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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 17, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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to you never -- so you never miss a episode of the five. tomorrow the full hour of charles krauthammer. >> is there really people? president obama looks for high-tech help for his glitch-filled website while his poll numbers continue to crash. that plus democratic senator joe manchin joins our senate seat. this is special report. good evening. i'm bret baier. president obama is bringing in a high tech executive with experience to fix his massively flawed health care website. but rebooting his administration's badly damaged reputation might need more long-term help. we have fox team coverage tonight. jim angle in the bureau with growing outrage over the prospect of the government
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penalizing you for not staying in shape. but we begin with ed henry with executive action many feel was long overdue. good evening. >> good evening, brad. it was 80 days after the botched rollout that the president turned to a microsoft executive to try to help dig out, why is why this president has lower approval ratings than bush during his rough second term. >> as president obama brought in top executives from google, amazon and microsoft to help his website, but he talked about a power hungry and revenge obsessed power hungry senator played by spacey. he said he wishes that congress was that ruthless. >> [ inaudible ]. >> questions remain why the
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president did not get with the tech giants before today to bring in an experienced hand like microsoft executive kurt dell banny to run the sight. as he takes over tomorrow for jeffrey ziets who was brought in after the botches website. >> why didn't the white house hire someone like this in the summer, in the spring, a year ago to roll out >> i think your question goes to the absolute acknowledgment that we've made that had a terrible start. >> reporter: mitch mcconnell said those are half-hearted apologies and charges congressional democrats have done nothing to fix the affordable care act. >> that is their whole approach to this rolling disaster, let the white house dodge and deflect on any problem that arises until people forget about the last one. >> reporter: the public means something dramatic needs to be done to improve the law. according to a news poll, it
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found 60% wanted delay to the mandate, 33% wanted to proceed on schedule. but 43% approve of the way he is handling his job. 55% disapprove, which means the president is ending his 5th year in office with lower approval ratings that almost all other recent two-term presidents. in a washington post abc news poll at a in his presidency, george bush was at 47% positive, 52% negative, raising questions about whether this president will also see a stalled agenda in his second term. >> you won't hear an argument from me that everyone in washington has taken a hit because of washington's performance as of late. >> jay carney went on to say the president was encouraged by the bipartisan budget agreement and sees it as a hopeful sign he might be able to get immigration and other issues passed next year. >> and it appears big brother may indeed be watching you as
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you eat junk food, lay on the couch and don't exercise. chief national correspondent jim angle tells us about another way the president's health care overhaul may be stripping away your privacy and your money in the name of good health. >> reporter: an officer with the national union of health care workers said today that under obama care things such as smoking, obesity and other health conditions can force even those with employer-provided insurance to pay more. >> i run about miles a -- five miles a day, i don't drink and i don't smoke and by the kaiser wellness program that a number of employees who we represent are covered by, i'm two pounds from being overweight. >> reporter: kaiser said in the statement, their program is voluntary and poses no individuals to those who don't reach the goals. the rules put out in may as a regulation say, the program must be reasonably designed to promote health or prevent
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disease. >> there is such a whack of precision? what is going on out there, that it is troubling that this was incorporated into the affordable care act. >> wellness is popular in the corporate world. companies are just beginning to pose pretty severe penalties. >> reporter: if workers don't participate, they can be charged up to 20% of the health insurance premium, going up to 30% in january. employers like wellness programs because they think they attract healthier workers. for instance cvs imposed a $50 fine per month, $60 a year on those who refuse to disclose weight, body fat or other measures. walmart penalized smokers as much as $2300 a year if they want coverage. and one analyst said the 50% by obama care is assessed against the entire cost of the plan. >> so if you have a plan that cost $6,000, a employee would pay $1500, his 50% penalty is
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for the full $6,000 so that is a 30$3000 premium increase and hi premium out of his pocket will triple if he is a smoker. >> and they argue wellness fans can be intrusive, asking a series of rather personal questions. >> have you ever had a total hysterectomy. how much do you weigh? during the past week i have felt lonely, yes or no. during the past week i have felt sad, yes or no? >> there is an on going debate about whether the programs save costs. one analyst say they may save for more medicare because old age is when unhealthy lifestyles catch up to us. bret? >> jim, thank you. do you have a question about obama care or something else, well west virginia senator joe manchin will be in our center seat in minutes. let me know at bret baier or on twitter at bret baier and use
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the #special report. the stage is set for the bipartisan budget deal. mike emanuel tells us the critical vote on cutting off a filibuster happened a few hours ago. >> the yays are 67 and the nays are 33. >> reporter: 12 republicans joined with senate democrats on a bipartisan budget deal surpassing the 60 vote threshold. patty murray, who negotiated the package with paul ryan said ahead of the vote, it is a compromise. >> it doesn't tackle every one of the challenges of our nation, but that was never the goal. this bipartisan bill takes the first step towards rebuilding our broken budget process and hopefully toward rebuilding our broken congress. >> reporter: some who voted to move forward say they will impose it tomorrow on the final vote, including roy blunt. some conservatives like ron
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johnson from wisconsin say this two-year agreement is more efficient than short-term continuing resolutions. a point ben carden made on the floor. >> we now have the opportunity to enact priorities that are important today, recognizing that some of the past spending is not necessary and there are other areas that we need now to adopt. >> reporter: others suggest congress does have a good track record of authorizing more spending than actually paying for it. >> we'll spend more now and grow the government more now and ultimately the spending cuts will never materialize. >> reporter: and fellow republican kelly ayotte is opposed because it would hurt retired military and some after being severely wounded. >> it is $6 billion over ten years within this budget agreement, i certainly appreciate the hard work that went into this agreement, but it is absolutely wrong to take from our military retirees, those who
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have sacrificed the most, to take it from their backs to pay for this budget agreement. >> reporter: democrat armed service chairman said he plans to look into why those retirees were signaled out. and republicans are signaling for a fight early on. >> every time the president asked us to raise the debt ceiling is a good time to achieve something important for the country and as you all know, many significant pieces of legislation have been attached to debt ceilings over the years. >> reporter: the budget agreement is expected to pass with only a simple majority needed tomorrow. then soon republicans plan to take on democrats on an issue they believe is a winner with the public. trying to get a handle on the nation's debt. bret. >> mike emanuel live on the hill. thank you. we'll talk about that with senator manchin in a minute. gophers protected by the pentagon, some of your abuses of
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the pentagon outlined by one money conscious senator. >> this years installment of tom coburn's waste book may make some squirm. it shows waste of $125,000 to build a 3-d printer pizza and more than $70,000 in brothel tax exemptions when many complain that sequestration left little to cut. >> we will feel a force over the next few years that is unprepared due to a lack ever training -- lack of training, maintenance and the latest equipment. >> it shows how the defense department is leaving 2,000 tanks back in afghanistan to be destroyed rather than delivered to other bases. each cost $500,000 to build. it documents how congress authorized the purchase of 21 transport planes even though the military didn't want them.
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stuck with the purchase, they mothballed them in the desert before they flew any mission. >> half of them we are going to cut up and half of them we are going to put in the desert. what do they sthi -- they think about that? it doesn't fit with common sense. >> the state department spent $630,000 to attract followers for the facebook and twitter accounts. nasa is spending $3 million to study how congress works. the national endowment for the humanities will explore popular romance media and taxpayers have spent $830 million to biltd the health care website, and more than twice that will be spent on publicity and markets. but coburn doesn't blame the agencies, he blames congress. >> they are more interested in getting themselves re-elected than in fixing what is wrong with the country. >> coburn spares neither republicans or democrats. he does name one title, harry
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reid's refusal to adhere to regular order and bring appropriations builts to the floor contributed to the over sight of government spending in 2013. bret. >> doug, thank you. stocks were down today, the dow lost 9, the s&p 500 and the nasdaq both drops around 6. up next, new questions about who is using chemical weapons on whom in syria. but first here is what fox affiliates across the county auto covering -- are covering tonight. breaking news in reno, fox 11 with the breaking news on a shooting at a hospital in that nevada city. reno police say a gunman wounded four people and then took his own life. wjbk in detroit with the $636 million megamillions lottery jacket. the payout shapes up as the second richest in history. drawing tonight, 43 states take park. and a live look at denver from fox 31, the big story is a suspension for the university of
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colorado professor whose lesson plan called for teacher assistance to dress up as prostituted and other sex workers. that is a look outside of the beltway for special report. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] campbell's homestyle. mmm! this is delicious katie. it's not bad for canned soup, right? pfft! [ laughs ] you nearly had us there. canned soup. [ male announcer ] they just might think it's homemade. try campbell's homestyle soup.
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syria's military assault on the rebel held northern city of el eppo continues to pile up the body bags. another 15 people were killed in air strikes today after dozens of others were killed on sunday and monday. the use of chemical weapons in the civil war is coming into clearer focus tonight. chief washington correspondent james rosen has details. >> the u.n. weapons inspectors who brave the dangerous of war time damascus to see the civil
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war, did conclude that it was used in five instances. inspectors never identify perpetrators but this did he state in five confirmed attacks in syria, the children and adults seen in the aftermath also included soldiers. >> as we see the soldiers, we interview them. but the evidence in this group of events is based on interviews and blood samples taken. >> reporter: at the state department, officials said they didn't have a break down of the victims and reaffirmed their view that syria's rebels lack the access to deploy gas. >> was it the regime attacking their own troops? >> i haven't seen that part of the report. i'm happy to look at it. but again our assessment of our intelligence community, everybody else who looked at this, is that the regime is responsible for this and indeed that is why we are moving forward to destroy their chemical weapons stockpile. >> reporter: senior officials of the russian federation that has
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disputed the united states report, confirmed the obvious attacks. >> it is obvious that sophisticated filtration preed -- proceeded in iraq. >> reporter: agreeing with the russians is veteran journalist seymour her sh and whose exclusives can prove impossible to verify, writing in the london review of books, he cites classified documents to suggest senior u.s. officials knew back in july that the syrian rebels have enjoyed access to the chemicals. >> after the lack of syrian policy, what can you tell us about that? >> blunt remarks to our sister
3:19 pm
organization from the saudi prince, the ambassador to the united states. he accused the obama administration of quote, unquote, criminal negligence for failing to deliver meaningful aid to the syrian rebels. the prince blasted the u.s. for conducting secret talks with iran for two years, quote, how can you build trust when you keep secrets from what are supposed to be your closest allies. >> thank you. six american service members were killed when their helicopter went down in southern afghanistan. officials are blaming engine trouble and say there was no insurgent activity in the area. 109 u.s. troops have died in afghanistan this year. a bizarre diplomatic conflict between india and the u.s. indian officials have removed the concrete security barricades outside of the u.s. embassy in new delhi. this is in retaliation for at rest and strip search of india's deputy council in new york.
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come bardy is trying to maintain a visa for her housekeeper. they are investigating what happened. still ahead joe manchin in our center seat, surrounded by george will, juan williams and charles krauthammer. but first taking the president to court for abuse of power. unr ] every inch. every minute. every second -- we chip away. with an available ecodiesel engin.. and a best-in-class 30 mpg highwa and 730-mile driving range... for all the times you dreamed of running away from home -- now you can. ith enough fuel to get back. this is the new 2014 jeep grand cherokee. t is the best of what we're made of. well-qualfied lessees canse the 2014 grand cherokee laredo 4x4 or $359 a month. ♪
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a group of republican house members is coming at president obama with something a little different. they want to sue him for abusing his power. shannon bream is here with specifics. shannon, how would this work? >> in the past there were individual members or groups of members that have tried to sue
3:24 pm
pass presidents, kucinich did this with bush and obama. but he didn't have standing to do that. but this group has more than 30 house members being led by tom rice and signed on to a resolution if passed it would call on the house as a body and co-equal branch to sue based on the theory the president is overstepping his constitutional boundaries and by nullifying laws is what rice called an imperial presidency. >> so do experts think this will get anyplace. >> they do believe as a full body in the house versus as trying it at individual members, it will give them more of a opportunity to sue in court. but they are not agreed on the the underlying lawsuit and whether it will have success. >> this is all from the hearing we covered. thank you. the state of north dakota will allow a man who was married to another man in another state to marry a woman in north dakota without divorcing his husband.
3:25 pm
the state's attorney general filed a legal opinion last week in connection with this actual case. he did not, however, offer an opinion as to whether the man would be subject to the other state's bigomy laws. no grapevine tonight to put west virginia senator joe manch anyone our center seat. first will, william and krauthammer to talk about the obamacare website and some new polls. [ metal clanks ] ♪ this is the age of knowing what you're made of. so why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? [ gears whirring ] talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours.
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health got off to a terrible start and that is our responsibility. >> so you won't be held responsible for hiring somebody -- >> we have addressed that question. we are about the business right now of making improvements necessary so that this benefit that so many americans clearly want is available to them. >> we are nearly three months into this national calamity and what have the democrats done about it? they've issued a lot of talking points and some half-heart add apologies. they've waived laws for fear of the political impact and there has been no accountability for the massive consequence by
3:30 pm
consumers as a result of this failed law. in other words, they haven't done much of anything. >> well today president obama met with some of the nation's top tech executives from a number of different companies. as he is facing some slipping poll numbers and an interesting contrast as you take a look at the latest washington post abc poll, the approve and disapprove at 43%, 55% disapprove. and take a look at president bush at this same time in his second term, 47% approval, disapprove 52%. what about this? let's bring in our panel early tonight. syndicated columnist george will, ron williams with the hill and charles krauthammer, author of things that matter. you may have heard of that book. it has been around the block a little bit. >> it gets mentioned every once in a while. >> george, it is just interesting to see the polls. it is apples and apples here at
3:31 pm
the same time in both presidencies in this contrast. >> the most rivetting number in the poll you just sited was people were asked do you think the recession is over? i think 79% said now that we are in the 5th year of the recovery that began in june of 2009 that the -- think the recession is still going on which shows pandemic distrust and unhappiness in the country so it is not surprising the president is at 43% sand in a number of polls we've seen he is lower. >> juan? >> there is a touch on something very interesting and that is the trust. the trust for president obama in the polls, i think that is driving him lower among independents and democrats. republicans obviously don't trust president obama. and the second thing to say, it is not apples and apples in terms of bush and obama at this point, in terms of the time frame it might be, but, boy,
3:32 pm
they had such different presidencies. >> oh, sure, sure. i'm just saying timing. >> and at the beginning of the second term of president bush he lost control of the congress and obama, obviously, doesn't have control of the -- the house, but even with control of the senate, the poll numbers for the congress right now are far lower than they are for this president. before the congress was seen in the bush years as something of an alternative. charles? >> the worst thing for obama is he's lost control of the events. normally the events like a war, hurricane katrina or whatever, but here the event of the irony is obama care, something he created. you talk about the trust factor, it isn't only the statement if you like your plan, you can keep it. which is decided to be the lie of the year by a whole bunch of people. i think it won "the five"
3:33 pm
pinocchios of the year award. but people see obama care being inactive or on the threshold of that. they understand the fundamental problem with obama care is the deception with which is it was sold. the idea was obama saying if you like the care you have, you will be unmolested, untouched, we will just do a nice humane thing for people that don't have insurance and what people have learned is it completely remarks health insurance and affects their lives and that is what -- that is what obama is suffering from. and it is going to be extremely hard for him to recover because they -- the law is now rolling along as mcconnell indicated, and can't be stopped. >> george, we've talked about how a lot of this we have yet to learn, all of the difficulties after january 1st, when it leaves the virtual realm and
3:34 pm
becomes real health care questions for people dealing with doctors. but the white house is touting the new high-tech person they've put in charge, one leaving and another one brought in. but to ed henry's question, this could have been done at the very beginning and they haven't answered that question. >> it should have been done at the very beginning but people never look at this -- they say this is government work and you don't expect much more. but 2014 is going to be an eventful year because employers have to make decisions. are they going to provide the more expensive benefits or dump their workers and put them in the exchanges. they have to -- the insurance companies have to set their premium prices and report them to the states by midsummer. journalists are going to ask, what are the prices going to be? at which point you could have another wave of flight from the affordable care act, deepening the downward spiral.
3:35 pm
the more people flee, the more the premiums go up and the more people flee. >> and in answer to your question, bret, i've heard white house officials answer this question in private and they fear if they reach out to the high-tech executives who were obama supports, it would be seen as going outside of the procurement process and they could be charge with somehow relying on friends or bringing in high-powered people who are not within the government structure. i think it has come back to bite them. but they feared the political attacks. >> they wanted the private sector velocity. west virginia outspoken senator joe manchin in our center seat next. (vo) you are a business pro.
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joining us now in our center seat we welcome democratic senator joe manchin of west virginia. senator, thank you for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> just passed the budget over the procedural hurdle known as
3:39 pm
cloeture and likely to pass in final vote over the next day. what about this? a lot of the concern from republicans was that it takes from military pensions and they say, like senator graham, that, well, it is just not fair. what do you say to him? >> well first of all, i've been a simpson boles supporters and i believe you need to put your financial house in order. i did it and put everything to theway side. and we are not getting it there. what happened with the budget, it is not a perfect budget, it is the first type of budget process that resembles something of going through appropriations and with that, we're going to work hard to try to fix that with the military. it is the 1% cola reduction for
3:40 pm
an under 62. you say those are things we should be able to keep and in normal times we should, but everything is vulnerable right now and we have to go try to fix that. but it is what was in front of us and we don't have any options of walking away and going into a shutdown again. >> graham and ayotte, they say if there is anybody we should not cut it is the military. >> but with this being said, that is one of the things worked out between the democrats and republicans and for a 333 vote in the house and i don't think we have a chance to amend anything. so do you want to go through a shutdown process, is where we would be or move forward and try to fix it when we come back. >> charles? is it. >> senator, on the budget we seem to be through that. but what we're looking at now is a debt ceiling. we heard republicans saying they will not let it go by without
3:41 pm
something being done or something -- if you want to use the word extracted. do you think there should be a clean debt ceiling or do you think it would be right for the congress to use the occasion to do something to reduce our indebtedness. >> i'm probably not the right democrat to ask about clean debt ceiling because i have not voted -- i got caught in procedural votes to move it forward. i think you have to come to grips with it. >> and what would you like to see happen at the debt ceiling? >> well again a big picture needs to be looked at. and that is when the bowls simpson came into this and taken into consideration. you can't put one side in the box and what we are doing now, we are just making you vote and take score, trying to use it against you. i would rather fix something and we have to get together and come to grips with it. we have to have some reforms. >> but there is no way that would happen before a debt ceiling. >> the debt cerealing is going to come and and there is -- and there is going to be something
3:42 pm
put on the table by republicans. >> what would you like to see? >> i would like to see long-term reductions and a downward path to a balances budget. as a former governor, that is the first thing when we ask the question going into the capitols, what is the revenue? then you know what your spending limits are. there is no such control as that here. and as a democrat and we have a lot of democrats that would like to see balanced budgets, no one thought they could do it in the 90s and they did it working with a republican congress and a democratic president and it got accomplish accomplished, i think we could do it again. i think it could be the greatest confidence building in this economy. >> how do you say that when this makes no dent in the budget and with your party who you are discorded with on occasion, flinching even from the tiny little adjustment of the way we calculate inflation. if they can't do anything about
3:43 pm
that, what can they do about the entitlement state? >> it is looking at how we look at the entitlement, or not looking at taking anyone's benefits away from them but are people getting benefits they shouldn't have gotten them. are they under false pretenses tlabd is no review for social security, disability. there is so many things in fraud and waste and if we could get agreement to go after that, i think it would be a blessing. and why people are afraid -- my concern is, is it going to be there for the next generation. when you look at social security, they say if we don't do anything, 2035 or 2037 maybe, and medicare is much worse, 2024 or 2026. and social security disability, 2016. so i don't know how far they can kick the down or how much longer. sooner over later you have to pay the piper. >> but every day 10,000 more baby boomers become eligible for social sure and medicare and you
3:44 pm
are on the committee and speak about taking care of the elderly but this is an enormous transfer of wealth to the most affluent age in the country, the elderly who are better off than the young and middle ages people who are paying benefits? >> i've been partial to a means testing. i've always looked at means testing from the standpoint of a fairness. and i said my parents worked hard and they were in a little better shape and i've had other relatives that have needed more assistance and i don't think my parents wouldn't be grudge them to those in need. >> but the programs for the poor is a program because if your means test -- it will look like a program for the poor and the middle class will draw support. have you tried that? >> i've never tried it so i don't know if it will work. >> we have to try something different. >> so the democrats position on this budget, the complaint is in
3:45 pm
order to get republican votes you could not expend unemployment insurance for those who had long-term unemployment. and therefore that is the deal that had to be made. but what about people in west virginia, long-term uninsured as george pointed out early, people still say we are in a recession, how do you feel about not helping them in this christmas season? >> you look at it as not being compassion for people looking for work. you need to look at state by state what the conditions are. some states have lower and higher unemployment. they have four tiers they work with, one, two, three and four. we qualify in west virginia for one, two and three, not four. and with that being said i understand today dean heller our republican from nevada and jack reed are talking about some type of compassionate three-month extension to some of this. but sooner or later, i would just ask when -- when is that unemployment going to be acceptable to when we go back to
3:46 pm
normal order of 26 weeks? >> that is understandable but i think part of the conversation taking place on the hill is will republicans ever accept tax hikes in this current environment or is that absolutely never going to happen, can you never make a deal with republicans in which you would say, here, we'll cut some programs but we need some revenue enhancement. >> here is the thing. we are just trying to get agreement on the definition of revenue. is revenue when you increase taxes, to me that is revenue. if it is 35 and goes to 36 or 37, that is new revenue. if it is at 35% and you go to 31 but you have efficiency and you close loopholes, is that revenue? they say that is different. but we are still concerned how we spend it. democrats and republicans agree we have one tremendous debt problem in our country and they are going to say for every new dollar of revenue, no matter how we get it, 60 cents or 70 cents
3:47 pm
will go to infrastructure and nothing to grow our structures out and we live within our means. >> senator if you stand by, we have another segment coming up. obama care and other issues after a quick time-out. . .
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3:50 pm
we're back with senator joe manchin from west virginia, a democrat. senator, thank you so much for sticking around. on obamacare, did you believe the president when he said many times that if you like your plan, you can keep it, if you like your doctor, you could keep it? were you buying that? >> well, i think the way it was explained, everyone would have assumed that that was the case, but i don't -- you know, you
3:51 pm
like to think that that was not the intent. how that could have been said knowingly that if you didn't meet certain criteria, you couldn't keep the plan you had, and i think people had known that, it should have been explained much better. i just think it really hurt credibility all the way around. >> we've got a facebook question here from john. he asks, "have you and your staff signed up for obamacare?" >> we're on the washington exchange, we're on the d.c. exchange, everyone, myself, my whole staff, yes. >> charles? >> senator, the answer you gave on entitlements was quite at odds with what your party leadership would say. you're ready to make reforms and they really aren't. you've been appalled by the overreach of particularly the war on coal in your state. you have real issues with obamacare and with a president who's run up the largest deficit in american history, you are a man who takes the deficit seriously. >> yes. >> so, my question is, why don't
3:52 pm
you fess up and become a republican? >> well, there's still responsible democrats around the country. >> are there? well, you're one of them. >> sometimes, and you know -- >> can you name three? >> i can name a lot of west virginians. you know, it's just common sense. and you know, we've never put our colleagues in a difficult position. i've never tried to say something derogatory about my republican friends. i've always tried to give them the benefit of the doubt and i've tried to work with them. i believe deeply in my democratic roots as a west virginian, might be a little different than the washington democrats, but it's a true, hard-core west virginia democrat values, and i respect my republican friends who have their strong west virginia republican values. we've always put our state first, charles. we can't understand, if you've got such a problem as the debt, and we know the debt, crippling debt will destroy you, and the decisions we're making, as you mentioned, on the retirement, on
3:53 pm
the coal adjustment for retired service people -- >> military, yeah. >> yeah, you hope they never have to be made. you make that because you make cowardly decisions when you have unmanaged debt. so, you've got to come together and say this is greater than our party, this is greater than me politically or my senate future. it's for the country. >> but let me ask that in a less confrontational way. i understand your roots, they're democratic, of course, but wouldn't you say given the view that you have of the world, of governance, your values and how government ought to be run, wouldn't you see them as closer to what the republicans are advocating than what your own party does? >> i think mine's pretty much -- i'm right in the middle. i'm about as centrist as you can get. you know, i don't begrudge anybody for the stance they take. i'm very fiscally responsible and conservative. i'm socially compassionate. and i don't always go to the bottom line. i always root for the underdog. so, whatever that makes me, that's what i am. the bottom line is, i've never gotten anything done by calling
3:54 pm
my colleague a name or a derogatory or putting them in a box they couldn't get out of or sending them home unprotected. leadership can't let that happen. >> george? >> senator, there are 55 counties in west virginia. mitt romney carried every one of them, in part because the president's well-advertised and candidly professed war on coal, which he conducts entirely through the executive branch. is there anything that the marginalized legislative branch under this government can do to stop that? >> well, we're doing everything i can. i'm reaching out to my democratic colleagues. you know, it's hard getting the support i need with that, and fossil fuel here, anything i've said, the facts are what they are. 8 billion tons of coal being burned in the world. >> let me just be clear, do you think the obama administration is trying to kill coal? >> oh, i definitely believe that they are not in favor, and there is a war on coal. they do realize that they have to have it because the department of energy, the eia, the energy information agency, says that, basically, fossils will be needed for the next two
3:55 pm
to three decades, but why they're trying to shoot themselves in the foot and being in denial, and there is a war going on that we're fighting, and it's survival right now, and really, the dependency, reliability of the grid system depends on whether we're going to be successful or not, and we're fighting it. >> i want to ask you also about how the problems with obamacare affect other legislative business, particularly immigration. obamacare's given us a new form of government, the kind of serial revision of settled statutes by executive fiats and waivers and all the rest. given this, why would any republican vote for an immigration bill knowing that the president can and very likely would waive any part or all of it as pseudonym? i mean, aren't you in a legislative branch, you're fighting in washington -- >> yes, i hear it all the time. i'm sure the lack of trust and the disgust that goes on there is high on all ends. the bottom line is, you have 11 million people, george. and what we have said, i'd rather those people pay their fine, get in the back of the line, learn english, pay taxes. they're using the system anyway.
3:56 pm
deport the people that come here illegally and commit a crime on top of that. but i know the purists, basically, they got here illegally, ship them back out, that's not a reality that we're going to be facing and we've got to do something. >> all right, senator, thanks so much for your time on "center seat." i really appreciate it. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for an uplifting holiday moment. farmer: hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer.
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and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what?
3:59 pm
finally tonight, it's hard to believe christmas is just eight days away. what better way to lift your spirits than with a special christmas pageant with a spectacular ending? ♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year ♪ ♪ alleluia, alleluia, alleluia, alleluia, alleluia ♪
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♪ of the year >> well, wardrobe malfunction there at that pageant. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. this is a fox news alert, a gunman bursts into a medical center and suddenly starts shooting. one victim is dead and two victims are injured. about 15 minutes after entering the hospital, the shooter committed suicide. all this happening just a short time ago at the reno medical center in nevada. the two wounded victims are now in surgery. we don't know their condition. "on the record" will track developments in this story. and do tea party members, do they know science or are they a bunch of dummies? and why is our government investigating that? yes, the government forking over almost $400,000, your taxpayer money, to study the cognitive ability of tea


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