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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  December 11, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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morning, weekday mornings on our sister station and fox business network. that's all the time we have left this evening and start each weekday morning at "fox & friends," 5:00 to 9:00. this is a fox news alert. the worker who was promoting a race war is off the government payroll. he is no longer employed with the government and dhs would not say if he was fired or resigned. >> we will see what kathleen sebelius told us on the record. and the inspector general called up to talk about the rollout disaster and is the
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timing curious just after the certificates was given another grilling. >> i've asked the inspector general to investigate the development of health and the actual acquisition and management and performance and payment of our contractors. >> after that heated hearing today, tracking down secretary sebelius and getting some answer answers. >> i think the enrollment numbers are picking up and encouraged by the trend. >> would you call it a tide turner or game changer? >> a very positive direction. >> thank you. >> thoughts on the inspector general's report? >> i welcome it. >> you didn't set a time? >> no. he's an independent inspector general. i've asked him to be involved. we've given him a heads-up and i'm eager to receive a report
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and act on what he recommends. >> thank you. >> so why an inspector general investigation? why now and what could we gain and should we read anything into the timing? good evening, sir. >> good evening, how are you, greta. we're going to have an inspector general investigation of the rollout. you laugh. >> i'm laughing because it seems awfully late for an inspector general to be investigating this and perfect excuse to say we can't answer any more questions because the inspector general is investigating. the reality is this is a complete fiasco. for her to say she's encouraged by the pathetic numbers they have so far enrolled most of whom elected to go on medicaid which would bankrupt the entire system, another very very strange comment. if she's encouraged by that we are in deep trouble. >> in terms of the inspector general, do you suspect this was simply a ploy or effort to find out what in the world happened?
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>> i haven't seen anything legitimate about this effort at all. to describe the numbers so far as encouraging, sure, they're very encouraging if you assume this entire program will go bankrupt because everybody will go on medicaid. maybe the inspector general can find out things she can't find out. it would seem to me if i were running that agency i would have known the answers by now as to what went wrong. after all it went wrong two or three months ago. >> seems one of the big problems with this agency and others and i don't know if this investigation will turn this up simply the way we do these contracts, we bleed money to people, there's no warranty on any of their work. when they do a lousy job, we pay them a ton more money to fix what they didn't do in the first place and keep dishing out the taxpayer money. >> that would be a two year investigation to get to the bottom of that and change all that. specific questions here are why wasn't this platform built in the right way to start with? why didn't they anticipate these
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problems originally? honestly, this is not that big a number. you have private contractors handling 15, 20, 30 times the volume that had to be handled here. these are answers that she should be digging into and getting for herself. not putting this off on an inspector general which seems to me more like a way of getting heat off yourself. >> should she be in that job now? >> you know, i don't know if she should be in that job now. anybody else can do the job. it would seem to me some people really screwed up here and none identified yet an none of them held accountable. it's up to the president to decide whether she is accountable or not and whether he has confidence in her to continue to do the job after -- i can't think of a government fiasco bigger than this one in a long, long time. >> you know what? the thing that sort of very disheart tong me, we don't find out who's responsible and
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hired the people, who's the one supposed to be monitoring the work, who's to make sure than making the quality control and who's doing what. it's business as usual here in washington on a very big scale now. >> agree with that, greta. it seemed to me hearing the response today by the inspector general that this was not intended to quickly shed more light on this but instead this was part of the obvious caticat. let's have an investigation that makes months and months and months and obstruct congress. if they were trying to get to the bottom of it they would have gotten there already because this is not that complicated to figure out what the heck went wrong and fix it. i think we're in the middle of the second or third or fourth cycle of spin now. >> does the congress move fast enough in oversight? we have weeks and weeks between hearings. you and i have been in the courtroom. i would be much swifter in ge g
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getti getting things and send out subpoenas. >> i think we would be more aggressive than has taken place here and it's a shame because these things get stretched out. we saw it with benghazi and which had different consequences, human life was involved. and here with what's going on, which is people that were promised health care. many many more people have so far been dropped from health care than included in health care because of the debacle that the people created. >> mayor, thank you. always nice to see you, sir. >> good to see you, greta. also today, the obama administration releasing new enrollment numbers, growing to 365,000. that does fall far short of the goal of 1.2 million. the response from the white house? >> it is important for people to understand that they evaluate the affordable care act, measuring the success of that program cannot be done based on the number of people who signed up. it would be nice if the world worked in that simple of a fashion. >> so is the administration moving the goal post again or
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totally getting rid of it? abc news political director rick klein joins us. how are we doing on those goalpo goalposts? >> they moved to a different field basically. he's technically right. if the program works the way it is supposed to, what it means is right number of younger and older and sicker people sign up and it works but the larger point, the reason you passed obama care in the first place was to expand for more people this opportunity. the congressional budget office saying 7 million people, the estimate for the first year. if all of this is about a couple hundred ,0 thousand people, this is a big big deal for not a lot. >> if we have 365,000 who have signed up, if we divide that into the 318 million or 50 million, this is rather expensive project we have had. 5 million people lost their insurance policies. >> yeah. >> in order to have insurance by january 1st, you have to sign up by december 23rd and they have to go some place, right?
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they have to go some place between now and the 23rd. and only 365,000 have done anything. and what's the capacity of that website? probably not that. what happens to the five million? >> so a good portion of that 5 million lost on the individual market, they get a notification from the insurance company saying your old policy isn't there anymore. here's how you get a new policy. a lot don't go to the exchange. we don't know how many making up the gap. between medicaid and between the exchanges you will have more people with health insurance net-net in january than now but this is a big issue because you could have more people that lost it and changed than gained it in the first place and why remake the system if ultimately we're talking about a few hundred thousand people that gained access in a very big country? >> do you get the sense when the government and administration tells us good trend, things are looking good, do you get the sense they feel it in their soul? >> every step along the way they have been releasing numbers politically advantageous. for a long time we didn't get any numbers about enrollment and then they were accompanied by helpful spin of
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how to see it and the leaks of how the sign-ups happen through the first couple of weeks since the site back online and every step of the way i think they're massaging and no way to spin the fact it's not at capacity. and we could have a crush of people trying to get on, people that need insurance by january 1st, trying to get on at the back end and may not be signed up with the snafus at the back end. 2 million people started applications and haven't obtained insurance yet. that's a big warning sign out there. >> so it looks rather grim but we hope for the best. but looks rather grim. anyway, thanks, rick. >> thank you, greta. we just discovered a new and very serious problem with obama ca care. a problem we never saw coming, no one did. a fire chief is here to tell you what it is and why you should be worried even if you have insurance. you still should worry about this one coming up. first, i want to talk to you
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off the record about the huge embarrassment to our nation. i'll go off the record after the break.
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okay. so i'll go off the record for just a minute. we just heard from president obama's co-conspirator in selfie-gate. first, the picture.
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the guy with the big grin at the end, well, that is your president and a memorial service for nelson mandela. not exactly dignified behavior for a memorial is it? they were dancing and celebrating but president obama is representing our nation at a memorial service for their president. he should make us proud, not make us want to cringe. and the bright side, president obama, he's mum about it today and not making it worse or making himself look goofy or embarrassing us more. can't so much for british prime minister david cameron. still laughing like a frat brother. and he's talking. >> perhaps in my defense you should always remember that the television cameras are always on but i would say that nelson mandela played an extraordinary role in his life and in his death at bringing people together and so, of course, when a member of the family asked me for a photograph, i thought it was only polite to say yes. >> is that funny? is the selffy funny?
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might be if it's a picnic or a party but it wasn't. it was a memorial or maybe funny at a different time in history. not when we need the leaders to be leaders and not clowns but respected to keep the lid on serious international problems and let me repeat. this is not the end of the world. but it sure is easier to impress enemies and persuade them and deter if you're coming across as a leader and not a silly frat boy at a memorial service. and that's my off the record comment today. if you have an issue, tell us about it. and now, to a potentially dangerous effect of obama care and none of us saw coming. it could put your family at risk. will obama care force volunteer fire departments across the country to close their doors? chief of the fire department in wisconsin, chairman of the national volunteer fire council and joins us, good evening, sir. >> good evening. >> tell me, chief, what is the problem that i understand has to do with the volunteers and obama care. >> well, obama care is, unfortunately, cast the net too broadly.
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what it says is that employers, large employers, employers of who employ 50 or more full-time people have to provide health care insurance for employees. employees defined as someone working 30 hours or more. and an employee defined by the irs as someone who receives a nominal compensation. many volunteers receive some sort of nominal reimbursement for training, gas, cleaning expenses, things like that or reimbursement for going to training. so the net effect of all of this is the potential is that many many volunteers could be classified as employees under the health care act. >> you know, it's stunning to me that that could ever happen. we value our volunteers so much. are there no sort of ways out of that? is any bearing down on you to make the volunteers part of a program, health insurance program? some may have other jobs for insurance. >> some employees, of course,
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are going to have insurance of their own, some won't. we have written to the irs, back in september, actually, and asked for clarification how the rules will be applied and we haven't gotten a response from that. as of yesterday now a couple of bills drop in congress. one in the house and one in the senate trying to get a legislative clarification for this. >> how common is it for any fire department to have 50 volunteers? >> probably not a lot of them have 50 volunteers but the issue is the employer and if this fire department is part of a city, the city is counting all employees. the parks department, the police department, so forth. when you add that together with the volunteers, you may well be over the 50 number. >> all right. iron terms of the volunteer, what's nominal? if i'm a volunteer and volunteer 31 hours at your fire station but i get -- let's say three meals a day, is
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that nominal or if i get reimbursed to drive there, is that nominal under the irs requirements? >> that's precisely the question we're trying to get answered and haven't been successful yet. nominal should mean nominal and it should not draw people into the coverage but we have done -- again, the irs to give us that definition. >> all right. who's your congressman? >> there are a couple of congressmen that introduced the bills. i don't have the names off the top of my head. bills were just introduced yesterday. >> seems to me like this is an easy answer. and it's something that's put a lot of volunteer fire departments and volunteer firefighters, you know, just sort of in limbo and, you know, they can give you that answer pretty quickly. i actually think it's pretty nasty that you didn't get it last september. >> well, sort of seems the law of unintended consequences. i can't feature any as this entire program was being drafted had this in mind. but nonetheless
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it's now an issue out there that has to be resolved even though the penalty period is put off for another year and penalties won't be imposed until the january of '15. volunteer fire departments like any other business, there's no payroll and we have to budget ahead and figure out well in advance of our budget what the impact is going to be. >> seems to me pretty stupid you're not getting an answer to you quickly and i hope if some member of congress is watching this, they'll do the right thing. this is -- you know, this needs to be answered. chief, thank you, sir. >> thank you very much. okay. and what's going on at the nation's schools? children acting like children and getting into hot water and what do the schools do? overreact with punishments. you tell us. first to pennsylvania, two fifth grade boys getting suspended. what did they do? one used a notebook as a fake gun and pretended to shoot the other and then the other 10-year-old shot back with an imaginary bow and arrows. know real weapons, no one is hurt boys being boys on the
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playground. both kids getting one day suspensions. now let's go to colorado. a 6-year-old boy getting suspended for kissing a girl on the hand. the school also accusing the first grader of sexual harassment. but today the principal saying the child's record now says misconduct instead of sexual harassment. you be the judge. are they acting like kids and are the schools out of control? go online right now and vote in our poll. coming up, be warned congress that health is under attack. lawmakers are taking the white hat hacker's warnings directly to president obama. is the president listening? find out. the white hacker's here next.
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not just a website, not the number of healthy young people not signing up, it is the security, too. that's a giant problem. one white hat hacker warned congress about the problems. republican members of the house science committee writing to president obama demanding answers and they mentioned david kennedy, white hat hacker. he is one that warned congress and november 19th it is under active attack. he joins us. good evening, sir. >> thank you for having me on. i appreciate it. >> i bet you're surprised there's a letter from congress to the president of the united states and you're named all over the letter. >> i was. i basically woke up this morning to the letter and couldn't believe it. i looked at the letter and had my name all over it and addressed to president obama about the security issues we had come up with and addressed by the republicans from the science technology committee.
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>> go back to november 19th, when you testified. you had the security concerns and other three. have you had a chance to sort of review the website and have the security challenges still there? >> i have. so, there's a few of them. there's one that's been addressed and that was one of the easiest ones to fix. i don't know if you saw a few weeks ago there was -- when you went to the web page and search field, you can put in a semicolon and show different attackers trying to break into the website. instead of fixing that, they can shut it off and instead of fixing the problem itself and it's standardization of input, they turned it off completely and the most critical ones that we had testified in testified in front of congress for have not been addressed and still there today. >> not at all? not fixed? >> not fixed i'm in sao paulo and in the room and i looked at different ones to make sure they were still there and they are and found two more going through the website. >> would you sign up for it? would you feel secure enough in light of the situation? i don't know how serious these
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security breaches are but would you sign up? >> no. i wouldn't. and i think it's a shame that security really hasn't been the forefront of this. there's a lot of things to protect the site and plenty of technology to address it and none of those have been done and they're looking for pointed solutions just to keep it up and running and unfortunately they're not taking any threats towards security seriously and addressing the critical flaws of today and been reported. i mean, they're not like i'm hiding these and not disclosing them. they're aware of these issues. >> can they be fixed or do you have to start over? >> it's hard to say that. it's like you're missing a limb and they're putting band-aids on to fix the limb from being severed. there's a lot more that's required to fix this and takes a long time trying to fix the website up today. my recommendations has always been to basically try to take the site down, rework it, recode and kind of release a new version that will stand up and be secure as well as perform well. this is flawed from the get-go
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for security and performance. >> david, thank you. >> thank you very much, greta. coming up, jaw dropping new numbers. what do you think people are planning? pay the fine or buy health insurance? we have the new information. those numbers are coming up. plus, is the air force getting into a fight over christmas? former senator santorum will be here to talk about that.
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now get ready to speed-read your way through the latest news. last night, house budget committee chair ryan and murray hammering out the deal to avoid another government shutdown. the house plans to vote by the end of the week. and now to florida, prosecutors say they will not file domestic violence charges against george zimmerman after his girlfriend said she didn't want to pursue the case. zimmerman faced assault and battery charges after his girlfriend told police he pointed a gun at her but she says it didn't happen.
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and now back to washington, the ntsb releasing surveillance video of the crash when the jet cracked at san francisco's airport last summer and today the ntsb holding a hearing about the causes of the crash. and now, to a big announcement. "time" magazine selecting pope francis as the person of the year. "time" says the catholic church new leader changed the perception of the 2,000-year-old institution in a big way in a short time. now to south africa. advocates of the deaf say the sign language interpreter on stage in nelson mandela's memorial service was a fake. they say the man was waving the hands around without meaning. the controversy raising questions about how the fake interpreter got into the secure event and get so close to world leaders. and now to vermont, new jersey governor chris christie selling out a gop fund-raiser there. governor christie headlines the soldout winter gala. $1,000 will get attendees one-on-one time with
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the potential 2016 presidential candidate and that's tonight's speed read. and we have heard it so many -- heard so many americans say it. they would rather pay the obama care fine than buy insurance but now the numbers are backing up the claims. according to a new poll by princeton survey research, 38% say they would rather pay the fine. that's about 4 in 10 people. representative michele bachmann joins us. that's a daunting number. 38%. >> stunning and growing. a gallup poll had about 3 in 10 americans saying paying the fine instead of obama care and now 4 in 10 americans are saying that. we're just at the beginning of sticker shock and says consumers are pretty smart. they look at the product. they weigh the price and they say, thanks, no thanks. and then in the case of health insurance, college students in particular, college students had the option to pay about $50 a month on insurance. now they're looking at paying four to five times that and they're saying thanks but no
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thanks, they're walking away. those are the people the president needs and they're walking away. >> so what happens? i mean, what if this -- what if it turns out it's not funded and the 38% is a significant number and they'd rather pay the fine and doesn't equal the amount of extra money we need to support this program. where are we getting the money? >> well, we won't. that's the problem. we're looking at bankruptcy. it's coming out of the general fund. >> but somebody's got to -- >> what's coming out of the general fund eventually coming out of the treasury. >> but i mean -- >> we don't have the money. >> working on a budget together and we don't have the money. >> no. >> more taxes? i mean, seriously, where are we going to get the money? >> i don't think "time" magazine will name barack obama businessman of the year with 2.3 million americans deemed eligible. in other words, you qualify for obama care, 2.3 million. today the number came out 364,000 actually enrolled. we don't know if they signed up and paid. but what that means, greta, 1.9 million said, thanks but no thanks. i don't want to buy what you have to sell.
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that's a terrible rate of return for all of these potential customers that barack obama thought he would have for socialized medicine. it also says for young people that the president views them as the cash machine to pay for his socialized medicine because the bottom line is government should help people. it shouldn't hurt people. >> i think the president made a big mistake. i don't mean to demean young people but they can do the -- they can also do the math and it's a lot cheaper to pay the penalty. >> easy. >> they feel invincible. i remember at that age, i would have gone for the iphone over the insurance at that age. >> you bet. >> i don't understand. so i think he's looking through the -- the responsible eyes of someone who's 40 or 50 and worried about health care. you know? i can't imagine that they're really going to go out in droves. >> they're invincible at that age. they think they are invincible. this is where theory is crashing and burning in comparison to reality. because people aren't going to buy this product.
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it is a very deficient product at a super inflated price. and young people's experience is not unique. for older people, too, a lot of them looking at four and five times what they thought they were going to pay. >> go back to where we were. if the young people don't buy it, and they don't support it, what are we going to do? >> drag comes out of the u.s. treasury which means the president will have to raise taxes somewhere else. >> raise taxes or take it from something else. that's the options? >> he won't take it from somewhere else. he will go with raising taxes. be bottom line is we're looking at a crash and burn scenario on obama care quicker than anyone thought but here's the silver lining. i truly believe that we are going to see a parallel universe come up and people come up with one alternative after another for health care and not buying this very bad plate of dog food and they're going to go somewhere for value for their money. we do that every day, consumers do.
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>> run-up of obama care, you get the cbo and scoring and didn't look this dim? 90% of the peopl who went on the obama care would be eligible for subsidies. it's actually about 40% of people are eligible for subsidies. greta, let's face it. >> how do they get that wrong? >> they have gotten everything wrong. president obama's not going to be "time" businessman of the year. >> why doesn't they fact check cbo. they're dependent on the information they're handed. >> garbage in, garbage out. >> yeah. it's a little absurd. this is not the way to measure how the programs work. >> so happy you brought this up. if this is how bad the experience is to buy a deficient product, imagine what health care is going to be like when you need it. when you've got cancer, when your child is sick, when you have to have surgery. that's where it's tragic. and people will be -- it's tragic. >> i think it's tragic people who think they have insurance on
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the exchange, if in the back end the insurance company is not paid, you know, january 1 or 2 and they're not on any records and no insurance. >> that's the dirty secret. if you don't sign up by december 23rd, greta, you are not insured on january 1st and we know what 25% error rate, not happening. now the government is telling people, if you got through the gauntlet of signing up, call the insurance company and double check. >> all right. if any viewers have a good experience of obama care, go to gretawire and tell me because i would like to see a good experience and talk about it here. >> two and three, maybe they give you a story. >> yeah. looking for that silver lining. anyway, nice to see you. >> merry christmas. straight ahead, the air force stepping into a war on christmas. a nativity scene ripped down. at an air force base. is the holiday fight going too far? rick santorum here to talk about that next.
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now it's time to show you what we're watching. we have the most fantastic videos out there. "duck dynasty" going on tour. part of the uso tour in afghanistan. the duck dynasty star joined the general to sing some christmas songs. >> oh yeah. oh yeah. >> the performance was for u.s. service men and women in kandahar, afghanistan, and they really did seem to enjoy the show. i would. and another christmas concert is leaving radio
11:41 pm
listeners all shook up. the hit song is "blue christmas" but a 16-year-old french-canadian is standing in for elvis. ♪ i'll have a blue christmas without you ♪ >> needless to say, he was a hit. may have a future in vegas. another talented teen. a high school basketball player in virginia making an amazing shot after chasing down a pass, the player flinging the ball behind his back toward the hoop, he made the shot and his momentum carried him into the hallway. that's what we're watching tonight. coming up, how far's too far? the air force involved a battle over christmas displays. former senator rick santorum is here.
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is the air force embroiled in a war on christmas. a nativity scene getting the
11:44 pm
boot from an air force base . this is half the military religious freedom foundation complained that the display violated the constitution they said. the air force now saying it wants to put up a new holiday display, one that reflects more than one group so is the war on christmas going way too far? nice to see you. >> thank you, greta. good to be back. >> your thoughts on this? >> look. the constitution says the free exercise of religion. doesn't say anything about restricting people's religious freedom and bottom line is that the bullies win in these situations and what my recommendation is if i was on that base in air force, i'd put another one up tomorrow and make them take that one down and put another one up the next day. the idea that we're going to put another one more representative, it's christmas. christmas is a holiday about the birth of jesus christ. and the idea of saying, well, we need to make it into something else, fine. if you want to put up something else of another religious on ser
11:45 pm
vans, fine, i have no problem with that but don't make it something it's not. >> i re-read the constitution which i do from time to time and, you know, it doesn't violate the first amendment. doesn't violate the constitution to put -- >> absolutely. the free exercise of religion. it clearly does not violate the constitution. >> i then went to the air force standards cited. government neutrality regarding religion 2.11 and 2.12. that was the explanation to take it down and my reading of it doesn't violate it. i read this and i think to myself, as sort of a sarcastic, give it a rest. i mean, like -- you know, put the -- why do you care if the nativity scene is up. go put your own whatever you want up. give it a rest and -- that's what i don't get. >> these are bullies. these are people trying to bully folks. you see in it school districts when it comes to any type of religious -- >> it's weakness on the side of somebody that gives in. if a lawyer for the air force reads this, i assume that my reading is not off the charts. you know, is it the liberty -- >> you're a good lawyer.
11:46 pm
>> not too bad. i thought i was pretty good, actually. if the lawyer for the air force reads this, then the lawyer for the air force should tell the air force, you know, leave the scene alone and let somebody else put up whatever he or she wants. >> knee-jerk reaction to anybody that complains about anything religious is to back off. that's where it has to change. the only way that's going to change is for people who want to see religious liberty celebrated in this country to start doing just the opposite. start getting more aggressive in fighting these folks and not allowing this type of behavior. you're seeing it in schools, seeing it in town halls. you need to hold those elected officials as well as these military officials accountable for their actions. >> it actually enriches us seeing people appreciate a religion, whatever it is. that's what i don't get. this is just a -- >> this is about -- >> this is to pick a fight and to step on someone else's rights. >> it is the intolerance of the left. it is folks who want to impose
11:47 pm
their religious values saying we won't let you celebrate yours. >> i blame the air force, the air force lawyer to read the law and the statutes. let me ask you about your movie. >> called "the christmas candle." >> speaking of christmas. >> it is interesting because, you know, it is the only movie out this christmas with anything to do with christmas. it's a movie set in victorian england. it's a beautiful film. shot by the folks who did all the harry potter films. it has a beautiful score. and we're really excited that it's a movie that talks about people's struggling with their faith at christmastime and something that's real and authentic and we encourage people to go. it's uplifting, inspiring little movie. if you think about it, think of a movie that came out at christmas in the last 50 years that had anything to do with the real meaning of christmas. they really aren't too many and if we want to see things that talk about the real meaning for the season, the real reason for the season, then you got to support films like this. >> the name "the christmas candle."
11:48 pm
at movie theaters. you can't download it? i'm a downloader. >> next christmas you'll be able to. but this christmas you have to go to a movie theater and it's and in 300 some theaters in the country. >> does this mean you're out of politics? considering running for president or stay in movies and what's the deal? just between us. >> between you and me -- >> no one else is listening. >> this is -- this is an important area for our country. the popular culture moves what goes on here in washington and moves what goes on around the country and i thought as an opportunity -- >> will i get an answer? >> maybe between elections, maybe not to be involved in something that's significant and important. >> i don't think i got an answer. i think the question was whether you will run for president? i sort of heard about movies and in between cycles or something. i didn't get an answer. >> i'm open to other career opportunities in the future but right now "the christmas candle" movie. >> nice to see you, sir.
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>> thank you. coming up, demanding answers. marsha blackburn was one of the lawmakers grilling secretary sebelius today and here to tell you what she found out, next. watch 10:00 p.m. eastern, house budget committee chair ryan will be sean's guest. tonight, 10:00 p.m. on hannity.
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okay. it's time to hash it out. president bush is painting more than artworks and breaking down barriers. "u.s. news" tweeting it's air force awkward together. releasing photos from south africa and one shot president bush shows off his paintings to a group of passengers and including former secretary of state hillary clinton and first lady michelle obama and attorney general eric holder.
11:52 pm
it captures presidents obama and bush joking around and another snapshot shows the presidents chatting preparing for dinner. looks like a fun flight. >> tis the season for the ridiculous government debate. washington times tweeting is santa claus a u.s. citizen in the senate committee on foreign relations would like to know. questioning u.s. ambassador quizzing him about international claims to the article. senator menendez asking if santa could be an american citizen and the u.s. successful for additional claims and he replied he understands stan claus santa a citizen of the world. thieves steal chocolate worth $100,000. from a truck in orlando, florida. police are still searching for the vehicle and its cargo. file this one under what were they thinking?
11:53 pm
the "new york post" tweet iing e f fdny sending out a demand for payment to unknown asian charging them $784 for an ambulance ride. the source blaming the address on a clerical error and worker for vaguely filling out a form. coming up, representative marsha blackburn grilling hhs secretary sebelius today. did she get the answer she was looking for? here to tell you next.
11:54 pm
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hhs secretary kathleen sebelius in the hot seat again. representative marsha blackburn getting her chance to grill the hhs secretary. what did she find out? nice to see you. >> good to see you. >> first, what did you want? what information, and did you get it? >> first, i wanted to know how much money have we spent? she has spent a little over $324 million on this website but she has obligated 6$677 million. >> we have to pay it no matter what? >> that's right. that's what's under contract. greta, that goes through october 31st of this year. that doesn't include all the cleanup that started november 1st. so, we're going to be pushing a billion dollars on this. >> who's been monitoring this?
11:57 pm
first of all, who picked this contractor? who signed the contract? who's been monitoring the outlay and who in the first place said they could have that kind of money to spend? who's taking care of knit. >> she's in charge. >> where did she get the money? from congress? >> she got it through appropriations. they reprogram and put money together and have it under contract and why they ran over their budgets. now, she decided to call on the inspector general to investigate her and investigate this contracting process, i asked her point-blank, are you going to make these contractors pay that money back? taxpayer money. she hemmed and hawed and didn't want to answer that one. >> this whole idea of contracts and washington whether the defense department or anybody is the most incredible -- what the american taxpayers are being subjected to is beyond. there's no policing, no sense of discipline and billions and billions of dollars. >> they keep running up these
11:58 pm
bills. we started our due diligence and oversight on this whole process back in march of 2011. every time they came to us whether contractor sebelius, whomever, we're on track, everything is proceeding. >> why didn't you subpoena documents? you put them under oath. you subpoena them for the documents and when they show up put them under oath so if they lie they have perjury, anybody who lies under oath and have the documents to see what they did with it. >> the way our process works we do this all on the backside. that's why we are bringing her back and continue to bring her back. henry chou and all the rest of them. >> i blame her for this and the obama administration, this is a nightmare, the overspent money. when talking about oversight you could have been on them like a wet suit from day one. not you, congress. >> that is why back in march of 2011 we did start and oversight
11:59 pm
process in building our due diligence, our paperwork, paper trail on everything and that is why now we're continuing with these hearings. chairman issa is doing some oversight hearings, you have a way s and means doing some. what we have to do is make certain the taxpayer gets paid back for this. but also we have to make certain we push to eventuallily get this off the books. it's not working and too expensive to afford. >> there's no warranty people who take contracts, you buy a car bring it back and get a new one. we keep paying and paying. >> i think the taxpayers are ready to support us in stopping a lot of this. to end much of this. >> nice to see you. >> good to see you. >> thanks for being with us tonight. just a reminder, if you're just getting home before bill o'reilly because you were out shopping tonight. set up your recorder for "on the
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record" each night. that way you never miss it. see you tomorrow night. go to greta to eltell us what you thought about tonight's show. that's it from washington. alberto. welcome to "red eye." tonight. >> have these chefs come up with a cheese burger that can help you lose weight? we will show you the incredible science behind this hot new dieting trend. and how long did the president and his vp waste on a recent trip to bed, bath and beyond? >> we spent close to an hour in there looking at everything there was to see. >> and finally, the tragic tale of a dog who won't stop popping balloons. helping your canines with this horrible disease. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> beautiful. and now, let's welcome our guest. she is so hot that smoky the bear keeps trying to put her


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