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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  December 20, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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he gets a signed copy of "killing jesus." i'm bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops here. we are looking out for you. merry christmas to everyone. new backlash to oh the administration's latest obamacare exemptions. also tonight -- three times in a week the courts accuse the administration of lawlessness. tonight the fallout. plus, a new twist in the "duck dynasty" controversy. why this may now be a turning point for the religious right. and a cable news anchor claims, quote, vile bigots shouldn't have free speech rights. who gets to decide what's vile? this guy? tonight. just about 72 hours to go before the next big obamacare
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deadline to buy insurance or go uncovered in 2014. tonight the president is taking heat for changing the rules again. welcome to "the kelly file." i'm megyn kelly. we first told you last night about the 11th hour change to the signature legislative achievement giving some americans who had insurance cancelled thanks to obamacare an exemptions from the so-called individual mandate. the penalty, the tax. that's at least the third major obamacare delay this month alone. all done by presidential proclamation. all done without congressleal approval. now the press corps is asking the president how americans can have confidence in this law if the chief executive keeps changing it. watch. >> you talk about the issues with health care but there have been other issues. misinformation about keeping policies, extended deadlines, postponements, a new waiver that hhs announced last night. how do you expect americans to
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have confidence and certainty in this law if you keep changing it? >> i have said before this is a messy process. sometimes when i say that people say, well, a, yeah, it's real messy and, b, isn't the fact that it's been so messy some indication that there are more fundamental problems with the law. i guess what i would say to that, chuck, is when you try to do something this big affecting this many people it's going to be hard. >> marc thiessen is a former speech writer for president george w. bush and a columnist for the washington post. so the president came out today and said these are changes but they don't go to the core of the law. you know, things get messy when you mess with one-sixth of the u.s. economy. your thoughts? >> he just explained it right there. when big government sticks its
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nose into one-sixth of the economy it creates a huge mess. chuck todd asked a great question. there have been something like 14 different unilateral changes to obamacare this year alone. they delayed the employer mandate for a year. they changed the deadline for the individual mandate because they didn't know what was in the law. they announced a grace period for people with cancelled plans which was rejected by half the states because he didn't have the authority to do it. they delayed rollout of the website -- >> my head is swimming. i know you could go on. >> on and on. the problem is -- exactly. our heads are spinning. the heads of the american people are spinning. every time they do a change they throw things into turmoil. they are devastate confidence in the koch tense not just of their administration but of government itself. >> we are already seeing that in the polling.
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gallup had a poll this week that showed 72% of those polled believed the biggest threat to the united states in our future will be big government and a significant number of that -- of democrats believe that. this isn't just the far right. >> that's exactly right. when barack obama took office, it wa that. . today, 72%. that's 3 of 4 americans. the largest number in 50 years of polling by gallup. since barack obama took office, there has been a 24-point increase in the number of democrats who say big government is the biggest threat to our country. >> put it back on the board if you would. excuse me, marc. put it with the independents, republicans and democrats. look at the numbers. 71% of independents believe that. 92% of republicans and 56 -- a healthy majority -- of democrats believe it. they are afraid of big government now. >> exactly right. it was 32 when he took office. it's gone up 24 points.
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when you have a situation where the majority of democrats believe the big government is the big threat to the country the liberal cause is losing. people are looking at this saying, hmm, this is what happens when big government sticks its nose in one-sixth of the economy and maybe it isn't a good idea. obamacare may be the worst thing to happen in to liberalism in the history of ideology. >> what 2014 look like? we believe people will get on, see great plans, be happy. we'll see people who didn't have insurance before. . not the people who were cancelled because of obamacare but people who had no insurance ever get insured, feel happy and things will turn around. >>le they keep saying the website is the problem. it's like the scene in "the jerk" with steve martin as the gas station attendant and the sniper is shooting at the cans. he says, "they hate these cans."
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no, they are trying to kill you. it's the fact that people are losing insurance. are they going to exempt 50 million people when the employer-based plans lose their care next year. this is never ending. >> and this paddle game. that's all i need. another reference to the movie. merry christmas. happy new year. >> merry christmas. you know "the jerk," right? i'm old enough. we are hearing concerns from the insurance industry about the latest change the president made on his own saying it threatens the law itself. president of health policy and strategy associates and former executive of a group benefits insurer. can you explain in simple terms what the president did yesterday because people say it's big. but my eyes glaze over when we talk catastrophic coverage.
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>> he did a number of things. he went to the people whose policies were cancelled and found the deductibles are too high. premiums are too high. he's done two things. first of all he said we won't find you. think about it. you get your health insurance cancelled. you really want to keep it. he announced, i have news for you. we won't find you. they want insurance back. he's substituted this catastrophic policy. the administration talked about how all of the old policies were junk. substandard policies. the most substandard policy in obamacare is the catastrophic plan with huge deductibles. he says, here is a plan with huge deductibles and people had pretty good plans. >> they liked the plans. we touched on this a little bit. the risk pool under obamacare
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was always meant to have a healthy number of healthy people in it. young, healthy people. it seems every change the president makes, many are motivated the for political reasons. he takes more and more healthy people out of the risk pool. most people don't really care about insurance companies and how much money they will make. but they need to care here. why? >> if you don't have a pool that works it doesn't matter if it is an insurance company or a single-payer system. it won't work for you. the cost wills skyrocket. >> premiums will skyrocket. >> exactly right. you don't have to like the insurance company or not. we all have to get in the pool together. he's exempting people. this is about political expediency over good business judgment. they've got a political problem. so they say, okay, you don't have to be in the pool anymore. if they keep doing this, there will be no one left in the pool anymore. >> it's like a line item veto
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where you take out pieces of the law that have already passed. congress agreed on. this is supposed to be the plan. the president is cherry picking things out and changing them. >> it's really bad short-term thinking. they are trying to survive. you wille s see headlines that obamacare is signing up a million people before january and this will be a great success. they only signed up a few thousand in the first month. the fact is we have 40 million uninsured people. if they put 2 million in medicaid and the exchanges, that's 5% of the population. if they sign up 1 million people in the exchanges, we have at least 20 million uninsured and eligible for the exchanges. that's 5%. >> why aren't they signing up? >> then you have the cancelled policies. i think what's happening is they are getting into the exchanges, finding the premiums for middle class and working class people are 10% of after-tax income. that's a hit to somebody's budget. that's for an average deductible
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of $2600 and maybe a narrow provider network. >> not as cheap as they thought. >> people say, i give up 10% of my income and have a $2600? superther walking. >> quickly, are the insurance companieses regretting the deal? they jumped in willingly. >> in for a penny, in for a pound. the problem with the insurance industry is this is the only health plan that was on the table. the concern is if this doesn't work, if this does collapse i don't see evidence that liberals and progressives want to say to conservatives you do it, we don't know how. the reaction from liberals and conservatives is we need to go to single payer. >> liberals and progressives. >> exactly. say we are going to single pa r what the insurance industry is worried about is if this does collapse, what's next? they want it to work. >> interesting point. we have been talking about how when a government program doesn't work, why would we believe the answer would be, oh,
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let's have more government with single payer. the suggestion is we may not have a choice if these insurance companies go down. interesting. there is a happy note to leave it on for christmas. great to see you. three times in one week the courts have accused this administration of flouting the law, of outright lawlessness. new fallout on that. plus, could the "duck dynasty" outrage and the suspension of phil robertson become a turning point for christians in america? send me a tweet @megyn kelly, # kelly file. leave us a comment on facebook. don't go away. >> no shirts, no socks, no problem. >> everybody happy, happy, happy.
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new reaction from the department of homeland security to a judge's finding that it is encouraging human smugglers along the southern border and that its actions are dangerous and unconscionable. trace? >> remember this centers around the case of a woman from el salvador living here illegally who paid a known human trafficker to smuggle her 10-year-old daughter into the u.s. the smuggler was caught and convicted.
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the judge wrote a scathing opinion because of the conspiracy being broken up the department of homeland security helped complete the conspiracy by delivering the 10-year-old to her mom. the mother wasn't arrested, charged or deported. as the judge noted it was the fourth time dhs had done it in a four-week period. the judge wrote if the human traffickers are successful, mission accomplished. even if their coconspirators are unsuccessful the government will finish the job of the human traffickers, mission still accomplished. the judge said there was no excuse but dhs offered this statement. again quoting here. the department of homeland security adheres to the trafficking victims protection reauthorization act and other applicable laws when encounteriencounte encountering unaccompanied minors. we couldn't find a reference to the federal government ignoring
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illegal activity. the the judge wrote the dhs is encouraging parents to jeopardize their children's safety by placing them in the handses of traffickers and funding the drug cartels because they control the human oh trafficking. in short the judge said the dhs is simply on a very dangerous course. >> thank you. joining me is jay seculo. i want to talk to you about the case. this judge was brutal on the administration. awe k accusing them of endangering children. it's the third time in a week they have gotten hit by the judges. in this one the judge said the dhs chose not to enforce the border security laws. earlier, a clinton appointee to the federal bench came out and said if government appears to adopt a cavalier attitude that the president should convey orders through the executive
6:17 pm
branch without public oversight oh to engage in governance by secret law. that was in another case. earlier when they were talking about the nsa program a different judge said i cannot imagine a more arbitrary invasion than this accusing the government of orwellian behavior. what's going on? >> the president's style of leadership -- which is government by decree instead of the rule of law -- is being noticed by the federal judiciary. you have judges appointed by republicans and by democrats that noticed this. take the case involving the border situation. the idea that sex traffickers, this is a huge problem. human trafficking is a huge problem in the united states. we have a lot of legislation on the issue. the judge was right in pointing out that the federal government is encouraging this kind of human trafficking. who is to say these cartels that
6:18 pm
engage in the illegal activity will deliver the child no matter where your sympathy is with the child reunited with a mother not here legally. putting that aside, who is trusting the traffickers to do this and the united states is encouraging it. i have had cases in the district court in the district of columbia. a well respected judge. look, the united states nsa surveillance program is broader than any program in our history. it applies to every american citizen. it's not a targeted security. i'm all in favor of national security. i worked on the patriot act. >> you see a theme emerging here. the first judge. they have chosen not to enforce our border security laws. the second judge, he's trying the to avoid public oversight to engage in governance by secret law. the third judge talking about how this is almost an orwellian government. the judiciary serves an
6:19 pm
important function. they are the final check on other branches that get out offal control. it brings us back to how important it is that they have now changed the rules on how you get a judge on the bench and president obama now has a lot of control over that. >> this is precisely the reason he wanted control. precisely the reason why harry reid, the majority leader in the senate changed the rules, exercised the nuclear option. they have the constitutional right the to do it and they did it. the president is governing by decree here. if you look at the common theme -- and you are right. through all three of the cases and others as well, the common theme is the government leadership, the president, is utilizing decrees, executive orders he claims privilege on, whether it's the nsa or homeland security engaging in gross overreach of their capabilities
6:20 pm
and legal requirements. it's the same theme. government by decree. great if you are a monarch but not the way it works. the federal judiciary is doing its role and serving checks and balances. the president has three more years of nominations. there continues to be a democratic majority in the senate he may be able to push through enough judges to get what he wants. we'll see. >> merry christmas, happy new year, the whole bit. >> you, too. >> it's being called the ain't obamacare ad every democrat should fear in 2014. the creator of the ad is live next. plus, the photo of vice president biden going viral. why this set off dennis miller. >> look how happy plugs mckenzie is. give him a little nog and scratch his chin. put a pretty chick with him. run the garland through one ear and out the other and brain
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from the world headquarters of fox news it's "the kelly file" with megyn kelly. well, a new ain't obamacare ad is getting a lot of attention after the washington post called it the ad every democrat should be scared of in 2014. the political ad looks at gene shaheen, one of eight democrats facing increasingly difficult re-election fights. here it is. >> on health care gejeanne shahn didn't tell the truth. >> keep your health care. it will increase choice, promote
6:25 pm
competition. >> the facts -- more than 20,000 new hampshire patients had their coverage cancelled. obamacare offers only one insurer on new hampshire's individual market. next november if you like your senator, you can keep her. if you don't, you know what to do. >> joining me now brian baker, president and general counsel of ending spending, the group behind the ad. what do you make of the post labeling it the athd every democrat should be scared of? >> we are glad for good press and happy the post recognized the ad. for us it's the facts, the truth. that's what the democrats should be afraid of. we will bring this message to states around the country where the senators voted for obamacare, where they misled voters. once you bring the facts to the people they should be afraid. >> one of the people on the list is mary landrieu, running for re-election in louisiana. she said she feels misled by the president.
6:26 pm
she made comments like this. it was not them trying to mislead the constituency. they were relying on the word of the president and the president has apologized to some extent for it. >> politifact calls it the lie of the year. whether you call it a lie or gross negligence we know these folks who sold obamacare on the basis of the if you like your doctor, you can keep it. if you like your insurance, you can keep it. which we know isn't true, those people need to be replaced. >> now they are scrambling to get behind a bill that would say if you like your doctor, you can keep it. this this time we mean it. >> right. >> do you think it has an impact to people who are ticked off at losing coverage? >> it does. that's why our group will get out there and try to educate voters. >> how aggressively? >> very. we are up doing this in new hampshire now. most people said jeanne shaheen couldn't be beat. we think she can be. we'll take it to minnesota and
6:27 pm
virginia, not to mention places like alaska, arkansas and louisiana which mitt romney won by in some cases double digits. >> who is funding this? who is behind the ad and the push? >> ending spending was founded by a business guy named joe ricketts. his son todd runs it now. we have support from millions across the country, online donations and other major donors. it is a movement where people say we have to educate voters. we don't just do ads. we do on the ground stuff -- >> was this ad in production before it was dubbed the lie of the year? >> indeed. we added that at the last second. >> you were happy to see it come out. >> right. the thing that drove it was the fact that scott brown decided to move the to new hampshire. there is an on-the-ground effort there. students in new hampshire are drafting him to run for senate. that helps make competitive. >> we'll see what i will pact it has. good to see you. all the best. coming uh, a new twist in the
6:28 pm
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new developments in the "duck dynasty" controversy. the christian broadcasting network saying this could be a major turning point for christians in america. david brody is chief political correspondent for the christian broadcasting network and host of "the brody file." why do you think this could be a turning point? >> you have ralph reid's group mobilizing the masseses. all of the christians, a million
6:32 pm
in his group but more across the country. facebook. they are upset at a&e for pulling the plug or suspending phil robertson now. this is bigger than just ralph reid's group and facebook tweets and posts. this is a frustration that's been building a long time with evangelical christians. we saw it with chik-fil-a, the owner in support of traditional marriage. here we go again. don't mess with "duck dynasty" and christians. bad line to cross here. >> evangelical christians are just short of 100 million in the country. we saw it after chik-fil-a. they are not the most powerful lobbying group. >> that's a great point. i talked to mike huckabee. i remember him talking about the
6:33 pm
chick-fil-a episode. he said we needed a voter registration drive there. that was the situation there as well. 85 million evangelicalses in the country, roughly. only half are registered to vote. of those 40 million now registered, only half of those are actually voting. so, look. this is a gay rights lobby that's a well oiled machine . they are mobilized, ready to go. they have a lot of money and passion. are evangelicals going to match the passion? they haven't. "duck dynasty" may change it. >> let me ask you why that is. the way phil expressed himself, to be charitable, was inartful. i understand the biblical view. he got crass and sounded like he was diminishing them as human beings -- gays and lesbians. it seems to me we are never going to get past the clash between, you know, gays and lesbians and the christian right
6:34 pm
unless there can be -- i don't know, more respectful talk from both sides. >> i think you are 100% correct. part of the problem that evangelicals have had is they have gone ahead and gotten bogged down on the homosexuality issue. homosexuality is a sin with those christians. they have been talking about the sin in that person's life rather that happen in other people's life. when you talk about sin in general and jesus christ came down to earth to save people from that sin that's a larger discussion. >> i was trying to ask do you think the reason they don't mobilize on this issue is because even though they recognize what the bible says, most people know a gay or lesbian person, they don't want to interfere with their ability to live their life the way they choose. >> that's part of it.
6:35 pm
i think it gets down to the gay rights lobby has passion. they are a vocal minority. the evangelicals are a majority. many of them are lackadaisical when it comes to voting. can they switch in essence the the playing field? that remains early to be seen. >> you think this is about more than phil robertson. it raises a bigger issue. everyone is saying is he going to weigh this in on this? he's been, i don't know, forward looking for gay rights. you may have news on why he didn't. tell us about the connection to the show, "duck dynasty." >> our reporter, our white house correspondent jennifer wasean invited some of the robertson clan to the white house correspondents dinner this year. during the event actually the robertsons were taken backstage
6:36 pm
to meet president obama where president obama said, i love the show. i watch it on air force one all the time. gave them cuff links and said, hey, i appreciate you. that was a private conversation that has now bubbled up, if you will. >> there he is with the cuff links. fascinating to know the president is a fan of the show. >> loves it. >> you would love to be a fly on the wall as he was discussing this issue. listen, i will check out "the brody file". >> i'm checking out "the kelly file." >> merry christmas. great to see you. >> thank you, megyn. >> a cable news host says the speech from, quote, vile bigots should not be protected. who is he to decide what's vile? send us your thoughts before the segment. tweet me@megyn kelly and go to the facebook page. a subaru...
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6:41 pm
said it. one guess who the host was. joining me now -- it was piers who gan -- buck sexton from the blaze. john fillmore and richard fowler from the richard fowler show. piers likes to stir up controversy. he was one of many who feels that vile speech -- speech he finds vile -- should not be protected, allowed. this isn't a first amendment controversy with respect to phil robertson. the government isn't trying to shut him up. it is a speech continroversy an what should be allowed and tolerated and what should not. many people say you speak in a way that's deemed hateful by others you have to be punished. >> he was shut up and punished. a&e said, listen, we have decided to go another direction and you are not a part of it. when you think about the controversy, the marketplace had its effect on this one. he made the comments.
6:42 pm
"duck dynasty" has been on three, four seasons. a&e has been around ten years. they understand their brand. this type of language, hate speech is not part of the brand. therefore, you are no longer a part of our brand. >> when you are talking about not protecting hate speech, not protecting speech from a, quote, vile bigot -- that was his term -- we are in dangerous territory. isn't it true the free speech protection came around not to protect speech we like, but to protect speech we hate. >> it was born to protect the vile bigots basically. who among us expects phil robertson to be a great and political correctness. a&e didn't expect it when they hired him. we haven't yet seen what's in phil's contract? did a&e say, look, you can only say certain things and therefore a&e would be justified in canning him if that's what they do. he has a right to say what he said. >> he does. but they have a right as well to
6:43 pm
fire him or suspend him. are we seeing a trend where the word police and people say things and there has to be immediate punishment. it seems like -- i don't know -- phil knew what we were getting with phil. why is this a shock that cause add national fire storm? >> it's disingenuous for a&e to suggest they didn't know this. he was stating a belief a lot of christians hold and will continue to hold. i'm shocked they are shocked, i suppose. as for the separation of it from being a legal issue it's not a first amendment issue. it is a free speech issue. t this is an over reach and people -- i'm not trying to offend anybody. i think that's where it should be now. a&e, i think they may retract this, by the way. >> kwox.
6:44 pm
-- i don't think so. he make as roekry quote of the bible, talks about homosexuality but later in the interview, his comments about african-americans -- >> we have it. stand by. let me put it on the screen. here it is. he's talking about precivil rights. he says i never with my eyes saw the mistreatment of any black person. not once. i hoed cotton with them. i'm with the blacks because we are white trash. i never heard one of them, one black person say, these dog-gone white pineapple. not a word. preentitlement, prewelfare rs they were god willy. they were happy. no one was singing the blues. >> you have to put it in the context of 1961, '62 the america where african-americans couldn't go to a white person 57bd say, i hate the jim crow laws. that means you're lynched, your family is in danger. >> why isn't that getting attention? >> i don't know. that's the story, i think.
6:45 pm
he made disparaging comments to lgbt folks and this is a hot water situation. that's why a&e suspended him. >> you tell me. i think a&e comes out looking the worst of any character. they knew -- if you look at his past staples posted online, on camera he said things like this before. they knew. they hired him. they gave him a platform. >> we don't want to watch -- it's reality. there is little reality in reality shows but a&e is trying to pull his reality out of his show. that's dumb. >> he's not a candidate for public office. we are holding him to a high standard. he was speaking off the cuff. >> the gq article talks about him driving around for an hour with a fly stuck in his beard. >> i hear that. >> trying to share -- >> i hear that -- >> let him finish. >> trying to share his sense of where things are. i'm not trying to show
6:46 pm
disrespect. a&e moved to suspend him indefinitely. it's harsh. >> kanye a couple years ago said george bush doesn't like black people. the media demanded all these things. this is the same situation. somebody says hateful speech and they are punished for it. >> how was kanye punished? >> lost advertisers. people pulled out. the media went crazy. >> a lot of lines drawn. one has been drawn in florida. do you know how we have public displays of nativity, christmas tree, whatever. everything has to be allowed now. you can put anything next to the christmas tree. except, as it turns out you have gone too far if you put an angel going into he will, l. the satanic temple wanted to display it and florida said, no, that's too far. nice try. this is apparently where we draw
6:47 pm
the line. legally are they on safe ground? >> good for florida. no. florida has to allow everything. >> they do! >> but they said, sue us, takes us to court. by then it's easter and we don't have to worry. >> not only do you have to let the atheists have whatever they want to post but the satanic temples get a display on the public square. >> what would an atheist display look like? >> like an empty box. >> exactly. this is part of the problem. uh you give people a heckler's veto in these situations. it is hard to parse between truly and deeply how religious conviction and the church of the flying pastafarian, the flying spaghetti monster. >> that was allowed. flying spaghetti monster was with welcome with atheists, christians and jus. there it is. can you imagine kids walking by
6:48 pm
the nativity, oh, that's beautiful, christmas tree, a menor menorah. ah! in any event, stand by. we have more right after the break. you may have seen this on o'reilly. it's a viral photo. vice president and his holiday party. what is it about this that's got dennis miller on a roll? >> you are taking advantage of the decency and the good manners of the west to be obnoxious. by the way, you are a parasite taking welfare. >> well, you know, on the welfare issue, i have addressed that. >> you have taken welfare and you know it. ♪ [ female announcer ] to bake. or not to bake. that is a silly question. bake the world a better place with nestle toll house.
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a white house photo is
6:52 pm
getting attention this week. this is of vice president joe biden during a recent christmas party. here is dennis miller with bill oh eyely with his take. >> look how happy plugs mackenzie is there. give him a little nog, scratch his chin, put a pretty chick with him. you could run the garland from the christmas tree into one ear and out the other and freezing rain brain floss for three minutes and come out with with nary a fleck on the floss. the woman is practicing self-defense techniques she learned at a women's empowerment seminar at the learning annex. look at her. telling her to break the the grasp, bring your heel down on his metatarsal, crush it and run like hell. he's uncle rico from napoleon dynamite. he can't imagine how they got the big ship in the little body. his secret service code name is zero into dark thirty.
6:53 pm
i wish him a happy new year. >> in any event he's not the only one talking about the photo where he's claiming she is in a self-defense pose. poor vice president biden. people like to make fun. but the pose is familiar, is it not? >> i look at the photo and say, it is a short trip from that to joe biden accidentally tweeting his junk. >> we saw the pasta monster. joe biden thinks he is a tickle monster. >> he's a lovable guy. part of what people love is how he's familiar, doesn't take himself seriously. he's not stiff and stodgy. that shows it. >> joe biden is what you call a retail politician. they get close, kiss the babies, hug folks, grab your face. it's part of retail politics. i love joe. >> poor dennis. he was harsh. the part about the self-defense. he's exactly right.
6:54 pm
we pulled a self-defense video and that's how -- with the elbow and, look. for me it raises a different issue. nothing to do with with vice president biden. everybody is going to holiday parties and sometimes people get too handsy at the party. then do you know what happens come the new year? lawsuits. >> absolutely. >> as an attorney and counselor at law what's your advice for those considering such advice? >> you don't want to hear it. don't go to the party. don't drink more than one drink. stay away from the opposite sex. make everybody put cameras in a basket. >> wow. >> i live dangerously megyn. have a few fu shots and get going. >> and the egg nog. >> what is the most common lawsuit results from the holiday party? i had a car accident or somebody sexually harassed me?
6:55 pm
>> sexual harassment. it doesn't take much. you know, getting handsy is all it takes. >> that's not going to result in problems. she was good humored about it. she's correspondent for the hill. >> it could be a comment. doesn't have to be hands on. could be an inappropriate comment or something close to the line. >> or you look sexy. coming from a supervisor. >> it really scared her. >> we are trying to save america. >> don't be a guy at the christmas party. >> as lawyers we get paid not to look at a situation and say that will never happen. we say that will absolutely happen. merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> don't say we never did anything for you. send me a tweet and go to our facebook page. we'll be right back. this is the quicksilver cash back card from capil one.
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i'm going on a little hiatus of my own to celebrate christmas and the new year. hope you can do the same. spend time with your family. here is my question for you. have you completed your christmas shopping? i just started mine. i have to get out of here. follow me on twitter. merry, merry christmas. happy new year.
7:00 pm
♪ welcome to "hannity." the fate of the "duck dynasty" show up in the air as the robertsons rally behind family patriarch phil. in response to a&e suspending him from the show because he voiced his opinions ab homosexuality the family said, quote, we want to thank you for your prayers and support. the family spent much time in prayer since learning of a&e's decision. we want you to know that we are a family rooted in our faith in god and our belief that the bible is his word. some of phil's unfiltered comments to the reporter were coarse. his beliefs are groundein


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