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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  December 16, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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>> there you go. that is it for your special report. fair and balanced. and on the record is right now. do you sometimes wonder if the white house thinks that you are stupid and does press secretary jay carney believe this? >> today we are focusing on the savings that millions of consoum ares have seen because of health care law that produces more value for the health premium dollars. >> you heard many horror stories on the roar. and a new associated press poll said scene percent of the americans say their premiums are going up. and 59% said co-payment and deductible is increasing. joinings is south carolina
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senator tim scott. he said that americans are seeing savings? >> it is remarkable. no way you can add tens of thousands of government employees and see premiums go down and not up. the facts are simple. mr. hucks from greenville, south carolina sent me a letter. his premiums are going up 75 percent and his deductible from ten this happened to 25 this happened. and premiums from 450 to 800 a month. a co-pay plan 1500 a month for a family of four. prem yups are sky rocketing and the unfortunate part they are about price, deductibles and co-pay ands outof pocket expenses are the costs. they are exploding and we'll see more bad news once the sen million young people do not enroll, next year, and year two,
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premiums will be based on the actual information that is dismal and we'll have worse rates and not better rates. >> yay carne is a smart guy, why would he put his neck out on this. and maybe he would get lucky and the miracle would happen and the price will come down and make everybody flush with cash. why is he sticking his neck out and saying those things with great savings? >> i have no idea. if they can control the price on the front end it means the cost the rise on the back end. you can find a way for a insurance company to provide a insurance policy that is not rated sufficient. it only means that taxpayers will pick up the tab on the back end. >> that is american taxpayers that are genous with the people who are down-and-out and as we expand medicaid, it will cost more.
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someone has to pick up the cost some place. >> and if we were to expand medicaid, we would see 2 billion in costs over the next two years. >> i assume people in south carolina want people who are poor with health issues not to get medical care what do you do? >> one of the things i suggested to do to lower the cost of health insurance and not health care. but the health insurance, we could allow for competition cross the state lines and small business owners to poll with other small business owners to reduce the rate. >> why didn't we do that? >> that is one of the failures of the preobama care world. we could have addressed it with free market and tort reform and we didn't do it. we are trying to reintroduce common sense and fund health care in insurance poll to
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provide those with preexisting conditions with more opportunities. the challenges get worse. if you are in a group plan, preexisting conditions are easily observed in a large group plan. individual market there is no group and you have to pay exceedingly higher rates to find your insurance. that is the challenged and that from sex thousand or so to high as 12,000 only moans that those folks who can't afford insurance, they get the free health care check up and can't take care of the challenges, what do we do next? >> there is a heart breaker, but let me ask you about bipartisan budget bill? the senate had to vote on it tomorrow. and under the bill military would be cut by 6 billion over the next ten years. is it going to pass the senate in >> i think it would pass the senate watching and listening to the colleagues on the floor.
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the votes to get behind cloture will happen and that it means you only need 51 for the underlying bill. the challenge is if you sign up for the military and 18 or 19 years old and you get a promise. that promise is we'll do what they are doing. >> and we retire at 42. and looking for america to honor the promise and we'll make it and change it by changing the retirement benefit and 42-year-old enlisted man it is 75,000 for five years. >> that's what we are hearing when they restructure the detroit, when all of the sudden people lose pepgzs. that is always the situation, how do we accommodate that and what would you have done differently than penalize the military in this instance. >> what i would love for us to
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have a source conversation in congress. we have 1200 dumraative programs. here is an opportunity to reduce the spending and deal with our realities and challenges face on and not put that on the back of our military. >> and i can't figure out why that didn't happen. senator tom coburn and go has the report. i don't know why we pay for it. >> we have more economic development plans. >> and why does that keep happening? >> there is a number of bills that suggest how we deal with it in a pragmatic approach. it never finds it -- >> but why? >> call senator reid and ask why he will not allow it on the floor? >> you blame him? >> i blame the process and the senate today. we are not tackling the tough issues.
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we allowed ourselves to have two more years of spending. the offset is over ten years. in 2011, pay for the increase of the debt seouling over the next ten years and now we are looking for a new way to deal with the financial challenges. >> are you going to vote for the bill? >> no, i will not. it is a step forward and good that both sides are talking. and role pension reform. there is the ugly and bad. the bad is paying over ten years and ugly is asking our military to pay for it, for us and not taking care of our responsibilities by cutting spending. we are simply shifting who pays in our active duty military. >> what about the debt seouling in february. >> hopefully we'll look at the underlying debt and giving ourselves an opportunity to have a source conversation.
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>> it is good that they are having conversations. if we continue that perhaps we can cut spending enough to have a discussion on the debt ceiling. >> good to see you. >> thank you so much. straight a head approximate the bum pumcare navigators should there be a criminal investigation. what are they doing and could it get you in trouble. >> we know you have an opinion about this one. will obama care save your family money in the long run or crush your finances? . this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one.
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the hunt is on for two killers behind a deadly mall carjacking. upscale shopping mall a young couple attacked outside of a store. the husband had opened the car door for his wife and walked around to the driver's door when it happen. here is more from new jersey. tell me what is the latest? >> reporter: yeah, what a sad story just before christmas as well. what you reported was true. he was just as the mall was closing, they were returned to the suv and getting in the car and dustin friedlander, his and his wife attorneys. she is sitting in the passenger
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side and he's just about to get in the driver's side door ambushed by two police say thugs trying to carjack his expensive suv. they shot him in the head police say and sped off in his car and his wife was skreeping and the mall is expensive mall and put in a look down for a time. he was transported to the hospital and died a short time later, tonight, gretta, police have not found the gun men, they are looking for two suspects who sped off in a the car. we had breaking developments on this story, the stolen suv was found in now ark. newark, new jersey in a high crime area next to an abandoned home well known for car thieves. they drop the stolen cars there
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in that area. one of the possibilities tonight they are looking at is whether they are connected to a larger car theft ring? right now no arrest have been made. the short hills mall has been reopened and the shoppers, people are onently and security is very, very tight. and there is a visibility police presence. there always is, but the mall is reviewing the security procedures and added police officers. another development. they are looking at any security camera in the mall- level parking lot or stores around there to assist them in solving this crime. >> for the life of me, i can't understand why they haven't released the manhunt. they are capable of killing. this happen saturday night and the video tape has to be loaded with security cameras and the
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parking lot. why rrnt they released so they can put them out there for help? >> reporter: absolutely right. gretta, that it is something that the prosecutor's office. we have opinion in touch with them and you would think that would help in the place especially the highway end retail stores. nordstroms and sak's fifth avenue. they are loaded with security cameras inside and outside of the building and in the parking lot. unless police are closing in on who they are looking for. one of the things that investigators said in this case, usually the carjackers, although carjacking is violent. they don't usually shoot and kill the driver as well. that is unusual. and in new jersey, it is low crime area. so this is a highly unusual event in this area. >> i might add when you carjack
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a car, unless you have gloves on, you would leave clous and fibers and dna all over the inside of the car and that car could be a wealth of information to try to trackdown two killers am we'll stay on this story and sharon will as well. thank you, sharon. >> thank you. obama care navigators telling you to break the law. what are they doing and why are they doing it? congressman doughty is here coming up. 2 and he eats a cookie. ♪ feed him a fresh baked cookie and he eats a much, much better cookie. bake the world a better place with nestle toll house. and this park is the inside of your body. see the special psyllium fiber in metamucil actually gels. and that gelling help to lower some chesterol.
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obama care navigators are breaking the law and a new report shows that many of them
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are telling to commit fraud. lying to get better credit and subid sidies. that is a fraud and illegal. congressman doughy joins us. >> good evening, how are you? >> very well. is this one of the suspicionsna navigators are telling people how to commit a crime? >> it is more than a suspicion. one is loy about your finances and preexisting habit of smoking that impact your premium and subsidies. >> and i am looking at u.s. house of representatives report and i will read the copy you are talking approximate. navigators in the urban league of dallas are urging applicants to lie so they could apply for tax subsidies. and loy about smoking habits to
4:21 pm
obtain a lower premium. has this been advised to the local attorney. >> i doubt it nothing so manies to get referred for criminal prosecution. i don't know if they lost their job. i know the young lady who made the mistakes of answering sear hanitiys questions lost her job. there is no background check and 20 hours of training. you undergo more training to be a life guard in a reflection poll than you do to be a navigator and take the test as many times as you need to. think of how well you would do if you take the test until you pass it. the navigator thing, it is a shame you have to have a navigator to access the federal program and no background check and 20 hours of training and take the test as many times as you want and
4:22 pm
council people to commit frauds once you want to enroll. nbasic law for those who are unaware. if you participate and aid and abet someone in a crime you are guilty as a principle. if you do it with five people as a navigator. those are five fell no counts right there, right in >> we can't even get. >> you are right. aiding and abetting and if you know about it, it is a fell no. you can't get anybody prosecuted by this department of justice. i will just celt approximate if they don't get to cope their jobs. and counsel more people. >> why did you have to go to justice. and why not the u.s. attorney in dallas or first assistant to convoen a grand jor. you don't have to get permugz of eric holder. he stepped on it from dc to dallas. that would raise holy hell in
4:23 pm
the ranks of the u.s. attorneys. >> it has happen before. but you are right. the u.s. attorney and the district in texas could do that and for all i know they may be working on. it i think it is a shame if you have on tape somebody counseling someone else to commit a fraud against the taxpayers and there is no sanction or consequence. it would be a nice job if you lost your job before criminal prosecutions. >> you talk about the subsidies. and if they are lying about his or her income so they get a subsidy, that moans taxpayers pay extra money out of their pocket to it a insurance company. taxpayers, they are the ones that suffer financially. >> you have the whole concept of unjust enrichment and gretta whatever reason they treat government money differently and
4:24 pm
it is okay to lie to get a higher subsidy. we have a lot of issues in this country and morerality are one of them and counseling someone to defraud taxpayers out of money. >> let me ask you about the contracts and the subpeona. i have a copy of a letter that was sent to chairman darril issa and the letter fr is from alfred grasso and mi ter corporation. he's trying to explain why it is that he doesn't want to comply with the subpeona from the house oversight committee. he is one of the contractors. what is his excuse for not complying with a subpoena. >> there is a contract that forbids him from making
4:25 pm
disclosure for third partnerships. congress is not a third party and my guess that gentlemen if he hasn't sought legal counsel and concluded he needs to comply shortly will. two contractors reached the right conclusion tone kathleen sebelius and darril issa you are better off doing what darril issa tells you to do. >> will congress and chairman issa put their foot down and get these documents? >> it is it a long dance in getting them. if it is it subpeona they should provide them no questions asked. >> yes, we'll fight over the redakzs and lots of the documents are redakted and then gretta, you don't know what you don't know. and if the contractor gives information and not a total disclosure and we don't know what we don't have. underlying your question.
4:26 pm
why doesn't nothing happen to people who don't do what congress tells them to do. the fact that kathleen sebelius told someone not to conform to a subpeona and even if they do, i would encourage chairman issa to investigate it. to me it is not alls well that ends well. if you counsel someone to impede a captainingal investigation even if they don't take your advice. i would love to so them investigated. and my advice would be well received by chairman issa. >> the irony is, they all work for us. cathlone sebelius works for us. and we are the only ones who don't get the information. they are taking our money and having secret contracts that we don't so and we don't know what is in the contract.
4:27 pm
>> not only your money but personal information. it is whether or not your information is secure. i have colleagues that want to it have a college of cardinals to it keep darril issa from getting information so he could know whether or not your information is secure or not. >> it is also your personal stuff. thank you, sir. 0 to interrupt you. >> thank you, have a good night. coming up. he has celebrities in the back pockets. but are young americans turning on president obama and why? that's next? ♪ health care got it going on. i am a nice pres. ♪ this holiday season, our priority is you ♪
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but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what? now get ready to speed read the middle of the news. today a federal judge ruling
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that the nsa phone spying program unconstitutional. the move makes way for future court challenges and appeals. and president obama will talk to the tech companies to move forward with the spying scandal. dangerous storms are sweeping through the northeast. many places are hit with now. and much of it is paralyzing the midwest tonight. are you ready to play a jackpot for a millionaire. it is $586 million drawing tomorrow. if no one could win tomorrow it could mean the jackpot could reach $1 billion. >> big name celebrity and a social media push. hss making the stop to get young people to sign up for obama
4:32 pm
care. do mi ials want obama care or obama in office anymore? 46 percent disapprove of president obamay job performance and 45 percent approve and now our panel going on the record. john mccomic. and susan frechow. and amy, your description of obama care roll out is a turn off. how do they undot turn off. >> it is a generation of kids that are well informed and internet savvy and strug lipping to find a anchor in the middle-class and get a job and establish themselves with financial security. they know if they read about this, that it is off to a rocky start. just because you get in the website doesn't mean you end up purchasing insurance.
4:33 pm
and they might have also found out noncom mriiance fee is $95 and difficult for the interm rev now service to collect. we can't handle what we promised. they have to start talking about the benefits of getting insurance and ease of getting insurance. otherwise, i think they will say sounds like a lot of waive everies and extensions and promises and we'll sit it sxout it may be changing soon. >> we'll have a pr campaign and they tell all of the millennials it is great and fantastic. >> i don't think the marketing campaign can save them from the law. 80 percent of the people under the age of 30 are paying more for health insurance even with the subsidies. and you are going to be worse off. the role problem is not marketing but economics. there are millions of people who thought it was a bad deal and
4:34 pm
why would they sign up for it now? >> i agree with that. there is a poll that said most young people feel that the law will not be around and it will repole or collapsed. why seen up for something. they are willing to wait over night in a iphone which they can get. but people with student loans and parents don't have money to help them out and struggling to pay the rent and cell phone bill. i looked at costs for young people. you are looking at cost two or throw hundred a month for deductibles and the plan only covers 65 percent. i think it is going to be tough to get them enrolled. >> what happens if they don't? it is a grim vow that they are not signing up. who will pay for this? >> that is a problem that isin prices are set and insurance companies will look at how many people were enrolled and the
4:35 pm
administration said to sustain the program. one young healthy person to throw sick risky elder people. if that doesn't work out and that equation is out of whack, we'll see the prices rouse in 2015. >> spike or rise? >> i don't know. i don't know if we are going to do a taxpayer bail out comboiped with higher prices and i don't know how it is breaking up. >> what is the best nows of obama care? >> that's news. i am stumped. >> well, i would think that if they find a way to help the insurance companies and moan that the administration can use to not go through captaining it might sustain and hollywood on the side and trying to promote this thing they might get more people enrolled. there is a big promotional
4:36 pm
campaign. >> i don't feelicism though. they are trying to knock mayo clippic and md anderson because they are expensive. they are not making it sympathetic. >> it is easy for the administration to jump on the insurance companies. just like president obama admitted that people who are self insured and could cope their policy and they didn't. the law would not let them. they had to outline them. >> isn't the president joined in the hip with the insurance couples? >> the insurance industry cannot collapse. they insure us. if it is not made right for them it is a death spiral of price increases as a worst case scenario. we can't blame them. they have taken in the sick. this has to work and best news
4:37 pm
is that the percent amg of the targets are roached in enrollment. those are the states running their own exchanges. if they can align the enrollment with the purchasing and making sure more people are insured they might meet their target numbers. sfshgs straight a head. did president obama delay enforced regoulgzs to cope his job? that's coming up. >> men and women hitting the street in santa costumes. more of the wild video, next.
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we put the most fantastic videos together. this group getting naughty and throwing punches and pushing each other to the grouped and all of it caught on camera. hundreds of people dressed as santa in new york city for santa con. this group of santas hit the bottle too hard and talk about holiday spirit. winter storms are not just for humans. this bird forgot he or she could fly. watch as this creature hops on board and slides down the officer. it would be easier to use his
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did president obama delay changes until after the 2012 election? do all presidents do this and play us? our on the record panel is back. susan, washington post article suggested that the obama administration played the delay game to get reelected. >> the word went out from the white house that they were not anxious to it have regulations under review because of the upcoming election. they are concerned about their reelection prospects and it goes beyond the environmental regoulgzs. there is suspension that the health care law and. people realize those promises would not be kept. he wanted to sell himself to voters. they were worried about changing the nuances of explaining the health care law. what it does, it cost him the trust of the public. and as a consequence, democrats over all are not trusted and they are going to be on the hot society at 2014. do you trust them to be your senator or representative in >> is president obama any worse than other managers, part one of mew question. and second part pushing these regulations until off after the election. congress does it overt. and obama administration sneaky and under the table. >> putting controversial policy is politics. the president said he would not give us politics. george bush tackled social security reform that went down in flames after the election. z
4:49 pm
coming up. nick diaz told you about the cancelled health care plan. nick is back to tell you next. and don't forget tonight. hanitiy. and shawn is investing in a new obama care navigator. that's tonight. all new hanitiy at 10 o'clock
4:50 pm
p.m. eastern.
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we have time to hash it out. one of santa elveson the naughty list. naughty elf upstaged obama family in a christmas photo. and the little elf stealing the show by making faces and striking a pose with the first family. and the daily mail forced to release songs and itunes. they can lose the copyright after 50 years. recordings will be released on tuesday. but not every boatel song will
4:53 pm
be released just yet. some fans will have a hard day' that was a stupid joke. waiting four minutes for a burger is to long. one fast-food company tweeting. it came it this. you can get fast-food faster because drive throughs are using easy pass. they can speed away with a hot meal. so far it is just available at five wendy's restaurant. and now it is your turn to hash it out with us. and coming up. two months ago, he told you about his cancelled health care plan on the record. has nick diaz found a new health care plan yet? he will tell you, next. ade you campbell's chunky new england clam chowder. wow! this is incredible! i know. and now it has more clams!
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our next guest went on the record in october after the obama care roll out. his insurance company cancelled his plan. has he had luck finding a new plan. nick joins us this evening. >> hi, gretta. >> nick, i know your wife had breast cancer and you had a challenge finding the policy. have you found that? >> we have not. >> you are coming up on december 23rd and a now days beyond that. what is the problem? >> there is a number of
4:57 pm
problems, gretta. we tried to find coverage and every time went one direction, we were turned around and had to start trying again and come to find out the other day, that the insurance companies that are offering a d a plans in south carolina are not offering the doctors and hospitals that we are accustomed to using. we don't know what to do. to make matters worse, i found out today from the insurance agent that i was trying to work with, since we didn't get our application in this past week woke we'll be without coverage on january 1st. >> you know, nick, i find it absolutely cruel that your family has had to deal with cancer. and i know from studying the segment tonight your wife can't
4:58 pm
have the oncologist she had deal with. the idea of coping your doctor if you like. it life threatening illness and a good relationship and a doctor that it kept your wife alive and treated her cancer, and now suddenly your life is turned upside down. >> it is a terrible situation. strike one, we found out we couldn't keep our plan and now strike two, we can't keep our doctors and january 1st, we'll lose coverage altogether. for someone like me, an average guy who is accustomed to doing what is right and kept our family covered 35 years we are married we are at a loss of what to do. >> there are two companies in south carolina that provide insurance, is that correct? >> that is correct. >> why isn't your oncologist on it. is he not allowed to be on the
4:59 pm
on on >> i don't know the answer. the oncologist is part of the large medical university here in south carolina and why we go to them. and from their finance department today, the entire medical university is not going to be part of the plans. >> and that would be a decision of the insurance company or medical center? >> i don't know the answer to that? >> i suspect, i maybe they have made it untenable. i know doctors want to be a part of a successful plan so they can help people and take care of the patients. nick, you know what, i hope that things turn around for you on this. it doesn't look likely in the short run. i wish you and your family best of luck, cope us informed. and thank you for being with us tonight. we'll see tomorrow night right here at 7 o'clock p.m.
5:00 pm
if you are getting on dvr. put it on the recording. good night from washington. the riley factor is on. tonight. >> kicking off the light hearted segment there is a tongue hearted. nmegyn kelliy caught up in a controversy. >> get her a secret santa. >> here is a secret. i am black as hell. >> the factor will get to the truth about santa claus. >> president obama would not be in the white house if not for the efforts and boots on the ground and support of labor unions. >> and a fierce advocate for labor yups received hundreds of thousands from the unions. is this


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