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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  December 12, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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right now. we have a special tomorrow night in hert, 7 p.m. eastern time. check it out. hot or not? you decide. ♪ when i'm in the oval office ♪ call me president barack, president barack president barack ♪ if my critics get an attitude i tell it them to stop, i tell them to stop. >> if you need new healthcare sign up because it's hot sign up because it's hot. >> i'm commander and chief and i'm two terms strong plus i have got this healthcare which has got it going on ♪ i'm a nice pres. see my flag pin and slacks clean. affordable healthcare is better than what we had a year ago. your options are really. don't worry about they him or her says. i could educate you. jump on your --
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>> karl rove joins us. nice to see you, carl. >> great to see you, greta. >> and i suppose we should explain to the jurors a little bit what they just saw that rap song, that san effort to promote obamacare to young people. do you like it? a good idea? i worry about something that seems glorification of the president of the united states instead of advocating young people go out and sign up for this program. this disturbingly gets too close to the line it, in fact, crosses it. look, here is the fundamental problem. no matter how much cute advertising they do. no matter how many rappers and hollywood stars the president has an enormous problem with the credibility and acceptability of the affordable care act. new poll out from the harvard institute of politics by a 5 to 1 margin, millennials, 18 to 29, think that the affordable care act
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is is going to lead to worse healthcare and not better. by a two and a half to one margin, they think their costs are going to increase rather than decrease. as a result, 20% of the people who were surveyed, young people surveyed by the harvard institute of politics said they were likely to sign up. 8 percent said definitely. 47 percent said they were not likely to sign up. 27% definitely. the president has a credibility problem with this and for good reason. if you are a young person and you go online, and check what your cost of healthcare is going to be, you are going to find that your premiums are going to be high and your conduct -- deductibles are going to be higher. paying the $95 a year penalty or 1% of adjusted gross income as penalty as opposed to paying big premiums and big deductibles, the tradeoff is going to be don't sign up, pay the penalty and wait and watch and see if something better comes along. >> the other interesting aspect about this, i think
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it's sort of insulting to young people because it says, get obamacare because it's cool not because substantively it is a good program for you. it's important for your health. so, like it doesn't even discuss that aspect. i realize it's pro-mode marketing thing. it's an effort okay it's cool so get it it. >> yeah, now, remember, they can't make the argument on the basis of economics. one of the reasons why the administration is desperately trying to get more young people to sign up is because the affordable care act includes a provision called community rating. or wellian in its title. what it means is that younger people who sign up under the affordable care act are going to it pay higher premium than they would otherwise pay authored in order to subsidize premiums paid by less healthy older workers. sort of a generational warfare if you will where older, less healthy workers are going to get their coverage subsidized by more healthy, young workers who
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draw on 00 system less. deliberately designed for subfunding cross jerks. you can't make the argument this is better today for you. most young people, i have a young friend in austin who is 34 years old. i know her professionally. she and her boyfriend had to go sign up under the affordable care act for insurance. her premiums went from $100 a month to $400 a month. and her deductible went up 50% from $2,000 to $3,000. now, she has tattoos and body piercing. you know, not exactly look like a normal republican voter. my sense is she is not going to be particularly keen about voting democrat this year. >> we should point out that this video is by covered california, which is their program their state exchange with the partnership with rural america medicare and medicaid services which is national. what is interesting is they sort of neglected when they talked about covered
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california. it just released tens of thousands of personal information, names and addresses without people's permission. so that state exchange isn't necessarily in such great standing. i imagine with people in california right now. >> yeah, wouldn't be surprised. but, again, look, i understand the government trying to say sign up for a medicaid. sign up for medicare. sign up for the affordable care act. but this video is really like self-glorification of the president of the united states. i mean, could you imagine if such a thing had been run by george bush or bill clinton or bush 41 or reagan how much, you know, taxpayer dollars being used to sort of glorify the president how, you know, i have two terms, i'm really cool, i'm really hip how much public outcry there could have been? >> of course can you can see the entire rap video and really should go see it on we posted the entire video. okay, karl, i want to ask you about something else another giant bill hhs awarded another $58 million
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in grants for navigators. that comes on top of the 150 million already granted towards outreach and enrollment. do we need this? karl? >> well, it's worse than you just depicted. this is an additional $58 million for navigator services to be performed by community health centers. there is also, for example, there is $67 million that was given to groups in 34 states. i mean, we are literally spending hundreds of millions of dollars on these so-called navigators. these are mostly community outreach groups. community groups whose job it is to help people navigate the affordable care act and sign up for care. how effective is it? thus far the evidence is not particularly exciting. take, for example, south dakota. $600,000 went to community groups in south dakota there are 833,000 people all together in the state. so, you know, you are spending a lot of money for a relatively small state. 372 people have signed up on the private exchanges. north dakota, another
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$600,000, its population is about 700,000. 265 people have signed up. so, all together in dakota, we have given out $1.2 million to community groups to be, quote, navigators and 637 people have signed up, using the web and using the navigators and using paper applications. so you can't even attribute all 637 people to the $1.2 million that you have spent to community groups to get them signed up. in the first month, the community groups got hundreds of thousands of dollars in the state of oregon and nobody signed up. in the state of delaware, they were spending something like $30,000 a week and nobody signed up. so, you know, this navigator experience is going to be worth examining. i hope the house of representatives, i hope the senate in a bipartisan fashion examine the cost effectiveness when we get to march of these navigators. my sense is we are going to find hundreds of millions of dollars has been flushed down the toilet. most of it ending up in the pockets of community groups.
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many of them with a political agenda. >> all right. well, i assume some people really do need help and might need the navigators. >> sure. >> some of them, not everybody. the interesting thing is if the web site were intuitive. if the web site were done really plainly and correctly, people wouldn't need that extra help. we wouldn't have to go out and hire navigators to help them to navigate a bum web site. >> and i grant you that there is a you title to having people navigate the awkward enrollment process. but, again, is it worth hundreds of millions of dollars? we have given $208 million to community health centers and hundreds of millions of dollars to other community groups. the health center frank solid probably the better spent because at least there you know that you have a population that you serve that is coming, in needing healthcare and it gives you a chance to say are you eligible for medicaid? have you checked out the affordable care act. but, you know, looks like the administration is just throwing money off of the top of buildings say if you are a community group sign
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up and why will give you money if you will pretend like you are helping us sign up people for this program. ill-trained, we have seen some instances where they have been telling people to lie about their taxes and to hide income in order to sign up. and poorly trained and ill devised and most instances as i say many instances political groups masquerading. community groups wonderful allies of the president. >> have congress take a look at it anyway, carl, thank you. >> you bet. thank you, greta. >> what is up with the obama administration? why won't they tell us the straight story about the enrollment numbers? they act like it's a nuclear code and we can't know about it charles krauthammer is here to talk about that coming up. but, first, i want to talk to you off-the-record. it's about congress. congress won't like this one. but i bet you will agree with me. i will go off-the-record right after this break.
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okay. let's go off-the-record for a minute. and at the risk of losing lots of friends on both sides of the aisle on capitol hill. let me tell you what really bothers me. and it should bother you. oversight means oversight. an act of directing work while it is being done. it doesn't mean after the fact. but that's how congress and the white house are treating it. it is 100% true that president obama and secretary sebelius are responsible for obamacare and its rollout. all those that voted for obamacare are up to their eyeballs in responsibility
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for this debacle. congress, it's responsible for oversight right from the get-go. congress should have been scrutinizing each step of the way since obamacare was passed in 2010 so that the obama administration toed the line and didn't inflict us with this mess that it now has. don't tell me the obama administration would not cooperate in oversight and not appear without dragging its feet or readily answer document requests. i know that's true. the obama administration anything about transparent. here is what makes prosecutors even me pull hair out. congress has subpoena power and could have demanded all these answers every day without delay and busted through the disgraceful obama administration gamesmanship. congressional oversight is no longer oversight. it's after sight. it's too late. it is after the problems. not during when they could be fixed. so, americans suffer. that's rotten. and that is my off-the-record comment tonight. and if you have an important story or issue you think i should take off-the-record go to and tell
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us about it. and is it all smoke and mirrors? hhs touting new enrollment numbers, they say the number grew to 365,000 but what about the millions of people who lost their insurance plan? is the bomb that administration only paintings the picture it wants you to see. charles krauthammer joins us. >> nice to he see you, charles. >> good to be here. >> they are quite pleased with this 26 a and change. >> yeah, they are about as trustworthy as soviet numbers on the production of steal. look, they have tribled out all kinds of numbers and they sound impressive. but every one is meant to sound impressive and hide the real truth. for example they tell us about the millions who have been on the web site. in fact, the 1/3 of a million who have supposedly enrolled, well, they haven't enroll -- enrolled they have put stuff in the shopping cart. none of them have reached the cash register. they are going to show up at their doctor's offices on the first of january and then they will discover whether or not they really
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are enrolled. the traditional definition, the 100-year-old definition of enrolling for health insurance is you send a check in for your premium, your first premium to your insurer. you are then enrolled and you are insured. nobody has sent a check. in we have no idea how many are enrolled. and, because of what they like to quality back end problem, which makes it sound like some kind of obscure arcane problem. enrollment, the stuff that's supposed to happen at the cash register has not reached the insurer. the insurer is owe oblivious unless the insurer independently on his own contacts the person who is getting the insurance. which is being done essentially with phones and by hand. so, we have no idea how many people are enrolled despite the numbers that you hear. >> i know. they say that number now. but, if that isn't all -- if that is indeed all true, and i have no reason to dispute anything you have said that
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come january 1, 2, 3, or even 30. all the all of a sudden these numbers are going to come crashing down on them. you think they have longer vision on this. i would be worried if i were going out there bragging about the numbers. >> that's exactly the question you would have asked. when the president of the united states declares over and over again if you like your plan you can keep your plan, period. knowing, as they all did. there were huge debates inside the white house, knowing that the time would come, as it did come in september, october, november. when people who are going to lose their plans in the millions. so you ask yourself the same question. how could the president have run out and all the others went out and said if you like your plan you keep your plan when they knew there would be millions of cancellation notices going out. i don't have an answer, other than this: they know it's a disaster. they are worried about what's going to happen. all they are trying to do is to bail the water out of the
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boat. every hour and every day. not worrying about the big holes and the leaks and the cracks in the foundation. >> all right. well obamacare may not be selling like hot cakes. i should say thoughs a a side your book is selling like hot cakes? >> it is selling very well. >> selling indeed very well. >> i'm learning to be humble. it's not easy but i'm trying to. >> it's really selling like hot cakes. i think everybody is jealous who writes book. charles, nice to see you. >> thank you very much. >> really rotten sneaky thing is happening to some americans and to think the president promised you lower cost and you could keep your doctors. this next one should set you on fire. a doctor just exposed obamacare outrage to congress is up next. smart marking or red flag that the obama administration is really nervous? has to do with hollywood and obamacare. actress janine turner is here next. ♪ got it going on is ♪ i'm a nice prez with some nice drinks.
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gok tore, hospital, medications? today doctor is going to capitol hill to tell congress what obamacare is doing to their patients. >> affordable care act problem is not a computer site. there has not been shed of evidence that real winners are going to come close to approaching losers. >> i have for the first time in my career had patients who were healthy previously not walking, et cetera, on a medication doing great, who are crying in my office. they don't know whether their medication is going to be covered. >> that sounds like someone in washington telling you how to take care of a patient. >> what does that do to your patients? >> it's my teacher who is paralyzed who i know i could do something for but i can't and i have to watch her stay paralyzed. >> we have to fix this and we have to fix this now. >> you just heard testimony from dr. jeffrey english, a
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neurologist at the multiple sclerosis center of atlanta. dr. english joins us. nice to see you, sir. >> thank you. >> i take it that you must feel pretty passionate about this to come up and testify? >> absolutely. the ms group in general is a very difficult group to take care of. it takes a lot of staff and it takes a lot of time. it's great in the 1990s we had no medicines and now we have 10. and now the providers and the medications it looks to me are going to be taken away or at least with a lot of my patients. >> all right, now, you are -- health network and now considered a non-preferred doctor, not because of the quality of care. they say you are a great doctor but why? >> because of my costs and my costs are based on two things, mrss which ms patients need regularly and the cost of the medications which, of course, are beyond my control. >> it's the nature of the disease and the type of disease that you treat? >> correct. >> all right and if i got this straight, if i have ms which i don't want, of course, if i have united health insurance, i have been a patient for you for a
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number of years. i'm doing well, i love it, it's great. i have been paying my premiums forever. now because you are non-preferred i can't have you as my doctor unless i pay more and it's simply because i have a disease with expensive medications that they have been paying forever until now. >> we don't know yet. the deadline to appeal was three weeks after i got the letter. that deadline has passed and now it's a month later and we haven't gotten through to united healthcare to complete our case. all i have is web site that states that the patients may have to pay more to see me if they have united health care. >> do you know you are non-preferred on united health. >> correct on web site as of now. we passed the deadline. >> you had to appeal to them and they are just sitting on it? >> correct. >> it's appalling. i think it's appalling. i mean, for me, i think most americans feel they want their doctors to be their doctors, they don't want them doing appeals. sitting around waiting. trying to figure out if they can prescribe drugs. you are spending an awful
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lot of time doing things you didn't go to medical school for. >> we have a lot of parvets on other health insurance plans too in the exchanges who have been really stable on a current therapy and they weren't before. now they are getting restricted drug list. >> is this unique to m.s.? or we finding it across other diseases as well? >> metrics are based on outcomes that are part of cms and part of the insurance. this is why united health care said they took people off united health care, medicare advantage plans, for about a few weeks ago. metrics are based on general populations of people. i don't take care of general populations of people. i take care of difficult group other groups like that. m.s. is example of different types of treatments. >> you have thought about what it's going to be like if you tell a patient if the appeal is denied, to tell a patient you have been taking care of for a long time
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look, i can't take care of you unless you pay me more because of the health costs? >> i'm not worried about my costs i'm more worried about their medications. i always say to people who ask me i'm not going to stop this because of payments to doctor. i'm going to stop being a doctor when i know i can take care of somebody and i'm not allowed to provide the medications that provide that. >> you can't give them the medication they need? >> correct. >> doctor, thank you. good luck, and i hope united health care is listening and they will take care of your appeal quickly. there is no reason to sit on this much longer. you have got a lot of sick patients. thank you, doctor. >> thank you. oversight committee chair darrell issa accusing of obstruction. congressman tray gowdy is here to tell you more next. can you hash it out with us. do you think congress is digging out deep newell enough into the obama ha carrollout disaster or do more? facebook or tweet us now using #greta.
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now get ready to speed read your way through the news. first to south africa. government officials admitting to a mistake in hiring a fake sign language interpreter for nelson mandela's memorial service. turns out of the man was signing gibberish. the accused imposture says he has schizophrenia and had visions of angels while on stage. weighs a few feet away from president obama and other world leaders. now in north carolina the raleigh man found guilty in the murder of his wife is found guilty. he was found guilty of beating michelle young. in 2006 she was found dead in a pool of blood in bedroom. daughter found unharmed hiding underneath the covers. he insists he was away at the time of his wife's murder. lawyers argue he received unfair trial. now to capitol hill, the fec on a plan to allow in-flight phone calls. the agency's ban on calls is
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outdated and should be lifted. transportation secretary anthony fox says he will consider stepping in to preserve the ban on in-flight calls. and now to an act of kindness from a former president. president george w. bush, also known as bush 43, sending a north coast encouragement to another 43. alabama kicker cade foster was taking a lot of heat for a recent loss to auburn, even received threats since the football game. president bush sending foster this note writing, dear cade, number 43, life has its set backs, i know, however you will be a stronger human with time. i wish you all the best, sincerely another 43, george bush. and that's tonight's speed read. and now to accusations of criminal conduct against the obama administration. house oversight committee chair darrell issa accusing hhs of criminal obstruction. that is after h.h.s. told obamacare web site contractors not to release documents to congressional investigators. congressman trey gowdy is on that oversight committee. he joins us.
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good evening, sir. >> good evening. how are you? >> i'm very well. so do you agree with chairman issa and as a former federal prosecutor is h.h.s., are you accusing them of criminal obstruction? >> well, they are perilously close. as you know, greta, i'm going to need all the facts. chairman issa may have access to some that i don't have. i do know this, congress is not a third party. so i don't care what the contract says. certain contracts are void for public policy. you can't tell someone you are in a contract with not to call the police if there is a criminal act. you can't tell a third party who has been subpoenaed by a coequal branch of government not to comply with that subpoena. if there is evidence that secretary sebelius is instructing people not to cooperate with a committee of jurisdiction in congress, if she is going to be in even more trouble than she is currently in, and that's a lot. >> all right. you have actually sent the subpoena to the contractors for information? are they under subpoena to provide that information? >> yes. and there have also been
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subpoenas to the department of health and human services, and what is going to be very interesting is if the production is different. if we get less documents from h.h.s. than we get from the contractor, that's also going to make our interests peak. >> are you going to do anything about it though? there is a lot of saber rattling historically on capitol hill when subpoenas are ignored. i mean, is there any sort of -- are you going to enforce any of this stuff and really demand if there is criminal obstruction, are you going to demand that there be an investigation and possibly a criminal investigation? >> well, greta, as you know, congress has tried that in the past with eric holder. we even held him in contempt we referred to the attorney and it went nowhere and now it's in the courts. we just had a hearing a couple weeks ago about executive branch overreach or ignoring the length legislative branch. we have to do something. what i would propose is send
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subpoena duces tecum to kathleen sebelius. not only do we want the documents, we want you to bring them. she can't ignore that if she doesn't bring the documents, then we can either deal with civil contempt or criminal content. you and i both know the prosecuting attorney is not going to prosecuted kathleen sebelius that does not mean congress cannot. at some point we're going to need to reclaim our authority to provide oversight. and it doesn't depend upon a contract that she negotiated with a contractor it is constitutional. >> all right. let me go to one of those subject -- the question of the new -- the apparently one of the deadlines has now been extended. it was that you had tone roll in your healthcare insurance and pay by december 23rd. now you have to enroll in it and sign up by december 23rd. i understand that the deadline now is the end of the month. a little leeway. your thoughts about that? i am all for providing taxpayers a legitimate remedy, particularly given the fact that kathleen sebelius so botched the rollout of the web site. i have no interest in punishing my fellow citizens. i would like there to be
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more accountability of this administration but if people need more time, i could have worn she said there weren't going to be any more delays. but that was yesterday. apparently there are not going to be any more delays after this delay. i don't want to punish my fellow citizens. i just want a web site that works. i want an administration that tells the truth. we have got a broken web site. we have got broken promises, and we're going to have a secretary of h.h.s. that's in serious trouble with a committee of congress if she doesn't quit fooling around with subpoenas. >> congressman, thank you, sir. >> yes, ma'am, thank you. now back to the hard sell to get young people to sign up for obamacare. hollywood celebrities now starring in a new social media campaign. a listers include people's sexiest man alive adam levine. california is where i call home. now you can get covered if you are a resident. so, hurry. take another look at the main attraction of the star-studded campaign. ♪ i'm the bossman. ♪ but y'all knew that ♪ creating jobs man yeah did i it ♪ i got my wife
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posted up on my left side ♪ v.p. on my right side ♪ that's how we ride ♪ ain't no other way to play the game i pay ♪ nothing was the same legislation ♪ you should call me drake last name barack ♪ if you choosing it, just use it they can't refuse it. no preexisting condition could ever make you lose it ♪ so tell a friend or a random guy ♪ i got a game changer right here that saves lives ♪ my healthcare is chisel. now while you figure that out it's back-to-back. is this effective or over-the-top ridiculous? actress janine turner joins us. good evening, janine. >> good evening, greta. loving your new show at 7:00. it's really fun. >> i love the 7:00. we all love the 7:00. it's a lot of fun. do you love the new rap add for obamacare or do you think it's over the top. >> i think it's over the top. i think this is a really serious situation.
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very serious situation and to bring in these celebrities to do the telethon like adam levine it's sexiest man alive. it's pretty ironic that the greatest commune cared president obama, one of the smoothest most charming presidents has to hire the sexiest man alive to sell his obamacare plan? that's pretty sad. >> i just shutter to think of the thought after it happens o'reilly jesse watters go out and ask one of the celebrities part of it something about obamacare and maybe the person might not know the answers. i don't know that's maybe the cynic in me. >> there is a couple of quotes here of adam levine's may i read them to you for a second? >> go ahead. >> from imdb in real life i am emotionally confused which enables me to write songs second one it says i'm intelligent enough to survive happily and be compassionate. if i were too smart i would realize all the else of the
4:35 pm
world. >> well, maybe it's just being humble. >> right. maybe just being polite, i don't know. you have to admit hollywood has enormous power young people separate from their money to buy obamacare when they do the math. if you do the math, they might not want it. >> well, the new harvard polls show that 57% of millennials too not like obamacare i think the thing about this is it might get attention having celebrities from all walks of life be a part of this telethon night at the cob setter or movie. we are talking serious serious situation here. potentially life-threatening illnesses. emergency rooms. medical care is a serious sung. and, you know, a night at the concert is very different than healthcare as well as the cost of a
4:36 pm
concert is very different than the monthly cost that the healthcare is going to be for these young millennials. i personally don't think it's going to work. >> actually, concert january 16th. give them a plug. it's on youtube. it's 8 hours. you know what i suspect is that some group on the other side of the political spectrum may try to get stars on the other part of the political spectrum. they might have dueling telethon. >> that would be smart. republicans in show biz to come out of closet. that's the problem. >> it's -- i suppose then they wouldn't be looking togot n youtube. it would certainly give us good talk here on the record which hollywood group has the greatest strength. >> true. it would be kind of hard to beat adam levine the sexiest man alive. you never know. >> we will see. janine, thank you as always. >> thank you, greta. >> and straight ahead. an american pastor held in a brewery iranian president.
4:37 pm
wife says obama administration has abandoned her husband. the pastor's wife is begging congress to help. she is here next.
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okay, everyone, it's time to hash it out. senator cory booker making a bet on the 2016 presidential race. the mistakes are delicious. one of senator booker's 1.4 million twitter followers sending in a tweet predicting the former newark new jersey mayor now senator will make a white house run in 2016. the senator booker shutting down the wager response follower five minutes tweeting i bet you a roll of chocolate chip cookie dough i won't. girl sending apology letter to ohio police. streets borough explaining the note on facebook came from a child who mistakenly dialed 911. the very remorseful girl thanking police for not taking her to jail writing in capital letters i won't ever do it again, i promise. and if you think your
4:41 pm
relatives are hard to hop for. imagine having to buy a gift for the president. tmz tweeting obama and i don't exchange christmas gifts. he does exchange birthday gifts with the president. what are their get-to the presidents for eacher. biden say he and president obama both love golf. they usually give each other something to do with ha hobby. your turn to hash it out with us. use #greta on all your tweets and posts. coming up next, obamacare rollout is a disaster. should someone teach the president who say you're fired? we know the man for the job. donald trump is here coming up.
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an american, yes, one of us, is in prison in iran is he a christian pastor and now the obama administration not mentioning the pastor's plight during nuclear talks. abidiney's wife is angry about that. now today she is taking her case to congress. >> i had anticipated that i would battle the iranian government for my husband's freedom. i never anticipated that i would also have to battle my own government. and that the journey would become even much more difficult than it has been. my husband is suffering because is he a christian. he is suffering because is he an american. yet, his own government did not fight for him when his captors were across the table from them. >> and naghmeh abidiney
4:45 pm
joins us. a lot of the updates we have received is what is out on the media that he was discussed on the margins of the talks. >> so, zero? >> yeah. >> this is essentially is a zero. you are not getting any information? >> no. >> you went to congress because you were disappointed that in the nuclear talks between the u.s. and iran that your husband wasn't brought up? >> you know, it was our -- i think it was the best time, our best chance of leverage to have it be a precondition to nuclear talks. it would have been easy to demand his release and the
4:46 pm
release of other americans. we have done a lot of good faith efforts. it would have been a good faith effort on iran's part to release the americans. >> we have had conversations before, and i want your husband to come home yesterday. i heard secretary of state john kerry, i was totally with you why didn't they bring him up in discussions. what secretary of state john kerry feared is the talks on the nuclear weapons issue would fall apart and that your husband would then be pinned to it and be part of it and less of a chance to get him out because he would be seen as a pawn in the talks. is that -- do you understand or have any sort of thought on that? >> that's exactly why we asked not for it to be discussed during the nuclear talks but as a precondition. so even before talking, before even discussing any nuclear issues to have it be a precondition that they would release. we have, you know, taken action that have shown good faith effort from our end, and to have a precondition
4:47 pm
to release the americans. not necessarily involve the nuclear talks with it but have it be a precondition. >> are you -- do you at least think that the state department is genuinely concerned about your husband you? may not agree with their path or strategy, but do you have the sense is he discarded and just in another american in custody some place? >> i'm not confident that they're still proactive in it. they haven't been transparent on exactly what they are doing, even confidentially, i don't know what they are doing. and it seems like it took months and months of pressure and a congressional hearing in march before we had any movement. and then it even after that it has seemed like it's been a battle to get our government to really speak up about this important human rights issue and about my husband. >> they don't have someone assigned to you to give you constant information? >> no. >> you know, that's what i think is such a huge mistake of the state department, is they should have someone constantly in touch with you saying this is what we are trying to do. this is what we know. rather than otherwise you feel abandoned.
4:48 pm
>> yeah. and the contact they have had has been to get updates from me on the visits. it hasn't been to reassure me that there is, you know, movement to share any information with me that -- to let me feel assured that, you know, they are working on that. >> it sure wouldn't take a lot for the state department to assign one of their many employees to do that i wish they would do that that would be the humane thing to do and make it a lot easier on you and your children as well. nice to see you and good luck. >> thank you. >> up next, donald trump is america's most famous boss thinks president obama should start saying "you're fired." donald will tell you next. don't forget to watch hannity tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern. sean talks to the studio audience tonight and so many hot topics to talk about tonight on hannity.
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now it's time to show you what we are watching. we put together the most fantastic videos out there tonight. take a look. a bizarre burglary in new york city. a suspect caught on camera twerking outside a brooklyn
4:51 pm
apartment building. no, your eyes are not deceiving you. she is twerking. she did it for an entire hour. it turns out the twerker was the lookout for a man stealing packages from building residents. and justin timberlake teaming up with the pacers. going to the basketball game and then the players going to sing at the concert. timberlake leading the cloud and wishing the pacers' roy hibbert a happy birthday ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday, dear -- >> looked like it was a win-win week in indiana. and that's what we're watching tonight. coming up, donald trump. does he need to teach president obama how to say "you're fired"? donald trump next.
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4:54 pm
certainly no doubt about it from the web site disaster to millions of americans losing their health plans nothing about obamacare is going right. but, yet, no one is being held accountable. so does president obama need to learn how to say "you're fired?" donald trump joins us. good evening, donald. >> hello, greta. >> well, that famous phrase, "you're fired." that's your phrase from your television success. tell me, should president obama be using it? >> i don't like firing people but when people are incompetent and people aren't doing their job, whether it's sebelius or whoever it may be, you have to fire. and there is nothing wrong with it and they would expect it. if she were in, meaning sebelius, if she were private company, she would have been gone long ago. she would have been gone before it even came out, because they knew there was problems with this before it came out. it's not something that people like to do, but you have to do it it i'm shocked that even in government that
4:55 pm
she would still be around. >> what could she possibly do now? because everything has been sort of outsourced to experts to try to put this back together. i could see if we were having this discussion earlier when it was launched. now so deep in noah this and others called in. symbolic gesture being at the top? >> it can't be put together. a web site is a really complex thing that in this case is not so complex how they didn't use the great microsoft or google or great companies to do this probably almost definitely it would have been fine, it would have been perfect. web sites are not easily patched. they are trying to do a a patch. in other words, let's fix and mend and do all sorts of things and let's see if we can get it going. and what's happening is they are missing a lot. the security is gone. insurance companies are finding out that they think
4:56 pm
they have people that they don't. people are calling the -- people can calling the insurance companies and finding out they don't have coverage. and they thought they had it. and you -- as you know, you have lost 55 million plans. it's terrible. >> all right. let me -- we only have a minute left. i'm curious. rumor in favor, theoretically, of having a governor as a president or someone who has had executive experience rather than someone who hasn't? would it this have made any difference whatsoever in your mind? i'm in favor of something somebody who is extremely competent and smart. >> how about the skill set? a lot of people come out of senate and the house. some out of running states. >> whether you have a great business person, a great governor or a great even senator. and i know a the lo of people don't like the idea of senator, but somebody who is really competent, has management ability that's what you need. ened a you need it fast
4:57 pm
because our country is going to hell. >> thank you very much. >> thank you for being with us. just a reminder, if you were just getting home and tuning in before bill o'reilly, if you just tune on, you need to pick up your dvr remote right now and set a recording for "on the record" each night. that way you will never miss "on the record." you never want to miss because we have so many interesting and fascinating stuff we discuss here also the news. go to there is a lot going on there and interact with other viewers so you are not watching the show alone. good night from washington, d.c. and bret baier will be here tonight night 7 p.m. eastern with a special.
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o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> over 30 years ago i learned of nelson mandela and it stirred something in me. the whole world talking about the sign language guy who was a fraud. and possibly dangerous. >> sometimes i will react violent on that -- >> how can that possibly happen? he was within striking distance of the president. we'll analyze it tonight. at medical center we celebrate the birth of jesus and the season of giving. >> why espn reject a christmas commercial seeking funds for a religious hospital? is that good business? we'll have a follow-up report.


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