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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  December 20, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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i'm off next week on vacation with my family. i will back in 2014. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight and everywhere night this year. it's been a great one. next year promises to be even better. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. >> the "duck dynasty" controversy just got hotted. the family patriarch may not be the only one leaving the most watched cable show. harvey lefns joins us with the latest. harvey, nice to see you. is the family going to stick it out with a and e and stay on the show or what? >> i will tell you that the family has drawn a line in the sand and said if phil is not there, they are not there. we are actually -- i haven't even put this up on our web site yet, but i will tell you, greta, that i am told that things did not go well, at least so far in terms of the negotiations. and there is a real chance that the show will not go back into production again. they finished season four but beyond season four, there is a real chance the
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show is going to be over with, which is shocking because it's really the biggest realty show ever in television and a huge cash cow for and and e. it is pretty shocking that this could come to an end, although that hasn't happened. >> all right. why can't. who owns the production? i mean, do they have a contract so that they can't just -- the family can't just pick up and move to another network? >> actually a good question. i was told by somebody connected with all of this today that they would have to sit it out for a period of time if they decide not to do the a and e show. so they can't just pick up and immediately go somewhere else. remember this show has still got another season in the can, season four. and that will certainly have to run its course before they could do anything. but they do have a contract and would have to sit out. >> who is the tougher one in the negotiations the family or a and e?
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>> that's a good question. they are at loggerheads. this is a situation where a and e and we are going to put this up on the web site tomorrow morning and i'm going to be a little bit obtuse here but a and e had certain pressures and they were saying you can't keep somebody on this show. who says things like that. and, on the other side, you have got them saying you knew what you were getting. he was an open book. i mean, he had said these things years before he joined the show and was able videotaped in sermons saying it. so how can you, basically, fire somebody by, you know, for saying things that you you knew he felt and allowed him to do an interview with gq. so you have got these two sides looking at this completely differently harvey, i follow you on twitter and tmz.
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who doesn't. one of your tweets was this, i'm gay and i don't agree with phil but he has a right to his beliefs. it's not hate-based it's religious, misdirected but his right. that's your tweet. >> that's what i wrote and that's what i feel. i mean, you know, this country was founded on freedom of religion. that's one of the reasons we broke from england. and it just seems to me that you don't have to tolerate things, things that are abhorrid if they don't hurt any people. i almost laughed over my lifetime radically different interpretations of the bible. he has his and i don't agree with his and i don't believe what he believes. at the same time, you have to tolerate other people having -- i mean, the irony here is you have got groups like glad saying we are pushing tolerance, you have got to accept us just because we are different doesn't mean that you shouldn't embrace us. well, can you make the same argument about this guy.
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and if you are going to accept tolerance on one side, you have got to accept it on the other. and it just seems to me as long as he is not hurting me or other people, and he is not propagating, know, doing bad things to people, i don't see how you can punish him for how he feels. especially when you knew how he felt going in. >> how much money is involved here in this show? do you have any idea how the ratings are? >> greta. huge ratings. enormous ratings. they are making tens of millions of dollars. i have heard over time hundreds of millions of dollars on this show. this is honestly the biggest reality show ever in television. it's a huge show it's an industry. if you look at what's happened. here is one of the irony, greta. running "duck dynasty" marathons, beginning the 22nd of december. almost all the way through to the new year.
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i'm not talking a marathon of three or four hours. i'm talking, 7, 8, 9 hours. "duck dynasty," the guy starring in the show that they are running in the marathon isn't running on the show anymore, at least for now because they don't like what he said. pretty ironic. >> harvey levin my old friend from l.a. and tmz it. we will see you all the latest this weekend. go to harvey, always nice to see you. >> great to see you, greta. >> national debate about our freedom. former senator rick santorum joins us. good evening, sir. >> hi, greta. >> you have seen this debate before. i'm curious your thought tonight. >> well, i appreciate what harvey just had to say. the fact of the matter is, he is right. this country was founded on freedom of religion and what we see from the folks in glad is doing exactly what they preach against. they preach against intolerance and they are, in fact, the leading intolerant
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organization out there when it comes it to anybody who disagrees with their point of view. what phil robertson did, that was so offensive to them was simply quote the bible. and he did it actually pretty accurate job of quoting the bible i corinthians. for him to be persecuted as he is for his religious beliefs and for quoting those religious beliefs and for stating them very explicitly which he does on the show by the way is pure intolerance. here's the point, greta. is that people particularly glad and folks that agree with them and what i would consider the radical lgbt movement, those folks see anybody who disagrees with them as simply a hatedder and bigot when in fact they are the ones being the intolerant ones. >> you know, senator san tore it rum, one of the things they say this in the december 19th statement from the family they say his beliefs are grounded in the teachings of the bible, what the family does say which has created consternation
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for many, some of phil's unfiltered comments to the reporter were coarse. you can have a difference of opinion, you can have an interpretation of the bible and i think that the unfilter comments that were coarse were probably particularly painful to people. >> look. i wouldn't have said -- certainly said it the way he said it, that's for darn sure. let's be honest, that is what is getting people to line up to watch this show because they are a little different. and they say things very differently. they are unique and eccentric in many ways. and it it is what is selling this program. so, for a and e or for glad or anyone else not to expect this type of direct and sometimes coarse language. there is someone that glad gave their person of the year award i think or some of the highest honors who
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uses language that would make phil's language look like, you know, a disney show. the bottom line is, it has nothing to do with the coarseness of their language. i can tell you as someone who has been the victim of coarse language from glad and their proponents, it is not the coarse language that's the problem. the problem is they don't tolerate someone who doesn't share their point of view. >> we only have 30 second left. are you surprised this debate is gripping somebody so. everybody is talking about this. >> people have had enough, greta. it's one thing to be saying we need to be tolerant of folks and let people live the way they want to live, and that's not what's going on here. we're being forced to accept their point of view and if you don't, you are absolutely put out there on the margins and you are being told you are a hater and you are a bigot and you have no place on television. what he did was crude and coarse, no doubt about it, but what they really object to was the fact that he
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quoted scripture and they didn't like that and that's what they are really objecting to. and, unfortunately, we have an opportunity here to fight back for folk, people of faith being able to enunciate that in the public square. >> of course, it all comes down to a discussion about the first amendment, which is always created lots of debate. anyway, senator, thank you, sir. >> my pleasure, thank you, greta. >> during the break i'm going to talk off-the-record because i have something to say about the way a and e. real housewives here to talk about life. "duck dynasty" going to talk about that too. you have to hear what she has to say. of course you can can hash it out with us. what do you think? should phil robertson's family refuse to film "duck dynasty" without him? tweet or post using #greta. [ male announcer ] campbell's homestyle.
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enlarged or painful breasts; problems breathing while eeping; and blood clots in the legs. common side effects include skin redss or irritation where applied, increased red blood cell count, headache, diarrhea, vomiting and increase in psa. ask your doctor about axiron. well, let's go off othe record just for a minute. first impossible to get through life maybe even a day without each of us being a hypocrite about something. i know,i catch myself too being one. there is being ordinary hypocrite and then there is a&e. a&e is hypocrisy class all its own. they were in that jaw dropping kind. a&e network executives are
4:13 pm
so phony, they now have scanneddized by "duck dynasty" phil robertson's comments to a gq reporter. really? a&e is suddenly just now scanneddized and so horrified that it is ditching the first amendment? well, a&e is so lame, a&e has known about this for years because robertson has been saying those same things for years. you can even get on youtube on a&e computers just like on your laptop at home. they knew about it a&e new all about robertson. now that a&e is getting heat for what robertson has been saying for years, a&e is running for the hills rather than standing up for the first amendment. a&e is cowering and trying to pull a fast one on all of us. pretending that they just learned about robertson's views and they find his views so appalling him that they are suspending him. that is a fantasy. now here is the truth. "duck dynasty" gets big ratings and a&e likes the big cash that comes with big ratings so they never cared what robertson said as long as he kept high ratings. you know that and, of course, a&e knows that a&e
4:14 pm
executives must think we are all stupid with their phony reaction now. but in that holiday spirit if you are charitable towards that a&e executive and you think well, maybe they have re-thought about robertson's statements and now they have change of heart even to the point where they think good manners trumps the first amendment? well, think again, a&e just did five hours of programming of "duck dynasty" last night, two days after the controversy erupted and they are planning a "duck dynasty" marathon this sunday a&e scanneddized? no, that's the money. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. tell me what you think. if you have an important story or issue you think i should take off-the-record go to and tell us about it. charles krauthammer now joins us. he has that brand new book, this book is things that matter. it's selling like hot cakes. charles, i know you have a thought about dibs because just about everybody across the nation does. your thought on this "duck dynasty" controversy. >> well, look, i don't think it's a first amendment
4:15 pm
issue. th protect against the government intrusion on speech and the government is not involved here. this is an issue that we perennially have. what are the limits of speech that we police ourselves through boycotts. osterism and firing. any organization can let anyone go over anything that person says. the issue here is what is over-the-line. i think if you are doing a reality show, the essence of the show is to show these shall we say unusual people who are extremely popular because of their unusual mountain man style, lifestyle, speech and all of that, then you shouldn't be shocked if you really hear something like this. so i think it's a huge overreaction everywhere. i think people ought to live -- the essence of a tolerant society is that you tolerate the discretions and lack of tact and you don't lose your job or your show
4:16 pm
or whatever over that kind of thing. >> one quick question about your op. ed today, the story of the year. what's the story of the year, charles? >> story of the year is how the country and the nation is beginning to understand the degree to which obamacare a revolution it was sold as something that would simply make the current system a private enterprise system, increase the competition as fairness and all of that in fact, as we learn every day as the washington administration changed the rules, or to the insurers around treat them as if they are wholly owned subsidiaries. it is a federal takeover of a sixth of the u.s. economy, which was a conservatives had their argument from the very beginning. it was obvious it was the essence of obamacare. and now as it begins to be implemented everyone is able to see it, and that's the reason there is such a tremendous reaction against it, in public opinion and i don't see that stopping. >> well, you know what? i think it's so interesting
4:17 pm
in terms the biggest stories of the year. the media is now so surprised where if it had done its homework to begin with they wouldn't have been particularly surprised. nothing new in the story except that the web site was a filibuster. >> i agree with you entirely. all of the essential elements that everybody is shocked about. the cancellation of the millions of plans held privately, that was all in the bill. it was -- a lot of it was actually predicted in the regulations. right now, the regulations that the administration itself has issued estimates that there are about 50 to 70 million americans who, in the future, meaning probably next year have plans provided by employers that can be cancelled because they don't meet the arbitrary requirements the administration has imposed on healthcare plans. this was all in there, no one looked at that time. remember as pelosi said, we're not going to know what's in it until we pass it well, we passed it. and now we are learning what's in it and those who didn't look at what's in it,
4:18 pm
are all of the sudden shocked and dismayed and that's the reason the democrats are stuck with this. there is no way to undo what is being done right now. >> we only have 30 seconds left. in your op. ed you said i don't care a whit for the insurance company. think deserve what they get. >> they are now wholly owned subsidiaries of the government. the idea it's alternative to government control is a fraud. this is government control intiz despised as independent system. the way that obama and hhs changed the rules every hour on the hour is an indication of how little autonomy the insurers have. this is nationalized medicine. and we're now getting our first bitter taste of it. >> charles, thank you very much. nice to see you, sir. >> pleasure, thank you. >> coming up, another one, president obama sliding in another last-minute change to obamacare and the insurance industry, well, they are upset. they are even warning president obama's latest change could lead to tremendous instability. dr. ben carson is here to
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when you know where to look.
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another obamacare change, president obama making another change hours before heading to hawaii. this change come just days before the obamacare sign up deadline hits us. this surprise new change exempts people whose policies were cancelled from the individual mandate in other words the ones who had policies cancel because of obamacare will not have to pay penalties for one year because they can't get it under obama irca. also the insurance industry dr. ben johnson joins us.
4:24 pm
good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. >> i suspect that the white house is now admitting by this new change that the obamacare is a hardship for many. >> yeah. unfortunately, it's just the latest edition of the weekly unconstitutional changes that are made. but, you know, it's sort of like having a baseball game. you have two teams and you have an umpire. the umpire says i'm going to play on this team. this would be the government's team. you get to change the rules any time they start falling behind. and after a while, even the most ardent fans begin to say you know, there is something wrong with this. and i think that's what's happening with the american people. time to look at it and look at it a fair way lack of
4:25 pm
constituenciy. >> what is clear about. this the congress legislates and pass as law and the president executes and has some discretion how you enforce and executes t at some point when there is so many significant changes made to it, so many people are exempted and some different changes that you really sort of defeat the original intent of the law and how it was developed. this is a gray area and no magical formula. it does seem this law is quite fluid. we don't know really what's in it. >> it doesn't really resemble its original form very much and continue to more. and when we get to the end product. it won't be anything like what it was expected to be. and, that's a problem. but, think about the problem with the small businesses and with individuals who are trying to decide what they are going to do for their future. i expect probably that christmas shopping will be down significantly this year because people don't know what kind of premiums they
4:26 pm
are going to be paying. they can't plan their lives. and to keep people in limbo like this, this is the reason that the government was never supposed to get this big. it was never supposed to be this intrusive because it would completely destroy the american dream. >> you know, is the people can't buy it this year. the ones who are going to be excepted for the mandate. what in the world makes them think a year from now they can buy it especially if young people don't buy into the obamacare when we get the ratings, numbers for insurance prices going to go up such a drag on our economy, clearing up. they are not going to clear up. people are smarter than that they know this is going to be a continuing problem that the rules are going to continue to change. that the whole thing is
4:27 pm
continue to more. but the good thing is it's going to become so clear we need to make changes and we the american people will make those changes and we will be able to live by logic and common sense and we will be able to move the economy forward. we will be able to do things that help everybody in our society. this is going to happen. i really feel confident. >> dr. carson, thank you. always nice to see you, sir. >> always nice to see you, greta. >> coming up, it must be like facing ago firing squad. president obama going into a press with low approval rating and unpopular policy. how can can a president be prepped for that? former presidential press secretary dana perino gives you a look behind the scenes next. plus, donald trump is already a real estate tycoon and reality show star. but is he adding rapper to his resume? wait until you see what the donald just tweeted. that's coming up.
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>> now get ready to speed read your way through the news. first to new york city and the latest on the biker accused in that vicious road rage attack on the family in an suv. today 11 of the bulkers appearing in court. plea deals to all of them. no biker has accepted a plea deal. they all l. all be back in court in february. now to london, jury two assistants of celebrity chef watson. using lawson's credit cards to buy luxury trips. now to the giant credit card data breach at target. they are having trouble contacting target through web site and call centers. target says it is trying to fix the problem. yesterday the company admitting information was stolen from 40 million credit and debit card accounts using almost 2,000 target stores nationwide. and now to wall street the dow closing at record high
4:32 pm
today that is after the u.s. government economic growth for the third quarter and that's tonight's speed read. and now to president obama's final news conference of the year. the president addressing everything from obamacare to the iran sanctions to his plunging approval rating. so did the president help or hurt his case? joining us our political panel susan, the hill's managing editor bob cusack and luis. anything surprise you this end of the year prevacation news conference? >> he started off talking about the economy and talked about the jobs created this year and really painted a positive picture. he thought next year would be a break through year for the economy. of course, this morning's news where the estimates were rounded up really helped him be able to say that the economy was doing a lot better. >> bob, how about you? anything surprise you? >> i was surprised how sluggish he was. i think it incapsulated his year. he had a very difficult 2013.
4:33 pm
and he -- took a lot -- answered a lot of questions. but he didn't seem to have a lot of energy. maybe it was anxious to get on that flight to hawaii. >> susan, i agree with bob. i thought that he looked really exhausted and weary. when he was upoday. well, i agree. in fact, i think the confident obama was just reduced by several notches at this press conference. it was almost like i thought one of the most interesting quotes he gave was saying look, i just wake up every day trying to help people. it's not going to be perfect. i'm going to do the best i can and try to accomplish everything i can can. it was almost like a concession as though he was saying this year was a mess and i did the best i could. and that's -- i felt like that was the whole kind of message of the press conference. he didn't admit it was a mess. he did say he thought the healthcare rollout was screwed up. those were his words. he tried to do the best he could do every day. he was sort of shrugging it off and say i do what i can and it's not going to be perfect. >> he did talk about the numbers and how they are
4:34 pm
more favorable. did you see the bounce in the step? he didn't spend a lot of time talking about that he just sort of, i mean that may have been his best news. but he certainly had the wind taken out of him. >> he will with, i really wondered if the third quarter growth had not been rounded up this morning. if he would have even started with that because, you know, the economic picture is still pretty bad. there is a ton of people without jobs. and a lot of people who, you know, unemployment benefits will be ending. and so, you know, that was the positive news. but, as a lot of people out there know the economy is still pretty bad. >> relationship these days white house press corps? >> well, as you could tell by the nature of the questions today, that things are getting a little bit tense. i thought one -- actually the most interesting thing about this press conference was not what president obama said, but the questions the press conference asked. right out of the gate. the first question came from the associated press and the question was: do you consider this the worst year of your presidency? i mean, what does that tell
4:35 pm
you when reporters are asking that straight out of the gate? most of the questions there were lots of follow-up where the reporters are really seeking clarification or trying to corner him on things. obviously there has been a lot of animosity over the picture-taking, the press corps not being able to shoot as freely as in past administrations. i would say right now things have deteriorated between the press and the white house. >> do you agree with susan in terms of the relations between the white house press corps and the president. >> it's tense. interesting when he asked what his new years resolution better u.s. relations and treat the press corps better. president obama watches the cable news shows. he reads the newspapers. and it effects him. i think it has taken some wind out of his sail. the good news for him 2013 is basically over. he has a new year but it's also going to be a tough year because of the midterm elections and if democrats lose control of the senate, it's going to be a disastrous two years and everyone is going to be calling him a lame duck.
4:36 pm
>> only 20 seconds left. what he said about healthcare. he painted several rosy picture, did he sell it? >> he actually was, to me, a bit in denial. promoting the healthcare law and talking about people getting insurance who didn't have it before. but he wasn't getting into the bigger issue which is the millions of people who have insurance and have now lost it and the huge question mark out there about whether they will actually be able to get coverage in the future, which is going to be his biggest problem. >> panel, thank you. thank you for joining us. >> thanks, greta. >> thanks. >> president obama went into that press briefing knowing he would have to at least spin those plummeting approval ratings somehow and popular policy. he even tried a few jokes. >> i know you are already eager to skip town and spend some time with your family. not surprisingly i am, too. but, you know what they say, it's the most wonderful press conference of the year. my new years resolution is to be nicer to the white house press corps. [ laughter ]
4:37 pm
i have got to say you are stringing a bunch of things along here. let's see if we can hone in on a question. >> lot more pleasant than ed henry has. president george w. bush has had some less popular numbers. unfortunate numbers. how do you do it. check the box tradition. i do wonder based on something your panel just said, if they had not had that third quarter growth number this morning -- three questions today about his
4:38 pm
feelings. how do you feel about that? do you feel bad about yourself? he wasn't going to play that game with them. i don't think that he seemed down. >> i thought he seemed so weary. >> well, i think he is tired of the nonsense. he doesn't like the governing piece of it i likes the leadership piece of it he likes the swagger. it could be that his staff maybe suggested that arrogance was not the best thing to do. if you look at his opening statement, if you only saw that part of it and you hadn't been paying attention to the news for the past three months you would say you know what? america had a pretty good year. his tone did not necessarily match the mood of the country. >> i didn't get a sense he sort of owned the room. i thought he was quite humble. he walked in and maybe so weary like, you know, i felt like, you know, own something. you know, like what are you proud of? he used the numbers. that seemed sort of -- the economy numbers. but that even seemed weak. >> the numbers, i noticed that in the beginning with
4:39 pm
his opening statement. it wasn't about hope and joy. it was about listing a series of numbers, we have got x, y, and z. the problem is that people that are paying attention realize those numbers don't exactly match up. you run the risk the president with falling approval numbers going into midterm election with a disastrous domestic policy being implemented being obamacare in this case. you end up with a situation that you know what? is he going to have to get through it. >> i mean, that's just it. sort of get through it that's sort of the part that was troubling me. i mean, i would -- i want my president to come out and inspire me, maybe at a press conference and make thee think he owns the room and have a great year next year. tough times this year. we got through it instead i thought oh my. >> he doesn't believe it? >> like we -- so depressing. >> the president, in my opinion, speaks too often, too many interviews, too much. you see him all the time. a press conference should be a think where you go oh wow the president is going to speak today? i really want to hear what
4:40 pm
he has to say. instead because they have overexposed him to the point of america saying oh he is speaking again? there is nothing new. >> this would have been his chance to really engage in debate and with the press corps instead they kept hitting him harder and they say i wake up every day and try really hard. >> when he talks he says he doesn't care about politics or the polls. but the "the washington post,"every weekend new information about how on the policy piece of obamacare they held back on important decisions because of politics. so maybe he doesn't even -- maybe he just thinks is he in a bad space right now. two weeks off is going to be better for everybody in america. >> air force one headed to hawaii. best feeling in the world for him to get away from washington. >> dana, thank you. >> straight ahead the "duck dynasty" star is not first star to land in hot water. real housewife of new york kelli ben simone is here to tell us all about it next.
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4:44 pm
and outcast. maybe there is a spell and bring it to the u.s. is donald trump going into new business, rapping? donald trump tweeting: what's with this rap stuff with me and ebenezer scrooge? that's right. he fights scrooge in epic rap battle of history ♪ i'm like a star on a christmas tree ♪ you're like the star ♪ i'm not known for my heart ♪ but you will still get. >> the video features a cameo of j.p. morgan the ghost of rich dude's past. worthy of donald and the scrooge. who wins? we report, you decide. and did lebron james tweet a selfie? not exactly. lebron tweeting my nephew little richie before school this morning. pajama day always awesome. ninja turtles in full. lebron's nephew whole new pajama boy.
4:45 pm
use #greta in all your tweets and posts. more in the duck "duck dynasty" controversy. what's it really like. real housewife of new york kelli bin simone is here to tell you next. capital to make it happen? without the thinking that makes it real? what's a vision without the expertise to execute it... and the financing toake it grow?
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in week "duck dynasty" star phil robertson getting the boot. he is the the not the first one to controversy. real housewife of new york kelli bin simone knows. how are you? >> how are you, greta? >> i'm fine. what's it like to have the microscope on you at all times. anything you say will be used against you as we say. >> exactly although it's not the court of law it is just television. it's exactly that i mean you are literally under this microscope and you have to really be careful about what you say and how you say it. >> well, in this instance it wasn't -- the statement wasn't made on television but was made to a reporter. >> right, to gq. and so the situation here is there is a corporate
4:48 pm
responsibility and a social responsibility. so a&e has a corporate responsibility like how do they handle that and then the social responsibility is from, you know, phil, what is he supposed to it do? is he supposed to have stick to his own code of ethics which is strong christian values or is he supposed to pretend that he is someone else? >> i guess there is sort of an overlay here that. so language he used was so crude to be insulting. wasn't just expression of religious beliefs. you can say things a different way half empty, half full depends on how you say it say in a way that you express your views. or your religious views or you can be a little harsh. >> i like what you said about half empty and half full. that's really the problem here when you are on television it's neither. it's just like you are -- especially for him he is in a family environment. not like in a normal reality situation. is he with with his family. all talking and hanging out and doing whatever. so, therefore, it's probably more of a comforting situation. he might say things that he
4:49 pm
wouldn't say other places. and then, in addition to that it's in this crazy bubble where you kind of feel like, you know, whatever you are saying is just, you know, amongst your, you know, your cast mates your family or people you are filming with. you know, the public has a hard time dealing with the way people are saying things. >> now you have accessories, you have a perfume line. i'm curious, do you miss the reality tv. >> i have a really good time on the show. i really learned so much. it was a huge learning curve. it was so different for me to be in this environment where people i didn't know. i'm like the new girl here. what's happening? they are like who are you? you are not all that and, you know, i had a very difficult time navigating that but, at the same time, i learned a lot. i learned that you know, i wouldn't put up with, you know, bad behavior and that i wanted to be in a good role model for my kids. i actually stopped filming because i had my own ethical decision. i was filming in a situation that was unhealthy and there
4:50 pm
was -- there were health situations there. and so i decided that, you know what? i'm going to stop the filming and finish the next season and then just move on. >> i sort of got the sense from realty tv since it's unscripted. at least i assume it's unscripted, is that there is pressure to be provocative and to make it entertaining and that's sort of where people end up like pushing the envelope and finding themselves in trouble not knowing what that line is i think that's actually an interesting point because, you know, i'm a writer, i used to write for page 6 and for the post and so i'm used to the sensationalism. i'm used to writing about things that are sensationistic. i'm not used to dealing with people who are. and combative. i found myself not being able to put it into a sentence and just send it out. i actually had to like deal with them and try to like, i'm like whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. we are getting off topic
4:51 pm
here. i have to help you out. >> it was not easy though. >> it was not easy. it was a lot of fun but it gave me a huge name so i can have my own fragrance and i'm lucky to be hanging out with you today. >> kelli thanks a lot. best of luck. >> thank you. >> president obama seemed to be happy to talk about enrollment numbers at the news conference. what is he not saying? while they are not particularly good. that's new. that's next.
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
now it's time to show what you we are watching. we put together the most riveting videos out there tonight. take a look. two quick thinking teachers saved a school bus full of children after a bus driver was thrown from his seat. the school bus went speeding out of control with no one behind the wheel that's when one teacher ran and grabbed
4:54 pm
the steering wheel and another jumped on the brakes it was terrifying. the hero teacher stopped the bus and luckily no one was hurt. talk about getting into holiday spirit. penguins already wear tuxedos. they want to dress up even more for the holidays. the penguin then walked in the holiday parade at south korean amusement park and that's what we are watching tonight. coming up, the real story behind the enrollment numbers, could they add up to trouble for obamacare? that's next. what if my abdominal pain and cramps come back? what if the plane gets delayed? what if i can't hide my symptoms? what if? but what if the most important question is the one you're not asking? what if the underlying cause of your symptoms is damaging inflammation? for help getting the answers you need, talk to your doctor and visit to get your complimentary q&a book, with information from experts on your condition.
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4:57 pm
today president obama painting a rosy number about the enrollment numbers. some states with the exchanges are being far more transparent with the white house. and the enrollment numbers the president is painting not so rosy. physician and resident fellow at the american enterprise institute. he joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening. tell me, you have studied these numbers and tell me what you have done and what you have concluded. >> we are looked at data six states. what we find is the population of patients who are enrolling in these plans is older and probably less healthy than what the administration was hoping for. so we found that 55% of the people enrolled were over the age of 45. so they were between the age of 45 and 64. and only 22% were in the key demographic under the age of 34. what's even more revealing are the plans that they are selecting. they are selecting high cost
4:58 pm
plans which is a clear indication that lot of these folks plan tap the healthcare services. paying more expensive plans. 40% of all the people who didn't qualify for subsidies bought gold or platinum plans. that means they are paying premiums on the order of 17 to $1,800 a month for a family of four for those plans. clearly paying up. >> trying to locate the young people and the obama administration really wants them to buy into the plans. is there any indication from your study at all that the obama administration should feel optimistic or at least good about what's going on? >> well, not right now. what they are saying is that they think the young people are going to sign up closer to the deadline. i'm not sure that anyone thinks there is an actual deadline here. i'm not sure that they are going to get this sudden surge at the end. they were hoping most people would select bronze plans and that would be an indication that you were getting younger healthier people that in market. only 20% of people across the six states bought plans bought the bronze plans. only 1% bought the
4:59 pm
catastrophic plans fashioned for the age under 30. indication young people aren't going into this the market. young people getting to the market are paying up for the plans probably because they have preexisting health conditions. >> six states the federal information is not yet available? >> right. this piggy banked on some research that came out from a wall street firm. we looked systematically across six states. doesn't put out this demographic data. hard to make assessments about who is enrolling. >> dr. gottlieb, thank you. of course we will be watching very closely as we get near the first of the year and deadlines are coming upon us and see what happens. but, thank you very much, sir. >> thanks a lot. thank you for being with us. just a reminder, if you are just getting home, and tuning in before bill o'reilly, pick up your dvr remote and set a recording for "on the record" each night that way you will never miss "on the record." why is that important? because we also want you to go to and talk about what you see on the show on
5:00 pm
we will see you again monday night right here 7 p.m. eastern. don't forget. because we really want you to be discussing all the issues we talk about on the air. so good night and good night from new york city tonight. we will see you monday. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> they committed indecent acts with one another. they are full of murder, envy, strife, hatred. they are inslat. arrogant, god hatedders. >> all hell breaking loose over phil robertson's vision of sin and sinners and there are millions of dollars at stake. we have a number of reports tonight. >> we will make the affordable care act work and those who say they are opposed to it will push back. >> with the the white house under enormous pressure president obama retreats to hawaii. ed henry with the inside story. >> i thought he was just being a good teacher. i trusted him. now i have that failu


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