establishment. >> whole house of representatives is up next year. >> all right. so every democrat in the house is going to be dealing with the president's situation and it is a huge drag on the ticket even though the president is not on the ballot. when the the president of your party's approval ratings tanking and his
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certainly have been lately and you are up for re-election, you have got a problem. >> do you believe the doctors are going to bail on this law because, as i said, i think that's going to make or break it. >> well, i think the doctors will -- some of the doctors will bail and there is going to be a large number of people -- look at it this way, bill. here is the progression. first, people couldn't get on the web site. about the same time they began receiving notices in large numbers that said that their own insurance was cancelled. so, they first couldn't get on the web site to find out what was available. then they did. and when they did a couple of things happened. one was they were stunned at the prices. and they are going to continue to be as more and more people face this. they are also stunned by the size of the deductible. and then they were checking to see if the plans that were comparable to roughly what they had and cost roughly the amount that they had or were prepared to pay did not include many of their doctors or hospitals or whatever. when you put these things
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together. and there is going to be more of it when the employer sponsored healthcare plans people and they are going to drop in large numbers when the employer mandate starts to take effect, they are going to have a lot of angry peopl period of time, and that kind of negative emotion, bill, that kind of anger and dissatisfaction, that drives people to the polls far more, personal, benghazi, irs. it was this, it was that. people don't feel those things directly. this is something they feel directly or if they don't they know someone who does and it frightens them. and people are very frightened in america right now. what's going to come of their health insurance and their healthcare? >> and their job situation because they can't make any money. >> that's the killer here. it's not the unemployment number. it's that there aren't enough jobs to drive wages up. there is no competition in the marketplace. it's like take it or leave
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it if you don't want it, there is six guys or gals that hire and work for this. >> not to mention got all those people that dropped out of the workforce, too. sort of unprecedented number. that's a drag on the president's approval as with. >> one of the things that set off alarms for me about obamacare with two hospitals that are very very prestigious and one sloan kettering and cedar sinai in los angeles, both hospitals have announced very unusual, they are not going to participate in obamacare. now, those are two of the best hospitals in the united states of america when i heard that i went who, this is sending a message. usually hospitals if they weren't going to participate, they wouldn't say anything, you know, they wouldn't come out and have this as a national point of discussion. go ahead. >> that's a problem. you know, people who rely on those hospitals are accustomed to going to them. >> they are the best. >> and reimbursed.
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if they are on obamacare plan they're out of luck. people will not like that, bill. if it's true of those two institutions, it's going to be true of a lot more all over the country. >> if you have cancer, you want to go to sloan kettering. >> yeah, do you. >> if you have a mallady in los angeles, you want to go to cedar sinai. first rate hospitals to say you know what? we don't like this law. for whatever reason, it's basically cost, that's what's going on. >> of course it is. there is also a factor and we heard this last week where there is so much paperwork and the doctors say look, i don't have time. i have got to treat people. i can't be hiring ten people to figure it out. that's another thick because the thing is so damn complicated. >> no doubt. >> and there is the further fact that, remember this, bill, when the president undertook to do this, there was a poll, september of
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2009 gallup asking people how they felt about their healthcare and their health insurance. 80 percent said they were satisfied with their healthcare, 61 percent said they were satisfied with their health insurance. which means that if you are going to come in and completely revolutionize and change that system, you are going to upset a lot of people and worry a lot of people. and if you are doing it in a way they lose their doctors, their care, and their insurance policies, you have got an angry electorate on your hands. >> denver post high editor tell everyone about marijuana which is now legal in that state. what's next a booze critic? isn't that legal in colorado? later bernie goldberg on how he thinks the media will treat hillary clinton as she elm barks on her presidential quest. those reports after these messages.
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impact segment tonight, as you may know the state of colorado has legalized marijuana now the largest newspaper there, "the denver post" has actually hired an editor to promote pot. think about this. the only reason you use weed outside of a medical situation is to intoxicate yourself. and, of course that can lead to bad things, dui, the use of harder drugs. the new marijuana editor recently appeared on tv. >> are you high right now? >> i am definitely not high right now. >> are you sure? you are not high now, but do you you smoke pot at all? >> i don't smoke pot. i do eat it though. >> oh, okay. is this a laughing matter, really? joining us now from washington maher catherineham and here in the studio juan williams. both fox news analyst. this bothers me. "the denver post," when i worked in denver a long time
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ago was a good newspaper. now it's a very far left concern. they are promoting marijuana use. i don't think it's good. >> are though promoting wine use and restaurants when they review restaurants? >> restaurants, that's not an intoxication deal, is it? >> no, no. >> when you go to restaurants do you get drunk. >> i drink alcohol at restaurants. >> and you get loaded? do you get loaded? >> no, i do the no. >> what's the analogy with the restaurant? >> you are doing wine and restaurant reviews. these are consumers who have an interest in the product. marijuana is legal in colorado. people who like the product want a review. >> shouldn't they hire a booze columnist, editor to say look, this is the best way to get high? here we can drink bailey's or we can drink gin? >> you are a harsh person. >> there is only one reason, mary katharine as i pointed out to use marijuana, that's to get high, am i wrong? >> i think you are right. first of all i volunteer to
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be the booze analyst in denver. second of all, i don't think this just about being a critic. this isn't being covered from sort of a consumer connoisseur point of view. they could have hired smoky worm do it. newspaper veteran. this is a worthy newspaper beat. i think another part of it is they think if we cover marijuana pretty closely and it is a news story it, will probably earn us some buzz and that literally was not intended pun but you can't get through segment without doing that they were looking for rearedship as well. public policy issue from your point of view and mine. >> any critics who is going to have continue to guest marijuana and tell everybody what's the best, you you know, intoxicate can't to use. >> i'm not sure that's going to be -- >> -- why don't we have a heroin or methadone. no, methadone is legal. why don't we have a methadone critic to say look, this is the best methadone, it's legal. why don't we have that? >> bill, we do have health sections. >> health sections? >> like the restaurant
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analogy? this is weak. i mean it, really is. >> if you have a health section, they talk about people with addictions. methadone is something given to addicts. >> this is about promoting it. >> this is not about promoting it. >> it's absolutely promoting it. >> it is not. >> sure it is. you got the guy on national tv going i eat it. i eat it. >> teenagers, you want them reading where the best pot the is in the state? is that what you want? >> what do you think about alcohol? >> i just said that do you want a booze guy -- >> -- i'm telling you every day in the newspaper my family gets the "new york times," the "the washington post," "wall street journal," there are reviews of wine. >> it's not about that you can drink wine without getting inebriated, go. >> as this progresses. the fight is not over with legal saling's in colorado. community after community going to decide what can be in a retail store. thousand strong the weed is in any given area. all these decisions that have to be made public policy decisions. you want that to be covered.
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>> denver post. they are going to tell you what the best bud is. i feel like -- >> sounds like much more than that to me. >> what the best bud is, how to buy it, how to prune it, how to roll it. promoting the use of intoxicant by "the denver post." here is the bar in denver where you can get the cheapest chasers and the most gin for your money? this is exactly what it is, mary katharine. >> i disagree with you. i think it's a public policy issue that's going to be covered mostly like a policy issue. >> cover policy without getting critic that has to ingest the substance, mary katharine. >> that part is there if part of the job is ingesting the substance you don't have to have that part. a person who does ingest it can easily report on it on a public policy issue. >> this is how absurd it is, williams.
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then "the denver post" sends memo to employees saying even though we have a marijuana critic and we are going to tell you where to get the best bud, you can't use it on the premises of "the denver post." i mean, come on. why do you have it anyway? >> they should light up everywhere. >> you can't even smoke a cigarette in this building? >> who promoting tobacco. >> the newspapers that we -- >> -- we don't run the newspapers. >> that's part of our corporation. i'm just saying you know that all these products and it's legal, let me emphasize that legal. and the cops do not have to go out and -- >> -- promoting intoxication. >> this is rare that mary katharine and i would say to bill o'reilly, bill, you are getting lost here. you are in the weeds on this one. >> you are the one that's high, who knows? >> "the denver post" is promoting intoxication which is going to lead to more duis as we have seen in
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washington state. >> that's the problem. >> that's what they are doing. bottom line. >> the kids should not be able to use it. >> that might be one of the stories covered. >> until you are 21. >> when you have somebody covering this beat and i think you would appreciate that, bill. >> free subscription to cheech and chong. plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. jesse watters going to the absolute end the u.s.a.: a false report from a conservative news organization. also how the press might treat hillary clinton if she runs for president. hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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watters world segment tonight, if you have ever been to keys florida, you know it's the end of the u.s.a. more ways than one. notorious outlaw town a place where earnest hemingway and harry truman liked to hang out. no place more colorful than key west. we sent watters down there to check it out. ♪ ♪ >> what are you doing down here? >> i moved here in 1999 and i'm just wasting time. >> you come to key west on vacation, and you leave on probation, you come back on violation. >> i have been here about 8 years now. >> island. >> looked like i picked the wrong week to stop drinking.
5:32 pm
>> in new york, everything is yesterday. everything is come on, let's do this. and down here it's i will get my mail tomorrow. >> when you wake up in the morning, what's your main objective? >> objective? >> what is fun to do around here? >> hookers and blow. >> you promised me you wouldn't do that anymore. >> how many margaritas do you knock back in an average sitting. >> fox. >> oh man? >> i havoo much stuff on my hand. >> spilled the bud light. >> oopsy. >> what do you do for fun out here? >> usually drink and chase women. >> i don't think so. >> ever worn a suit? >> you have got to sometimes when you go to court. >> you need to wax your eyebrows. >> could you do that for me he in the parking lot. >> this is a little awkward. >> are you on food stamps? >> yes. i trade the stamps for beer and vodka and cigarettes. >> you know you are supposed to spend it on food? >> right. >> it is not flattering on your character. >> what about these tattoos? what do they represent. >> just my life. two headed dragon.
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>> two headed dragon. how does a two headed drag done signify your life. >> i feel like a dragon. people always sit there and think that you have got -- they have your back and stuff like that. >> what are you babble bling about? >> do you know what the internet is. >> hello i'm from key west but i'm not stupid. >> wow. >> do you think america is in a good place right now. >> i'm probably not. i'm in a god place, that works for me. >> how is america doing? >> frankly, we don't give a damn. we're waiting for cuba to open up. >> we need to emulate the cuban system? >> why not. >> how is america as a country. >> when you live in key west, you forget about the rest of the country. >> have you signed up for obamacare yet. >> it's the first thing to do after i have my coffee and my beer. ha ha ha ha. >> have you tried signing up for obamacare? >> what's that? >> do you have insurance. >> i have car insurance. >> what do you think of joe biden. >> i don't even know who that is. [ laughter ]
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>> hi. >> hello, new jersey. >> do you vote? >> i vote, yeah. >> who did you vote for last time? >> jill craney craig for mosquito control. >> what? >> what do you watch on tv? >> cartoons all day long. >> do you know who i am? i'm watters. >> no. >> do you ever watch watters world? >> is that you guys? >> i'm watters and this is my world right here. >> okay. >> yeah. >> just don't pee h [rooster crow] >> give them hell, bill. >> here is too -- to you, bill. [ laughter ] >> you have got some hair on your hands. >> snap out of it! >> here is watters. now, i send you here because i have been going down since 1971. guy down there under cover though. >> you should. you should wear a mask. >> they wouldn't know me
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anyway. nobody watches tv or the news. telephones, internet. they don't even have bank accounts. >> this is for americans who just want to say enough. i want to be left alone to do whatever i want. >> they're running from the law most of the time. >> in key west, they will let do you whatever you want. >> i didn't see one police officer when i was down there. >> someone told me analogy if you shake the country, all of the sediment lines up in florida. if you shake florida, the rest goes to key west. >> it's a beautiful place. >> very pretty. >> people on vacation with kids, no. >> they have to watch out. >>. no okay? >> you go to key largo, fine. that's it. no. >> you may wind up in cuba. >> not even a day trip. >> not even a trip. >> they were nice to you. nobody bothered you. >> they were nice to me. i got out alive. >> eyebrows waxed? >> second person said i had bushy eyebrows. i'm starting to get the hint here. >> jesse watters, everybody. we would like to remind you we have a new bill o' poll question. this is to the folks if key
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west, too. how much will you spend on gifts this christmas season? 100 to 300? 300 to 500? more than 500? please select one on bill o' bernie goldberg and the press. is the republican party too mean? those stories upcoming.
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight. two hot topics. beginning with a friday, 41% of the new jobs created in november were government jobs, thereby diminishing the overall drop in unemployment. that number came out of the cns organization and picked up by drudge, rush limbaugh and others. the problem is it may not be true. purveyor of mr. goldberg. what do we know about this. >> the first thing we know, bill is that cns a division of the media research center. that's the conservative watchdog group that exposes liberal bias in the news. this may be an example conservative bias in the news. cns the other day as you said reported that 41% of the new jobs are government jobs. as you also said and this is
5:41 pm
important, rush limbaugh picked it up and other web sites picked it up so it was out there. it was all over the place. except that it isn't that 41% of the new jobs were government jobs. these were old government jobs. these were people who had worked for the government for a year, for five years, maybe for 30 years that were going back to work after they were furloughed because of the government shutdown. so they were not new government jobs. they were old government jobs. people simply going back. if you take that into account, the number isn't 41% it's 3.5%. that is a huge difference. the reason this is important is because there are plenty of liberal news organizations that put a happy face on economic numbers to make barack obama look good. and that's called liberal bias in the news. but there are also conservative media outlets that put the worse face on economic numbers that make barack obama look bad and
5:42 pm
that's called conservative media. >> that's why we are doing it. you and i we usually i would 70 o% of time go after the left for distortions for the things that aren't true. when i saw it, i heard it here is what happened. i heard it and then i called my staff because we never take anything off the internet, ever. 100% of the time if i hear it on the internet or on the radio, i have my staff, the brain room research and it came back very quickly it was bogus. it wasn't what they were portraying it to be. so i said give it to goldberg, he will check it out further because we have an obligation to be fair, fox news channel slogan is fair and balanced. when we see it on the right now. maybe they got confused at cns. usually pretty good at the media research center. we do use some of their stuff. we check it out ourselves. it usually plays out. this one wasn't even close. >> this could be just
5:43 pm
terrible economic analysis, which would be an honest mistake. or it could be a dishonest mistake. i don't know which it is but neither of them is good. >> cns should explain. >> hillary clinton, what she is doing now is going around the country and raising money for other people. this is what potential presidential contenders do. the reason they do it is because they call in favors, so if there is somebody running in the congressional race, senatorial race, gubernatorial race, she will come, in there will be a big payday. the guy will get a lot of money and he or she will swear never ending allegiance to hillary clinton. she is doing that big time. we think she is going to run. if she does, and this is conjecture but it's educated conjecture. i expect the media to give her a pretty good ride. >> you mean an easy ride? >> yes, a pretty easy ride. >> yeah. that's right. they will treat her, i believe, pretty much the way they treated barack obama when he ran for president.
5:44 pm
and the reason for that is and barack obama's case, journalists didn't simply want to be eyewitnesses to history. they wanted to help shape history because barack obama was a historical figure: he was the first black president. she may be the first woman president. most reporters in the mainstream media didn't show a lot of interest. showed virtually no interest benghazi when she was secretary of state. are we supposed to believe that four years later when she is running for president he they are suddenly going to try to find out what really happened with benghazi and to what extent she was, you know, she did something wrong? i don't think so. and there is another factor. when barack obama ran, the media slobbered all over him, which is the title of my last book. they slobbered -- they had a slobbering love affair with him. and that in no small way helped him get the nomination over hillary
5:45 pm
clinton. so i think this is. >> pay back? they owe her? >> make up romance time. they are going to show that they still love her and her liberal politics. they will make up for it, i think. >> it's going to be the woman. the gender factor is huge. first woman, all of that and that's going to be the story republican party trying to cut government spending, accusations that the party may be too mean. and then a factor give away that you might like. coming up.
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back of the book segment tonight, the battle between the democrats and the republicans, centers on two issues. culture and money. the republican party wants lower taxes, less government
5:49 pm
spending. >> when you allow people to be on unemployment insurance for 99 weeks, you are causing them to become part of this perpetual unemployed group in our economy and it really, while it seems good, it actually does a disservice to the people you are trying to help. >> but some liberals attacked senator paul and others for being mean to people who don't have jobs. joining us now from austin, texas, fox news analyst karl rove. this is going to be the theme next year in the midterm elections. if you oppose extending benefits even more than 99 weeks. you are moan to the poor. war on poor. war on women. if you oppose fairly disciplined immigration bill, war on immigrants. war war war war war war. and that's what it's going to be. am i wrong? >> well, i think that's right. they will be coming at the republicans on those kind of issues. i would say two things though, one is they always
5:50 pm
do. they will do more of it next year so little in the cupboard other than that the question is how badly will it hurt with the obamacare and the eanymore mick economy. growing anemic economy, growing doubts about the president and questions if he's concerned about these things why hasn't he done something to solve them. that's where they are coming and we know they are. three things we better be prepared to do. first, let's not make stupid mistakes like we did with todd aiken and richard murdock and add weight, power and influence to the arguments. sall, let's do a better job explaining what we believe. third, let's focus on a positive and optimistic agenda that's inclusive for as many americans as possible including working class people who might think republicans don't care about them. >> since there is no central
5:51 pm
authority in the republican party now, there is a chairman of of the rnc but he doesn't have power. hard to get a unified message out. president obama says, hey, in obama care i'm willing to compromise. if you have a better solution, bring it to me and we'll talk. that's what he's said a number of times. the republican party is all over the place on obama care, on immigration, on a number of issues. people think that's a debate. you get a better result. in the meantime the democrats can say, all they do is say no. the party of no. i haven't seen an obama care republican, a unified -- that everybody can understand. >> look. it is going to be because that's the way it is when you don't have the white house. when you put your finger on a good point, the republicans have to be for something. the interesting thing is we have four major pieces of comprehensive legislation, all
5:52 pm
aimed at the health care arena. there are a lot of common elements like allowing for the sale of health insurance across state lines, allowing small businesses to pool risk so they get the same discounts the big boys get. makinging health insurance truly transportable by giving the tax vanl to the individual as well as the companies so you are never stuck in a job you hate because you are afraid of losing benefits. lots of that in common. rather than agreeing on one bill it's important for everybody to be in the mindset of i will go out and talk about what i'm for in my election in order to gain support among the people of my district or my state. >> you know as well as i do folks have no idea what the republican party's health care vision is. they don't. you know. because you do it for a living. even i, you know, i have a million things a day. i don't know specifically where the legislation is or who's sponsoring it.
5:53 pm
there isn't one voice. >> right. >> to get it out. >> well, two things. you're right. the candidates have to do this. at the end of the day, people are going into a polling booth to vote for candidate a or b. if candidate a is a republican they better talk about what they are for. remember this. we are in a reality. these elections don't take place in a vacuum. now we have a terrible bill called the affordable care act. americans are are feeling it in a powerful way. don't spend your time attacking obama care. be prepared. say what you are for. >> so everybody can understand. dumb it down so even i get it. thank you very much. factor tip of the day. a big giveaway, kind of. the tip is moments away.
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finally the mail. laura from pittsburgh, pennsylvania. what does president obama mean by "income equality." those earning good salaries should take a cut to meet those making less? close. it's a government tenet that taxes high wage earners and gives money to those not making as much. dave from houghton lake, michigan. how does someone being rich hurt someone poor? excellent and pithy question. hurt has nothing to do with it. far left people believe in regulating wealth. they think the government should decide who has too much stuff. rusty from saratoga, wyoming. americans have the right to pursue happiness. the achievement of it is in our hands. not everyone in equal in ability. over involvement of the government limits our rights of pursuit. excellent analysis. jennifer from modesto,
5:58 pm
california. i'm annoyed that you suggested a tip jar for fast food workers. it's insulting to service industry employees who actually have to put in time and effort to earn tips. whoa, whoa, whoa. fast food people work hard. i worked at a carvell. let the folks decide who to tip. all fast food places in america should have a big jar the to supplement the low wages. that way, nobody gets hurt and some workers are are helped. want to tip, you tip. you don't, don't. matt, i work at a dunkin donuts well. a tip jar. gives us a little more money and the incentive to work harder for the customer. bingo. from colorado. bill, i laugh when you tease governor christie as boss of the year selection. uh you did that right with "lou's the boss."
5:59 pm
wise up. from georgia, bill, according to you there is no mention mex of the word christ in "killing jesus" because it's a history book but the bible is a history book. so what you say is nonsense. the bible isn't a history book. if you believe it is, fine with me. it's a theological effort. james from peru. i owe you an apology. i wrote that "killing jesus" wasn't a good idea because the bible tell it is story. then i read your book. well done. i am impressed. i'm glad you checked it out. "killing jesus" is the best selling nonfiction book after ten weeks in the marketplace. according to book scan which compiles sales information. we thank you all. 1 million, 200,000 copies sold to date. astounding. that's it for us tonight. check out the fox news factor website different from spout off anywhere in the world. machu picchu. i have never been there. way up in the peruvian andes.
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word of the day, no palter when writing to the factor. ms. megyn is next. please remember the spin stops here. we are looking out for you. new tonight, fresh accusations the white house is not being honest about how much or how little president obama has been directly involved in the launch of obama care. welcome to "the kelly file." i'm megyn kelly. reporting from los angeles tonight. in less than 48 hours health & human services secretary kathleen sebelius will be back in front of congress. she's expected to be grilled on a new report that she didn't have a single one on one meeting with president obama in the three of and a half years leading up to the roll-out of obama care. how can that be? the white house slamming the report saying the president and secretary sebelius have had countless meetings. but so


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