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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 20, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> what a great organization. remember they need your help so go to building homes for that is the time we have left, sadly. thanks for joining us. from new york city t. we will see you monday. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> they committed indecent acts with one another. they are full of murder, envy, strife, hatred. they are inslat. arrogant, god hatedders. >> all hell breaking loose over phil robertson's vision of sin and sinners and there are millions of dollars at stake. we have a number of reports tonight. >> we will make the affordable care act work and those who say they are opposed to it will push back. >> with the the white house under enormous pressure president obama retreats to hawaii. ed henry with the inside story. >> i thought he was just being a good teacher. i trusted him. now i have that failure of
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suffering the rest of my life knowing i failed my son. >> a shocking report out of michigan, a teacher rapes a young boy for three years gets 30 years in prison and the union is still backing the monster. >> this is ludicrous. >> caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. what the duck kind nasty controversy is really all about. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. this man, phil robertson, 67-year-old head of the "duck dynasty" tv i do nasty has said publicly that a number of folks are going to hell. among them drunk cars, slanders, greed heads and homosexuals.
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it has fired a storm. the a&e network has suspended him for anti-gay remarks. his family is threatening to quit the show "duck dynasty" which could cost the disney and hurst companies which own a&e hundreds of millions of dollars. the reaction to phil robertson's remarks has been intention to say least. >> to get rid of the most popular patriarch on television today, i tell you there are other networks that would just nab these guys up in a heart beat. a&e really screwed up on this one. >> the country is changing and even the state in which mr. robertson lives is changing and he needs to get in line. >> i was very disappointed in a&e. but i think you see a growing political correctness amongst the left where, again, they say they are for tolerance and diversity but only if you agree with them. >> the unfortunate thing about all of this is we are champing this first amendment issue when it couldn't be any anything further from that no one has a constitutional right to a reality show or a paycheck
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or anything else. >> i think this is guy said is ignorant. i also have an inclination to support a world where saying ignorant [bleep] on television doesn't get you kicked off that medium. [ laughter ] >> this is what happens when you have true freedom of speech. can you say these things and then you have to suffer the consequences. it's offensive to me. i do believe in the right to free speech, but i think the marketplace should decide what should happen to this franchise. >> i would have said something on the order of his views are vial, according to many people, we don't agree. we don't endorse his views but he has the right to have his point of view. and, you know, it is legitimacy and frankness that makes him so appealing to people. >> this is someone who is clearly bigoted and someone who doesn't have a sense of history. mind set exclusive to hill. many people in america who believe. this corporations have a right to say we don't want to stand next to this type of person. >> talking points believes
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mr. robertson has a constitutional right to define his religious beliefs but is misguided by targeting specific groups of people for damnation. if you adhere to the christian philosophy you know that jesus was quite clear, all judgments about the consequences of sin are to be made by god and god alone. we're all sinners, and because of that the gospel of luke, 6:37, mandates that christian human beings refrain from judging others. again, that is god's prerogative. now rk you either buy into christianity or you don't. so mr. robertson's vision is flawed, according to luke. as i said last night, this controversy is helping anti-christian forces in the u.s.a. the secular progressive movement seizes upon stuff like this to portray christians as cruel fanatics. people only interested in imposing their point of view
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on the nation. i don't know mr. robertson, but i believe he is acting according to his conscience. but, in the process, is he actually hurting his own cause. having written a book about jesus, i know this much: he was adamantly against bad behavior that injures other people e would not condemn another woman in his presence who was adult truss. time and time again the nazarene persuaded folks that his way of living was worthy because it was so compassionate. homosexual americans should not be demonized just like devout christians should not be demonized and people have strong beliefs should understand the big picture. portraying gay americans as sinners gives license to harm them. it's insulting and demeaning. jesus would persuade not condemn. there has been no one more involved in protecting judeo-christian tradition in america than me.
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i fully understand how the far left secular progressives want to change this country and in order to do that, they have to marginalize people of faith, people like mr. robertson. who oppose unfetter dollars abortion, gay marriage, and other s.p. causes. but you win the battle by reason and by putting forth the strongest argument for the greater good of all americans. no one on earth can read the hearts of fellow human beings. no one but god knows why people do what they do. phil robertson is a man of strong faith, and that should be respected. a&e was wrong for suspending him, but not wrong for challenging his meths. methods. we in america are all in this together and that includes gay people. we are divided by ideology, race, moral philosophy and personal conduct. the more we all -- we all
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try to bridge those gaps, the stronger this country will be. and that's the memo. we'll have an extended mail segment on the issue at the end of the broadcast. next on the rundown, goldberg and kurtz on the media reaction to phil robertson. later, white house correspondent ed henry on a very shaky president leaving on vacation. the factor will be right back. you know how painful heartburn can be. for fast, long lasting relief, use doctor recommended gaviscon®. only gaviscon® forms a protective barrier that helps block stomach acid from splashing up- relieving the pain quickly. try fast, long lasting gaviscon®. [ male announcer ] when you feel good, no one is immune. emergen-c has more vitamin c than 10 oranges plus other antioxidants and electrolytes to help you come down with a serious casef healthy. emergen-c. making healthy contagious.
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continuing with our lead story. big controversy over the leader of "duck dynasty." howard kurtz anchor of the fnc broadcast media buzz seen sundays at 11 a.m. eastern time. from miami the purveyor of bernard goldberg mr. goldberg. so bernie, you say? >> i say that the patriarch of this family has every right to say as he did that
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gay behavior leads -- could lead to sex with animals. he every right to say that he has every right to say the same thing that paul said to the corinthians and that is that gays are in the same class as drunks and swindlers and prostitutes. he has every right to say that and i have every right to say that he is ignoramus and a&e has every right to keep him on the air, to suspend him, to fire him, to do whatever a&e wants and conservative christians have every right to watch the show or to boycott the show. and the problem, bill, is this: that too often too many liberals reflexively defend trash like miley cyrus and too often too many conservatives reflexively defend ignorance and too many people, i believe, are coming to his defense in the manner that >> they don't see it your way. they don't see it as ignorant. they think he is brave and
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standing up for what the bible says. so, you you know, when you get into a position, howard, where you are talking about core beliefs, and then you are talking about a company, disney and hirst, all right, which is punishing a person for that core belief system, then you are getting into a constitutional thing. you are getting into a persecution thing. >> no, you are not. >> let howard weigh in on it. go. >> okay. >> i have gotten a lot of heat online for saying. this it's not a constitutional battle as bernie says phil robertson can say whatever he wants but he has no constitutional right to appear on television show. a&e we don't have to speculate whether it's a liberal network. we are a champion of the gay and lesbian community found those remarks offensive. did what it had to do under pressure from gay rights groups. found itself in a box because it has ticked off a lot of fans. >> that big box is going to cost them a bundle of money if the robertson family walks as they may. now, you both need to answer
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this question. you're in charge of a&e, bernie. you suspend the man? >> by -- let me. >> you take the man off the air which is what they did. you take him off the air? >> you want a direct answer. i would have probably taken him off the air for a while because i think what he said was reprehensible. >> all right. so your personal view would have trumped, is that what is good for a&e? is that what is good for the stockholders? >> no. hold on. i said for a while. i didn't say for all time. >> they may walk. if i was the robertson family i would walk. >> no. here is what is going to happen. the gay lobby, obviously has more clout in hollywood than the christian conservative lobby, obviously. but between manhattan and malibu, the christian conservative lobby has a lot more clout than the gay lobby. he is coming back, phil the patriarch is coming back. >> i don't think he is coming back on that network.
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yongs. >> i think what's going who than is a&e said he apologize let's move on. just for the record, bill. i like you, you like me. but just for the record. >> i don't like you. [ laughter ] >> you have done this two weeks in a row. there is no constitutional right, no matter what you say. >> i'm just raising the question. i'm just raising the question. you know what i would have done. >> constitutional right. >> you are in charge, kurtz. you are the president of a&e. do you suspend him. >> first of all a&e knew what it was getting to. >> i'm running the show. >> do you suspend him. >> i haul robertson in and say we don't want to suspend you. great franchise raking in a lot of money. these remarks are so over-the-line you have to apologize. it seems to me that phil robertson did not want to apologize. that pushed a&e to have to do something he didn't want to do. >> you would have said, cutters, okay if you apologize i won't suspend you, if you don't apologize i will suspend you. for how long? bring him back in 10 days? what are you going to do.
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>> i think they will try to bring him back because without him there is no show. make a lot of money and get even bigger ratings. everybody has heard of "duck dynasty" now. a&e should not be surprised to learn that this guy who they hired as a bible toting, praying, big mouth outdoors man is shooting off his mouth. >> of course they shouldn't be surprised. both of you would have suspended him had he not apologized. so we are on the record there final question for both of you, bernie first. is it unreasonable, all right? for the american public to be angry about this? both sides, all right? so people who think robertson is a religious fanatic and a threat, they are angry and the people who think he is just sticking up for the bible, they are angry. do both of them have a point, bernie? >> i think the non-bible people have a stronger point. look, there is a lot of stuff in the bible that people believe just because it's in the bible, i understand that but, i get
8:16 pm
emails from people saying the earth is 6,000 years old. it is not. it's 4 and a half billion years old no matter what the bible says, no matter what jesus says. no matter what god says. it's 4 and a half billion years old. just because it's in the bible, no, i don't respect people believing things that are ignorant just because there is ignorance in the bible. >> howard kurtz, both sides have a strong argument. >> both sides are entitled to believe whatever they want. they do have an argument. they will vote with their remote controls. at the same time, i have got to say the people who wanted martin bashir kicked off msnbc for hateful comments. sarah palin can't say no, no, no you can't take someone off the air. >> bashir targeted one human being whereas robertson it was a group. i agree it was an assault on a group, but it's a little different when you say that person is that. all right, gentlemen. very interesting. enjoy the email that you all
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get. enjoy it very much. and directly ahead, president obama holds a press conference before his vacation. ed henry on 00 shaky white house situation. later bernard mcguirk and adam carolla have comments on the duck deal and russia not being friendly to gays [ male announcer ] coughequence #5. the sleepless night. [ coughing ] [ crying ] sorry. [ male announcer ] new robitussin dm max nighttime. fast, powerful cough relief that helps you sleep like a baby. robitussin nighttime. don't suffer the coughequences.
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impact segment tonight. concern at the white house. president obama held al press conference today before heading to hawaii for long christmas vacation. no matter what the president says, his situation is ons decline, according to all the polls. joining us now with the inside story, from the white house, chief white house correspondent ed henry. so, the president hires john podesta, clinton guy, tough guy, to right the ship? he is bringing in a tough guy to right it? is that what he is doing?
8:21 pm
>> he is trying to bring in someone, yes, who is bare knuckles. went through the clinton wars, impeachment, budget battles et cetera in the late 90's and also a fire brand liberal. because, frankly, i think they are going to go around the congress, not work with the congress. that's one thing i'm picking up is that they realize there is no hope for a lame duck president with a republican house in 2014 getting anything maybe beyond immigration reform or anything like that. done. they are going to go around them late in the clinton administration. people close to him say he brought to the president one idea as counselor he is going to do write a lot more executive orders. there is is going to be a lot more conservatives mad about. this they already think the president has been overstepping his authority. guess what? there is going to be a lot more healthcare regulations and regulations written on dodd frank targeting wall street. consumer-driven. trying to make the president more popular. it's not going to be a move to the center. bringing john podesta is a move to the left and a tougher white house that's going to be pushing harder. >> do they know jay carney, president obama, vice president biden, john
8:22 pm
podesta, how much trouble they are in? >> i think they do, because they have been over the first five years very cocky, as you know, publicly but also privately. story suggesting is he in trouble with the rules. private, don't know what you are talking about. i had conversations with the two of the president's top advisories today privately. both of them acknowledged to me, this is finally a problem in the polls. they both told me that there is fingered crossed about the web site. that publicly they are saying that yeah is getting better. still nervous it can all fall apart. there is that second thing i'm being told privately is they realize they don't care about the approval number and disapproval number that goes up and down. it's the honesty and trustworthiness that has plummeted. series of polls that matters. >> going to stay there, too. people still remember the bush, read my lips tax remark. do you know this guy charles krauthammer, ed, do you know
8:23 pm
him. >> best selling author. >> big author now. we made him famous on the factor. he has got a column this week that basically says flat out there is no hope, no hope for obamacare. it is such a disastrous policy that it's going to get worse in 2014. i mean, he didn't leave any willing room, charles. he just basically right between the eyes. so my question is. does the white house even contemplate that? do they even contemplate that the whole thing, like the titanic is going to go beneath the waives? >> i really don't think they are contemplating that far be it from me to challenge the learned dr. krauthammer. but i think that the fact is there are chances and glimmers of hope for this president that when you get past the web site madness and you get past the cancelled policies which is a problem. i'm not sweeping that under the rug. but if they can finally get in 2014 to getting more
8:24 pm
people benefits, that will be a positive step forward for the president, number one, number two, i think as charles is pointing his finger at. even if the benefits kick, in the math has to work. and i think they are more worried about that are the unhealthy people going to get in these risk pools and actually pay it's unclear. >> charles' main point was everybody is going to pay more except the people being subsidized and that's going to become quite clear. you are not going out to hawaii. who are we send for that boone dog gel. >> doug mckelway and wendell goler. two people. >> mckelway and goldberg. all is he going to be doing is playing golf and ice cream. these two guys going to hawaii two weeks for that. >> kicking back on the beach man what a great gig. the truth is it's actually hard work. nobody else working. everybody else is off. around the clock. >> they don't like you henry or they would have sent to you hawaii. >> oh man, i have got to call mr. ailes. >> ed henry, everybody.
8:25 pm
merry christmas. we have a brand new bill o' poll. was 2013 a good year or a bad year? 2013, good or bad, please vote on bill o' plenty more ahead as the factor moves along. lou dobbs will be here. can you believe facebook paying zero corporate tax. also lou sounding about the "duck dynasty" controversy. shocking story out of michigan, heart broken parents asking why a teacher's union backing a man who raped their young son. every american should see this story and we hope you stay tuned to those reports. [ male announcer ] you'll only find advil, the #1 selling pain reliever, in one cold medicine. advil congestion relief. it delivers a one-two punch at pain and sinus pressure with the power of advil and a nasal decongestant in a single pill. advil congestion relief. you can fill that box and pay one flat rate. i didn't know the coal thing was real. it's very real... david rivera.
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lou's the boss segment tonight. while you and i pay a lot of tax, facebook is paying none. according to research done by senator tom coburn last year and this. facebook paid zero corporate income tax by the feds despite raking in more than a billion dollars profit in the u.s.a. here to explain how this could possibly happen fox news anchor lou dobbs. so? >> $3 billion in tax deductions because they have put that out as stock options. that becomes deductible. and facebook can put that up against the taxes they owed. that's what they did in 2012. >> what are stock options. >> stock options giving the employee, in this case, the right. >> like a salary then? >> it's like salary. >> they give their people compensation which corporations can deduct from
8:30 pm
the profits they make. they give 3 billion in stock options as opposed to it a billion dollars in profit. the next.t to carry those >> to the next. >> now we have got 2013, obviously coming up. mark zuckerberg is selling more stock as are other employees. >> they have to pay cap gains on that. >> they have to pay taxes on this. >> he makes a zillion dollars a year. you think he could buy a tie. >> he can buy a tie but he apparently doesn't like ties. >> how much money does he make? do we know? >> is he making right now he will sell about a billion dollars, again, worth of stock. >> a billion. so a billion dollars. >> is your bank big enough to take that. >> in fact, he won't even be using up all of the expense options. >> he has to pay the 39.6. >> he is not worrying about 39.6. is he going to buy out 60%. >> he should be like glenn beck to gets paid in gold. the fort knox goes over to
8:31 pm
zuckerberg's house and all of that. >> the truth is, there is no dodge here, this is legit. >> well, there is a dodge but it's a legit dodge. >> should there be this. >> no it should be fixed. just to keep this thing fair and balanced, those individuals are paying taxes on that money that is expensed by the corporation. they have to then pay individual taxes. >> cap gains. zuckerberg paid a billion dollars in taxes himself. >> paid a billion dollars but he made a billion or something, right? >> it's america. you get to keep some of the stuff. >> i'm a capitalist but i want to be fair for everyone. >> "duck dynasty" you hang with this guy phil robertson, right? >> i certainly would like to. >> would you wear a bandanna like that in order to make that happen? >> i would not wear the bandanna. the beard thing, but there are a lot of things about his persona i really like. is he plain-spoken. is he straight-forward. he has got the number one show on cable. 14 million people a week watch it.
8:32 pm
and a&e starts playing gate keeper because of an interview he gives to gq about his religion. you know, missing in all of this is this guy was talking about his religious beliefs and his perspective. some may mock it. i heard bernie, you know, giving him grief on this thing. he has got a right to do that it is a constitutional right. >> he has a right to suspend him as everybody knows. >> by the way, that makes him among the dumbest business people in media. >> i wouldn't challenge his theology. i think everybody needs to think about that. >> but you know what else they need to think about, all of this nonsense about people boycotting a&e. if they really want to start something here, that is the conservatives, the evangelicals, the republicans and the moderates, you know, he took on slanderers and adulterers, we haven't heard from their organizations about what they are going to do. >> we haven't heard about the slander heers.
8:33 pm
they are mostly in the media if they start the boycott contest in this country, it's going to be holy hell. >> i still think the might take their ball and go some place else. >> when we come right back, an american story that you should see. teacher's union supporting a convicted child rapist. the boy's parents are shocked and angry. we will talk with them next. upgrade to the philips norelco sensotouch 3d for the most advanced shaving experience. with gyroflex 3d technology, you can get to those hard to reach places for the ultimate shave wet or dry. guaranteed. visit now to save $30. that your favorite dutch apple pie starts with a golden flaky crust, wedges of fresh fuji apples, and a brown sugar streusel on top. so she made her dutch apple pie just like that. marie callender's. it's time to savor.
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thanks for staying with us, bill o'reilly in the personal story segment tonight. shocking story that reflects very badly on the teacher's union in michigan. this man 39-year-old neil erickson has been sentenced up to 30 years in prison for raping one of his male students for three years beginning when the boy was just 12 years old. the boy's parents john and lori are angry and broken-hearted as the family has been torn apart by this. adding to that is the fact that the michigan education association, the union erickson belong dollars to continues to support the monster demanding that he be given $10,000 in severance pay. i talked with the parents
8:38 pm
last night. >> your son at age 12 met this man erickson, right? he was a teacher and he took an interest in your boy? >> yes, he did. he was a well-known person. we wouldn't have thought twice about anything. >> does your son ever mention the teacher? >> well, i worked with all of these teachers and mr. erickson for the last 11 years. i trusted these people. and when they went to sixth grade camp erickson was one of the teachers that went. my son was interested in ipods. they were just coming out. and neil erickson honed in on that and teaching him technology and just started grooming him from there. i thought he was just being a good teacher, i trusted him. now i have that failure of suffering the rest of my life knowing i failed my son and didn't protect him. >> we both feel like we
8:39 pm
failed as parents. we should have never let it happen. >> yeah, but i don't think that's fair and i will tell you that every one of us watching tonight who is a parent has, you know, bad things happen to kids and you just don't know. but what i want to get at is your d. your son's behavior change? >> his behavior changed dramatically. he was angry, physical altercations against me. >> all right. >> there was nothing we could do that was right. >> you didn't know because this guy as many child molesters are, presents himself in a way that you couldn't possibly link it together unless your son told you and he did not. now, the guy is finally caught and sentenced 15 to 30 years in a michigan state prison. is that sentence enough for you? >> the sentence between my wife and i was enough for us, yes. we thought on july 10th that
8:40 pm
sentencing date we would have closure. but on that day, we stood in the hall of the courtroom and unbeknownst to my wife or myself, her colleagues, 7 to 10 of them walked by us in the hallway glared at us and sat on neil erickson's side of the courtroom. >> teachers in school and subsequently the teacher's union supported this monster? >> yes, and they knew he was guilty. >> i suspected one or two of them. this group of teachers was a very tight click, but, after i found out in the courtroom these teachers sitting there wrote letters of leniency and i got to read them the following week. i just couldn't understand it. >> the union comes in and is demanding, what, $10,000 in
8:41 pm
severance pay for this guy? is that's what's happening? >> yes. >> another slap in the face. >> the school district isn't going to give him the money, i don't think. >> the school board has went ahead and said and the union has filed a grievance against school board. >> unbelievable. when he was arrested he was the local union president. >> there you go. >> another teacher took it over. and the day that this came out that they were going to file the grievance. that current president steps down from my understanding because he did not believe that this was right and now there is another gentleman that has taken it over. there is no comment on this. >> correct. >> i feel this money should go to our son. >> how is your son now? how old is he? what is he doing? what is his mental state?
8:42 pm
>> our son is now 21. he is graduating with honors at western michigan university this april. we talk more now. i lost my son for nine years. he hated me. he dessurprised me. dissurprised me. there was nothing i could do right for him. it killed me. i loved him and i lost him. and now we are starting to, at least, have somewhat of a relationship, but that anger is still there. >> is he coming for christmas? >> yes. >> all right. so, i want -- he is going to watch this segment tonight, and he has got to know how much you guys love him. i'm telling him right now, i'm telling him, that you guys could not have possibly -- could not possibly have prevented this. this was just a tragedy. all right, that he had to
8:43 pm
endure. and that you are good parents, that you are going on national television now trying to right a terrible wrong, telling a story that's very difficult to tell all because you love your son and don't want it to happen to any other son. >> exactly. >> >> no. >> that's why you are here. >> so i want you guys to have a merry christmas. we are going to stay in touch with you. there is not going to be any payment to this guy in prison. we hope he rots for 30 years. that's what he deserves to do. >> absolutely. >> i want to say personally how much i admire you both. >> thank you mr. o'reilly. thank you for listening very much. >> and a word to that union in michigan. we are watching you and we strongly suggest you drop this entire matter. and provide as much support as you can to the family. we strongly suggest that. coming next, mcguirk and adam carolla on the duck deal and russia persecuting
8:44 pm
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back of the book segment tonight. president obama and vice president biden will not be attending the winter games in russia which begin on february 6th. that's because putin and the russian parliament passed a series of annual at this gay laws to go along with the other human rights violations in that country. joining us from los angeles always perspicacious adam carolla and bernie mcguirk who refused to show up today. >> he boycotted. >> very very busy guy. >> if you were the president, would you go to russia for the games? >> probably, no, no, i would not for a number of reasons. because, mitt romney is right, they are the enemy. the nsa, harboring this snowden creep, the syria
8:48 pm
thing, the iran thing, human rights, now gay rights, but this putin is a tough monkey as you know. is he a beady eyed little goon. and this is sort of a innocuous symbolism sending over brian boitano is not going to change a lot of things. they had to do something. what they should have done a long time ago is got the to move the olympics to canada. it's too late for that. >> yeah. i think i wouldn't go either. would you go, carolla? >> if i were obama, i would send biden to me, that's a bigger insult than keeping them home. >> that would send a message of more disrespect than not showing up? >> i think so. [ laughter ] >> i think it's biden out of the country for a couple of days. i think the real reason obama isn't going is not as a protest against the way russia tweets the gay
8:49 pm
athletes-to-me there is no good golf in russia this time of year. no way he is going tee off. olympic games. as you heard before the segment began, i gave carolla career advice. i told carolla off camera grow a long period and get a bandanna and he should start the geese dynasty because the duck people are going to get off a&e and go somewhere else and have a fowl opening over there. now, we are making light of this. but, the whole country is in an uproar. how do you see it? >> well, i see it as, first of all, i don't agree a lot of what phil robertson said, being gay is not a choice. any guy knows that any hetero guy doesn't choose that i take issue with spineless thumb sucking a&e
8:50 pm
executives who knew what they were getting. they weren't getting music teamer from the upper west side of manhattan. they got a duck hunter from the middle of the woods in louisiana. they profess ignorance and curl up in fetal position when whiney advocate groups start calling. throw him under the with us. >> what should they have done. >> this is what he said. this is a free country and we are going to stick with him because we know what he was all about. i'm sure they edited stuff out that he had said like this. they knew what he he was all about and they should he was ab. they should have stuck with him and said, listen, we'll tame him down a little bit. >> what do you say, corolla? >> well, i agree. we have reality shows. we turn them into celebrities. they don't go through media training. they don't have relationships.
8:51 pm
they are born again bikers who make duck ka zoos and we do interviews with them. of course things come out of their mouth we disagree with or that polite society disagrees with. that's the reason they are on tv. by the way, if they sat down and gave interviews and gave the answers we wanted to hear then they wouldn't have 8 million viewers every week. >> good point. if they were politically correct and were saying what hollywood or corporate america wanted them to say, they wouldn't have a show. >> yeah. we would be staring at two gay guys in west l.a. eating. >> well, that might have some appeal somewhere. so both of you agree there is hypocrisy on the a&e side. >> total and complete. on the other side, this group -- g.l.a.d. that started this stuff. they come off as bullies. the outrage is selectiveful they
8:52 pm
picked on this guy because he happens to have a religious background. tracy morgan, for example, didn't miss a paycheck after what he said about wanting to kill his kid if he was gay. jon stewart this week used the word homo in a comedy bit. if this guy did that -- jon stewart has every right to do it. if this guy did it they would be howling from the rooftops. >> all right. mcguirk and corolla. get ready for an extended mail [ male announcer ] coughequence #10. speechless. so here's to the bride and... [ coughs ] [ all gasp ] [ male announcer ] robitussin dm max now comes in a new liquid-filled capsule. nothing provides more powerful cough relief. robitussin. don't suffer the coughequences.
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info on we'll soon announce bolder antd fresher shows in pittsburgh, buffalo, cincinnati and honolulu. get ready. i'm coming out there. so save the gift cards you give as presents because these shows are a blast. finally the christmas store will be open for the last-minute shoppers this weekend. so let me get this straight, you are going by the gospel of luke to say phil should be fired because he condemn homosexuality but you can condemn robertson? >> i think the factor may be too much for you. maybe we speak too quickly. i never said phil robertson should be fired. i don't think he should be suspended. maybe watch something less taxing. paul from north carolina. phil has been preaching that homosexuality is wrong for years and a&e is just becoming offended now?
8:56 pm
it was a reference to damnation that got phil in trouble not his general beliefs. heather from wisconsin. we who believe in the bible must find a more loving way to talk about homosexuality in the true spirit of christmas, heather. o'reilly you are wrong if you feel we cannot quote scripture as written. he was not condemning. he was quote. he was assigning various groups to hell, nancy. that's what he was doing. it's not his place to do that, as the bible makes quite clear. scott mitchell, san antonio, texas. the bible allows us to judge behavior but not people. a fine line. christians can and should condemn behavior they feel is harmful, but they have to leave the punishment apparatus to the deity. chuck smith, mi mississippi. i wonder if anyone will call the suspension what it is -- religious prosecution.
8:57 pm
chris from new orleans. the problem is they call for tolerance for themselves but refuse to grant it for others. the way you handled mike weinstein's attitude was brilliant. i cheered when you cut off his mike. doug from knoxville. your interview about the nativity being removed at t guantanamo bay was disgraceful. you tried to bully his reasoned rebuttal. i dare you to air this. there you go. guess we won't see you at the bolder & fresher show in knoxville. weinstein didn't answer one question directly, not one. i think you were rude to mr. weinstein. you should have let him explain. he had plenty of time to answer. he chose not to do so. bob from florida. that was the first time i have seen you cut off a mike but the guy was a weasel. last time i did it was six years ago. roger from texas. i'm a former captain in the marines. on behalf of # #% of vets i thank you for taking on
8:58 pm
weinstein. i was ashamed of the way mr. weinstein spoke to you. i wore the uniform for 31 years and admire your evidents to support our great nation. eagle point, oregon. o'reilly, you are despicable and beneath contempt. you make people despise christianity. john from washington. bill, you are right. "killing jesus" is a superb christmas gift. by weaving together the history and culture of the times, his birth has a deeper meaning. debbie from florida. being of the jewish faith i hesitated to read "killing jesus" but finally did. i was well rewarded. another wonderful o'reilly book. we thank you. finally tonight, merry christmas and happy new year to all factor viewers. we'll be off until january 2 when we come roaring back.
8:59 pm
2013 was a good year for us thanks to you guys. not so good for the nation. we are a strong people. we will continue to fight the good fight. in the end we will prevail. be generous, please, this christmas time. factor tip of the day. and by the way, we are going to re-run the michigan interview. i know some of your friends didn't see it because it's friday and it's a busy ki christmas. we'll rerun it the day after christmas. if you know concerned americans, tell them. that will come up the day after christmas. that's it for us tonight. check out the news factor website different from spout off anywhere in the world. o'reilly@fox name and town if you choose to opine. word of the day is kindness. and vopone is a sly person.
9:00 pm
he gets a signed copy of "killing jesus." i'm bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops here. we are looking out for you. merry christmas to everyone. new backlash to oh the administration's latest obamacare exemptions. also tonight -- three times in a week the courts accuse the administration of lawlessness. tonight the fallout. plus, a new twist in the "duck dynasty" controversy. why this may now be a turning point for the religious right. and a cable news anchor claims, quote, vile bigots shouldn't have free speech rights. who gets to decide what's vile? this guy? tonight. just about 72 hours to go be


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