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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 9, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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follow me @megyn kelly and on facebook at kelly file. thanks for watching. i'm megyn kelly in los angeles. see you in new york tomorrow. the president never said you were going to have unlimited choice of any doctor. >> the leading architect of obama care admits if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor but be prepared to pay for it. >> if you want to pay more for an insurance company that covers your doctor you can do that. >> new reports suggest patient access to some of the leading hospitals will be off limits. >> conceived of by a group of wealthy white men who needed a way to put themselves above and apart from a black man. >> the language of the left hits an all-time low as another nbc news host likens the term obama care to the n-word.
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>> give me a lip lock. >> no, get out of here. >> plus, one on one with larry the cable guy. "hannity" starts right here, right now. welcome to "hannity." the white house digs a hole when it comes to obama care. this time they put a spin on the president's lie when they told you the american people over and over again if you like your doctor, you can keep them. yesterday ezekiel emanuel admitted if people want to keep their doctor they can pay more. >> president obama said if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. doesn't that turn out to be as false, as misleading as the promise that if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. isn't it a fact, sir, that a number -- most in fact of the obama care health care plans on the exchanges exclude a number of doctors and hospitals to lower costs. >> the president never said you
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would have unlimited choice of doctors. >> no, wait. if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. did he not say that, sir? >> he didn't say you can have unlimited choice. >> it's a simple yes or no. did he say if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. >> yes. but if you want to pay more for an insurance company that covers your doctor, you can. >> the lies get bigger. watch this. >> chris is dead on. the fact is probably one of the most important decisions i made was i had two doctors that covered me over those 35 years. that was crucial in terms of my care. it's true in a lot of cases with people with chronic diseases. they said if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. keep your insurance policy. it was a lie. it was a deliberate. they knew if they told the truth the bill would have never passed. >> vice president dick cheney is right. the bill never would have pass fd the white house was honest.
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we want you to join the discussion. log on to facebook and share your comments. here with with reaction to this and more lindsey graham. welcome back to the program. >> merry christmas. the bill never would have passed. >> never would have passed. don't they see the poll numbers? the president on every issue now in the 30s, honesty, trustworthiness. young people want to throw him out of office over this but they keep digging deeper. >> they meet themselves coming and going. he said if you like your policy if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, period. remember when he said period? when you say that to the average american they take it as if you mean it. you can keep your doctor but you have to pay more to keep your doctor. they are just digging the hole deeper. democrats in to 14 will break from the white house over this issue.
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>> they haven't done it yet. where is kay haguen, mary landrieu? they have been holding the line so far. >> elections have an interesting effect on washington. i believe the worst is yet to come. employer sponsored plans were given a year. next year the employer mandate is fully implementable. so in september or october if you get coverage through your employer you get a sticker shock premium increase. that's the shoe that hasn't fallen yet. that breaks democrats when people get notice from employers about the increase of coverage or the fact that the employer dropped coverage. >> you introduced a bill that says anybody can opt out of obama care. am i understanding that? >> no. remember, he's given waivers to his buddies -- unions and everybody he really likes
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doesn't have to deal with the law. as a matter of fact, the whole executive branch is exempt from obama care. what i said is that states should be able to determine if they want to stay in or out. if you want to stay in, great. give the people in south carolina a chance to opt out. give us the opportunity you have given your political buddies. >> i don't understand. when ted cruz did his filibuster and you will say i can direct this to john mccain, but he doesn't like me anymore. >> oh. >> wait a minute. he lashed out and said it was delusional for anybody to think this could be stopped. i don't understand why knowing how bad this is that every republican in the house and senate didn't stand strong and say, we need a repeal because this is going to happen. there wasn't unity. there was in-fighting. why? >> because shutting the government down to get a repeal was a tactical choice that
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obscured the badness of the law and focused on the government being shut down. what you are seeing now is it's all about obama care. it's just not the website. it's about people in the individual market having their health insurance basically taken away. the employer side is the next shoe to drop. the more you talk and focus on obama care, the more it's about policy and less about us. >> in the meantime, the cancellation letters are are going out day after day, week after week, month after month. even harry reid, i read this weekend, $4500 premium increase. the president said $2500 savings per family per year. poor harry. >> here is what i decided to do. i can go into the d.c. exchange with about a 60% subsidy. most people in south carolina will not get that deal. i'm going to sign up in the south carolina exchange. my premiums will go up by almost
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$5,000 and the coverage coverage i get is a fraction. this movie is coming to you soon. the goal of the bill is to put everybody into government-run health care. harry reid said this is the first step toward single payer health care coverage. this is not about covering the uninsured. it is about destroying the ability of the private sector to offer health care. we all have to buy it through the government and get what the government gives us on the terms they want. that's what this is about. obama's dreams has been a single-payer health care system. he's doing through obama care what he couldn't do directly. >> what the president keeps saying is as long as i'm president, this isn't going to change. that's what he said. you're laughing at that? >> yeah. i'm laughing at that. here's what i think. the american people. you could sue the obama
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administration. some of the spokesmen could have gone to jail. this is about politics. mark my words. write down the date. democrats are facing election in 2014 and won't be able to with stand the burden of the bill. it was built on a house of lies. the fundamental precept of the bill doesn't make sense. >> when will they break? they haven't broken yet. >> stay tuned. the more we talk about the flaws in the bill, the more notices that come out, the more employers that send outleters to double the premiums to say on the plan. it will affect the political marketplace. the private sector marketplace is ahead of the political marketplace. they will be merging soon. it takes people like us talking about a better alternative and the reality of the bill. what mr. eman uel told you was a distortion. if americans had heard what he said they never would have
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gotten 60 votes. >> that's a good point. appreciate it. coming up, another day, another bad report to share with with you about obama care. there are certain hospitals you won't be able to go to. certain doctors you like you won't be able to see thanks to the president's health care law. we'll tell you about it when we get back. we'll check in with rudy giuliani. he'll be in studio to talk about this train wreck. later tonight larry the cable guy. get her done. he joins me in studio. bob beckel and andrea tantaros and more.
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insurance plans over online exchanges under what is known as obama care will have limited access to some of the leading hospitals including two world renowned cancer centers amid a drive-by insure ers cost to limit costs the majority of insurance plans being sold on the new health care exchanges in new york, texas, california. for example will not offer access to sloan kettering memorial in manhattan or md anderson cancer center in houston. two of the top cancer centers, or cedars-sigh any in los angeles. the move to limit consumer choices and steer them away from the hospitals considered too expensive or in the efficient reflects a new competitive landscape in the insurance industry since the passage of the affordable care act, barack obama's 2010 health care law. tucker carlson and penny lee. i don't know if oath of you, i'm
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sure you would know somebody that had cancer. >> of course. >> somebody you love, you care about gets cancer wouldn't you want them to go to sloan kettering or md anderson? a top cancer research center in the country? >> i do. my mother just passed away from cancer. >> i'm sorry. >> thank you. that's exactly the hospitals in which we were searching for to get her that type of care. under medicare there were restrictions. it would have required some of the out of pocket expenses. some of the decisions are already decisions being made under the old system. we need to put pressure on the insurance company -- >> stop shifting the blame. >> no. it was a decision -- sean, that is a decision by the insurance
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companies, not by the obama administration. >> stop it. you have to understand something. >> this is a decision by the insurance company. >> stop for a second. it's not true. we have a president that said if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor if you pay for it. that's not what the president promised. >> i have said before i am disappointed in the categorically untrue statements made by the president. >> thank you. in this case the blame is on the insurance companies. [ speaking at the same time ] >> in the mayo clinic they were denied and petitioned insurance companies to be allowed to be include and they expanded it. >> this is the problem.
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i think politically, long term for the president and democrats. every day, every week, every month people get cannes litigations, rate shock -- cancellations, rate shock and the understanding they can't go to sloan or md anderson. for a president consumed with n inequality in america this exacerbates it and ensures a two-tier system. do you think rich people will buy into obama care? of course not. 20 years from now people who have money won't participate at all. they will just buy their own. conservatives who think this debacle will convince people, yeah, a lot of people are convinced. but with also a lot of folks, it raises the expectation that if government does it badly, they will take care of you and health care. i'm afraid mediocre as it is
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over time people will assume it is the government's responsibility to take care of your health care. >> tucker -- >> that's why it's pernicious over time. >> i agree with you. but young people aren't signing up. the system is designed for the young and healthy to pay for the older. they aren't. >> doesn't matter. they have to. somebody has to pay for it. we have been focused on the website. >> it's nothing. >> somebody hases to pay for it. if it's not young people it's anybody with a job. taxes will go up because the bill will be massive. they will force young people to buy in and employed people to pay more, period. they have to. >> penny? >> under the existing system we were paying for the young and healthy to get into a car wreck
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and go into the mrnl room. taxpayers were already paying for it. for them to have affordable health care at a base minimum of what the package could be, some of it could be $50. it will be able to lessen the burden. >> a young person would rather have catastrophic care with with a high deductible because odds are they aren't going to get sick at a young age. if they got cancer or this a car accident they would be covered. this doesn't give them the option. >> it does, if they sign up. >> no, it doesn't. >> if they sign up at the base level, yes. they are able to have catastrophic coverage. >> why are people losing coverage they like? it doesn't meet the, quote standards in the law. >> there is an improved standard. >> you have to take the plan -- >> you're making my point.
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lots of people gave money to legislators in the administration so whatever they are selling had to be covered under obama care, period. it's a money-making deal. >> we have to go. >> i'm paying for prenatal care. i don't need it. >> and i don't need prostate coverage. >> it's true. >> good to see you. appreciate it. these problems will continue. we'll learn more about them every day. good to see you. up next here tonight on "hannity" -- >> the word was conceived of by a group of wealthy white men who needed to put themselves above and apart from a black man to render him unequal and inferior and diminish his accomplishments. president obama has been labeled with this word by his opponents. >> nbc news strikes again. the word she's referencing -- obama care. you won't believe what she said. and the always hilarious larry
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the cable guy stops by straight ahead.
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welcome back to "hannity." tlang "wall street journal" of the left reached a new law oop when melissa harris-perry likenened the term "obama care" to the n-word blaming wealthy white men for coining what she called a derogatory term and accused them of using it as an
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attack against the president and his race. you have to see it to believe it. take a look. >> i want to talk about a controversial word. a word that's been with us for years. like it or not it's imprinted in the pages of american history. a word that was ornlally intended as derogatory meant to shame, divide and demean. it was conceived of by a group of wealthy white men who needed a way to put themselves above and apart from a black man to render him inferior and unequal and diminish his accomplishments. president obama has been labeled with this word by his opponents. first he rose above it hoping he could make a cause for what he achieved his opponents would fail in making the label stick. no matter how many successes he had as president he realized many people, he would never be more than that one dispa rajjing word. a belief held by political
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opponents and a significant portion of the american electorate. he decided if you can't beat them, you have to join them. he embraced the word, made it his own sending the opposition a message they weren't expecting. if that's what you want me to be, i will be that. y'all know the word i'm talking about -- obama care. >> with reaction to that and more rudy giuliani. i thought of you when i heard this because when you tried to turn new york around, end crime and the murder rate you were eviscerated in the press. >> absolutely. >> everything you said -- >> everything i said was seen as somehow racially motivated. the thing that was strange and counter productive, everything i was doing had tremendous benefit for the minority community, more than the white community. when crime was at 2,000 murders
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a year, proportionately that was affecting the african-american and latino community. when the number came up by $65% the lives that were saved were primarily african-american lives and latino lives. i'll tell you these commentators are one thing. when you talk to people, they are appreciative of it. >> i would go into a community that had a lot of crime. they were begging for more cops. forget civilian complaints. they wanted more cops. how about more cops. >> i want to look down the road. if you say obama care that's a -- >> we really have to stand up to that. it's ridiculous. romney, care. was that anti-mormon? hillary care? is that anti-woman? >> this is a problem i think
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conservative candidates and i want conservatives to win -- face that they are anti-woman wo, anti-minority, anti-hispanic. they want to kill old people and children. >> it's pure propaganda. absolutely outrageous. i believe it's racist. i believe what they are doing is racist. obama care is a neutral way to describe a program that, after all, is the president i's cente piece program. we use words like nixonian, clintonian, hillarycare, romney care. nothing racial about it at all. >> especially in campaigns that the tactic, there is a reason they bring it up. >> it works because we don't stand up to it. i wouldn't be surprised if a republican doesn't want to use the word obama care at this point. it's absurd. they are the ones playing racial politics.
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when you try to make something racial out of the description obama care which the president himself has used. he's proud of the program. we know his program -- >> even now? >> he claims to be proud of the program. it was ill conceived. hillary was lucky hers didn't get passed. if it had she wouldn't be running for the president of the united states. >> you got briefed. you are still in the security business on the situation in iran. the new president of iran may run into obama at the funeral of nelson mandela. >> first of all, it recognized the regime. by reaching an agreement you bless and recognized them. we should be for regime change in iran. if you take out mubarak, gadhafi
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and assad, how can you justify not wanting to take out the mullahs who are worse than all three combined and have killed more americans. that's all the table. second, in the interim agreement is the recognition that they will have nuclear power for peaceful purposes. six u.n. resolutions prohibited that. six u.n. resolutions understood that we are never going to be able to tell whether they can just easily move over to becoming a nuclear power if they can enrich uranium to use it for peaceful purposes. finally, i spent the weekend with many knowledgeable iranians who know what's going on there. they don't need the peaceful use of nuclear power. this is an oil-rich natural gas-rich country. the last thing they need is nuclear power. this is a phony. for the president not to get it is frightening. >> do you know what's worse?
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we don't have access to all the facilities. only those they determined we could have access to. >> and they are trying to wipe out the mek, the source of our information in 2002 that rohani was lying in 2002. >> oh. last question. do you think israel has another option than to take out the sites with or without u.s. approval support? >> that's a tough decision. >> i don't think they have a choice. >> it's a tough decision. number one, i am not sure it can be effective. i don't know the military capacity of israel and whether they can be effective in doing it. even if they could be, at this point they would be so ostracized it would be a heavy burden. in order to do it, they have to develop pretty strong relationships with saudi arabia. they are doing that. with the emirates. with jordan where i think you have an equal amount of fear. turkey, but they will probably
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be less open about it. turkey has a tremendous amount of fear of what's going on there. >> do you know what bothers me? you know this about the saudis. our government doesn't but with they played both sides of the middle. jordanians play both sides of the middle. you don't have an honest broker to come out against the radicalism and the rise for fear there may be repercussions. they work behind the scenes. >> at this point the saudis are so worried about an iranian domination and the saudis have been vocal. they turned down a position on the u.n. security council in order to protest this. that's a strong statement to make. there is a way for israel to put something together but it is very hard. prime minister netanyahu has been put in a terrible position. why we, as america, make life difficult for our friends and easy for our enemies is
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something you can't explain. it's counter productive to a foreign policy that just about doesn't exist anymore. >> good to see you. thanks for being with us. coming up, a group of illegal immigrants filed a lawsuit demanding in-state division in georgia. should they succeed? we'll check in with bob beckel and andrea tantaros. and larry the cable guy, get 'er done. what he thinks of obama. log onto on twitter @sean hannity. comment on the show and anything else on your mind ahead.
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welcome back to "hannity." a group of illegal immigrants in georgia has filed a lawsuit for in-state tuition. they are part of deferred action for childhood arrivals which grants children brought to the
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u.s. illegally temporary permission to stay in the country. the university of georgia's system and the board of regents say the students don't qualify for in-state tuition because they have a lawful presence in the u.s. under the program. a judge said he needs more information and time before decide it is case and asks both sides to submit additional filing within 60 days. here, good friends bob beckel and andrea tantaros. tell everybody what a good cook i am. i saw you over the weekend. >> cooked it fast, too. you have another profession as a short order cook. >> kicking me out of my seat? >> very good, yeah. >> he hasn't cooked a meal in four years. >> who knew you were top chef? >> like you, i worked in restaurants all my young years. >> he was a short order cook. >> and a bartender, waiter, busboy and everything. i was a dishwasher first. >> why don't you relive -- >> i'm not reliving them.
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why should somebody in the country illegally get in-state tuition prices when they are not here legally? >> they are here legally now when the president of the united states says you are allowed to stay here. the dream act should have passed. >> it doesn't pass. so he dictates -- that's the right word. >> you are trying to get the dictator. >> i didn't say that. >> the fact is they are here by executive order. they are legal in that sense and should be getting tuition. >> so laws don't matter in obama beckel's world. >> why don't the democrats just repeal the law on the books currently saying if you come here legally it's a crime. why not repeal it with a stroke of the pen? just make it official and it's not a crime anymore. >> tell him. they did it. >> these kids came here young, grew up. they have made a contribution to society. >> are they legal?
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>> they are now, yeah. >> they are illegal. >> this is my issue and i am sensitive to the immigrant community. my father was an immigrant. >> mine was, too. >> we worked around imgrants. they are hardworking. you feel sorry for the children brought here. >> of course. >> however their parents haven't been paying taxes. they have not been on the books. their parents broke the law. it is a crime. i tweeted earlier i would be on hannity and this was the topic. parents saying, i can't qualify my kids for in-state tuition. i'm already going into debt. it's an issue of fairness. >> you're right. the president did try to get the dream act passed and he failed. >> barely. >> where does the president get off just, you know, i don't like the laws that exist. we won't enforce them. >> every president issues executive orders around laws. they are not written specifically. they depend on regulations andu.
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>> why have laws if he can do that? >> leaving that aside, the kids, through no fault of their own. >> i'm asking you about the law. you are talking about kids. do we have a system with coequal brampbls of government. the house and senate pass a bill with. the president signs it. he doesn't get to rewrite it, bob. >> we are a nation of laws. why are people who hire illegal immigrants -- >> they should be held accountable. >> i don't see a republican saying -- >> i'm a conservative. enforce the law. >> oh i don't see democrats saying it either. >> i say it all the time. >> the immigration bill went down in the senate. it was unbelievable crimes if you, me or you committed we would be in prison. they can commit them one, two, three times, identity theft and they can get citizenship. i'm all for smart immigration, but small. start small. not like with obama care. they want all the new voters.
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>> there is no point in having any immigration law until you control the borders first. you should support that. >> look, the obama administration sent more people back across the border than any other administration in history. >> where did you pull that out of? >> 400,000-some. >> you make it up. >> you have to deal with the immigration problem. >> does he make it up? >> there was a study from the beckel institute done a couple of days ago. >> ten seconds ago. that's where he got the information. i never understand why republicans haven't seen the opportunity with unions on immigration reform. if you talked to a lot of union workers they are angry about the bills. they feel the democrat theic party is in bed with the latino caucus. i always thought it would be a smart move. >> do you know where we have a buchbl bumpbl of voters?
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>> the president's numbers are down 23% with hispanics. >> they don't hate republicans. spl. yes, they do. >> when we come back, what does larry the cable guy think about health care, obama and christmas? and we'll talk about his new movie. tomorrow on greta's show, 7:00 p.m., dr. benjamin carson. tomorrow at 7:00 on fox.
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get her done. larry the cable guy, what are you looking at my camera for? a kwo"hannity" favorite. starring in -- what is it? >> madea christmas. >> "madea christmas".
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>> you have to read the name of the movie? >> i forgot which camera. >> just look at me. >> three cameras? shoot. that's 30 pounds. >> it's actually 20. that's 60 pounds. >> i haven't been here in a while. >> i'm skinnier than you and you were doing the weight loss commercial. >> i have sleeves on, too. >> i come with no sleeves. i'm the sleeveless guy. you're on medication. >> let's start over. >> first of all the, where is combs? >> you have been gone a while. >> we're working on a book. >> what's it called? >> "killing beckel." i love him. it's more like noogeying beckel. >> we'll be right back with merrill haggard.
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>> are you following the health care thing? >> sean, it's a disaster. >> i know. >> i have figured a lot of it out. >> yeah? >> i figured out the bronze plan. >> you did? >> it's what color your fingers will be after you give yourself a prostate exam. and the gold plan -- >> yeah? >> is when you miss your wedding ring after you had to pay the deductible. the silver plan is what color your hair is after you're down signing up. 60,000 people signed up? >> something like that. >> 60,000? >> more than 6 million got their plans cancelled. >> art linkletter has more twitter followers. i have eaten more girl scout cookies which is the reason why we need health care. >> next question. >> how long can i stare at that?
7:49 pm
>> you talk about your family, your kids. your grandparents are fans of the show? >> they are. they're doing good. my grandpa, you know, he's an alcoholic. >> you never told me that. >> i said, why do you drink so much? he said, look around, i'm responsible for all this stuff. i need a rim shot or something. >> i'm slow. >> my grandma -- well, first of all, i have a great grandpa. he was over at thousand at thanksgiving. 87 years old, on a date. she says she's a virgin. i said, maybe you just forgot. he said, hey, do you think she's hot. i said, i think she is now. her face has been in the soup for ten minutes. my grandma is on medical marijuana. >> what? >> she's bugging the tar out of me. calling me every day. come over and play hackie sack.
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i said, you're smoking too much medical marijuana. she said, how do you know? i said, meals on wheels has been by your house seven times today. that's too much marijuana. >> that's a lot of mumpnchies. >> this halloween, my wife dressed up as miley cyrus. >> did she do some dwerking? >> no, but i dressed up as a foam finger. i'm glad she didn't twerk or i would have a busted neck now. >> did you hear about bill gates? he's spending a hundred grand on a new -- >> trying to develop a new condom. bill gates will offer anybody $100,000 for it. how about a bill gates mask? that ought to do it. >> scare every woman. >> let me say this. if i think of a new condom, two words i don't want in my
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condom -- micro and soft. >> definitely not. did you hear about the guy with the 130 -- >> no, no! >> forget it. >> it's a show on tv. the man with the 132-pound -- >> scrotum. >> yeah. 132 pounds. that has to be a record. what does al gore weigh? >> more than that. >> we'll come back. what does larry think of obama care? >> are you trying to get me in trouble.
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you need to leave her out there. she's grown. she wants to come in the house she knows how. leave her alone. >> we'll talk to her a little bit. >> go on. >> okay. you better, here i come.
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>> that is comforting >> starring in "madea christmas". >> how do you like doing the movie? >> how did you get the 19th? do you work here anymore? what the hell is going on? >> i don't know the date. you're good in movies you said you're going to pet putt me in the next movie. >> i when i do another movie, i will, i was doing tyler's. i have another movie about male strippers you're going to enjoy it. >> what is my role? >> you're a chunkendale. >> you'd be magic sean. >> do you think -- >> yeah. magic sean. just say it realtime, real sexy go, um, looks like we've got a lot of law breakers in here.
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>> no. no. i can't do it. >> all right. so the movie? >> movie. >> tyler perry asked me to be in this muchy. i play the father of the son. it's fun, it's hilarious tyler is a great success story. he's had a rough childhood he persevered. that is a good story. >> like his grandmother's sloppy joes. >> i like those stories sean let me finish my point the move gee about keeping christ in christmas and the hope that brings everybody. >> amen. >> fist pump tloochlt good for you. i'm going to go see it. i'll take my kids to it? >> yes. they'll like it. >> what are you doing for christmas? >> well, good lord. hanging out at the house. >> just hanging out at the house? >> i was reading "the christmas story" to my kids. they're doing
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this. they, it's like why do these kids, why aren't they interested? christmas story? >> about baby jesus some >> she said because reading it while you're on the toilet? >> did you do that? >> sheesh. >> did you have your grandmother's sloppy joes before? >> they cut up. >> what is the deal? i've asked got to ask you a question about obama. >> okay. >> you talk about like two big to fail.. >> i remember the government coming up with too big to fail. what does that mean, sean? too fwoig fail is in the government has never seen two fat people play twister. because you can be too big to fail. trust me. >> you can be. >> are you ready for christmas? holiday season? >> he yes. i've been a good, good person all year. >> me too. i'm ready to roll the kids just going to be me, my
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kids, my wife. the way it ought to be. i celebrate jewish holidays. too. rosh sohahana, christmas, the oscars i do all that have stuff, sean. >> you've got it mixed up >>. >> do you celebrate kwanzaa? >> yes. whatever. i'm equal opportunity celebrator. >> larry love having you. >> look how fat i look on this tv. >> go back on nutrisystem. >> november 10th, december 28th, horrible. do you know what is worse than that? january 1st through october 31st. even worse. what do you do? what is a man to do? >> get er done. >> merry christmas everybody. >> that is all the time we have left. >> mom, and sean, my mom loves
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you. >> i love your mom. >> start your day with fox and friends see you back here tomorrow night. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas.


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