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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  December 14, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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he was supposed to be translating in sign at nelson mandela's memorial service. instead, he was flapping his arms in meaningless repetitive gestures and shuffling around faking it so badly that even if you didn't know sign language, you knew he was either an imposter or a nut job. hello. welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight. jantjie, the supposed sign interpreter who was within inches of president obama, failed to sign a single word
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correctly but he did manage to flash the gang sign for the california mafia crips athens park boys and something that looked like the university of texas hook 'em horns gesture. and then there's this one. well, you can figure it out. and get this. he did the same thing last year at a presidential event. the african national congress however never even entertained the complaint. here's a message to the government of south africa. if you can't find any good sign interpreters, i have a recommendation. try something like this. >> now a public service to those of our viewers who have difficulty with their hearing. i will repeat the top story of the day aided by the head master of the new york school for the hard of hearing, garrett morris. our top story tonight --
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>> our top story tonight -- >> good night and have a pleasant tomorrow. >> good night and have a pleasant tomorrow. >> but thamsanqa is not job a fraud. he's a whack job, a violent schizophrenic who spent as much as a year in a mental institution, wants to be institutionalized the day of mandela's service, but left to attend the funeral, where he admits he heard voices and saw angels soaring into the stadium while he did his sign two-step. but folks, it gets even better. he's a violent criminal, a frequent guest of the south african jails for charges like rape, theft, burglary, property damage, murder, attempted murder and kidnapping. so mentally unfit, he wasn't
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even competent to stand trial on some of those charges. and that murder charge, well, the south african government can't find the contents of the murder file, although they say the case has been resolved and is disposed of. and south africa is a nuclear power. hey, maybe the angels that he saw flew off with the file. now, this would be hysterical if it weren't so deadly dangerous. so what's up with the secret service? how did they not screen someone standing within inches of the president of the united states of america. a minimal investigation would reveal the so-called signer was a fraud, a violent mental schizophrenic and a violent criminal. and you guys get paid for what? but then again, these are the same bozos about whom chronicles
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of ineptitude are rampant. you remember the salahis, not on the guest list but wanted into that presidential party? no problem. the secret service will let you in even at a time when threats against the president are at an all-time high. but to give the secret service some credit, they are sensitive to the economic woes of other nations. openly supporting the economy of colombia by enlisting the services of prostitutes. that behavior described by some as falling under the long-tolerated and unwritten code, what happens in the secret service stays in the secret service. and what's that? prostitution isn't illegal in colombia? oh, i feel so much better and i'll bet the secret service guys' wives do, too.
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so what's the fuss? only the president's whereabouts and his itinerary are at risk. of course, the then head of the secret service says this kind of behavior is an anomaly so why is it when the secret service shows up in town, they're referred to as the secret circus? okay. forget the sex stuff. forget the party crashers. explain how you let the vice president's secret service vehicle get stolen from a hotel parking lot in detroit. might the location have something to do with it? might something have been going on in that hotel? now, some say both south africa and the secret service were responsible for the president's safety, but the safety of the president of the united states is within the exclusive jurisdiction of the secret service. how could you possibly rely on south africa, given their familiarity with thamsanqa's
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criminal and fraudulent behavior and how does the secret service permit a clearly dangerous man within inches of the president of the free world? look, i know the integrity, the devotion and the courage of many agents in the secret service. these guys, men and women, will take a bullet for the president. that's not even up for debate here. but come on, guys. how do you not check this man out? i don't care if the pope vouches for him. your job is to check him out again. it's law enforcement 101. or were you too busy looking to bump up the south african economy with your secret circus? why wasn't this plan better? givenat nelson mandela was in deteriorating health and on life support for months. is everyone incompetent in the obama administration?
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but hey, you can rely on good old jay carney to cover for you. >> the secret service does extraordinary work to ensure the safety and security of its protectees, principally the president of the united states. >> really, jay? extraordinary work? although honestly, jay, i have a better idea. instead of wasting your breath making believe the secret service did a good job in south africa, i would encourage you to tell the secret service to beef up the president's security. their resources would be better spent making sure that michelle obama doesn't kill the president for taking that selfie with that blonde in south africa at the service. with me, conservative columnist and author of "never trust a liberal over 3," ann coulter. all right, ann, can you believe
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this stuff? >> no, i think it's fantastic. it's my favorite story of the week. >> how incompetent is this administration? >> they are a little too competent in a lot of things. i wish they were more incompetent but they got obama care through and that's going to wreck the country. they managed to pull that one off. >> what do you think of what's going on with obamacare now? we've got the secretary of health and human services, kathleen sebelius who says you know what, those insurance companies, they should allow people to get their premiums in on december 31st for coverage on january 1st. does she really believe that an insurance company is going to listen to her when she can't even get it right? >> well, unfortunately, they will probably have to. these insurance companies, i mean, they are beholden to the obama administration so even though it's completely outrageous what the administration is asking, and
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that is people haven't been able to sign up for their plans, because of the web page, so the obama administration is simply ordering insurance companies to extend coverage to people who have not paid yet. it's a taking under the constitution. it's pretty shocking but other than obama, the most arrogant human being whose salary you pay, american taxpayers, is kathleen sebelius. remember when the whole thing started with the website and congress called her for oversight, she announced i don't work for them. >> exactly. exactly. now of course she's telling the internet companies that were supposed to set up the website, you don't have to listen to congressional oversight committee, you're not going to hand over your records. >> right. >> but having said all that with sebelius, can you think of a reason why the woman should stay? >> well, no one ever goes in this administration. eric holder handed over hundreds
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of guns to mexican drug cartels all in order to pump up the left argument that american guns were being used in mexican crimes. it really is that fast and furious as the operation was called, it's the most outrageous scandal other than the actual passage of obamacare, i would say in american history. it would be as if a republican administration started sending, you know, poisonous abortifacents to abortion clinics to pump up our argument that abortion is a bad thing. oh, it's killing the mothers now, too. they were allowing the mexicans and at least one american to die with these illegal guns being put in the hands of criminal gangs and did eric holder, the man who presided over the department of justice who did this, did he get fired? why, no, jeanine, he did not. >> the sad part, ann, and we have to recognize this, this is the third anniversary of the
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killing of brian terry, one of the fast and furious weapons, and look, you're a lawyer, too. the whole idea that that federal file was sealed, the indictment file which is a public record so that people wouldn't get the information they wanted and the case was quietly resolved, i think it's just typical of how the obama administration just makes believe things didn't happen when they don't want people talking about it. >> no, that's right. i think it's worth mentioning at this juncture, this is like lesson 1,837,000 that no matter what your politics are, you should always vote for a republican because at least with a republican administration, there is an adversary media to expose these things. i know right wingers are beginning to sound like a broken record saying can you imagine. >> that's a very interesting point. at least you know there will be a back and forth. very quickly, i got 30 seconds, what's next for obama care? >> well, we have to repeal it. it's not going to fall of its own accord. i think that's an important point because you keep hearing
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people say don't get in the way, it's collapsing. it can't collapse on its own. the government has [ inaudible ] public education but yet we still have it with us. yet another reason you must vote republican because the only way it's going to get repealed is if if republicans take the senate in hopefully three and a half years, also the presidency. >> ann coulter, thanks for being with us. >> thank you. up next, the gloves are off. the heated exchange between texas congressman michael burgess and secretary sebelius. he joins us next. and vote in tonight's poll. can you think of a reason why health and human services secretary sebelius should stay? facebook or tweet me.
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i've already said that i think the launch was flawed and failed and frustrating for millions of people, unacceptable. we want to both figure out exactly the chain of events, what went wrong, which is why i've asked the inspector general to help do this investigation. >> wait a minute. kathleen sebelius, the woman tasked with implementing obamacare, given almost four years to do it, almost 100,000 employees at her beck and call, hundreds of millions of dollars to do it with, who lied to congress saying it would be ready on october 1st when every expert knew it could never be ready, and who said she was not concerned with fault but instead, with fixing the problem, who still hasn't fixed
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the problem, now wants to know who's at fault? are you kidding? this is like the fox watching the henhouse. it's like you're caught driving a stolen car and you're now demanding, demanding to know who stole that car or better yet, it's like hillary and the benghazi accountability review board, the one that she appointed who never questioned her and then exonerated her. and by the way, if you really want to know who's at fault, how about you let the congressional committee charged with oversight and government reform, made up of both republicans and democrats, do their job. let them investigate. and how dare, how dare you tell those contractors that you now say you want investigated not to
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provide congress with the very records that they have subpoenaed. who do you think you are? and contrary to what you've said and what you believe, you work for us, the american people. oh, i forgot. in this administration, when you mess up, you get a promotion. like sarah hall ingram from the irs scandal. susan rice from that benghazi scandal. victoria newland promoted after the state department scandal. and all signs point to hillary going for the biggest promotion of them all in 2016. with me, house energy and commerce committee member and doctor who practiced medicine for nearly three decades, congressman michael burgess joins us from texas. good evening, congressman. >> good evening, judge.
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>> all right. where are we with obamacare and the website? >> well, i think you've just really hit the nail on the head with your last discussion. this is what frustrates people so much, this business as usual attitude. two weeks before october 1st, when one of secretary sebelius's lieutenants was in before our committee i asked him a yes or no question, reminded him he was under oath, i said yes or no, sir, are you going to be ready. he wouldn't answer but the answer he gave was actually more of an indictment than a simple yes or no would have been. he said you will be able to go on the website, you will be able to see premiums and subsidies and you will be able to enroll. all three of those things were false. >> scary. congressman burgess, stick around. when we come back, i want to know your thoughts on sebelius' so-called investigation request.
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texas congressman michael burgess is back with us. all right, congressman, you questioned secretary sebelius at a house hearing this week and it got quite heated. were you satisfied with the answers you got from her? >> no, absolutely not. i mean, here's the problem and you try to get her to answer a straightforward question and she's very good at not responding in a responsive way. the fundamental unit of a business transaction is where you pull out the money, you put the cash on the dash. you cannot do that with their website in purchasing insurance. i know because i have been trying to purchase my individual insurance since the 1st of october. i'm still not through the process yet. and i can just imagine what poor people are going through all over the country who are losing their current insurance and are trying to do the right thing to replace it but the system is so broken and so flawed, no one can take your money. how is that going to work? >> congressman, one of the
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problems is, we had a woman we've had on several times, stage four cancer, lost her coverage, scheduled for another round of chemotherapy. she can't get on the website. she's trying to call people. i mean, people's lives are at stake here, and they're talking about let's get an investigation going on. investigate what? you're the one who did it. but congressman, i want you to take a listen to jay carney from yesterday. >> the president has confidence in secretary sebelius and appreciates the work that she's done. >> let me get this straight. the president has confidence in and appreciates sebelius' work. really? what has the woman done? >> you know, in april she came and testified before our committee. i asked her then if there were any problems. she had just gotten a report, the so-called red team report, that they had commissioned. mckenzie corporation came in and said you got big problems, you got no identifiable end point, no one's in charge, you got a launch at full volume on a
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certain date, it's a recipe for. she knew that, yet she testified under oath before our committee that everything is on track, everything looks just fine. this is the problem. they actually cut down their inspector general budget right at the 1st of october so they would have more money to pay for navigators as this thing came online. i honestly don't know if she has the money or the budget to do an investigation but i welcome someone competent investigating the department. let's hold some people accountable. >> but congressman, is it the house oversight and government reform committee, isn't it their job? she is telling them, these internet companies, not to give the records over to congress. forget about her budget and the i.g. you guys should be doing this. >> well, the internet companies are in fact, i think they are somewhat reticent to come forward because they don't want to incur the wrath of the administration. that's why the subpoenas are so important. they need to have actually the protection of a subpoena so they
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can come and tell us truthfully what's been going on. no one at this point from the white house is going to come forward and tell us what's been happening in their secret meetings. >> is it frustrating to you, congressman, that even if the secretary sebelius were to be held in contempt for obstruction, i want to get to that question in a minute, but you know, with this administration and this attorney general, knowing what we know here on the third anniversary of the death of brian terry from fast and furious, they don't prosecute anyone. >> no. certainly the attorney general's at the top of the list of people that just have to go. you know, look, go back in the administration. you can remember people that certainly the press and certainly the congress identified as there's a problem here and someone needs to be replaced, and they did. but not in this administration. i don't know what you have to do to get fired in the obama administration. it's almost beyond comprehension. plenty of people in that department should go. >> well, yeah, and we should go
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to the irs in cincinnati and political enemies, et cetera, et cetera. but i want to ask you this, congressman. you know the law. is this administration obstructing justice? i want you to listen to congressman issa. >> the fact is that kathleen sebelius is not providing america the truth. as a matter of fact, in a letter that i sent to her, i warned her that her people are actually obstructing justice, they are telling individual companies who have serious reports on security flaws, in other words, vulnerability to hackers, not to provide us the information. >> what say you, congressman, about that? >> well, i think chairman issa, obviously heads a different committee than the one i'm on but i think he's exactly right. and the remedies are limited at the level of congress. you saw, we did hold the attorney general in contempt last year, civil and criminal contempt. those things are working their way through the courts but he's
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still there in spite of the contempt of congress vote that he had last year. i don't think there's any question that secretary sebelius is out of her depth in trying to manage these problems. i think she must know that. i just cannot believe she feels she's serving the administration, her boss, the president. i can't feel that she's serving -- she's not doing a good job for them, and you know, if i were in that position, i would certainly be looking for a way out. >> you got to wonder, congressman, if they even care. anyway, congressman burgess, thanks so much for being with us this evening. >> thank you. the biggest political lie of 2013 goes to -- we'll give you a hunt. he lives in a big white house. that's next.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm robert gray. new revelations tonight about our nation's top spy agency. a report in the "washington
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post" reveals the national security administration has the ability to bypass encryption technologies in most cell phones around the world. federal law bans the nsa from collecting the content of conversations between americans without a court order. but there are growing concerns that other nations may also have this technology. nelson mandela is back home. a hearse carrying the body of the former south african president has arrived in a rural village, where he will be buried early tomorrow. as the convoy passed by, people lining the route applauded and wept. florida state quarterback jameis winston is this year's heisman trophy recipient. the second straight freshman to win college football's most prestigious individual honor. i'm robert gray. now back to "justice with judge jeanine." if you like your doctor, you'll be able to keep your doctor. if you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan.
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if you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. period. >> if you like your insurance plan, you will keep it. no one will be able to take that away from you. it hasn't happened yet. it won't happen in the future. >> drum roll, please. the lie of the year for 2013 goes to none other than president barack obama. his catchy "if you like your health care plan, you can keep it" has topped the list. meanwhile, this week, the white house in full crisis mode, made a house call to the sexiest man alive, adam levine, along with a bunch of other liberal hollywood celebs to help boost the obamacare enrollment. with me is news editor for and fox news contributor, katie pavlich and democratic strategist, steve lacer. all right, guys. you know what, steve, let me ask you a question. i'll go right to you.
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when you saw the president say that over and over and over again, did you cringe? >> you know, i have to tell you, i looked into this lie of the year thing. i love the folks over at politifact. they went off the rails this time. i'll tell you why. >> they went off the rails? >> they did. they did. the health insurance companies had a way to not have to cancel everybody's policy. all they had to do was make a couple adjustments, they wouldn't have had to cancel everybody. i think that's what the president expected them to do. it's what i expected them to do. they make money by having people on their policy. why would they cancel people? >> want to answer that? >> we're going back now to it's the insurance companies' fault even though they were complying with obamacare? let's stick to the facts. >> they were complying by canceling? >> they went -- >> by canceling? >> let's talk through it again. >> they had to add a couple items to each of the health insurance policies. >> like maternity care. >> you're supposed to pay for that. you want the white house to tell
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the insurance companies you have to suffer this economic loss and cover all these people because we want you to pay for their problem? >> no, they could have increased premiums. >> which they have. >> and people would have had a choice to either keep those policies or go -- >> okay. okay. >> you are telling us that president obama did not lie or did not mislead the american people? >> that's exactly right. >> let's walk through this. we have gone from president obama saying if you like your insurance plan, you can keep it, period, to well, if you like your insurance plan before, you can keep it. now we're at the point of you're saying if you like your doctor and your insurance plan, you can pay to keep it, right? then going back to the politifact argument, they have no credibility left. they went from rating this true to half true to oh, now it's the lie of the year. so not only were they covering for the president in the beginning, now it's the lie of the year like we already knew.
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>> you are sitting here on national television telling us that it's the insurance companies' fault and not the obama's fault for telling people that they could keep their health care plan. >> you know, judge, ironically -- >> is he not a smart guy? >> they had this information in their rating when they rated it pants on fire lie of the year. >> forget politifact. i'm asking you a question. it's a very easy question. the question is, did the president mislead the american people by saying they could keep their health care? >> no. he did not. >> he did not. >> lie of the year right here. >> hold on. how about the fact that in 2010, the white house knew that that was not a possibility, that americans could not keep their health care? >> it was a possibility. all -- i'm going back to the same point. all the insurance companies had to do is upgrade the policy and they would have been grandfathered. >> by giving men and women who
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are 55 maternity coverage. >> you know, and making sure -- well, whatever. i'm not going to go there. let's talk about this. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius is refusing to hand over documents and telling the companies that she hired that they don't have to turn over documents to a house committee. is this woman, number one, does she understand the law and number two, are they trying to hide something? >> the obama administration trying to hide something? when there's bad about tictivit on? we have never seen that before. you had darrell issa this week sending a letter to kathleen sebelius saying there is no precedent for you to be able to tell companies they can't turn over information to congress. essentially what health and human services has done is they have set up this contract with these companies that says you do not respond to congress. that's illegal. you're not allowed to do that. >> you've got the executive, the legislative and the judicial and for the executive to try to cut
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back on the legislative branch of government is just unheard of. let me ask you this. what about this celebrity recruitment thing. does that work? >> i have to love this at this point because you have obamacare and hollywood celebs, two things that conservatives absolutely love to go crazy about. listen, this is a public service announcement that they're doing here. it's a policy that is in law. they do this kind of stuff all of the time. get vaccinated, go get health care. this is -- >> how do you get health care if you can't get on the website? you opened your several self up one. what do you mean, it happens all the time? if they spent money helping the american people right now who lost their health care and are stage four terminal cancer patient and can't get their chemo patients, instead of trying to promote their own positive image, they would be doing the american people a favor. >> i think they should do both those things. absolutely. >> if they could only do one, which should they do? hire celebrities or help people who can't get medical care because they changed the rules
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and lied about it? answer it. >> put that way, you got me there. >> there is nothing better than a group of elitist hollywood celebrities promoting a law that they're not affected by and that is ruining the middle class. that's all you need to know about the obama administration bringing in people like adam levine to promote this law. >> you know, do you think that the fact that they are bringing these people in is going to impact, steve, i'm going to go to you now, you got a 26-year-old, he's going to look at adam levine or girl, i don't care who likes who, right, can they influence them into buying health care? >> i don't know if they would influence them into buying it. they certainly make them think about it if they don't have health care already. this is a nice reminder for folks that it's time to sign up for the exchange, time to get health care. i love it. >> do you know any 26 year olds who are buying health care? >> personally, no. >> do you? >> i can tell you that i bought my own health insurance when i was younger than 26. i'm still younger than 26 years old. i have health insurance through my employer luckily. but this is the problem.
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doesn't matter if celebrities will go out and promote this, people will go on the exchanges no matter how old you are, see how expensive it is, they couldn't afford it before and can't afford it now. >> certainly can't afford it now, katie and steve, thanks for being with us. coming up, you can't keep your doctor, your insurance or your patients. the unbelievable impact obama care is having on one doctor and how she's fighting back. she's here, next. don't forget to vote in tonight's poll. can you think of a good reason why health and human services secretary sebelius should stay? facebook or tweet me.
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test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test
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the claim that if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, not true. and my next guest is the proof. she not only stands to lose 25% of her patients because of this lie, but also had her own health care or her own health insurance plan canceled because of obamacare. with me, ophthalmologist dr. patricia mcloughlin, who testified this week in front of congress. all right, dr. mcloughlin, thanks for being with us this evening. how has obama care affected you and your patients? >> it started out that i have a
6:45 pm
small group insurance policy, and i was given notice that it was going to be nonrenewed starting january 1st of 2014. my anniversary date. and i was totally shocked by that, because it was a high ppo level plan. it was a comprehensive plan. it wasn't missing anything. when i was notified it was not going to be renewed, the letter suggested that another plan would be forthcoming, that would be comparable and i could stay within the same insurance carrier but i had to wait to see what they were going to offer. a couple weeks later, that letter came in describing the new plan which now had in network benefits only instead of both out of network and in network benefits, so it cut off half of my ability to see people outside of the network, and it was only in network requiring referrals which was very surprising. it was called an epo and epo level plans traditionally never needed referrals so this was
6:46 pm
another obstacle to happen. but the pathway network which was the new network of participating in network doctors was going to be so much smaller than my current network of doctors, which meant everyone that i currently went to, everyone that my employees went to, was no longer going to be participating and this was in network only. which meant we could keep our doctor, but we would have to pay for it out of our own pocket which would not go to our deductible which, by the way, increased from $2,000 to $2500. >> okay, i'm going to stop you there. you know, a lot of people don't understand this, you know, this ppo, epo and all this other, you know, terminology. you are a physician. >> right. >> you are impacted not just in terms of yourself and your employees, but in terms of your patients. did you ever think that when obama care was passed that this kind of thing would happen? >> no. absolutely not.
6:47 pm
this was a total shock. >> how is this going to impact this country? >> the doctors today are greatly concerned, because our patients are going to have great difficulty accessing care. now, we have the other side telling us this isn't true, but i can tell you from my own observations that the network of physicians is so much smaller, these doctors are already maximally busy. how are they going to take on so many more patients? >> you know what's great, they can hire how many thousands of irs agents to make sure that people buy obamacare, but they can't make sure that there are more doctors to take care of people. but that's just an aside. you testified in front of congress this week. how do you think you were received? >> well, it was a wonderful experience, and i must say, however, that there still is, in my opinion, a third that are hard right, a third that are probably hard left on this
6:48 pm
committee and then there's that third in the middle that you just pray that the three doctors who testified were able to reach and that they're strong enough to carry some other hands from both sides and allow us to fix the problems that need to be fixed now and have the patients have access to care and let the doctors take care of them. after all, that's what we do. >> dr. mcloughlin, very well said. thank you so much for being with us this evening. >> thank you. have a good evening. coming up, you're not going to believe what one democrat said about benghazi. and congressman westmoreland still fighting to find out why four americans died on the september 11th attack. he joins us live. and this is your last chance to vote in tonight's instapoll. can you think of a good reason why health and human services secretary sebelius should stay? facebook or tweet me.
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can you address benghazi? what are you going to do about benghazi? why isn't benghazi at the top of your issue? >> well, i'm certainly not here to talk about it. we're here to talk about the middle east. >> is that about the middle east. >> that's right in the middle of the middle east. benghazi is the middle east. >> that was new hampshire congresswoman during a question and answer session on the middle east answering a question about the september 11th benghazi massacre saying she wasn't going to talk about it because
6:53 pm
benghazi is not in the middle east. congresswoman, libya was defined by the eisenhower doctrine of 1957 and if you read a newspaper lately or looked at a map, you would know that and you're a congresswoman. we reached out to her and she gave us a statement saying her focus is now on benghazi and getting to the bottom of it. maybe she should have had that answer sooner. one congressman that will talk about benghazi joins me now. good evening congressman. >> good evening. before i get to her, you have been sitting in on some of the sbel committee meetings. we're learning more about what's going on in benghazi. >> we are. we're talking to people on the ground in benghazi and those people that came from tripoli into help and so far we talked to about 8 of them and we're starting to find out some of the facts that really went on.
6:54 pm
>> and congressman, in terms of the guys you have spoken to that bring you some of the things, there are people. well t security officers that were asked the temporary mission facility weren't prepared. they didn't have the right armorment and when the cia operators got to there they weren't armed. they said they didn't even know if they ever fired a weapon. one of them was barefoot. so, you know, it's going to come back to the state department i'm afraid. >> well, don't be afraid. just do whatever you got to do. >> think about it, these guys are getting danger pay because they're in a danger zone and you have cia guys with no guns. >> no, these weren't cia guys.
6:55 pm
>> who were the ones? >> rsos, regional security officers, they work for the state department. we don't have access to those. we talk to the cia operatives that were at the annex that went over to rescue them and the cia agents thrown down from tripoli. >> all right. i have to segway a little. what do you think about what your colleague from congress, that kuser said that benghazi is not in the middle east. >> i don't even know what to say about a lot of them up there if you want to know the truth. >> where we are right now in new hampshire. >> well, okay, down there. >> doesn't shah shock you though. >> sure it does. >> how can the american people have confidence when she has something to talk about the middle east and she says i'm not talking about benghazi. >> thank god our founding fathers didn't put in the constitution that you had to be
6:56 pm
smart to be in congress. >> well, any event, thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. all right. now it's time for the results of tonight's instapoll. can you think of a good reason why health and human services secretary sebelius should stay? some of you said no. but some had good reason why she should stay. she know where is the bodies are buried. she should stay because she's not qualified for the position like the rest of the administration from the president on down and she needs to completely go down with the ship tied to the mast. oh, that's not nice. while douglas writes to keep her from coming back to kansas, we don't want her back. she may find that yellow brick road. but anyway, john sums it up best when he says she should stay because there's a promotion in her future. that's it for us tonight.
6:57 pm
thanks for joining us. remember to facebook me. to friend me on facebook follow me on twitter. see you next week. same time, same place, same me.
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have to be real careful out here. i got this v 8 in my truck and i have to be real careful. so i'm just easing on along down the road and being real careful. >> slow and steady wins the race. it really does. i know everybody wants to drive like a mad man out here but it's just nice and easy, you know. >> what do you think of this weather? do you think it's going to effect people going out there. >> new york, they were out shopping at 1:00 this morning in times square. it's beautiful. >> hey, everybody. welcome to what is literally the great white way. tonight a snowy times square here in new york city where a massive storm all up and down the northeast coast has


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