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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  December 13, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PST

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it is friday, december 13th. a fight with multiple people getting stabbed in the end. >> new clues about a former fbi agent missing in iran for years. why america's top spy agency might have known where he was the entire time. and a fight 22 years in the making comes to an end. the decision about this war memorial cross meant to honor soldiers who lost their lives fighting for america. "fox & friends" starts right now.
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christmas music. doesn't get better than that. it's friday. >> thanks for watching. good morning to you. is "fox f " >> we begin with this. an nfl game ends in bloodshed. denver police say at least three people were stabbed and a fourth may have been, but left the scene outside mile high stadium after the denver broncos game. eyewitnesses describe a chaotic seen that happened in a private parking lot. cops say one man was initially in critical condition, but all are conscious and talking.
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several are in custody, none formerly charged. as of right now, it is unclear what led to that fight. >> amative rock slide in utah crashes a house and leaves two people inside dead. the slide happened on state route number 9. the main highway through zion narc park. dirt gave way sliding into the house. the two not identified. malt moll emergency agencies responded. rescue efforts suspended until this morning because of dangerous conditions. a surprise plea agreement in the newlywed murder case. jordan linn graham admitted she pushed her husband from a cliff in glacier national park. at the plea deal it came just before a jury was set to start deliberating the case. one of the pictures from inside. in exchange for the plea, prosecutors agreed to drop a first-degree murder charge and a count of making a false
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statement to authorities. >> you know -- i think we believe in our case. we believed in the case that we put on, but we have an ethical obligates to discuss plea offers with our clients and that's their decision. >> scheduled to be sentenced march 27ble. nasa has several teams working around the clock troubleshooting the cooling problem on the international space station. they focus on one area of the problem to find a solution. tiger teams became legendary during the "apollo 13" mission. finding a solution on an onboard problem, that's a tiger team and mission managers decide if a space walk is needed to fix this broken pump by monday. startling new information about retired fbi agent who vanished in iran in 2007. a new report claims that the
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u.s. citizen robert levenson was a rogue agent for the cia. elizabeth brandt is live in washington following this incredible story for us. good morning, elizabeth. he went missing investigating the regime for the u.s. government. reports say no communication or proof of his location sincer 2011 when we saw this undated photo. while even the white house now says he was a private citizen traveling to the region, the a.p. says it held off publishing the story three times because the government said it was working every lead to bring him home. the national security council responded to the most recent article writing in part, we regret that the ap would choose to run a story that does nothing
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to further the cause of bringing him home. the investigation into mr. levenson's disappearance continues and we remain committed to finding him and bringing him home safely to his family. the cia paid his family more than $2 million in a lawsuit and at the time multiple analysts either fired or disciplined. heather, back to you. >> elizabeth, live from washington. thank you. and ex illinois governor gets his last shot of freedom today. lawyers are asking a three-judge panel to toss out his convictions, an attempt to sell president obama's old senate seat. he began serving that 14-year prisons sentence in 2012. nancy pelosi's blunt message to democrats, embrace the suck, her quote. saying that to her party yesterday telling them the
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bipartisan budget deal must be passed. the budget plan easily cleared the house yesterday during the vote even with opposition from some conservative members. the senate is expected to pass it next week. >> more delays. more fixes, and now favors? the administration asking insurance companies for help when obama care takes effect next month. live in washington following the developments, what is the latest this morning, doug? >> good morning. with anxiety growing at the white house as we get closer and closer to the new year, secretary of health and humean services kathleen sebelius pushing back more deadlines. >> consumers now have until december 23rd to sign up for coverage that begins on the 1st of january, and we're recommending that health insurers extend this deadline further. >> and she is almost begging insurance companies to allow some consumers to keep their country doctors and prescription plans at least for a very short period of time in 2014 sow help
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soften the blow. republicans are keeping up hearing from doctors about what the new changes will usher in. >> we are now at t minus 20 days and counting. the doctors and the patients are going to be having extreme difficulties in accessing care. and, yes, mr. cummings, i agree with you, it's nice to carry a plastic insurance card to say you're insured. it's quite another thing to action the care. -- access the care. >> the white house is relying on a new celebrity push enlisting among others singer adam levine to try to convince young people to sign up for life insurance, but the white house is dealing with this. the non-partisan group politifact, awarded president obama the lie of the year award yesterday telling americans they could keep their health insurance plans if they liked them. >> live in washington, doug,
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thank you. have a great weekend. >> thank you. time to look at who's talking. this morning karl rove is talking about a new ad to get young people to enroll in obama care. it is a spoof rap by obama impersonator alpha cat. ♪ when i'm in the oval office call me president barack, president barack and my critics get an attitude ♪ ♪ i tell them to stop, i tell them to stop, i tell them to stop ♪ ♪ if you need that new health care, sign up because it's hot, sign up because it's hot ♪ ♪ sign up because it's hot >> rove says this is the wrong tactic. >> i understand the government trying to say sign up for medicaid, sign up for medicare, sign up for the affordable care act, but this video is really like self-glorification of the president of the united states. i mean, can you imagine if such a thing had been run by george bush or bill clinton or bush xli or reagan? taxpayer dollars used to glorify
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the president? you know, two term, i'm cool and hip. how much public outcry there could have been? >> that brings us to your brew on this. do you think this is a creative sales pitch or self-glorification on the part of the president? send us your comments to us on facebook, twitter or e-mail them to us at foxfriendsfirst at and we'll read them later in the show. north korea confirming the execution of jang sung-taek. uncle of the leader kim jong-un accused of disobeys orders using drugs and secretly building up his base of power marking the most significant shake-up under the leader kim jong-un. from the man faking sign language at nelson mandela's memorial and his claims are shocking. >> what happened, it was very much -- i don't know what to call it.
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i see angels come to the stadium, and immediately i see angels come to the stadium. i would see things like -- you know, i was in a very, very, very difficult position. >> the interpreter who stood just feet away from world leaders including president obama says he sometimes gets violent, and is receiving treatment for schizophrenia. south african officials are investigating how the man was able to get security clearance. >> get so close to so many leaders. >> uh-huh. bracing for a white weekend. a snowstorm in parts of the midwest sets its sights on the northeast. >> yes. preparing for santa's arrival. >> tracking the storm in the weather center. maria, what is the timeline? >> impacting the northeast heading saturday into saturday night. i know you live in the new york city area and so do i. i wanted to mention just to the west of new york city. so the national weather service has issued a winter storm watch for areas just to the west, and
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that does include parts of northeast new jersey, the lower hudson valley and southwest connecticut and some of these areas are forecast to get as much as 6 to even 10 inches of snow. that's pretty incredible. so the storm system will be something to watch closely. today impacting parts of the midwest and we could see snowfall accumulation out there. the problem across the midwest during the daytime hours today is that we are going to see warmer temperatures rising just above freezing. so freezing rain can mix in with that. sleet along with rain. that could be producing a bit of a mess and limiting snowfall totals. as we head into saturday, saturday overnight and into sunday morning, that snow will be coming down across parts of the northeast and into sections of new england. how much snow? winter weather advisories and center storm watches. a quick total, interior sections 6 to 10, up to a foot across the interior parts of new england and out here in the midwest today, 4 to 6 inches of snow. let's head over to you. >> wow. we will be prepared.
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>> yeah. will be fun, though. >> it will be. >> but new york city, could be rain mixing in. keep that in mind. >> we will. >> thank you, maria. friday the 13th. it could be your luck day. the mega millions jackpot, the second largest jackpot in the 17-year history of the multistate lottery. the cash payout, $216 million. >> nice. >> it is now 12 minutes after the top of the hour. he killed four people when he got behind the wheel drunk, but the 16-year-old only getting probation because he's a spoiled rich kid? the family of the victims now weighing in on the judge's controversial verdict. something is aboutt means y have to leave a tip. ♪
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>> the family speaking out about ethan couch. his lawyer said he suffered from afluenza growing up entitled and spoiled and never facing consequences. the judge ruling he is a defendant in need of long-term treatment now because of his up bringing. eric boil the husband and the father of two of those victims was speaking out talking about what he thought about the sentencing. >> we knew the maximum sentence was a 20-year sentence which in the juvenile system meant that ethan would be eligible for parole in two years. while recognizing that that is kind of the circumstances we were dealing with, i wasn't real happy with those circumstances.
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you look at 180 years of future life taking from the four individuals. >> instead of jail he was sentenced to rehab and ten years probation. his parents will pay for his treatment at 450,000 a year. the rehab center is in southern california. >> officials in yemen say a u.s. drone strike hit a wedding party in the central part of the country. security officials in yemen say 13 people were killed. there are conflicting reports on whether any militants were traveling with the wedding convoy. ment they recognize the drone program in yemen it doesn't usually comment on individual strikes. >> mopeople sickened by synthet pot in one year alone. ten of the people were admitted into intensive care units but no deaths have been confirmed. while real marijuana is legal in colorado the synthetic marijuana is not. four stores identified by patients selling the synthetic
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pot have now been shut down. >> the long disputed cross on display at the mount sol dad war museum in san diego or war memorial is ordered to come down. a federal judge ruled the cross as unconstitutional. it's an unconstitutional religious display on government land. the aclu originally brought the lawsuit saying the memorial only represents christian veterans. >> when men and women go off to car they go off to fight for the united states not a religious symbol. >> i think it is being too overly politically correct. >> the government has 90-days to return the ruling. attorneys say they plan to fight it. ford motor company ringing in the new year by launching new models and creating jobs. lauren simonetti is here with more. >> 2014 will be ford's busiest
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year yet. 22 new cars hitting the market. the redesigned mustang, the ford edge and crossover and f150 pickup. ford will support the new models with 5,000 new hires here and asia they are opening up two new plants. consumer packaged goods are items like canned pet food and paper towels things you buy at the grocery store. according to reports amazon is looking to launch its new business which is calling pantries next year targeting members of the prime shipping program. the world's biggest e retailer hoping to succeed where others have by letting shoppers stuff as many items into one set size box as possible and shipping that box for a small fee. the kors to ship doesn't exceed the cost of the items in the box. you might seifuer servers during your next trip to applebees. by the end of next year they will have tablets at every table
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customers can order even settle their bill using the device. it is owned by dine equity. the point is to speed up wait times and hopefully make the dining process seamless. thank you lauren. have a great weekend. appreciate it. >> it is 20 minutes after the top of the hour. d take a deep breath. how a small you might not recognize could save your life. from gi jane to scrooge. the charity is in the giving spirit. the last time her foundation actually made a donation. >>
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends first". the wife of american pastor saeed aberdedini blasting the oa
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administration. she says the government never fought to free them even when they were sitting down with iran to negotiate their nuclear program. she tells fox the state department has left her in the dark. >> they have actually asked for updates after each prison visit his family his parents make, and a lot of the updates we have received has been left out on the media. >> zero. you are not getting any information? >> no. >> abedini a father of two was sentenced to 8 years in prison on charges of evangelizing. >> remains of paul walker are cremated ahead of private service this week end. invites for the gathering set for tomorrow in los angeles are for only family and the cast of the fast and furious. according to family life they plan to devise walker's ashes. he was killed when the porsche he was traveled in aburst in flames in southern california.
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a truck driver trapped in a semi is left dangling over an over pass for more than an hour. high speeds and bad weather causing the truck to go right through the barrier and off the road. rescue crews freed the driver who is expected to be okay. did you know you can really smell fear? according from a new study whatever we smell when we are feeling fearful is absorbed in our memory. that same emotion is industryingered whenever the smell is u-- triggered whenever fear is there. >> recalling unemployment benefits but these are for working men and women. really? >> it is bond, james bond. the famous bond may not be able to save the world all because of a bad habit that is actually killing him.
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>> why the government might know where a missing man has been. >> the latest appeal to get young people to sign up for obamacare. >> if you need that new healthcare sign up cuz it's haut. >> millions are being dropped from their insurance, is this song a slap in the face? we report, you decide.
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>> from gi jane, seems jane fonda's charity isn't in the giving spirit at all. wait until you hear the last time their donation gave -- foundation gave at all. "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ >> we are stuck on you. welcome to "fox & friends first". i am heather childers. >> i am answer lay air hea -- a earhar earhardt. shocking information about a man who went missing oo iran. he was a rouge agent for the cia. >> elizabeth prann is live for us in washington.
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>> they said he was a private citizen traveling on his own term when is he went missing 7 years ago. but according to new associated press reports levinson was on the cia payroll for unapproved intelligence gathering in places such as iran. he meant missing investigating the regime for the u.s. government. there has been no communication or proof of his location until they received an undated photo of him. they were holding off publish can the story three times because the government was working leads to bring him home. the national security council responded to the latest article writing in part we regret the ap would run a story that does nothing to further the cause of bringing him home. the investigation of his disappearance continues and we remain committed to finding him and bringing him home safely to i see had family.
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they made money for a lawsuit. elizabeth pran live for us. >> the college freshman killed during a fraternity ritual that has gone hoarily wrong. the court papers show this 19-year-old was left helpless and unresponse i have for more than an hour as his fraternity brothers mounted a botched cover up to hide his death. the teenager was taken to hospital with a massive head injury while on a pledge retreat in pennsylvania. doctors put him on life support but he didn't make it. denver police say three people were stabbed and a fourth may have been. left the scene after the denver bronco's game. eyewitnesss describe a chaotic scene. they are all conscious and they are all talking right now.
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it happened after an altercation in a private parking lot. several are in custody none have been charged. >> john white said he was acting oupt of love when he shot his debilitated wife inside the hospital after she appeared to be in pain. but mercy is not a defense charge in ohio. the prosecutor recommended he receive a 6 year sentence instead of a life sentence because of the unique circumstances. >> federal railroad investigators launching a probe into the deadly metro north train derailment here in new york. the railroad administration says 50 investigators will look into the december 1st crash as well as three other incidents that have happened since may. the team will be, woulding with metro north management to take a close look at the safety issues.
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mosre delays more fixes now favors? they are asking for the insurance company for help when obamacare takes effect next month. doug luzader is following the investigation. >> the end of year deadlines are making the white house and many consumers sweat especially with the ongoing problems with the obamacare web site. health and human services and kathleen sebelius announced yesterday she is suspending yet another deadline giving colli consumers in will the end of the year to pay premiums. she is also asking insurance companies to allow some patients to temporarily keep their doctors or prescription plans through part of the year. it comes after the white house would not discuss the possibility of plan b. >> we are not going to
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speculate. we believe the issue is being addressed. there is no higher priority. this after polytheists let fact gave him lie of the year award for promising americans they could in fact keep their current health insurance plan even under obamacare. >> there are a lot of reasons to be skeptical about january 1st. it is no about the web site it is about people's healthcare. for people with chronic conditions who need medications and ongoing doctor visits there's great fear and anxiety. >> we have seen one deadline after another give way to obamacare. the notable exception is that all had health insurance in 2014 or face a tax fee penalty fund whatever you want to call it. that remains in effect. >> the newest pr push at the
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white house to get young people to enroll is already causing a controversy. it is a spoof rap by alpha cat. ♪ when i am in the office call me president barack president barack ♪ ♪ if my critics get an attitude i tell them to stop ♪ ♪ i tell them to stop i tell them to stop ♪ ♪ if you need that new healthcare sign up cuz it's hot ♪ ♪ sign up cuz hereit's hot ♪ oo a is this a creative sales pitch or self gler ficcation by the president. we will share some of those comments later in the show. already getting a lot. remember this back in 2009 when newly sworn in it president obama promised his white house would be the most transparent in history? >> let me say it as simply as i can. transparency and rule of law will be the touch stones of this president. >> now it seems to be another
2:37 am
broken promise. a photo journalists were not allowed to take pictures of the president on the trip to south africa. he writes, manifestly undemocratic in contrast is the way president obama's administration and hypocritical de v defiance and frantransparency h campaigned on as systematically tried to bypass the white house. >> he tried to blame the internet. >> fund abilitial transformations in the media in which we and others are participant but we did not create the internet. the administration at hand.
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>> our problem is you can put out a million pictures a day from a white house photographer. >> what i am saying is we are going to work -- as past press white houses have done. you are telling me on every flight president brush took and others took -- (talking over one another) >> what i am saying is we hear you and i want toed a dress it. >> lots of people had questions for him. the 38 largest news organizations issued a complaint about the lack of access. >> jane fonda may need to look up the definition of charity. new reports show her charity foundation hasn't made donations in five years even though it has 800,000 dollars in the bank. the last donation made was a single thousand dollar donation to the atlanta obstetric and
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gynecology society back in 2006. the reports say the lack of donations could put the group in trouble with the irs. a spokesperson for the charity says all tax obligations are being met. gracing for a white weekend. storms setting its site on the northeast. what does the time line look like? >> today in parts of the midwest and as we head into tomorrow and sunday morning many areas will be impacted and the state of maine by sunday evening you could be seeing snowfall coming down. it will be a relatively quick one. i want to show you the map. in the city of boston we had the national weather service issue a winter storm watch because 6 to 12 inches of snow is forecast. the same goes across parts of connecticut and in new york city it will be a very tough
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forecast. you need to stay tuned. right now about 3-7 inches of snow forecast that is because we could see temperatures rise above freezing saturday night into sunday morning. stay tuned if temperatures stay cold that number in terms of snowfall accumulation could increase. winter weather advisory stretching across parts of the midwest and winter storm watches widespread across the northeast. in general you are looking at a 4-6 snowfall across parts of the midwest. now here because the snow is coming during the day and temperatures are relatively mild they will be rising above freezing. you could be seeing a little mix and rain. it will be a mess. please be careful on the roadway over the next several days. >> a lot of people will be out because of shopping. >> a oo thank you. >> it is 20 minutes after the hour. one lawmaker calling for
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unemployment benefits. these unemployment benefits are for working men and women. really? you are getting ared to enjoy your christmas with your familiar lip and your loved ones hopefully. but our troops are i say inning out while they fight overseas. i will show you an organization sending our troops a he is poo of home. -- a piece of home.
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>> a new report indicates there is clear and convincing evidence of widespread chemical weapons used in syria. u.n. inspectors say it is unclear whether the government or rebel forces were responsible for the attack. the report says chemical weapons were definitely used near damascus and likely at four other locations earlier this year. syria is expected to be rid of their weapons stockpile by next year. >> texas democratic congresswoman sheila jackson-lee taking to the house floor to call for a vote for legislation that would expand unemployment benefits to people with jobs.
2:45 am
>> the lee and leavvin amendmen on the floor today, tomorrow, call us back mr. boehner. let us vote for provide unemployment insurance for working men and women. >> your time has expired. >> the faces of america will not have -- >> gentlemen wom woman's time e. >> this would mean jackson lee would have to change the nature of unemployment benefits entirely. >> a happy day for my family. south carolina governor nicki haley she and her family welcomeling home her husband michael and 40 of per fellow soldiers from afghanistan. this return means the family got their christmas wish. she has been on fox asking for this. this is his first overseas deployment since joining the national guard in 2006.
2:46 am
welcome home. >> men and women serving overseas christmases spent away from family can be hard. i have the honor of working with them at joint base mcguire in new jersey. >> it is called operation troop aid. a small operation with a big impact bringing a little piece of home to the troops serving overseas. >> we are about to send 10,000 for christmas. >> mark woods is the founder and ceo of operation troop aid. a navy veteran of 24 years he came up with the idea after organizing the con ert is. on board the uss enterprise after 9-11. >> a lot of troops may not have family because they can't afford to send bags. we are trying to stay in the st in the gap for them. >> now he hosts concerts and uses the money raised to pay for care packages.
2:47 am
flus ♪ >> country music star jason michael carol was more than happy to perform for troops at lakehurst. >> we get to be a part of something like this it's amazing thing. ♪ >> in the military it was a difficult time for me especially at the same time knowing there were folks out there that cared about me and knew what i was doing and supported what i was doing was a big deal for me. >> before they got underway i helped volunteers with the air force and army put together some packages. >> these are the basic necessities here. this is the candy and all of the goodies. >> you have your must haves, beef jerky. >> to us at home it may not look like much but to our friends and family across the globe it means the world. >> you see something from our fellow americans to show their support it's an honor. >> the greatest country in the
2:48 am
world the flag still means something. >> a great thing he is doing. he does that all year-round. if you are interested in volunteering or donating to operation troop agents go to fox and click on the tab. it is now 48 after the top of the hour. this dad definitely earning the title of father of the year. the amazing dad dive. you have to see to believe. >> the real deal and a real steal. can you tell which one of these bras is worth ten's of millions of dollars? we will reveal the bargain brawl up next. >> first let's check in with steve doocy coming up on "fox & friends." >> can you tell the difference? >> my wife is watching right now. don't ask me these hard questions. >> don't answer that question. >> we will give the answer very shortly on your program. on our program in a dozen minutes. some schools are making the flu
2:49 am
shot mandatory? is that a good idea? medical a team will tackle that. the dancing traffic cop is back. wait until you see what he has in store for us today. if you are at 48th and 6th avenue within the next hour, you might actually see him. parmalee performs the number one country song in america right now. called caroline. we have a busy 60 minutes the gals will be back so watch the fox news channel.
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welcome back. msnbc host ed schultz is getting a hefty amount of money from labor unions. shults who frequently promotes labor unions on his show was paid $252,000 by union groups between 2012 and 2013.
2:53 am
that is according to the u.s. department of labor. now those payments, they came from aflcio electrical workers, postal workers and others. they were used for advertisements and speaking engagements. all of the funds for speaking engagements were allegedly donated to charity. a police chief has a message for kanye west after the singer compared performing on stage to the danger that a police officer or a soldier faces every day. a police chief in ohio posted a letter for the singer on facebook suggesting that he abandon his career as a superstar and join the military. >> someone equating being a performer to being in a war. >> the comparison isn't even remotely close. >> oliver quoted kanye -- or called kanye, quote, as misguided as they came. he signed off with this warning to west, check yourself before you wreck yourself. "saturday night live" adding
2:54 am
a black female member to its cast by january. the show has faced a lot of criticism for lack of diversity. in fact, it was part of a skit in a recent episode. >> the producers at "saturday night live" would like to apologize to carrie washington for the number of black women she will be asked to play. >> snl hosted a special audition for black women in los angeles and new york. according to snl's producer, as many as two performers could be considered. well, caught on camera. take a look. a man pulled his daughter out of the way as chicago bulls rookie tony snell barreled into the stand. the whole thing captured on slomo instant replay. it happened at the bulls/knicks game. free tickets coming their way. that's what dads do. >> yes. >> up next, will this get young people to sign up for obama care. >> that new health care signup because it's hot, sign up
2:55 am
because it's hot, sign up because it's hot. >> when millions of people are being dropped from their insurance, this video may be krogsing the line. we're reading your e-mails and tweets up next.
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it is about three minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house today, here's what's happening. snow heading to the east coast. boston issuing a winter storm watch. expecting six inches to a foot of snow saturday into sunday. nasa's special tiger teams working to fix the international space station. tiger teams became legendary during the apollo mission. they focused on one area of the problem to find a solution. friday the 13th could be someone's lucky day. the mega millions jackpot has jumped to $400 million. the drawing tonight. it's time now to take a look at at good, the bad, the ugly.
2:59 am
first, the good. victoria's secret $10 million fantasy bra is available for a lesser price. it's costing under 300 bucks. that's still expensive for a bra. bond, james bond. does he really exist? he would only have a life expectancy of 56 years old because of that, all of his heavy drinking. the real 007 would have downed 92 drinks per week. finally, the ugly. your salad dressing might take a sugary new twist. innovators at pepsi cola are discussing the idea of a mountain due dressing. time to brew on this. we asked you, do you think the new obama care rap video is a creative pitch or a self pitch? >> self glory if i case, no, shameless pandering, yes. i think it is neither creative nor glory fies obama like the rest of the campaign to reach
3:00 am
out at the rest of the demographic. it's comic call. >> they say the government advertising on tv at all is a little orwellian for my taste. >> have a great day. it's friday. enjoy the weekend. >> yes, or stay home and bedazzle a bra. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. >> bye. good morning, it's friday, december 13th. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. another day, another obama care delay. plus, the political live year. we'll tell you who said it. >> can hardly wait. chaos in the parking lot. four people stabbed after of the broncos game. this morning, one of them fighting for his life. details straight ahead. and kanye west says performing is like being a cop. now one police chief is firing back telling the rapper he better check himself before he wrecks himself. "fox & friends" starts right now.


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