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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  December 17, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PST

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friends first" on this tuesday morning. >> thanks for starting your day off with us. america's veterans emerging at the center of the budget battle as the senate is set to vote today on a deal that would cut military retiree benefit. >> causing a nationwide protest against the bill. doug lusader has more. >> republicans think it spends too much. democrats wants to see a long-termpension benefits is creating push backs from kret tr veterans groups an supporters from congress. >> if you are a young guy you sign up for the military you are 18, 19 years old you get a promise. the promise is we are going to do what we are going to do for the rest of your life.
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you retire at 42 you start looking for america to honor the promise. we are going to break the promise. for a 42-year-old e 7 he loses about 75,000 dollars in the next 20-years. >> what this deal does, it dials back cost of living adjustments. supporters of this plan say to save about 6 billion over the next decades. this may be nip and tuck in congress but it is expected to pass the senate. we will see. heather and ainsley. >> doug luzader live for us. we will see what happens. >> the news of military pension cuts upsetting members of the families as well. they say the government is breaking their promises to the veterans. last night on the kelly files maxwell whose husband is an active member of the military explained why family members are so upset with how congress is handling this issue. >> all we are asking is members
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of congress and elected leaders to honor their words. we don't have a union representing us all we have is our faith and government to honor the promises they have made to those who served. the fact remains these are earned benefits these are not social welfare program. these are our earned benefits. we have paid in time and commitment to the military in order to have these earned benefits. >> some who protest the bills are concerned future generations won't sign up to serve because they won't have faith in congress who promised them. >> the navigator program under scrutiny for lack of training. many say american's private information is not safe. this as the president is set to meet with some tech executives to talk about a specific site. kelly wright is live with the latest on that angle this morning. good morning, kelly. >> good morning to you as well. as president obama prepares to meet today with leaders with the
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high-tech industry to discuss ways of improving there were new concerns to talk about how secure the site is. some republican lawmakers say the navigators are a weak link in an already questionable chain of security. they claim navigators don't undo undergo a security check. >> the so-called navigators don't follow the rules the union has for insurance people. the idea that they are bonded they are identified, they are finger printed, anything that would cause you to know they are not felons and identity left perpetrators simply hasn't been done. >> congressman darrel issa there also adding they are not even required to show a copy of their driver's licenses referring to the navigators. white house press secretary jay carney pushes back against republican claims. >> this is just one more data point in the republican obsession with sabotaging
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obamacare. all navigators must have 20 hours of training. this is not a one-time only process. navigators have regular refresher opportunities where they can share updates receive information and address issues as they are in the process of helping people in their community. >> as we stated earlier, heather, president obama will be meeting with executives from leading tech companies later today. they include the vice president of the united states as well discussing with leaders of apple, google and other firms how they can best address performance and capacity issues with >> kelly wright live for us from washington. thank you, kelly. >> a major blow to the nsa data program. a federal judge rules the national security agency bulk collection of american phone records likely violates the constitution. al judge granted a flim nature
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reinjunction sought by two plaintiffs. it will open the door to more challenges to the program. edward snowden released a statement saying this. a secret program authorized by a secret court was when exposed to the light of day found to violate american's rights. it is the first of many. president obama is set to meet today with executives to talk about problems with the nsa lake and obamacare web site. >> the suspect in the deadly shooting in an up scale new jersey mall. justin freedman was killed during a car jacking. twol men walked up to the couple as they were about to get in their range rover. they say the car jackers shot the husband then took off in the range rover which was later found 10 miles away at an abandoned house in newark. a 10 now dollar award is being offered for anything thinformat
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leads to the arrest. 177-847-7 -- 877-847-7432. a student died during a hazing ritual. he died after a butte tal hazing incident left him brain dead last weekend in the poconos. the national president terminated the fraternity's affiliation with the chapter and revoked the memberships of the brothers for violating values and anti hazing policy. the wildfire has destroyed at least 15 houses forcing dozens to evacuate. that fire ignited the central coastline late on sunday and it dr grew to 550 acres by wednesday afternoon. no word on what started it. >> their delta flight slides off
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the runway into the snow. it happened as the plane was from minneapolis was landing at the airport of madison, wisconsin. >> he skidded off and stopped. you had to look around for a second and think wait we are not on the runway any more. >> none of the 160 people on board were hurt. >> oo the snow will start falling during the morning rush hour we are told. maria molina is tracking the storm. >> we are tracking the clipper system e. it is in place across parts of chicago and across the great lakes. that's where we are seeing the snow coming down early this morning. it will be racing eastward and impacting parts of the northeast later this morning. the cold temperatures is really what is setting the stage for
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snow across the great lakes and northeast. it feels like 7 degrees in chicago parts of utah also waking up to current windchill temperatures in the single tig g digits. usually a little milder than this. but as you head out the door it will feel like 41 degrees that's a little chilly for floridians. low 30's for you in chicago and also new york city. early this morning it will be impacting portions of the great lakes and pennsylvania and new jersey. it will will race eastward. by tomorrow morning the storm has gone out of the northeast and also portions of new england. in terms of snowfall accumulation the more significant accumulations that could go across eastern maine not too bad in new york city. forecasting 1.2 inches of snow.
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it is dry across the northeast through out the day today. you will have cold company temperatures and some snow. >> my only request is it hold off until i finish my christmas p shoing. >> good luck with that. what are you buying me? >> we will see. >> a man convicted of master mining a scam to a navy veteran's charity will spend 28 years in prison. he called himself bobby thompson. authorities say his real name is john donald cody a harvard trained attorney. in addition to the prison sentence he was ordered to pay back $6 million in fines. new york serving top cop has a new job. nypd commissioner ray kelly will serve as a public speaker after he leaves the department at the end of the month. kelly looks forward to sharing the lessons he learned leading new york's finest for the past
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12 years. william bratton will take over by the end of the month. he was chosen by bill deblagio. >> detroit qb mat stafford had a rough day getting picked off three times. but it was the foot of ravens justin tucker that prevailed. he was 5 for 5 on field goals when they brought him in with 38 seconds left for a 61 yarder. the havens win 18 to 15. >> ritchie incognito won't be playing but he will still get paid. he will be on the nfl's suspended list with pay for the remainder of the season. incognito was suspended after allegations he bullied teammate jonathan martin. those surfaced and he will be paid 220,000 dollars per game. the mega millions jack would
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the sores to $586 million with a cash payout of 316.5 million. it is the second largest jackpot in the history it can increase again before tonight's drawing. the odds of winning 159 million. if no one wins tonight the jackpot for the drawing will begin at $800 million. nice. >> if you travel you could use some of that cash. airfares are going up. the new budget deal is to blame. >> lauren simonetti is here with the fox business network with more. >> listen up air fair getting more expensive. you have congress to thank. on july 1st the security fees you pay on air fair are going up not just a little bit but up 120 percent to 5.60 for each one way domestic flight it is all part of the bipartisan budget deal
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already passed by the house. the revenue will be used to offset funding cuts in the s sequester. >> twitter is working on a new feature to allow you to edit their tweets. it is to fixin correct reports. the new feature will be tested first by celebrities. public officials and news organizations may be able to fix tip pos or words only one time. >> the latest christmas marathon comes from toys-r-us. they will keep the doors open father 87 hours straight leading up to christmas. retailers pulling out all of the stops to make up for the shorter shopping season to make up for christmas and bad weather. only half of us have finished holiday shopping. don't worry. we still have 8 days. >> i can shop every day of my
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life. i can do a lot of damage in 8 days. thanks, lauren. >> thank you. >> 12 minutes after the top of the hour. new information about princess di's death. why we might never get answers about the car crash that killed her. >> think twice before you use antibacterial soap and hand sanitizer. the dirty details. >> the new national average $3.22 down $0.01 from yesterday. you can prevent gas with beano meltaways, or treat gas with these after you get it. now that's like sunblock before or sun burn cream later. oh, somebody out there's saying, now i get it! take beano before and there'll be no gas. [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better.
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends first". the investigation into princess diana's death will not be reopened. british police say there's no credible evidence that the princess of wales was killed by u.s. forces. they closed their investigation after finding no evidence to support those claims.
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princess di, dodi fayed and their shoefr were killed while trying to escape the paparazzi. >> waychristopher fairly told police he shot mills in self defense last month at a bar. the original bond was set at 300 million it was reduced to 25,000 which he did pay for the release. >> a routine traffic stop turns out to be anything but in iowa. they found drugs and two pipe bombs when they searched his car. bomb crews were able to quickly and safely remove the devices. he was arrested. the ethics committee is launching a formal investigation into the cocaine conviction. police say he was caught in a drug sting and bleeded guilty.
2:18 am
they whether he violated rules of conduct by possessing cocaine. he could have a letter of reprovl to a recommendation of expulsion. >> a manned a woman spend a month in jail for possession of soap? the two were pulled over in pennsylvania last month. the officers did a search fof their car found two homemade bars of soap. it came back positive for cocaine. a lab test was ordered and it took a month to get the results back. ended up just being soup, by the wa -- soap boot by the way. the drug charges were dropped. >> oo the outside of these mittens meant to raise money for the u.s. olympic committee they say go usa. but it's what it inside that really counts. >> no one likes hearing a loud cell phone talker. it is so annoying. now one man's creative way to
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silence strangers is going viral. will you be his next victim?
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>> the safety of antibacterial soaps being questioned this morning. u.s. regulators pushing to require makers of antibacterial soaps to demonstrate they are safe and more effective than soap and water. the fda says although these
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products have been used since the 70s there is no evidence they are better. researchers suggest long-term exposure to antibacterial chemicals don't allow bacteria to mutate into harder to control strain. the action is an ongoing review to make sure ingredients used in antibacterial products are safe. the vitamins had no beneficial effect on preventing cancer or a second heart attack. men older than the age of 65 took multi vitamin or placebo were given memory tests. no differences between the two groups. >> it is happenings again. the olympic people is fundraising with mittens made in china not america. the olympic committee not stranger to controversy.
2:24 am
they were criticized for having the uniforms made in china. a spokesman for the committee says quote we wanted to create a fundraising opportunity where almost any one could support team usa. >> so don't you just hate it when people talk loudly on their cell phones in public? watch what happens when comedian greg benson crashes these people's phone conversations at the airport. >> looked really nice, too. going to take the flight first. no, i am on the phone. >> is that your sister? >> no i don't have a sister. why do you ask. >> i feel like you are answering my questions. >> no, i am talking to somebody. my friends. >> that is so funny. i wonder if they learned a
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lesson ainsley? >> i am guilty of that, sorry. >> what? no, just kidding. the time now is 24 after the top of the hour. coming up he was cold from the chemotherapy treatment. but they asked him to leave all because he put on a hat. >> he busted a move breaking into the apartment. now these thieves might have to break dance their way out of the new home. first on this day in 1997 tomorrow never dies was the number one movie at the box office. [ male announcer ] how can power consumption in china,
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with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing.
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>> it is tuesday december 17th. they are supposed to help you sign up for obamacare but it turns out there's nothing stopping government navigators from helping themselves to your private information. new revelations about the obamacare security concerns. >> he had the highest salary in the epa thanks to you the tax payer. but now this former government official room and board is about to be funded with tax dollars. wait until you hear why. and before you sit down with your family this morning to eat that breakfast a warning about a popular morning food. why can it could soon be disappearing from your flat. "fox & friends first" starts right now.
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>> it is coming down outside of our studios this morning. it is tuesday december 17th. >> the snow ushering in. >> i am ainsley earhardt. w welcome to "fox and friend first. >> i am heather childers. american veterans at the center of a budget battle as the senate is set to vote today on a deal that would cut military retiree benefits. >> it is causing a nationwide protest against the bill. doug luzader is live with more. >> this vote will be very closely watched they will need democrats and republicans to move things along. it is beyond the increase of the spending. many are also uneasy about a cut
2:31 am
in military pensions. they are being asked to ka ir rethat burden which is expected to save more than $6 billion over a decade. >> understand military retirees get hurt on this agreement where the federal employees the changes only go to new hires. the military didn't get the same protection. i don't understand why that unfair treatment you would think they would treat them the best. >> i think where they struck that down ryan and murray. i wish we would have done something bigger. i think in many ways a bigger deal is easier to do than a small deal. on a small deal when you hit federal employees or retirees they think single. if you got a broader deal where everybody gives a little and it looks more in the interest of the overall country i think
2:32 am
that's an easier sale to make. >> everyone may have to give a little but military retirees argue they are being asked to give more than federal employees. >> a federal judge rules the national security agency both collection of america's phone records likely violates the constitution. yesterday the white house talked about the rumors that nsa leaker edward snowden could get amnesty in exchange for stolen documents. >> our position has not changed on that matter at all. what i can tell you is that mr. snowden has been accused of leaking classified information and he faces nell knee charges
2:33 am
here in the united states. >> edward snowden remains in russia on political asylum. >> the navigator program for the obamacare web site under scrutiny for a lack of training. republicans saying the navigators haven't undergone security checks. many are now worried america's private information is not safe. kelly wright is live in washington with the latest. kelly, good morning. >> good morning to you as well. it will be a problem. president obama will be meeting with executives from leading tech companies later today. he will be discussing with leaders from apple and google and other firms how they can address performance and capacity issues with also how the government can improve efficiency and customer service. having said that some republican lawmakers are concerned about how secure the web site is. and may be exposing those to greater risk.
2:34 am
>> the so-called navigators don't follow all of the rules that they have for insurance people. the idea that they are bonded they are identified that they are finger printed anything that would cause you to know they are not felons and identity theft perpetrators simply hasn't been done. >> jay carney pushes back against claims he says the ghav gatoe -- navigators undergo 20 hours of training then routine training as well. >> they are engaging in an effort to mep americans who want health insurance to get it. i think it is pretty evident upon scrutiny that it is an effort to in a partisan way sabotage the affordable care
2:35 am
act. >> while law americas dispute that claim they say they should undergo a background check. they add 20 hours of training is not enough. congressman trey gowdy saying it is a shame they need a navigator to access the program to begin with. >> kelly wright live for us in washington. thank you, kelly. >> sure. >> a $10,000 reward is being offered in a deadly car jacking at a north jersey mall. 30-year-old justin freed land was shot in the head at a mall. the two men walked up to friedland and his wife as they were go to get in the range rover. they shot the husband right in front of his wife and took off with the rover. it was found two-miles away at an abandoned home in newark. >> florence italy, the third trial for amanda knox. they were convicted of killing knox's roommate. the constrictiviction overturne appeals court.
2:36 am
the appeals court decision was thrown out by italy's highest court. if she -- she is not in italy f this trial. >> the highest paid employee will healearn its fater defrauding taxpayers out of $1 million. federal prosecutors say that john beal avoided doing his real job for more than a decade by telling his bosses that he was an under cover cia agent working in pakistan. he pleaded guilty in september. prosecutors say he should get at least 30 months in prison. scary moments for delta passengers when their flight slides off the runway because of the snow. this happened in madison, wisconsin. >> he skidded off and stopped. you have to look around to realize we are not on the runway any more.
2:37 am
>> thankfully none of the 60 people on the flight was injured. extreme weather alert. more snow is on the way. >> it will create quite a mess if you are heading out. >> this storm system is a quick mover. the fast 12-hours you can see it go from quiet conditions to quickly over spreading parts of pennsylvania up state new york and even across new york city and new jersey. please be careful on the roadways today. from pennsylvania to the state of maine. winter storm warning we could see up to a foot of snow. what is going on is the storm system is moving quickly eastward and it is forecast to intensify. that's why we look at the accumulations further north parts of new hampshire and even up into parts of main. take a look at the radar. this is a forecast of the timing
2:38 am
of the system. it will be with us in the morning hours and by the afternoon it is already gone. quiet conditions behind it and it will stay very cold out there. keep that in mind especially in areas further west across the great lakes. here's a look at the kurr p rent windchill temperatures feels like 22 in new york city. single tig gets for you in chicago and down into texas and florida we are looking at windchill temperatures relatively chilly. feels like 41. the high temperatures across the south warming up nicely into the 60s and 70s. high in new york city only 30 degrees. it will stay below freezing. that is why we do think all of the precipitation from the clipper system is going to stay in the form of snowfall. otherwise high temperatures warming up to 33 only in the 20's in minneapolis. over to you. heather and ainsley. when you are doing christmas shopping not bad to see a little
2:39 am
snow. >> i don't think we are complaining. pope frances talking about the changes in the vat tan office. nominates candidates for bishops around the world. cardinal was appointed to the congregation as bishop. they reconfirmed cardinal lavata and raymond burke will no longer serve in the office. george zimmerman is posting his artwork on ebay. it is of an american flag with some of the words from the pledge of allegiance. in just 24-hours the bidding price shot up from 50 to 100,000 dollars. there's still four-days of bidding left. included on the e pay post he says the painting is a way for him to express his emotions. the 30-year-old was acquitted in the shooting death of trayvon
2:40 am
martin in july. >> police caught the twerking thief. >> she tweshged for an hour so he could steal packages was not charged. it happened this month and went viral on-line. the nominations are now in for the rock and roll hall of fame class of 2014. who made the list? kiss won just enough votesment also joining them hall and oats and this year' inings dux ceremony will be in new york in april. >> i like that song. >> the time now is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. coming up it is how we shopped for years. now the price tag may mean nothing at all. the new trend that could save you money.
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>> the jackpot is up to $586 million. the amount of nmoney you definitely will not win is up $586 million. >> you you would win a lot. that would be awesome. a cancer patient is kicked out of a steakhouse in nashville after he put on a hat. robert chambers says his recent chemotherapy gives him cold sensitivity. but wearing a hat was against the dress code.
2:45 am
workers made him and the entire group he was with leave. the coo released a statement saying there was a complete and total misunderstanding by our staff who had no idea our guest had a medical condition. chambers has accepted their apology. >> aboutbanana loves beware. there has been fungus found raising fears that could spread to major producers. the spread could be disastrous. bananas couwould cost more and harder to find if available at all. ainsley? >> the seattle see talhawks dominated the giants shutting them out 23-0. the real winners are 12 lucky people set to receive 35,000 dollars each. a seattle car dealer held a promotion where fans could enter
2:46 am
to for a chance to win if the seahawks shut out the giants. he is a man of his word and will shell out 420,000 dollars. >> looking for the best bargain this holiday season, guess what? you are in luck. more stores are accessing the art of hageling. diane macedo is here with what we need to know. >> you might want to think twice before paying what is on the price tags this holiday season. more and more stores are considering that price negotiable. new york times reports increasingly sophisticated tracking tools on smart phones and other devices are making consumers more bold and retailers desperate enough to train employees to bargain with customers. the new web site found that at least 20 percent of big box retailers are joining the likes of best buy and adopting the policy of matching any competitor's price though nanny don't advertise it.
2:47 am
home depot and lowe's are offering 10 percent below the price if it means locking in a sale. large stores like bloomingdales also have the policy. flee market style. also some adding on free insurance or delivery. the key is to make sure you make a reasonable offer be polite and confidence. something to keep in mind as you finish up the holiday shopping. >> you can do it on ebay it would be nice to do it in stores, too. >> it is 47 minutes after the top of the hour. christmas is right around the corner. jackie waters is taking to the streets for his annual quiz. >> gifts given by the kings. >> frankincense, i don't know.
2:48 am
>> we are stepping into water's world to test your christmas knowledge. >> talk about a missed delivery. one woman comes home to discover ups didn't leave her tablet at the door. wait until you hear where they left it instead. what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> did they put it in a cratras can? that's what it looks like. >> it might be a hint. you have to watch. >> good tease. >> good morning to you. kicking off in 12 minutes dr. mark seigel former vice president dick cheney he's here to tell us all about that. it's the season for christmas sweaters and you go will i christmas sweat-- ugly christma sweaters. the authors of the ugly christmas sweater party book will be here. we have the right place to visit we have the five companies looking to hire right now. and you have got to see christian singer natalie grant will be here to perform life.
2:49 am
she was just warming up. it just started snowing in new york city. that's the weather update as well. stick around. fox and friends starts about 10 minutes from right now. mine was earned orbiting the moon in 1971. afghanistan in 2009. on the u.s.s. saratoga in 1982. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve current and former military members and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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it is eight minutes until the top of the hour. singer chris brown's probation is revoked after a judge says he is not obeying the law. the judge in his assault case against rihanna says brown violated his probation when he got into a fight with a man in october. a hearing is scheduled for february and brown could be thrown in jail. right now he is in a court-ordered anger management rehab program. >> a missouri mom who ordered her daughter a new tablet for christmas stunned to find out the
2:53 am
delivery driver put it in her trash can, and guess what? it was trashed. tracy found a note on her door that said in trash can but quickly found the tablet was long gone because the trash was already picked up. >> i was crying all night last night. i was like i came home and i saved for months to get that for my daughter and for them to throw it in the trash. >> a u.p.s. spokesperson said an investigation is underway and added drivers are trained to leave packages out of sight and safe from the weather. they have agreed to replace the tablet that was thrown out. >> check out this amazing save at an airport in portland. a father places his baby on that security counter so that he could put his jacket back on. the baby boy rolls off of that table and the security officer leaped forward to catch the baby much to the relief of the child's parents. after the rescue, the security officer handed the baby boy over to the
2:54 am
mother. >> christmas is just nine days away and that means it is time for the o'reilly factor jesse watters to hit the street and test people's christmas knowledge. we take a look in waters world. >> where was jesus born? >> bethlehem. >> jerusalem. >> nazareth. >> probably some hospital came toia. bring him gifts? >> from newark. >> jersey. >> what gifts did the three wise men bring? >> i don't remember. >> frankincense, incense, >> gold, silver. i have no idea. >> gold -- >> frankincense, myrrh and gold. >> what is myrrh? >> that weird noise a cat makes in heat. >> do you know where the christmas tree tradition originateed from? >> sweden?
2:55 am
>> i'm guessing somewhere in europe, maybe somewhere in siberia. >> united states. >> i think it was germany. >> random guess like germany. >> nailed it. >> that's what she said. >> christmas is a federal holiday. do you know who proclaimed it a federal holiday? >> lincoln. >> ronald reagan. >> take a guess. 19th century. >> george washington. >> that was the 18th century. >> jefferson. >> grant. >> okay. >> so he grants us christmas. >> good one. >> that was good. that was actually good. it isn't exactly a smash and grab, but one woman doing some damage on a shopping trip. >> christmas coming early for some shoppers. the gifts they got from a nameless elf. us w ♪ ♪ ♪ use
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it is two minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house lear's what's happening today. the senate set to vote today on a deal that would cut military retiree benefits. this is causing a nationwide protest by military families against the bill. parts of the midwest and northeast can't catch a break from the wintry weather. more snow expected during the morning's rush hour. the mega millions jackpot has soared to $586 million. the total could easily increase again before tonight's drawing. the odds of winning 1 in 259 million. >> time to look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first, the good. they have named her the layaway angel. an anonymous elderly woman in arizona paying $5,000 towards random lay aways at wal-mart. the stores said three families bills were taken care of. >> a woman hitting the gas instead of the brakes going
3:00 am
into the checkout counter. no one was hurt. finally the you go -- ugly. check out this x-ray. two necklaces inside this woman. >> "fox & friends" starts now. >> good morning. it is tuesday, december 17. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. he was protecting his life and it cost him his life. new details on the mall carjacking turned deadly as police still hunt for the murderers. >> meanwhile obamacare navigators prove to be inept and unqualified. we told you that. but the white house has a different take on these people. >> one more point on the republican obsession with sabotaging obamacare. >> that's right, when obamacare fails, those people at the white house just blame the republicans. >> is there something wrong with obamacare? a dollar and a dream could get you a half billion


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