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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  December 18, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PST

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multimillionaires this morning. two tickets to match the winning numbers in last night's $636 million mega millions jackpot. it's the second largest prize in the lottery's history. one winning ticket was sold at a newsstand atlanta, georgia, another at jinny's gift shop. 8, 20, 14, 17 and 39. the mega ball is 7. the cash payout for the jackpot is $341 million. what a way to wake up this morning for two people anyway. urgent space walks to fix a cooling line on the space station. two space walks will be required to fix the problem. astronauts will be forced to shut down after the cools system shut down. the space walk is scheduled for saturday. >> the family of a girl who went
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to the hospital to have her tonsils removed and ended up brain dead is fighting the hospital to keep her on life support. the family served the hospital with a cease and desist order. the hospital then agreed to keep the 13-year-old on a ventilator for the time being. doctors say she is brain dead but the family is not giving up hope. >> the family believes only god and the mother who brought her into this world should make a decision as to when she leaves this world. >> everybody who has children. if that was your child fighting for her life you would want everybody to pray for her, too. >> doctors say they don't know how or why a routine con sillectomy surge -- tonsilectomy surgery churned turned fatal. >> ethan couch was sentenced to probation for killing people while driving drunk. they are asking the teen to put
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him on intoxication assault still before the court. the maximum sentence in that case would be 3 years in a juvenile justice department's community. he was sentenced to ten years probation and mandatory rehab for the fatal crash. his attorneys arguing his wealthy parents and up bringing are to blame for his ir responsibility. >> the obama administration looking to the microsoft executive to fix the web site. it may be too little too late. he is facing dismal poll numbers. we have the rest of the story. >> the administration did announce former microsoft executive chrissal bane knee will take over. it fumbled back in october. he will work to improve operations of the plagued healthcare web site reporting to kathleen sebelius. his goals include revamping the
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web site and expanding all technology improvement. meanwhile the president is ending his 5th year and with that he is experiencing some of the worth public approval ratings of his presidency. according to a news poll 43 percent of the approximate 1,000 results surveyed approve of the job obama is doing while 55 percent disapprove. this after the low obamacare enrollment numbers are also mounting. 45 states still haven't seen that 10 percent enrollment goals. jay carney responded just yesterday. >> as we have seen the past experience for enrollment of any kind including private health insurance most of you enroll and have enrollment periods for. young people are more inclined to wait until the last minute. the deadline for enrolling into insurance coverage is only
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days away december 23rdrd. ainsley, back to you. >> elizabeth prann live from washington. jim matheson says he will not be running for reelection in 2014. he made the announcement on facebook saying quote it has been a tremendous privilege to serve the people of utah during my time in the united states house of representatives, but my time in the house should not be the sum total of my service. matheson did not say what he expects to do next. >> the army is looking to cut 4,000 captainses majors, some officers will be asked to retire early as we transition to peace time. about 19 40u active duty ter personnel are being screened now. 20 percent could be asked to leave the service. some might choose to transition into the army reserves or national guard but those who don't might have to deal with cuts to retirement benefits.
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>> uncle sam looking for love and the state department trying to follow on facebook and twitter. those are the projects highlighted in the 2013 waste book. they look at this year's outlandish spending. the annual waste book may make some squirm with discomfort. the federal government wastes 125,000 dollars to build a 3-d printer pizza. 70 in in brothel tax exemptions. the department of defense is leaving 2,000 m wraps behind in afghanistan to be destroyed rather than delivered to other bases. each m wrap causes 500,000 dollars to build. it documents how congress authorized the purchase of transport planes in italy even though they didn't want them. stuck with the purchase they moth bawled the planes in the
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dessert before any flew a single operation mission. >> half were cut up. what do they think about that? >> it doesn't fit with common sense. >> nor did the spending habits of many other agencies. the i say state department spent 670,000 for facebook and twitter accounts. they are studying how congress works for 300,000 dollars. they received nearly a million dollars since 2010 to discover the origins of popular reman med -- romance media. more than twice will be spent on publicity and marketing. he doesn't blame the agency, he blames congress. >> most members of congress are more interested in getting themselves el legislated th-- t they are running the country. >> the gunman opening fire in a
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campus killing one person and wounding two others before taking his own life. the motive is not yet known but they don't believe it was a random act. the identities of the victims have not been released. >> he was trying to protect his wife at a north jersey mall and will be laid to rest today. the funeral is being held in lakewood. he was shot in the head sunday during a car jacking in the parking lot at the mall. they had just finished up holiday shopping. they hope forensic evidence taken from inside the couple's stolen range rover will lead them to the two men responsible. they hope surveillance video from the mall will help them. a reward for information leading to the arrest is now 41,000 dollars. the har card university student accused of bomb threats will be face charges. 20-year-old kim sent hoax e-mails saying bombs were on
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campus. the threat led to the evacuation of the buildings before investigators determined there were not any explosives inside. prosecutors say he made the threats to get out of taking a final exam. stone hinge is getting a revamp. a new museum opens today featuring exhibits on the history but now in order to see this site seers have to shovel to it. it is being closed to turn the area to the rural start. >> 8 minutes after the top of the hour. time for the weather update from maria. >> the snow almost done temperatures on the rise in some areas. right maria? >> that's right. in the northeast and parts of the southeast we will be seeing a big warm-up as we head into the weekend. before we get there we have to
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deal with cold at least the next few days before we head into the weekend. this morning you can see cold windchill temperatures below zero across portions of new england like over in care beau. single digits to el pass toe where the current windchill is 33 degrees. highs around la, phoenix, texas into florida where high temperatures are going to be widespread in the 60s and also in the 70s. the great lakes and northeast average around here. the high in cleveland only 28 degrees. it is still snowing across parts of main. some areas picked up 9 inches of snow from the storm system. over all most of us know it is over with. we have a little bit of lake-effect snow otherwise quiet conditions across the rest of the country. take at that look at this. brand new storm system out west it will be producing snow the next 24-48-hours.
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3-6 inches forecast. not a whole lot compared to what the rockies are used to seeing but this storm is one to watch as it continues to move eastward. >> just enough to get us into the christmas spirit. thanks maria. >> do you still have last minute holiday shopping to do? if so you are in luck. >> one week until christmas ladies. if you are not done shopping go on-line 800 retailers are offering free shipping often no minimum orders are required. delivery by christmas eve is guaranteed. check out free for the participating retarryls but here are some anyway. j.c. penney. nordstrom, kay jewelers, 1-800-flowers and many many more. >> listen up, fannie mae and freddie mac which backs about two-thirds of mortgages are
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charging higher fees next year. those affected are borrow others who don't make large payments or don't have high credit scores of between 680 to 760. regulators say fees need to arrive in order to allow private companies to compete. facebook users you may find yourself annoyed by some video ads the social network is placing in your news feed. they will play automatically even if you don't click on them. they will play without sound? facebook is trying to steal a bigger slice of the tv ad market who is not going to be annoyed by the ads or shareholders. they will be said to be making 3 million a day. i still have christmas shopping left to do as well. >> 7 minutes to the top of the hour. it was supposed to be a special delivery but a bold thief plays the neighborhood scrooge. >> trying to pull the plug on a
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30-year-old christmas tradition. why they claim it is offensive. >> as we go to break we are bringing you some christmas cheer. look at this. >> adorable. special elves you might recognize one or two. ♪ ♪ ho ho ho [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant
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>> residence in atlanta neighborhood watch in horror as a small plane crashes and burst into flames. the pilot turned at an angel right before the plane went down. >> an explosion fireball. i thought for sure he hit a neighbor's house. he did it on purpose.
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he banked it on purpose so he wouldn't hit any houses. >> the flight had just taken off from fulton county airport. it was in route to new orleans. >> new information about how the gunman in last friday's school shooting noted the attack. it was written in marker on karl pearson's arm along with the phrase the dye has been cast. investigators believe the letters and numbers match up with specific classrooms he planned to hit. pearson may have been seeking revenge after being kicked off the school's debate team. new documents revealing the fiasco on the ill fated carnival triumph cruz as a disaster waiting to happen. the cruz set sale back in february knowing one of the shift ship's generator was over due for maintenance. spray shields were not installed and they were stranded at sea
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for five days after a fire knocked out power. talk about the grinch stealing christmas. a michigan man is caught on camera stealing a fed-ex box off the porch. it was not any box of presents it was school supplies a 5th grade teacher bought for her students. >> every year we buy books, we buy school supplies, we buy fun little trinkets and toys. it is always out of our pocket. it is something we want the kids to have a good christmas and we know that we can be a part of it. >> fed-ex an the company she ordinaried the gifts come have worked to over night the replacements to get to her students. police are still looking for the thief, though. coming up the time is 17 after the top of the hour. bottoms up. there is a new reason to pour yourself another glass of wine at dinner. the ailments it can help cure. >> massive flames trapping a man
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on a construction crane hundreds of nefeet in the air. the only way down the chopper flying above. the amazing rescue you will have to see to believe.
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>> more on our top story the mega millions jackpot.
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two winning tickets were sold one in california and one in georgia. aga's carolyn ryan joins us live from the news stands where the ticket was sold. good morning, carolyn. >> good morning. that's right. the two winning tickets sold last night in the mega millions as you mentioned one in san jose, california the other right here in atlanta in this big building that you see right behind me. this is called the alliance center. it is in buck head. it has office space and a fantastic sushi restaurant inside. it has a little news stand called the gateway news stand. that is where this piticket was purchased. we had our company christmas party in the building. if you are watching mom, sorry i am not the winner. someone here in atlanta is waking up very, very rich this morning. $636 million jackpot was the second largest in u.s. history. the winners can choose to be
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paid over time or in a cash lump sum. based on that $636 million figure, the winners, again there were two, would receive $318 million each over time or $170 million each in cash. so now that we know where the winning tickets were sold the question becomes who are the big winners. i can tell you everyone here in atlanta we are anxiously waiting that announcement, i can tell you that. back to you guys in new york. >> we are, too, up here in new york. we can't wait to see who has won that jackpot. thanks so much carolyn ryan for us live in atlanta this morning. >> in case you still need to check your tickets the winning numbers 8-20-14, 17, 39 and 7. >> high school teacher in portland says he was fired because of his religious beliefs and pro-life views. he was reprimanded by the district last year after he
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refused to let employees from planned parenthood teak to his students. he was put on administrative leave in march. he taught in the district for 11 years. the man best known for crashing a dinner party now attempting to crash congress. he will seek the republican nomination for retiring congressman frank wolf's seat in the tenth district. he ran for governor of virginia last january. >> having trouble getting your toddler to sleep at night? you might be putting them to bed a little too early. choosing a bedtime that is out of sink with their bodies causes a sleepless night. that means a child could lie awake playing and then associate bedtime with play time. researchers suggest an 8:00 p.m. bedtime saying toddlers put to bed at that time fell asleep within 30 minutes. can a class of wine a day really keep the doctor away? a new study published by the
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university of california finds moderate alcohol consumption could boost your immune system an fight off infection. scientists warn while a little will be okay excessive consumption may have a negative impact on your body. drink up, but remember in moderation. >> it is time to brew on this. a christmas tradition under fire for 40 years the hunter family decorated their massachusetts home with lights, santa, snow men and nativity scene. their celebration of faith garnering hate mail. many don't wish to see such a flagrant display of your belief. >> you are a coward. you can come to my door and talk to us. we are nice people. we could discuss whatever it is. there was no need to send a nasty lyre. >> the family says they won't let this put a sour note on their christmas. the daughters will be life on
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"fox & friends" to share their story. >> we want to know what you think, is this letter just fine or is it over the line? facebook, twitter or e-mail us at we will share some of the comments later in the show. >> it is 26 after the top of the hour. they didn't break any laws but drivers in one community pulled over by police and asked to handover dna samples and it is all the help of the federal government. >> a state trooper almost loses his life not once not twice but three times just minutes apart. i'm overhe hill. my body doesn't work the way it used to. past my prime? i'm a victim of a slowin? i don't think so. great grains protein blend. protein from natural ingredients like seeds and nuts. it helps support a healthy metabolism. great grains protein blend. life could be hectic. as a working mom of two young boys angie's list saves me a lot of time. after reading all the reviews i know i'm making the right choice.
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>> two people are waking up multi millionaires much the mega millions numbers and where the tickets were sold. >> massive flames engulf a building under construction with a crane hundreds of feet in the air. how this guide dog saved his owner from being hit and killed by a subway train. fox and frien-- "fox & friends starts right now.
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♪ >> let's make it the glorious day ever. good morning. you are watching "fox & friends first". i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. it is half past the top of the hour. thank you for joining us. two lucky people are waking up multi millionaires now. one winning ticket were sold in atlanta, georgia the other in san jose, california. the winning numbers are 8, 20, 14, 17 and 39. the mega ball is 7. >> closing arguments expected in the murder trial. michael and his codefendant
2:32 am
accused of murdering british soldier back in may will soon learn their fate. they are facing murder and attempted murder charges. the judge will make a summary judgment and the case will be handed over to the jury. a man charged with conspireing the 9-11 attack was thrown out of a guantanamo bay courtroom after two major outbursts. he refused warnings to stop addressing or trying to address the judge. the judge ordered him removed when he shouted about a secret cia prison and he was booted again later that day after yet another outburst. investigators say he was a potential 9-11 hijacker until he was denied entry into the u.s. before the attack. >> the man shot and killed while trying to protect his wife at a north jersey mall will be laid to rest today. the funeral for dustin friedman
2:33 am
is being held in lakewood. he was shot in the head sunday in the parking lot of the mall. he and his wife had just finished their holiday shopping together. prosecutors hope the forensic evidence will lead them to the two men responsible. they hope surveillance video from the mall will also help. a reward leading to the arrest is now 41,000 dollars. a former microsoft executive is heading up the troubled obamacare web site. is it too little too late. 45 states have not hit 10 percent of rohn element goals. doug luzader is live from washington with the latest obamacare troubles. doug? >> good morning. the white house is turning to the private sector to bring in what is the third person to head up president obama bringing big names to the white house to talk about his own it problems. he is hoping the infusion of new
2:34 am
management blood will help turn a corner as we learn 45 states have not reached 10 percent of the enrollment goals. the administration announcing former microsoft executive kurt delbaney will head up the efforts to make it fully finksal. why wasn't this kind of move made much much sooner. >> why in the world didn't the white house come up and hire someone like this in the summer in the spring, a year ago to roll out >> i think your question goes to the absolute acknowledgment that we make that had a terrible start. >> the president's poll numbers meantime may be sounding alarm bills in the white house. the "washington post" abc news poll puts i the approval numbers at 43 percent. >> the two things have to turn
2:35 am
first the economy there are signs it is happening the jury is still out on that. people have to start signing up. those two things happen the numbers will get better before november 2014. >> incidentally president obama's pole numbepoll numbers wor worse than president bush's were at this point in his presidency. now it is time to take a look at who is talking. millennials are talking about obamacare. this man tweeted a picture of a young man in pajamas to talk about healthcare over the holidays. it is key to funding obamacare. according to three millennials on the record last night it is not working. >> we all know obama cave. -- daybreak oeb /* /- oba
2:36 am
obamacare. tell us that it is going to help us. they are afraid if they give us real information on it we are going to discover all of the problems on it. >> whatever they say it will have to convince young people it is a good bargain for them. right now we are not convinced that it is. we look at it as a transfer of health from younger people to older less healthy people. >> it is a serious cost and we are seeing more attempts by liberals to try to make a joke of it and try to reach people in an unserious way. >> a wrap video starring a president obama impersonator is the least effective. ♪ >> in other news every year taxpayers are footing the bill for outrageous government spending right? oklahoma senator tom coburn
2:37 am
lifts the year's most wasteful government projects. here's examples. 479 million bucks promoting the doomed obamacare web site. $297 million spent on an army mega blimp that was never used. 914,000 dollars was paste wasted on he goexploring popular roman novels and films. 190,000 spent on printers to create 3-d pizzas for astronauts in space. we can't forget the shrimp on the treadmill project from years ago. senator coburn was on the record every year keeps getting worse. >> image not amazed or shocked any more. i know the stupid incompetent things we do. what is even worse than that book is that the members of congress aren't fixing it at a time when we are almost an 18
2:38 am
trillion door lllar debt. even if you think i am wrong is now the time to spend money on those kinds of things? our problem is that we are spending money that we don't have on things that we don't need. >> senator coburn will join us on "fox & friends" at 7:30 eastern to talk more about the 2013 waste club. >> an investigation underway to determine the cause of a chopper crash that killed six american soldiers in afghanistan. pentagon officials are looking into a new report that says the troops came under heavy enemy fire after the chopper went down due to a mechanical failure. one person survived. they plan to interview him look at the wreckage and perform autopsies for any clues. >> aaron hernandez dies while the ex patriot star awaits murder trial. he was found unconscious inside her home. perry who had previously been questioned by police had a child with seigelton a friend of hernandez who died in a car
2:39 am
accident in june. hernandez's uncle also died in a crash in august. police do not consider the three deaths suspicious. hernandez pleaded not guilty in the murder of lloyd. they filed a wrongful death suit against hernandez. urgent space walks to fix the cooling line at the international space station. astronauts were forced to shut down all nonessential equipment the first space walk scheduled for saturday. >> the crazy video caught on a dash cam. during the storm a trooper pulled over to help a woman whose car slid off the road. chuck meyer was nearly crushed by a truck three times. a car and two semi-trucks slid off the road narrowly missing him. >> terrifying. probably the scariest thing i
2:40 am
have ever experienced. something told me to run. i ran again over the barrier. >> his car did not fair so well. it was hit by one of the semis but that can be replaced. >> some areas are getting another taste of winter. more part of the country about to warm up a bit. maria molina is tracking it for us. >> hello everybody. we are looking at temperatures below average across parts of the midwest and the northeast. all of that is going to be changing over the next several days. before today 28 for your high temperature in cleveland only in the 30's in cities like minneapolis, chicago and new york city. i want to take you further south. parts of florida, texas even the city of new orleans and into parts of arizona, southern california. you will be seeing temperatures already on the warm side. here is the extended forecast for atlanta, georgia. today you are expecting highs only in the 50's.
2:41 am
look at this warm-up over the next few days by this weekend. you could be looking at record high temperatures in the 70s. across the northeast we could be seeing highs in the 60s. the quick moving storm produced 9 inches of snow in maine. we are expecting snow in parts of the rockies generally not too bad 3-6 inches expected out here. we will keep an eye on the storm. back over to you. the time is now 41 minutes past the top of the hour. before you pack your suitcase for the christmas vacation surprising new information about what baggage handlers are doing with your luggage. >> pop star justin bieber making a big announcement that is
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>> more than a dozen years after the september 11th attacks one of the last suits against american airlines was settled for $135 million. it accused of this of negligence allowing five terrorists that crashed into the north tower. both sides hope this will bring closure to the tragedy. be aware newly recent surveillance tapes showing baggage handlers stealing suitcases. passenger passengers belongings were missing.
2:46 am
staff members were going through bags and removing valuables. the sting ending with 7 employees being charged with theft. a pennsylvania town the latest put drivers through the cheek swab checkpoints. it is part of a study where drivers are pulled over and quizzed about their road habits. then they are asked for a shol terry cheek swab. the study happens every ten years to determine how often drivers are us ooing alcohol and drugs. they say the cheek swab checkpoints have been set up in 30 cities across the country. >> the federal government has an initiative to halt drunk drivers in their tracks. diane macedo joins us. >> good morning heather. it is that time of the year for shopping and giving and holiday cheer. but unfortunately the winter holidays are also high season for drunk driving. the national highway safety administration is hoping to
2:47 am
combat that with a new push for states to ramp up use for the interlock program. kicking off the annual drive sober or get pulled over enforcement program the nhtsa issued new guidelines urging states to force first time drunk drivers to install alcohol breath monsters into the division system. it requires the driver to blow into it in order to start the car. if it detects alcohol it prevents the car from starting. all states use them in some way but only 20 require it for first time off financede -- offenders. i urge the state to start our guidelines to protect motorists and ensure individuals convicted of drunk driving learn from their mistakes. drunk driving crash tests rose 4.6 percent last year to 10,322 marking the first jump after six years of decline and the nhtsa says drivers are interlocks are 75 percent less likely to repeat
2:48 am
the behavior than those who would still have them. we will see if the push will bring down the numbers. 47 minutes after the top of the hour he really is man's best friend. how this guide dog saved his owner from being hit and killed by an oncoming subway train. it's incredible. awesome story. >> he is the head of duck dynasty the most popular man in america. he is accused of being a big as soon as possible. that's an interesting story. you know what that's about? you are going to like it. >> check in with brian kilmeade to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> that's not the family i know. meanwhile am coulding up over the next three hours as you have 12 minutes to finish up your job i hope you do. we have dr. seigel here to promote the pop p top holiday health myths. also are you normal enough? dr. keith ablow will answer that
2:49 am
question for us. we have senator coburn here to show us the many ways we are wasting our money as well as many surprises. i can't wait to see what steve and elizabeth are wearing. hoping something blue.
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2:52 am
welcome back. about eight minutes till the top of the hour. a private sper had i in north ran -- sperry ran aground near the cape fear river. at least 30 people were on the ferry at the time of the accident. three vessels responded and transported the injured back where ambulances were waiting to take them to a nearby hospital. one person was airlifted with potentially serious injuries. amazing video of a man trapped on a burning crane.
2:53 am
a canadian military helicopter coming to the rescue of kingston ontario. the crane operator became stranded when the apartment building under construction caught fire. police say he suffered minor injuries. no one was hurt in the apartment fire. >> people in new york calling it a miracle. a blind man survived after falling on the subway tracks thanks to his guide dog. officials say the dog named orlando jumped on the tracks after him and started licking the man's face to wake him up. they both survived after lying in the trough in the middle of the tracks before being pulled to safety. >> it's incredible because things like this in new york don't happen these days. >> a christmas miracle. neither the manor the dog suffered major injuries. for duck dynasty phil robertson ducks come first. the reality star and pay --
2:54 am
patriarch skipped out on aith ba walters. the rest of the clan sat down with walters for the taping. his wife admits this isn't the first time phil has blown off a commitment to go hunting. he even missed the birth of one of his sons to go hunting. ducks come first. justin bieber calling it quits? >> i'm actually tired [inaudible] >> man. come on, get your sunglasses off and speak. the 19-year-old telling a los angeles radio station his next album will be his last. it drops next week. but sources from his camp say bieber was only joking. >> i don't believe that. it is six minutes till the top of the hour. no cash no problem if you're this guy. he tried trading a reptile for beer. but the police saying see you later, alligator. >> a neighborhood grinch
2:55 am
trying to pull the plug on a 30-year-old christmas tradition because they say it is offensive to non-christians. we ask to you weigh in and we're reading your responses up next.
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about three minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house here's what's happening. two tickets matched the winning number in last night's $636 million mega million jackpot. one ticket sold in atlanta, georgia. the other in san jose, california. the harvard university student accused of bomb threats is due in court today. the 20-year-old is accused of sending hoax e-mails saying bombs were in four buildings on the campus. today is free shipping day. 1,800 retailers are offering free shipping often with no minimum order required and delivery by christmas eve guaranteed. >> time to look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. scientists claiming they have invented cavity-free
2:59 am
candy. they attach good bacteria to the surface of the candy to neutralize bad tear i can't. next the bad. a florida man caught trying to trade an alligator for beer. he was cited for illegally capturing and trying to sell the animal. finally the ugly. this picture posing for a picture at a zoo in russia when the siberian tiger she was standing in front of assaulted her. thank goodness for protective glasses. >> earlier we told you about the massachusetts family who received a nasty anonymous letter concerning christmas light displays. >> we asked was the letter fine or over the line. christmas equals birth of christ. deal with it. mama bear coffee tweeted it is rude and hateful. the neighbors should be ashamed. >> jennifer says it's fine. that is their opinion. i would simply put up even
3:00 am
more decorations with a big sign saying "merry christmas." thanks to everyone who responded. >> the daughters who live in that house are going to be on "fox & friends" coming up. you want to stay tuned to hear their side of the story. >> absolutely. "fox & friends" starts right now. hope you have a great day. >> they'll be on at 8:20. have a good one. bye. good morning. it is wednesday, december 18. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. two people just woke up filthy rich, but there could even be more winners. we're going to show you the mega millions numbers coming up. >> the government's budget deal may have support on both sides of the aisle but is it on the back of our heroes? now disabled american veterans are being shown the door. >> talk about a man's best friend. a service dog leaps in front of an on coming train to save his blind owner. and they both survive. "fox & friends," as far as we can tell, starts now.


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