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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  December 16, 2013 6:00am-8:01am PST

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>> merry christmas to you guys, too. thanks again for having us. >> you bet. >> thanks. >> log on to the after the show show. it should be fantastic. i heard what they were going to talk about. you're not going to believe it. >> the pressure is on, brian. >> you better say it. bill: we will tune in for that. good morning. fox news alert now. a packed suburban mall at the height of the christmas shopping season and the suspect today is still on the run. good morning, everybody. live here in "america's newsroom." martha: i am martha mccallum. this happened at short hills, in new jersey. a young man shot to death in front of his horrified wife after they were held up at gunpoint in the parking lot. >> they said there was an emergency, nobody could go in the building. >> did you have any idea there was a shooting?
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>> one of my coworkers and said she outside when it happened. >> with a gun, you're going to be on edge. they made a good decision how they would handle it. it seems like it is under control, as far as i can tell. martha: shoppers are left wondering how safe it is at this mall or any mall this time of the year. bill: more now from there. what is the latest now? reporter: not a great deal of new information has been released. what we do know for certain is it was 9:10 last night when this couple walked into the parking garage near the nordstrom store, preparing to enter their range rover when suddenly they found themselves confronting two men. the husband was shot, the wife apparently not injured. last night the county prosecutor
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spoke to reporters, here is what she said. speak approximately 9:10 this evening the third level of the parking deck outside of one of the stores, there was a carjacking as well as a shooting. tragically a 30-year-old resident male was shot. we don't know how many times. he was shot in the head. reporter: the man who was shot in the head was taken to a nearby medical facility, and that is where he died a short time later. bill: sorry about the interruption, but what is the latest on this search if there is a man or more than one person on the run. reporter: authorities say they are searching for two individuals. they have not yet released any description, but a license plate of the car that they took. it is a silver colored range
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rover. last seen heading in an easterly direction, but that is now some 12 hours ago and that vehicle and occupants could be virtually anywhere. bill: david lee miller, thanks. we will be back in touch throughout the day when there are updates. martha: meanwhile a 17-year-old girl shot at a colorado high school is now in a coma. claire davis is a senior at the high school, she was shot in the head at point blank range by a fellow student who then turned the gun on himself. the deputy read a prepared statement asking everyone for their support. >> our beautiful daughter, claire davis, has severe head trauma as a result of the gunshot. she needs your continued prayers.
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we would like to thank our family, friends, the community and the equestrian community for their outpouring of love and support, as well as the school for their continued support of the students and teachers. martha: what a story this is. 18-year-old karl pearson was armed with a shotgun, machete and had molotov cocktails in his backpack when he attacked the school. police believe he was looking for revenge on the debate team instructor who had recently dropped him from the team. this fox news alert for you this morning, could edwards noted cut a deal? a deal offering amnesty for return of all the documents that snowden stole is where the conversation. but the state department did not agree. live from washington. what do we know about this today? reporter: good morning, martha. even the discussion of amnesty
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for edward snowden, the former investigator assessment damage broke the idea to cbs "60 minutes." >> my personal view is it is worth having conversation about. i would need assurances the remainder of the data could be secured and it would be very high, more than just an assertion on his part. reporter: a spokesperson said that with his personal view, not administrative view. they make the argument leading snowden off the hook for stealing and releasing leasing n would only encourage others. former cia director and nsa director made the position on the sunday talk shows. >> he seems to have a negotiating edge on us because he can hold this over us in terms of negotiating. but i wouldn't do it. i wouldn't do it because that simply motivates future snowden.
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reporter: those requests have not been honored yet. martha: what do they mean snowden has the kings to the kingdom? >reported that more than six months since that leak, it is still unclear how much the former contractor took. last week the head of the nsa explained to congress how edward snowden was able to access those documents referred to as the keys to the kingdom. >> his job was to move data. he was a person who was to move the books from point a to point b. he was the web server administrator. his job was to do what he did. and therein lies part of the problem. reporter: alexander has said publicly 200,000 documents were provided to reporters and "the
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guardian" newspaper which has released both of them so far says it at least 90-95% still remain. martha: thank you very much. bill: for american hiding in russia to one missing in iran, secretary john kerry speaking out about the disappearance of robert levinson. seen here. the u.s. is doing everything they can to find him, saying the family says the united states has left him behind. >> it hasn't been progress in that we don't have him back, but to suggest we have abandoned him or anybody has abandoned him is simply incorrect. and not helpful. bill: fox news confirming over the weekend levinson was working for the cia an when he went misg 2007. despite claims by the governme government, he was there working on private business. martha: we have information on one of the boston marathon bombers. he was reportedly hearing voices in his head and thought his mind was being controlled by outside
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forces according to a five-month investigation by "the boston globe." the 26-year-old was killed and a shootout with police. his 19-year-old brother was erected in faces federal charges on terrorism. three people were killed that day, more than 200 injured when a pressure cooker bomb, several were set off at boston marathon. bill: and new associated press poll, nearly half of those who have coverage. the policies are changing because of obamacare. these 9% say their premiums are going up. premiums and deductibles are spiking. these are people who do not need obamacare. what does it tell us? >> tells us a lot about the future. a political problem and economic problem. half the people who got a plan say we will be forced to change it, the president said you could keep it.
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55% say yeah, we will pay a whole lot more. the same number say the deductible they pay will go straight up. all of this is a political problem for the president going forward. many will be disappointed when their plans change and they are paying more. secondly, it is an economic problem going into next year because all this money in higher deductibles and higher premiums will be taken out of the rest of the economy and dedicated to health care. bill: is it fair to say the more people who find out this law, the more they do not like it, can we say that, stuart? >> yes, that is based on the polls we have received so far. you're going to have to change, pay more, have coverage when you don't necessarily want it and you will be forced to have coverage as more people find out about it, the less popular it is. bill: thank you, sir.
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martha: the mega millions jackpot is about to get even bigger. right now the price for tuesday's drawing is $550 million. lottery officials say strong sales over the weekend could push the number passed even last year's record of $656 million. the odds of hitting that jackpot are about one in 258 million. so good luck. you need a dollar and a dream, that is all you need. bill: that is like your tagline, isn't it? martha: what are your thoughts if you win the jackpot. send us a tweet. bill: fire away now. and new obamacare headaches, why thousands of americans could be in for a rude surprise the next time they try to head to the doctor. plus. martha: paul ryan in the line of fire from conservatives as the budget deal he helped put together moves to the senate for
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a vote. the key support ryan is picking up from a tea party senator, we will debate. bill: chilling final words newly released audiotape of the final words and chaos of 19 hotshot firefighters. fighting to stay alive in arizona.
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martha: tragedy for newly married couple just hours after they got married. william reilly night was killed on his way to a hotel from the wedding reception on saturday night. he stopped on the side of the road to help a stranded motorist. both he and the motorist were
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struck by not one, but three passing cars. police have ruled this an accident, his wife saw the whole thing happen from their car, said she is in terrible condition. d human services now admitting 15,000 applications submitted to the online exchange did not make it to the insurer. on the first of january unsuspecting americans may find out they have no coverage at all. jenna goldberg, fox news contributor, how are you, and good morning to you. >> happy monday. bill: and to you. this story came out over the weekend. what are the say of how the is working now? >> i think it says the system is in total chaos right now. the facade the ministrations ads putting forward with a lot of help from the mainstream media is that the website has been
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"fixed." the reality is the website has been fixed to the extent it creates user experience for the consumer that seems remarkably lifelike. but we don't actually know if it is truly working. we know now according to this one estimate that 15,000 federal exchanges have basically put their applications through obamacare into a bottle, thrown out in the ocean and has never reached the other side. the idea somehow the state exchanges are going great is overhyped as well. i have a lot of similar problems with state exchanges as well. bill: we don't really know how this is going to go. i take it we won't know until we get to january. >> that is the biggest problem with this, there are so many unknown unknowns as donald rumsfeld has said. we don't know all the problems going on and the administration is so determined to make sure everything is under control like
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kevin bacon in "animal house," everything is fine, stay calm as everybody's getting trampled. there is a real problem on the surface because in a pretty lawless declaration said they really, really, really would like the insurance companies to honor everybody's expectation of coverage what they have it or not, whether they have the paperwork or not, that is because they're terribly afraid of all these terrible stories of somebody over new year's eve having an accident thinking may have coverage and finding out they don't. bill: part of the problem is the white house, the administration is controlling the information. but that lead comes off when we move into 2014. >> that is right. big chunks of the lid have been off for a while. people in their daily experience
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coming to the conclusion this thing is an unbelievable mess. the problems and the messages matter less and less. that process is only going to accelerate. obamacare is now officially unpopular with the uninsured in this country, which is just amazing. bill: the more people who find out about it, the more they do not like it, right? >> the more these press conferences, the more these numbers that come out of washington become utterly abstract with what is going on with people's real lives. you see all of the sunday shows over the weekend, people have the assurance canceled for years, their coverage near road, people complain about these things for years, you cannot blame it all on obamacare. but with obamacare, the government is taking over it all. they are in charge of an hmo thing where everybody's problem on health care, they blame one
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policy, one law, one president. bill: to put a fine point on this," we're getting about with what the issue is at the moment. technical improvements makes a difference to consumers using the website, our tension remains address the back end part of the system. that is the whole 824 thing. that tells insurance companies who is covered, who is eligible and who is not. that is a fundamental thing with insurance. >> yeah, look, it is the whole back end. i was on the stock consider of your new christmas slide if no money is exchanged. if they don't have information, they don't know where to send it. the website is only marginally better than a giant video games. it is like sam health care. like the simcity games.
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giving the illusion to enroll in health insurance but you don't know if it is an actual reality. bill: unless it comes to your house. thank you, we will talk to you later. jonah goldberg in washington. martha: one man and his four wives are claiming a huge victory in court. why the stars of the reality show "sister wives" are celebrating. bill: and firefighters killed as a fight the wildfire last june. you will hear what might have been there last words. waffle bars...
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bill: developing right now. an ohio man arrested in the killing of a nine-year-old girl making his first appearance in court today. 24-year-old accused of murdering a little girl and dumping the body in a trash bin near her house. two more prisoners have been transferred to their home country in saudi arabia. officials say the release as part of a renewed effort to close the detention center for good. south africa unveiling a gigantic statue of nelson mandela. he was buried sunday after a four-hour ceremony broadcast over south africa. martha: chilling audio recordings are now being released on what is being called the worst firefighting disaster in arizona's history. back in june 19 elite hotshots
6:25 am
firefighters were killed battling those flames. now we just received the recording revealing the tragic and final moments. live in los angeles. what are we learning from these tapes? >> martha, many things went wrong that day. a failure to follow procedures, putting structure protection before fire safety and poor communications. so for the facts are out there, but nothing captures the moment like what you are about to hear. a call for help as they realized they are trapped. the disconnect between those on the ground and those directing the firefighting command post. so they realize they are in trouble. they try to get aircraft to moving to drop water to save their lives. the man says calm down and the
6:26 am
final dispatch as they prepare to deploy their shoulders. >> so you hear that sort of urgency, professionalism as they prepare for the shelters. the chances of survival are typically 50-50 in that situation. martha: remarkable. amazing how calm they were and professional. what else have we learned about what went wrong? >> this is the deadliest since 1933. you have a national incident report that they tried to learn
6:27 am
from what went wrong. they are not predictable, there's a sudden wind shift i did not give them time for safety, that command said they had lost track for 30 minutes. one take away is maybe they will wear gps trackers so you know where they are at all times. the department has been fined $600,000 the mother of one become filed $40 million in claims on behalf of her son. back to you. martha: thank you very much. bill: a fox news alert, we want to take you up to harvard in cambridge, massachusetts. unconfirmed reports of several explosive devices found in various parts of the campus of the university. we will get you updates in a moment on that. martha: congressman paul ryan getting tea party support for his budget deal, but will it be
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enough to help push it through the senate? we debate coming up. >> invaluable help me to keep the taxpayer in the game, keep accountable. [ male announcer ] this is karen and jeremiah.
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they don't know it yet, but they're gonna fall in love, get married, have a couple ofids, [ children laughing ] move to the country, and live a long, happy life together where they almost never ght about money. [ dog barks ] because right after they get married, they'll find some financial folks who will talk to them about preparing early for retirement and be able to focus on other things, like each other, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. bill: we are getting back to emergencies right now. we are watching the website of
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the school. unconfirmed reports of explosives found on harvard university campus. campus community is notifying students through the web, voicemail, also on that twitter feed, they are saying pretty much the same. unconfirmed reports of explosives on campus. again, it lists the four sites. molly is our reporter in massachusetts and we hope to talk to her in a moment. also the homepage that i mentioned. the broadcast alerts, directing emergency response to students. this is a breaking news story from "america's newsroom" from the campus of harvard university. moments later, we will have a live report. martha: we will get you back to that breaking news. more information in the
6:33 am
meantime, senator ron johnson says that he will support it a bipartisan budget deal would heads when it heads to the senate for a vote tomorrow. he becomes the first lawmaker to say so. house budget committee paul ryan defending him and here is some of that yesterday. >> i am not trying to oversell this is an enormous budget publishing it. it is not. but it prevents the government shutdown and it's important that it rejects taxncreases. and the budget control act said 1 dollar discretionary, this goes beyond that. martha: we are joined now by brad blakeman and doug schoen is a former advisor to president bill clinton. welcome, gentlemen. >> thank you. bill: what you think we are witnessing here?
6:34 am
>> we have divided governments and we need to govern the way things are. if both parties said we didn't get what we want, it's probably a pretty big deal. this is the way the government has to reform. is the perfect deal? now. but it is something that we need in this country instead of going from one manufacturer crisis to another. let's get this behind us. because the next big project is looming. martha: paul ryan said we're not going to be in that argument for nothing. >> yes, that is what he is saying now. it involves money that the united states has already
6:35 am
borrowed and brad is undeniably right that this is a good deal that moves us forward. the democrats are having a stumbling block, pleasing the debt ceiling. >> everyone understands it means you have to pay what is out there. and this includes the spending cuts made up for those expenditures. >> bottom line, the united states and the fragile state we are in economically and internationally cannot afford it crisis. martha: am i wrong that no one is looking for a crisis over the debt ceiling? both sides talking about this, the president talk about this all the time, that no one ever seems to be able to have the you know what you try to find it. >> yes, this is the perfect opportunity in a bipartisan way to start working in a bipartisan
6:36 am
manner. let's get the debt ceiling and have a deal, as you pointed out, there has to be some budget cuts in order for us to get past the debt ceiling. how big is it and when will it come from and we have to do this it must do situational situation. and now you see senator johnson coming over. martha: if it is a good sign as many of the headlines have said, what is wrong with both sides? this is our list of 25 things are ridiculous that the government spends money on. and we both agreed we can cut these. >> i'm not against it if it can happen in. but if it doesn't happen, we can't afford to waste a day so
6:37 am
that is good, but sequester was broken and so it's not like we are seeing great fiscal responsibility. this will probably help the republicans because it focuses attention on obamacare. so we shouldn't read too much into this deal. martha: more to come, so we thank you gentlemen. bill: breaking news from harvard university. several tweets. trying to work through this, figuring out what has happened there with our correspondent. bombs placed on campus, no reports of explosions come about
6:38 am
as the harvard cambridge university police department. and many buildings are being evacuated now. going to the google map above cameras, this is the university that we see below. so we are watching and we are trying to pick this up. bits of information we might be able to figure out whether this is a true threat or some sort of false alarm or if this is a prank. martha: molly is on the way they are, there is are the four buildings that they have evacuated as they have said. and i believe that they are still in session probably in the middle of this as they get ready for the holidays.
6:39 am
we need to emphasize that these reports are unconfirmed at this hour and they point to several explosives and reports of explosives found in four different academic buildings. the cambridge authorities are trying to figure out exactly what it is they are dealing with. no reports of explosions and as i said, the university police department are on the scene and are investigating at this hour. and they have evacuated the building that they believe there are explosives if they have been talking about. bill: just outside of harvard yard, there is too academic buildings have been evacuated.
6:40 am
molly is in root hair and a are out there reporting. there does not seem to be a lot more information in the past 30 minutes, but it has changed the story one way or the other. and was it a prank? wasn't a false alarm? >> the academic calendar shows this would be the last day, december 21. so obviously that is a big concern as we talk about the academic buildings. >> commonwealth, massachusetts looking into the situation and just one more that we have from the state police and the campus police are the first to respond. cameras will follow right along side with a. there will be more information on the other side coming up
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martha: harvard university, evacuating buildings due to a bomb scare. they have decided to clear those four buildings in what you're seeing on the right is the first live picture that we are getting. and getting this working classes are in session and the will to finish on december 21 at harvard for the winter break.
6:45 am
>> the police department as you mentioned, they evacuated those buildings, china make sure that all the students around and that things are safe, but there have been no reports of any actual explosives have been found this morning. the cambridge police on the scene and it got me a report they are making sure that everyone that it could be in harm's way is out of harms way. and it is a busy campus, his final exams are finishing up.
6:46 am
so it's a very busy place and they are taking the greatest amount of caution possible. martha: i know you will have continuing coverage for us. the four buildings where this bomb threat was issued and they are academics from my understanding. i think all four of them are. the students, as we said, they are taking finals in the course of the last week for the winter break. >> final exams this morning are canceled according to the campus newspaper. and just dropping in here quickly, seeing if they have anything in addition. >> we need to let them take care of anything that they need to do. >> yes, they want to get the information out to students and faculty and those who know the
6:47 am
students and faculty on campus. they want to reassure them as quickly as possible. because they have not fully identified what the threat is. but we do understand that harvard was notified that there were potentially explosive devices in four different locations on campus. clearly whether those are actually explosive devices or not, whoever alerted harvard to the fact that they wanted them to be aware of this, there has to be a motive of scaring people in the midst of this. we don't want to scare people, we just want to make you aware of the situation and the situation that the buildings are being evacuated right now. reporter: we are going to ask jean and shannon to join the conversation. they have been doing in-depth research, looking back at some of our information gathering. >> that's right, following along on twitter. the first tweet came out about these explosives and this is
6:48 am
going on at the college of most college campuses. the dean of undergraduate students has said that the final exams for this morning have been canceled. and they are now looking at this and they have decided to evacuate those buildings out of an abundance of caution. >> here is the statement in full from harvard. harvard university police received an unconfirmed report that explosives may have been placed in four buildings on campus. the science center and emerson hall. cambridge police are on the scene and out of an abundance of caution the buildings have been investigated and harvard's focus
6:49 am
is on the safety of our students and staff. we will update the media when we have more information. martha: they did cancel exams were today. after that announcement, the students arrested in applause, which is an interesting development as well. then he went on to say that we will have to figure out ways to make sure each of you is properly assessed until they figure out how this works with the whole development and i imagine that we will know shortly. >> the massachusetts state police officers, that would include the bomb squad are responding and that is a new bit of information that went out as well. 9:02 a.m. eastern time, coming
6:50 am
up 950 in the morning now. bill: more information coming out of. martha: students were in the middle of their final exams week. we will be right back : hello, in idaho potato farmer. and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what?
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bill: back to the breaking news. harvard university. here is the first live picture. this is the camera's fire department. students and other folks are walking in front of the camera now. speak with fox box than for new information here. >> what we understand is that
6:54 am
station is not closed and it's also not being evacuated. but apparently police are a sissy harvard university police in august. as you were saying just a moment ago, we still have annapurna call that is secure, a shelter at this point on the campus. because as we know, students have been evacuated and we have that picture just a moment ago coming from the crimson of students and faculty. waiting to hear news of do something. we also understand that officers are posted outside of harvard yard after the bomb threat was called in. and jay harris said to some people who were assembled in
6:55 am
some building their that they were going to have to figure out ways to make sure that each of you is properly assessed. indicating that law enforcement is still evaluating the situation and harvard university saying its paramount, they are continuing to update people on this alert page. certainly perspective of how serious the situation is right now and how law enforcement agencies are moving through people and students and faculty to try to assess situation. as you see right there, a fire truck took a right, one who is walking with a backpack right now. but they don't seem to be in any kind of upset situation.
6:56 am
which is good. you want them to be calm and you want to ask them to give law enforcement not to panic. >> that's right, we want to remind our commuters, sweeping the harvard red line, not being evacuated, certainly with their activity, if you're passing through that station, you might encounter some delays. also assisting harvard university police there. and we want to emphasize that this is something that we are hearing from campus official is. all stemming from unconfirmed reports of explosives. so again, those four buildings, just to make sure that everyone is perfectly safe, all of the halls and what is really a populated area and it's a busy monday. >> we are looking at another
6:57 am
twitter picture from the harvard crimson. we are working on information from the officials, cambridge police, those who are on the scene right now and they got a job to do in their primary concern is safety and security, making sure that everyone in that area is safe, letting us know what is going on and it just kind of into whatever we can. we have a live camera set up the rear were convicted of their crews they can give you a look officials handling the scene. and we wish that we could get a bit closer. >> all right, we thank you very much. as we approached the top of the hour. sixteenth day of december, monday morning, you're looking at our webcam a. as you can see, pretty much clear right there, although
6:58 am
there are some folks that you can see. there's an update on the story, four separate buildings in explosives and the police there ordering immediate evacuation to get people out of their. again, being extremely cautious. no reports of a discovered anything and there is no explosion tempus fugit. they are just trying to assess the situation and we saw the students gathered and those of them that were evacuated have been having cancellations for their classes going on as well. so it seems like folks are walking by, but they really don't know what is going on and how she concerned about it. >> yes, that is right.
6:59 am
they are in a building, they didn't say which building. and then they said they heard through the grapevine that there was a bomb threat on the university campus. but we don't have all the information about that right now. but the students told me they hurt him the grapevine that this was the case. >> okay, and if you could give us a live picture of what else you see in the surrounding area. you see emergency vehicles there? >> yes, this is quincy and there are some firemen hanging out as
7:00 am
well. >> they're talking about the emergency folks on the scene. just before the christmas break, they have been evacuated. thayer and seaver and emerson on the harvard yard on the center of the campus where the heart of this activity is going on. and they are at the science center which is part of the investigation. joining me now is bill gavin and he is a former individual. what do you make of this? information they have at this particular point in time. as you know they can't afford to take any chances and just
7:01 am
covertly search for anything. they have to get the students out of there. this is final exam week as well. so they are cutting into exam time and it's a very difficult situation and i know that cambridge pd, harvard pd, fbi, atf, state police, they're all on the scene along with fire rescue people just to make sure. they have to do everything like this. martha: catherine herridge reported moments ago that the dhs, department of homeland security, is also involved in this investigation. obviously given everything that we have seen in campuses across the country over the past several years, you can't take anything like this lightly. i wonder how long do you think it would take, bill, to adequately search those four buildings? >> this is right in the middle of the harvard yard and it will take some time to go through every single classroom, every single storage room, the basement. it will take time to bo through
7:02 am
that whole building. they will do it with dogs. they will do it with active search of people. it will take a while. martha: we're looking at a map right now. you can see sort of in the heart of the harvard yard you say, or harvard yard, thayer, sever and emerson on the square and science center across the street. tough take it seriously. you go through all the buildings but there is possibility, bill, it could be a prank. it is finals week. there was some applause when the dean of the undergreat students announced there would be no finals today. >> you can't rule that out. anything is on option at this particular point in time. they have to take it all seriously just like a live exercise. martha: i mean i wonder how, you know, sort of social media change the way these things roll out. we seen it on twitter.
7:03 am
obviously across the wires. so much involvement how news spreads with these things. of course on a college come pause it spreads like wildfire. >> it sure does. that is both good and bad i guess. if it's a real live situation you can get to all the students rapidly as the social media canada, that is the best thing that can happen to get people in a safe situation. martha: in terms of we see students walking around with their backpacks in other parts of the campus. does that -- we also have a picture, i don't know if we can bring it up where the annenberg center, they basically corral ad lot of students into that area to be evacuated, they're following their own protocol but seems like things are fairly relaxed in the surrounding areas of campus right now? >> i assume it is probably is. as you say there was a cheer went up there would be no more exams for today. the students are completely
7:04 am
relaxed. some students will be very, very upset. it is one of those things. i'm sure they're following protocol to bring students into safe locations prior to them resolving the situation. martha: yeah. it is, you know, we'll continue to stay on it obviously this morning, bill. thank you very much. >> you're welcome. martha: former graduate and of course an esteemed investigator yourself. bill: bill gavin knows the deal, doesn't he? martha: he sure does. bill: bill, thank you for that. molly line is on campus. we'll talk to her in a moment. michael graham is with us as well. he is radio talk show host in boston. he is in newton, mass. we were talking about a completely different subject this morning. are you getting anything from radio, websites up there we're perhaps missing at the moment? >> my paper, "the boston herald" is covering what everyone else is covering. they will bring the news as they can n boston we hear things a little differently.
7:05 am
you hear harvard, college, final exams, bomb threat, people think it would be dopey kid, college morons being college morons. when you say harvard we hear cambridge. yesterday, "the boston globe" did a 16-page piece on the tsarnaev brothers who lived in cambridge and carried the bomb plot and shootout with mit police. this is the backdrop when you talk about bombs. because of story yesterday and negative reaction of the family of victims because the globe store seeped to be undermining the islamist connection of the tsarnaev brothers, all morning fox 25, we saw family members react to this. it reminded us the cambridge connections not that cambridge is hotbed. obviously where the harvard is and where the mosque is that the tsarnaevs attended. the mosque according to media reports the fbi were reluctant
7:06 am
to investigate even after intelligence folks came forward with information about the tsarnaevs. when you say boston we hear in cambridge think to a degree. and it is at front of mind. bill: there is no connection right now to the tsarnaev brothers or boston marathon bombing or anything on campus of harvard university. how familiar with are you with the cambridge police department, campus police, state police who were told, are responding now with k-9 units and perhaps some sort of detection devices to figure out whether or not this is the real deal or whether or not it is a prank? >> we saw how serious they are because once again geographically speaking we don't know there are bombs. this is college finals week bomb threat, so there are no bombs. in the climate in boston what we went through the boston bombing you can't disconnect cambridge and the central role that it played for the tsarnaevs from
7:07 am
any talk about bombing. just the first thing that comes to mine here in boston. police departments mi-t police, one of the brave officers was killed with a shootout with the tsarnaev brothers, they are good at their job. they take it very seriously. we'll have to see whether this is horribly-timed prank. pranks like this in idaho or texas would be a prank. just a year or so after the boston marathon bombing -- bill: very tender. don't mean to interrupt you. our fox boston station talking to students on campus. this is the grand level shot, guys. can we bring it up? fox boston. >> there are 210-acres in cambridge. >> because of the boston bombing recently we're talking precautions and i think very important that we are. >> people tend to react when outside the science center.
7:08 am
fine someplace warm because you're not going back inside soon. then people realized they weren't able to go inside. nobody brought their stuff, like she said, i thought it was going to be a fire alarm from high school and go out for five minutes and come back inside. they told us to go to annenberg dining hall for our class. they announced our midterm or final exam was canceled. the yard is closed off. so is the science center and all of the targeted buildings. >> i couldn't myself if i wanted to study. >> where did you hear about bomb threat? did they tell you that or did you hear that. >> we got email on email list about explosives that were on campus in four buildings, thayer, emerson, science center and sever hall. we get email updates. >> they are pretty helpful. unconfirmed reports of explosives on four sites on campus, science center, thayer,
7:09 am
sever, please evacuate the buildings now. kind of scary. >> what are you doing now that you missed your final? >> i'm going to study for my next final. i still have other classes to study for. don't think i'm going home today. it is one of my friend's birthdays and hoped wouldn't have too take the finals. kind of a birthday surprise. >> what is your name. >> anita. >> how do you spell it. >> ahimdah. bill: fox boston there on campus. when they get more we'll give it to you. martha has another one on the line. martha: joining us on the phone, bobby samuels is the president of the "harvard crimson" the nation's longest operating newspaper. bobby good morning to you. >> thank you for having me. martha: what can you tell us what is going on in campus? >> there is not that much we've been able to confirm that is on our website and twitter page, there are unc reports of
7:10 am
explosives on for buildings on harvard campus. thayer hall, sever hall, science center and emerson hall, shortly after 9:00 a.m. this morning. as was mentioned this is finals week, obviously atypical time on campus as well, but, that is sort of what we know and obviously we will continue to update as weir able to confirm more information. martha: what can you tell me how aggressive the presence is in those buildings? would you describe, how would you characterize how actively they are searching those buildings right now, what the presence is right? >> that is not something we've been able to confirm. what i will say harvard sent out a couple of notifications to students including one only minutes ago basically announcing what was going on in the community. saying out of abundance of caution the buildings have been evacuated. there are reports investigated and keeping the community
7:11 am
updated on that end. martha: okay. but no sense, are you able to see inside the yard right now? or is the whole area so blocked off you can't tell what activity is like in there. >> the yard is closed off right now. martha: nobody can get a sense of that. in terms of exterior, perimeters of the campus, we saw some fire engines out there. and we see kids walking around like no big deal. what is the presence like at that level? >> you know it is not something we've been able to confirm totally but obviously given there are finals and three of those buildings, thayer, freshman dorm, the other three have plenty of finals that occur in them and so those obviously are evacuated and presumably had some students in them at the time and the students have gone to various places on campus. i would imagine one of our, we tweet ad picture of a number of students in annenberg, in the
7:12 am
freshman dining hall. i think students gone to various places on campus which is including annenberg dining hall. martha: that such on our screen right now. a great picture of that dining hall, very packed at this hour this morning. is there any suggestion on campus, obviously this would be a suggestion or rumor at this point that it might have been a prank? >> i think it would be way too early on our end to connect it with anything at this point. and so we're looking into it. i'm sure we're not only ones but it would be premature to try to connect it with some sort of motive or person at this point. >> yeah. we've got a live shot looking sort of into the center of campus near one of the gates. doesn't look like the main gate from what i can tell right here of a police presence, fire department presence on campus. any suggestion, are you getting any word yet about how long they think this will take for them to clear all these buildings?
7:13 am
>> it is again not clear and so there is not that much we know on that end. martha: all right. bobby, thank you. and we're all following your twitter feed. good stuff coming through on the "harvard crimson" tweet page this morning as we watch a live shot, beautiful day, beautiful winter day on harvard university campus. we wait to find out what unfolds here. bobby, thank you very much for being with us this morning. >> you bet. bill: story first reported 9:02 eastern time. now 10:13 eastern time on the east coast. we know what you know. we're waiting word from harvard. you'll get that next. pp ÷ó
7:14 am
7:15 am
7:16 am
bill: back to boston. we are working for more information to figure out what is happening on the campus of harvard university. a story that has been going an hour and 15 minutes. we know multiple police agencies have responded. that is local police and local fire, state police on the scene as well, trying to ascertain whether or not this is indeed a
7:17 am
threat on campus at four different academic buildings. whether or not this is a prank. we have managing editor of "boston herald" on the phone. joe, good morning to you. >> good morning, bill. bill: you have three reporters enroute to the scene. have they gotten back to you on anything, joe. >> yes. bomb-sniffing dogs are now on scene. the fire marshall for the state is heading to the buildings. the four guildings -- buildings include the science center. harvard evacuated them on abundance of caution. this is finals week. this is up in the air what is going on. >> they have canceled finals for all students affected or have exams in the buildings itself in the harvard yard. how many could be affected? >> it's a pretty big area. it is the heart of harvard. they basically shuts down the whole center of the university
7:18 am
located in a very populist area in cambridge. this is just over the river from boston. as you know world-renown university. finals week. the science center. they're taking, extreme precautions. as you stated, you have cambridge. you have to transit. you have harvard police. you have state police. you have got the fire marshal's office. they are all scrambling to get there and they're shutting down harvard yard. bill: if you think about the bombing that happened last spring during the marathon, do you know or say how the security posture has changeed in cambridge, massachusetts since then, whether local police, citywide police or state police? >> it is everywhere from the city out to the suburbs. people are taking everything unbelievably seriously. it changed the tenor of life up here in the greater boston area. it is true, when we hear
7:19 am
something, the first thing we think of is how serious this could be. no more jokes. it es all deadly serious and everyone responds in kind. bill: aall right, unconfirmed reports of explosives at four sites on campus. that is the tweet from the university. science center, thayer, sever, and emerson hall as they evacuated buildings now. joe, it has been an hour and 20 minutes, do you think they have anything, can you say? >> the fire marshall is the ex-period of time. he is one that i usually turn to in these situations. he is an old hand at all of this. i'm waiting to hear what he has to say. bill: joe, thank you. joe dwinell, "boston herald", appreciate your input. bomb-sniffing dogs as joe says are on scene. we'll see whether or not they get a hit or not. molly line is standing by. we'll talk too her momentarily. joe, thanks. martha: continuing coverage of the unfolding situation. bomb scare at harvard university
7:20 am
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bill: fox news alert. want to get you to cambridge, massachusetts. this is fox boston, the latest word they have. we'll have update from "harvard crimson" as well. >> one of the pictures from the "harvard crimson", cron if we can pull it up, from annenberg hall. this is all the kids inside. this is the freshman dining hall we're told. they were shuttling people into from the buildings being evacuated. very packed what is a normally empty freshman dining hall. bill: spokesman, fbi office field office telling fox news despite news reporting no explosions have occurred. fbi is aware of the situation.
7:24 am
has responded to harvard to assist the cambridge police department. the fbi field office has sent bomb technicians to assist. right now unconfirmed, if anything, has been found. back to fox boston. >> a lot of insight on social media. we can learn some things about that. elizabeth has been monitoring stuff coming from the campus this morning. >> the difference this morning than on the average morning we're seeing on twitter through the banjo app is timeline exactly what was happening on the harvard university campus. imagine, eight or 9:00 a.m., getting ready to go to finals. you slap on your backpack and shuffle off to one of the exam halls, emmer mon, sever, science center and thayer. there are places where nine finals were scheduled. you get to campus, then we see, we head to andrew's twitter feed, you notice that he says, about an hour ago -- bill: they, just like we are pulling in every resource possible now to try to determine
7:25 am
what is happening and what is reality on the ground in cambridge. martha: there are at least five difficult agencies on sight. we know the department of homeland security is part of this inquiry as they try to figure out what if anything is on the ground here in these four buildings on harvard campus. an e-mail that threatened to have placed explosives in these four buildings what set off all of this concern this morning. so they locked down those buildings across the course of the campus. thayer, seven have you ever, and emerson, which are on the historic harvard yard, and science center is across the way. they will finish school friday and harvard and close down for winter break. a lot of concern because we've seen these things happen before and it has been a frightening situation in boston, in cambridge in particular as we were talking about earlier. just there is a lot of local
7:26 am
sensitivities to this sort of thing and and that brought a full-court press to try to figure out what has been going on. bill: it has been one hour since the tweet came out from the university. it has been one hour since the harvard university website, harvard .edu. put out its aheard that was 9:30 a.m. eastern time. harvard university received an unconfirmed report that explosives may have been placed in four buildings on campus. harvard's focus is on the safety of students, faculty and staff. we'll update media when we have more information. that was 9:33. that was an hour ago. clearly they don't have anything they want to make public just yet. martha: we'll work on that. n a moment we'll speak to a student from harvard with classes in the safe ends center. we keep a close watch on all activities coming from harvard university. you see fire engines on top left hand of your screen. the small picture at the top is
7:27 am
the annenberg center dining hall where they corralled freshmanan students. we'll be rightha back around here you don't make excuses. you make commitments. and when you can't live up to them, you own , and make it right. some people think the kind of accountability that thrives on so many streets inhis country sbut i know you'll still find it where it's needed most. en you know ere to look. anncr vo: introducing the schwab accountality guarantee. if you're not happy with one of our participating investment advisory services, we'll refund your program fee fromhe previous quarter. while, it's no guarantee against loss and other fees and expenses may still apply, we stand by our word.
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7:30 am
s. martha: we're back following breaking news out of cambridge, massachusetts, and harvard university where four build investigation been shut down and are under investigation right now by the fbi and by local police agencies. we want to bring in sean o'neill, who is a student there who was in the science center earlier this morning. sean, can you hear me? welcome. >> yes, how are you?
7:31 am
martha: i'm doing fine. tell me a little bit what is going on up there and what you witnessed. >> i wasn't in the science center personally. i was on in a test down in emerson one of the evacuated buildings. i was talking to a friend of mine who had a math test at 9:00 this morning. obviously the alerts came out mid test. they vac wayed. they said police were everywhere and trying to take care of the situation. martha: yeah. sean, what can you tell us what is it is like on campus right now? are you able to see the harvard yard area itself where three of these buildings are? >> i'm not yet. i live out in the quad which is 10 minutes away from there but i have heard from many of my friends it is crazy there. police are everywhere. they're corralling all the -- in annenberg which is the freshman dining hall. and this kind of thing obviously after last year with the bombing and all that is not taken lightly. martha: yeah. of course.
7:32 am
and that is very understandable. so what, you know what are you being, have you any new guidance sort of when they things might reopen or when they might make some sort of announcement or press announcement? >> nothing yet. we're checking our emails every minute and i just got an e-mail from my math professor, as of now my exam at 2:00 is still on. they don't know until everything is confirmed. we'll learn more as the day goes on. >> it must be obviously unnerving studying for all the finals and final week before you head home for christmas holidays to have things sort of delayed like this. >> exactly. never a good time for something like this but this is even more. martha: how do you caringize the general mood on campus among students? we see students in the video we're getting sort of walking around if everything is okay. how would you describe it? >> something like this even with last year still hard to believe. a lot of people still they trust
7:33 am
the police and get the feeling that things will be okay hopefully. but, obviously no one is taking this lightly. it is not a joke around here. i think trying to go around their day they normally would, but definitely heightened sense of awareness. martha: how effective would you say the note fittation was this morning? >> very effective. i got text from alert system. got multiple emails. obviously the news has it all over. i woke up to a text from the alert sieve, saying don't go to the four buildings et cetera. martha: sean, thank you very much. we hope everything is fine up there. but obviously we're going to stay on it. it's a breaking story out of cambridge, massachusetts, this morning. sean, good luck with everything. good luck with your finals and getting heem. thanks for talking with us today,. >> thank you. bill: from one student to another we're watching fox boston, our affiliate on campus there. they're providing a lot of the pictures to for us.
7:34 am
there is reporter getting ready to talk to more students. fox boston, cambridge, massachusetts. do we have that? >> yeah, good morning. we're here on the campus of harvard and, tell me about what happened this morning? bill: our apologies for that. the shot froze there for a moment. if it cops back, guys, let us know. we'll get that local reaction from the student there on campus. nothing new for an hour, martha. martha: catherine herridge reporting that law enforcement sources are telling fox news that the fbi is indeed part of this investigation. as you would expect at this point. and still no word which tells us what we know didn't happen. they cleared these buildings in a very swift manner this morning. that is not what has happened. they're still very much in the middle of this investigation with five agencies on campus. you can see that the fire department presence that is sort of lingering around the outskirts of campus on the ready
7:35 am
just in case they are needed. no explosions have gone off but a warning that potentially four buildings had explosives placed in them what set all of this in motion during the middle of finals week at harvard university this morning. bill: statement from the school. they received unconfirmed report that explosives may have been placed in four buildings on campus, science center, thayer, sever. that part of the boston university and the harvard yard have been evacuated. their finals have been canceled at least for the morning hours. we'll see if it continues through the afternoon hour. we're watching another camera from street level. you can see, those are police officers crossing to the left. we have pointed out that, and remarked that there does not seem to be a great sense of urgency just based on camera angles we have here. on outside of the yard, beyond the fence from what we can tell it is pretty orderly.
7:36 am
martha: that is key, bill. we've not spoken to anybody inside the middle of the campus where these buildings are and no doubt the heart of all the activity is going on and happening there. if you look at a map of harvard campus and harvard yard which is at center of it, where the most older and historic buildings on this campus are, that is where the concern lies this morning. there are reports that the explosive threat came in the form of an email. that was not in the original announcement we got from harvard. so we're working to confirm whether that is true. whether this came in the form of an email. if that is the case you can bet they're looking closely into all of the surrounding laptops and computers and where that email message might have come from will be a definite source of this investigation this morning because that is what, that is primary in terms of what they need to figure out. bill: we're reaching out to websites and twitter feed obviously in cases like these, it is so helpful to provide us,
7:37 am
i guess a bit of a snapshot for what is happening on campus. that is annenberg hall there. we showed you that 40 minutes ago. that was the scene 10:00 a.m. eastern time. we have the scene from twitter, harvard and cambridge police are on the scene standing by for more information. we've been doing that for some time. molly line on campus now. molly, what have you picked up so far at cambridge. >> reporter: bill, the traffic cleared in a moment and you can see emergency vehicles that are here on campus. talking to numerous students, a lot of people are still going about their business. certain buildings are closed off. a number of students are walking around down this road this is quincy street that runs along harvard yard. students are being asked to walk around this area. a few complaints about the long walks. students tell me harvard seems to handling things well. they have been informed about
7:38 am
the situation going on. for most part, some still have business. they have meetings with professors to get to as things wrap up. i spoke to a grad student who is not one of the students but has final grads because he is a grad student. he is taking abundance of caution so they don't mind the long walk. a number of firefighters are keeping students out of the area of harvard yard walking across that campus. i've seen them stopping students trying to walk past them to get on with their day. clearly they are still very calm here as well i want to add. things seem to be tame as working through things and checking these buildings out and following protocols and keeping students informed. pretty low-key. kids are still able to walk fairly close. bill: behind you, how far are you from the buildings in question? >> we're not far but we can't actually see the activity there because of these high walls here and fences and of course we can't go into that area as well
7:39 am
either. the science center, you can actually see not from the camera here but just around the corner and across the way we would be able to see that building if we could get a little closer over there. but most of these buildings we can't see from this vantage point because of high walls and we're being blocked off by firefighters just like all the harvard students. >> molly, thank you. stand by. i want to come back to you in a moment. catherine herridge is tells us a law enforcement source telling fox news that the threat came in by email that explosives were in the harvard buildings. email is more promising than a phone-inned threat identifying source it reads, email is increasingly difficult to track the ease which accounts can be set up at internet cafes. that from our national security correspondent catherine herridge. back to molly. let's put a fine point on this, molly. no explosives have been found, this is only a threat, correct? >> reporter: at this point in time there is no word of any
7:40 am
explosives having been found. we have not received word from authorities. they are saying there are no actual explosions which is very important for folks here. that belies why things are so calm and students are able to walk around reasonably close to the vicinity of where the activity subpoena hag. traffic being allowed very close to the campus area going by here and kids are being allowed, students here and professors we've seen holding some of their material, walking by, still proceeding with things. you just can't get into that area, the central part of harvard life here today. bill: great to see you on scene. molly line from cambridge, massachusetts. more from her in a moment. martha: breaking news and coming in from the christmas mall shooting we'll bring to you as well. also one family's fight for answers. >> we do want justice for her and we want people to remember her. martha: 25-year-old britney royal was pregnant when she was
7:41 am
found strangled to death nearly seven months ago and her boyfriend hasn't been seen since. britney royal's family joins us with their story. so you're telling me your mom has a mom cave? hi boys! i've made you campbell's chunky new england clam chowder. wow! this is incredible! i know. and now it has more clams! [ male announcer ] campbell's chunky soup. what? [ male announcer ] it fills you up right.
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bill: if you have been watching us throughout the morning, we are trying to get more information. reports of for explosive devices planted at harvard in four different buildings. but nothing to confirm. we don't know if the threat is real or if it's just a prank. back to boston when we get it. martha: in the meantime, bringing you this story. the family of a murdered pregnant california woman is not speaking out about this bizarre case. 25-year-old brittany royal had been living with her boyfriend
7:45 am
before being found strangled to death in her body was dumped in the ocean near hawaii's big island and her boyfriend is still missing. hawaiian police are not sure if he is alive or worse, potentially involved in her death. and it has taken several strange twists. julie is her mom and tyler and zach are her brothers. thank you for being with us today. and so welcome to you. julie, let me start with you. this happened back in the end of may. and so why take so long to began to pursue this in this way? >> we have been pursuing this all along. i think it is just taken time
7:46 am
and we have been fighting for the truth since day one. >> what about the police in hawaii that suspect him. do you suspect him? >> i have my doubts, and there has been a lot of information that has surfaced over the last seven months since the murder a lot of people have reached out on her facebook page and have a lot of racial tensions with them purchasing 10 acres of land there, business deals, and there's been a lot of speculation that people kill both of them and he just hasn't been found.
7:47 am
martha: some of the locals were perhaps not happy about that, then there's the other avenue that her boyfriend wanted to kill her for some reason. >> in my heart of hearts, i believe that the boyfriend is also dead. martha: let me ask your sons. because often family members have strong feelings. first of all, i am so sad for the loss of your sister. >> i have seen him and he came to orange county and he was very spectral and he was exciting to be around, he was excited to be the father my sister's baby. he seemed to have an affection for her. >> what about you? what was your gut feeling about
7:48 am
that? >> yes, i met him at the same time that my mom and my brother did. i initially thought he was a good guy and he didn't seem like he had a harmful bone in his body. if it turns out to be him, it is shocking and i would never have expected it. martha: what about the story that he checked into a hotel under a different name and that he lacks some left some of his personal effects in the hotel? do you see any credibility with that story? >> well, there is not credibility to that. the police said immediately that it was not him and that was nullified by lieutenant as the bomb almost immediately and it has no bearing or validity on this. martha: 10 acres of land, and
7:49 am
now, why -- do you have any suspicions about any specific people involved in that business transactions may have have not like she's young couple? >> i don't want to say specifically. but i just know that there have been tension with local surrounding purchase of the land and just a lot of speculation of them buying the land. >> the police suspect bill johnson in this motor. and you think they are pursuing a? >> i do not agree with that. they can't find his body. so i think he is an easy target
7:50 am
and easy pick. martha: julie and zach and schuyler, thank you for bringing this to our attention. we will have you come back on of their other developments. thank you so much. we wish you all well. >> thank you so much. bill: the mystery in boston continues as well. moments away after this. ♪ i want to spread a little love this year ♪
7:51 am
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bill: we will continue to follow the scare at harvard and see if we can get to the bottom of what is going on there. obamacare deadline just weeks away. the one covered starting january 1, check it out. and did you see this story over the weekend? and all kinds of things until
7:54 am
after the 2012 election. and a lot of folks use supplements. and did you know what is really in them. some say it is time to stop the supplement altogether. it is 60 seconds away on "happening now". >> that's right, the school just updated its webpage. it concludes that harvard's focus is on a tv of students and we will continue to update us through messages posted here and on the university social media counts. martha: everyone was alerted in a number of ways through text messages and e-mails this morning about this scare at all four buildings that were
7:55 am
evacuated. the university feels that the bomb threat was limited to those four buildings. no explosives have been found at this time and obviously they are working on a. bill: buildings are being searched by bomb teams. but now it is a question of time. whether they find something or come out and say that this is just part of it. >> many students were concerned about that with the announcement that was made earlier today and said that there was a bit of what you would expect from college students, a little bit
7:56 am
of applause. and as we have talked about this because of what has happened. and we will update you with this as our coverage continues a subaru... ...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event.
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7:59 am
>> we will continue to keep one eye on the breaking news situation on harvard. in the meantime, we are wishing him the best. bill: hopefully we will get the final word from the campus police. it's been ongoing now for two hours. unconfirmed reports continued to be just that. they have yet to find anything there inside of the four buildings that they have made public. martha: in the meantime, they are remaining in total lockdown. we will keep a close eye on it. finals have been canceled and for the rest of the day, it is a
8:00 am
wait and see approach. these kids are heading home for the winter break. bill: they will get an answer real soon. have a great day, we will see tomorrow. "happening now" starts right now i'm. jenna: a fox news alert. we are continuing to follow unconfirmed reports as explosives around harvard university. and this is part of the safety and security of students and police are investigating this. and we are going to talk to a gentleman who was evacuated from a final and is now in the dining hall. please tell us what is happening? >> caller: that's right, i was in my dorm and


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