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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 19, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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a lot of these stories require follow ups. set your dvr for tomorrow. follow me on twitter with your thoughts @megyn kelly. good night. welcome to "hannity." tonight the most popular show on television, "duck dynasty" is dealt a major blow by the a & e network because phil robertson dared to his his religious opinion on homosexuality but here free speech is allowed. double standards. how the left gets a pass when it comes to using their controversial rhetoric. >> you can't go to a 7-11 or a dunkin donuts unless you have a slight indian accent. >> should you be punished for faith? our panel responds.
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the heavy hitters of american politics sound off on the a & e suspension and our friends from "the five" are in studio with reaction. that plus ainsley earhardt's series on building homes for heroes continues. "hannity" starts here and now. millions of people tune in each and every week to watch "duck dynasty." but fans will soon no longer be able to see patriarch phil on the show. in an interview with gq magazine he made his thoughts clear saying to me it seems a vagina would be more desirable than a man's anus. he said, that's just me. i'm just thinking she's got more to offer. come on, dudes. you know what i'm saying. it's not logical. my man, it's not logical. within hours a & e networks kicked phil to the curb and released a statement that reads, quote, we are ex-teemly
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disappointed to have read phil robertson's comment s in gq based on his beliefs and not related in the series "duck dynasty." his personal view in no way reflects those of the a & e network who have been strong support rss and champions of the t lgbt community. phil has been placed under hiatus indefinitely. he said, i am a product of the '60s. i have centered my life around sex, drugs and rock and roll until i accepted jesus as my savior. my mission is to go forth and tell people about why i follow christ and what the bible teaches. part of that teaching is that men and women are meant to be together. however i would never treat anyone with disrespect just because they are different from me. we are all created by the almighty and like him, i love all of humanity. we would be better off if we loved each other. tell us if a & e was out of line
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by suspending phil. sound off on twitter using # hannity. former alaska governor sarah palin joins us. good to see you. welcome back. look at that, a fireplace. >> it's cold in here. >> looks like a "duck dynasty" camo shirt. is it? >> we wear camo up here every day. ironically i was wearing camo this morning when your producer called to ask if i would be on. i said, sure, i will keep my same clothes on if you don't mind. >> leave it there. you have spoken out. ted cruz has spoken out. bobby jindal. i want your thoughts on this. >> this is all about free speech. so many american families have spilled blood and treasure to guarantee phil robertson and
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others the right to voice their personal opinion. once that freedom is lost everything is lost. a & e were quacks on this one. here they had just rolled out their new slogan from the marketing department. it's "be origin." well, that translates with a & e's marketing department today into "be stupid." to get rid of the most popular patriarch on the television today there are other networks that would just nab these guys up in a heartbeat. a & e screwed up on this one. >> it's one of my favorite shows. i love the show. it's the fun. there is a reason it resonates with the american people. in large part because they talk about faith, religion, values. they pray at the end of every show. doesn't this have a lot to do with religion? >> they are not in your face which is refreshing.
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>> no. >> they talk about tradition. they live a traditional judeo christian ethics that our nation is founded upon. i think it's not only refreshing but it's inspiring and empowering for the rest of america to be emboldened and say, hey, if they can do it and be so popular and not mocked and criticized perhaps until now as others have been, well then the rest of us can do it, too. that's going to strengthen our country and strengthen those who are elected to protect our freedoms. hopefully it will make them acknowledge how important our foundation of freedom is and they will do something about it. >> i can't think of a single person in america who has been a victim of more vile speech against both you and your family. starting with bill maher. you know the comment. i won't repeat them. david letterman more re-kently
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martin bashir. i know you accepted his apology. i don't remember you ever saying to target their advertisers, boycott them or even desiring to silence their voices. >> no. i'm a free speech kind of gal. i got e-mails on this one. a friend of mine who happens to be gay said she's outraged for the hypocrisy here, the things they air on their program that she finds offensive. yet a & e doesn't fire a star or somebody involved in their programming based on what they have said but they would when it comes to phil on "duck dynasty." this friend, she said she would boycott a & e and the network. she's not the only one. i have received many e-mails from people saying, you know, why give them our money, our eyes, our ears, our resources. there are other channels out there to be watching.
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>> this specifically tells me the religious aspect is gq asked him specifically what he thought was a sin. he mentioned a number of things. it wasn't just this this one particular issue. in that sense it was a pretty traditional view of homosexuality. isn't this collision coming that the thought police? christians believe premore tall sex is a sin, extramarital sex is a sin and many christians believe the same about homosexuality. do you see the collision with religion here? what's your thought on that? >> phil was reciting a part of the gospel. the liberal left must feel the gospel is insulting and offensive. because phil was repeating what's in the bible. phil went on to say all sins are
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equal and we all sin. so we all need a savior. i say at this time this christmas season now is the time where, like the three wise men we can seek our savior, find the savior and our problems will be solved. that's what phil was saying. >> do you think, as i think, there will be a lot of americans that will speak out about this? remember when they rallied to dan cathy at chik-fil-a when he spoke against gay marriage? do you expect the same reaction here? >> absolutely. people will be wearing camo, red, white & blue bandanas, out there with the duck calls and everything else as the support for a family that's traditional and strong the and they circle the wagons when times are tough. that's so americana. it's patriotic, beautiful, part of the heart of america. we need to be out there protecting the heart of oh america by showing support for
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"duck dynasty." >> let me ask about a & e. isn't it the show of "growing up gatti" built around the family of a nope mobster and murderer. they have the bates motel which had in it, for example, graphic rape and violent stabbings, hints of incest and a strip club. there are shows dedicated -- the l-word is on showtime. i don't see conservatives demanding that the shows go away. what's your reaction to a & e this particular in this instance. >> my reaction, again, is their new slogan, be origin theal does translate to be stupid. if they have a hypocritical view of what's acceptable or not that will offend americans. the bottom line is a & e has
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chosen to marginalize and tried to stifle the freedom of someone who is filled with with faitd in the gospel. that being phil from "duck dynasty." and we are smart enough to understand what's going on here. we are also smart enough to understand that we go tot have to promote and give business to a network like that if we don't believe in the action they just took. a & e will feel it. >> it was interesting on tmz that a & e knew his opinion on this for a long time. in an interview in 2013 in april, phil said the network attempted to take out the words "in jesus's name." let me play this for you. >> we said in jesus's name, amen. i don't have a verse that says you must always use pray in the name of jesus, but it's a very
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good idea, i think. so they would just have me say, thank you lord, for the food, thank you for loving us, amen. i said, why would you cut out "in jesus's name." they said, the editors probably think they don't want to offend the muslims or something. >> do you see a way for a & e to get out of this considering the pressure from g.l.a.d. and now christian conservatives engaging in battle? >> well, a & e can either suck co -- succomb to the thought police and not allow free speech, especially his personal opinion, or they can try something that's a little bit brave and that's to acknowledge for all the world to hear that, hey, even christians have a voice that deserves to be heard. there can be debate on
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television. a & e has a choice here. >> there is one great thing about america and television and radio in particular. if you don't like it, you can change the dial. there is only one exception -- this show. that's the one you can't tube out. >> our new show on sportsman channel. maybe "duck dynasty" needs to scoot on over to that new netwo network. i'm sure they would be welcomed with open arms. >> want to create a controversy, talk religion. merry christmas. all the best to you and your family. >> merry christmas. thank you so much. >> coming up, we debate the great double standard with the left. what phil robertson is facing tonight and how far is too far for someone on the left when they say something like this. >> bowled a 129. [ cheers and applause ] >> yes. >> i know. that's very good. that's very good, mr. president.
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>> the president and joe biden were elected to the highest office in the land making offensive remarks themselves. we'll expose the liberal hypocrisy with the panel. later, ainsley earhardt is back with her building homes for heroes series. and another heart warming story. that and more on this busy "duck" edition of "hannity." a can of del monte green beans? ♪ ♪ if i was a flower growing wild and free ♪ ♪ all i'd want is you to be my sweet honeybee ♪ ♪ and if was a tree growing tall and green ♪ ♪ all i'd want is you to shade me and be my leaves ♪ grown in america. picked & packed at the peak of ripeness. the same essential nutrients as fresh. del monte. bursting with life™. so here's to the bride and... [ coughs ] [ all gasp ] [ male announcer ] robitussin dm max now comes in a new liquid-filled capsule.
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welcome back. the a&e network wasted no time suspending phil robert son because he expressed his right to free speech and his religious views. we can't help but look at the double standard. liberals are quick to turn a blind eye. nothing happened to these lawmakers after making these
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highly offensive remarks. watch this. >> i bowled a 129. [ cheers and applause ] >> that's very good, yeah. >> it's like special olympics or something. >> you got the first main stream in america who is articulate, bright, clean and a nice-looking guy. >> in delaware the largest growth in population is indian-americans. moving from india. you cannot go a 7-11 or dunkin donuts unless you have a slight indian accent. >> they are terrorists. you be the judge. carrying swastikas to a town meeting on health care. >> joining me now to react to this and more, the host of geraldo at large, geraldo
7:18 pm
rivera, also a radio host. the morning buzz live, kerry kegan is with us. and what is the name of this thing? >> it's a list. the dot is before the st. >> true or false? >> it is absolutely false. nice to be back. >> you are lying through your teeth. i love you. >> i screwed up the dot com thing. >> what is it? first we have main stream african-american. he's bright, articulate, clean. you can't work at a 7-11 or a dunkin donuts without a slight indian accent. what's worse? that or phil robert son. >> you can't discriminate against discrimination. >> he's the president of the united states of america. >> he shouldn't have said that. >> in this situation i don't think it is so much about the
7:19 pm
fact that what was going on is right or wrong. it is everybody's decision to sort of disassociate. if i don't want to watch, click. why do people have to demand someone is suspended or fired. why? why can't they see people won't always agree with them. >> they will lose money. >> they are being targeted now in an ad boycott. >> if people are fans -- >> conservatives don't do it. i don't know conservatives trying to get liberals fired. do you believe in freedom of religion? >> of course. >> i'm a catholic. the catholic church thinks birth control use is a sin. they think premarital sex is a sin. they believe that extramarital sex -- shocker -- is a sin. they believe that homosexuality
7:20 pm
and the practice of it is a sin. if i say that, does that make me vile and a bigot? >> it's different to have beliefs. >> you can't express them? >> expressing your beliefs is one thing. expressing them in a declarative way -- >> wait. he was asked in an interview. >> sinful, dirty. >> he was asked a question. >> this is a guy associated with a network. >> every christian that believes in sin is a bigot to you? >> absolutely not. >> any christian that says homosexual sex is a sin is a bigot. >> there are comments about black people being happier under jim crow. >> is that worse than biden? is he a bigot? >> i don't think so. >> clean. the man is clean. >> any time you speak out of turn you have a choice.
7:21 pm
did i misspeak? should i apologize? >> he's articulate, bright and clean. you don't think that's racist? >> the issue at hand here -- >> the issue is you have a double standard. >> i absolutely do not. the most important thing is people are equal and -- >> i don't think all insults are equal. i don't think all insulters or politically incorrect people are equal. joe biden is cut a lot of slack because it's joe. he has a capacity for uttering outrageous comments. you cut him slack because you know in his heart he doesn't mean it. same with the fellow from "duck dynasty". how can people invest so much stock in what he said. this is a guy from "duck dynasty." this is not a senator proposing that louisiana segregate the races. this is a guy on "duck dynasty." he makes duck calls for a
7:22 pm
living. he believes in his vision of how he sees the world. talk about fundamentalism and christianity, alec baldwin, for instance, was dumped off nbc by gay activists. it was fundamentalism on both sides. alec baldwin was right to condemn the people credit sizing him. >> martin bashir resigned. what he said about sarah palin, what letterman said about sarah palin, what bill maher said, was that as bad? they are still on tv. >> everybody has their opinion. it's up to the network to air it or not. >> as long as the groups agree politically, they don't attack them. your side doesn't attack your side when they say outrageous things. >> i will disagree with that. >> alec baldwin had a history of making homophobic slurs.
7:23 pm
>> that wasn't. >> if you grew up where we were, sean, baldwin and i grew up within ten miles of each other. when we were growing up those comments were common place. >> we are in 2013. >> you have to give people slack from this. like paula deen. should she have lost her job with with those remarks? >> 30 years ago. >> is it okay for someone to say something racist? >> you're like the thought police. you want to monitor, fire -- >> it's not the thought police. it's the talk police. >> are you really that offended? >> actually, i am quite offended. on behalf of my gay friends. >> don't watch the show. >> i won't. he has a massive audience. i don't run a&e. they made the decision saying we don't want to be soes kuwaited with with this. >> you don't like his religious
7:24 pm
beliefs. >> it has to do with bigotry. you're right. >> any christian who believes sex not between a man and woman, that's bigoted? >> that's one thing. imposing your beliefs on other people is another thing. >> he was asked a question. he's not imposing. he was asked what do you think is a sin. he gave an answer. >> i think when you have a huge audience like that -- >> you have to answer your way. the politically correct way. >> a&e made a decision do they want to be associated with racism and bigotry. >> i think a&e will rue the day. they are out of synch with the majority of the american people. if i were a member of the family i would say if dad goes we all go. that's where the the boycott happens. i don't generally like boycotts bus the family should stick together. if my brothers, one of us made a
7:25 pm
statement and we thought there was unjust treatment -- >> i would defendant you. each one. there has been a lot to defend. up next, more with the panel and then how can a&e justify booting phil but they had no problem r airing a season about a murderous mob family. later she's back. ainsley earhardt with the next installment of a week-long series about homes for heroes making the lives of wounded veterans, christmas brighter this season. straight ahead. [ sniffles, coughs ] shhhh!
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welcome back to "hannity." the twitter world has been buzzing about phil robert son being suspended indefinitely from "duck dynasty" by a&e. some are asking how can the network justify kicking the robert son patriarch off the show but have no issue about airing a show about a lawless mob family, "growing up gotti." you can tweet us on twitter and use # hannity. you said if they don't agree with your position you are politically correct to shut them down. you said that. >> you asked me if i wanted to shut down speech i think is morally incorrect. i am not a fan of hate speech.
7:30 pm
if i hear sexism i will push back. >> christianity. >> i will push back on racism and homo phobia. that's how i roll. >> traditional christians believe and this was about sin. he was answering it. they believe this is a sin. that's hate speech to you? >> no. beliefs are different from making declarations about what is or is not right or is not a sin. >> this is silly. >> he was asked a question. >> what you feel your heart. in joe biden's heart he's not a racist. >> i agree with with you. i think joe biden is just dumb. >> it matters what you think. i don't think alec baldwin in his heart is anti-gay or homophobic. >> there are consequences. >> one second. martin bashir, what he said about defecating in sarah palin's mouth, he hated her. he had hatred for her. he'll never be a public person again in this country. it matters.
7:31 pm
sincerity matters and the "duck dynasty" people, like them or not. agree with their beliefs or disagree. >> you like the show, don't you? i love it. >> i saw it once and i was traumatized. i shot a shotgun once. >> you have to get the yuppy out of you. go shoot a hog or a duck. >> how do we move forward if we don't learn from mistakes? >> you're a catholic, right? >> i grew up catholic. >> what does the church teach you about homosexuality. >> i was never directly taught it wasn't right. >> they say premarital sex is a sin. >> sure. >> that's what they teach. >> do you agree? >> no. >> imus was thrown off the air for a comment that was outrageous. when michael richards said the
7:32 pm
n-word over and over again. he's not a racist, the guy from "seinfeld." >> how do you erase the problem if you don't slap them on the hand. >> i have to go but there have to be consequences. >> you can't have an automatic trigger that destroys your life. >> he was suspended. he'll get his job back. >> this is what scares me. you want a totalitarian state. >> i'm from canada. >> if somebody has a deeply held religious view you continue like you don't want them to express it publically. that's chilling to me. >> listen, i think there is speech that should be chilled. >> chilled. >> hate speech. there is no absolute right to free speech. you can't be in a movie theater and yell "fire". >> if you don't like it, don't watch it i like "duck dynasty."
7:33 pm
>> i listen to geraldo's radio show. i hate half of what -- 80% of what he says. >> there can't be speech police. let the market decide. >> how about fact police? phil robertson implied that homosexuality isn't natural. which not only is it natural -- >> according to you. >> no. there is documented homosexual activity in ducks. >> i said i voted for same sex marriage and people got mad. >> including me. >> let people be themselves. you know, this guy is paying a stiff price already. >> we have to go. ainsley earhardt is back tonight with our next installment of building homes for heroes. phil robert son responded to questions about his beliefs and now is suspended. we have a panel of religious leaders reacting to this "duck
7:34 pm
dynasty" saga. later our friends from the five will weigh in. we want to hear from you. or on twitter@sean hannity, # hannity to comment. we'll continue. this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one.
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welcome back to "hannity." although "duck dynasty" patriarch defended his opinions he was still suspended from his hit tv show. what happened to freedom of religion, free speech. is it right to be punished over your faith? jonathan morris and lauren green. good to see you. let me go to the priest on the panel. is premarital sex a sin? >> yes. >> drunkenness? >> yes. >> the other things he mentioned -- all sins? >> sure. >> is homosexuality a sin? >> it is not. homosexual acts are sinful.
7:39 pm
>> what's the difference? >> if someone is inclined to do something wrong they are not being sinful because they are inclined to it. >> i thought if you lusted this your heart you committed adultery. >> phil robert son is a duck caller but he amazingly made that distinction at some level. it is an important distinction. to have the inclination doesn't mean you are sinful. >> it is a disordered inclination which has to be resisted. like you lusting after another woman in your heart. >> i'm not here in confession, father. i departmeidn't do anything. >> that you know of. >> thank you, lauren. >> what's your take? >> the problem here is homosexuality is the cultural civil war of the day. this is how the secular culture decides if you are a good christian or a bad christian. this is a litmus test. how you feel about homosexuality. phil robertson waded into the conflict. the issue is you can say that
7:40 pm
homosexual acts aren't a sin, having same sex attraction isn't a sin but the problem is homosexuals believe who they are is their identity. homosexuality is their identity. the church is saying to separate the sin from the sinner and they say, no, my identity is my homosexuality. it's two conversations. >> maybe people didn't like the terms vagina and anus. he was asked a question and gave a list of things he said were sinful. >> he didn't do it in the happiest way. they asked -- first of all, what is gq asking a duck caller about sin. >> they wanted the to set him up. >> he answered, what in your mind is sinful. he said, start with homosexual behavior and morph out from there. >> they were talking about it earlier. i'm sure this conversation, 90% of it didn't get in the article. >> my sister is gay. she got civilly married last year. tough for the family.
7:41 pm
i told her i disagree with homosexual behavior. listen to what she wrote to me this morning. as much as i'm not a fan of robertson's comments t s censor from a&e under cuts what the gay rights movement is about. if you're going to be tolerant of gays and my sister thinks you should be, you should be tolerant of somebody who believes the christian doctrine. >> good for her. i think the gay community has asked for tolerance and given that, would you agree cult alley that -- look, i'm a libertarian. i don't care what people do privately. i'm not a priest. not trying to save souls. >> you have your kids you're working on. >> well, i'm working on them. >> every christian shares the same belief. when man expresses it, maybe in a way that's not as precise doesn't mean it's wrong. the man is saying homosexual activity is wrong, i don't believe in it. now he's told you can't say that
7:42 pm
in public, this is wrong. >> this is a network that runs a show with incest, bondage, a strip club and sets a man on fire. we're out of time. good panel. merry christmas. we can say that on this show. up next, the "duck dynasty" saga is beyond tv and media and is now in the world of politics. when we come back, what ted cruz and bobby jindal have to say about the controversy. we'll get reaction from our friends on "the five" and ainsley earhardt is back with a heart warming story from building homes for humanities and heroes straight ahead. check it out.
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welcome back to "hannity."
7:47 pm
the "duck dynasty" saga has officially bled into politics and some heavy hitters in washington have come to the defense of the embattled television star phil robert son. ted cruz posted this on his facebook page. if you believe in free speech or religious liberty, you should be dismayed over the treatment of phil robert son who expressed his personal views and his own religious faith. for that he was suspended from his job in a free society. anyone is free to disagree but the media should not behey as the thought police censoring views with which they disagree. bobby jindal said it is messed up when miley cyrus gets the laugh and phil robert son gets suspended. ain't that the truth? with with us from "the five" eric bowling and kimberly guilfoyle. great year for you in terms of work. >> to your success as well. >> what do you think? >> this is a very difficult situation.
7:48 pm
this is a man paid to be a colorful, interesting personality on television. he's benefitted from that. you are seeing the backlash that the thought police want to control everything you think and feel. people don't come in one size. they don't. people don't come in one shape or with one thought process. if you find offensive what he said, don't watch the show. >> if you ask somebody that's religious what is a sin and they give you an answer, why did you ask the question? a&e let him go to gq? how dumb was that? >> therein lies part of the problem. a&e didn't control the interview. they could have and should have and a lot of media people would. i'm all for the constitution. james madison maid sure we have a right to say what we want. >> that doesn't guarantee you the right to a show. >> but hear me out.
7:49 pm
i'm a free market capitalist. a&e can make the decisions. what a&e has done is said we are going to make a decision to say we are catering to the gay community. we are going to suspend phil. they are free to make that decision. i don't have a problem with them doing it. but a viewer can also have the free will to not watch the network anymore. >> i love the show. >> forget the show. how about the rest of the shows on the network? this could cost them. their business decision to pull off phil for a period of time will probably cost them in their advertising revenues because advertisers pay based on the amount of viewership. >> i watch "storage wars," "duck dynasty" and the new show, "rodeo girls." >> not "swamp people"? >> i haven't watched it. no phil, i'm not watching "duck dynasty." as a result i won't watch the rest of the shows. that's my take on it. >> that's how it should be done.
7:50 pm
express yourself and say i disagree with the position of a&e. now i won't watch their programming. that's your right. >> what bothers me here is this is a traditional christian view. >> mm-hmm. >> as geraldo said earlier tonight. ten years ago nobody would have batted an eye over somebody with a religious perspective saying this. >> now you are demonized for religious beliefs and, in fact, persecuted by the main stream. >> a&e knew. that's the other issue. they knew he said he had deeply held religious views. they have had conflicts over it. >> in a strange sense this could help "duck dynasty." this will bring more attention to it. >> how will they become more popular? >> i'll bet they do. >> impossible. >> i'll bet they get more popular and i bet a&e walks it back. they made a decision to pull it off. going to have to say look we're going to make another business decision. >> by the way, nice family if
7:51 pm
you meet them. listen, people say things and it's taken out of context. talking about religion. and so they take these ideas then try to make you into a demon but this is what he believes you may not agree, but that is his own thoughts. >> well, listen, guys to bovenlg you, i wish you a merry christmas and happy new year. all the best. see you soon. >> coming up, ainsley earhardt with a series highlighting building homes for heros and how it's helping veterans in time for the holidays heart warming story, coming up, straight ahead. my mantra? family first.
7:52 pm
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welcome back to hahnity. ainsley earhardts about been
7:56 pm
showing us how building homes for heros has been helping wounded vets and is back with another heart warming story. >> it's a parade out of a modern day norman rockwell painting. police cars fire trucks, bag pipers, helicopters and finally, the guest of honor. army ranger brent hernandez. his wife, and their two daughters. hundreds turned out on the flag-lined streets to welcome the family home. he was lucky to be here at all. back in april, 2010 he is part of a group of special operations soldiers on a mission in afghanistan. their ospry crashed. four were killed and brett was wounded with massive internal injuries during long recovery he caught attention of building homes for heros founder. >> he's a great guy. almost
7:57 pm
didn't survive the crash. he showed so much courage on the field of battle and also, on the field of recovery. >> likewise, katie the same. they have two beautiful girls. >> the group got going gifting a renovating, mortgage-free home in naples, florida. >> it's a year's worth of work in planning. we've hooked up with great contractors like manhattan construction that build the bush library. together with many others. >> with help from major sponsors such as hope depot and chase, they worked until the last minute, making the house perfect. the night before the big ceremony, members of the community showed up to add final christmas touches to this house. and then, it was time to come home. >> the flag, amount of people we saw on the streets pulling down was incredible. it was humbling
7:58 pm
to know people do care. >> i hope that when what we have done inside creates comfort, peace and such a sense of healing >> the piece of mind that happens for the future. >> let's give a warm, warm welcome home message to the hernandez family! >> i can say thank you all day but it just doesn't mean enough for what you've done for us. we're grateful and look forward to spending our lives down here in naples. >> so excited and so thankful. i feel so blessed right now. >> do you want to see your room? okay. let's gochlt let's go see. >> it's like out of a magazine. >> yes. it's beautiful. so overwhelming to be here. we feel
7:59 pm
blessed. this is an amazing house, anyone would love to live here, we're just just so blessed they chose us to live here, >> this is something that will change their lives and generation raigsal, impacting their children and makes our community and country a better place. >> and we welcome ainsley back. great series and thank you for doing this. >> thank you to the men and women fighting for our country they deserve the praise and it's an honor to be able to feature them. >> 17 homes this year, that building homes for heros completed they need more money, please go donate. next year the goal is 25 homes. incredible. >> it's building homes for >> yes. exactly. >> appreciate it. >> thank you. >> great piece. >> thank you for organization. >> and remember, they do need your help, just go to building homes for and see how
8:00 pm
you can help change lives of these great americans. don't forget start your day 5:00 to 9:00 with fox and friends. that is ainsley at 5:00. thanks for being with us. . the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> satan breaks us, fortunately for us, god remakes us. >> the head of the robertson clan phil suspended from the program "duck dynasty" for saying gays will not go to heaven. laura ingraham with a analysis. >> democrats stand tall and support of affordable care act. it's too valuable for the american people. >> does nancy pelosi really believe obamacare will be good for the nation? or is she just saying that to protect the president? we have a stunning new poll that mrs. pelosi should know about. >> if i could work my will, every idiot who goes about


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