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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  December 19, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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it's a notebook. you should check it out. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. it's fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. an explosive controversy tonight. everyone is talking about it a duck dynasty star gets booted from the reality mega hit for making anti-gay comments. both phil robertson comments and suspension sparking outrage. >> the liberals have won again. a and e has shut up phil for quoting the bible. >> duck dynasty star phil robertson has been suspended indefinitely now by a and e. >> robertson was suspended for saying, this and i'm quoting: everything is blurred on what's right and what's wrong. start with homosexuality behavior and more out from here. >> down in the south you explain the birds and bees to the grandson via the craw fish. >> idolaters, the male
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prostitutes, the homosexual offenders, the greedy the drunkard the slanderers they will not inherit the kingdom of god. >> the fact that they are legitimate and rural and country folk and bible folk and all the rest of it, let them be. >> don't marry some yuppy girl. >> the first prerequisite for marrying a woman, can she cook? >> if your woman cooks better than your momma, you got one. >> excuse me for just a second here, but who is being discriminated against here excepted phil robertson? who just lost a job because of his religious beliefs. >> father, we thank you for this good food you have blessed us with. help us to love you more and love each other, amen. >> if i were the president of a and e. i would have said something on the order of his views are vial according to many people, we don't agree. we don't endorse his views but he has the right to have his point of view. >> i'm a low tech man and a high tech world.
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>> a and e indefinitely suspending duck dynasty patriarch phil robertson. by the way robertson's comments got so crude the media is not broadcasting the worse parts. you can go to to read them. now senior correspondent and breaking news editor ken baker joins us. good evening, ken. >> hey, greta. >> so, ken, what started this. >> what started it was a gq interview that phil robertson gave that came out yesterday morning. and immediately the thing went viral. he made many of those explosive comments. and it was a matter of hours' time before phil then issued something of a clarification and a softening of his position, saying that he doesn't judge anyone. that's up to god but he does stand by his beliefs. and it was within an hour or two that a and e wholeheartedly said we are going to take him off the air and suspend him from participating in the show for an undisclosed period of time. >> is this the first time he
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has said these things or has he said them before because this is his first suspension. >> a and e and anyone who has access to the internet knows his beliefs. he has called himself a bieber thumper for a long time. there is a video out there getting a lot of clicks today giving a similar rant if you will before a group, not too long ago. so i think that people did know about this, but i think it was maybe him crossing the line, comparing in the gq interview homosexuality to bestiality, that seemed to be the thing that pushed the network over the edge and say, look, there is consequences for your actions. this is a trend that we are seeing now with networks dealing with their on air talent. there is sort of this intolerance for perceived intolerance. we saw it with alec baldwin and msnbc recently. we saw it with paula deen last year when she made some racial slurs in the past. we also, on a and e, several years ago, saw them swiftly suspend dog the bounty
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hunter when he made some racial slurs. this is something that we are seeing and it's a trend that now saying to their stars there is going to be consequences for things that you say. >> how about advertisers? have they said whether or not enormously popular show. >> we haven't seen any advertisers drop out whatsoever. we did actually see one major sponsor underarmor come out today and say we stand by phil. we don't agree necessarily with what he said but we stand by him. this is a big show. they get around 9 million or 10 million viewers every show. that's really big in the world of reality cable. it's the number one money maker for the network. i think for that reason they are being very careful and walking a fine line. they have an audience relations issue. they don't want to alienate fans but they also want them to know that they stand for certain values, i guess. on the other hand, they have a talent relations issue because no one yet has really heard from phil today as to whether or not, when this quote, unquote, suspension is over, whether
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he will even want to come back on the air so. there is still a lot of unanswered questions. >> ken, thank you. and the duck dynasty controversy is exploding beyond reality tv. some politicians jumping to phil robertson's defense. senator ted cruz posting on facebook in a free society anyone is free disagree with him. mainstream media should not believe censoring the views with which they disagree. bobby jindal saying i remember when tv networks believed in the first amendment it is a messed up situation when miley cyrus gets a laugh and phil robertson gets suspended. joining us our political panel in the "the washington post" ed o'keefe, chief political correspondent byron york. byron, first to you and what ken baker says a and e says they have certain values. and tonight, a and e with their certain values is going to reair five episodes of duck dynasty and on sunday, they have a marathon of duck dynasty episodes. so it sounds like their certain values are a little
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bit quirky? >> i think that does reflect their values for making money. it's no surprise that politicians on the right, especially have jumped into this. not at all. because, if you look at what robertson said, take away the crude parts of what he said is, but when he says i think homosexual activity is a sin, that's not a rare thought in american life. pew did a survey of american attitudes last year. 45% of americans said yes, they believed homosexual activity is a sin. 45 percent said. no break it down a little bit. white evangelicals 78 percent said they believe homosexual yaghts is a sin. by the way for democrats black protestants 79 percent said the same thing. can you see plitions whose constituencies are heavily into one group or another, for example, anybody running for republican nomination for president wants white evangelicals to vote for him. there are a large number of people put aside the crudeness probably fundamentally agree with what robertson said. >> at least you have here
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for healthcare issues. tonight you are duck dine analysis city expert. tell me what you think. >> i think it's interesting that some of these guys lined up today and they're all expected to be g.o.p. picks in 2016. making early moves to appeal to a base that does agree exactly as byron said. it's not surprising at all what we thought today. ed? >> i look back at the august 15th premier of this program. apparently, according to some ad buyers and whatnot, the highest concentration of viewers who turned in that night, guess where they live? louisiana, mississippi, and texas. where are bobby jindal and ted cruz from? louisiana and texas. politicians look at tv ratings and they know exactly what is sort of in the mind of their voters, know how to get themselves talked about, this is a perfect example of them doing that it's like any politician who uses twitter to smack down the opposing team on sunday is during -- sundays during a football
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team. >> panel ken baker just mentioned this is not the first time phil robertson has made anti-gay comments. listened to what he said during a church sermon in 2010. >> the first thing you see coming out of them is gross sexual immorality. they will dishonor their bodies with one another, degrade each other. they committed indecent acts with one another. and they received in themselves the penalty for their perversions. they are full of murder, envy, strife, hatred. they are inslat. arrogant, god haters. they are heartless, they are faithless, they are senseless, they are ruthless. they invent ways of doing evil. >> you know, byron, i go back to you on certain values that a and e now claims to have. they had to have known, i mean, suddenly they think they have suddenly changed their minds or developed
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their minds a and e. >> sure. not too many people knew about duck dynasty. >> a and e must have investigated. >> biggest show on tv of its type. it's different because it's so much more prominent. i would take issue with one thing that bobby jindal said about this controversy. he suggested it was a first amendment issue. and, it's not a first amendment issue. phil robertson does not have a constitutional right to a tv show. a and e can do what it wants. but that's completely apart from the wisdom of whether they have actually handled this the right way. >> whether you agree with him what he says or not agree or like it, i mean, he can say it. >> he can say it, of course, he can say it can he say it on his own time. but it's the network's prerogative, the network paying him quite a bit of money to fire him or suspend him indefinitely if they disagree with what he says on air. they need maintain a certain brand and it's their prerogative. >> >> amazing talking about
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this today. >> i don't think anyone would be think talking about. this a and e airing five episodes today or tomorrow. guess who is going to be in these episodes, this guy. because they are repeats and they have got nothing new. even though he is suspended and he is out there. people who they haven't seen the show likely to go and sample it and see what is greta talking about. on at 10:00 when we were on at 10:00 and "on the record." >> you are glad to see him go. >> i'm just glad it's not 7:00. panel, stay with us. we have much more to talk about a little later. karl rove is here. what does he think about the duck dynasty controversy. karl will tell you next. does the duck dynasty star deserve to be suspended or not? use #greta.
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i trade like me. i'm with scottrade. (announcer) ranked highest in investor satisfaction with self-directed services by j.d. power and associates. the first preventricle sit for marrying a woman, can she cook? >> not just ladies watching the news. >> that's phil robertson starring on "duck dynasty," but he will no longer star on the reality tv blockbuster, at least for a while. is he suspended for making anti-gay comments. karl rove joins us. nice to see you, karl. >> great to see you, greta. >> join the rest of america. thousand on this controversy? >> well, look, i think byron
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york hit it on the nose. he doesn't have a right, first amendment right to have a tv show but he does have a first amendment right to have opinions and his views that homosexuality is a sin is a religious tenet of many, many americans. and, we ought to respect people who believe that. but his language was crude and offensive. and why he allowed himself to be drawn in by an interview by a magazine on this topic is beyond me. it says something to me that knowing what his viewpoint was, you can't watch the show without knowing that is he a deeply evangelical christian and an older american who has very traditional views. and expressed in southern ways that some people are going to find offensive. and why they -- the network seemed surprised to find themselves in this predicament is beyond me. and i think neither fish nor
4:15 pm
fowl on this. they have suspended him but he is going to be on the reruns this weekend and new shows that are going to be shown in the coming months, so the network is, you know, trying to sort of appease one element of the community by disavowing their relationship with him but then appealing to the community that he relates to by continuing to show him. so,. >> well, that's for money. i mean, that's clear the network wants money. says certas they wouldn't do the rerun or marathon. let me ask you about another thing, about really rotten bad luck. president obama, i think, really hit the jackpot of bad luck. in an interview, with people magazine, president obama was asked, and this was a while ago, who would you rather spend the day with, kim and kanye or the duck dynasty family? >> here is the president's answer. but this was before the phil robertson controversy. the president saying the duck dynasty family seems like a pretty fun bunch so i can see how that would be pretty fun. that's bad luck, would you
4:16 pm
agree, karl? >> yeah, it is. look, first of all when you watch the family on television it is entertaining there are some real characters there and can you relate to them and you enjoy it but, on the other hand, isn't that the nature of reality tv show whether it's, you you know, housewives of whatever or the kardashians or duck dynasty, that we see the good in people but we also see people in their bad moments. we see the things we can admire and things we don't like. that's one of the problems with and one of the strengths and one of the weaknesses of reality tv is that we see people as they're. they don't tend to always be good. toe then the always tend to be bad they tend to be mixed. sometimes that relation is very unpleasant. whether it's -- whatever program it is. the housewives. duck dynasty people particularly with that family in the duck blind shooting some ducks.
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spend it with the kardashians. >> big dinks between president obama said that before the controversy, carl rove now says it after the controversy. but karl, stay with us, because we want to hear what you have to say about white house advisor john podesta, comparing the house g.o.p. to, quote, a cult worthy of jones town. that's next. plus, attention target shoppers. yikes. have you used a credit card or debit card at target? if so, you may be in trouble. our tech expert is here with warning straight ahead. [ female announcer ] can you bridge a divide with a fresh baked brownie? ♪ yes! yes you can. bake the world a better place with nestle toll house. bake the world a better place ick with innovation. stick with power. stick with technology. get the new flexcare platinum
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this week john podesta coming under comment he made in october come to life.
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g.o.p. is is a cult worthy of jones town. now, jones town, as you may recall, was a cult colony where a u.s. congressman was murdered and many americans died in a mass suicide in 197. yesterday, podesta apologized for his remark. we are back with karl rove. you said it he apologized today. boy, it's a rough remark. >> look, it's representative of the general attitude inside the white house. we have seen the president of the united states describe the efforts of the republican house budget committee chairman as unamerican and describes the budget passed by the republicans in the house as unamerican. we have seen these comments recently by dan pfeiffer, the president's chief communicators attacking the republicans in vicious terms. look, this white house, i mean, he got caught. he said this two months ago, he is happy to say it two months ago. didn't feel it was necessary to apologize until somebody drew attention to it so, you know, why should would he be
4:23 pm
surprised? the obama administration is going to be intensely partisan intensely political and vicious in their attacks on republicans. and we shouldn't be surprised by podesta joining that crowd. >> i wish people could see some of the emails i get, carl. because i get them from both parties. and but not necessarily from the official parties but people who are well known within parties. and you would think that the only people in politics were the koch brothers and george soros. the most wicked things are sent back and forth and the most incredible suspensions about those that the koch brothers are taking down the country and so is george soros. >> look, part of that is people trying to encourage their respected bases to send contributions and be politically active and to be involved. look, there is a big difference between some political operative at some political group or political action committee or campaign doing it and the president of the united states doing it and president obama had it right in 2008. when he said that he wanted to be the president, not a
4:24 pm
red states or blue states but the united states. particularly in the second term a president has the opportunity to rise above partisanship. they are not running for re-election. their name will never be on the ballot again. that's the moment where they can really bring people together. we have seen since this president won re-election that this attitude that he had this first term of i won, you know, i don't need to pay attention to the other side. can i demonize my political opponents, the political opposition in the most vicious terms possible. you know, that is carried over to the second term. and john podesta's arrival in the white house is going to show -- is going to toughen that spirit and we're going to see it emphasized, maybe subtly but obviously over the next several months as he takes command of the west wing. >> let me add one more. transparency. there is going to be transparency. and i have to tell you trying to get information out of this administration is extraordinarily difficult. is one of the reasons i believe that the media was so slow to put the spotlight on obamacare is because we
4:25 pm
couldn't -- the people couldn't get information to try to verify things. transparency was another thing that was promised and certainly it was denied. but, let me -- listen to this one. we know consumers are running to big trouble when they do get on that may not be the obamacare's biggest problem. according to the latest cbs news, "new york times" poll, 58% of uninsured americans have not even looked into applying for insurance through online marketplaces. so, carl, what does that mean? >> well, look, we have other polling data showing that the program is most unpopular among the uninsured. that the disapproval of obamacare is highest among the people that it supposedly is supposed to serve. and, you know, look, this program is going -- has got problems galore. and this is just the latest iteration of it. it is so bad today that today six democratic senators have sent to kathleen sebelius a letter saying why don't you allow anybody who lost their
4:26 pm
coverage to sign up for a catastrophic care this is the kind of catastrophic policy that pays for everything on the back end but has high deductibles and low premiums. this is a relatively modest co-pays on the back end but big co-pays on the front end. this is the kind of program that the president excoriated and now democrats are now petitioning president obama's health and human services secretary to please let anybody who lost their coverage as a result of the affordable care act to avail themselves of this program rather than the bronze, silver and platinum programs which the president said are better than anything that anybody has had when they lost their coverage. they are saying, you know, give them this catastrophic care as a last resort. this program is imploding. and the uninsured, know it's a lousy deal for them. it's going to cost them more. cost them a heck of a lot more. most people who are uninsured were led to believe this was going to be free. when they started to go on
4:27 pm
the web site and check it out or started to hear from people about it, they found out it wasn't free. in fact it was pretty darn expensive. >> carl, as always, thank you, sir. >> have a great christmas, greta. >> you too, merry christmas. coming up, does mother know best. president obama is trying to convince us she does. next, president obama's latest attempt to get young people to sign up for obamacare. will it work or will it crash? plus a duck dynasty star kicked off the latest show. i goal off-the-record and tell you what i think. that's coming up. you can hash it out with us. does the "duck dynasty" star deserve to be suspended or not. post or tweet on facebook now using #greta. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back,
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now get ready to speed read your way through the news. first to breaking news out of london. more than 80 people hurt. very seriously seven people hurt after a ceiling collapses right in the middle of the show. the apollo theater was packed with 700 people after
4:31 pm
the start of the performance the ceiling collapsed sending people running for their lives from the theater. many were trapped but have now been freed. ambulance crews say they are treating dozens of walking wounded. ambulance crews are still on the scene. now to north korea where dennis rodman is paying a visit. is he in north korea to train a basketball team for a january exhibition. the january game will celebrate the birthday of north korean leader of kim jong un. rodman has called the dictator a friend and a very good guy now to new jersey his christie making a touching speech. governor christie was speaking at drug court for reformed addicts. >> every one of us in this room is one unfortunate step away from where these men and women have just been. maybe not with drugs, maybe not with alcohol, maybe with something else in our lives, but we are all just one unfortunate step away. think about that and how you
4:32 pm
would want our society to treat you. >> governor christie supports giving nonviolent drug eerchedz the treatment they need instead of sending them to prison. now, to toronto, well, you won't believe what mayor rob ford said this time during a radio interview the crack smoking mayor was asked what he was getting his wife for christmas. his answer? just money. women love money. ford says he gave his wife a nice check and everyone is happy and that's tonight's speed read. and president obama is trying to convince young people mother knows best. in his latest pr push the president trying to get mothers to get healthy kids to sign up for obamacare. will it work? political panel is back. ed o'keefe and political correspondent byron york. elise, is it going to work? >> i guess we will have to wait to see until the enrollment period ends. that's probably when we will get the data from the administration how the age breakdown worked. of course it's important for
4:33 pm
these exchanges for millions of young healthy people tone roll. the law does contain some mitigation policies that, would you know, readjust the risk pool if it came to that but the administration is counting on young people to sign up. >> ed, if your mother came home and said this is what you should do, if you were 26 years old? >> if i were 26 years old i would listen to my mother. i would still listen to my mother. i'm married now. there is a competition perhaps. i would listen to both of them. is he doing everything he can to gin up support for. this whether it's using social media or doing interviews with guys like steve harvey this week or bringing mothers to the white house. the administration has to do everything it can to young people enrolled. and i just, you know, having been a young person, we have all been young people, i mean, people put these. >> that was longer ago. >> but you remember. people put these things off. i think, you know, the one tool that would have made this very easy for them is the one that suffered almost immediate liberation the web site. now that sen grained in the minds of some of these
4:34 pm
people, they are probably thinking why should i go sign up for something on a web site that doesn't work. >> byron, i don't think the women who came here did. he has 40 million twitter followers that would have been much more effective. what are your thoughts. >> this this is about something else, the president's support among women. they were part of the obama coalition that got obama elected. he has dropped. in his job approval rating quite a bit with lots of members of that coalition, minorities, people who make less than $25,000 a year, young people. and among women, according to gallup, he was 57% approval in december last year. he is 43 now. that's a significant drop. the president really needs those numbers among his core supporters to get back up. >> he only brings 15 women or so to the white house. >> let me add one more thing, we examined as reporters to see a lot of celebrities cut commercials for obamacare and sell it to young people. we haven't seen that happen. in fact all of obama allies have done nothing more to take to twitter to encourage people to did to
4:35 pm that isn't cftdz. >> barbara walters naming former secretary of state hillary clinton as her number one choice ann as most interesting person. panel, who is yours? who would you like to have a cup of coffee with or a beer. >> i would take a phone call from him too, pope francis as time magazine put it this is a guy who has reenvig grated the catholic church. reminded catholics what it is all about. the fact that he is sort of committing himself as he said to being on the street and thinking about those that need help most. it was an important choice. and one that so far at least proves to be popular. >> byron? >> well, it wouldn't be hillary clinton. maybe if it were 1993, 20 years ago she might win that but not hillary clinton. for me, i think the most consequence consequential person of the year edward snowden, the decisions he revelations he was behind. it's changed the way we gather intelligence.
4:36 pm
political blow back both domestically and internationally. this is a huge, huge deal and this one man did it. >> and great for newspaper sales, too. >> yes, dine deed at least for the "the washington post." >> i'm not even religious but i was going to say pope. kathleen sebelius who has been at the center of obamacare's botched rollout. she wasn't obama that's first choice. let's see how much long ear she survives next year. >> i would like to meet or greet or interview angela merkel of germany. i think right now she is probably the most powerful woman in the world. she has the whole, you know, western europe and of course she is not too happy with our president after we may have snooped a little bit speaking of edward snowden. i think angela merkel would be a fascinating interview. >> just reelected to her third term. >> and, of course, make a huge difference. who else? >> well, my backup would be actually ted cruz. we have seen him so much. it's hard to remember that he entered the senate in
4:37 pm
january of this year. january of 2013. he has had a rise. he has had a fall. he has been enormously consequential on capitol hill. >> i would also like to speak with speaker john boehner to see how he is handling his conference at this time. i think is he one of the most ig that- >> -- the young girl from. >> the 13-year-old who was shot in the head or 15. >> 15,000. that speech she gave at the u.n. when she visited and it was basically at a children's conference and then the way that she has carried herself ever since i think is a great reminder that in the year that we lost people like mandela. we got a new pope. there are very few global icons anymore. this is someone if she continues with this we are going to be talking about her for decades to come scbli think so, too. i would like to have the -- i would like to see that fly on the wall we just mentioned speaker boehner what he does inside his caucus because it's going to
4:38 pm
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everyone. it's time to hash it out. niewngeg governor chris christie taking aim at president obama on twitter. governor christie mocking this new obamacare ad put out by the president it features a pajama clad millennial with a drink. wear pajamas, drink hot chocolate and talk about getting health insurance. >> christie get out your pajamas, put on an apron and get volunteering. even billionaires love secret santa exchanges yahoo news tweeted secret santa was some guy named bill. bill gates. microsoft founder shocking secret partner during the annual gift exchange. using posting photoing presents of gates stuffed cow, donation of a nonprofit and a travel book. new vehicle gives toy car a whole new rating. running on engine powered by air. 20-year-old romanian building the car's first drivable lego car.
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okay, let's go off-the-record for a minute. one view of life is formed by personal perspectives. perspectives, of course, can be fleeting and i don't mean to be bombastic or sanctimonious. but i have had one of those years that can make a lot of stuff look pretty petty. just something to fight about. this year, in my family, we got a big dose of the serious stuff. cancer. it's now handled. but cancer sure can shake you up it gives that you jolt to remind you what's
4:45 pm
important in life. and then what i saw last week, when i was in the syrian refugee camp, people, even children cold, hungry and scared, another jolt to remind us what's important in life. got back to washington step back and i took a look at. media obsessed with the santa fight. people ridiculing others for santa scene. some criticized for saying merry christmas. today, we are all consumed with the reality show star, exercising his first amendment right but saying something crude hurtful to many. not to say stories are not important. i can't help but think we are all beginning to look a bit petty when we seem to go out of our way to rough each other up rather than the flip side, to find ways to make it go right for everyone. so what do you think? and that's my off-the-record
4:46 pm
comment tonight. if you have an important story or issue you think i should take off-the-record, go to and tell us about it. now one of the breaches of consumer data ever. retailer target with almost 2,000 stores nationwide is warning everyone: the credit and debit card account of 40 million customers may be at risk. russ reader joins us with more. what happened at target? >> how are you doing, greta? >> i'm very well. >> so, big issues we all know that there is a risk of your credit card information being stolen but usually we equate that to being online. this is in stores if you shopped at target from thanksgiving november 27th to december 15th. your credit card information has been stolen. >> and how did that happen? >> >> target, do i have to
4:47 pm
commend the ceo came out right away and said that the credit card information has been stolen. they did say they resolved the issue. unfortunately, the issue may have been the hole may have been plugged but the issue is not resolved. right? so unless they have captured the perpetrator and have all of your credit card information back, which they haven't said they do. had 0 million people that shopped in-store at the checkout counter your information has been stolen. so what happened most-likely is that they got in behind the scenes, whether they -- there is technology term called fishing attack so maybe they got in through the back by sending email through employee that clicked on something. we all know not to click on things we don't know when we get those emails from people we don't know. someone could have clicked on something and allowed back end access. once the hackers got back end access, they captured the data. >> you say that you commend target for coming out and saying it.
4:48 pm
but saying it we solved it actually, i think that's horrible that they say it's resolved because all the unsuspecting people out there, all their information is out there. what in the world is target doing about that? >> right. so, that's a great point. i think there should be a stronger warning that you know, maybe they should take obviously target knows who you are. those 40 million people, they should contact your credit card and have a new credit card be shipped to you. so if you are wondering what to do, i know that my wife and i shopped at target during that time period. so you should always be watching your credit card statement. but we know that now there is even a greater risk. you should call your credit card company and probably get a new credit card shipped to you. >> we only have 30 seconds left. is it likely other companies are having the same issue. we just don't know about it because they haven't told us like target? >> yeah. it's going to happen, right? tj maxx about five years ago had 45 million credit cards get stolen.
4:49 pm
last year or two years ago sony had 100 million credit cards were stolen. so this is a a big issue. technology and security. we're going to be talking a lot about this i think in 2014 unfortunately. >> unfortunately we are. russ, thank you. always nice to see. >> you thanks, greta. great to see you. >> coming up. senator rand paul he says director of national intelligence james clapper has done more harm to the u.s. than nsa leaker edward snowden. senator paul is here to tell you about it next.
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
now it's time it to show what you we are watching. we put together the most fantastic videos out a gunman starts stealing cell phones from commuters. once bus driver fights back.
4:52 pm
the another bus rider is spoiling on holding him down until the police arrives. the southern illinois university basketball team suffering a tough loss and the coach had choice words for his team. >> he talking about our big guy. two for 11. how can you go two for 11. my wife, my wife can score more than two buckets on 11 shots because i know my wife will, at least shot fake one time. but those guys. >> that's coach berry hundredson. he only regrets calling out one player by name. another spoof of the vandamme volvo ad hitting the net. he reenacts vandamme's epic split. is he doing his split between two airplanes, 11 paratroopers are also merged b. above norris' head. some students and teachers getting a big surprise, videotaping christmas tree
4:53 pm
came to life. >> feliz navidad. [screams] >> and that's what we are watching tonight. up next, senator rand paul is here. make sure you have stick around and hear senator rand paul. with nestle toll house. because you can't beat zero heartburn. woo hoo! [ male announcer ] prilosec otc is the number one doctor recommended frequent heartburn medicine for 8 straight years. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. [ male announcer ] how could switchgrass in argentina, change engineering in dubai, aluminum production in south africa, and the aerospace industry in the u.s.?
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the answer is... the u.s. ♪ most of america's energy comes from right here at home. take the energy quiz. energy lives here. senator rand paul calling for the resignation of director of national
4:56 pm
intelligence james clapper. senator paul saying clapper is a bigger danger to the u.s. than nsa leaker edward snowden. why does he say that? senator paul joins us. before i -- nice to see you, sir. before i get to the question of snowden vs. clapper, i'm curious. you call for his resignation. why do you call for him to be fired? >> well, either or and/or prosecution, to tell you the truth. i think that it's a bit hypocritical for those who want blood and they want to prosecute snowden for breaking the law, which he did. but they don't want to do anything to the director of intelligence for breaking the law. it's like we are going to pick and choose which laws can be broken and which ones can't. i think particularly when you are a high ranking official in government, you are setting an example for the rest of government. it's made it frankly hard for us to believe when the intelligence community comes and says oh, we need this surveillance technique because we caught all these terrorists and you are like well, let's look at them one by one we don't believe you when you tell us that. >> you say based on his march 12th testimony when you say the nsa dose not
4:57 pm
witnessingly collect information on all americans. bulk information. after snowden released his information we found out that was simply not true. he apologized. but, none the less, knee but when he said it? >> some people say he never would have ever admitted to this and american would have never known had snowden's revelations never come forward. senator why den told him in advance he wasn't going to ask the question. it wasn't like he got hamstrung and got confused and gave the wrong answer, he was told in advance he would get the question. he chose to fly public testimony. but, see now it puts at odds all of our testimony from anybody from president obama's administration. when they come to us and they tell us something, are they lying to us because it's classified? i get it all the time where they at least admit it's classified and i can't talk to you in this setting about it i'm concerned now they may tell me something that may not be the truth. >> well, there is no consequence for not telling the truth. even senator saxby chambliss republican from. ranking member. tough spot in the opening hearing and he should not
4:58 pm
resign. he could have simply said it was classified, right? >> they do it all the time. i would think it's sort of 101 for people who know classified information to say, senator, i can't discuss that in this setting. >> why didn't he? >> i have no idea why. because it's purposefully telling us the opposite of what's true and it's, i don't know, it's very, very damaging to the credibility. >> why is senator chambliss sort of like oh well, you know, he is in a tough spot? >> i think some are more forgiving of the intelligence community and they would only do things for good. i actually don't dispute their motives. i don't think clammer is a bad person or i think he probably wants what he what we all want. we want protection from terrorists. he has a loose definition of sort of surveillance and privacy and the law frankly that i think we shouldn't have. we need more protection off you are privacy. >> why do you say clapper is more dangerous than edward snowden. >> because i think overall he has damaged the credibility of the entire administration. but it's his on top of the heels of other things with
4:59 pm
irs agents or irs officials who are targeting people. they haven't been held responsible. we have state department people through benghazi that didn't send reinforcements, didn't provide adequate security when it was requested. they haven't been fired. so it's really one thing after another leading us to see this is sort of a lawless administration. >> and so you would refer clapper to a perjury investigation for a criminal action? >> i'm not alone. james sensenbrenner who is a rye ranking congressman on intelligence co-authored the patriot act to say exactly the same thing. i don't understand why there is such a clammer that they want to go after snowden, can you argue that snowden really believes he was doing it for a hire purpose. i'm not saying is he completely without culpability either. i think we do have to have laws on leaking would also have to have laws on lying. >> senator, thanks for being with us tonight. just a reminder. if you are just getting home and tuning in before bill
5:00 pm
o'reilly. pick up dvr remote and set a series recording each night that way you will never mitt "on the record" go. to good night from washington. . the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> satan breaks us, fortunately for us, god remakes us. >> the head of the robertson clan phil suspended from the program "duck dynasty" for saying gays will not go to heaven. laura ingraham with a analysis. >> democrats stand tall and support of affordable care act. it's too valuable for the american people. >> does nancy pelosi really believe obamacare will be good for the nation? or is she just saying that to protect the president? we have a stunning new poll that mrs. pelosi should know about. >> if i could work my will, every idiot who goes about


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