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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 10, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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goes out on the road three times a week. the hardest worker in television. i brought my 4-month-old and my husband with me. i have to give a big shout-out to jay leno and their entire team. they are a first class time and we love jay leno. tonight, we have cold hard evidence exposing how ridiculous the assertion is. >> she shook the hand of a murderer and thug and those are bloodied hands. the president embarrasses the nation this time by buddying up to dictator raul castro.
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>> another day, another obama care horror report to share with you, this time impacts the brave men and women who put theirselves in harm's way to save others in crisis. because of the president's disastrous health care overhaul, thousands of fire departments all over the country may be forced to shut their doors. the u.s. department of labor takes the term voller to literally but the irs says volunteer fire fighters are technically employees forever they're on the job more than 40 hours per woke making them subject to obama's employee mandate rules. since it doesn't carve out an exemption for them. fi firefighters who volunteer as employees are expected to provide insurance for every one of them. in one town where there are more than 50 or more, they will be
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lumped together for tax purposes and punish iing many and that could cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars each year and have to pay a $2,000 fine for each employee after the first 30. just when you think the law can't get any worse, it does. remember ever since the president stepped foot in the oval office along with sidekick crazy joe biden tried to say that the policies of republicans would lead to firing of firemen and police officers. >> you want to see a bunch of first responders lose their jobs because you want to protect a tax loophole. >> we won't grow the middle class by shifting the cost of health care on families already struggling or forcing to lay off more teachers and cops and firefighter firefighters. >> let's look at their budget
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not only does it cut firefighters and it eviscerate this working class. >> congress can vote how many teachers and firefighters getback on the job. >> republicans say what's standing in the way between us and full employment are laws that keep companies from polluting as much as they want, on the other hand, our plan puts teachers, construction workers, firefighters and police officers back on the job. >> firefighters lose lives when they don't have enough people on the job at the fire. this is all because of this recession, as i said. the recession was inherited. >> in the sixth year of the obama presidency, now the tables have turned. tonight as every night, we want you to join the conversation. do you think the white house owes republicans an apology. stop by our facebook page. juan williams and best selling author, david limbaugh is here. wait a minute, like your plan,
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can't keep it. like your doctor, can't keep it. per plan per saves, $2500. firefighters didn't get the exemption unions got or politicians got. why are you shaking your head? >> this is slant der rouse. the real thing is you don't like obama care and i respect that. >> i don't like being lied to. >> nobody lied to you. this whole thing, first of all, you're not talking about firefighters in this country, volunteers. people working 30 hours or more a week. so the irs says we don't want anybody getting away from the law by pretending they're a volunteer. >> my friends are volunteer firemen. they spend 60 hours a week helping people. >> working 60 hours a week, that's more than a job. >> these municipalities cannot afford this! what about the exemption they give unions or themselves for
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obama care. >> if you're working more than 30 hours a week you are not covered boy the law. >> what part of volunteer don't you understand? volunteer. >> what part of corruption and fraud you would be all over, sean hannity. >> like i can keep my plan if i like it, that's corruption and fraud. >> the president mistake, misled people. >> misled people or lied. >> you don't like health care. >> this whole bill is predicated on a lie. >> a lie. what lie? >> the lie is you can keep your plan and doctor and the average american is not saving $2500 a year. >> this idea volunteers are treated, forced to get health care under this law proves the purpose of the law is to absorb everyone into this big network ultimately on the road to single payer. this is not about helping people. these people don't want the
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government's help or is this an unintended consequence again or is it intended. these volunteers are not getting paid. they don't want this insurance. i don't care what rule they fall under 30 employees or 50, the department of labor knows they're not volunteers but the irs will apparently treat them as employees. >> correct. everything you said is right except i don't know this is about single payer. that's what sean hannity is so worried about somehow we will have a national health care plan. these folks don't want as volunteers, they don't want health care coverage. this is not about them. >> they're being forced to. >> nobody is being forced to. the irs is saying don't commit fraud -- >> it's coercion. >> they're not committing fraud, everybody knows it before it gets started. they know they're not supposed to be covered but the letter of the law says they are. >> we have to work on it and find a way. if you're working 30 or 60 hours a week- >> volunteering. >> you know something crazy is
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going on. >> isn't it unconscionable obama is forcing these kinds of things. >> all you liberals like to hear is american people need to be more generous, these are people that care about these communities. now these communities will be put in a spot because again another bad element of a bad law ill conceived far more expensive than any thought. juan, you keep living in la-la land. the president dropped 24 points among hipps aspanics and losing lenials and the country doesn't this law. why are you insisting we keep a law americans don't like. >> i can't believe i'm talking to scrooge hannity. let me tell you something. most hispanics in the country still support president obama. >> 24% drop. >> i said most.
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secondly, you're talking about millennials. you know what the polls show, they want him more liberal. >> they don't want this system. the polls are wrong then. >> why are they not happy? they think he's not liberal enough. >> you don't get away with saying obama is a taking care of the middle class and poor because he says he wants to. what are the results? the premiums and co-pay go up to 12,700 for a family of four. he is killing the middle class. the young invincibles who don't want this insurance, you asked what force, they're being forced to buy insurance they don't want and other people being forced to buy plans that cover things they don't want to cover. >> the young and healthy are paying for old, sick and uninsured and that's why they're rejecting it, not signing up. this goes to a broader issue. democrats often portray
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republicans and conservatives having a war on women. look at nbc news and war on women. for example, has obama's policies helped minorities that have voted for him in droves? the answer, juan, now heading into the sixth year of his presidency, no. >> look at the unemployment rate after all these years. obama says he cares so he's supposed to get credit. the economy has tanked the whole time. >> do you have any investments on wall street? >> i do. >> you should know, wall street's booming. >> you're doing pretty good! >> that's a real comfort to people on food stamps that doubles and comfort to the poor. they want to create jobs, juan. they don't want a dependency cradle to the grave utopia. >> we're going to cut budgets no matter what. >> you are living in socialist la-la land. >> you turn around and say
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because obama care is trying to prevent- >> are we better off since he's been president, no. >> absolutely. what we're talking about, people low income people, impoverished, disproportionate of people. >> we have lost the idea of lib ber tin this country. nobody cares about liberty. what we have is a president forcing redistribution. he's dividing this country to the point i think what we have is a cold civil war going on. a cold civil war. obama has deliberately divided us on the basis of race except you and i, good buddies, class and gender. this country is polarized way worse than during the bush years and any time during my lifetime. >> you're honest. i think when you look at the numbers and obama care, white and white republicans specifically can't stand it, think it's an abomination. when sean hannity talks to me
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says i don't want universal health care so you look for any reason to somehow try -- >> i hate to tell you this, didn't have to look too far. >> i know, because you make stuff up. >> juan, people are getting cancellation letters and rate shock and coming to the emeraldization they can't takee their doctors. wake up. >> let me tell you about the young invincibles, who pays? sean hannity. our rates go up. >> juan, get your investments out of the stock market before it crashes. and stewart varney and dana coming up next. and the world embarrassed again on the world stage as obama embraces cuban dictator raul castro and the white house is on full damage control.
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and getting your input on facebook and twitter. option number one, legendary mike ditkas, when the bears retired his a number.
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this is a fox news alert. a few hours in washington d.c., a bipartisan budget deal was reached and the democratic deal was released by patty rye beyond an paul ryan. if passed it means a government shutdown would be avoided early next year. good reaction to the details. the co-host for the 5, dana
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perino and stewart varney. i hate these last minute deals before christmas because the house is only in session two more days, they're changing the rules in the senate to make it a bill so they don't have to have a super majority. that bothers me because that means there's stuff in time. $63 billion over two years and the deficit reducti reduction -- meaningless. >> meaningless. the public is so angry over another shutdown and congress is so afraid of the public reaction they have this deal not meaningless but no serious change. no entitlement reform, no tax reform, no serious deficit reduction, no big debt reduction, same old same old, steady as she goes, do nothing, walk away, no shutdown. >> no tax increases. that was the big thing the
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democrats were going to ask for. that's going to happen when you have a government you have to pay for with these different expenses that probably will happen. there are no income tax increases which is what president obama would have liked. what democrats will claim is they were able to prevent republicans from cutting medicare. that would have been the talking point had that gone forward. basically what they've done is give an clean slate. >> you think they both want to get through the election? >> no. not the election. want to get through the shut down, through january. the other thing this deal does resets the number so both the house and senate are working from the same baseline appropriations number. that wasn't the case before so they weren't able to talk to one another. it does get washington working a little bit again. >> i've been reading an analysis on this since it was announced a couple hours ago, the split and sequestration relief is 425 begin in non-defense and 520
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billion in defense. >> it says sequestration relief does not mean some spending-disclosure. >> sequestration -- >> sequestration spending, cutting. >> but they have relieved that. >> if you relieved that, that means you put spending back in. >> sequestration was arbitrary. it basically said we can't come to an agreement. here's the cuts and the military is the one that took it on the chin. >> it did give us some discipline we didn't have. >> i think this gets fought out in the 2014 elections. if people want change in washington they can vote next year. if republicans are serious they will try to win back the senate so they could actually effect change in the last years of the obama administration. >> i like the penny plan. call me crazy, i'm sick of baseline budgeting projected increases. baseline budgeting you have
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built-in increases like every american getting an 8% increase every year. the penny plan, drop a dollar out of every dollar washington spends every year and i think america would love it because they live that life and get us in balance. >> everybody is subject to the same discipline. every department down one penny and every dollar for five straight years, everybody, across the board. this is this budget, live with it. that's discipline. >> i kind of like that. the only thing i like about this deal, i would turn to you for commentary on this, for the business community, it does give them a little bit of confidence to keep hiring and hopefully get americans working again. >> i don't know about confidence to go hiring and getting america working again, what it does is give some certainty. >> yeah. >> this is the government's spending plan for at least the next one year, probably two years. that's valuable in and of
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itself. that clears up the mess what will we end up with. this one point here has to be made, they are proposing to add $29.5 billion in taxes and fees to airline travel costs. i think this is one occasion where a tax increase and what it is is going to be wildly unpopular. many people think the rich should pay more in taxes. to air travelers, not popular. >> the house is scheduled to leave in two days. they had to file this bill late tonight the only way it gets on the calendar. the senate will take it up. because they made it a bill they don't need 60 votes, need 51 votes. that tells me when we get through this in the next 48 hours they will find more thing things. >> it does help the senate republicans because they only need 51, all the senate republicans can vote against it, going into the 2014 election they didn't vote for this deal. that will probably be okay for
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them. >> thank you. appreciate it. coming up. take a good look at that photo right there. do you know who president obama is shaking hands with, cuban dictator raul castro. this is not the first time he embarrassed himself on the world stage. and you've been giving your feedback. option number 2 was of the u.s. air force band flash mob. watch this. ♪ ♪
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welcome back to hannity. the president's long illustrious list is growing as he stopped to shake the hand of cuban president and murderous dictator, raul castro and while it was not planned, some say it is nauseating he would stop to shake the hand of a thug. this is not the first time he embarrassed the world on the
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world stage and shook the hand from venezuelan president and then nick waraguan socialist ortego. is it just me or does it look like he is willing to give more time to our enemies than allies. and fernand is with us. any problem with this? >> my goodness. >> none whatsoever, sean. i think it's a disservice to the fact to suggest the president embraced mr. castro. let's not begrudge the leader of the free world for doing a cordial hand shake with the leader of a repressive government than we begrudge for shaking -- >> a murderer -- >> for shaking president gorbachev's hand when he was head of the soviet union. you look at the actions followed
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by the words. what did the president say in a th thinly veiled barb at mr. castro, said too many times there are leaders that embrace the solidarity of mandela's struggle for freedom yet they don't tolerate descent from their own people. nothing more could be interpreted as a cold sting from the verbal slap than hand shake much to do about nothing. >> what do you think about this? >> there's so many elements to this outrage. first of all, our president is shaking hands with a dictator who jailed and tortured many more political prisoners than the south african regime that jailed nelson mandela. he is sitting there shaking hands and seemed to me he is slightly bowing in front of dictator who is currently keeping an american as a hostage and a political prisoner. there's just so many elements to this you can't possibly make it
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up. >> i'm not going to -- this to me isn't the biggest offense of the president. i will tell you this, when i see the president give f-16s, tanks, 1$1.5 billion to mohamed morsi the former head of the muslim brotherhood and which obviously could be used one day against israel, that troubles me. getting in bed with iran the way he's trying to right now as they move forward and play this cat and mouse with nuclear capabilities is naive to me. the president dissing beeb bebe netanyahu like he has. >> you're certainly entitled to your opinion. no thank you so much. >> you look at opinion polls around the world, the standing of the united states in the eyes of the world is higher than
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since the clinton era. >> you can't make up facts. no, it's not. that's not true. >> to true hand disparage a president that represented this country with great honor and pride today. think of those with african-american dissent. >> let me ask you a question, do you think it's smart to give a guy that referred to israelis our allies as apes and pigs, is it smart to give him tanks and 1$1.5 billion of the taxpayer's money? does that sound smart? >> i think it's a false dichotomy. >> i didn't ask you about a false dichotomy, do you think it's smart? answer the question. not the question here is how did president obama conduct -- >> that's your question. i'm asking you if you think it's smart -- [ talking over each other ] >> can you hear me? this is not a hard question.
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i'm talking about in general this president has a consistent policy of dealing with the wrong people. do you think it's smart to go against our allies and give a muslim brotherhood leader of egypt tanks, f-16s and money. is that smart to you? >> i'm not here to speak about the foreign policy choices of the president when it comes to -- >> so you don't have a -- >> of the south african people and he represented this country with distinction and pride and spoke very eloquently. >> if you can't see that's dumb, we will give you the final word i can't help you. obviously you're an obama sycophant. that is not smart. we're dealing with the world's worst dictators and showing a lot of weakness. you get the last word. >> the longest suffering political prisoners in modern history were not jailed in south africa. many black and jailed in cuba by
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the man obama shook hands with and bowed before. >> good to see you. appreciate it. coming up next, a new anti-gun ad featuring children. is it appropriate? is that politicizing a tragedy. later, civil rights leader jesse jackson is in hot water saying apartheid is alive in the usa. this comes to us courtesy than none other the king of late night, number one rated host of late night nbc is dumb enough to fire a second time. >> this winter storm has left thousands without electricity. president obama is taking over the power company. >> don't forget we always want to hear from you, log onto our companion site and share your thoughts or go to twitter at sean hannity.
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welcome back to hannity. as the one year anniversary of the sandy hook school shooting approaches, take a look at this ad. >> on december 14th, there is a moment of silence for newtown. but with 26 more school shootings since that day, ask yourself is silence what america
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needs right now? >> while everyone in the country can agree, something needs to be done to prevent future incidents like the one that occurred last year in newtown, questions are being raised whether or not these groups are using the horrific tragedy to push through their gun control agenda. alexis manage gill johnson and lois lane, kerry picket, our fun name for her. is this politicizing the tragedy? >> absolutely. the interesting thing because liberals could not get the gun control bill through much earlier in the year, people go from january, 37% strongly supporting gun control to dropping way down to at least 10 more points and now only about 27% are pushing it. frankly, people want to be able
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to protect their own children and themselves. further gun control bill and further politicizing of an event takes pay from their argument. >> alexis, let's say god forbid you have a child in school and you turn on the news and you see one of these incidences happening at your child's school, god forbid, would you rather that there be an armed guard in that school at that moment or would you prefer nobody in the school besides the shooter have a gun? >> i don't think this is whether or not we have an armed guard -- >> i asked you a question. >> s is a much broader -- >> i'm asking in that moment, would you -- if you knew your school had armed guards, would you be glad or would you wish they weren't there? >> quite frankly, with the kinds of military assault weapons that exist that people -- >> you're not answering my question, you don't want to answer my question. >> the armed guard guy may not
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be able to compete. >> maybe, maybe not. >> with the magazine capacity. >> if my school had armed guards, i would be glad to know they were there in the situation i'm describing to you. >> what i would be grateful for is have a much broader conversation in this country to reduce the number -- >> i'm telling you how we can. >> we haven't been able to do anything about it, that's the challenge. >> ever since around 1993 we've seen gun sales go through the roof. think about this, the murder rate has gone down. granted this is a horrendous tragedy. just because people are buying more guns doesn't mean the murder rate is going through the roof, it's actually going down. >> if we had retired policemen armed at every school, retired military guys retired at every school, the front line of defense if, god forbid,
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something happens, wouldn't that be a good way, if every criminal knew every school has armed guards, a message is sent we won't take this anymore. we won't have sitting ducks, gun-free zones that keep people from even thinking about defending themselves. >> what's so fascinating, democrats in the '90s, were fully in support of armed guards or guards, police in the schools. what happened was over the years money was cut from that particular program and so unfortunately now we see people saying, an armed guard isn't going to help. actually, why is it that very rich people have armed guards around them? sn>> yes. let's say god forbid somebody breaks into your house, would you be glad you had a gun in your house? >> i would not want a gun. >> how would you defend yourself? >> i would call 911. >> it's over by then.
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>> this isn't about arming every american. every gun sold has a background check. >> we already have that. >> to deal with mentally unstable folks. that is not true. there are many people at gun shows where people can purchase firearms. >> law abiding people -- we don't need weapons with the high magazine capacity. that's what the newtown was about. >> you know how quickly i can drop a clip and put another clip in my gun? seconds. >> completely different. >> military assault weapons aren't what people actually think they are. we're talking about here people on capitol hill want to ban semi-automatic weapons because those hold high capacity magazines, you're talking a glock 19 pistol and when you see pistol like that, you're not thinking that's military grade.
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no. that's something the congress does want to ban and will be part of an assault weapons ban. >> as well it should be. if we're concerned about the safety of our children and our ability to protect ourselves. >> but retired policemen -- >> i think that's a great idea. >> thank you. that will solve the problem. [ talking over each other ] >> i would urge you to get trained in the use of a firearm. even today, while we won the apartheid battle against skin apartheid the surface level and for women the right to vote, the apartheid remains. >> jesse jackson's controversial comments about the existence of apartheid in america not sitting well after the break. the video of the day, did your selection win out? we'll let you know straight ahead.
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welcome back to hannity. while remembering former south af can president mandela, jesse jackson said apart hide exists today. >> even while winning the battle of skin apartheid and for wom then right to vote. apartheid remains in apartheid gaps in poverty and health care and education. we're in the middle of the end of apartheid struggle even now. >> sadly, those comments came two days after liberal nbc news host chris matthews made these outrageous remarks about ahart hide era leaders in south africa being more patriotic than republicans in congress.
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watch this. >> the difference between the way f.w. clark handled the need for change and inevidencible election, democratic election of nelson mandela, legitimate election, truly legitimate for the first time, for him to recognize his role in history to be a patriot at that point is so different than the way mitch mcconnell handled the election of obama, so different. to set it up that way, juxtaposition, they were willing the mcconnell people on the far right were ready to destroy obama whereas to succeed in a country he loved, f.w. clark was willing to see it transformed to black rule so it would be done successfully so he would have, his country, have a better future. >> to hear the reaction, thanks for being with us. leo, do you agree with those comments? is there apartheid in america today? >> sure. i can tell you two states right
10:49 pm
away, idaho, where mark fuhrman lives and utah. they don't permit blacks to go to those states. they have clubs all white and -- idaho, listen, let me be clear, you think that's funny? people like me can't go to idaho and wyoming. those are segregated states, apartheid states. are you kidding me? how many blacks are in idaho and utah? you can laugh about that because you get a fro pass, woman. >> why do i get a free pass. >> woman, woman. >> i'm not your woman and you're not my man. >> i didn't say you were my woman. >> i will respect you tonight. >> speak to me about idaho and utah. >> so a black person can't go to idaho today because, what? they're going to be killed or lynched? you sound ridiculous, you're per pet uating these lies.
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>> maybe one black politician from idaho and utah. >> leo, where's mia love from? do you know who she is? she's black. >> she lost. >> the black woman who ran for congress and she lost. >> she's running for congress again. >> she lost! >> leo, you just said black people didn't live in either state. that's not true. that's not true. >> i got the statistics. sean, i'm glad you said that. . .8%, 0.8% lived in idaho and 1.3% -- >> you're suggesting that people that are minorities can't live there? is that what you're suggesting the people of idaho and utah are racist? >> idaho and utah do not encourage blacks to live there! >> that's ridiculous. that's pre-postter rouse what you said. let's go back to what jesse jackson said.
10:51 pm
jesse jackson said apartheid is still in existence in the united states of america. you know what, i'm not barred from showing up at fox news channel. i can eat at a restaurant and get any job a white person can get. >> how about the country club? >> if you bring that up, yes, if i wanted to belong- >> oprah couldn't buy a house in certain areas of florida. >> that's ridiculous. shame on you. she's using her color to defend apartheid. >> i wanted to be a member of a club and a bunch of liberals said they didn't want me there. >> i am a civil rights attorney and live in a colorblind society. shame on you ma'am using your race to justice apartheid. >> if you're a civil rights attorney and you believe inequalitity for black americans, why aren't you talking about the black on black genocide going on in chicago?
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>> you're one of those technical commentators -- now, you're changing the subject. >> leo -- >> you're changing the subject. >> answer her question. thank you, sean. >> black genocide? i thought we were talking about apartheid. that's her talking point? >> she asked a question. >> here is my answer. >> black on black crime. literally kids and older people are being massacre and she asked you what you think about it. >> okay. here's my answer. that's a tragedy. do you -- let me ask this woman a question. do you believe apartheid exists in the fact there is people who will not sell oprah winfrey a home, there are certain golf courses -- >> who wouldn't sell oprah winfrey a home? i didn't hear about that. >> oh, okay, of course not. >> leo, i will give this to you,
10:53 pm
racism, nobody would argue racism doesn't exist. >> don't use that line. that is a sean hannity talking point. >> no, it's not. sean and i don't pre-do things when i come on his show. we have a nice conversation. let's talk about the economic disparity between black-and-whites caused by blacks themselves. you just admitted the heinous black on black crime is awful. what's causing that? >> why are you hating on blacks? >> barack obama is about to enter the sixth year of his pregnancy. i'll let you both answer one at a time. let me start with crystal. are black americans better off under his policies? >> absolutely not. the congressional black caucus, sean, you and i talked about this before after they got black americans to vote for obama the second time then we will hold the president accountable because if he was white they would be marching in front of the white house with jobless rate. >> can i get my answer in.
10:54 pm
>> leo, are black americans, we're entering the sixth year of obama's presidency, are they better off? >> yes. yes, by the mere fact this country has taken a step ahead. i can believe now any person regardless of color can become president of this country. you just admitted you were talking with sean, talking points. >> we did not talk at all today. >> i cannot believe you people. >> yesterday or a week ago or month ago. >> we haven't talked a couple weeks. >> leo, how's o.j. doing? >> fine. how's mark fuhrman doing. >> we will reveal your video of the choice after the break. congresswoman marsha blackburn tomorrow night. 7:00 eastern, fox news, don't miss it. we'll continue.
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welcome back to hannity.
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time to reveal the video of the day. the inspiring speech coach mike ditka gave when they were retiring his number at halftime. >> i've been living a dream for 74 years. i hope it never stops, it will but i hope it doesn't. you people have been a big part of my dream. you brought me great joy to be able to please you. the players we had in 1985 are the greatest collection of guys i've ever been around. [ cheers and applause ] my teammates in 1963, what a great bunch of guys. that was the coach's last championship. i'm very proud to be a part of that team and what those guys accomplished. i don't like to go on but i want to say, thank you, thank you and go bears! f >> congratulations, coach ditka,
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well-deserved. he's also a friend ofprogram an happier for him. that's all we have this evening. don't forget each weekday, at 5:00 on this is a fox news alert, a budget due to capitol hill. paul ryan and senate budget committee patty murray, hammering out the two-year agreement, if passed it would avoid a government shutdown and in just a few minutes, congressman ryan will be here to go on the record. there's a doctors in the house, but not for long. family doctor steven kiddic joins us. >> good evening to you. >> let me start first with a copy of the ad you put in the newspaper, saying you are shutting down your business. why are you shutting


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