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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 13, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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so we are getting a lot of feedback on twitter about the santa thing. zurlina maxwell says people are sending her hate mail. don't do that. she has a point of view and we are glad she offered it. taking your thoughts now. on twitter at megyn kelly. have a great weekend. it's official. the lie of the year has been announced. find out what it is and who told it during tonight's jam-packed edition of "hannity." here is a sneak peek. >> the man responsible for the controversial times square billboard is here to defend his war on christmas. this former math teacher was convicted of sexually abusing a child. that's not stopping his union from fighting for a $10,000 severance package. >> obamacare is off to a great start. fox news hates it. >> exposed. left wing lunatic eddie schultz
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has secretly been collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars from big labor. we have an investigation into the latest black eye for nbc news. that plus the stunning news that this fake interpreter who stood steps away from the president of the united states was once charged with murder. "hannity" starts right here, right now. a lot more on those controversial stories over the course of the next hour. first the lie of the year has been unveiled. according to politic the biggest whopper of 2013 is this -- >> under the reform we are proposing, if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan. >> now not only is it the lie of this year. it's one of the most dishonest statements ever uttered by an american president. in fact it is the driving force of the downward spiral now gripping the administration which is exactly why a sense of
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panic has now set in as we march closer to the 2014 midterm elections. team obamacare are getting desperate and it's showing. because the president is too unpopular to turn things around himself he needs the help of his elitist friends in hollywood. we learned the sexiest man alive, adam levin has been enlisted to promote the train wreck and jennifer hudson has thrown her support behind the law. >> we have a bit of a scandal. >> she takes seemingly impossible scandals and makes them go poof. >> this is my son. he's out of college. he doesn't have health insurance. >> i thought you said it was a scandal. under the affordable care act you stay under your parents' plan until you are 26. >> thanks, fixer. >> hollywood liberals will do anything for an invite to the white house. sadly the desperation doesn't end there. covered california aims to encourage young people to enroll in obama care has released a
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video of a presidential imposter rapping. really? watch. >> if my critics get an attitude, i tell them to stop, i tell them to stop, if you need that new health care, sign up cause it's hot, sign up because it's hot commander in chief and i'm two terms strong because plus i've got this health care which has got it going on. so tell a friend or a random guy i have a game changer that saves lives. >> lame video featuring a lame duck president. we want you to join the conversation. log onto our facebook page. do you think the broken obamacare promise is the lie of the year? plus, it's time to trend at 10:00. use # hannity over the next hour. here for the lie of the year we have tom cotton and jason chafitz. >> hi, sean. >> congressman cotton, you're leading in the polls. red state democrat mark pryor. >> yes. even a so-called fact checker like politte to fact
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knows the president's promise you can keep your health care plan if you like it was the lie of the oh year. marc pryor said he just learned that with the rest of us but he voted for obama care and for the very regulation causing people to lose their health insurance. i guess he didn't know or understand. >> didn't he regurgitate the same talking points as the president is this. >> absolutely. he's been saying for four years obama care would help you expand and protect your health insurance. if you liked your health insurance you could keep it. i guess he didn't know or understand and the people of arkansas realized he's directly responsible for up to 50,000 arkansan arkansans getting higher deductibles and higher co-pays and losing their health insurance. >> your race is one of the most important to watch in the 2014 election year. congressman, all good said and done here, but the bottom line is that this is still the law of the land. president just will not budge,
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won't make significant changes. one delay after another. a lot of it is lawless. i don't think he has the right to issue edicts and change provisions of the law the way he has. what else is available for those of us who like to see the law eliminated? >> we voted more than 40 times to eliminate, delay it. the sad reality is it's people's health care. they are going to suffer and president obama will be the leading candidate to win this award next year when people get sticker shock and understand they are t not going to be saving on average, as he said, $2500 per family per year. that, too, was a perpetuation of untruth and it will be shocking to people. it affects real americans. we laugh and joke about this because the president puts up these characters out there to try to perpetuate this thing called obama care and get people to sign up for it. but it is real people's health care. >> real people, real lives, real
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cancellation letters, you can't keep your doctor and real shock in terms of deductibles. a real problem. i was surprised, congressman chaffetz. you voted for the ryan-murray budget. why did you vote for that? >> that's not the way i would have crafted it. doing nothing would have been worse. keep in mind, under sequestration you didn't have cuts to other spending programs. you had cuts in defense spending. look at what's going on in china right now. i voted to cut defense in the past. there comes a point where the only thing this president is willing to cut is defense. yonk we can keep doing it that well. we have to move this country forwa forward. >> more spending in 2014-15 you don't get until years nine and ten you get a potential savings. you and i both no future congress won't be beholden to
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those cuts down the road and this is just more spending. isn't that what will happen? >> i think what we did, new future federal employees have to contribute nor their retirement. that adds up by the tens of billions of dollars and that will continue on in per ppetuit. it was the right thing to do. we have to change elections. that's the bottom line here. i think paul ryan was absolutely spotton this. we are in divided government. we have to win elections. that's the best i think we can do and i think doing nothing was worse. >> let's say we take the senate and you have to refer to your colleague as senator, which i want to happen. you have the house and the senate and obama is still president. and you have to win the presidency first.
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now the earliest we can deal with record deficits, $25 trillion in debt. $90 trillion in unfunded liabilities is, what, january of 2017? remember the budget is a ceiling. now we get to have the 13 appropriation bills. doesn't mean we have to go up to the budget. we will be offering striking amendments on the floor of the house and i hope we come in under budget. >> when does that happen? >> we never had a budget framework that we could get the democrats to agree to. >> just the way the bureaucracy is working it seems to me the same old, same old. maybe what i'm looking for is a republican party to offer a plan to balance the budget and be bold and explain to the american people how dire things can be in the future. congressman cotton, you voted against the deal. why did you vote against it? >> well, sean, like you i have skepticism that the long term will ever arrive in washington. we see more short-term spending for long-term spending
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reductions but the long term never seems to arrive. i have friends and allies like jason and paul ryan in whom i have enormous respect. jason highlighted some good mesh measures in the package like increased military spending and the contributions from federal civilian employees. overall the increase in short-term spending as well as, in my opinion, the unfair way military retirees were treated versus civilian retirees meant the cost of the package outweighed benefits. as you say, the real problem lies in the senate, not the house. that's one reason why i'm running for the senate so we can have budgets that do balance that control spending. we can send them to the president and force tough decisions. >> i don't think there is any evidence in the five years he's been president he has any desire to move away from his rigid ideology. period.
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>> sean, look what happened last month with the insurance cancellations. for several weeks the president and his aides called it the wild west substandard. when political pressure got too intense they did a 180 flip-flop saying you can keep your unregulated wild west substandard policy. don't be surprised if obama care continues to unfold if they continue to back pedal. starting january 2015 when the republicans control the senate they will start to back pedal on claims of increased spending or desires for higher taxes. >> thanks for joining us. merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> up next the man responsible for the controversial times square bill board. who needs christ during christmas? that guy. the president of the american atheists is here in studio and will defend that billboard in time square. and a math teacher behind bars for third years for sexually abusing a child.
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that's not stopping his teacher's union from fighting for his $10,000 severance package. and we investigate more trouble for nbc news. their host, ed schultz, why is he secretly receiving mountains of money from big labor?
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welcome back to hannity. my next guest is the president of the group that is waging a war against christmas smack in the middle of times square. the american atheist group says to take religion out of the season and reads requests who neither christ during christmas.
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it crosses out christ and lists other reasons to celebrate the christmas season. is this free speech? does it cross a line? here to explain, the man himself american atheist president david silverman. also joining us is fox news radio todd starnes. >> thank you. >> when you do that, it seems to me, the main thing you want to do is poke people in the eye. >> no. >> you have the right to. you want to make people upset. it's obviously gotten you attention. that's your intention. >> no. we want to raise awareness that christmas is better without religion. year after year -- >> stop. christmas isn't christmas without religion. >> christmas absolutely is christmas without religion. >> no. >> no, it is not. >> folks, let me answer -- >> christ -- >> let me answer the question. yes, they named the holiday after they moved it to the winter solstice and took over the pagan traditions, christmas trees, gift giving. going to church is not fun. >> i like church. >> i love it. >> i get a lot out of it. >> the point is -- >> somebody greater than me in the world.
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>> sean, the point we are trying to make is there are a bunch of people out there for whom religion is the worst part of christmas and they go to church anyways. we are telling them they can have a merry christmas. >> you think you they need you to tell them. you think too much of yourself. >> if you take christ out of christmas you have a tree. we have a holiday for that called arbor day. the other issue here is it really is an attack on christiani christianity. here is the reason i say that. where are the billboards and banners that say take muhammed out of ramadan? where are those? >> you know it's a myth. you have a choice in arabic in new jersey last year. >> what did you put on the bill board? >> you know it's a myth. you have a choice, in arabic. >> that's not as offensive as criss-crossing the word christ. would you put up a billboard that says take muhammed out of
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rama dan and cross out muhammed's name? >> i'm not afraid to do that but it's not a national holiday. >> same thing. >> i would be happy to but it's not the point of the bill board. ramadan without muhammed isn't ramadan. >> radical islamists may take issue. >> i don't care. >> you are doing it to offend people. >> we are telling people you don't need jesus to have a great christmas. >> jesus is the reason for the season. >> the winter solstice is the reason for the season. >> roll this tape. >> each christmas, thousands in our community send messages of hope to sick and injured children who may not be able to at the children's medical center we celebrate the birth of jesus and the season of giving, bringing hope to the many children, parents and families we serve. our patients are filled with hope as they receive a message each day from te treasure chest beneath our tree of hope. help us reveal god's healing
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presence this christmas. send your message of hope. >> they originally passed on the add ad because of the references they said about god and the birth of christ. you're willing to pay the money. >> it's up to espn. this is not separation of church and state. espn can make decisions. it is hypocritical the to allow christian ads and not atheist ads. now we are going to try to get an ad on. do you have a problem with that? >> your bill board, because i get you. >> a tv commercial. >> no. i make my living with freedom of speech. >> so do i. >> i understand where you are coming from so it doesn't bother me. >> let's be clear. espn said jesus and god violate their community standards. what next? blot out the john 3:16 signs at football games? >> yeah. that might happen next. >> a little bit of a reach there. >> last week the recommendation to remove a nativity scene.
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ni anyway, this is what it says here. it says a display came from the pentagon leaders who feared the plastic baby jesus could give the appearance that the military is endorsing religion. it was put back in front of the base's chapel. >> sean, the people i talked to, i broke this story in our weekly column at fox apparently the soldiers at the base were so traumatized by the sight of this plastic jewish family they alert alerted religious freedom foundation, mikey weinstein's group, called the pentagon two hours and 15 minutes later the baby jesus was removed. >> what you didn't mention was that 41 people, 41 air force people objected to that. >> 41 people objected and 39 of them were ethical christians protesting against unethical -- >> let me tell you this. according to the public affairs office at shaw air force base, not one complaint was registered on that military base.
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not one. >> it wasn't a complaint. it went through mrsf and now mrsf, with 35,000 members -- >> he said not one complaint. not one. >> they didn't go through the base. >> if i say merry christmas to you, are you offended? >> 35,000 -- am i offend ed because you know i don't celebrate christmas. if i say happy ramadan to you -- >> does this really offend you that much? >> i would really like to answer the nativity question. the nativity question is that 39 christians complained to mrsf. >> you said it 40 times. now i will ask you my question. >> my point is this is not an attack on christianity. >> you have a majority -- i get it. you're an atheist. as far as i'm concerned an atheist has to believe something comes from nothing and the universe within universe -- >> not magical at all. >> the point is it seems you have a lot of people people that this is their faith and their religion.
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you just want to stick it to them. are you really that offended? does it bother you if somebody says merry christmas? do you feel you have to cross out christ just to needle people? >> it's not about offending. it's about spreading the word that religion isn't necessary and is a negative force. >> you're not even honest with yourself. >> i'm asking does it offend you if someone says merry christmas or puts up a picture of the baby jesus on christmas? doses it bother you? >> not at all. >> then why are you spending money in times square? >> because of government funding -- >> not government funding in times square. >> i'm allowed to express myself. >> does it really offend you that nativity scene on -- >> on public or private property. >> public. >> public property. >> you're offended. >> i am offended. it's favoritism from the government. >> you need to lighten up and get some perspective. >> eggnog. >> i like eggnog. >> spike it. >> christians need to start obeying the law and stop complaining when they are forced to obey the law. >> you poor innocent victim. the poor atheist all beaten up on by society. >> against their laws, their rights. >> liberals love tolerance.
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but you are the intolerant one. you are in ttolerant of a majority view that's christian in the country. >> the majority has nothing to do with it. >> you don't care. >> i don't care if it is 99-1. we all have equal rights. >> we do, but you feign outrage. i don't believe you are outrage at all. i think you are trying to raise money by appealing to your base and going after christian groups. that's what i think. >> nice to meet you, kettle. my good ness you're talking about raising funds with a fake war on oh christmas. we are putting up -- >> how many people have donated since you put your little sign up. >> i'm not going to release that information. >> check mate. coming up, a michigan teachers' union is fighting for this convicted child molester's massive severance package. he'll spend 30 days in jail. that organization is refusing to allow this honest hardworking kindergarten teacher to leave the union. myriad chansky and her attorney
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will speak about their battle. speaking of union, why are groups like the aflcio secretly funding hundreds of thousands to an nbc host -- ed schultz. brent bozell has the details tonight. of media mash, coming up.
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welcome back to hannity.
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there is outrage in michigan after the largest teachers union, the michigan education association announced its intention to give a $10,000 severance package to a former teacher and convicted child molester. the former math and computer teach teacher, neil ericsson, was found guilty of sexually abusing a 14-year-old boy over three years and was sentenced to 15 to 30 years in prison. unbelievable. we reached out to the m.e.a. and they defended their actions saying they are legally obligated to enforce the contract for all employees. while the union fights to pay this criminal $10,000 in severance it is bullying several hard working respectable teachers, including my next guest, by refusing to let them opt out of the disgraceful organization. the union says the teachers missed the period they call the august window to terminate their membership and are still trying to collect their dues. joining me now, kindergarten teacher miriam chansky and her attorney and director of the mackinaw legal foundation,
10:28 pm
patrick wright. tell us your story. so you didn't want to be in the union. so tell us what happened. >> that's correct. i chose to opt out for the 2013-14 school year. i made that evidence on my e-dues form last may. turned it in at the beginning of june. came back to school in september and found out i was still a member. >> you had records of what you sent in to them in may, right? >> right. i have records of what i sent to them, correct. >> all right. so why are they saying you missed the august opt-out period? >> we were never told about the august window. so i sent my form in too early. i gave it to my president of my local union in june. apparently she turned it in too early so they are not honoring my request to opt out. >> what grade do you teach and why do you want to opt out? >> i teach in kindergarten. i love my job. the reason i am here is my right wasn't honored to opt out.
10:29 pm
it's not necessarily about the reasons behind it but rather they won't honor my decision. >> it's what you want. all right. >> yes. >> you heard about this story, this convicted child molester. the union is protecting them and trying to go after the $10,000 severance. what's your reaction? >> it's a horrendous act that was done. i find it very surprising that the m.e.a. is standing behind this teacher and defending him to the point of getting money where they won't support a teacher who went along the legal means and opted out of the union. they won't support me and let me out however they will stand behind him. >> patrick, from a legal standpoint, the m.e.a. is claiming they are contractually obligated to fight for the convicted child molester. do you buy that? >> i haven't checked their contract. i do find it odd if they are
10:30 pm
claiming a fiduciary duty that they don't claim a right or duty to tell the truth to the members. miriam is not alone. there are many people like miriam that were misled about this august window. clearly this person, the criminal has done horrendous act and the m.e.a. is bending over backwards to fight for them. yet they have all these members they hid relevant information from in order that the m.e.a. could enrich itself. >> same thing with these unions. they are rank and file that don't want to be members. your client obviously went through all the proper procedures, even got this request in early. do they deny she sent this in in may? >> right to work is, of course, new in michigan. we're the 24th right to work state. they announced after the law passed they would do everything to fight it including not accepting any applications to resign from the union that were,
10:31 pm
quote too early or any that came too late. >> the application was sent in too early. you can't make this up. >> that's what they said. yes. that was from steve cooke, the m.e.a. president. >> what's the next step? >> we have it before a labor board in the state of michigan. we are trying to fight it out on behalf of miriam and others like her including ray arthur, a 34 year teaching veteran in petoskey, michigan. he thought after 34 years of giving union dues he should be given the right information at the right time. instead you have a union choosing power over principle, must be money over members. >> they go to the ends of the earth for the convicted child molester. here you are young teacher doing your job. have you been bullied by anybody? have people mistreated you because of your public position on this? >> i have had several e-mails
10:32 pm
and notes sent to me on the other side of the matter. that's to be expected. i'm thankful to say at school if teachers don't agree they don't bring it up. i definitely had disapproving e-mails and notes. >> one of the other important things is her credit rating has been threatened. the m.e.a. is threatening across the board to try and go after and send teachers that don't pay the dubious dues claim to credit reporting agencies thereby trying to force them to give them money they don't deserve. >> they do that, i think you have even a stronger case. miriam, i wish you best of luck. merry christmas and happy holidays to you and your class. kindergarten was my favorite year. i had a lot of fun. >> i agree. my favorite. >> thank you. up next, a "hannity" special media mash investigation. shocking conflict at nbc after it was revealed -- see
10:33 pm
that nbc host? he collected hundreds of thousands from big labor unions. i wonder what that's all about. then, he was allowed to stand just steps away from the president of the united states. now we learn this fake sign language interpreter once faced murder charges. how did this happen? more on the breaking developments ahead. we always want to hear from you. log onto share your thoughts on the show and more. and on twitter @sean hannity.
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welcome back. time for media mash. our weekly round-up of the way the mainstream media puts a spin on the news. joining me, none other than the president of the media research center, brother brent bozell. >> brother hannity, how are we tonight? >> all right. by the way, i have radio advertisers separate from television and so on. i don't care that ed schultz got the money from the unions.
10:38 pm
that doesn't bother me. it seems odd. i don't have unions paying me $252,000 in 2012-13. msnbc puts out a statement that independent from them schultz' radio website advertising to a variety of clients, union and nonunion. and donating honorairies and speaking engagement s blah, blah, blah. this seems an odd -- i'm not getting the union part of this. are you? >> well, i am in a sense. look, i don't have a problem with reporters taking honorariums. i never have. >> neither do i. >> so long as they're covering the issue about which they receive an hon orarium they recuse themselves from covering the issue. >> he's a liberal talk show host -- and a hack. >> but they want him to do their bidding across the board. so he really shouldn't be taking their money without being honest
10:39 pm
he's doing the bidding of unions. that's the problem. >> let's stay on msnb krrkc you have another host comparing obamacare, using the word obamacare to moral equivalent of the n-word. >> it's a word that's been with us for years. like it or not it's in ddelibly printed in the pages of american history. a word that was originally intended as are a derogatory term meant to shame, divide and demean. the word was conceived of by a group of wealthy white men who needed to put themselves above a black man to render him inferior and unequal and diminish his accomplishments. y'all know the word i'm talking about, obama care. >> that's the dumbest analysis i think i've ever heard. even for them at msnbc, this is nuts. what about hillary care? >> get this. the first time it was mentioned
10:40 pm
she mentioned the first time it was mentioned, it was in march 2007. it was in a journal called health care financial management. it was coined by a woman, jean schultz-scott who talked about obamacare, hillarycare, guili i guilianicare, mccaincare. >> romneycare. >> that was the origination. number two, barack obama has used this. does this make barack obama a wealthy white man? he said in the debate he was proud of the word. do you know who else used it? this she said it as recently as november. she was using the term in her reports. suddenly it's racist. i don't know what got into tulane university to hire this woman. >> there are reports about the president flirting with with a woman at mandela's memorial service. taking a selfie picture, et cetera. nbc is claiming that the reporting on this is also
10:41 pm
racist. you have to be with kidding me. watch. >> this is a big temp pest in a teapot. it's a confluence of racist and sexist stereotypes as if michelle is an angry black woman and president obama is an oversexed black man. >> is that taking it too far as racist or trying to do anything the right wing will do to paint a negative picture? >> it's not taking it too far once you are situated within the context the right wing has attacked the first lady since before she was the first lady. they have tried to couch her in a stereo typical racist and sexist narrative of the angry black woman. >> all right. it seemed inappropriate to me for a memorial service. seems to be having a good time with this lady, laughing his head off, taking selfies at a memorial service.
10:42 pm
michelle didn't look happy about it. i'm not going interpreter what was going on there but racist? how do we get to the stereotype of an angry black, this and that? where does it come from? >> i don't care who the president is. it is inappropriate to do this at a memorial service. it is also inappropriate period for a president of the united states to be doing selfies in the public sphere. insofar as this woman is concerned making this outrageous statement, here's the interest thing, she's a reporter. not an analyst. she's a reporter from this is what their reporters believe. it is a ridiculous suggestion to make. there is nothing racist talking about it or sexist. if anything, people have been defending michelle obama as to the way her husband was behaving. >> we have to roll. >> if anything people have been >> up next, we'll talk about the interpreter at the memorial service with a checkered past.
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we'll tell you about it next. hi, i'm terry and i have diabetic nerve pain.
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welcome back to "hannity." our great american panel is back. joining us tonight in studio democratic strategist rick unger from concerned vets for america with us. and former miss america. we put her on the panel with uncer. >> you know i'll be helpless and hopeless. >> it started as funny we find out the interpreter guy at nelson mandela's memorial. funny. he's not really saying anything, right? we showed video of it. now we find out the guy was brought up on murder charges. there he is next to the president of the united states. >> and rape. >> and rape. what the -- listen. i don't like the president's policy. we have to protect our president. this is madness. >> it was. >> this is a dangerous situation for obama right there. >> it is.
10:48 pm
>> it is a colossal failure of security. i talked to the wife of a secret service agent. they outsourced the vetting of the guys to the south african security force because it was a short time. >> they have to because of jurisdiction. >> forget jurisdiction. when it comes to jurisdiction, not when it comes to the president of the united states of america. we decide if he goes in -- >> we can't do the vetting. what's interesting is i spoke to a secret serviceman about it. he said something fascinating. when we knew ronald reagan would pass away because he was getting old, secret service had a plan in effect for a year. the south africans knew this was coming. they didn't have a security plan. >> kirsten, there was a report today that it was a 95,000-seat stadium. reporters said nobody went through metal detectors going into this place. that's nuts. >> somebody clearly dropped the ball in this situation. thankfully, we are not paying for it right now. the thing that's really
10:49 pm
interesting, when you look at the charges he faced in 1994 and '95 and in '93. the charges were dropped. he was deemed mentally unfit to face trial because -- >> there he is standing up -- >> he said he went into a schizophrenic episode. >> even the south africans don't know why he was -- scary to think about it. >> he was seeing angels. >> better than demons. >> at least he was seeing angels. >> could have been seeing rick unger's face. >> absolutely. >> don't you think there was a dog behind him giving him instructions? >> son of sam. >> pay attention here. i want to keep our president safe and secure. >> i noticed. >> jimmy kimmel had a sign language interpreter to decode the guy. watch this. >> let's watch this guy. tell us what he seems to be signing, if anything at all. >> sure. >> i'll be quiet. roll it. >> i support basic salutations here salutations.
10:50 pm
inside joining in this week cigarette inside to prove and on and on to support i would please to say from me to you. talking to you so far. >> is he even attempting to make sense? >> it's complete gibberish. >> gibberish. if it wasn't so serious it's funny. the guy just rolled with it. he clearly doesn't know what he's doing. i'll just make it up. >> new york could be the third state to legalize pot. you're for it. i'm sure you're against it. >> well, you know, sean, you had me on this show before, even though i don't personally agree with smoking pot at all, i think there are advantages to legalization. one is stemming a huge amount of the drug war in mexico and a lot of the revenue that goes to people who shouldn't have it from the drug trade in america.
10:51 pm
and with teens you take something away, tell them they can't do it, guess what, they want to do it more. in the same path that follows with alcohol and cigarettes we can find a path with alcohol. >> i know i'm old-fashioned. it's not the worst thing in the world. i would decriminalize it. i don't agree with profiteering off of it. that bothers me. >> how about taxing it? >> same thing. i'm tired of taxing anything. >> i'm with you. i understand the economic arguments. >> you cross that line, you go to the next line and then is beer a gateway drug? >> for you? >> not for me. >> you drink manhattans. what do you know about beers? i once went to a concert with this guy. >> you're giving too much away. i will point out i am a good influence on you. look how reasonable you are being tonight. the 6-year-old kisses a
10:52 pm
girl. we will find out when unger had his first kiss if that was sexual harassment.
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10:56 pm
we'll continue with our great american panel. a 6-year-old kid kisses a girl in school, brought up on sexual harassment charges. they since dropped it. what the hell, that kid couldn't sexually harass anybody! how old were you, uncer, when you first kissed a girl? >> i was about 12. >> i was about the same. >> what's her name? >> shelly goldberg if she's watching. >> you met her? >> i'm still in touch with her. >> it wasn't a kiss kiss. a real kiss, 15. i remember. meredith. >> man, do i have to disclose this? i am the only female. females don't kiss and tell but i was philadelphia years old. >> guys, it's like, what good is it if you don't tell anybody?
10:57 pm
>> exactly. girls, we share with our girlfriends. >> i was in sixth grade, she was in fifth. >> can you maj bringing a kid up on charges? how insane have we gotten as a society. >> it's run amuck. >> schools are wanting to parent. >> he kissed her on the hand. >> on the hand. >> it's insane. >> it starts at an early age. >> i was a little embarrassed for the 6-year-old. a judge ordered a baker to submit a baked cake for same sex couple or face jail. i don't think they should have to. look, i know in this day and age you can define that as discriminatory. also, we have freedom of religion. i assume this is based on religious beliefs. >> a private baker, not a state run baker? >> that's coming in a couple years. >> a private baker cannot make that decision?
10:58 pm
unbelievable. >> it's not as simple as you might think, i tell you why. the courts have established tests to figure that out. you have to look at it this way. i kind of understand the point, if this guy had such a problem why should he be forced to do it? you can take that to some pretty intense extremes. you could have a religion that doesn't like black people, my religion, i get to pick my own religion. that's just it. many would argue this is absurd. >> what do you think, kirsten? >> i would have to read more about the exact situation. i think there definitely should be a right to refuse a customer based on your religious beliefs and personal convictions and not going against your conscience. we have that with the military and other things. >> it's a tougher question, ky. >> i think we will all agree on this. the fcc is weighing on in on flight calls where you can literally be up in the air and make phone calls. i do not want to sit next to a
10:59 pm
yap yappity rick un ger. >> we need a quiet section. >> talk on the phone? >> they don't shut-up. seriously, i don't want to be listening to somebody's conversation. >> no. i was just on a plane earlier this morning. now, no one has any excuse to put their device away because you can keep it on while during takeoff and taxi. what's wrong we can't get away from our device for 10 minutes. >> i want my device but i don't want -- >> you can text. >> they've already got the right answer, put internet on every plane so you can stay connected. >> wouldn't there be some value go on an hour and a half flight. [ talking over each other ] >> i'm trying to say, i think everyone would benefit, especially busy people from disconnecting. >> i want to decide what i would benefit from. [ talking over each other ] >> we have to go. i hope you get to sit next to
11:00 pm
somebody who won't shut-up and it is a right winger. >> that's all the time we have. have a great weekend. see you back here on monday. the year began with a victory lap. >> republicans said they would never agree to raise tax rates on the wealthy americans. >> it's ending in frustration and apologies. >> nobody is more frustrated than i am. >> what's behind the obama breakdown? >> there's no question we can fix this. >> the stories you haven't heard. >> obamacare, right? >> this hour fox news reporters behind the obama breakdown. from washington, d.c., here's bret baier. >> who'd have thunk it. a tech savvy team obama struggling to get a website up and running. con


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