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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  December 12, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PST

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now the crew trying to restore pressure for the cooling system that keeps vital systems working, including life support. nasa says none of the six crew members are in danger. be an serious problem if it isn't resolved. if it isn't fixed on the inside a space balk like the one you saw in the movie "gravity" is a possibility. the repairs could take up to two weeks. >> shocking new video showing asiana emergency landing. it shows the plane tumbling down the runway before flipping into the air in a cloud of smoke. according to the investigation the pilot because quote very concerned about landing the bum bow jet without help from the runway's automatic warning systems which were out of service due to construction.
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scary moments in afghanistan early this morning. a bunch of explosives accidentally went off sparking the concerns of an attack. it turns out it was just an electrical problem that accidentally ignited the explosion. there are no reports of injuries. a by bart san budget deal this week i eliminates another shut down. it is not a perfect deal but paul ryan spoke with sean hannity last night and defends the plan. >> this isn't close to my ideal budget? is it in the right direction or not? it doesn't raise taxes and we are talking about does to defense and it stops the defense cuts more. >> it is expected to be the last big vote for congress before the
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holiday recess. >> problems for the obamacare web site. staffers being told don't trust it. this is health and human services secretary kathleen sib beal why yous is grilled on capitol hill. the site is far shorter. elizabeth bran is live for us in washington to breakdown all of the latest. good morning elizabeth. >> another glitch in the system became evident they were on the seeing end of an e-mail which warned them they may not be covered even if they technically signed up for healthcare coverage. one section reads please do not assume you are covered unless you have seen the confirmation letter from the disbursing office. during the house hearing on wednesday health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius sus spineded the situation she differentiated from and dc system which is health link. the sebelius went on to order an internal review of the agency.
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i have asked our inspector go general to look at healthcare g dot gov the overall management of the project and performance and payment of our contractors. >> critics say it is too little too late for an inspector general investigations arguing it's a distraction and excuse. many challenge the new figures released yesterday showing hundreds of thousands of enrolle enrollees. >> here we are in mid december that isn't complete because until people are paid actually paid their premium there's nobody on board. they are not going to know thos numbers until the end of the month. what happens on january 4th? >> in order for the administration to make the initial enroll lee goal of 7 million by march of next year they are going to need an average of 55,000 people to sign up every day.
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heather back to you. >> all right. lids bette bran, live for us. thank you. this brings us to our look who is talking. senator rubio criticizing for those signing up for obamacare. it is hyper critical of him to show up for something which he opposes. >> if somebody else should be forced to go on observe care why shouldn't members of congress be forced as well? i don't think i should go back to florida and dell people i got an insurance plan they don't have. i am going to follow whatever law applies to anybody else. i don't think members of congress should be able to have laws separate than the laws everybody else has to live under. >> other news media out letsout are fighting to keep a theater
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open. hole am's attorneys have asked the judge to ban the public and of the press from the pretrial hearings. a report has been filed saying the first amendment guarantees access to hearings on the defendant's mental health. he pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to injuring 123 people and injuring 70 more at the theater. >> the future of a lacrosse player is looked at by a panel. if they decide against a new trial george hugely will have to serve out the rest of the 20-year prison sentence. he killed love in a drunken rage just weeks before she was supposed to graduate from university of virginia. >> a man accused of faking sign language at nelson mandela's memorial speaking out for the first time, he says quote, that he was hallucinating.
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he reportedly told a local radio station he was hearing voices and is receiving treatment for schizophrenia. he told the newspaper he was paid $85 to work tuesday's event attended by dozens of world leaders he is quoted b saying this. i tried to control myself and not show the world was going on. i am very sorry. it is a situation i found myself in. the south african government says that they are investigating. bill clinton reportedly bailed on a high priced gala in vienna. after the organizer is sent to prison. he was paid 275,000 dollars. he was thrown out in a private yet. hours before he canceled with no explanation. turns out the organizer also led an espy annage expe-- espionage stealing a state contract.
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he refunded his full appearance fee in full. one of the famed tuskegee airmen died. he served as a navigator and flight engineer on b 25 bombers back in world war ii. after the war he worked for boeing for more than 3 decades. he's survived his wife and four children. a memorial service will be held in seattle on saturday. booker ways 90 years old. we are now learning the famous miracle rescue of a man who had been trapped under water for three-days almost did not happen. hairs sin r son said he saw the rescue team's lights in the distance and swam in pitch dark waters toward that light until his lungs finally gave out. he had to retreat back to the air pocket before finding the diver. he will be cooking on land. the cast of duck dine nast
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stee spreading christmas cheer in afghanistan. ♪ >> they sang a track off of their christmas album "duck the halls." a harry new year. i like that. >> deep seas for the skies. lauren simonetti joins us with more on this. good morning lauren. >> good morning, ainsley. the airline becomes the biggest an line in the world reducing the number of domestic carriers to 4, delta raises airfares united matches and so does u.s.
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airways. those still separate separately. the hike is 10 bucks. it is the 12th attempt to raise prices this year. we have to see if southwest and jetblue match. but regardless air fair will be more expensive for everyone after the propose the budget deal doubles some air travel fees. air travel becoming more expensive but maybe more noisy, too. today the fcc will begin debating whether passengers should be allowed to make cell phone calls during flight. 48 percent of americans oppose the idea. 19 percent support it. among frequent flyers opposition is even stronger with 78 percent opposing. if you are one of the nearly 300 million people who use yahoo web mail you know the service is down for 40-hours and it has not yet been fully restored. the problem first appeared monday night steming from a hardware issue.
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the ceo tweets the service is restored but if you dig murder it is not 100 percent back up and running. 70 percent of e-mail sent during the outage they still have to be delivered. that's expected later this afternoon. sthooivengs lauren. >> good to see you. >> millions of people waking up to arctic air had morning. >> we could get 3 inches of snow. lady in red you look so pretty this morning. >> thank you. you do as well. we have seen three inches in new york. we have had the lake-effect snow machineic canning up yesterday producing significant snowfall and shy of four feet in new york. 44 inches of snowfall on the ground during this storm system. incredible stuff. more than 20 inches widespread across other sections of parts of new york.
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significant snowfall. we are pektsing more snow as we head into later on today. warnings across parts of up state new york and downwind of lake erie. temperatures like you mentioned arctic air still in place across parts of the plains and in the northern plains international falls in minnesota current windchill 40 degrees below zero. temperatures are actually the coldest we have seen in three years across parts of the midwest. chicago 2 degrees below zero. we have to go but i want to show you the future radar here. coming up into tomorrow and also over the next several days we are going to be tracking a storm that will be producing snow across the midwest and then into the northeast over the weekend. >> causing flight delays i am sure for a lot of people. >> we will definitely check back with you. a deadly warning about a popular birth control. some women are suing to make sure you and everyone else knows the risk.
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>> every mom multi tasks but super model gizelle giving super mom a whole new meaning. some applauded some say it's a slap in the face. which is it? we report, you decide.
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>> state officials confirming she died when her plane went down 10 since after taking off. she served as health director since 2011 she was 65 years old. >> a major nationwide track down on doeses in morning. according to the report some temperatures are accused of having drivers with suspended
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licenses and others working 800 miles without rest. a spokesperson says some carried tool bans or boy scouts. >> a raging party in l.a. haber heights. 16 teens were arrested at this party. a snow leopard worth 250,000 do dollars. >> at some point during the party somebody forced entry into the house which caused a frenzy where a good large amount of people started stealing at some point in time they started damaging property, too. >> the image lost in the property estimated to be $1 million. >> it is time to brew on this. the super model guz zell
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stirring up controversy. she tweeted this picture of breast-feeding her baby while they were doing nails and hair. >> many moms are outraged as to what real mom multi-tasking kully looks like. >> this isn't the first time she created controversy when it comes to being a new mom. she has been quoted as saying there should be a worldwide law that mothers should breast-feed their maybe babies. >> a lot of people get pregnant and decide they could turn into garbage disposadisposal. i was mindful of my weight and gained only 30 pounds. >> is it multi-tasking or outrageous? shoot i say an e-mail at >> 17 after the top of the hour. a woman struck by a tractor
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trailer during this massive pileup. it wasn't the damage to the car that had her worried it was who went missing. >> i don't know if she got thrown from the car or if she jumped from the car or what happened. >> how she was reion knighted with herbie loved dog. >> the school dropping sexual harassment allegations for kissing his classmate. they won't let him off the hook entirely. he is still in trouble. we will tell you why.
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>> welcome back. a college freshman dies after a fraternity ritual. he had a head injury and was allegedly hurt during a fledge
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ritual. he was pledging pi delta si with three others before his death. pents pens poli pennsylvania po investigating. nearly 3600 are suing the maker of the drug saying it is not properly warning people about the risk of blood clots. it has five times the risk compared to birth control pills. >> the risk they are accepting without their new jersey is they could end up with clots in their legs in their lugs that leads to death. >> the drug maker mercury leased this statement saying nothing is more important to america than the safety of our medications. we have continued work to monitor the safety of the
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medicine. the lawsuit claims the fda is being negligent for failing to require america to change the warning labels. >> any child who wants to obtain daycare or preschool in new york city would be required to get an annual flu shot. under 5 before the december 31st. it would apply to 150,000 children. from 1:to another. george w. bush gives encouragement to the kicker. he received so many comments for missing three kicks. trying to lift his spirits bush 43 sent him a handwritten note which foster posted on twitter saying dear kayed life has its set backs, i know. however you will be a stronger
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human with time. i wish you all the best sincerely another 43, george bush. >> alabama will play oklahoma at the sugar bowl in january. and an update. we showed you this incredible video of a 30 car pile upin milwaukee. ment one woman lost herbie loved pet. she explained this story and it does have a happy ending. >> she calls her puppy -- >> rescue puppy. >> valerie's dad was diagnosed with cancer. >> she was the only reason he would get out of bed to play with her on the floor for a couple hours. if it weren't for her he wouldn't have. >> they were visiting their family and decided to head back to madison. >> people started slamming on their breaks. >> they were in the middle of a pileup. >> i got hit by a semi and two
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other cars. >> that's when she realized kierra was gone. >> i don't know if she got thrown from a car. >> my phone is ringing and she is screaming bloody murder that she needed help. >> one of the ambulances would take her to the hospital to be treated for a concussion. that is all i kept saying was my dog is missing. i don't know where she is. >> my husband was walking up and down the interstate asking people stopped in their cars. it was like he vanished. >> friends and family alike searched for the dog. after searching wait in tlate ie night no results. valerie got the call law enforcers found and cornered kierra. with muddy paws and a soaked coat she was taken to a local vet to be checked out and treated for dehydration. it a is terrifying experience
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but one that might bond these two closer than ever. >> what a great story. glad it had a happy ending. >> the world's largest retail urbaning one shopper for the rest of his life. why wal-mart says that's not the whole story. the power to rule the world and it is right here in the united states.
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>> it is december 12th a fox news alert. one of the key systems on the in international space station. they may have a space wliek the one in "gravity." >> forget government shut downs. image if congress solved their disagreements like this. lawmakers gone wild. fox and frien -- "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ >> good morning to you. congratulations. you are on the downhill slide to the end of the week. it is thursday morning. welcome to "fox & friends first". i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers.
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it is half past the top of the hour. we begin with a fox news lart a potentially serious situation on the international space station. it is going on right now. a cooling pump malfunctions and now the crew is struggling to get the system working. it provide life support and other systems. it could be a serious issue if unresolved. nonessential equipment has been powered down in case. the space walk like the one you have seen in gravity, that might be a possibilities. the repairs could take up to two weeks. >> the bombshell con sfefession court. she admits she pushed him off a clip 8 days after their wedding. she said quote i pushed him and i took off.
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graham originally said they were fighting when he fell. >> shocking video shows asian gnaw flight 214 landing at the san francisco airport. the pilot was very concerned about landing that jumbo jet without the help from the runway's automatic warning system which was out of service at the time because of construction. the pilot's misunderstanding of the auto thrust system which controls the power. the system was not engaged and altitude happened faster than this stud have. >> scary moments in afghanistan this morning. a bunch of explosives dentally went off sparking concerns of an attack. turns out it was just an electrical problem that accidentally ignited the explosives being stored in the area. no reports of injuries. >> a warning for capitol hill staffers don't trust the obamacare web site.
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this as the woman responsible for the botched roll out calls for an investigation. >> congression signal staffers many month too pleased about being forced into the obamacare system. they troub they got an e-mail telling them not to trust the obamacare web site. even if it says they are covered her to check in person to see if they have coverage. kathleen sebelius meantime was in for another grilling on capitol hill the other day. she was asked about the issue of signups for the population as a whole and whether people are actually covered for insurance by january 1st. >> you have to pay your premium in order to be covered. >> you said they are covered they never write the check they never make the payment? >> they are not covered. >> what the administration says
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is about 360,000. that is an accelerating number. the problem is compare it to the 7 million or so the administration says they need to make this system viable. some are even questioning this number. >> here we are in mid december we are learning it is about 350,000. that isn't complete until people are paid, actually paid their premium there's nobody on board. ner not going to know those numbers until the end of the month. secretary sebelius is looking into all of these problems involved in the rollout of obamacare. that is a move that may buy her a fair amount of time politically. ainsley? >> doug luzader live for us. >> the bipartisan budget deal released eliminating the threat of another government shut down.
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boths sides contend it is not a perfect deal but say it is the best way to move forward. they will take up the budget by the end of the week. it is expected to be the last big vote. >> a man faking sign language speaking out for the first time he said i was hallucinating. >> he was hearing voices and is receiving treatment for skits fren gnaw. he told the local newspaper he was paid $85 las to attend the event. he is quoted as saying this i tried to control myself and not show the world what was going on. i am sorry i found myself in this position. a story we brought you yesterday about a 6-year-old boy who kissed a girl on the hand. the colorado school district is changing what they are saying about it the offense on the
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record from sexual harassment from misconduct. little hunter yell ton was suspended when he kissed a classmate on the hand. now the mother of the girl that he kissed says the school was right to suspend hunter. she says the kissing happened over and over without her daughter's permission. >> it injured players and even ended careers. now major league baseball wants to ban them. catchers would not be allowed to block home plate and runners wouldn't be allowed to target the catchers. the new rules need to be approved the owners and player but could start next year. >> dale ernhardt's number 3 could be back on the track by the weekend. he will use the number for the first time since ernhardt's tragic death in the daytona 500. he has used the number in national competitions since
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2009. the car owner and grandfather says it is time to bring number 3 back to the series. below the beauty of yellowstone park a super volcano powerful enough to devastate most of america. a new study revealing that it is 2 and a half times bigger than any one thought. meaning if it erupted there would be enough lava to fill up the entire grand canyon and ash could cover most of the u.s. researchers say it could erupt every 700 thousand years or so. that is pretty scary. >> get ready for a light show in the sky this weekend. the annual meteor shower will peak tomorrow night with around 100 meters every hour. the best will be at dawn saturday morning right before the moon sets. >> numbers of people waking up to more arctic air this morning.
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>> other parts of the country could get more than 3 feet of snow. maria molina is tracking it for us. >> in the areas we are looking at downwind of the great lakes off of lake ontario and erie we are expecting snowfall accumulations to exceed 30 inches. incredible stuff out here. a clipper system will be enhancing the snow and causing more snow. current total in new york is 44 inches. incredible. otherwise current windchill temperatures frigid outdoors across parts of the northern plains. current windchill temperature in market 27 degrees below zero. feels like 15 below in chicago. meanwhile in northeast boston and also new york city. otherwise high temperatures will stay relatively chilly. southern california beautiful
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weather in l.a. high temperatures 70 sunshine and that's pretty much the forecast over the next several days as well. staying quiet in places like california. across the east it will be unsettled. we will start to see a storm system developing across parts of missouri and illinois. that storm will ramp up heather and ainsley and across the midwest we will see snowfall accumulations as we kickoff the weekend possibly more than 6 inches of snow and then the storm heads into the northeast and we could be seeing snow right here across the i 95 corridor. stay tuned. >> sounds good. thank you maria. >> the time is 39 after the top of the hour. coming up a couple's pup stolen from their backyard. the dog napper coming forward on-line. why the couple is now fighting to get their own dog back. >> if you haven't been able to sign up for obamacare you are not alone. but you can still get medical help. the high-tech way to get diagnosed if you can't go to the doctor.
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>> phillip phillips from georgia one of my favorites from american idol. look at the wind blowing the flags there. plan to have a great day. it is 15 minutes after the hour. cutting off nonlethal assistance to rebels in northern syria. this after it could fall in the hands of al qaeda militants. islamist fighter ceased buildings belonging to military council. >> a couple shocked that someone cut the lock of their breeze way
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and stole their dog. they posted the message on redic asking for help to find their shock. one response was from a man who admitted to stealing the dog. he took her because she looked neglected and malnourished. that's when they say he is off base. >> the most loved dog in the planet. we have a veterinarian in the family. this dog has an unbelievable life. >> the dog napper called into the local fox station in dallas saying the intention was to bring the dog back to the owners once it was checked out by the vet. the dog has not yet been returned. >> a doctor on demand, knew there's an app for that. she joins us now with how it is introducing a new way to get healthcare. diane? is>> good morning, heather. so this new doctor on demand app which launched in 15 states this
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week allows patients to skip the traditional visit to the doctor's office for a video chat instead. $40 buys you 15 minutes of one of the doctor on ship doctor. remaining $10 to the company which recommends service to run of the mill issues like cold and flu systems rashes and prescription refills. the app allows you to send the high rap photos. they can rep you see a doctor in person. it makes doctor on demand the latest in tele medicine. it has gotten 3 million in funding. it is not without the critics. some fear doctors will miss symptoms they would have caught in person or if they knew the patient as well as a traditional primary physician should. the efficiency of skipping the paperwork and insurance burden
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means doctors will have more time and resources to dedicate to their patients in the internet and in person. we will be keeping an eye out for patients have to say about it. >> thank you, diane. appreciate it. >> 14 minutes until the top of the hour. just call it wile e. coyote. runways and airplanes no match for this wild animal. see what happens when cops try to trap it. >> banned for life from wal-mart? why this man says his skills for price matching got him booted from the world's largest retail store. >> wonder if he got the shirt there. >> brian kilmeade. you got one of those shirts? >> yes, i do. it is a secret. on our thursday show we are going to look back at the fox and friends first party that took place yesterday afternoon. we have pictures and elicit video. we have congressman darrel issa if we have any time. he will say he has more questions for kathleen sebelius
2:47 am
on the obamacare rollout. he will join us live. billy graham's son franklin graham also here with an up gda on his dad's health and his latest mission. tailor hicks on american idol season 5 and ugly christmas sweaters and one that goes on fire. somebody else has the exact same show.
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. an arizona man is banned for life from walmarts all across the world. joe cantrell says he was trying to get a price matched to the store when an associate told him it wasn't allowed. he complained to the management and left the store. a few days later he returned to the store and he was handcuffed. the company said that he threatened an employee.
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>> they wanted me out of the store. ands and it's all because of ad match. i became really good at that. now it's their excuse. >> many stores are offering to match prices this holiday shopping season. it turns out price match guarantee isn't guaranteed after all. cantrell is hoping to fight the lifetime ban. a coyote found itself at the center of attention at hobby airport in houston. pilots spotted the animal near the runway, then alerted authorities. officials tried to corral the critter, chasing it across runways and traffic ways. the animal was captured and picked up by the texas wildlife department. no flights were impacted. most of us know as the caring mr. schuster on fox's hit series "glee." >> you may be right ♪ ♪ i may be crazy
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♪ >> but now he is lending his voice to the holiday songs we love in a new album called this classic christmas. and our very own michael ka mer a sat down with him. >> i did. if you're looking for great gift ideas, he has not one but two albums out. >> he's got a great voice. >> the broadway pop style going on. some of the classic standards like singing in the rain, the street where you live and the second album is a classic christmas. has some of my favorite songs on it. including my all-time favorite christmas song o holy night. we caught up with him at the kennedy center where he was rehearsing for his pbs special airing all month. you can see it there on the right. they let us in to tape some of it. we asked him what led him to do a christmas album? >> how did you go about picking the christmas songs. >> some of the songs are songs
2:53 am
that i sang singing and dancing troup. i used to do christmas caroling and stuff. o holy night is one of my favorite songs. >> he's been on the glee -- >> glee is coming to an end. did he say anything about that? it has to be bittersweet. >> they announced next season will be the final season. he described this season as hard and bittersweet because of the death of cory monteith. we asked him how he would feel about hanging it all up at the end. >> is it going to be sad to see it go? >> yeah. it will be bittersweet. we've created such a family. especially after core passing this year. we've gotten closer. >> good job security. >> you can do a glee movie, that kind of entourage. >> you just edit this part out. don't give anyone any ideas. >> ready to move on. >> they had the glee movie in 3d, right? >> right. but you never know.
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>> right. >> certainly has a huge following out there. you can catchall the interviews in the comments on fox. you can follow me on twitter, heather. >> yes, i follow you on twitter and instagram and everything else. >> thank you so much, michael. nice to see you as always. the time now is about six minutes until the top ftd of the hour. coming up a controversy about the highest paid super model on the planet. viewers brew on this. and a meeting turns to mayhem. what led to this brawl among a group of grown men, michael. grown men doing that. who wha are they doing? >> men will be boys. >> that's true.
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three minutes before the top of the hour. before you leave the house, here's what's happening today. a major effort under way to fix a cooling pump on the
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international space station that keeps vital systems working, including life sport. nasa says none of the crew members is in immediate danger. federal regulators shut down 52 unsafe bus companies, including drivers with suspended licenses or worked routes of more than 800 miles without a break. you can check out the government website for the list. >> whether air passengers should be allowed to talk on cell phones while flying in the air on planes. now to take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly. a boston man is saved by his dog after they were hit by a car. lucy the dog limped to a nearby building until she got someone's attention. both expected to be okay. two girls in washington state were told to stop singing christmas carols outside of a winco grocery store because it
2:59 am
would be offensive to some. >> a clerk mistakenly told the girls they couldn't sing. finally, the ugly. a brawl breaking out in the georgian parliament. [ bleep ]. >> the scuffle stemming from a disagreement over the pro european protesters in the ukraine. earlier in the show we showed thu photo of gisele breast-feeding her daughter as a team did her hair and nails. is this multitasking mom admiral? >> gisele lives in an indulged bubble. sitting in her world is taxing. how does she do it all? >> of course it's multitasking. she's balancing both responsibilities beautifully. >> carol from new jersey
3:00 am
e-mailed us saying this isn't multitasking. she's doing one thing while her minion do everything else. try breast-feeding while potty training your toddler. thanks to everyone who responded. we appreciate you joining us today. have a great one. "fox and friends" starts now. good morning. today is thursday, december 12th. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. check this out. they say they missed the mark. the truth is, they barely made a mark. we have the stunning news on the obama care enrollment. it's like a scene out of the movie gravity. a major malfunction on the international space station putting american astronauts at l risk in morning. we have breaking details. >> i have not seen gravity. one much my big regrets, i will shortly. remember this scene from hangover? >> do not go in the bathroom. >> calm down, please. >> there is a tiger in the bathroom. >> what's going on? >>


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