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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 12, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PST

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thank you for joaning us. >> bill and ally are next. now with a fox news alert. doctors taking to capitol hill to speak out on obama care warning that the problems with the health care law go far beyond the troubled website. welcome to hq, i am alisyn camerota. >> and i am bill hemmer. the doctors said patients will lose their doctors and the quality of care will suffer. >> darril issa is here. congressman, thank you for being here. >> thank you for covering the important hearing and we heard from health care professionals and who are seeing their patients cut out of seeing them.
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>> congressman, what did the doctors tell you today? >> they gave literal examples of the decisions made by the insurance company that are causing them to choose less expensive doctors and limited scopes. particularly one thing i heard that i thought was amazing, the greatest institutions and clef land clinics are not in the plans because they cost more. they are taking the sickest mong us and taking the ms patient and taking people whose prescription drugs and care cost a lot. that's part of what we were supposed to fix with the affordable care act is dealing with those with chronic conscience. >> you heard from a new york opthamologist. she is also a small business
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notice. she got a capsalation notice for her practice and she was guided to the new york state exchange and they can't cope their doctors and can't keep the same prescription drugs. are you surprised that the obama administration didn't foreso these unintended consequences that are happening to people? >> i think the administration did foreso them and felt it was collateral damage to live w. but when we hear about individual, we don't understand if you have 50 or less employees which is a great many companies you are treated as individual and not as a large group. so this doctor with her employees that it make enough money that will not get subsidies and not enough to afford the huge increases in care and now we are offered only plans that don't include their employer. the doctor can't buy a plan she
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is included in, in the exchange. it is how her deductible is going up and annual premiums are going up. where do you start to help these people that you heard from today? >> one thing we are going to try to do is unring the bell on the things that are causing people to lose their plan. we are going to try to provide legislation to help them. and attack the cost drivers and problems that existed. one that came up in our hearing loud and clear, part of the problem historically is cm s. medicare and medicaid. and democrats said to throw more money at. it wait a second, we have to find ways to deliver less paper work and better care. that's what we will try to work on and we are seeing a crack in
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the democratic colleagues in which they are willing to consider correcting the problems with the affordable care act. >> you said secretary sebelius is obstructing the investigation, how so? >> some of her subordinate sent out letters telling contractors not to comply with our request for information. we are looking into the holes that were in the website on launch day and they are saying don't give them information. we are trying to say we don't have a problem not getting the information in open forum. are those loop holes there and still vulnerable. the answer is yes. some of the vulnerabilities on the website on launch day that hss and cm s anyhow about are there. we can't afford a cover up of vulnerabilities of information. >> hear spokesman said it would
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violate consumer privacy. is that possible? >> that is an outright lie. what we are asking for is website vulnerabilities. it is website vulnerabilities and a soiber question and has nothing to do with that. they know. that if they haven't patched the problems with the website they are saying it is safe and in fact your private information is at risk today. >> thank you so much. >> tracking big problems with the oregon health exchange. according to a new report oregon signed up 44 people for private insurance despite spending more than throw hundred million in federal grant money to build and promote that website. >> in another state a republican
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governor's alternative to obama care is gaining support even from the democrats. mike, what is this? >> it's coming from republican governor scott walker of the bad ger state. he wants to sidestep obama care. they get a federal subsidy but have the freedom to purchase the coverage directly from the insurer outside of the on line exchanges created by the affordable care act. to do that he needs the blessings of human services. >> it is about access. it is the government playing a heavier hand in these decisions. >> his idea is gaining traction as you mentioned. 5 or 6 democrats crossed the lines to back his claim and his proposal. it stands in the face of what the president has been saying when it comes to health care,
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republicans are all criticism and no solution. >> is there any other counter proposal >> there is a number of conservative counter proposals and proponents of the president's law said they lack the reach in terms of getting insurance to it the poor and uninsurable people. >> i have yet to hear a republican alternative that covers northerly as many uninsured as the affordable care act doesor to the health care cost crisis. >> the heritage foundation said the issue is not a lack of conservative counter proposal. but an overabundance and no unitty behind any single idea. >> the groups that opposed it before they saw it.
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they are using our members and using the american people for their own goals. >> this is ridiculous. listen, if you are more deficit reduction, you are for this agreement. >> house speaker john boehner firing back on critics who slammed the first budget agreement that was not passed or voted on yet. the house might vote on it now. and susan is a chief correspondent. what is the rub for conservatives? >> they feel like that the democratic party is pushing this liberal budget deal and they are getting the better end of it with the sequester going into place and going in more debt. and the tea party groups feel they are sacrificing republican principles because they are
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trying to win in 2014. each if it leads to's government shutdown, they feel they are sacrificing the important principles of the conservative party to win in the polls and say that is no victory at all. >> the democrats have issues, too? >> yes, they do. no unemployment insurance included in the budget deal. but like i said. democrats are getting the better end of this, the sequester funding is replaced almost by more than half actually. they are getting a good deal and why they didn't push on including unmuchment insurance. republicans are aware of this. conservative groups are saying this is no deal with the gop and why so many septemberors are not voting for it including mitch mcconnell who is in a tough are election bid in his home state. >> susan, this is the fourth december in a row where there is a lot of drama in washington.
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as it stands now will it pass? >> i think it will pass. the democrats are not angry enough to block the thing over the unemployment insurance. and the republicans have let's face it in october, they face jaw- dropping drops in the polls because of the government shutdown. no one in the republican party mainstream and leadership wants that to happen. they will push it in the house and senate as well. >> that's a prediction. that is bold with this congress, susan. we'll see what happens. thank you for the washington examiner. a fraternity initiation ritual. what went on in that house led to a young man's death. >> time may be running out for americans to get new plans under obama care. what we will so in the weeks from now and what will cause that. >> you know how hard it is to
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make the payment? have you done that yourself? >> i have not. >> it is almost impossible. i never see a business when you get to the business transaction and make the payment and you can't do it.
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police in pennsylvania investigating a hazing ritual that turned deadly. a 19-year-old pledge from the new york daruch hospital died in the hospital. 30 members of the fraternity had dpn there for the weekend. the school said the pledging event was not safrpgzed. no word on whether or not there will be charges. >> who is going to guarantee that the doctors that sos that patient on january 4th, is actually covered for that visit? are you going to make it? >> their company as they do today. you are enroll nothing a private
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insurance plan. >> what if that patient doesn't make the premium payment. >> they are not covered. >> that exchange with kathleen sebelius and michael burrguess is the preview of what we could see. many enrollees have only days to pay the premium. if you don't pay you don't have coverage. hi, steve? >> hi, alisyn. some of the state exchanges extended the deadly to pay the premium a week or two. and you have december 23rd or january 1st or 7th depending on the state. that is nice for an extension. >> it is right. >> even if your premiums within up, how does that extra week help you? >> it doesn't. i have to say, we talk all of
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the time on this show, alsip about the big numbers and 6 million people who lost insurance or scrambling to find new insurance when they got the notice. i have a family member and close personal friends who called me saying they lost their insurance and don't know what to do and people are angry and there is a lost anxiety about what happens on january 1st. this story shows the problem. people who thought they signed up and don't pay the premium on december 23rdrd. come january 1st they don't have health insurance and can't go to a doctor or hospital. >> we heard from kathleen sebelius 367,000 people are enrolled but unclear if they all paid. >> this is a core problem. >> yes, it is confusion for the people who don't know if they have officially signed up or
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paid. and so what do you think is going to happen on january 1st? >> there will be incredible anger by people they go to the doctor or hospital or treatment center and they are denied coverage or treatment because their new health plan doesn't -- a related problem. people are covered under obama care, but guess what? the treatment center doesn't take your new plan. that adds to all of the confusion and it is going to be a big mess on january 1st and this could last weeks and weeks and months. >> i read in just california alone, they have 11 different plans and 11 different billing systems. shouldn't there be unformitiy to this? >> it was supposed to be about cutting costs and bending that cost curve down and one of the things we are seeing so far, not
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only the problems with the obama care website and people losing insurance, the costs are not falling. it looks like they are getting higher for people. so much for the promise that it would save 2500 per plan. it will of the cost 2500 more per plan. >> it depends on the city and state you are in. and we have heard testimony from people whose plans are going up and we'll have to so what happens. thank you for breaking it down for us. >> thank you, alisyn. we are waiting for the key vote in the house. law make approximators takeoth first budget agreement in years. will this pass? we want to know and then it is this? >> it was a shock and i knew i had to get it back in the water. >> talk about the catch of the day. wait until you so what was on the other end of the fishing
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line. >> desperate movers and the latest attempt at reselling obama care to america's youth. fair and balanced debate on ads like this one here. >> you need the new health care. sign up because it is hot. ♪ commander in chief two terms strong and health care that got it going on. hi, i'm terry and i have diabetic nerve pain.
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it's hard to describe, because you have a numbness, but yet you have the pain like thousands of needles sticking in your foot. it was progressively getting worse, and at that point i knew i had to do something. once i started taking the lyrica the pain started subsiding. [ male announcer ] it's known that diabetes damages nerves. lyrica is fda approved to treat diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is not for everyone. it may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions.
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tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, changes in eyesight including blurry vision, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling, or skin sores from diabetes. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. ask your doctor about lyrica today. it's specific treatment for diabetic nerve pain. we all know marines are tough and here's prove. jeff was fishing off of the coast of camp pendleton near san diego in october when he reeled in the big one on his line a great white shark. that's when his wife grabbed the camera
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>> oh, my god. you got it. >> yeah. i don't think you are supposed to get that close to the great white. it was a young female under ten foot long and quite a catch. >> we want to know if you have a fish tail. make it short, not the fish but the tale. 140 characters or less. send me a tweet@bill hemmer. >> and me@alisyn camerota. >> you have to tell the story. >> send us your best one, now. >> from big fish, shellfish, check it out. oysteres making a come back. they were northerly woiped out decades ago. but researchers in rutgers are developing genetically super
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oysteres that are stronger and tastier. is it true or not. >> reporter: i think it is. at one point thousands of beds dotted the coast line and now a man is using modern science to bring them out. 30-year-old matt greg grew up on the jersey shore north of the bah. a 75 mile stretch protective water way and for almost a century, had a thriving oyster industry. unfortunately in the 1950s, the oyster industry here collapsed? >> because of decease and overharshesting and pollution they disa pored from the eco system. >> that collapse devastated the local economy that relied on oysteres for jobs and food. now greg is bringing the oysteres back to the bay. he is using high- tech advanced
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science to do it. in fact, he is farming oyster soweds that are chosen from this lab to resist the diseases that killed off the industry before he was born. >> we can't restore the oyster population. >> he runs the research lab at rutgers university. and most oyster died on the east coast because of msx or dermo. two parasites that invaded the oysteres beds in the 20th century. >> we developed markers to build a better and tastier disease- resistant oyster. the scientist said it was stronger than in the neap 50s but bigger and taste better? >> it does taste better because it is sterile and we feel proud that we are contributing to the oyster having a come back in
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this water way. >> he's happy that someone is shucking a shell from the bay. >> we are going to find out soon if they are better. >> i think they are, bill. i tasted them and they are bigger. >> i don't. i will need my own proof. you will have to bripg it here with cocktail sauce. that would be great. >> you got it. the obama administration is launching a now campaign to convince millions of young adults to sign up for obama care. what is it? >> and doctors testifying about how obama care will impact the lives of them and you. >> practicing physicians who see patients like myself and members on the pan and he will read and understand the law predicted the outcomes that you mentioned earlier. none of what you are seeing and
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about to see is unforeseen. the affordable care act is not a computer site.
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time for a quick check of the head lines. the wife of the american pastor on capitol hill is blasting the obama care administration for ignoring her husband's plight.
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he is a cowed of undermining iranian secretary. >> and more than 23 miles on a gallon of gasoline according to a new government report. and a new story, the little boyfrom colorado who was suspended and accused of sexual harrassment. the colis dropping that from his record and calling his behavior misconduct. now the little girl was a willing participant. she likes him. >> true story? >> i didn't know that it. >> they are boyfriend and gurl friend. >> come on. >> yes, they are. ♪ random guy. i have a game change are to save lives. ♪ health care will help. we'll cover your bibls and your
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dibls. >> the white house opening that hits like that seen up for obama care. >> i like it. without the younger enrollees the rates can shoot through the officer. the white house is enlisting young muscle. and we have dave mercer from the democrat national committee. thank you, ford, let me start. what did you think of the blurb that is designed to entice younger people? >> it is the chlorrest indication that the white house is in trouble. if they don't get younger folks in there they are in trouble. and we focus on the sen million enrollee number by march 21st, 2014. it doesn't matter how many people enroll unless you have
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younger people than older and sicker people. >> david? >> in kentucky and california you are seeing enrollee rates among young americans not too far behind the elderly americans. the elders are at 30 percent enrollment and young americans at 25 percent. we need public awareness because younger americans are not necessarily thinking about health care. >> but if you watch that video, you put yourself in the shoes of a 25-year-old young man in america. is that going to get you to buy the product? >> it raises your consciousness maybe i should get health insurance especially if i get ill and cost my parents millions to overcome illness or hospitalization. it is raising awareness to the extent the younger patient will enroll and lower costs.
10:34 am
ford mentioned it lower costs by having them insured and avoids cost if they get injured or ill. >> go a head, ford. >> david is old and doesn't recognize 13 and 30-year-old live in a tmz society. if that commercial makes me get on and sign up. you are kidding yourself. >> here's what i know. so far after two months, there is a net increase in 400 million americans thanks to the cancellation. >> what doesn't help get young americans enrolled is the conservative groups telling young adults that they don't need insurance and putting at risk them and their families. >> and this will counter that? >> david, i am confused by the
10:35 am
administration's strategy. why did they give benefit of 18- 26 years old to stay on the parents health care coverage when they need the demographic. to sewn up. >> i wont call it cannonballizing. it is a transition to not only help young adults have coverage but the families to have greater security in the terms of costs of insurance and when they become 26, then they do have access to the insurance exchanges. >> that narrows the poll. 26 to 35 years old that is a much more narrow pool for then the 18 to 26 would enclude. >> you are -- david. david. if i might finish. they are now insured and benefit of the affordable care act.
10:36 am
>> david bottom line i will know when this white house hit the sweet spot when they e-mail them to the rnc to it audit. until then it is window dressing and they recognize the exchanges are in real trouble. >> gentlemen, thank you. hang on, david. come on, play by the rules here. go watch a music video and sign up. okay. >> thank you. we are now at t- minus days and counting. the doctors and patients are going to have extreme difficulties in accessingyes, m to carry a plastic insurance card but another thing to access the care. >> she is warning of the source impact of obama care.
10:37 am
we learn about additional problems facing the critically ill americans. dr. mark si egle. what did they testify to today? >> their message is, you may not have access to doctors. doctors in general because there is a big concern that doctors may not participate in the obama care policys or that the policies will not allow the doctors in. it may not be the doctor's choice. i am a member of the university network and if those obama care policies don't choose i will not be in the network. if it they see fees to doctors going down you will not have access. the high risk polls that need to transition over to the obama care exchanges. if they don't have access. they could end up at no care when they are seriously ill or
10:38 am
doing. >> a member of congress, jim pitts made a prediction. he said in january, hundreds of thousands of americans who thought they had insurance will find out they do not. is the number that high? is that thorough? >> i think the number is that high. i think hundred thousand or more will think they have insurance and won't, or and in addition will have several hundred thousand more who have insurance and find they don't have a doctor to go to. i have e-mails of patients going over to the platinum plan dow take it? my answer is i don't know. send me the information and i will have to check with my plan. it is going to be a mess. >> why would you not know? >> i can only take plans that go through my university network. and i sign for different plans sxshths obama care plans are
10:39 am
new. even if i take plans with blue cross, blue shield andox ford, united. it doesn't mean the ones on the state exchange are involved. >> now the critically ill, right. there is a risk of gap coverage for the chronically ill, why is that it mark? >> the high risk pools are going by the way side. we havoused with obama care which didn't work as predicted either. it was before we covered the preexisting conditions under obama care, you were able to sign up for a high risk pools. that ended up 300,000 patients, if you are one of those, those high risk polls are gone. you have to have medicaid or private exchanges. we covered how hard it is to get on the website. and back end problems, the information may not be transferred over to the insurance company and you are likely to end up with no
10:40 am
insurance at all and no doctors. >> and on the issue of mental health, mark. a headline about fewer psychiatrist, getting access to the doctors and a quick answer, what is the reality there? >> that is a reality that i have known all along. we are going to roach on on reach out for more mental health. you are referring to 55 percent of the psychiatrist don't participate in psychiatrist already. and so you can have your insurance card and if you are depressed or anxious, very likely you will not get a sidewalk tryst. >> all of the issues come up today. >> january is a tough month. >> and headlines then. certainly mark segle. >> and the defense resting its case. does the bride stand a chance at acquittal. >> houston, we have a problem.
10:41 am
a unit in the international space station is falling. how much danger does that pose for the astronauts? >> they are definitely concerned about it and trying to work with the ground control tonights. you have experts and smart people working around-the-clock to fix this problem.
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time now for a quick check with gretchen carlsson. >> hi, guys, you like your favorite restaurant you can eat there. maybe not. under obama care some may close. the top restauranteer is here to explain. you want to be stuck next to a iacer at 33,000 feet? they are voting on using cell phones on airplanes. and you can lose your finger prints. it happen to me. what happens in the swipe crazy society. >> i am sitting next on a iacer
10:45 am
on the ground. >> it is annoying. >> i don't need 30,000 foot. >> insider information. >> thank you. new developments on the case of a bride accused of pushing her husband off of the cliff involving jordan graham not take itting the stand in her own trial. william? >> closing arguments begin in 30 minutes. now the jury must decide if jordan graham a stone cold killer or a liar? did she intentionally push her husband over the cliff and the lies evidence of guilt. so far it doesn't look good for graham. he told the fbi i "pushed him and took off." prosecutor showed pictures of a black cloth and blind fold. the coroner said the clothe was found closer to his body than
10:46 am
his shoes. the clothe is important. he could walk parts of the park in a blind fold. prosecutor said she used to that blind fold. graham showed no emotion when she first saw her dead husband's body. and another overheard her how long a dead body with float in a poll of water. and her brother said she covered up the death by lying to police. prosecutor had three days of evidence. and likely the jury will start deliberations today, bill. and they could find her guilty of first-degree murder or second-degree which is not. >> thank you, william on that. >> time for more analysis, we'll bring in elyse.
10:47 am
you heard that the nowly wed said i pushed him and took off. is there any way to be acquitted. >> the question is pre-meditated or second-degree, the blind fold is crucial evidence as william had talked about. if she brought him there with the blind fold that shoes pre-meditation. the girlfriend text. i am unhappy with my marriage. and the other one more critical. if something happens tonight, something will happen tonight. that was the night he was killed and that showed pre-meditation versus i am in there and walking with him and upset about something and i pushed him and he fell over. the victim 25-year-old code johnson said his wife had a big surprise. >> that brings the blind fold.
10:48 am
that is critical here. when i first started covering the case. i thought it would be a tough case for the prosecution all circumstantial. but circumstantial cases are provable when you have things like the blind fold and texting and lying. the defense said she lied about it because she was scared and didn't know what to do. again, and again, the jury will have a hard time with that. >> what about the friend saying no emotion? >> exactly. >> does a jury need a bride to break down and show emotion? >> you and i would say of course not from a legal stand point. the jury said she doesn't testify or show emotion. the judge can say don't look at that. but the jury is looking at that and they will take it under consideration. >> bottom line, it is a circumstantial case. do you believe first-degree or second-degree? >> i think they might split the
10:49 am
baby with second-degree. but it doesn't match with the blind fold and all of the other things she has done. it is a high stakes game. to convict her of something, only second-degree doesn't comport with the evidence which is first-degree pre-meditated murder. >> thank you so much. and great to see you and see what the outcome is soon. >> hi drama 220,000 mills up. and what might force a emergency space walk. >> he was only a few feet away from president obama and why it is raising serious alarm. >> what a story that is. stranger by the day it does.
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updating a story on hq. a man providing bogus sign language at nelson mandela memorial. he was hearing voices on stage. disturbing claims as he stood by president obama and other world leaders. he said he is receiving treatment for schisoph renia. he did another event that was on a grand scale and exposure. >> still it doesn't explain that. >> trouble on the international space station.
10:54 am
a cooling pump malfunctioned. casy ste gal is live from dallas with more. what is the latest snieshgs the six- person crew, it is important to empsideways they are not in any danger including the two american astronauts at work on the international space station. flight control teams noticed a colder than normal temperature reading from inside of the cooling pumps. and so the pump was shut down as a precaution. the station is operating on just one for the time being. the iss has two giant cooling loops as they are called and they circulate ammonia to keep computers and equipment cool. nasa believes that the problem is pinpointed but will take several days before they know for sure. >> we think it is a float
10:55 am
control valve. we have spars on board and we can have the crew do a eva or spaes walk and change out the flow control valve. >> reporter: that process can be risky. the process had to be cut this summer because of the helmet filling up with water. it lasted an hour and half instead of six hours that it was scheduled for and at that time crows were prepping the station for the new russian laboratory m module. if it is a software glitch they could uplink a patch and fix it ally without leaving the iss. but not for a now days before we know what it is. >> i just don't want it to be a gravity situation.
10:56 am
>> reporter: that would not be good. >> and camerota, what is your best fish tale in 140 characters or less? >> absolutely. get creative. your best tweets of the day are next...
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test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test.
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♪ there must be something fishy going on ♪ ♪ i said you were going on a fishing trip with some old friend ♪ >> listen to dolly parton. i love her. >> we asked you got a fish tail? >> that was a good one. >> and aynov said i was able to get insurance from obama care in under 40 minutes. >> laurence tweets, i caught one
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this big. >> we don't know if it was this big or this big. >> it is just a claim. >> impossible to know. thank you so much for watching. the real story starts right about now. we'll see you tomorrow. >> we start with the fox news alert. confirming a handful of president obama's judicial nominees. welcome. republicans dragging the whole thing out in protest against the competition to invoke and stall tactics invoking and all-nighter. i now the that was only in college. confirming cornelia hillard to serve on the court of appeals. lawmakers hearing from


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