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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 21, 2013 9:00am-10:01am PST

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have a great week. ♪ ♪ at this hour, nasa astronauts venturing outside international space station, making urgent repairs in the first of at least two and possibly three spacewalks to fix a broken cooling system. take a look. these are live images from space where the repairs are now underway. this isn't without the risk. and for the two astronauts that effort is expected to last at least 6-1/2 hours today. hello; everybody. i'm uma pemmaraju. live in washington. let's get right to the story. making news right now. dominic di-natale has the latest on this important spacewalk. dominic? >> the crew certainly have their work cut out for them today. rick and michael hopkins
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replacing that ammonium pump that went bad with a valve aboard the international space station. the takewalk started 7:15 eastern time this morning. booking flour ammonium fluid lines. take a live picture. we can perhaps see them work on it now. encounters a loose bolt as he was doing it and he had to tell mission control who was afraid it would come off. he was assured by the ground everything would be fine. they had flakes of frozen ammonium had brushed against his suit. he said more flakes are coming off. he radioed in. steady stream is how he described it but he is still working. you see him with the large solar array in background. the problem to rignateed in a cooling system. astronauts had turned off the nonessential equipment aboard the i.s.s. now they say the breakdown isn't life-threatening but the
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spacewalks are risky. last summer one astronaut nearly droppedded when it leaked inside a space suit. now they wear the improvised snorkels in the suit and water absorption pad inside a helmet. they will take a second walk on monday and possibly another on christmas day, wednesday. the russians could be out there again on friday. taking a look. but so far, no real problems. a clear picture from space at the moment. 6-1/2 hours at 260 miles above the planet's surface. dangerous one. everybody watching closely. we'll have more in an hour's time. >> thank you. fascinating photos from space now. joining us, we're happy and fortunate to have the former nasa astronaut ron guerin sharing insight what is happening above the earth. he knows what is involved since he was a spacewalking veteran and the last person to hand the ammonium pump that now has to be replaced.
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welcome. great to have you here today. >> hi, uma. great to be here. thank you. >> as i understand it, the breakdown forced the astronauts inside the space station to turn off all nonessential equipment to leave scientific research to stand still and leaving the lab in a vulnerable state. is replacing the cooling system a huge undertaking that has only been done once before? >> no, it has been done a couple times before. last time was in 2010, i believe. these are systems on board the space station that have a lifetime associated with them. there is a plan in place to replace them periodically. we have three pump moddums on the space station now as spares. those are put in place to get ready for the situations when they occur. >> until now, as you are obviously aware, spacewalks have been on hold. because of the italian astronaut helmet, which was flooded with water from the cooling system last summer in a space suit.
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>> right. >> that incident nearly drowned him. this time, though, the nasa astronauts are equipped with the snorkels to allow them to keep breathing if there is a sudden water leak. is that a permanent fix for potential risk? >> if you ask if they permanently have snorkels, i don't know. we try to put the crew in the safest possible manner. the investigation on the malfunction is ongoing. we don't have a smoking gup yet. one thing that was found by nasa was contaminant in the water separators. that could have led to what happened. so like you said, the first line of defense is absorption pad behind the astronaut head inside the helmet itself. they are good for 600 to 800-milliliters of water. if that doesn't work, obviously, if there is any leak at all. the spacewalk is over. we would stop what they are doing. and head back inside.
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if we are doing that and we have the pads and are filling them. the second line of defense would be the snorkels which are really interesting innovation. where they basically took some of the equipment that is found inside the space suit. modified it. basically try to get the other end of the snorkel, the end that is not in the astronaut's mouth down to an area that would not be filled with water. >> as we mentioned, this mission may need three spacewalks with the last one happening on christmas day. what is the most difficult aspect of working in space like this? >> there is a lot of difficult parts about working in space. you are in a micro gravity environment. you are floating. everything is floating. the tools are floating. it's easy to lose them. that is why everything we have is tethered. string and a hook on evening. movement is very laborious. you're inside a self-contained spaceship. you know, a space suit is a
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spaceship. you have mass you are moving around and you are in a pressurized environment. if you grab something with your hand or move your arm you fight against the pressure of the suit. it's physically fatiguing to be on a spacewalk. they have been out there five hours now. they are tired. the longest we have had is nine hours. we are out there for a long period of time. that is a pa teagueing thing on the crew members. so that is one of the things we have to watch closely, watch the health well being of crew outside. >> amazing what you are describing to us. when you work in an environment like this, do you have a moment to reflect where we are at that point? the fact you are outside spacecraft, you are literally one with the universe looking down at the earth.
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>> there are two human beings in the vacuum of space. that is probably the most amazing thing that we do as a human species. over the course of the five to nine hours, whatever it is you are outside, there are moments when you take it all in. there is an overwhelming experience. a situation i was in, i was on the end of the space station robotic arm. swept across an arc, and i was 100 feet above the space station looking down at the amazing accomplishment of humanity. looking at it against a backdrop of the indescribeably beautiful planet was breath-taking and hard to put in words or to explain. there are moment, we're very busy every second we're out there. it is taken up with tasks we are doing but there are
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moments that you can try to take it in as best you can. >> well, it must be breath-taking. obviously, you are part of an elite group of individuals who have had the pleasure of making that fantastic voyage. thank you so much for joining us today with the insight and we appreciate it. all the best to you, sir. >> thank you, uma. no to another big story making news at this hour. the holiday getting off to a miserable start for millions of travelers, including these images out of illinois where there was a 20-car pileup on icy roads out there. a crippling ice storm from oklahoma to michigan. heavy snow from kansas to wisconsin. severe storms for the southeast. freezing rain. janice dean is joining us covering the situation. janice, the very, very busy day. >> yeah. 90 million people could be
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affected by the storm. this is a springtime storm. this is the first official day of winter. tornadoes, the threat of tornadoes across the arklatex until 6:00 p.m. local time. we don't have warnings about a tornado watch. it t conditions are favorable for tornadoes and we could see long tracks, very dangerous twisters this afternoon. you mention the icy part of this storm. to missouri, kansas, illinois. ice storm, watches, warnings are in effect. look at the temperature warning here. 73 in houston, 80 in brownsville. 28 and snowing in amarillo. that is a big ingredient that we need, the disparate temperature gradient for the severe threat. anywhere that you see yellow, we have the risk for severe weather, including large hail, damaging winds and tornadoes. then we have a moderate risk affecting millions of people in all of the cities where we think all of the ingreedients will come together for severe weather outbreak including the
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tornadoes. we could see inches of snow, rain and ice. we could have a significant ice storm across up-state new york and engler tomorrow with over an inch -- new england tomorrow with an. i of ice on roads, power lines and trees. i could be power out for days if not weeks. >> a very serious situation on a busy holiday weekend. thank you very much. >> turning to a story that shocked so many people around the country. new develop in the the carjacking case out of new jersey that left one man dead and upscale mall last weekend. four men are now in custody facing charges of murder and conspiracy. 30-year-old dustin friedland and his wife were inside the mall parking gar ran and two carjackers attacked them. they shot friedland in the head and fled the scene in the range rover. he later died from the injuries. >> bail is set at $2 million for each defendant. i want to credit the
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round-the-clock work of many individuals. some of whom are here with me this morning. we are not here today for any victory dance. this is the beginning of a legal process and probably a long one. >> the funeral happened on wednesday. his friends and family say the last thing he did before he died was open the car door for his wife. president obama and the first family beginning their hawaiip vacation fresh off the end of the year news conference where he was caught on the defense ahead of a key obamacare deadline. we're joined now from hawaii with more on the president day. doug mckelway? >> doug, good morning, uma. exhausted after a long overnight flight. president arrived at 11:28 to awaiting delegation. that is the start of the two-week long vacation. respite from what is likely his toughest year as
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president. in fact, that was the subject of his opening question of yesterday's press conference. the president tried to strike an optimistic tone citing improved enrollment figures for and said more than 500,000 americans enrolled through healthcare go -- in the first three weeks alone. he said in california that operates the own marketplace, 15,000 americans are enrolling every day. the president has been slammed for the latest adjustment made to on thursday night, which allowed people who lost their coverage to be waived from the requirement of the individual mandate. "wall street journal" editorialized today quoting mr. obama's actions are as damning of obamacare as anything ted cruz has said and they confirmed that the law is harmful. yesterday, mr. obama defended his actions. >> my intentions have been clear throughout time help as many people feel secure and
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make sure they don't go broke when they get sick. we'll keep on doing that. >> the g.o.p. response to his radio address pointed out the president's dilemma. >> one independent estimate for a healthy nonsmoking 30-year-old male, the cheapest health insurance plan, cheapest is $260 more expensive. 2-1/2 time what is a young person should be paying. young people help put the president in office. with the healthcare law he is pushing them to years of the less choice, fewer opportunities. larger bills. >> president is vacationing with the family in a private rental home on northeast coast of oahu, that is 45 minutes from here at the press conference in waikiki. we don't expect a lot of news made in the working vacation. more the emphasis on vacation than work. world events may change that. we shall see. >> absolutely. at least you are there, with
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the breath-taking backdrop behind you. at the end of the year news conference the president said he hasn't made a decision on the controversial program that collects and stores americans' phone records but among the dozens or so recommendations he is considering he is hinting he may shift store ran of data away from the n.s.a. and instead leave that to the phone companies. the president expected as we said to announce the changes he plans to make probably at the start of the new year. as he tries to calm allies, still angry over reports they were spied on and soothe concerned american what is does it mean for the u.s. intelligence gathering. wayne simmons former c.i.a. operative is joining us. you have insight on what is developing. a dilemma, one hand you have
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the allies that would love to see the program curtailed because they were upset about being spied on for example. the country where they love for this to continue behind the scenes. >> yeah, as you said, a big dilemma. it's that the big five or the five eyes, great britain, united states, australia, new zealand, we want to continue gathering as much intel anyway we can. americans have to decide whether or not they designed the war on terror as a war. which i believe it is. or whether it's a crime. if it's a crime, then we have the constitution, we have the laws of the country, we have judges involved in helping to keep the country safe. if as i said, if it's a war, which i believe it is, then we need to leave the decision-making process to the intelligence professionals.
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and to the president of the united states. to determine which enemies or terrorist enemies in the case we need to focus on and destroy. you can't have it both ways. you cannot have judges and even my great friend judge napolitano would tell you that he would not want to be the judge who is in charge of -- i hope i'm not putting words in his mouth but i know him well enough he would not want to be the one who would look to, to provide decision with homeland security and homeland defense. that cannot be left up to a judge. in my opinion it must be left up to the intelligence professionals. i hear all of the arguments that there will be abuses, there can be abuses. yes. there can be. but we have to have and we have the capability and the ability to provide oversight
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from the intelligence committees across -- >> this week, the n.s.a. was dealt a blow certainly by the fact that it was determined by a district judge gathering this phone records could be deemed unconstitutional. setting the stage for what will be probably a high-court showdown at this point. if that is the case, how do we perceive going forward with this part of the backdrop? >> yeah, again, very, very tough, tough -- we are now as a country, since 2001, when we were attacked, president bush had the insight and the foresight and the intelligence to say look, we can no longer sit idly by in a defensive military posture and let our enmies attack us. we must now for the first time since world war ii move to an offensive military posture low. kate, identify and kill our enemies -- locate, identify and kill our enemies. what has happened is we have fall on the to the edge of precipice. we are looking in and getting
9:18 am
ready to fall in this place of netherlands, where you can't have it both ways. we have to declare this a war and mean it and attack the enemies and kill them or declare it a crime and let the judges and the judicial system run our homeland defense. we don't want to do that. >> running out of time, but want to ask you quickly to give assessment of those who are considering the fact that snowden should be given amnesty to cooperate with authorities about what he knows so far, regarding the leak. what do you think of that? >> snowden no different than aldridge james or hanesn. he betrayed his country period. i don't care if he thinks he was doing the right thing. if he was doing the right thing he wouldn't sell vital information to help cripple the intelligence communities. i heard all the arguments. bottom line is he betrayed his nation and he is right now in russia getting support from the russians and the chinese,
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our two mortal enemies. end of story. >> great to see you. merry christmas. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> well, what a horrible time to be hack in the holiday shopping crunch. target is apologizing top shoppers whose credit card information is stolen. find out what they are offering to soften the blow to millions of customers. and it's been 25 years since the worst terror attack britain witnessed. pan am flight 103 carrying many college students on board on the way home to holidays taken down by a bomb over lockerbie, scotland. we'll take you there live to see how they remember the tragic day. stay with us. [ sniffles, coughs ] shhhh! i have a cold with this annoying runny nose. [ sniffles ] i better take something. [ male announcer ] dayquil cold and flu doesn't treat all that. it doesn't? [ male anner ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms plus has a fast-acting antihistamine. oh, what a relief it is!
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welcome back. the pentagon is confirming that four u.s. service members on a rescue mission in the south sudan have been injured by gunfire that was aimed at the aircraft. senior military official saying three ospreys were trying to evacuate americans from an area that has seen the worst violence in that country when they were fired by unknown forces.
9:24 am
one is in serious condition and the other three we're told do not have life-threatening injuries. remembering a tragedy 25 years ago today. the fate of pan am 103 exploding over lockerbie, scotland, killing 270 people. to this day, the bombing is the deadliest terror attack in britain. many of the victims were american college students flying home for christmas. now memorials and services are being held on both sides of the atlantic. sky news correspondent james hilton is joining us live from lockerbie with more. jane? >> it was 25 years ago that pan am flight 103 was only half an hour in the voyage, the flight from heath row back to john f. kennedy airport. on board was as will of students from the syracuse university going home for christmas. half an hour in to that flight, a bomb exploded. and the aircraft and all the passengers fell on the town in
9:25 am
the scottish borders of lockerbie. today there have been services and the lockerbie cemetery to mark the occasion. it was an incredibly overwhelmingly sad service, as you can imagine. a lot of people had come over from america for the special service. americans do come over every year to mark and remember their loved ones who were killed on that incident. but this was a special service. 25 years on. there were a lot of readings, including a reading by craig lines, from the u.s. government. i spoke to a mother who lost her son and she says people of lockerbie have taken the americans to their hearts. and treated them really well, because of the tragic event that brought so much horror and terror on the small town. in an hour's time, a service will be held at the church in
9:26 am
lockerbie, behind me. two minutes past 7:00, there will be silence in the service which will mark exactly to the second the moment that pan am 103 was blown up on lockerbie. >> jane, thank you very much. sad anniversary indeed. still to come, two american astronauts are sailing through repairs in space. we'll check in on the astronauts, where they are in the 6-1/2-hour mission that is taking place above the earth. trying to fix a cooling pump. the deadline two days away if you want your new health insurance to kick in by the first of the year. the surprises, though, keep on coming. we'll explain. stay with us. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis,
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welcome back. now the latest on top story making news now.
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nasa astronauts making steady progress as they continue with the efforts to repair a crippledded cooling pump at the international space station. spacewalkers rick and michael have successfully removed an ammonium pump with a ahead of schedule. that task had been set for monday spacewalk. but if they keep up the good work they may not have to make a third spacewalk come christmas day. for a look at other headlines making choose news this hour in the news flash. millions of travelers dealing with crippling weather. five to eight inches of snow from kansas to wisconsin. tornadoes are possible across the lower mississippi valley. the northeast will face freezing rain with the possibility of significant icing. everyone is urged to remain careful out there. president obama skipping out of washington and spending christmas in hawaii. the first family will be there until january 5. no public events scheduled in the vacation. last year, the gridlock in b.c. cut the trip short.
9:32 am
a judge ordered a hospital to keep 13-year-old teen on life support. the hospital wanted to disconnect life support after the little girl was declared brain dead. both sides agreed to have a neurologist give her further examination. another hearing set for monday. a secret santa came by to visit the made a wish foundation, handing out envelopes each containing commissionp $100 bill. handing -- crisp $100 billion. nice if you can be one of the lucky recipients. quick look at the stories making news. three republican senators are pushing back against changes to enrollment pard from october 15 to november 15. 11 days before after the 2014
9:33 am
election. this week, the senators introducing legislation that would move the deadline back to the original october date. the senator says the administration move was clearly politically motivated in his opinion. >> the president moved the date when people sign up from october 15 to november 15. he moved it two weeks before the election to two weeks after the election to hide from the american people pain they are suffering under the healthcare law and the orry,asing premiums. mr. president, you can't do that. >> as we mentioned the president is off on vacation. in his final news conference of the year yesterday, he was trying to put the best face on what is clearly been a tough time for him.
9:34 am
the obamacare roll-out is raising more questions than answers. >> it didn't happen in the first month. the first six weeks in a way that was acceptable. since i'm in charge, obviously, we screwed it up. >> well, days to go before the first deadline if you want your health insurance from the new healthcare exchange to kick in by the first of the year, the obama white house is relaxing the rules of the healthcare law for those folks who have policies that have been canceled. that surprise announcement catching a lot of folks from the insurance industry off-guard and joining us now with thoughts on this, and much more, fox news contributor jim pinkerton. great to have you here today. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> this announcement focuses on folk whose plans were canceled. and now they can buy a bare bones plan or entirely avoid requirement that most miles per hours must have health insurance. this is creating a backlash. what is your opinion of the
9:35 am
move at the 11th hour? >> according to john fund at the national review this is the 14th major change in the program since it was signed in to law. old days we think that the president was signing a piece of legislation it and it would become law and that would be that. we discovered in the three years since, in the 30,000 payments of regulations, that the administration can pretty much do what it wants in terms of changing it. i got to tell you, i'm not sure what happened. i expect another one tomorrow. the plan is ignore, waive, suspend all unpopular part of the law and including making people pay for it. there will just be a giant program to give away money. somebody else can figure that out. >> a lot of folks say this was designed to placate the democrats facing the tough re-elections next year in districts where the voters are upset with the fall-out over obamacare. this change now also allows consumers from the first time to claim a hardship exemption
9:36 am
if they think the plan fell through the state and federal marketplace are too expensive. do you think that it's enough to get more people to sign up? >> i think eventually, i think they are going to say you're covered. details about the navigator program have said thena gators are preaching people to lie, to make up stuff to not include their income if it's too high. they get eligible for subsidiaries. we have to get numbers up and we don't care if the program works or not. the media are now watching, get a million people enroll, 2 million people to enroll, 2 million people to enroll. it's a big mess. the situation, the administration finds itself in is summed up yesterday in the press conference when the reporter from the "new york times" said mr. president, how does it feel to have your statement for you'd like your health insurance you can keep it. as lie of the year. politofacts is the pulitzer
9:37 am
prize winning media watchdog organization that declared the president's statement "the lie of the year." no wonder he wants to get to hawaii for two-and-a-half week vacation. >> talk about the exemption for a moment. another part of this is it's freeing people from the central feature of the law you have to have health insurance or pay a fine. now folks have a choice of no insurance at all or just buying simply catastrophic insurance. isn't that going to completely rock the system here? >> yeah, the insurance companies are freaking out because they're not going to get the revenue. the whole bargain between the insurance company and the obama administration and the democrats in congress was well, look, we will make people buy the insurance which will then cover you for the higher cost you are incurring from other people getting coverage. "young invincibles." bob schaefer of cbs news, no conservative, said this is the biggest fiasco he has seen in 40 years of covering washington. i have to tell you, i kind of agree. and mean while you see other
9:38 am
aspects of the health issue starting to emerge. eric telford for, works at the franklin center pointed out today that the fda is dragging its feet on a antidote to the meningitis outbreak that is sickening college students both in the east coast and the west coast. the p.d.a. won't approve the meningitis vaccine. what do you do when the health insurance is nonexistent and financial and unexplainable and mean while people are getting sick of real diseases? that is a big risk to people. >> absolutely. one big mess, but the president has a bit of a reprieve as he continues to vacation in hawaii. he gets away from all the yelling and the screaming here in washington. all right. >> surf's up. >> exactly. jim, thank you for joining us. merry christmas to you. giant retailer target is trying to lure customers back to the stores with a 10% discount this weekend after a massive credit card breach compromised the personal information of up to
9:39 am
40 million of its shoppers. investigators believe overseas hackers are responsible for accessing credit and debit card information. target customers who shop at that store between november 27 and december 15. in a letter to customers target ceo is saying, "our brand has been built on a 50-year foundation of trust with the guests, and we want to assure you that the cause of the issue has been addressed and you can shop with confidence at target." free credit monitoring service is being provided for those who have been affected by this. still ahead, as christians around the world get ready to celebrate christmas. some are facing pers consideration for their faith -- persecution for their faith. we are talking to those christians dealing with dangers of religious intolerance of some foreign countries. we'll tell you more about it. farmer: hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer.
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welcome back to this fox news alert. we're told that the spacewalk ended after five hours and 28 minutes. the astronauts are back aboard the international space station. completing the first day of this mission. nasa says the damage cooling pump has been removed successfully. the next spacewalk set for monday. we'll keep you updated.
9:44 am
persecution against people for the religious beliefs has been taking place for centuries. today christians in muslim countries say they are singled out and persecuted for their religious ideas. one american organization is trying to make a difference to help hundreds of people in pakistani countries -- in pakistan and helping pakistani christians. it's led by keith davis from rescue christians. he is here joining us with more about the efforts underway. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> let's talk for a moment about the rescue christians. how did all of this come to be? >> we run a think tank. case came to us that needed help. we started to call the other organization we thought were rescuing people and helping people. we found not one of them would help so we decided we had to do it. we started four years ago with no knowledge or experience.
9:45 am
two years later we have helped over 1,000 people. >> with the report about christians being targeted in different countries around the globe, the images have been quite sobering and very unsettling obviously. but the work you are doing is taking place in pakistan, correct? >> that is correct. what we do, one of the hardest things for christians to deal with is the blasphemy laws, where they target christians they accuse them falsely of blasphemy. so what we do is we found safehanes for them and we get them out of the country in extreme situations. we also are forced conversions and the kidnapping of women is prevalent. it's unbelievable, the rain and thed so myization -- sodomyization. it's awful. we rescue them and successful for every case we have taken on. successfully rescue the girls.
9:46 am
we have also been involved in cases of slavery and indenture. in christian families if someone is sick they can't afford to pay for the treatment and they sell themselves to basically slavery in the kiln works. in several cakes of those we're successful in doing. >> it's amazing the work you're doing. obviously, you are up against a tough challenge. but where are the authorities on all of this? when you are presented with the particular situations, and you go to the authorities to try to seek some type of resolution, are they helpful at all? >> some are and some are not. i depends who you are talking to. we just got a case in this morning where we are working on the legal side of things. a man was arrested for blasphemy. now he is being tortured and he is mentally retarded. and the family went to visit him actually yesterday. and he didn't recognize them. and his hands were swollen. he has obviously been torture
9:47 am
and we are actually now dealing with the case to get a medical certificate to see what the torture was. >> horrific stories. these are horrific stories. and we applaud you for the work you are doing. and we hope that you will continue to update with us your activities there. and give us more information as it becomes available. >> we certainly will. >> thank you, sir, for joining us. >> thank you. all right. >> all right. shifting gears now. while you at home are pinching your holiday pennys a government agency is spending $1 million to promote its facebook and twitter accounts. that is just the tip of the iceberg. wait until you hear other outrageous things congress is wasting your tax dollars on. stay with us. [ male announcer ] this is george. the day building a play set begins with a surprisewinge of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. [ male announcer ] that's handy.
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here's an outrange story for you. listen up. naps sa's little green nice jas. those are just a small sampling of some of the abuses of tax dollars. more now from doug mccallway. >> it may make some in washington squirm. it documents federal government waste$125,000 to build a 3d printer pizza.
9:52 am
and more than $17 million in brothel tax exceptions. this in the year when many complained sequestration left little to cut. >> over the next few years, unprepared due to a lack training, maintenance and the latest equipment. >> the waste book detail, how the department of defense is leaving 2,000 mrast, mine resistant ambush resistant vehicles, behind in afghanistan to be destroyed rather than shipped to other bases. it documents how congress authorized the purchase of 21 planes from italy, even though the military didn't want them. stuck with the $631 million purchase, the air force mothballed the planes in the desert before any of them flew a single operational mission. >> half of them, we're going to cut up, half of them we're going to put in the desert. what do they think about that? i mean it doesn't fit with
9:53 am
common sense. >> nor do the spending habits of many other agencies. $630,000 to attract followers for its facebook and twitter accounts. nasa is spending $3 million to study how congress works. the national document for the humanities received nearly $1 million since 2010 to explore the origins of popular romance media. estimates show that more than twice that will be spent on publicity and marketing. yet coburn doesn't blame the agencies. he blames congress. >> most members of congress are more interested in getting themselves re-elected than they are in fixing what's wrong with the country. >> unbelievable, isn't it? coburn spares neither republicans nor the democrats. he names one title, the senate majority leader. coburn saying harry reid's refusal to adhere to regular order and bring appropriation bills to the floor contributes to congress' lack of oversight of federal government spending in 2013. okay, as we get closer to christmas, santa and his
9:54 am
workshop making a quick stop here in d.c. to check in with hundreds of youngsteres who are anxiously awaiting to see if he will help make christmas wishes come true. the city does dress up for the holiday and pauses to capture the spirit of the season and nowhere is that more apparent than through the eyes of children. next, we'll hear from santa himself. ♪ ho ho ho [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up.
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9:59 am
meeting up with children anxious to let him know what they are hoping for this christmas sea n season. they're all standing in line to see him. santa is busy getting ready for the big day. >> we've got elves at the north pole. elves here are working very hard. so they're working in shifts and they're putting in some long hours, really great people. >> what's the best part of the day? seeing santa, spending time with him? >> yes. >> why was it so much fun? >> because i got to sit on his lap and tell him what i wanted. >> what's the best part of christmas? >> when you open presents. >> what makes it so special for all of you? >> well, to spend time with my family and friends. >> and, remember, santa is still keeping close watch to see who's been naughty or nice. to all of our viewers, thank you so much for joining us. from our house to yours. my daughter carina and i who's
10:00 am
visiting today along with our entire fox news team here in d.c., we wish you peace and joy this holiday season. we also want to remember our courageous military men and women serving overseas who can't be home with their loved ones right now. we're keeping you close in our hearts and salute you. merry christmas, everybody. hello, everyone, good day to you. i'm kelly wright. welcome to a brand-new hour of america's news headquarters. >> i'm patti-ann browne, in for colby. millions are facing severe winter weather. we'll get the very latest from the fox extreme weather center. >> plus, three u.s. osprey struck by gunfire in south sudan. we've got the very latest on their conditions and why they were there in the first place in a remote region plagued by unrest. >> and major holiday headaches for m


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