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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 16, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PST

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silly costumes. if you have one send it to us. >> that is happening now. we expect your photos. >> we'll try to rupthem this week. thanks for joining us. big questions of obama care. americans that have insurance believe it is making things worse for them. i am bill hemmer. >> and i am alisyn camerota. 70 percent of the people expect premiums to go up. chris is host of power play and fox. >> hi, ally. >> chris, it seems to be measuring the anxiety, notes inially what is happening but what people fear is going to happen. >> you can point out easily why
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it is not unfounded. and the reason it is not unfounded, we saw the most consequential political defection roll out in a way that americans did not expect to so. if you like it, you can keep it as relates to the doctor and hospital. the president broke faith with the electorate at that point. there was a revealing washington post story, said that all regoulgzs and things that kept away from implementation while the president wins reelection. you can win, but then you have to gorren. if you deceive people they will not take your word. it is bad for the five percent. the rest of you are fun. >> that is the feelings of the 85 percent and whom nothing is
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changing. they are covered by employers and private insurance. some of them are seeing the premiums and deductibles go up. that can't be blamed on obama care, that is a trend for years. >> it can't be blamed on obama care unless you are a republican running for office next year and then it will be blamed on obama care. that is a certainty. >> the president said the rates are not going up as much as they were. that doesn't count for the sticker- stock folks. if you and i are talking about getting lunch and a bite to eat. we are going to denny's and say okay. if things are not right and good, even if it is not my fault you will hold it against me. it was your stupid idea to go out to lunch and you wanted to go here. denny's. olive guard ep and
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>> i wanted moon over mine. >> and for years employers are shifting the costs to employees and the fact that the affordable care act is blamed for it, it is terrible news for the white house and so mismanaged the message they are getting the blame. >> right now the insurance are trying to beat the insurance industry who are partners in the law back in line. you said obama care out loud and trying to log on to the website, they will make it work. but because of technical failures everybody who thought of obama care will have obama care. that's reading in between the lines. but that doesn't change what happens to the rest of it and doesn't affect what everybody else does and the reality for the employers.
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the administration has a bigger stick to swing against the employers. they get mandatory clients. but mom and pop operations say i am doubling your rates, the administration can't punish each and every one of the employers. >> i will look forward to that it lunch. >> denny's you're on. >> more embarrassing news. thousands of applications submitted in the obama care exchanges never made it to the insurance companies. what does that mean charlie? >> it is just a little back office problem. >> what does that mean? you have insurance and doctor on the second of january they say no, you are not covered? >> yes, yes. that's about it. i always felt with obama carr, when they get it working is when it is going
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to you know what hit the fan. the numbers don't add up. you need a lot of people subsidizing other people and that's not happening here. it is a technical glitch and getting a website that is essentially socializing 16 percent of the economy. >> back to the back end issue. what that means, is that the website is not fully working, right? >> we had a congressman from pennsylvania on last week, republican, he said there will be hundreds of thousands of americans who will think they have coverage and will not. do you think that number is that high? >> i do. people have to look at this. think about it in the new economy. ebay works, right. amazon.comworks. they are not socializing 16 percent of the economy. remember what is undertaken here, this is a massive effort
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that is done in a single portal that is a website turning millions of people and turning their health care upside down. it is 40,000 times more complicated than any other website design. >> it is playing out in role time. appearing on fnc with bill hemmer at 1 o'clock p.m. discussing the obama care. >> tell us how you really feel? >> here is the thing, bill. you don't have to be a powerly objective journalist to look at this and say this is not insane. remember what they are doing. audacitiy of home here. you are taking it and socializing it through the website. that is not done before. even if this thing does work at some point, that's when, then i
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based on covering business for a long time it. think about it in your head it works then. and just getting to that point is complex. >> do you think that plays out in the first of january or first of february or after. that >> if you are a business reporter, this is the gift that copes on giving. we'll have technical difficulties and we'll report it as we should. they are taking 16 percent of the economy and turning it in a blender essentially. >> this is what you get. >> it is tripping up the economy? is that an effective program? >> here's the thing. there is going to be an economic consequence and insurers do well and more people have to have insurance. and here's the real question with a role problem for democrats. it is upending people's lives and forget about the economy and
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things. when you mess with people's health care bad things happen to you politically. >> i can't begin to tell you the story its that are coming out of this. this is going to be a great thing for business reporters. >> we'll call on you to cope track of it. >> i will be here. >> thank you, charlie. an active manhunt under way in new jersey. the range rover in the deadly carjacking was found in jersey hills. the victim and his wife were shopping and they were returning to the suv when two men confronted them and shot the husband in the head. there is short hills new jersey, what is the latest? >> i was in the mall here. it is one of the more a flu ept and you look at the parking lot and so countless mercedes and
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bmws and luxury cars. it was sunday night after 9 o'clock p.m. when two black men carjacked 2012 silver colored range rover. the 30-year-old dustin freeland and his wife had just finished shopping and preparing to drive away from the mall when the carjacker shot him in the head as his wife watched in horror. he was pronounced dead and his wife uninjured and we talked with a mall employee who heard the attack. >> i just heard as i was getting in my car from above me, loud, loud bangs. and all of the sudden a woman screaming very loud. >> how many shots did you hear? >> two? >> and then what happened? >> i got back in my car and i
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tried to so what was going on but i could not? one of the attackers drove off in the range rover and it was found in nearby newark, new jersey. what we don't know if any forennic evident police rob tained from the car. and we don't know what video might have been recorded. you can so the parking garage where the shooting took place and there are many surveillance cameras in place. but authorities have not yet said publicly whether or not the attack was recorded in any way or two assailants were caught on camera a manhunt is under way. >> let's hope they get the suspects. if you know anything call the police department. >> there are new developments in harvard university. two of the four buildings where there was a threat made today. an e-mail sent to the school
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claiming that explosive equipments were placed and all four of the buildings were evacuated and students were sitting down to take finals at that time. and massachusetts state police and homeland security working to verify whether the threats are accurate. updates on that. by way of e-mail, difference of opinion of how easy it is to track that. >> new evident that obama care is hurting the president with a co part of his base. >> and amnesty considered for americans leaking thousands of clas foyed documents. and the future of nsa leaker ed snowden. >> a man dies trying to help someone else. >> he would stop and help
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a tragic story out of dine doivenlt an army ranger killed hours his wedding helping a stranger. >> first vehicle coming eastbound and struck both individuals and a car behind them, the first vehicle also struck two, and unfortunately the third vehicle eastbound struck the couple. >> 49-year-old william comboit and his bride was headed to a hotel. he pulled over and got out. both comboit and the driver of the stranded vehicle was hit and killed. no drivers tested positive for alcohol and no changes were foiled. . >> my personal view it is worth
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having a conversation about the reminder of the data being secured and my bar would be very high and more than just an assertion on his part. >> is that a unanimous feeling? >> this is like a hostage taker taking 50 people and shooting ten and said give in and i will let the others come in. >> controverse yell deal, return the nsa leaker to the u.s. and general keith alexander doesn't think it is a good idea. john boltop, what do you think? good day to you? >> i don't know why they are talking about it publicly. is there a possible back room deal that is happening now? >> it is possible, but absent some other important piece of
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information, it has to be one of the dumbest things to be speculating about it publicly even if they are comtemplating a deal with snowden and amnesty. the last thing people ought to do is enhance snowden's bargaining power. >> why are they doing it then? >> i think it is a big mistake. i have no idea. in my vow snowden committed troezon and ought to be convicted and ought to swing from a tall oak tree. that is closer to what you should be doing to enhance the bargaining leverage. we don't know how much of what snowden has and gave to the chinese and russians or they took from him and he doesn't know about.
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we have a big problem comtemplating amnesty that he may have solid the data already. >> 1.7 million documents, is that possible? >> it is entirely possible. i don't underestimate how severe the intelligence problem is here. it is hard to stickulate. my instinct anyone who does this to the united states doesn't deserve amnesty to us. if we need to go through an expensive procedure to do the way we do things. i wouldn't give this guy air to broeth. >> we don't know where the documents are right now. he would have to account for that, right? and who in turn has seen them already. >> exactly. it may be that snowden gave some to the chinese or to the
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russians or if he was carrying material in computers and what not what they took that he didn't know about. there is a lot of uncertainty out there. and that is another relationship not to speculate about it publicly. the risks are so high and the gapes for the united states so low, i don't so the upset. >> i haven't heard from his father and i started the conversation wondering if there was a back room deal. we can't answer. that but thank you john boltop. >> thank you. why a key demo graphic may be souring on the president's policies at the wrong time. >> goggle going big on robotics and in the center of cutting- emg military technology. >> remember that guy? >> chilling final words. nowly released audio as 19 hot
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and when you can't live up to them, you own up, and make it right. so people think the kind of accountability has gone missing in e placesets where it's needemost. but i know you'll still find it when you know where to look.
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looking for more robots. snapping up boston dynamics and closely copying the movements of humans and animals like the big dog robot. big dog. it is the eighth robotic company that google has a kwoired. >> that is a big dog right
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there? >> if you had a robot, what would you use it for? >> what would it do for you? >> tend me a tweet. >> what would a robot do for you? >> well, chilling new audio recordings released from the deadly arizona wildfires that killed 19 elite four fires and the radio transmissions are revealing the hot shots final moments. they are live in los angeles for the final details. what have we learned? >> the audio recordings captured by a helmet cam. there was a huge disconnect tone the conditions and hot shots and command post that didn't appreciate what was happening. they are supposed to control the water drops. the tankers bombed the wrong targets and supervisors arguing
10:25 am
about who was in charge and radio quality was so poor and intermettent. you will hear the hot shots and ask for a water drop to stop the fire. and the command post said calm down. by then it is to late and crews will deploy the emergency shelters. (inaudible) >> that never happen. when they heard the distress call. should we go in. command post said no, they are
10:26 am
safe. there is chaos in any large wildfires but a national report said it was especially bad. no one is specifically blamed but the super visors didn't know who was in charged and no one warned the hot shots of a major weather change and one operator didn't have a roochlt the state's forestry department was fined for putting 300 firefighters in jeopardy. there is one wrong of the death lawsuit. and 48 million and plenty of ammunition. one experienced crew member described the fire near total chaos. >> that is so tragic and hope they learn something now that the reports were released. >> he scammed donors out of a hundred million supposed to benefit veterans in america and now learning his fate. >> it locks like medicaid and
10:27 am
medicaid? >> health care plans meant for the young millenians. >> will that work we wonder?
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>> the headlines and judge sentencing john daniel cody to jail. he scammed the veterans charity and taking estimated $1 million for donors. >> and anti- government protest in the ukraine showing no signs of ending. hundreds of thousands in the demonstrations in keiv. >> megamillions jackpot largest in american history. tuesday's night's drawing could top millions of dollars. >> and that one is not perfect that i gave you with the bell on top? >> procrastination pays off.
10:32 am
wait a while longer. 100 million goes in the jackpot. >> obama care depends on expanding medicaid. health experts are warning that it could turn all insurance policies in plans that resemble the plan for the poor. it details all, jim? >> i am afraid so, all of those on the exchanges and those who sign up for private insurance are likely to have less access and may be competing with care for health care for the poor, listen. >> this will be like medicaid. the only way to control the cost in this is simply clamping down on the amount they are willing to pay. insurance companies have resorted to networks that pay
10:33 am
providers far less say the normal employer network. and they look like medicaid networks because they pay like medicaid. >> that is somewhere around $0.60 on the dollar. and many doctors whom already refused to see medicaid patients were refusing to join the exchanges. >> a number of doctors are saying i am not willing to provide care with somebody with baier care coverage. the controls are to heavy and the reimbursement rate appear loc they are very low and i don't want that in my practice. >> by the end of march, the administration plans to encrease the number on medicaid by 9,000,007 million in this provide plans. they have access to a now doctors and expanding that population and paying less of
10:34 am
private insurance raises prospects of rationing. >> those networks are going to be jammed with people and far more than they are treating now. we'll have problems with access to the doctors. there are not going to be enough of them. >> analyst said besides having health insurance doesn't necessarily translate in health care and fear that obama care may provide the first and not the second, alisyn. >> and so commriidated. thank you for explaining that. >> hard sell to get younger americans to sign up for obamas. young resident are showing up where they party by night and shopping in day. long lines for the new air jordans. and this comes for support with the millennials is slumping.
10:35 am
only froin percent say they approve of the president's job. and 46 disa pore. we have mitchell and richard joining us now. the first question to bill hemmer. >> because i am invincible. michelle, how do you sell obama care to young americans. >> you can't sell it. in the end of the day a bad deal they are a bad deal. we have 16 percent unemployment rate with young people and the amount of student loan debt is 35,000 authorize. and now this administration is asking us to pay for the law? pay more on the premiums to subsiddize younger people? that is a bad deal. >> that's interesting, i want to build on what michelle talked about.
10:36 am
not only the usa poll but harvard snout shows the president's approval numbers dropped 11 points. is it at a pointed with obama care or stoupt loans and unemployment et cetera. >> young people don't look at the one-on-one. they look at the world global. they have a bad taste in washington and the disfunction in washington. michelle is right. we have a raising rocket number of student loan debt going on and we have high unemployment rate and that is a relationship why they need to epiroll in the affordable care act. they don't have to worry about when they are in a car accident. >> richard, you can say that, but it is notes inially listen for it. you know, if you can stay on your parent's plan until you are 26 why sign up? where is the logic?
10:37 am
>> there is no logic. and in the state that has the most enrollments is california. and the majority of them are not millennials. they are older and sicker people. young people are not signing up for this. the relationship why we are seeing obama's approval rating slip is they feel betray. obama solid it as being affordable. they didn't realize they would be subsidizing older people. his approval rating with younger people is froin percent. >> what should the president do? >> having conversations with real people and how to raise the minimum wage in this country. a lot of young people are dependent on a minimum wage sal row. >> why is that not resonating in
10:38 am
the polls? >> it is resonating. young people want to raise the minimum wanl. we have seen nothing from the congress. >> come back to obama care. apparently organizing for action michelle is encouraging people to talk about obama care among your family members. >> it is desperation. right now they are having a push in california to have parents buy for christmas, obama care ecard and so buying insurance for your children. and the reason they are doing that. they know millennials are not signing up. they are targeting adults to buy it. and they know millennials don't want it. >> that's not thorough. 3 million argue back on the health care. they are going to law school and master's degree and trying to pursue the american dream. >> they are making a decision to
10:39 am
go in the parent's plan and not to buy it. >> hold on a assembled, bill. the truth of the matter is, before the affordable care act it was no option and the wild, wild west. >> who said they thought about it at age 24 or 25. >> this administration talks about california being the great state that has so many people enrolled in obama care. but 36 percent of the people who signed up are between the ages of 54 and 65. that population only makes up on on >> those are not young people signing up. they are not signing up through the exchanges. >> michelle is focusing on california. and not talking about oregon and not talking about maryland. >> oregon only has a hundred. >> and they are enrolling in the
10:40 am
programs. can go round and round. you are young and invincible and richard and michelle. we'll see you again. >> shocking allegations that the federal government is stealing the work of small companies and putting them out of business. what is up with that? >> uncle sam, stealing our stuff? numerous small businesses, they charge that the federal is taking intellectual property when they have government contracts and destroying their business. one new jersey firm developed a wire called microwire. the company said microwire can track drones and troops. but the government simply tock all of its work and so it foiled a 50 million lawsuit begans the department of education and
10:41 am
national nuclear security administration. >> we still believe that this technology has the ability to create billions in revenue. and the ability to create hundreds of thousands of jobs. when you take thatability away. you hurt the social support structure. >> the department of energy referred to the agency for comment. but the justice department denoticed the company's claim saying that the u.s. did not take information. but other companies say it happen to them. food quest, food and drug administration simply tock the computer software it was working on with the government to track the safety of the nation's food supply. and that move nearly put it out of business. >> they basically stole owl of our stuff and they duplicated exactly what we were selling to
10:42 am
industry and giving it away for free. >> the fda did not give us a statement on that company's claims and the similar case the government settled with a computer tracking company that accused the army of taking its stuff and uncle sam had to cough up 50 million. >> sticking around for lessons in love in a shooting massacre. six-year-old jesse louis was mong 20 first graders and that was killed. >> three words that jesse wrote on a chalkboard in the days before he was killed that are guiding her life. ♪
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[ female announcer ] may your holidays be merry and bright. merry pringles. >> hope you had a great weekend,
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top political pi nocio for 2013 and the president makes top five throw types. dow spend money for antibacteria at the store. new researches on if it is worth it. why is google buying up robt companies. eight in the last six months and the broid who pushed her now husband off of the cliff. what she fessed up to all caught on tape on the real story at the top of the hour. it is one year since the horrific shooting in sandy hook elementary that claimed the lives of six teachers and 20 children. jesse was standing by his teacher's side and shouted for classmates to run helping to save many lives that day. her murder shares her tragedy.
10:47 am
it is wonderful to have you here. >> can you start with having us tell us what a special kid jesse was. >> and i used present tense. jesse is a great dichotemmy of an energyic protector and loving cuddle bug. and we can so from the picture his personality shines through. you heard from investigators after this tragedy that he was able to do manage from the classroom that saves lives. what did he do? >> the gunman continued the killing spree and killed jesse's beloved teacher and the gun ran out of bullets and during the time it tock for him to reload. jesse called out to the friends that were standing over the rom and telling them to run. and because he yelled run they ran and he saved nine lives.
10:48 am
>> incredible. you base the bock on words days after jesse's death on the chalk board. what was the message you got. i came home shortly after that. and i saw that jesse had written on our family's chalkboard and nurturing and healing love. and i saw those three words and i saw those words in the definition of compassion in the cultures and i kind of broke them down and nurturing moans healing to mend ties and love is what we are here to do. why did you think that jesse wrote the words on the chak board before this. he had a spiritual knowing. and it is a spiritual message and the words are not in the six year old ve knackullar. >> they are not in the hand
10:49 am
writing. >>o a message of comfort of course. and i felt like it was a message of insperation for the world. >> one of the most incredible things about the story and space of one year and the span, you have moved from overwhelming grief and to forgiveness. and everyone wants to know how to do that in all aspects of your life. how have you done that? >> it is a choice and something that you choose to do. you have jt and jesse's older brother and an incredible experience with orphan gen soyed survivors from rwanda and a live skype skype with them. and we have forgiven them and murdered the entire family in front of us. and we kept the anger and vengeance up and going down the same path as those who killed
10:50 am
our families. and if they can do it, we can do it. i want to provide that perspective to other pom. you think of someplace who caused you pain and i can can n in your life. >> you started a foundation in honor of jesse. tell us what the goal is. >> the goal is, you know, when the whole tragedy started, i felt reilike it started with an angry thought in adam lanza's head. an angry thought can be changed. the goal of the foundation is to give kids and educators and parents tools so that they can develop this baseline optimism which leads to resiliency so that they can get over any hurdle that comes their way. >> the book is beautiful. it's called "nurturing, healing, love." it is a pleasure to meet you and hear your wise words. >> thank you, allison. >> we'll be right back. for all kinds of reasons. i go to angie's list to gauge whether or not the projects will be done
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a lot of these lately. extreme weather alert. new storms moving across the midwest through the northeast tomorrow. they could bring even more snow and bitter cold temperatures. kind of like regifting, isn't it? one after the other. meteorologist janice dean live in the fox weather center. one after the other, right? pass it on down. >> you're right. >> how are you, j.d.? >> i'm good. you like the snow, right? >> love the snow. to a degree. >> to a degree. i know. a lot of folks across the northeast are like, i don't know what to do. too many snow days. what do i do with my kids? it's still cold across the upper midwest and the great lakes and the northeast. so we have a couple of storms moving in. they're called clipper systems. fast moving storms that originate from canada. and we could see a wide swath of one to three inches. but you know what? we have another storm that's
10:55 am
developing across the northwest which we're going to talk about as the week progresses. but let's get to this first of all. so clipper system, number one. then we have another clipper system behind that that's going to bring the swath of one to three inches, generally speaking. then some areas could get higher totals. so let's take a look at what we are going to be dealing with. there's the monday storm. a quick mover moving into new york city. right around the rush hour time. it's going to be messy, unfortunately, from philadelphia towards new york. then into boston. then another quick hit on tuesday night. as i mentioned, one to three across the great lakes, upper midwest. we could see some higher totals over the mountainous regions and new england. we'll keep an eye on this clipper system, two clipper systems. temperatures are going to drop. but then they're going to warm up as we head into thursday and friday. but then, bill and allison, we're going to be watching this next weather maker coming from the northwest. and that could bring more snow towards the weekend. you know what?
10:56 am
white christmas for a lot of folks. >> silver lining. >> right? >> i like that bill likened this to a fruitcake in terms of regifting. it just keeps coming around again. >> we're going to have to make a christmas card. >> yes. let's do that. >> see you, janice. it is not too late to be heard. if you had a robot, what would it do for you? >> your best tweets are next. in case you're looking for a christmas gift. >> a robot christmas gift. >> or a fruitcake. >> i like both. >> use it as a doorstop. [ coughs, sneezes ]
10:57 am
i have a big meeting when we land, but i am so stuffed up, i can't rest. [ male announcer ] nyquil cold and flu liquid gels don't unstuff your nose. they don't? alka seltzer plus night fights your worst cold symptoms, plus has a decongestant. [ inhales deeply ] oh. what a relief it is.
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pop in the drum of any machine... ♪ wash any size load. it dissolves in any temperature, even cold. tideod pop in. stand out. google is buying military robotics. we asked if you had a robot what would it do for you? >> christy tweets, it would be our backyard doggy scooper. >> nice. to have something around the house that actually listens and
11:00 am
does what i ask. >> not your husband? michael tweets, mow the yard and rake the leaves. i can spend more time watching fox. >> james said if i had a robot i would use it to sign me up for obamacare. it would sit there so you didn't have to. >> very good. thanks so much for watching. i'm alisyn. >> i'm bill. here's gretchen. ciao. >> today on "the real story" congressman paul ryan showing huge favorability ratings in one state that's key to a run for the presidency. who else topped the list and who came in dead last? google betting big bucks that row bolts are our future. some are cool. some are scary. here's the question today. why is the tech giant investing so much in them? plus, new concerns about hand sanitizers. why the government's warning they could be dangerous to your health and may not even work. china takes a giant leap into space. one that could pave the way to land more astronauts on the moon. >>


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