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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 14, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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fox news alert. we're learning new details now on the colorado high school shooting. hello, everyone. i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to a new hour of "america's news headquarters." >> i'm arthel neville. investigators say the shooter may have been targeting a teacher and we're also getting more information about the weapon he used. now more from our la news room with the latest. >> reporter: authorities just came out and said that the 18-year-old alleged shooter, carl pierson, showed up to arapaho high school want to go do serious damage yesterday. they say he showed up to the school with a pump shotgun, a machete and a backpack filled with three molotov cocktails. they say that he immediately ran
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into 17-year-old claire davis, a senior, and that he shot davis. they say she's in critical condition and her parents just released a statement. they say she has severe head trauma from a gunshot and they're asking for the country's prayers. >> claire davis is a young woman of principle. she's a young woman of purpose. she is an innocent young lady and she was an innocent victim of an evil act of violence. >> reporter: from the time that pierson went into the school to the time that he took his own life in the library, authorities say only a minute and 20 seconds passed and they believe they truly believe that he wanted to cause harm to a large number of people, but they're giving a lot of credit to a sheriff deputy who was inside the school when pierson entered the school, who actually ran toward the shots and immediately they believe pierson didn't want a confrontation, so he took his own life. as for the gun, that was
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purchased december 6. the ammunition he purchased yesterday, both were purchased legally because pierson was 18. as for the motive, it kind of falls towards what we've been telling you since yesterday. there is reports out that he was targeting a teacher, a librarian who is also the debate team coach. authorities say evidently pierson was disciplined by the teacher in september, so potentially he was holding a grudge. as of now, they say they really believe that pierson acted alone. >> it's very disturbing. thank you for those latest details. another major story developing as a storm is taking aim directly at the northeast. airlines forced to cancel nearly 1,000 flights. and now meteorologists say some places in new england could see more than a foot of snow as retailers are raising concerns that the storm could put a serious chill on holiday shopping with less than two
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weeks until christmas. brian yennis is live from new york city. has it calmed down a little bit out there? >> reporter: you know, it has. it's been coming in in waves. sometimes you have to put on the hat and the full gear. other times it's just snowing and kind much a winter wonderland. i'm in front of the macy's building as tourists and new yorkers brave the weather. some to come out and shop. retailers are worried, particularly this season because it's the shortest holiday shopping season since 2002, leaving shoppers four weekends between thanksgiving and christmas to get their shopping done. mother nature had different plans. for the last two weekends, the storm has put a damper on that. across the country, the midwest and northeast, affecting millions and millions of americans. now holiday shopping really accounts for 19% of all annual sales for stores and because of the weather, analysts tell us that they -- stores can expect 15% less shoppers than they normally would.
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that amounts to $1.5 billion in losses between this weekend and last weekend. but the truth is, no one is really going to know the total until the end of the shopping season. the national retail federation expects this year that holiday shopping is going to increase by 4% to a tune of $602 million. but at the end of the day, retailers say -- this is the truth -- when people go into store, they spend more money. that's what they want. they want people not to be sitting on their couches and staying home. walking into stores and buying things. while people are going to buy and shop on-line and they expect people to shop on-line morebecat you in the stores. the national retail federation also says about 50% of americans have gotten about half their shopping done. and while walking around new york city, we ran into tourists and new yorkers who braved the weather. >> i'm not driving. why should the weather stop me is it up to the bus driver. >> it's december and it's new york. it snows and it's cold. it's not going to stop me.
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i have to keep going. >> you only have a few more days left. get out there and do it. >> reporter: get out there and do it. about 32 million americans have not even started shopping yet. so if you're going to get out there, make sure you do. this last week before christmas is expected to be a big one. experts say expect big promotions and big deals as stores try to reel you in and perhaps more packed shops because people haven't been shopping the last two weekends. gregg, back to you. >> i think i spotted a couple of faux santas back there doing the pub crawl. when i came in early this morning into grand central, boy, they were at it already. it should make for an exciting evening. >> it's the holidays in new york. >> yep. thanks. >> oh, what fun it is to be in nyc. let's find out where the storm is heading. go to chief meteorologist rick reichmuth live in our fox extreme weather center. without a santa hat.
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>> today was santa con in new york, that annual thing where thousands of santas come out and drink basically on the street. i tell you what, this is what the storm is doing. you see all the pink. that's where we have written storm warnings in effect. 14 states under winter storm warnings. we're not done with this by any means. cold temperatures are solidly in place. kind of a line from around pennsylvania north in towards parts of new england. the cold air there. in the 20s along the coast. the first storm that brought a lot of snow today across missouri, illinois, indiana, ohio, and into michigan, seven to nine inches of snow causing big problems. rainy side to this storm and severe weather. tornado concerns across parts of florida tonight and very severe weather likely also across parts of the carolinas and eastern georgia. snow is tapering off across the ohio valley. the secondary feature of the storm is going to be a bit of a coastal storm that develops here off the delmarva peninsula. that becomes the important
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feature here. it gains more strength. kind of what we talked about a nor'easter. but the track of these things always makes a very big difference. i think this track will be too close to the coast and that is going to keep things warmer. eventually warm things up along the coast and that will keep snowfall totals down across the coast. but they will be very high across inner areas. future radar, you'll see that snow and rain. by around 11, 12:00 o'clock tonight, we cross over to rain in new york city. you see this big area of pink could be a little icing in northwestern jersey, parts of eastern pennsylvania. then overnight, warm air makes its way through areas of boston. we'll see that cross over into rain. we've got some areas that will see over a foot of snow in interior sections. coastal areas, three to five inches by the time it's done. that sloppy rain that will come in afterwards. >> the old sloppy rain. rick, long day for you. i think you should go join the santas. >> you might be right. >> all right. as all that snow slams the
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northeast, washington, another fire storm is brewing over the latest findings over the nsa scandal. the "washington post" reporting that the agency can decode billions of calls and text as the nsa raises more concerns that other countries could also begin to monitor cell phone calls right here in the u.s. molly henneberg live in washington with more on that. hi, molly. >> hi. there is a teach encription developed in the 1980s and used in the vast majority of cell phones world wide, specifically the phones that use 2 g technology, that the nsa is apparently able to crack, meaning listen in to conversations and read text messages. that's according to the "washington post," which cites top secret document provided by former nsa contractor edward snowden and says the nsa can break that kind of encription. the nsa is prohibited by u.s. law from eavesdropping domestically on citizens, but can eavesdrop on people overseas. the agency told the post, quote,
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throughout history, nations have used encription to protect their secrets and today terrorists, cyber criminals, human traffickers and others also use technology to hide their activities. the intelligence community tries to counter that in order to understand the intent of foreign adversaries and prevent them from bringing harm to americans and allies. part of the concern here is that americans may be targeted by outside intelligence gathering groups. matthew blaze, an expert at the university of pennsylvania, told the paper, quote, if the nsa knows how to do this, presumably other intelligence agencies, which may be more hostile to the united states, discovered how to do this, too. this comes at a time when the white house is reviewing a report by a presidential task force looking into the snowden leaks and the activities of the nsa. here is what the white house says about what the president wants from this report. >> part of this process that the president has asked for is one
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that will allow us to be as transparent as possible and to, as he said, propose some self-restraint on the nsa and initiate some reforms that can give people more confidence. >> president obama is expected to comment on the nsa report at some point in early 2014. gregg? >> molly henneberg in washington. thanks very much. we have brand-new information about the retired f.b.i. agent who went missing in iran nearly seven years ago. fox news now confirming that robert levinson was indeed working for the c.i.a. and gathering intelligence as part of a rogue mission for the agency. elizabeth prann has more from washington. >> reporter: the white house responding to the news emerging about the former f.b.i. agent robert levinson with much of what we've heard in the past. levinson, they say, was not a u.s. government employee at the time, nor do they have any indication of where his whereabouts are now. press secretary jay carney had this to say.
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>> i'm not going to fact check every allegation made in the story you referenced, a story we believe it was highly irresponsible to publish and which we strongly urged the outlet not to publish out of concerns for mr. levinson's safety. >> reporter: after the associated press released its report that the missing former agent was working on an unimproved c.i.a. mission in iran, fox news confirmed search analysts have been involved in an off the books collection program in the past, in some cayce, they didn't know they were gathering information for the c.i.a. levinson could have been part of a program of that nature. the last time we soon him was this in 2011. the family who has received more than $2 million to prevents a lawsuit have responded in part by saying, it is time for the u.s. government to step up and take care of one of its own. after nearly seven years, our family should not be struggling to get through each day without this wonderful, caring man that we love so much. the unapproved program, run by a
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group of c.i.a. analyst, later resulted in at least eight people getting fired or reprimanded. gregg, back to you. >> elizabeth prann reporting from washington, thanks. nasa will decide by monday if a space walk is needed to fix a problem at the international space station. this after one of two cooling loops at the station shut down suddenly on wednesday. space walks have been suspended since this summer after an astronaut had a near drowning experience from a water leak inside his helmet. >> there was a leak inside the space suit and quite a bit of water started to fill up inside the suit. so they need to fix that, get that straightened out before they go out to do another space walk. space walks are risky under any conditions and this is a situation where they do have a way in which they can sort of moderate what's going to happen until they can get the suit repaired in order to go out to replace the valve that's faulty.
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>> the delivery of a replacement suit not scheduled until february. one group uttering our -- honoring our veterans, we'll tell you more about the people who remember our troops this holiday by laying wreaths at arlington national cemetery. >> and the white house making a big hire, but can they mend relationships with congress before tensions boil over to make a big enough impact ahead of next year's elections? our political panel is here to weigh in
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an annual wreath laying ceremony held at arlington national cemetery. the event organized by a group called wreaths across america. it's been providing this wonderful service for the past 22 years. every year the group lays wreaths at more than 100,000 headstones of veterans and u.s. leaders and at the tomb of the unknowns in arlington, virginia. the organization says its mission is to remember, honor and teach. major shakeup of the white house says the administration names a new point person to handle its relations, or lack thereof, with congress.
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katy burn fallon will take over as legislative affairs office director in january. her appointment coming amid a rocky year for the president over obamacare, for an affairs, you name it, as republicans gear up for a battle in november's midterm elections. joining me, kristy, president of new heights communications, former spokesperson for former of vermont governor. tammy bruce joins us, fox news contributor. good to see you both. >> think there. >> tammy, is this a sign that the white house and the president both are finally realizing that he's losing senate democrats and this is a real crisis? >> i think so. i think that just the dynamic that vulnerable democrats are in with the election next year have been very hurt by obamacare. that's undeniable. the interesting thing is i think this is a result also of podesta going into the white house. the problem is that the new appointment is a woman who has
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great relationships,ist just really with the democrats. this clearly is meant to shore up that relationship. but obama is between a rock and a hard place. they really need to be able to reject his agenda and yet, she seems to be coming in also in part to kind of help them i guess embrace the climate change and the agenda and anything that's going to be moving major agendas again next year is going to only hurt people more. obama effectively has to allow the democrats to essentially reject him. i don't think that's what this woman's goal is going to be. >> we'll have to wait and see. kristy, the president has to do something to turn around his abyssmal numbers. these fox news poll numbers. his job performance on specific issues are way under water. all of them. economy and health care, approval at 37 and 36. his disapproval at 60 and 61 respectively. and the deficit, a scant 29%
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approve. 66% disapprove. how does he turn that around? >> i think you see this typically with second term presidents. there is usually a decline in the approval numbers. i don't think this is anything near cataclysmic. i think the hire of katy is meant to strengthen the relationship between the white house and democrats in congress. obviously this is somebody who comes from the schumer world and knows the white house very well as well as congress. seems to be that this is a response to calls from members of congress who think that the white house doesn't get their hands dirty enough when it comes to implementing their own initiatives. so it seems like this is going to be a pretty strong hire for them. >> tammy, the white house, as you point out, also bringing in john podesta, who guided bill clinton through some tough times. is he up to the task here of turning things around? are they going to have to do a full scale house cleaning?
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>> i think they're regretting that obama wasn't interested at all in creating relationships with congress of the he's not been involved in any kind of real governance. i think that's really coming back to haunt them now. >> that's not true. >> i don't think that being able to, for the next year when they're all under some heat -- congress themselves, senate democrats themselves lauded this because they felt out in the cold. right now what's going to have to happen -- this is the irony -- is obama will have to throw himself your honor the bus, himself under the bus in order to be able to maintain control of the senate unless he does want to lose all of congress in 2014. that looks like where it's headed. >> kristy, what about the point that tammy is making here? this is a president who has been repeatedly accused of being either disinterested or aloof toward his own party on capitol hill and is he now paying the price? >> i know he's now being responsive to it. she is right when you think about the hires of not just
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podesta and burns allen, but others to come in briefly to run the management of the affordable care act implementation. clearly he seems to be listening to people who said he needs to, again, get his hands a little bit more dirty. but one thing we're glossing over is that a much bigger dynamic that is changing is on the republican side. we saw it this week with john boehner knocking down the tea party after the budget deal. also seems like even paul ryan and eric cantor are sort of done with the tea party. i think that might be a symbol that the people who actually want to govern are now taking center stage. the people who just want to obstruct maybe getting that. >> tammy, the fallout over obamacare has been extreme to say the least. it may only get worse this next year. for reelection are in trouble in many of their home states over obamacare. republicans need to gain six seats to take control.
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how would you handicap that? >> look, at this point all the republicans really need to do is just to not make any waves, just step back. i think that the obama white house understands this and yet, there seems to be a little bit of a panic here. i don't know if -- look, podesta has been hired for a year and he's there to push things like amnesty and climate change, which doesn't make a lot of sense when you look at the fox news poll numbers that the american people are double digits away from what obama wants. so i think as has been the case, they mishandled obamacare. they're mishandling this. and what the republicans need to do is make it clear what they stand for and frankly, not get in obama's way. >> yeah. sit on your hands. tammy, kristy, good to see you both. thank you so much. >> thanks. >> good to be here. chris tom lynn is a superstar in christian music. more than 100 of his songs are sung in churches around the country on sun mornings. and he sat down with our own
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john roberts to take a look and speak about the state of christian music and the holiday season. john has the details now. ♪ ♪ >> walk into any contemporary christian church on any sunday and you're bound to hear a chris tom there, in song. >> when i'm writing, i'm thinking about the church as a whole, songs that help give voice to the average person. what can they sing to god? >> more than 100 of his worship songs are sung every week in tens of thousands of churches. the music is infectious, carrying the audience along on pop melodies and easy to sing choruses. >> i'm thinking, how do i make this the average guy who is tone deaf and can't clap on two and four? how can i write it? >> not every christian artist believes in the pop phrase formula. some say it's become simple and shallow.
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tomlin disagrees, insisting he's just a traditionalist rolling with the times. >> we're always trying to say something. we're trying to write in a way that's singable for people, in with the times. the hymns that we've come to love, when they were written, they were modern at their time. and i'm sure people were complaining about those. ♪ ♪ >> beyond the music and stage show, he's involved in social causes, the fight to end human trafficking and is worried about christian persecution, places like syria, iran, and nigeria. while there are calls for the obama administration to do more about it, tomlin believes ultimately the church must take the lead. >> we can't rely on just the government to take care of everything. i think that they should and hopefully are taking care of people where they need to be. but the church has got to do it. ♪ ♪ >> tomlin is also concerned christian tradition is being undermined in a rush to political correctness by government and public
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institutions. in particular, the much talked about war on christmas. >> for me, i'm not going to apologize for that. i'm never going to apologize for saying christmas is about jesus christ. and some day you may be put in jail for that. but too bad. >> you'll go to jail? >> of course. of course i would. that's like if you say, is christmas about jesus or not? it's about jesus. >> it's that passion that has made him the undisputed king of worship music. in atlanta, john roberts, fox news. >> preparations now underway in south africa to say final good-byes to nelson mandela. we'll have a live report from johannesburg. >> and as the troubled new health carrollout continues, many offices complain they're having trouble answering all the questions for their employees over obamacare and a bunch of other things. we're going to take a look at that issue coming up next
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nelson mandela's body arriving in his hometown today. the antiapartheid leader died on december 5 at age 95. now his state funeral is set for tomorrow as world leaders and civil rights activists gather to remember his legacy. greg palkot is in johannesburg with the latest. >> reporter: nelson mandela is coming home for the last time. the body of a man many here consider to be the father of modern day south africa was flown to the rural eastern part of this country where he was born, where he will be buried sunday. there had been flap earlier today, anti-apap tide veteran and mandela friend tutu thought he wasn't invited, said he wasn't going to attend. huge stir over that. now we are told he is coming.
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mandela's remains were transported on saturday via a hearst in a military procession from an airport in that eastern south africa region to the burial site that is his ancestral village, the locals will line the route hoping to get a glimpse of at least the casket of their late leader. among others attending the funeral, 4500 guests, dignitary, leaders from all over the world, including reverend jesse jackson and u.k.'s prince charles. it will be beamed live via satellite globally, but it will be set in a very basic village and the funeral will be conducted using age old traditions in his ethnic group. and it's not over then. on monday in south africa's capitol where we saw so much emotion over the last couple days, the public viewing of the body of mandela, there will be unveiling a statue of the man right in the heart of the government building. still a lot of love being shared for nelson mandela in this
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country. greg palkot, fox news. if you're confused about you're health bare kens -- care bens and retirement plans, you're not alone. a study found many human resource departments are absolutely swamped and may be stumped with a record 70% now referring workers to third parties for advice. we know staying on top of our personal finances can itself become really a full-time job. here to help sort it all out, kyle harrington, founder and managing partner of harrington capital management. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> there are so many things to consider, social security, irs, tax implications, and then of course, health savings account and obamacare what, will happen with that. it's overwhelming clearly employers are overwhelmed. are you heartened, however, that 70% of them are getting their
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workers to the right people for advice? >> well, i think this: i think a step in the right direction is to identify for these employers to identify a trusted advisor to map out a game plan for individuals because you're right, gregg. people are apprehensive. they're anxious. they're confused. the paperwork is laborious and so really sorting out -- call it a 2014 budget financial plan or comprehensive wealth management strategy that incorporates a lot of the things that you just highlighted, which is should i contribute to my 401(k) this year? how much should i contribute? health savings accounts. putting away money for certain events that come about that really a lot of people don't have a lot of extra cash laying around for sudden issues. >> i want to show you the
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results of a merrill lynch survey. very extensive. let's put the first one up. employees know they're not saving enough. 85% say i'm not saving enough. 59% report that they need help managing their retirement savings, yet only 21 of the participants seek education and guidance about it. why is that? >> well, i think that it is a process, gregg. it's work. it's work to sit down and understand, well, i'm going to be 60, 65, 70 some day. what do i have to do now in order to prepare for that? and in addition, gregg, the issues that are looming going into 2014, social security. if i'm 40 years old today, will there be a social security system in place when i'm preparing for retirement? i think what people need to do
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is be more pro-active about fiscal responsibility themselves. the way to start that, i think, is to be pro-active about sitting down with a trusted advisor to map out a game plan. >> you know what impressed me also about this merrill lynch survey? take a look at this. people are pretty happy with their benefits at work. 61%, financially well off. very satisfied. 27% not well off are very satisfied. but that's a very high number of folks who say, you know what? these are good workplace benefits. >> i'm not suggesting that the benefits package that some of the bigger institutions offer aren't good. what i'm suggesting is that retirement planning with some of the pension issues we've in this country, as well as the social security issues, people, i think, need to be more energetic toward preparing for their own financial future.
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the benefits packages seem to be -- they're offering a health care. they're offering a 401(k). but gregg, offering a it and then having people participate in it is a different thing. >> but i think they are because the final one i want to show you on this survey is this. the importance of retirement savings plans, 71% report their workplace plan will be their first or second largest source of income for retirement. 66 are contributing 5% into their 401(k). 78% contributing enough to get the max employer match. 58% have actually increased their contributions since enrolling in their plans. so people are taking advantage of this i think a wonderful device, this 401(k) for retirement. >> i think it is. it is. i wonder is that plus your social security, plus your pension -- get educated on all of these things is what i'm
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suggesting 'cause as we go into 14 and obamacare becomes more of an issue, i see health care costs going up and i think that get educated and have a fully diversified comprehensive plan and if some of that is covered within your workplace benefits, that's fantastic. just be prepared and be pro-active. >> okay. trying to figure out obamacare may be quite the challenge for this next year. collin, thanks very much. good to see you. >> thank you. a day of pain, heartache and solemn remembrance. today marks one year since the horrific mass shooting at sandy hook elementary school. the images of that day are unforgettable. the day the first family also remembering the victims. president obama and the first lady lighting candles in the white house for each of the victims and paused for a moment of silence. 26 candles were lit in the white house map room in memory of each life that was lost and in his
3:39 pm
weekly address, the president also honored the memories of those no longer with us in a heartfelt tribute. >> over the past year, their voices have sustained us and their example has inspired us, to be better parents and better neighbors, to give our children everything they need to face the world without fear. to meet our responsibilities not just to our own families, but to our communities. more than the tragedy itself, it's how newtown will be remembered. >> we'll be right back
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welcome back. time for a look at some of the headlines. china on the moon, landing an unmanned spacecraft on the lunar surface in the world's first soft landing in almost four decades. its space program aim to go put a chinese astronaut on the moon. iran joining the space race, claiming it sent a monkey into space for a second time. tehran says the capsule carrying the animal returned to earth safely. and the mega millions jackpot is growing even more. there was no winner last night. tuesday night's drawing could
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top $550 million. an interesting detail emerging about an american citizen who vanished nearly seven years ago in iran. the associated press broke the story on thursday and fox news confirms robert levinson was a c.i.a. officer at the time of his disappearance and now we're learning that democratic senator bill nelson of florida, a member of the intelligence committee, personally urged the a.p. not to run the initial story after he was approached by friends of levinson who are from florida. so bringing in now susan estridge, a law professor -- professor of law and political science at usc and a fox news contributor. susan, good to see you. >> good to see you, art. >> let's start here. the a.p. said it had agreed three times to delay publishing the story, quote, because the
3:45 pm
u.s. government said it was pursuing a promising lead to get levinson home. and as we said, he disappeared seven years ago in iran work there with the c.i.a. so i ask you, did the a.p. do the right thing? >> you know, i've been thinking about that a lot, art. i think if i were at the a.p., we always give our students this question -- if you got to make the decision, if i got to make the decision, i would not have printed the story based on what i know now, only because it would have been -- i would have been worried only if they think the a.p. has been in the past that publishing the story would be signing a death warrant for this guy. on the other hand, the a.p. having decided to publish the story if i put my professor of law cap on and ask is that action protected by the constitution, i think the answer is yes. >> of course, senator nelson says he personally asked the a.p.'s executive editor to
3:46 pm
withhold the publication and the a.p. said they decided to publish because it had determined that attempts to rescue levinson, have repeatedly come up empty and because the u.s. government has not received any confirmation that levinson is still alive in nearly three years. so susan, i don't know, will this affect access to sensitive or classified or hold for reless information to news outlets in the future? >> well, i mean, they got access and then you had a case of -- the famous ones were during war time, do you print troop movements? the answer has to be no, even though that's first amendment free speech. i think the pressure now is going to be various folks second guessing the a.p.'s decision. did they make the right decision? are we going to see a god forbid a body in a matter of days? i think the a.p. in its defense would probably say that the
3:47 pm
government hadn't heard from this guy in three years. underlying this is a not very attractive bit of what looks like rogue officers in virginia who were trying to put their own guy on the ground. so maybe the c.i.a. was protecting itself. i think it's a tough call. but under the first amendment, once that call was made in good faith by the a.p., i think it's protected speech. >> well, on that note, let's take a look at what "washington post" executive editor said. in a statement that the post decided to -- quote, the post decided to publish because this story contained important revelations about the c.i.a. that deserved ultimately to be disclosed. the story had been held for years by the a.p., but such a story shouldn't be held forever. enough time had passed. as you know, the post posted that story thursday afternoon, that was after the a.p. ran the
3:48 pm
story. >> right. and i think you're seeing other news organizations that have now come in, confirmed it, are running with it. but i think there is going to be a legitimate and healthy debate as there should be in this country about how the press makes these decisions, what protection they're entitled to, when they make them. no one exactly elected the editor of the a.p. as the arbiter of national security policy and yet, in a very real way, that's how he or she functions. >> makes for great discussions in your law class as well. thank you so much. good to see you as always. >> good to see you. happy holidays. >> merry christmas. don't forget, you can read susan estridge's syndicated columnist in newspapers across the country every wednesday and friday. take care, susan. you don't need a paint brush anymore. one artist is proving art can be done with an index finger and a
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tablet. the incredible digital artworks coming up.
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welcome back.
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british artist turning his finger in a participate prushousing the apple ipad using the digital medium. and claudia cow an has the story. a celebrated british artist is proving that great masterpieces don't need conventional artist materials at all. david created 150 new images on his ipad. the 76 year old hockney is cutting edge and revolutionizing the art world. >> this is where hand art and digital technology come together. i have not seen othersoused. >> he would make sketches on his
3:54 pm
iphone and send them to an art director. so far value is unknown. and now on the larger and portable iowa pad, he issousing bright color asks bold strokes to create intricate poses and challenge the printing process. this drawing is 12 feet tall on six large panels. >> working on his ipad, he uses brushes, a fro down load and simple to use. put your paint brush and color and draw. it is quick and easy to erase. >> the virtual landscapes are delighting the art lovers. >> i think it is fantastic. >> thanks to the esteemed artist and exhibits like this, it is inspiring artist to forego the
3:55 pm
traditional canvass. >> it is a new medium and we'll so more artist using the ipad with a whole variety of apps and not just the brush to make their works of art and i think it is here to stay. >> this exhibit closes in late january, in san francisco fox news. >> i like. it great stuff. >> the snow storm not stopping the navy- army game. they are playing in the lincoln philly. and it is one 14th year that the game was held. despite the snow u.s. navy midship man picked up the 12th consective win against the army black knights. >> really close one?
3:56 pm
nail byter. >> jamie colby is in for harris faulkner coming up with the fox report and we leave times square with the snow coming down. >> have a great evening.
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this is the fox report. tonight a new warning about the nsa's ability to break in your cell phone and listen to your private conferrings. i am jamie colby. >> no one is listen toth telephone calls and not what this program is about. >> six months ago president obama insisting that americans have nothing to worry about. but now nou new documents that the spy agency can look crack the enkripgdz codes on your phone and making us target. >> he was armed with a machete and comboif. >> search for answers after


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