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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 17, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PST

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no one was hurt. finally the you go -- ugly. check out this x-ray. two necklaces inside this woman. >> "fox & friends" starts now. >> good morning. it is tuesday, december 17. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. he was protecting his life and it cost him his life. new details on the mall carjacking turned deadly as police still hunt for the murderers. >> meanwhile obamacare navigators prove to be inept and unqualified. we told you that. but the white house has a different take on these people. >> one more point on the republican obsession with sabotaging obamacare. >> that's right, when obamacare fails, those people at the white house just blame the republicans. >> is there something wrong with obamacare? a dollar and a dream could get you a half billion bucks.
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today is the mega million's drawing. will you play? i'm wondering if you'll win. "fox & friends," as far as we know, starts now. >> hey, this is christine rosa from "fox & friends." brian kilmeade, your latte is ready. >> it's not like i'm the only one who gets something from starbucks. i'm trying to weave out the coffee. how much coffee do you drink? >> i drink an abnormal amount of coffee. twice a day. >> two cups? >> two in the morning, maybe one in the afternoon. you know what i'm talking about, after school, i need a cup of coffee. >> even if it's caf, get that motor running. >> ladies and gentlemen, we told you about the signature achievement of that guy who lives in that house right there. we're talking about
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obamacare. yesterday four u.s. congressmen went to richardson, texas, where they held a field hearing. essentially what they did is they examined all the problems with the navigators. >> the navigators are there to help you out, help out the average american through this brand-new program. they are supposed to be well trained and they're supposed to be able to answer every single one of your questions. >> the problem is they were charged with, according to the oversight committee looking into it, mailing applications in for people when they weren't supposed to. perhaps fudging tax info. >> telling people not to report all their income. >> which leads many to question what is going on with the navigators. it's like a bad version of the transformers. jay carney yesterday said there is nothing wrong with the navigators. it is the republicans that are the problem. >> this is one more data point in the republican obsession with sabotaging obamacare. all navigators must
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complete about 20 hours of training, including training on privacy issues. and this training is not a onetime-only process. navigators have regular refresher opportunities where they can share updates, receive information and address issues as they are in the process of helping people in their communities. >> the problem is the surveillance tape showing people not knowing what they're doing, admitting they weren't fully trained and advising people to do things that are flatout illegal. >> they can get a refresher. >> they can refresh something they don't really know yet. >> yesterday at this field hearing in texas, a fellow named randy ferris, the regional administrator for the center for medicare and medicaid services, the people who operate obamacare and the navigators, at one point darrell issa asked mr. ferris if you knew that the applicant's information ended up on the federal website. well, mr. ferris said private information not
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stored there. and darrell issa said you know what? you need to watch more fox, i'm afraid. here's darrell issa on what the real navigators are really doing. >> these aren't insurance companies. these aren't government employees. they're essentially community organizers that have been hired, the urban league and other groups. beyond that, the interesting thing is what they're really hired to do is to convince people to get medicaid under this new program, convince them to get a highly subsidized health care plan. they're not there to sell the merits of the insurance. they're there to sell the subsidy. >> you know what? if somebody does qualify for medicaid, they should absolutely get it. but if the stories we've seen are true where some of these navigators have convinced people to lie on their application or put incorrect answers and information, that is flatout wrong. >> it is flatout wrong. what a lot of people find wrong is we go back to the original promise if you like your plan, you can
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keep it, that point has changed. jonathan tkpwraourp, the arc -- jonathan grouper, the architect of obamacare, m.i.t. professor in economics and tech, he was saying it is unfortunate that some people might not be doing as well with this new plan. take a listen. >> i don't think it is going to be a large portion. i think it is going to be some and i think that is unfortunate, but i think it is going to be a small minority of that group. i think actually a large share of that group is going to get on the website and find they can get insurance that is better and cheaper than before. but there will be some who will suffer. that is an unfortunate aspect of the website delay: >> what i don't think the obama administration understands and clearly by the secretary reading his statement about sabotaging obamacare is everyone is making decisions regardless of who they voted for. everyone is going to look at their premiums and if they have a plan or not.
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i think if that guy jonathan gruber -- if the president says listen, i'm going to put together an obamacare plan and for most americans it is going to be a huge deal and for the economy it is going to be necessary and there will be people who struggle, we're going to work on that as it rolls out, people will appreciate the candor. harry truman, barry goldwater liked candor. instead everything is going to be great, everything is going to be free and when it is not and it isn't, it looks like a disaster and you get this term you like. >> to mr. gruber's point, if people knew last election that some people are going to struggle and that's unfortunate, if they had known that, i don't know that our president would have been reelected. brian, to your point, that whole lie thing, "the washington post" has done their ten whoppers of the year, their annual biggest pinocchios and the one you just mentioned, the one you've heard a million times, one of the top ten.
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listen. >> if you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan. >> as it turns out, you really can't. >> right. unfortunately the president actually backed out of that and said i'm going to try to fix it and nancy pelosi and harry reid didn't get the message. even today they haven't admitted that. also benghazi came up. >> that's right. also on the pinocchio list -- quote -- "the day after benghazi happened, the president said take a listen. >> americans die in benghazi. we also know is clearly they were not in a position where they were adequately protected. the day after it happened, i acknowledged that this was an act of terrorism. >> you see, that's one of the whorps, the day -- one of the whoppers. the day after he did speak about terror. he didn't say the
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ambassador died because of an act of terror. and candy crowley, cnn played referee at the presidential debate, she injected, made her point, did that change the outcome of the debate? >> the beginning of the iraq war, it is amazing how many people supported the iraq war when it started after the initial invasion. it's amazing how many people backtracked and turned on the president and everybody else. john kerry tried to do that when he said this, when i was senator we opposed the president's decision to go to iraq. then this thing called the facts came o.u. and the reason, he said in 2003, and i'll paraphrase here. he said i support -- he goes i supported the decision to disarm saddam hussein. so he was firmly for the iraq war but he changed his tune. the other thing the president got a pass on is syria and the red line. they said the syria red line was an ad lib and it
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wasn't policy. but the president said that's our red line and totally changed his decision on that red line. >> back to the blurred lines. >> check out glenn kessler's column at the washington. he's got all these pinocchios and all the information to back it up. there was a whole lot of lying going on in washington in the past year. >> i'm ready for some truth. >> speaking of blurry, let's get some coffee in here this morning. >> good morning everyone. hope you're off to a great day. a $10,000 reward is being offered this morning in that deadly carjacking at a new jersey mall. 30-year-old dustin freeland was shot in the head in front of his wife in the parking lot in the short hills mall which is an upscale mall. the carjackers then took off with his range rover which is worth about $10
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$1070,000 -- which is worth about $70,000. that range rover was found ten miles away abandoned. a manhunt is underway at this hour. in a few hours from now a judge will sentence the e.p.a.'s highest paid employee for defrauding taxpayers nearly $1 million. john beale avoided doing his real job for more than 12 years by convincing his bosses that he was an undercover agent for the c.i.a. he said that's why he needed to be out of the office so much because, you know, he was a spy. his double cross is going to end up costing him 37 months of his freedom. he's off to the pokey. >> terrifying moments for 60 passengers when their delta flight slid off the runway into the snow. this plane was on its way from minneapolis and was landing at the airport in madison, wisconsin, when it happened. take a listen. >> skidded off and he stopped. you had to look around to
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realize, wait a second, we're not on the runway anymore. >> madison has gotten quite a bit of snow recently, also had gusty winds yesterday. fortunately no one was hurt. today mega million's jackpot soaring to $586 million with a cash payout of $316.5 million. the second biggest jackpots in the history of the lottery. if nobody wins tonight, the jackpot for friday's drawing will be about $800 million. those are your headlines at this hour. >> thank you very much. by the way, outside our studios it's snowing here in new york city. >> winter hasn't even started yet. what's going on here? >> coming up in a couple of days. >> whose idea was it to put the show in the northeast. >> a white christmas we're about to have. >> first it's christmas, then a week later you've got new year's. >> "fox & friends" christmas airs christmas eve, december 24 at 8:00
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p.m., an all new all-american new year's special. >> your first christmas special, a "fox & friends" christmas special which dates back to 1964. >> the first time going to be in times square with bill hemmer for new year's eve. >> have you taken a look at the format? are you familiar with the singing and dancing bill does and megyn kelly does? >> bill and i are bringing our tap shoes and snow boots. i'm thrilled. i've never been to times square new year's eve. he's going to be a good buddy for the night. he knows the ropes there and i am thrilled. >> how long is the show? >> i'm not even r all questionso bill hemmer. >> 90 minutes or 2 hours. it goes from 11:00 through the dropping of the ball. >> it is through 2014. >> we're not even releasing you until he can answer a series of questions to make sure you're going to be in good hands. >> my protector. >> if he does not have the
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right answers, you're not working new year's eve. >> he sent you a text. >> if hemmer's up, he's probably in his robe. >> how would you know? >> i know how he prepares for a show. right now it looks like elisabeth is bringing in new year's eve but if hemmer is not prepared to take care of you, the answer is no. >> you spend your money on antibacterial products to help fight germs, but do they work? the science is in. >> a big update on the dancing dummy. >> that was my read. hemmer is going to love working with you. you take read after read after read. >> i take what i can. ♪ ♪ ooh, homemade soup! yeah... ♪ [ male announcer ] campbell's homestyle soup with farm grown veggies. just like yours. huh. [ male announcer ] and roasted white meat chicken. just like yours.
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you've got a terrible story about the new york city area. the manhunt intensifies this morning for two suspects responsible for murdering a man at an upscale new jersey mall. police say 20-year-old dustin freedland shot in the head as he and his wife were getting into their s.u.v. >> live in hoboken, new jersey, with the latest on the manhunt. what can you tell us, theresa? such a devastating story. >> reporter: just a few days before christmas, and remember in this case, this man, his wife watched as he was shot and killed sunday night. what we do know at this point is a little bit more about the victim. his name is dustin freedland, a 30-year-old patent attorney who apparently worked for his family's business. he analyze legal claims for his family's contracting business. when you talk to neighbors and friend in hoboken, they say this 30-year-old couple just moved into the
3:18 am
neighborhood, just bought their first apartment, apparently looking to start a family sometime soon. there is no word from police were they were ambushed on sunday night by these two brazen crooks. they would only tell us their 2012 silver range rover is a car of value and perhaps they phaoeufpbt victim of -- might have been the victim of a high priced carjacking ring. the car was found abandoned. police are still investigating hoping surveillance video from the mall will lead them to clues. they are hoping that since they have not been able to find these crooks yet viewers in the tristate area and across the country will be able to help. they have given us a tips line. if you know anything, if you see anything, reach out. the number 1-877-847-7432. when you talk to neighbors here in hoboken, new jersey, shocked and dismayed at this senseless
3:19 am
tragedy. that is the latest from hoboken. >> i understand he wasn't protecting his car. he was protecting his wife who was in the car after he put the packages down. that is when he was shot four times. is that what you understand? >> reporter: what we understand from police is he was being a gentleman. he let his wife into the car and he went around to the driver's side. that is when he was approached. his wife was not standing next to him. he was attempting to get into the car when shots rang out. >> then they shot him, and she was in the car. at gunpoint they ordered her out of the car and took off. if you know anything, call the tip line. >> next on our rundown, a real live 21 jump street. cops go undercover for an entire semester. >> dick cheney revealing new details about his lifesaving heart transplant surgery, like an out-of-body experience. >> when i came out from under all of that, the
3:20 am
doctors asked me what i remembered, and i remembered a very pleasant experience, being in italy. >> dr. marc siegel here to share this morning. more from his exclusive interview. ♪ ♪ farmer: hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer. and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what?
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quick headlines. the investigation into princess diana's death will motte be reopened. british police say there is no credible evidence she was killed by british special forces. dennis rodman headed back to north korea this week with a documentary film crew. this will be his third trip
3:24 am
there this year. hope he's not there to meet the uncle. >> it's been nearly two years since former vice president dick cheney had lifesaving heart transplant surgery. >> now mr. cheney is opening up about his current healthier life and revealing details about his procedures. dr. marc siegel is here to tell us about his one on one with dick cheney. >> good morning. he revealed a lot in his book. >> we had him on a couple of weeks ago. he looked great. >> he is in great shape. the key with limb has always been that he puts his disease second. he always rises above it. he's shown courage from the very beginning since 1978 when he had his first heart attack and then ran for office. he's not been in denial over his symptoms which is another key thing. he's learned to know them over the years and respond and medical technology has always saved him. the latest thing that came out, the defibrillator,
3:25 am
extent, the by pass pump. the key is he never saw himself as sick. >> when i had the first heart attack i was in the middle of my first campaign for congress -fplgt i had three months to go before the election. all of a sudden i'm in the emergency room having a heart attack, 37 years old. i asked my doctor does this mean i'll have to quit the campaign. his response was, dick, hard work never killed anybody. eup found if you didn't act -- i found if you didn't act like a victim, if your mental attitude was suitably adjusted i guess would be the way i put it, an awful lot of it did have to do with your psychological outlook on life. i learned to live life to the fullest and i did. >> now he's tolerating everything. he's taking immunosuppressants. that is why he wears that hat because you run the risk of skin cancer then.
3:26 am
back when he had the pump put in, before he had the regular heart put in, he had the pump. >> he had pack? >> it had to be plugged in sometimes. when he was getting thatonhe wae table for nine hours. afterwards he lingered between life and death for months. he told me something he hardly ever mentions which is in the book which is an out-of-body experience he had. let's watch. >> when i came out from under all of that, the doctors asked me what i remembered. and i remembered a very pleasant experience, being in italy in a small village north of rome eating good italian food, drinking good italian wine. i have a very vivid memory of this village and also of a patio i could sit out on and read the paper, for example, but sitting on the patio i could look across the valley to a road that came up the hill to a far side and there was an old car driving up that road
3:27 am
coming to the village, but it never got there. >> what a vivid memory. >> he told me that car was a scene from "saving private ryan," his absolutely favorite movie and that car was coming to tell the mother that the son had not made it. if that car had ever arrived -- thank god it never did for him. >> you think it was a symbol. is this similar to life experiences you talked to other patients about in the past? >> absolutely. when anyone is in that situation -- he had over 20 units of blood, he had pneumonia after this operation, his heart stopped a couple of times. when that happens i hear the strangest stories. every detail he remembered. this is such a personal book. he's known as such a professional person all the time, known as the person you want in the room if there is a crisis to solve. but this is revealing. he wanted everyone to know the personal side of him so that americans out there that have heart disease -- and millions do, can look at him as a role model and say if he can do it, i can do it.
3:28 am
>> he didn't care that he was known as darth vader. in fact, he isn't. he's a very nice guy. >> he sure is. he's very cuddly. warm-hearted guy. >> coming up straight ahead, he didn't get the memo. the occupy movement is over, pal. wait until you hear what happened to one guy who tried to rejoin his buddies here in the city. >> plus love them or hate them, the ugly sweater craze is not going away. the latest invention by these guys up next. >> first happy birthday to pope francis. the pope is 77 years old today. happy birthday. [ male announcer ] you've got to try red lobster's four course seafood feast, ♪ just 15.99. start with soup, salad and cheddar bay biscuits
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u.s. post office announced that today is the busiest shipping day of the year. 600 million packages were shipped today. 600 million, as many as 5 million of those will actually be delivered. >> look, we're wearing some ugly sweaters. you'll find out in about three minutes. >> probably about that. >> we were cold. >> i love the christmas
3:33 am
sweater. >> it is snowing here. heather, we couldn't talk her into an ugly sweater. >> i want one of those ugly sweaters. >> you can have one in about four minutes. >> excellent. it's christmastime. where are the christmas decorations in the studio? >> they're right here. >> we usually have a big beautiful tree with bulbs. guys, open the wallets. give us decorations. >> they're planning for a day or two. >> all right. news to bring you at 32 minutes after the hour. this guy didn't know the occupy wall street movement was over, and now it could cost him his freedom. a former wall street protester was busted yesterday after hitchhiking cross country to rejoin his buddies in zuccotti park. one problem? police say the 28-year-old forgot to register himself as a sex offender as required under federal law. he was cuddling trinkets here in new york city when u.s. marshals grabbed him.
3:34 am
an undercover assignment straight out of the movie 21 jump street. >> we'll be goin' in as undercover high school students. >> two police officers in real life passing themselves off as 11th graders for an entire semester. they arrested 22 students during a drug sting at two california high schools. the deputies seizing pot, cocaine and also prescription pills. the safety and effectiveness of antibacterial soap is in question. the f.d.a. says although these products have been used since the 1970's, there is no evidence they are better than regular hand soap. research suggests long-term exposure to antibacterial chemicals could allow bacteria to mutate into hard to control strains. an update to a story we told you about previously. police busting those so-called twerking thieves from brooklyn, new york. cops arresting a
3:35 am
47-year-old man, but it was his female accomplice who twerbgd for an hour straight -- twerked for an hour straight so the guy could slip in the building and get packages. the incident happened earlier this mont and went viral on-line because how can you avoid looking at a twerk for an hour. >> is twerking good exercise? >> i would think there has to be calorie burning there for certain muscles. >> it's a classic scam because any time you're going to knock something over, you go i need to create a diversion. >> remember you did that in the 1970's? did the hustle, though. maria is poised to give us the weather because again we're getting slammed by a storm. >> we have a quick moving clipper system moving across parts of the northeast and for most areas it is forecast to be relatively light. here in new york city we have a winter weather advisory and we can see two to maybe four inches in spots across new york city
3:36 am
and surrounding area. on the radar you can see how quickly that storm is moving across portions of pennsylvania, new jersey into new york city and even moving into parts of upstate new york. winter weather advisory stretching from pennsylvania all the way up to parts of maine and a winter storm warning in effect across eastern maine where the storm is going to be intensifying. we could see up to a foot of snow in some spots out there. otherwise taking a look at the future radar timing on the storm by this evening into tomorrow morning it will be out of the northeast. much quieter conditions. temperatures on the chilly side throughout the day, in the 20's and 30's across the great lakes and into the northeast. >> for the record if you're just tuning in, wardrobe didn't give me this. it will become clear shortly why i'm wearing this. football highlights, baltimore ravens were victorious over detroit as they took on the lions. the quarterback stafford was intercepted three times
3:37 am
for 235 yards. in the end it was justin tucker who prevailed to give the ravens the much-needed victory, defending world champions are finding a way to win each and every week. the final score 18-15. des bryant showing off his softer side after the cowboys blew a lead. bryant stormed off the field before the game was over. the receiver told reporters he left not because he was mad, because he was going to cry and he didn't want to be seen crying on the side of the field. he also has a thing called a tantrum and he had another incident earlier in the year. by the way, if you're looking for george washington's secret six, you have a couple weeks to get it before christmas. >> a couple weeks? ten days. >> i just got word on saturday i'm going to
3:38 am
mcclean, virginia. after that mark levin win join me at mount vernon. >> join brian in mcclean, virginia, and mount vernon. in the meantime a lot of people are getting ready for christmas and they are going to be festooned in outfits like this. the ugly christmas sweater trend isn't here to stay. it seems to be growing. >> i love that. will christmas sweater pants be a hit like their counterpart? can't wait to find out. here with their new venture brian miller and adam paulson. good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning everyone. >> we like your ugly christmas sweaters. >> it is ugly. >> thank you. >> those are ugly. >> those are uglier. >> the pants are next. rumor that the pants are next. we will have sweater pants? >> you know what, our
3:39 am
department this year, which consists of my mom, started sewing some for us. we were going to wear us but unfortunately now they are in the beta stage and we kind of look like we have a loaded diaper on. they'll hit the shelves soon. >> you're going to be taking christmas sweaters and flipping them into pants. i can't wait. that's great. >> we have to fill up the neck. >> that is absolutely critical. some people wear these sweaters and to them they're not considered ugly. they just think they're festive. what makes the difference between a festive sweater and something that is an awful christmas sweater, an ugly christmas sweater that could win one of your contests? >> i guess if you're wearing it to be serious, it's festive. but if you're wearing it to a party and you know you're not supposed to walk out of the house wearing that, it's ugly. >> is it your belief guys that some people make these sweaters to be ugly or is this a designer that just did not hit it off and you realize i've got to capitalize on this? >> well, we may be
3:40 am
capitalizing on some poor designs from the 1980's and 1990's but i think a lot of people are doing that. we're seeing people go over the top, maybe add a few things on, whether it's some tinsel or candy canes, but we love the vintage looks as well. we're trying to bring back some of those terrible designs and maybe get recognition to some of those designers that made mistakes back in the day. >> i love them. you guys are great. i saw hockey players wearing the sweaters. >> in your book you've got some recipes. here's a cocktail. everyone gets blitzenned recipes. for snacks you've got reindeer nuts which involves bacon. >> we believe as long as you throw bacon in, the party is always going to be good. adam came up with the reindeer nuts. >> bacon and booze, we'll be all right. >> guys, congratulations.
3:41 am
merry christmas and ugly sweaters to you. >> merry kphras to you. thank you -- merry christmas to you. thank you everyone. >> may all your sweaters be ugly. >> 19 minutes before the top of the hour. no secret, hollywood is not fond of fracking. >> my farm is gone. the land has turned brown. it happened to one of us. it can happen to all of them. >> a new report was released with little fanfare. coming up, why every liberal should love fracking. >> a christmas present you won't like. wait till you hear what facebook is announcing this week. ♪ ♪ ♪
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got some quick tuesday morning headlines for you. toys 'r' us annoyancing it will be -- announcing it will be open for 87 straight hours from 6:00 through saturday to 9:00 p.m. on christmas eve. you may not like this one. facebook will start testing video ads on your facebook page starting thursday. the ads will automatically run in your news feed. the company hopes to roll out the feature completely next year. great. brian over to you. >> the who would -- hollywood left is not fond of fracking, but countries like china increase demand for energy, is opposing fracking bad for the economy and the environment? joining us right now a guy who knows, gregory
3:46 am
zuckerman, got a great book out called "the frackers." what is this guy from berkeley saying? >> there is a lot of good when it comes to fracking. creating jobs, manufacturing renaissance in this country. it is because of a few mavericks, stubborn mavericks but there are real environmental benefits that come from fracking. >> because you're not using coal? >> exactly. over the last few years we reduced our carbon dioxide emissions by 12%. we're compliant with the kyoto agreement even though we never signed kyoto. i came back from europe and in london they are addicted to our coal and they're not compliant but we are. >> in your book you list a half dozen wildcatters who took tremendous risks to bring fracking front and center and created jobs. that is the quintessential american story. >> that is what struck me about my book. these are rags to riches guys, immigrants, they are
3:47 am
mavericks who believe in drilling in america when all the experts, b.p., exxon go offshore and a few guys were stubborn and figured out how to get a resurge tphepbs our country. >> matt damon talks about the dangers. where are the dangers? >> there are two big issues. there is the leakage of methane. you don't want that. it is a problem. they're getting better at it, the producers. i'm still troubled by it but i don't think it is so bad, the leakage that it makes it worse than coal. besides all the issues with coal, coal is much worse in terms of carbon dioxide and if you care about global warming. the other issue is leaking, spills. they make mistakes left and right but they are getting much better. >> wind and solar doesn't work right now so what are we supposed to do? sit on our hands? how can environmentalists continue to fight this and at the same time want to flip a switch and get the
3:48 am
lights on? >> even people in the oil fields and wall street guys were betting on fracking saying long term we're going to have to switch to alternatives but we're not ready yet so they think this is a transition period that buys us time where we can do a lot of research and get to the point where we will be relying on alternatives. >> it is unbelievable the governor hasn't allowed it to flourish in new york, pennsylvania, ohio, oklahoma and texas have seen the benefits but certain organizations are preventing it in new york. your book is about american free enterprise, wildcatting. it is really a great job. thanks for joining us. coming up straight ahead at 12 minutes before the top of the hour, there may be bipartisan support for the new budget, but military families are calling foul. why are they feeling as though they're being left behind? then, a federal judge ruled the n.s.a. spying program is unconstitutional, so what does that mean for you? judge napolitano who invented the word
3:49 am
unconstitutional, joins us next. ♪ ♪
3:50 am
3:51 am
3:52 am
a federal judge ruling the nsa's program to collect data on every call in the u.s. is unconstitutional and a violation of the 4th amendment. the white house claims it stops terrorism. so what is their plan now? here to explain is fox news senior judicial analyst, judge andrew napolitano. good morning. >> good morning. how are you? i wish their plan were to follow the constitution, but that's not always their game plan. >> specifically the 4th amendment.
3:53 am
>> yes, which says when the government wants information about anybody for any reason, it has to -- and wants to spy on anybody for any reason, had could be -- it could be a bank robber planning a bank robbery or a terrorist planning a terrorist act. the government has to present some evidence about that person to a judge and the judge signs a warrant to spy on the person. what the nsa has done is hey, judge, somebody is having a phone call in area code and they'll give the area code. can you give us a warrant to listen to alt calls in that area code? judges are not supposed to do that but some on the fisa court have. >> the judge said he couldn't find a case -- correct me if i am wrong -- where collecting that information led to keeping us safe. is that right? >> the nsa was unable or chose not to demonstrate to this federal judge that the massive data minings are getting all the
3:54 am
phone calls of everybody in a geographic area, whether there is evidence against them or not actually helped keep the country safe. so not only is this unconstitutional because it violates the 4th amendment, not only is this wrong because it permits the government to listen to all phone calls and keep copies of them forever, but there isn't even any evidence that it works. >> what does it mean for surveillance going forward? >> for the time being, nothing, because this judge stopped the effect of his order until it could be appeal to do a higher court. he knows eventually this will go to the supreme court of the united states. but the nsa is not ordered to change its ways unless and until a higher court upholds what this judge, a george w. bush appointee did yesterday. >> 2002 appointee. >> yes. >> if i'm not nsa, i'm thinking in the meantime, i'm going to get as much information as possible right now. would you assume that's the case? >> i don't know that the nsa will do anything differently. this is a scathing opinion in
3:55 am
which this judge accused the nsa of misleading him and other judges and actually quotes other judges in this opinion harshly criticizing the nsa for not being truthful and candid with it. so the nsa is probably reeling, but i don't think they will change their plans unless and until a higher court tells them to. now, i believe this will go to the supreme court because the federal judge yesterday basically criticized two old supreme court opinions that the nsa is relying on saying, you know what? those opinions were written in the precell phone era, in the era when there were 76 million land lines. do you know how many cell phones there are today? 380 million. there is only 310 million americans. how much do you have? >> phones? >> kilmeade has five. >> i have one phone right now. one that i can keep track of. the others they keep track of at the nsa. we have a quote from the judge i want to read it. the government does not cite a single case in which the bulk
3:56 am
collecting stops an imminent terrorist attack. i cannot imagine a more arbitrary invasion than the systemth hispanic high-tech collection and retention of personal data on virtually every single citizen for purposes of analyzing it without judicial approval. >> it is startling to me that the nsa was not able to demonstrate any success because its whole argument before congress and in the public arena is we have kept you safe, we have kept you safe, we have kept you safe. my argument is that the government has to keep us free safe. but they haven't been able to demonstrate to this judge an instance in which this worked and kept us safe. it's mystifying to why they wouldn't have found one or told them about one. >> curious. >> this is going to keep going on. >> thank you. >> always a pleasure. >> big opinion by that judge. coming up, ford sells one of these every 42 seconds. can you guess what vehicle we're talking about? stick around.
3:57 am
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good morning. it's tuesday, december 17. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. gunned down at the mall while trying to save his wife from carjackers. this morning the couple's range rover has been found, but the killers remain on the run. the details ahead. did you hear obamacare is working? that according to the white house. i'll pause. >> today we are focusing on the savings that millions of consumers have already seen because of the health care law's provisions that insure americans receive more value for their health insurance premium dollars. >> as you see, he memorized that. where are all these happy new year obamacare consumers? >> i'm confused. is it good or bad? >> i'm not sure. >> the rock'n'roll hall of fame announcing this year's class.
4:01 am
♪ i want to rock'n'roll all night night ♪ ♪ and party every day >> who else just became rock royalty? you'll find out on this busy tuesday live from a snowy new york city hour two, starts now. >> hi, this is storm maloney. happy holidays. i make the news look good. >> wait a second. she went off script there at the end. she does a great job every day. >> she's working right now. >> yeah. >> talk about doing a great job every day, that describes heather nauert. >> thank goodness for those make-up artists at 6:00 a.m. in the morning. >> i personally don't wear make-up. but for you people, i'm sure it helps a lot. >> we know you do! good morning to you all. hope you're off to a great day. at this hour, new jersey police are searching for the two thugs who are considered armed and dangerous. we are also learning about two
4:02 am
separate $10,000 rewards that are being offered in the deadly carjacking at that new jersey mall. 30-year-old dustin freeland was shot in the head moments after he helped his wife into their car that was parked in the lot at short hills mall. the carjackers then took off in their silver 2012 range rover that was worth $70,000. the car was found about ten miles away behind an abandoned home in newark. the law firm where dustin worked as an attorney is now offering a a reward. crimestoppers offering a the other. we'll keep you posted on new developments. a few hours from now, a judge will sense the epa's highest paid employee for defrauding taxpayers of nearly $1 million. john beihl avoid doing his real job for more than 12 years by convincing his bosses that he was an undercover agent for the c.i.a. he said, that's why i need so much time out of the office. i'm an agent -- i'm an agent. it will cost him 37 months of freedom. terrified moments for 60 passenger when is their delta
4:03 am
flight slid off the runway in the snow. the plane was on its way from minneapolis and landing at the airport in madison, wisconsin when this happened. listen to one of the passengers. >> we skidded off and stopped and you had to look around to realize hey, wait a second, we're not on the runway anymore. >> scary. no one was hurt, fortunately. the nominations are in for rock'n'roll hall of fame's class of 2014. ♪ i want to rock'n'roll all night ♪ ♪ and party every day >> kiss winning enough votes. also joining them, hall and oates, peter gabriel, cat stevens and linda ronstadt. what takes so long to get that stuff? >> political. >> it's politics, like everything else. >> i wonder if we'll get cat stevens, who will tell him that he won? has he taken a vow of no music? youssef something or other?
4:04 am
>> i think he has done some musical stuff. that's great trivia question. >> right. what happened to cat stevens and will he accept as cat stevens? >> all really good things. >> i would check the moon shadow, moon shadow. >> jay carney yesterday at the white house, we have been telling you here on the fox news channel about the problems and the perils of obamacare. yesterday jay carney tried to sell the line that millions of americans are already saving money and they're happy with it! who are these people and what is this guy talking about? >> today we are focusing on the savings that millions of consumers have already seen because of the health care law's provisions that insure americans receive more value for their health insurance premium dollars. >> don't you think if there was a line of people, they would be right behind him? i saved 300 bucks, i saved 900 bucks. >> right. >> where are those people?
4:05 am
>> maybe make a t-shirt. well, you know who is on to that? senator tim scott of south carolina said no, no, it's not getting better. those people that you're talking about, jim carney, they don't exist. it's actually getting worse. >> there is no way in the world you can add tens of thousands of government employees of a $400 million web site and see premiums go down and not up. premiumspremiumspremiums are sk. they're about price. those are about the cost. the costs are exploding. and unfortunately, we're going to see more bad news once the 7 million young people do not enroll. then next year, year two, the premiums will be based on the actual information which will be dismal, which means we'll have worse rates. not better rates. >> they'll triple the fines to make those who want to sit out and not pay, not take part, really pay the price, which will make obamacare even more unpopular. to your point before, i think at some point people, especially
4:06 am
those now eligible for medicaid, which means you're going to get some subduces and -- subsidies, a percentage will say i like it. here is the question: how many people, compared to how many people are going to be kicked off their plan will have their premiums go up, the deductibles go sky high? if that is 50/50, it's different than the president told us because essentially he said there would be a pain free transition. the horrible rich people would pay the price and in the end, america would be a better place. >> you know what? the medicaid program for the truly poor has existed for a number of years. and if the whole idea was to get people on that, it's working. but the idea was to get people who have been denied insurance to get them insurance. yesterday they did hold a field hearing in richardson, texas, darrell issa and four other u.s. congressmen, including the republican from texas. mr. ferranholt asked the regional administrator for the
4:07 am
centers for medicare and medicaid services and mr. ferranholt found all sorts of problems so far with how these navigators are being certified. watch this. >> a couple quick follow-ups. you testified that you can become a navigator by taking an on-line webinar with no fingerprint, y'all don't even keep a copy of the driver's license, there is no photo. is there even a description of the person, the navigator certificates? >> i am not aware. i will be happy to check to find out exactly what we do keep. >> okay. and it's my understanding that a member of our staff here in under three hours was able to complete the navigator course and the certificate was simply printed out on a laser printer. i'm no expert forger, but i know how to use photo shop. this sounds like you might be able to do it with a pair of
4:08 am
scissors, scotch tape and a photocopier. >> really intrigued by the fact that you say they were able to do that in three hours and principal it out themselves. i'd like to get more information on that if i could. >> yeah. because we were told they were certified for 20 hours. ferranhold said someone on my staff did it in three. which is it? >> he doesn't seem to know really. >> last week we closed out talking about the budget. they got together on the house and senate budget committee chairman, came together, at which time republicans and democrats seemed equally upset saying we didn't get what we wanted, so it seems to be a compromise. when it went to the senate, people thought it would be ally-up. right now they need eight republican votes that won't be there. among those unhappy with this deal, although he was in our living room, did not seem upset by this, is the military because they'll have to pay more into their pensions. the spokesperson, her husband is a naval office retiring after two decades serving in our
4:09 am
military and in two wars. she says the additional money that we're going to be losing and contributing for our pensions is unacceptable. listen. >> i'll paraphrase a quote by george washington that future generations are going to look how this generation treated their veterans before they elect to serve. and what happens when nobody believes the promises and the word given by members of congress anymore and they don't like -- they don't trust their promises will be honored? we won't have people to serve. we won't have an all volunteer military any longer. those are consequences that every american needs to evaluate when they're talking about whether or not to support something like this bill. i urge every american out there to really take a hard look, if they're willing to come after military retirees in such a manner that wasn't necessarily fully disclosed to the american people in time for us to do something and to act on it, really take a look at who is safe. the answer to that is nobody.
4:10 am
>> that is an astute remark by a military spouse. when you have the voice of military spouse, it should be heard. she's referring back to in september, obama released keep principles where he was going to reform the military. within that he grandfathered in provisions where those currently serving in the military would be protected here. so last night on twitter after hearing comments like that, they had a town hall on twitter, #keepthepromise. it was going on fire because of course we want those who give their life and sacrifice to forget our freedoms to feel safe and protected. >> absolutely. because the commander in chief promised with the principles that if your current military or you're retired, your benefits will not go down. yet president obama was one of the first people who said, okay. i like this, ryan-murray budget deal. i'll sign on to that. but it does not grandfather anybody in. so everybody is going to wind up with a cut. what's interesting, though, is unless you're a federal
4:11 am
employee, because they, too, according to the ryan-murray deal, they would have to start putting more into their pension fund. however, that would only be for new hires because federal employees have a union, whereas members of the military only have the word of the government that they will take care of them. >> right. you can't blame the president for this. this came, he said it's okay. but this came from paul ryan and senator murray and paul ryan said at 62, they'll get a cost of living raise. but in between then is basically as it stands. so paul ryan is getting a lot of blowback. that's why a lot of people on the republican side in the senate are not going along with it. >> they're just looking at the numbers, though. last week they said the impact on the actual deficit, what money this will save here is nothing compared to how it actually impacts personally the veterans and their families. so i think the scale seems to be
4:12 am
tilted one way. if anyone should be keeping a promise to those in the military, many people as though the commander in chief should be the one to step up and make sure that happens. >> i agree. coming up, what do president reagan and president obama have in common? our next guest studied the candidates and campaigns to find out what made them tick what, what his inside information might mean for republicans in 2016. >> it's hang again, they may say go usa, but these mittens are anything but american. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you'll only find advil, the #1 selling pain reliever, in one cold medicine. advil congestion relief. it delivers a one-two punch at pain and sinus pressure with the power of advil and a nasal decongestant in a single pill. advil congestion relief.
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4:16 am
what do president reagan and president obama have in common? our next guest studied the two and their campaigns and found out what led them to victory. is that the strategy the gop needs in the next presidential election? lance torrence is a republican pollster and a political strategist and the author of this new book "how republicans can win a changing america." good morning to you. >> glad to be here. >> what did the two, fdr and reagan have in common? >> well, both presidential candidates could appeal to a lot greater group than simply the republican base, we know that. what's interesting about the obama situation now is that we can have a potential for a great blow back in the 2014 congressional elections. we know midterm elections have more passionate voters. but it looks like the republicans have a great opportunity to pull a number of congressmen in. it was just in 2010 that republicans gained over 60 some odd congressmen because of the original inception of obamacare.
4:17 am
>> right. and now it's being instituted and there is hell to pay here. you've got lessons for the republicans. if they want to win, the first one is you say get off the social issues. >> the social issues are obviously important, but they shouldn't be in first or second place. it should be your third batter in the line - up in that instance. we've been debating and adjudicating the culture war since the '60s. i think it's time to put it to rest. it maintained itself mostly. let's get on to the republican core themes that have been successful. national security, obviously fiscal sanity, and also one of the things that hurt the republican party of late is they failed to acknowledge some of the demographic shifts since reagan was elected. we better acknowledge since 1980, hispanics are now 10% of the total vote. they used to be 1%. women around 53% of the total vote. they used to be 48. unions are less. white voters have gone from 90%
4:18 am
to 70%. so this is a big change. >> i tell you what, in the last presidential election, mitt romney kept trying to bring it back to the economy, but the main stream media kept saying, look, there is a war on women. republicans hate women and dancing horses. >> you have to go beyond the media if you can. reagan learned how to do that. we are the party of reagan. but most important thing is republican party has a great opportunity coming up in 2014 with this big congressional election. but one of the strategic errors they made in the past, 2010 is a good example and even 1996 after they won big with almost 50 congressmen in the '94 election was that they didn't put it together with a presidential. this book was written with a sense of historical urgency that we better put a three-year game plan together and not a one year congressional midterm election plan. >> you say that the republican party should pick candidates from outside washington, d.c you're not talking about congressmen. you're talking about governors. >> i don't want any more
4:19 am
senators or congressmen on the ticket. we have to be the outside party. we're not going to be the inside institutional party. the republican party needs to be the reform party, need to be from outside, they need governors that have not only executive experience, but also the idea that they've dealt with the federal government and all its pluses and minuses. that's the kind of person that i think will do well in this new age. >> if the republicans follow your advice, can they win next time? >> meaning 14 or 16? >> 16. >> yes, they can, but they're going to have to have a very different strategy. we call it the reagan revolution in 1980. gingrich revolution in 1994. we better have some kind of a revolutionary appeal to the american public because this will become a minority party for permanent and maybe decades to come if they don't get their act together. hispanic is a big one. >> lance, thank you very much. his book is "how republicans can win in a changing america." thank you.
4:20 am
the loves their child changed their lives forever. these parents used the tragedy to inspire random acts of kindness across the globe. their story will inspire you this morning. plus, ford sells one of these every 42 seconds. can you guess what vehicle we're talking about? stick around because they've got a better idea ♪ [ male announcer ] how could switchgrass in argentina, change engineering in dubai, aluminum production in south africa, and the aerospace industry in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy.
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here is your news by the numbers. 50,000. that's how many people hawaii needs to sign up for obamacare to keep its health exchange up and running. so far they have 683 enrolled.
4:24 am
next, $100,000. that's the current bid for an original painting by george zimmerman on ebay. it was originally listed at 50 bucks. there is still four days of bidding left. he's hoping to use the funds to pay his legal bills. finally, 42 seconds. that's how often ford sells a f-150 truck. ford has won the best selling vehicle sales title in the u.s. for the past 31 years. and it's expected to snag the title again this year. elisabeth? >> thanks, brian. he was a beautiful, brave 22-month-old boy and last year when his parents were securing for hurricane sandy, he wandered into a pump and drowned. it's a tragedy that could send any mom or dad into a downward spiral burks no, -- but not his parents. they're using his death to inspire random kindness throughout the globe. they're back, the founders of
4:25 am
respect, and join me now. thanks for being here today. i remember reading reese's story and certainly you suffered a tragedy that no parent ever should, 22-month-old reese, i'm sure with an awesome spirit, but one that lives on. this was pre-hurricane sandy. he drowned in a pond in your backyard. that day, i won't make you go back to, but i know that community outreach was exceptional. you had a team come in and fill in the pond. and then you guys turned tothiso something pretty marvelous. what was the inspiration? what was it about reese that had you create the >> it was a combination -- first of all, it was his name. his nickname was reese. his nickname was reese. he's named after me and my father who passed away a couple years ago.
4:26 am
and he was just the happiest kid, he really was. he went to bed every night happy and woke up giggling. he just made everyone happy. we wanted that legacy to remain. so we came up with this idea 'cause i said to my wife after he passed that we have to make his legacy go on. i wanted that. i felt there was a meaning to his name and our name. that's what we wanted to accomplish, was to perform acts of kindness that were acted upon us. >> that's what you asked people to do. 20,000 cards have been distributed. it's like a pay it forward. so when you see an act of kindness or do it, you literally pass the card on. what's the web site? >>
4:27 am
at the site we have -- i've been doing a lot of writing, it's kind of me vetting. people can order the cards. we ask them to share their stories when they get cards because it's up to 30,000 now. >> it may be. hopefully so many more 'cause it's a truly exceptional way to process what happened, but also really share reese's message of joy. as a mom, i'm looking at you and thinking, i can't imagine moving forward after losing a child. but you do. you push on and you do something so great. how do you talk to your two young girls, eight and six -- did they take part in this? >> yes. i think it makes them feel good. abbey has a new backpack with reesepect life on it and she talks to her friends about it. it's emotional because they both lost their brother.
4:28 am
but last night we dropped off three carloads of toys to a local service league and it filled half the room. they were just so excited because they could be santa's helpers and bring joy to somebody else, a child that can't afford a toy or something during the christmas time. >> all that can't bring your baby back. what do you hope people take from this and do? >> our goal in forming this was -- i saw the power of the kindness that was given to us and how it raised us back to a functional level and i'm a science teacher and i told my wife, i said, when you have a negative, you counter it with a positive. that equals a neutral.
4:29 am
then we said, what if we're already neutral? what if people are already okay and we do something positive? it raises them up even further. i said, let's do that. let's raise everybody up and we'll use our son as the inspiration to do it. >> we certainly will have joy taking part in this and keeping his spirit alive. we wish you peace this christmas season. >> thank you very much. >> truly an awesome thing you're doing. >> thank you. >> i like that equation scientifically. >> can't help it. >> thank you. >> steve, over to you. >> thank you very much. next up on this tuesday, it's happening again. they may say go usa, but these mittens are not american. what? plus, the hess trucks are back. this year's new model is a blast from the hess truck past. ♪ ho ho ho
4:30 am
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jim, i adore the pool at your hotel.ver had to make. anna, your hotels have wondrous waffle bars. ryan, your hotels' robes are fabulous. i have twelve of them. twelve? shhhh, i'm worth it& what i'm trying to say is, it's so hard to pick just one of you, so i'm choosing all of you with a loyalty program that requires no loyalty. plus members can win a free night every day only at
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♪ ♪ it's your shot of the morning. it wouldn't be christmas without the classic hess truck. we've got some of this year's most popular models. we have a bunch here on the table. starting with -- >> this is the '94 right here, tow truck style, comes with a bright red ladder, flashing
4:34 am
lights, three kinds of sounds. it's a classic. >> my boys are so jealous right now at home. >> all right. '97. >> '97 the hess toy truck and racers within. they pop out back. >> very nice. >> then we have 1998. do youdune buggy and motorcycle. >> we're going to sit here and play with trucks. i love this one. 1999, had the space shuttle on it. >> a lot of people forget the hess truck was the one that would push the -- >> i remember i had a choice of a hess truck and a shrinky. i went to slinky because i thought it went down the stairs. it went one step. >> 2011 and 2013. >> that's the one people will be buying. truck and tractor. ultimate. what a collection. >> very cool. >> our kids have a bunch of
4:35 am
those. >> classic. >> you got to keep the boxes, too. that's critical. >> i don't know. we haven't started a collection yet. >> yeah. keep the box. >> we'll continue to cover everything that happens here with the hess truck. there is something about seeing a hess truck that has me tingling. >> i love it. >> i'm looking for a red monster truck. if you see any of those, my four-year-old is dying for a monster truck. let me know. >> i may have one lying around the house, heather. >> good morning to you all. hope you're off to a great day. some news to bring you coming out of washington. a major blow to the nsa phone data program. a federal judge says the nsa should destroy all of its phone records. yesterday the nsa's program to collect data on every call in the united states was ruled unconstitutional and a violation of the 4th amendment. but the white house says it prevents terrorism. shear what judge napolitano said about the controversy a short while ago. >> so not only is this unconstitutional because it violates the 4th amendment,
4:36 am
not only is this wrong because it permits the government to listen to all phone calls and keep copies of them forever, but there isn't even any evidence that it works. >> according to the judge, our judge napolitano, the ruling will eventually go before the supreme court. but as of now, the nsa doesn't have to change its ways until a higher court upholds that decision. of course, we'll keep watching that important story. i know so many of you care a lot about this. taking a ride in the wrong direction. look at this. a massachusetts driver accidentally hits the gas instead of the brake and she crashes through a hardware store, slamming her car right into the checkout counter and some christmas trees. it turns out she had a wooden block that was taped to the gas pedal because she's a petite little gal and that apparently helped her reach it. now she's headed to court to face a charge of negligent operation of a motor vehicle.
4:37 am
the u.s. olympic committee coming under fire for selling these go usa mittens that are made in china. the committee no stranger to controversy. less than two years ago, it was criticized when the american team's uniforms were made in china. a spokesperson says the official mittens worn by the athletes are made in the united states, but they're 95 bucks a pair. and those are too expensive for many fans. they opted for a cheaper set made overseas. what do you think about that? justin timberlake is giving one couple a concert that they'll remember for the rest of their lives. look at this. >> he called earlier and he has something he wants to tell you. >> well, what he was telling her, what a guy, he gets down on his knee and he proposes to his girlfriend. this happening in kentucky. her answer was yes. what a sweetheart. those are your headlines at this hour. there is always controversial whether someone should do it in public or a private moment.
4:38 am
>> did they meet on christian mingle or >> i'm not sure. >> no idea. >> you have to be certain that a yes may come out of her mouth. >> you know, as soon as he proposed, you know what he gave her? a hess truck. let's go out to the streets of new york city. >> how romantic. >> maria molina, look at her, all snug in her coat where it's a little frosty. >> the snow looks a lot prettier from the window. when you come outside, you realize it's kind of windy. it's very cold, and you also have that snow really coming down quite a bit out here in the streets of new york city where we are expecting anywhere between two to three, maybe even four inches of snow. we are currently under a winter weather advisory. that's going to be the story across many areas across the northeast. take a look at that radar and how quickly that storm system pushed eastward. it's a clipper, so it dipped down from parts of canada and moved into the northeast and producing snow not just in new york city, but parts of new jersey, pennsylvania and also across parts of upstate new york. here is a look at those winter
4:39 am
weather advisories, from pennsylvania up to parts of maine. eastern parts of that state could pick up a foot of snow. we are under a winter storm warning out there through the day today and we could be seeing that snow continuing out there across parts of new england through tomorrow morning before the storm gets out of the area. current temperatures -- high temperatures are forecast today as we head into the afternoon hours across the great lakes and the northeast into the 20s and 30s for many of you. let's head back inside. >> all right. you know what would warm up people? being filthy rich. >> yes. >> the mega millions jackpot now soaring to $586 million. half a billion. the total could easily increase again before tonight's drawing. your odds of winning, one in 259 million. >> chris from fox 26 is live from houston, texas. chris, did you buy your ticket? >> and our ticket? >> reporter: i've got a set of ten numbers right here. i'm ready to go. i didn't want to ruin it for everybody. i don't want all your viewers to
4:40 am
look at this and go out and spend their money because i've already got the winner right here. i'm pretty confident about it. you look at this number, $586 million. you said almost half a billion dollars. it is the second largest mega millions jackpot ever. it's the fourth largest lottery jackpot ever. if you're wondering what the cash payout is, it will be 316 1/2 million dollars. i think a lot of people would be happy with the half. you guys talked about the odds. keep in mind, mega millions made it a lot harder to win back in october. it used to be one in 176 million. now the odds, you said it, one in 259 million. put that in perspective, you have a better chance of becoming the president of the united states. you have a better chance of getting hit by an asteroid. you have a better chance of getting hit by a falling coconut and dying than you do of winning the mega millions tonight. but there is still going to be plenty of people playing. i'm one of them. i'm pretty darn confident.
4:41 am
tickets are selling at a pace of 11 million tickets an hour. back to you guys. >> you have better odds of signing up for obamacare on the oregon or washington state. chris, thank you very much. >> hang on to that ticket. 19 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up, playing politics with your lives as they campaign for four more years. a brand-new report revealing how far the white house went to win the 2012 election. no syrup needed. the new breakfast item that you can grab as you head out the door. >> the jackpot is up to $586 million. once again, the amount of money you will definitely not win is now up to $586 million carry on . [ woman 3 ] to come together even when we're apart. [ male announcer ] in stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and more,
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4:45 am
suspect in florida got into a belly full of trouble when he went through the jail body scanner and this is what showed up. two gold necklaces that he swiped. and kellogg company debut ago new range of products that include pouches you can take on the go. and cheese it grooves. it makes them easier to hold. brian, what do you think of those snacks? >> i'll tell you later. to the obama administration delaying important regulation and rules, the american people would not like in order to win reelection and destroy mitt romney. that's the shocking claim in a new report from the administrative conference of the united states. it says many proposals took longer because of concerns about the agency's issuing costly or controversial rules prior to the november election. was the white house putting politics before people?
4:46 am
coo of disrupter company joins us now. >> i'm usually not very complimentary of the "washington post," but it was exhaustive. what they found is that president obama time and time again told agencies to delay rulings that they thought, the administration thought would impact and hurt their chances for election. >> for example the delayed rules, elements of obamacare we're all experiencing right now. for example, you can keep your plan. environmental initiatives like the epa is putting out there and workers safety requirements which definitely indirectly and directly affect the economy. >> absolutely, brian. look, president obama, when he was a candidate in 2008 and in 2012, targeted virginia. in 2008 he was in southwest coal country in virginia all the time, said he would wake up every morning in the white house thinking of those people and lo and behold, he creates this war
4:47 am
on control, is really trying to outlaw and make epa changes in 2013 that is almost going to outlaw the industry, impacting tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of jobs in virginia. the vote would have been different had those rules come out in 2012. >> let me ask you something: do you fault the romney campaign at all or the rnc at all for not seeing this pattern and these delays and not bringing it to light? >> you know, i don't, brian. this is a president who really tried to hold himself as holier than thou, came in in 2008, railed against the clintons as being partisan hacks, said that he was going to be, quote, the most transparent president in history. i'm not saying that the romney campaign believed him or the rnc believed him, but these were shady, underhanded dealings that were going on in his administration that only came to light when these egregious policies came out in 2013.
4:48 am
>> think about this, the president is having one of the worst first years his second term in modern american history. it's because essentially he put all these things on hold and the other decisions he's made internationally in order to have a -- he sacrificed a four-year term really for the first year at the very least, the first year of that brand-new term. >> brian, i think you're right. i think the problem that history will show with this president is there was so much promise with him as a campaigner. he's an unbelievable campaigner, but he's a pretty lousy manager and a lousy president. he's not transparents at all. and in fact, i think history will show he's one of the most partisan presidents, not a uniter at all, that we've had in generations. that will be the knock on barak obama. >> he knew his agenda and his policies would be unpopular. he didn't get rid of them. he just put them on hold where it can't hurt him.
4:49 am
it could hurt him in the midterms. thanks so much. >> thanks for having me. 11 minutes before the top of the hour. remember this video, the shrimp on the treadmill? you should, you're paying for it. today we've got washington's brand-new waste book and it's out and available. we'll examine. then cheryl casone has top companies hiring seasonal help. that story next. ♪ ♪ i'm overhe hill. my body doesn't work the way it used to. past my prime? i'm a victim of a slowin? i don't think so. great grains protein blend. protein from natural ingredients
4:50 am
like seeds and nuts. it helps support a healthy metabolism. great grains protein blend.
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4:52 am
>> a week before christmas. >> that's right. if all you want tore christmas is a job, we've got the perfect gift for you. cheryl casone from the "fox business" network is here with
4:53 am
some good tidings, right? >> there is still jobs out there. i know we're a week away from the big holiday, but a lot of companies are hiring. the first one is h & r block. you probably should be worried about your tax now. they're hiring for the season. initially these part-time jobs will go through january. then they'll take a break, start hiring again in april after tax season. they had a big job fair in kansas city where they're based and one in six returns -- they have seasonal jobs right now. a little different than the retail jobs. >> i've been doing the math in my head. why is david's bridal looking for people now? duh, because people get married in june. >> yeah. >> you have to plan now. >> actually, 33% of brides say i do between thanksgiving and new year's. this is the season now for engagements. that's why they really are going to need help starting january 1. so this is actually, again, going to go through the spring,
4:54 am
steve, to your point because of all those june weddings. they also are selling holiday dresses. and they also opened autopsy big new store in hollywood. 2800 jobs now. they need junior stylists. it pays 9 to 10.50 an hour. the limited? or container store is hiring. >> so if you have ocd like me at a container store, like it's your favorite place in the world, they've got about 1600 total jobs now. they need salespeople, transition team members. 40% discount. lot of these jobs are going to go into mid february, maybe the end of february. they will pick up some of those people for full-time jobs. again, container store, great company. based out of texas. every time i've been in there, which is multiple, i've always been treated wonderfully. i have to personally recommend these guys. >> they are fantastic. and limited brands. >> you know them. they own victoria secret, henry bandle. it's more than just limited
4:55 am
brands. pink, bath and body works. have you been there? >> tons. right now is their super bowl. >> they have jobs open and still need people. all of these i would say go today. i'm going to put everything up at casoneexchange. they have jobs on the web site. like this isn't just for women. it's for men, too. you want to work on the back end of the store. final stop, amazon? >> they've been hiring consistently since 2008. i like amazon. full-time jobs. they've increased their seasonal hiring 40% over last year. what they had been finding is they've been so busy, on-line shopping has taken off like crazy this year. and they're still looking for people at distribution centers, customer services, everything. amazon, people don't want to go to the stores anymore. they want to do it on-line. >> free shipping, why wouldn't you? >> exactly. >> everything is at casone
4:56 am i would get on to these web sites today. these are instant jobs you can apply for. >> thank you, ma'am. >> thank you. >> let's get somebody a job for christmas. >> great advice for christmas. coming up, it's a story that's making americans sick. the teen killed four people drunk driving, but a judge ruled he's too privileged for prison. laura ingraham has a lot to say about that and she's here next hour. ♪ ♪
4:57 am
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5:00 am
suspects. tragic. obamacare navigators prove to be inept and unqualified. but the white house has a whole different theory. >> this is just one more data point in the republican obsession with sabotaging obamacare. >> of course it is. that's right. what obamacare fails, it's got to be the republicans' fault. laura ingraham will react to that in two minutes. >> if there is anything you would need a script for, it would be blaming republicans. but he was reading it from his notes. remember this video? the shrimp outread mill? you should, we're paying for it. today we have the government's role in waste. float the pictures, the final hour starts now. >> this is billy ray cyrus wishing all of our troops, servicemen and women around the world and your families, merry christmas, from billy ray cyrus and "fox & friends." >> thank you very much for the achy breaky christmas thought. >> he didn't have to read that. that came from the heart.
5:01 am
achy breaky heart. >> we're going to go right over -- is it true or not that we have laura ingraham this hour? >> laura ingraham is going to be with us in about two minutes. by the way, if you're curious, it has stopped snowing here in new york city now. it's just a couple of flakes flying here and there. about an hour ago it was coming down. >> maria molina will keep us posted on that. heather nauert, good morning, you have some headlines. >> it went messy outside. >> it's winter almost. >> good morning to you all. just about one minute after the hour. at this hour, new jersey police are searching for those two thugs that they consider to be armed and dangerous. this as two $10,000 rewards are being offered in the deadly carjacking at a new jersey mall. 30-year-old justin freedland was shot in the head moments after he helped his wife into their car in the lot at the short hills mall. the carjackers then took off in their silver 2012 range rover worth about $70,000. it was found ten miles away behind an abandoned home in
5:02 am
freedland's uncle is speaking out saying, quote, i hope they catch them and kill them. i'm not a violent person, but this criminal does not deserve to breathe. the law firm where dustin is offering a a reward and crimestoppers is offering a another. john beihl avoided doing his real job for more than 12 years by convincing his bosses that he was an undercover agent for the c.i.a., saying that's why he needed more time out of the office. the stunning double cross will cost him up to 37 months of his freedom. today's mega millions jackpot now soaring to $586 million with a cash payout of $316 million. it is the second largest jackpot in the history of the multi-state lottery. the odds of winning, one in 259 million. if nobody wins, the jackpot for friday's drawing will begin at
5:03 am
$800 million. nice. and remember this video of the shrimp on the treadmill? it was part of a government study that was funded by you. in two hours from now, republican senator tom coburn will release the annual waste book. it documents the money wasted by washington this year, but we've got a sneak peek for you. $630,000 sent to increase the number of facebook likes. really? $914,000 to study romance on the internet. and 3 1/2 million dollars to fund airport solar panels with tarp to avoid reflecting the sun. those are your headlines. >> a million dollars to study romance on the internet? >> yeah. >> many do it free. >> exactly. >> that's the government for you. >> you just get a membership. never mind. laura ingraham is here. i know that because why else would i introduce her. hi, laura. >> hey, guys.
5:04 am
that shrimp on the treadmill, i was at the gym last night and i had taken off a week or so from the gym, so it was pretty rough. i got to find out, is it a pure protein diet. he's got fast little legs. >> i have a hard time keeping my legs healthy. how do you keep like 25 legs healthy? >> we'll have to investigate that a little further. we'll get paul ryan to allocate a little more money for that. >> talk about investigating, good morning. so the navigators have been running wild, mailing out applications, maybe not having a background check. but jay carney yesterday denying from the white house that there are any problems with the navigators. it's the republicanators. listen to this. >> this is just one more data point in the republican obsession with sabotaging obamacare. all navigators must complete about 20 hours of training, including training on privacy issues. and this training is not a one-time only process. navigators have regular refresher opportunities where they can share updates, receive information, and address issues as they are in the process of
5:05 am
helping people in their communities. >> like in flip, it's a refresher course. it's all ball bearings. what is he talking about? >> the baghdad bob of obamacare, jay cancery. no problems. ignore the problems. these navigators are trained professionals. well, 20 hours of training and they get their refresher courses, continuing navigator education, i guess. look, i think the new poll that came out today devastating news for the president, front of the "washington post," his approval numbers plummeted. the new abc "washington post" poll, and for a reason. i almost at this point feel sorry for jay carney. he has to go out there every day and deny facts. that's an awful job. imagine if you just had to deny basic facts every day and look really earnest when you do it. >> remember tony snow used to handle it differently? he was dealing with the iraq war, for goodness sakes. he used to talk about what was going on, where we're heading. he wouldn't tell people they were wrong when they were right.
5:06 am
>> this is part of the reason why i think the president and the democrats are suffering so much today in the polls is because people see this for what it is finally. this is more politicalization of what is a policy problem. from the beginning, i think this president has seen every hurdle, whether in the economy or in foreign policy or now with obamacare, as a political hurdle to be cleared. in fact, this is actually a substantive governance problem that requires really smart people to deal with and to deal with without a political agenda. and the problem is they can't do that. it's like they're genetically incapable of handling this for what it is. this is a failure in policy. not pr. we're not selling or not the republicans being mean. it's a failure in obamacare working for the average person. that's the problem. >> that is the problem for the administration and unfortunately, that's the problem for all of us. laura, i want to talk about this
5:07 am
case where this 16-year-old kid, he stole some beer, i think, and then got drunk, crashed into and killed four people. his parents hired a defense attorney to come up with a defense that he was suffering from affluenza. they were affluent. he had everything in life. and so he was a slacker and he couldn't be held responsible because life was so good and he's the victim. now you want the judge in this bounced. why? >> gene boyd, the judge here, sentenced this kid to ten years probation and basically it's going to cost about $450,000. the parents are going to front the cost. he's going to be in essentially a country club kind of facility. actually beautiful facility where he's going to spend some his time and being rehabbed from being too rich. and that same judge a few years back sentenced a 14-year-old
5:08 am
black kid to a year in -- excuse me. ten years in jail for -- he punched somebody and the person died. okay? so look, two cases are different. there are a different set of facts. but in this case, when the dense counsel -- and i used to be a defense counsel -- when the defense counsel makes this preposterous claim of affluenza, the boy is too rich and allows that absurd defense in, that shows this judge is completely removed from the reality of the way most people live their lives. to give this kid ten years probation in a country club? we have four people dead and another one paralyzed because this kid ran into this other suv, sending this good samaritan pastor and three other people flying 60 yards in the air. okay? this is an outrage and i think when people see this case and look at the facts of this case, this judge could be removed from her position by rick perry, the
5:09 am
governor of texas. there is a lot of people building on, a big petition to get this judge removed, put pressure there. i think that should happen. >> well said. i know you heard this, nancy pelosi unleashing, republicans are on an antiwoman crusade. it's all because they don't like women. really, for me, you take the power away from women and make choices in their family, that's antiwoman. but let's listen to her one more time for fun. >> disrespect, disrespect for the role that women have in terms of exercising their judgment about their responsibility, disrespect for women in the workplace by not passing equal pay for equal work. pay equity. without raising the minimum wage 62% of the people who make the minimum wage are women. without valuing the time of women with paid sick leave, which is something that we've been advocating. without joining us in our when women succeed, america succeeds. >> your thoughts?
5:10 am
>> sorry. was nancy pelosi just playing back like an mp 3 file? is there a microchip implanted in her chest of what they played in the last campaign? that is such an old saw that she's trying to sell. i love the msnbc anchor, the best thing about that was the cut away shot where she's going like this -- great insight, nancy. women across the country are getting their policies canceled, getting their personal information compromised, losing their cherished health care providers, doctors who are retiring. that's the war on women. the war on women's pocketbooks and the war on women's independence of choice. elisabeth, you hit the nail on the head. they are eroding women's choices in one of the most sacred areas of their lives, which is healthcare. that is a war on women's independence, in choice. that's going to be a winning narrative for conservatives next year. i think nancy pelosi knows it. they are out of line, my friend. they are nothing else to say.
5:11 am
>> laura, where do you stand on this budget? do you think it will pass in the senate this week? >> probably -- there are going to be hiccups in the senate for it. but i think the establishment and the republican party is basically said this is all we're going to get. it's the best we're going to do. we're going to get past this and try to win more seats. i think it will probably pass. didn't really accomplish anything. >> fight another day. thank you very much. we know you got to do your radio show. >> thank you very much. happy christmas. merry christmas. >> thank you. >> and happy new year. coming up, 'tis the season for scamming. but don't let it ruin your christmas. peter johnson, jr. is exposing the 12 scams of christmas next. right. and he's really a man of the people. the king who helped push this driver out of the snow. >> it's awesome.
5:12 am
5:13 am
5:14 am
5:15 am
christmas may be the season for giving, but it's also the season for scamming. peter johnson, jr. is here to warn us about the 12 scams of christmas. >> you know, steve, 12 days of christmas, the scammers gave to me, 12 reindeer ripoffs, santa scammers, christmas coupon cons and nine stolen gift cards. i'm serious. >> wait a minute. what about eight? >> this is a problem. let's go through the 12 big scams of christmas. you and me. christmas is my favorite time of the year and i know yours, but let's not get scammed. number one, bogus charities. sometimes the name is close to
5:16 am
real charity. so don't be scammed. number two, malware. don't open up something you don't know where it's coming from. three, stolen gift cards. don't buy them on-line. they may have used them already. santa scammers. if you're giving money to a santa on the street, make sure it's a legitimate organization. >> how do you know? >> ask them. are you for real? are you the real santa? you'll like this one, pick pockets, crowds. rockefeller center, big centers, malls, people trying to pick your pocket. this one, counterfeit gifts. if that watch looks like a rolex, maybe it's not. if it's $40, that ain't no rolex. then the old christmas coupon con where you get these phony coupons in the mail or on-line. be very careful. santa's play scam, number eight,
5:17 am
make sure it's a real travel trip and not a phony. home alone scam. you get an e-mail or call, i'm stranded, please. i need money. don't be wiring money. reindeer ripoff. very important. be careful about buying cute pets on-line. the pooch might have fleas. finally, mistletoe madness. don't fall in love with somebody on-line. they're trying to bilk you. finally, not so merry mobile apps. downloading stuff that's going to dump stuff on to your computer that's really bad. >> there are so many people who do send things out and some people i know rather than write that annual christmas letter, they send out an e-mail. but if you don't know who it's from, don't open up that attachment. >> i love christmas. send us your christmas pictures. we want to see them here at "fox & friends." look at this miniature christmas box. done by my friend cheryl worther. this is real. this is the essence of christmas.
5:18 am
that's about four inches. that whole thing. that's incredible. send them to "fox & friends". neat christmas decorations. blanch and i brought this along. santa and mrs. claus. that's the real thing. >> how long has it been in your family? >> about 20 years. >> you got to make sure -- >> it works! >> all gauderies on how not to -- good advice on how not to get scammed. >> all 12 of those and more. >> you don't want a grinch to steal your christmas. >> absolutely not. >> thank you very much. >> good to see you. >> coming up straight ahead on this tuesday, antibacterial soap in the crosshairs this morning again. does it even work and could it be bad for you? the science is in. then, remember the boy who stood up in church and begged for a family to adopt him? we have a big update on his
5:19 am
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quick headlines. stunning announcement from drug maker glasgow smithkline. the company will stop paying doctors to promote its drugs. this move is the first for the industry which currently is battling scandals over the shady sales practices in the past. and the safety and effectiveness of the antibacterial soaps now in question. the f.d.a. says all these products have been used since 1970 and there is no evidence they are any better than any
5:23 am
conventional hand soap often seen on mash. elisabeth? >> thanks, brian. it was a story that touched families all across the country. a 15-year-old florida orphan found the courage to face his church and ask for a family. he has been in foster care his entire life, but his wish is now coming true just in time for christmas. he'll get o celebrate the holiday with a prospective family that will soon be his permanent home, he hopes. joining us with more details is the chief of community base care for the adoption agency working with him. good morning to you. this is phenomenal news. what a blessing. we remember the video. we remember his plea in front of the church for a family. any family, black, white, purple, i just want to be and have a home. now you bring us good news. >> yes, good morning. as you are aware when this story was first released, he was
5:24 am
residing in a residential group care setting and since that story went viral, so to speak, he has been placed with a foster family where he's getting to know them and he's also been spending time with a prospective adoptive family where he'll spend his holidays. >> that is a complete turn around. i know that there were thousands, tens of thousands and 20,000 responses at first to his plea, which is remarkable and speaks to the heart of people who just truly want a child. we have hundreds of thousands of kids in the system waiting to be adopted. what's your message today, 'cause this is a great story. >> yes. it's an awesome story. we were very -- he has been very humbled by this entire process. and the continued outpour of support for not only himself, but other foster kids just like him that are in need of a forever family. in the tampa bay area alone, we have over 250 children just like
5:25 am
him. we have received tens of thousands of calls. we received e-mails, letters of support, and we are very optimistic that because of his courage, we're going to find a family for every single one of those kids. >> that is unbelievable news. true hope now because when you see his story and the fact that he is spending time with a family now and the courage to speak out, the voice for the kids out there who do need a home is there. >> absolutely. and i can assure you, hard enough being a teen-ager and for him to have the courage to share his story in such a public setting has not only inspired other foster youth to come forward and share their story, but it also inspired a whole new level of care. >> if there is someone who hears that and maybe has a nudge in their heart what, can they do if they're looking to adopt a
5:26 am
child? >> the first thing you want to do is you can connect with don't be afraid. these kids are just like our own biological children. they just want a lot of love. they want a safe environment to be in. it's a very rewarding experience. so we encourage folks to reach out, research information. we will connect you to your forever child. >> we thank you for joining us today with such exceptional good news, especially this time of year. have a great day. >> thank you. steve? >> thank you very much. great story. coming up, he was an avid supporter of president obama, but football legend jim brown having buyer's remorse. what he just said next. and do you know the meaning of christmas? >> what gets to the three wise men?
5:27 am
>> i don't remember that. franken since, i don't know. gold, silver. i have no idea. >> jesse watters world, the christmas edition coming up next. >> do you think you're offending someone by saying merry christmas? is jesus an important figure in your life around this time of year? >> i'm an atheist, so no. >> do you celebrate christmas? >> i do. >> what gifts did the three wis men bring? >> i don'td ou remember that. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what?
5:28 am
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over the weekend the obamacare web site was down. fortunately most americans not affected because they never knew it was up. luckily we were okay there. >> oh, they know it was up. just never worked right. >> it did not. >> 'tis the season here in new york city, as robert davi would say, it's the new york city christmas feeling outside. we've had a little bit of snow today. >> a little bit of snow. boots are on. but maybe some umbrellas now. it's not heavy snow, but getting there. jesse watters, by the way, i love what he did in time for christmas. you got to listen to this. he's asking people about the season. >> do you think you're offending someone by saying merry christmas? is jesus an important figure in your life around this time of year? >> i'm an atheist. so no.
5:32 am
>> you're an atheist. do you celebrate christmas? >> i do. >> what gifts did the three wise men bring? >> i don't remember that. frankincense, incense, i don't know. gold, silver. i have no idea. >> where was jesus born? >> in bethlehem. >> jerusalem? >> nazareth? >> probably in some kind of hospital type area. >> christmas is a federal holiday. do you know who proclaimed it a federal holiday? >> lincoln. >> ronald reagan. >> silent night. ♪ holy night >> honestly i have no idea. ♪ all is bright >> into another dimension. >> i love waters world. >> a whole christmas special last night. >> i like him asking the atheist, so you're an atheist. do you celebrate christmas? well, yeah. >> got a secret santa. heather, what else is going on? >> that person really didn't
5:33 am
believe jesus was born in a hospital. please tell me no. >> we can not confirm. >> good morning to you all. hope you're off to a great day. 32 minutes after the hour. remember that old occupy wall street thing? well, there is a former occupy protester who can't seem to keep himself quite out of trouble. 28-year-old timothy returned to new york city to try to rejoin his buddyies in zuccotti park and he forgot to register as a sex offendser as is required under federal law. but there was another problem, he started posting selfies on facebook advertising his whereabouts. police arrested him. an undercover assignment straight out of "21 jump street." >> you will be going in as undercover high school students. >> two police officers passing themselves off as 11th graders for an entire semester. brian, you would love to do that, wouldn't you?
5:34 am
it turns out they were able to arrest 22 students during a drug sting at two california high schools. the deputies seizing pot, cocaine, and also prescription drugs. a story we spoke about earlier. police busting the so-called twerking thieves from brooklyn, new york. officers arresting a 47 yearly man. but his female accomplice, she's the one you can see right there, she was twerking for an hour outside as a diversion so the guy could slip in and steal packages from the building. she was actually not charged. who needs a triple a when a king comes to the rescue? there was a rare blizzard that struck the middle east over the weekend and it stranded motorists in jordan who are not used to seeing this kind of snow. cue the king of jordan. that's him right there in the redhead covering. he came to the rescue, helping to free a stuck driver. they do get snow there. they just get about a foot and a half of snow and that's more than they're used to. he was out touring the city of
5:35 am
amman to see the snow removal efforts and came upon a stuck car. >> probably just wanted to see the snow, period. >> so he helped out. >> good samaritan. >> 25 minutes before the top of the hour. maria molina is outside our world headquarters where it kind of is snowing off and on. >> yeah. it's been snowing off and on. luckily we're not expecting more than a foot of snow here in new york city. but some areas across new england could be looking at that in terms of accumulation throughout the day today and also into tomorrow. let's take a look at the radar picture so you can see what's going on. we have a quick-moving clipper system that slipped down from canada moving so fast, parts of pennsylvania, upstate new york, and also across the new york city area. we do currently have winter weather advisories stretching from pennsylvania all the way up to maine and there in that shading in pink, that's that winter storm warning where i told you we could pick up a foot of snow. otherwise generally speaking, three to six inches across parts of massachusetts, connecticut, upstate new york and two to now farther south.
5:36 am
that's what we're expecting here in new york city, although i think we'll be on the lower end of that. the storm, a quick-moving storm system will be out of the area for most cities across the northeast as we head into this evening. parts of maine, you'll continue to see impacts through the evening rush tonight and the same goes for you in the city of boston. please drive carefully as you head home from work later this evening. otherwise current wind chill temperatures across parts of the great lakes, it is very chilly out there. currently feels like 7 degrees in chicago and it does feel like about 16 degrees here in new york city. i'll confirm that. let's head over to you, brian. >> thanks a lot. you can come in now. time for monday night football highlights. they played last night. ravens brought their kicker with them, that's all they need to do beat the lyons. reggie bush was good. in the end, it would be five field goals for justin tucker, five of five. there you go. 38 seconds left would be the winner. final score 18-16. ravens hanging in there for the
5:37 am
victory. controversy coming out of the arsenio hall show. one of the greatest runningbacks in history also an actor, big-time political activist, especially in the '60s, the nfl hall of famer and his wife campaigned for president obama, but recently he was asked for his opinion on the president and how he's doing. listen to what he said. >> i like him as a human being, but somehow it seems like he's over his head. but if i had to say does he rate an a or d, it would be very difficult. i'd give him a c. >> he went on to say that you have to be able to work across party lines as a president. and does anyone think this president has worked across party lines? jim brown comes out and speaks out, as usual. by the way, on saturday, as far as i know, this will be the last signing i have. 11:00 o'clock at the barnes & noble in mcclain, virginia. then later on at 3:00 o'clock at george washington's house in
5:38 am
mount vernon. mark levin will join us. >> he probably just wants a free copy. >> right. and i told him if he shows up, he'll get a discount. >> you'll be signing the secret six there? >> yes. and you can come down, elisabeth. >> maybe. if it keeps snowing like this. >> maybe bill hemmer might want to have a might meting or something. maybe that's more important. >> you have an issue with bill today. >> elisabeth hasselbeck's secret six-minute meeting. >> that's right. with bill hemmer. coming up for real, ford sells one of these every 42 seconds. can you guess what vehicle we are talking about? stick around for that answer. and christmas present like you won't like until you hear what facebook is announcing this week. it's unwanted. cue robert davi. ♪ ♪ down fifth avenue ♪ new york christmas
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the ford mustang, ford figures into our headlines. ford says it's selling an f-150 pick up truck every 42 seconds. the company's f series has been the country's best selling vehicle for the past 31 years and is expected to land that title again this year as well. talk about taking a ride in the wrong direction, a driver crashing backwards through a hardware store in massachusetts. she said she hit the gas instead of the brakes. thankfully nobody was hurt. what crazy video out of that. brian? >> 18 minutes before the top of the hour. at this hour, new jersey police
5:43 am
are searching for two thugs considered armed and dangerous and they are involved in the deadly carjacking we believe at the new jersey mall. this as two $10,000 rewards are being offered for their capture. >> that's right. wnyw reporter theresa joins us live from hoboken with the latest on the manhunt. theresa, what can you tell us at this point? >> good morning. here in hoboken when you talk to neighbors who knew the victim, who has been identified as dustin freedland, they are shocked and saddened by this. the general response is, you took the car, did you need to take his life? as we talk to people, we gain a better understanding of this man and how he lived his life. we are told he's a 30-year-old -- or was a 30-year-old patent attorney who, according to his linkedin profile, analyzed legal claims for his family's business. he and his wife just moved here. they were planning to start a family. there is no indication yet from
5:44 am
authorities why exactly this couple was chosen on sunday night. we do know they were ambushed outside of the short hills mall, just after 9:00 o'clock, two men approached their 2012 range rover suv. multiple shots were fired. one hitting dustin in the head. the car was found i didn't do abandoned -- yesterday abandoned in new york. authorities are still trying to piece together the exact cause of this and the motive, they tell us they do believe that this couple is simply the latest victims of a luxury carjacking ring. so we're trying to get more information, so are police. they tell us they're hoping to use a surveillance video found in the parking lot of the mall that was an area heavily surveilled. they're hoping that gives them some clues to help them find the killer. that's the latest from hoboken. now back to you in the studio. >> theresa, i notice that there is the major crime task force that has the tips line up. do they have a description of the suspects that they've released? >> reporter: the only thing that
5:45 am
we have heard from the county prosecutor, two dark skinned men. we haven't heard anything about accents or any sort of body markings, nothing about height or weight. just two dark-skinned men. doesn't narrow it down any. they were hoping to be able to connect those two people to the car. but again, as i mentioned, that car was abandoned in newark. back to you. >> thank you. thanks. coming up, she's one of christian music's biggest stars. ♪ the sun will always shine ♪ he's going to walk away >> natalie grant performing her newest single live, up next. first let's check in with elisabeth's co-host, bill hemmer, because you guys will be together on new year's eve. >> i'm getting ready. hasselbeck, how are you doing? >> i'm doing great. brian is taking issue with you. >> i know. there is a --
5:46 am
>> she's cheating on us! that's the problem! she'll be with you all night. >> they're worried about me. i'm in great hands. >> you're in great hands. i'll talk to you later about that. >> we have a series of questions for you, bill hemmer, before you get the green light. >> i can't wait! new polling numbers on the president. these numbers are not good. we'll give those to you. a new debate over the navigators and obamacare. what you need to know. a murder in hawaii. where is the boyfriend that's been eight months? do your vitamins do absolutely nothing for you? martha and i will see you on that. 13 minutes away on "america's newsroom" y)p)
5:47 am
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5:50 am
good morning to you. ten minutes before the hour. here is a look at what's happening now. dennis rodmen headed back to north korea with a documentary film crew. this will be his third trip to that country this year. toys r us now announcing physical be open for 87 hours straight, from 6:00 a.m. this saturday through 9:00 p.m. on christmas eve. you may not like this one, facebook will start testing video ads on your page this thursday. the ads will automatically run in your news feed. that's a look at what's happening right now. elisabeth? >> thanks. our next guest's newest cd is taking the music scene by storm called "hurricane." and natalie grant is a grammy nominated christian and gospel singer and here with us today to sing the title tram from her album. but first, you have breaking news for us about you. tell us. >> i get to host a brand-new show. on gsn called "it takes a church." we all know that every church has well meaning match makers.
5:51 am
saturday night live even did a skit. the church lady, come on. so this is well meaning match makers helping a single parishioner find love. i don't get to do the matching. i just get to do the hosting. >> the tables are not going to turn over. >> i'm hoping there is no violence on the show. >> so how long is it going to be? an hour show? >> an hour show. yeah. >> will we get to hear you sing? first of all, "hurricane" is an awesome song. nominated for two grammies. your hubby back there, incredible producer of music inspired by the story. i know it's personal, the song is very personal, but so many people relate to it. it's about your own journey and everyone who is going through a tough time is literally singing with you. you say faith got you through. >> for sure. i faced postpartum depression
5:52 am
after birth of my third child whose birthday is today. >> it's sadie? >> yes. so this song was really just written for a faith that sustained me during a dark time in my life and a recommendedder that faith pour -- for me is an anchor. no matter what the storm, we're not alone. we may feel that it's raging, but eventually peace will come. >> does your whole band know the song you're about to play? >> we're about to find out. we practiced it a couple times. i just met them. >> i hope it goes well. >> "hurricane". ♪ you're feeling out of control again ♪
5:53 am
♪ your life feels like a sinking ship ♪ ♪ you're wondering how it came to this ♪ ♪ is it too late ♪ is it too far for him to reach you ♪ ♪ and come to where you are ♪ it's not obvious ♪ don't be afraid of it ♪ when you feel the rain coming down ♪ ♪ he'll find you ♪ your hope is buried somewhere deep ♪ ♪ you're wondering how it will
5:54 am
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we've got a fox news alert. breaking right now, a plane crash in southern afghanistan, leaving at least six american troops dead. they were isaf troops. that's the international security force. there were no reports of any fighting in the area at the time. details at this point just sketchy. more information will be coming in. so stay tuned to america's news room for the latest on this breaking story. this brings up two things, we have no idea what we're doing in afghanistan. two months, six months from now. what our future is in the next year. and in light we realize how dangerous afghanistan is because it's not in the headlines and it should be. >> and the sacrifice that so many make for our freedoms. our hearts go out to their families. >> meanwhile, tomorrow on our telecast, you will meet the real life anchorman who inspired ron burgundy. mort crim. he's a character.
6:00 am
>> and we have the top holiday gifts for the season. are you done with your shopping yet? >> no, i still got to shop for you and again, you want cash like last year. and dennis kucinich will be here. that should be interesting. >> thank you very much for joining us today. see you back here tomorrow, same time, same channel. bill: thank you, guys, good morning. more on what's happening in afghanistan in a moment. but first, a big blow to the nsa. a federal judge saying the collection of phone records is most certainly unconstitutional. martha: the nsa collecting massive amount of data called metadata on millions of americans and they cull through it and look for any connections. a u.s. district court, a bush


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