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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 20, 2013 1:00am-2:01am PST

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. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> satan breaks us, fortunately for us, god remakes us. >> the head of the robertson clan phil suspended from the program "duck dynasty" for saying gays will not go to heaven. laura ingraham with a analysis. >> democrats stand tall and support of affordable care act. it's too valuable for the american people. >> does nancy pelosi really believe obamacare will be good for the nation? or is she just saying that to protect the president? we have a stunning new poll that mrs. pelosi should know about. >> if i could work my will, every idiot who goes about with merry christmas on his
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lips should be his own pudding. >> another unbelievable christmas outrage, the commander at the prison in guantanamo bay takes down nativity displays. wait until you hear why he did that. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. two big stories for you. the "duck dynasty" folks under siege and three new polls that may define the u.s.a. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. first poll is on obamacare. a whopping 67% of registered voters now want the healthcare law to be delayed for a year just 28% do not. you may remember talking points called for that in october because that is the sane thing to do. with all the problems rolling out the new
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healthcare system, it is not fair, not fair to americans to put them in a chaotic situation. let me repeat. that's not fair. to you. the same fox news poll released yesterday, 53% want to repeal the law entirely. 41% want to keep it in place. although many of those want it delayed. now there is no question president obama stakes his entire presidency on reforming the healthcare system. at this point it's doing more harm than good and the president should understand that. now on to the second poll about big government. this one is from gallup and asks which of the following is the biggest threat to the country in the future? big government? big business? big labor? >> astounding 72% of adults believe big government is the biggest threat to them. 21% say big business. 5% big lehner. that is are repudiation of liberalism pure and simple. the folks have not yet connected the dots. they don't like big government. feel its intruding on freedoms but have not linked it up to the democratic
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party and president obama. part of the reason for that is the utter incompetence of the republican party which still isn't able to present a clear picture of how massive government out-of-control spending and overregulation is harmful to the folks. unless the republican party can find a leader to do that, the country will remain divided. and finally on the social front, a new pew poll about christmas. 92% of americans say they will celebrate the holiday this year, just 7% will not. a 1% of americans say christmas is more of a religious holiday to them. 32% say it's more of a cultural holiday. 9% apparently do not know what christmas is 51% number is interesting because 69% of americans say in that poll that christmas was a spiritual holiday when they were kids. that shows us that america becoe
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self-absorbed bad things happen. don't believe me? christmas holiday is becoming more secular. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction, joining us from new orleans, democratic strategist james carville. begin with obamacare. it is not fair, not to delay it because there is just too many problems and the folks shouldn't have to be subjected to that in their leist. so i'm absolutely right on that, am i not? >> you and i disagree on that and we'll continue to disagree. i actually think it's working much better. support for it is up marginally. >> can i be rude. >> sure, go ahead. >> i'm sorry to be rude. it really doesn't matter what you think, james, because 69% of the country wants it to be delayed.
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so it's 69% against carville. >> all right. bill. you asked my opinion. i gave it to you. >> no, i asked your opinion on the fairness of it, not the worthiness of it, the fairness of it? >> look, 60% of the people believe that the earth is 5,000 years old or something. that doesn't mean that it's right. i think it's working better and i thought all along that it's going to work. i think it will. and as we go further into the year, i think you are going to see support increase for it. >> >> so you think it's fair to impose this system even though seven out of ten americans feel it's unfair and they want it delayed. >> right. i think it's. >> you are taking that con train point of view. would it it the not be fair to delay for a year. if it's so good so worthy, is it going to be worthy, necessary and good this time next year. >> i think now that we are making real progress and insurance companies see it's going to work to put half a billion dollars worth of
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advertising in it, i think it would be ridiculous. >> they are doing that because they make money. >> they think it's going to work. >> going to work for them. are you flacking for the insurance companies? >> i'm not flacking for them. >> get more money. what about the folks? >> but, again, if they didn't think it was going to work, they wouldn't spend this kind of money. >> it's working for them. >> look, i think it's working better today than a month ago. and a month from now working even better. >> you are heavily outnumbered. even worse than the little big horn here. >> that's all right. >> big government. they don't like big government. but the folks have not turned completely on the democratic party because the democratic party gets higher ratings in congress than the republican party. they haven't linked up the big government to the democratic machine. what do you think about that? >> well, look, any number of reasons, i think the rollout in healthcare you and i agreed that that was utter disaster. i think nsa spying thing is scaring the heck out of some people. i think the government shutdown in the threat of default took anywhere from according to smart people took a half a point to three
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quarters of a point off the g.d.p. i would be fearful of government too if they were slowing the economy down. >> if the nsa thing put surveillance into play. it's to fight terrorism but it seems that a liberal president. and is he a liberal man, he really is committed to the nsa and that big spy apparatus. >> you know, honestly, that's an issue that i'm torn on. i think there are good people on both sides of it i think there are probably bad people on both sides of it my mind changes by the hour on that. you know, i'm trying to learn more about it, but there are a lot of bad people in the world that wish us ill and maybe some of this stuff is effective but it sure is intrusive. honestly, bill, it's one of the things that i kind of go back and forth on myself. i don't have. >> i mean, i want the nsa to play by some rules and i think those rules have to be defined. and i think that's the fair way to go.
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i want it to be protected and i want them to have the room to get the terrorists. i want the rules to be clear and i don't want them to break them. >> i don't think you and i are on the same place on that. >> christmas. you are a catholic guy, right? >> i am. oldest of 8 children. >> right. and you were raised in a traditional home down south. >> i was. >> where christmas was celebrated not only in your home but in the town and your surrounding area and the public school and all of that. it's changing. >> yeah. >> do you think that change is for the better? >> you know, it's just change. the country is changing. no, no, but you little jimmy carville, little jimmy, do you think. >> i think the catholic church. >> i don't want to know about the catholic church because christmas is christian not catholic. is the change in christmas, all the battles, is it for the better? >> i think the christmas that i have is just as good as it's ever been and my kids are going to have and we all go to the same church we have been going to for over 60 years.
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christmas vigil at 6:00 mass what church is that. >> saint gable catholic church. first communion, i was confirmed there. my parents are buried there and everything else. >> that's a little selfish view. in the carville home you have a great christmas. the o'reilly home we have a great christmas. but out in the square in the marketplace, things have changed is that good or bad, jimmy? good or bad? >> i wish people would sort of reflect more on christmas. the country is changing and where you and i disagree, i think in the public square we ought to leave these kind of things out. i think people ought to celebrate it in their churches and homes. >> behind closed doors? >>. no go out in public. >> you just said you don't want it in the public square. huddle together. >> i don't want to have it at the courthouse. i want to have christmas parades, anything you. christmas shopping, christmas lunch, christmas day, christmas presents, christmas whatever. >> all right, carville. we always appreciate it merry christmas to you. >> merry christmas back to
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you. >> we very a bill o' poll question for you. what kind of a year was 2013? good or bad? simple and pithy as it gets. your opinion, what kind of year was 2013 good or bad? bill o' next on the rundown, leader of the "duck dynasty" taken off the air because of anti-gay comments. laura ingraham has comments on and this the
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week in review from the ingraham angle segment tonight, big trouble for the "duck dynasty" folks after interview with gq magazine the leader of the clan phil robertson has been suspended by the a and e cable network for anti-gay comments quote: the problem four mr. robertson seems he is being judgmental. even though is he not judging he went on to to opine that gay sinners will not, quote, inherit the
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kingdom of heaven. if he simply said he objects to homosexuality on religious grounds, a and e would not have been able to suspend him. once a verdict on bhifer is introduced by a public figure, watchout. leukemia 6:37 says judge not and you will not be judged. condemn not and you will not be condemned. joining us now from washington, fox news analyst laura ingraham and you say? >> well, bill, here is what i think is going on here which is disturbing about this. he did the interview with gq. is he a bible-believing christian. he did the whole sex, drugs, and rock and roll thing in his 60's. he lived that lifestyle. he became a born again christian. he, like millions of people in this country like him believe in the literal word of god and the bible. and i think is he referring to in some of miss comments first corinthians, right? so the question is do people like phil robertson, who said he loves all humanity, his comments after the controversy says he loves all people, that he is a
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christian and he is he going to state his views. do we want those people, who have those views to essentially be drummed out of public life or to be so castigated and so many aspersions cast upon them that they either retreat from public life all together or frankly deny their own faith. i think that would be a scary place to be in the united states. i think all people should have their views spoken. >> don't you think it's possible to make your point and i have no beef and a and e should not, either, of mr. robertson who runs a faith-based operation out there. i mean a and e hired him and his family. >> they knew what they were getting. >> yeah, don't tell me you are surprised that they are fundamentalist christians because that's what they do. they have it in the book. they have it on the tv show, so a and e knows exactly who they are. mr. robertson, i believe, made a mistake by the condemnation line. and here's why. it's not about the bible or
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believing or not believing in the bible. it's singling out a group, it could be any group and saying to that group, hey, you're going to be -- you are not worthy in the eye. >> well, bill. >> wait. you are not worthy in the eyes of the lord or in the eyes of god. you are not worthy because of how are. so once you get that personal, once you get down and into that kind of a realm problems arise. >> yeah. i had the lesbian writer camille on my radio show today she was interesting. she is a libertarian. i don't have to agree with everything he said and the way he said it but the approach to speech whether you don't like the way he phrased it or could have phrased it differently, i mean, that's life in the united states of america. people say things all the time about you, and me, that are hateful, horrible, but i don't really want them to it lose their job. i didn't want that ed schultz guy to lose his job on msnbc. i never advocated for that. i'm confident enough in who i am that i can, you know, that's his view, that's
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fine. i kind of pity him. but the idea that people who believe in the literal word of god. i am a roman catholic, you are a roman catholic, these self-censure themselves so they don't step here or there is ridiculous. no more so than gay americans should have so censure what they say in government. they shouldn't. it's a free country they should be able to say what they want. christians or muslims or orthodox jews who have views on a variety of subjects should be able to express those viewpoints without the entire elite establishment condemning them as somehow worse than the clan or terrible people. >> the seculars consider it hate speech. do you think robertson made a mistake in the condemnation line? see, that's where i think he made his mistake right up to there, he was okay. once he went in and said you are not going to go to
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heaven. >> i don't think so it matters. your thinking about this with all due respect is wrong. >> my think something wrong? >> i do. >> i'm just going by luke. i'm going by what the bible says. >> no, i'm not disagreeing with that at all. of course you are right about that what i'm saying is i don't think he believes that is he condemning individuals, i think he is stating his christian literal belief in the bible. >> maybe not what he intended, certainly the target of the words. >> why do you think they are doing it him? do you think they are doing it to him. >> to marginalize a christian who has a big platform. >> they want him to shut up. it's the new blacklist. >> there is no doubt about that. >> if you don't submit to their world view they will try to destroy. >> you with all due respect to them. i think phil robertson helped them. >> we will hear another point of view on mr. robertson. later, megyn kelly on the parents of that 16-year-old texas rich kid who killed four people. wait until you hear about them. those reports after these messages. michael, tell us why you used priceline express deal
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continuing now with the phil robertson series. with us michael mcclan ski marketing consultant. a and e are going to take a lot of heat on the right from christian fundamentalists, people who agree with phil robertson no, doubt about it. did they do the right thing for the corporation? >> i think they absolutely did the right thing. they have two things that are post important to them. they have their own corporate values and they have got their viewers. no matter what they did they were going to anger some
1:24 am
viewers. for a and e heats stated corporate values which this action is consistent with they did the right thing. >> i don't understand what a and e's corporate values are do you think what they are. >> they first of all believe they are progressive organization. >> they would be a liberal organization. >> they probably would consider themselves liberal organization. >> why would they hire "duck dynasty" guys who are obviously conservative and fundamentalist christian? why would they hire them. >> the show even though he it was clear that they had christian values it wasn't about their christian values it was good entertainment. >> it was all over the place in the show. so you believe that a and e's value system leans left and to be consistent they could not tolerate what mr. robertson said? >> well, i think they can be -- whether they are pro-gay or not. they can be opposed to anti-gay remarks. i think that's where it came down. he made anti-gay remarks. we are going to draw a line. >> why were the remarks anti-gay if the bible does mention in the old testament
1:25 am
that homosexuality is not acceptable? >> well, i think first of all, if you are gay, you are likely to be insulted. >> offended no doubt about it. >> so in that respect it's anti-gay. if he had come on and actually given his apology which talked about him being born again and he believes what the bible believes. if he had only read from the bible, then, maybe he would have been okay. >> it gets a little rough in the old testament on the gays though. i don't know if reading the bible would have helped out. as i said, i think he could have stated his religious conviction without the condemnation attached to it. therefore, a and e couldn't have done anything, would have been in violation of his religious belief system. now, as i said, a and e is going to take a lot of heat here. this crew might even move their show off that network. so, they may lose in this -- in the long run economically. is it worth it. >> you are going to lose either way. you either lose with the right or lose with the left. >> would you have lost if a and e had just come out and said what mr. robertson said
1:26 am
was not -- does not reflect our corporate values and we disagree with it and, indeed, condemn it all right? but he is an american, he has a right to his opinion. would that have solved it? >> so i think first of all how you say things matters. how he came out and communicated this made a big difference. the way it was perceived rightly is that it was an attack on gays. also because is he a reality tv is star and not a scripted tv star. his persona is who a and e has hired. it's much harder to step away from who he is in the gq article and who he is on "duck dynasty" then you might be able to do if it were a scripted tv star. >> what i hear you saying mr. malansky that a and e is going to have to dump the show because all the robertsons believe. this don't state it bus but that's what they believe. >> we are not going to take action on people because of their beliefs. when they go out and they communicate and they -- and they start to espouse this belief publicly, then the
1:27 am
question is do they deserve a platform that we, if we are at a and e are paying for, do we deserve -- >> -- and the corporation has to make that decision, but, believe me, if they let the robertsons go, how long would it take another cable network to pick them up. >> glen beck has probably already offered. >> that's true and probably a bunch of others. thank you for coming. our mad as hell segment rocks tonight. people very upset. rich texas boy who
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mad as hell segment tonight, we have a lot of angst. here to help us out with this is heather nauert. you see her on "fox & friends" in the morning. first letter comes from janet from florida i'm mad as hell every time i read the label made in china. my hallmark christmas cards are printed in china. even mittens for the u.s.
1:30 am
olympic team made in china. this is a huge deal here. >> look, a the lo of people get upset about this. i have to say official gloves for the u.s. olympic team are in fact made in the united states. 98 bucks a pair there are other mittens, $14 a pair that are made in china. >> cheap mittens. >> the cheap mittens are made in china. >> preliminary pick company it's a branding thing they still get money from that. >> the cheap mittens are made to give money to u.s. preliminary pick team as a fundraising effort. >> all right. so, what overall is the chinese manufacturing capacity here? they almost own the market along with vietnam and central america and things like that. >> you would think so. this is in fact fascinating. two thirds of our personal money that we spend as americans actually goes to u.s. goods. the big ticket dollar items. including cars, furniture, things like that. >> but not clothing. >> but clothing, that's about 10% of what we spend annually goes to china from household to household. feels like a money goes to
1:31 am
china. clutter takes up a lot of space. the chunky toys the dishes. >> capitalism and that's just what it is. get it made cheaper overseas you do so. second letter comes from jim kinney, kerry, north carolina, you know what burns me up in affluenza. how could a kid kill four people and get no jail time? jean boyd judge in texas. analyze what happened in that. can we get rid of the judge boyd. >> the judge can removed from office. here is how it does. the governor can remove her from office. >> is that right? >> the governor can it has to be approved by two thirds of the house and two thirds of the senate, both of which are republican controlled. >> i think that would happen in texas. >> but it's out of session right now. the governor would have to call in a special session. we called the governor's office. they don't appear to be poised to do any of that right now. they referred us to the lt. governor's office, david dewhurst, he says he is looking at the laws and procedures for removing a
1:32 am
judge. >> she going to be out there. >> her time is up in one year. she is elected republican. she has been in that position for 19 years. >> this was insane decision by this woman. and that's that. >> but there doesn't appear to be the political will in the state of texas to do a whole lot about that at this point. >> third letter comes from gary, petaluma, california. it's difficult to watch a professional game. dread locks and body ink everywhere. show biz. >> i feel your pain. some of these guys look grotesque out there. >> the long hair. >> the hair doesn't bother me much in the nfl. the helmet. i get it, can't read their name. but, you know, they do that but the nba with the ink all over them, i mean, it is is unattractive. >> yeah, yeah. >> and you get kids and then the kids think it's cool. and they want to get a tattoo sleeve down their arm at 8. you say listen, rodney. you are not going to do that. >> these players want to be
1:33 am
noticed. it's all about branding themselves. players with the long hair have facebook pages dedicated to long hair. >> dedicated to the hair. but the tattoo thing now is all mings, it's unusual for the guy with no tattoos, he is the one that stands out. he is the one that gets attention. you don't have a tattoo, do you. >> that's a topic of big conversation on "fox & friends." >> do you have a at that time too. >> maria mow lien nancts but not heather? >> not right now. >> arkansas, mad as hell, we americans are not smart enough to realize buying online will ehe eliminate jobs in the bring and mortar stores that will cause more unemployment. what's the deal here is computer world which is where we are all going here going to replace the big department stores and little mom and pop shops in buying, and what does that going to mean. >> national retail federation says no, that online isn't replacing bring and mortar stores. antidotal evidence.
1:34 am
look at this. circuit city. best buy, borders, barnes & noble. some of those companies out of business. barnes & noble limping along. i think the evidence certainly aappears or points to. >> don't you you have to hire people in the computer realm to fill the orders? >> i don't think you have enough people to fill those orders to replace jobs that could be lost. >> if it happens, if the trend continues on internet buying then the employment rate in those sectors will go up. >> that's the research we are looking at. retail stores still employ one in nine americans at this point. that number is a lot fewer than it was 15 years ago. >> i like to feel the stuff that i'm buying. but then again, if i go in the store, it's pandemonium and a line and there is 18 people there. >> you can't feel the melons in public. >> you look like bill o'reilly. >> i hate him. i hate him. and then, oh, we do too. it's it turns chaotic. >> things like clothing and obviously food. people are still going to want to go to the stores to buy those. >> last letter, josephine
1:35 am
mcdonald. fizzle. i'm mad as hell and appalled jesse watters and conduct with pigeons, jesse tried to punch the pigeons that he said were attacking him in the park. i had been up close and personal with pigeons for 15 years, i know the reason they tried to attack watters was because they sent something negative about him. so by that measure, everyone would be attacking watters. >> poor jesse. he was trying to protect his collar. because if a pigeon landed on his collar, his collar might go down. you can't have that. >> pigeon might poop on the collar. we don't want that. >> or that. >> a lot of people wrote me and said that jesse's actual punch was a little afamily afilm afeminent. watters, he looked a little rattled out there. >> would you think to punch a pigeon? >> why punch a pigeon? >> swat it away. >> there is not a pigeon in the world come near me.
1:36 am
>> why's that? >> sebz a signal of negativity that makes watters looking like santa. all right? do you want negativity? you are looking at it heather nauert, everybody, she is anything but negative. if she gets a tattoo, the world will end. and if you are mad as hell, we want to know about it please write us mad as hell at when we come right back, megyn kelly on the parents of that 16-year-old who killed four people in texas and did not get punished harshly. and then, why does the commander at guantanamo bay take down christmas displays? we will tell you in just a few moments. [ male announcer ] 'tis the season of more. more shopping. more dining out. and alo with it, more identity theft. by the time this holiday season is over, more than a million identities may be stolen. every time you pull out your wallet, shop online, or hit the road, you give thieves a chance to ruin your holiday.
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during the holidays and now they can do it for you. try lifelock's protection 60 days risk free. ♪ ♪ order now and get a special holiday gif-- a document shredder to keep sensitive documents out of the wrong hands. a $29 value free. ♪ ♪ because during the holidays, keeping your identity protected means keeping your family protected. paragraph. thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the kelly file segment tonight. much of the country is talking about of a fliewn za. not a disease but a condition presented by a lawyer in texas who says his 16-year-old client was driving drunk because his
1:39 am
family is wealthy and basically let the kid do whatever the kid wants to do. ethan couch received no prison time for killing four americans, seriously injuring two others after he drove his pickup truck into a crowd. now we learn more about ethan and his parents. here to explain fox news anchor megyn kelly is here right after the factor. tell me about the parents. >> so now we are learning that they have had several run-ins with the law themselves. and, you know, all that stuff was true. i mean, the parents from all accounts were really sort of absentee and let the kid do what he wanted and then held him to account. there was no personal responsibility held to him doesn't excuse anything. but it is true. >> what is the father holding. >> couch 48, charged with theft twice. once in '89 and once in '95. charge with now assaulting now ex-wife. charge with evading arrest. never convicted for those crimes. the wife on the other hand tonya couch 46 was charged with reckless driving in 2003, stopped for speeding
1:40 am
with three kids who weren't secured in the car under age 17. looks like she was convicted on that and had to do six months of community service. so they have had more than the average brushes with the law. >> the kid lives with whom? >> now kids sent to california as part of his penalty for killings. >> explain that to me. >> he is going out to the newport academy in california which costs, wait for it, $450,000 a year to keep him there. the dad is going to pay. the dad has got millions as they argued in the case. >> he owns a sheet metal company. >> they made a ton of money. made like $10 million a year in this sheet metal company. is he going to pay $450,000 a year for ethan to go out there and do equine therapy and have organic meals for the next two years. one of the conditions is dad pays and the kid can't have any contact with the parents. so the judge clearly does not think the parents are good people. the kids' psychiatrist testified at his trial the parents aren't good people.
1:41 am
the parents have basically raised a kid with a completely flat affect and no understanding of what it is like to be a functioning member of society. the psychiatrist testified unless you get him totally away from those parents and get him into deep therapy, there is no saving him. so it sounds like this judge bought with that psychiatrist said hook, line and sinker and going for that. >> do you think the kid should go in to deep therapy at 450,000 a year or jail? >> you know, it's tough to say. he behaved so recklessly four people are dead. >> so how about this severely injured. >> the other two the other is paralyzed really bad. i do believe. >> how about you sentence him to a term. he is 16. five years in prison. 21 he gets out. but is he on probation for the rest of his life and he has to do this kind of service. wouldn't that be something? i mean, you don't want to. >> i do think the kid needed some jail time. when you have four people who are dead. >> you know he newport, california. >> sounds pretty nice. >> one of the nicest places
1:42 am
in the country. >> it sounds it it? >> right. target, kelly is always shopping at target. i have seen her in there. >> i do love to shop. >> she does like the bargains and picking up all the stuff. so apparently somebody hacked into their computer system and stole credit cards from target customers? >> yeah. this is bad news. if you shopped at target between wednesday before thanksgiving, which is a big shopping day, all the way through december 15th, you may have been compromised and they are asking to you check your bank statements very carefully. this is tens of millions of people who are out there. these hackers somehow got into target systems and not only have credit card or debit card or target card they have the expiration date and security code which allows you to place the orders online. you know, that's what they need. and they also can create a dummy card from like so they can actually create a hand held card that go in. >> they can steal potentially from millions of people. >> and it it's happening. >> and these are hackers, people who went into the system? >> yes. >> now the secret service is
1:43 am
investigating. why would they? >> i was surprised to learn as well this apparently this is within their jurisdiction. they investigate hacking crimes here in the united states. >> is that right? >> one of their charges is to keep us safe from this type of activity. so you have got them looking into it. >> it sounds like target may know more than it's saying. they haven't told us the who, who did it or the how. the speculation is that, you know, the little machine you run your card through when you go to the store, so somehow they hacked into that. >> i think it's an inside job. somebody who was inside. >> very sophisticated. >> right. set it up and then they -- but that's speculation. i bet you that happens. what have you got tonight? should i watch your show. >> speaking of that affluenza case. greg abont is going to come on and talk about the next steps in this case which is interesting. we have glad on "duck dynasty" and tony perkins of the family research council. >> there she is at the moment the commander of the guantanamo bay bay for terrorists takes down nativity it scenes and other
1:44 am
signs of christmas. wait until you hear why.
1:45 am
1:46 am
1:47 am
civilians on that bation in cuba. and most of them like to cele most of them like to celebrate christmas with decorations. now the head of the base has
1:48 am
removed christmas decorations. are you behind this, mr. weinstein. >> will, not to use loaded questions, we had 18 members of the united states military come to us. they came to us because they were very, very upset and concerned about what they viewed as a violation of their civil rights. they came to us and that's the reason over 35,000 members of the military have come to us. we went to the pentagon. we made it clear that we thought it was completely unlawful. and as they have done in the past, the pentagon thought about it and agreed with us. we don't have mrff storm troopers to invade guantanamo. >> calm down, calm down heerks. storm troopers.
1:49 am
ridiculous. the 18 complained to you. did you release the names? do you have their names? >> no, bill, we're not going to release their names. gnat's part of the reason they came to us is because of anonymity. we had 41 people there. >> is there anyone among the 18 that would come on this program and explain why they were offended? b because it is a federal holiday. it honors the birth of jesus. passed by congress, signed by president grant. the creche and the nativity scene portrays what happened on christmas day. because it is a federal holiday, it seems to be in context. not like you're making anybody at guantanamo bay pray or go to church or say hallelujah, i love jesus. it's a depiction of a federal holiday. i would like to know why.
1:50 am
it seems that out of the 18, one would have the cojones enough to come on and tell me. >> my mom and dad are big fans of your show. they told me to be nice. where do i begin? i understand that people think this is political correctness run amok. we're seeing christian privilege, previously unchallenged being challenged now. >> why is it christian privilege? isn't it a national holiday? it's a national holiday, not a christian holiday. >> bill, i know it is. i know it's a national holiday. can i respond now, please? i'm your guest, let me try to respond. christian privilege is now gone. welcome to the land of equality. you must all share your toys. i understand that people don't like that. >> look, mr. weinstein, you're not making any sense to me.
1:51 am
it's a national holiday. it's a national holiday. >> bill, bill, bill -- >> it's a national holiday. >> bill, have you ever been in the united states military. yes no? >> i have not. >> when you're in the military, it's not like working at fox or costco. it's a tribal, communal place. there are regulations in place that absolutely make this clear that this was wrong. the air force, a week and half ago, the navy yesterday, came back and agreed with them. >> it was a cowardly decision by the base commander. >> it was a brave decision. >> no, it wasn't. this is a depiction of a secular holiday signed into law. that's what it was. if somebody is offended by it, i want to know why. and your guys don't have the courage to stand up and tell me. that's the fact. i'll give you the last word. you got 20 seconds. go. >> bill, please don't call our
1:52 am
members of the military cowards. the majority of them are christians. they joined the military and are prepared to fight. the majority of them understand what the rights are. your christian personal rights will always be trumped -- >> you just, with all due respect to your parents, are a bloviater. you don't answer the question. i'll tell you why. cut him off. he's a jerk. i covered four wars with a pen, okay mr. weinstein. so don't impugn my courage ever again. you're a weasel. a nice christmas gift that will cost you nothing to give. the tip moments away.
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♪ >> it is friday december 20th. the dushg dick dynasty clan dra line in the sand after their patriarch was kicked off the air. what it means for the future of that show? >> the 11th hour exemption as the president heads out on vacation another major change is made to obamacare. how it will effect you and your wallet. >> it is one of the biggest christmases of all times. >> now mariah carey spreading joy and cheer to a dictator. why the super star is un


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