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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 22, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PST

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>> and i'm eric shawn. shannon bream from our nation's capitol with another hour of "america's news headquarters." thank you for spending time with us here on the fox newschannel. the countdown is on for the first obamacare deadline. if you want to buy insurance, you are going to have to get signed up. tomorrow is the last day. a last-minute change is actually leaving some folks confused. insurance companies are infuriated. we will tell you about it, you died. you decide. and could it mean a fallout for the u.s. government as president obama signals he may be ready to put some limits on the surveillance program. one coming man warns, don't do it. we will talk to him and we will talk to peter king live. and teenage girls forced into prostitution. domestic farm workers held against their will. it is happening right here in the u.s. we will talk to florida's attorney general banding
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together with her counterparts in dozens of other states to fight this. i'm shannon bream. "america's news headquarters" live from the capitol starts right now. well, for many americans who are trying to enroll in obamacare, the race is on. you've got less than 48 hours to pick a plan if you haven't done so already. the first big enrollment deadline is hitting just days after the who it house decided to exempt hundreds of thousands of americans and maybe even millions from having to buy health insurance. it is causing confusion and consternation amoung some. now, where the president is vacationing. hello, doug. >> hi, shannon. on the sunday morning talk shows, health of the affordable care act went down to two camps as it has for the last self- months. they want it repealed and leb brails and democrats who want to fix it. that is what the president has
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been doing with his various tweets. the most recent on thursday. when he allowed an exemption for people who have lost their health care coverage, an exemption to the mandate, the individual mandate. that tweet as one executive told fox news, has caused tremendous disruption to the insurance industry. and that is basically what senator tom coburn had to say on "meet the press." listen up. >> you can't fix this mess. the insurance industry, the indeem gnaw ma location industry industry -- in de mnification industry is on its ear now. the fact that they granted people a hardship exemption, everybody who signed up that had a high deductible policy should go and can sell today -- cancel today. >> the "washington post" basically echoed senator coburn's thoughts. i am quoting here, politicians will poke so many holes and add so many exceptions that
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the law is seriously undermind. the president indicated that he will continue to make exceptions as needed. dismor -- senator chuck schumer said that is precisely what needed to be done. he was on "meet the press." >> what most americans wanted us to do is not repeal obamacare which is what the colleagues are focused on, but fix it. >> the president said he will sign up for the affordable care act himself. he has less than 24 hours to do that. it is to meet the january 1st -- the december 23rd deadline for coverage that takes effect on january 1st. so many millions of other americans have to get to work if they want to get that done. back to you. >> the deadline is upon us. thank you so much. oregon's troubled health exchange are telling applicants they may be out of luck. some people who have applied are getting calls from cover oregon. they are warning if they don't get confirmation by monday
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they are forced to get coverage somewhere else. they can still get plans to run agents, but they won't be eligible for the subsidees or the tax credits. the white house gave those whose policies were canceled a reprieve, but will it help or hurt? it will convince americans to get on board for obamacare. here, former senator evan bie and scott brown, republican senator from massachusetts. welcome to you both. >> thank you, shannon. >> thank you. >> i will start with you. a lot of this came from the propertying of a dozen -- from the prompting of a dozen democrats who said we really need to clean up this problem. but a lot of folks think it is a last-minute pre holiday fix that maybe the white house wants to slide under the radar. is this about the elections? what is it about? >> it is probably about both substance and politics, shannon. there was a problem created when the president assured everyone that you like your policy, then you can keep it.
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suddenly millions found their policies canceled and then they had to find another policy. maybe it was more expensive and maybe it didn't include their doctor. they were understandably very upset. giving them a reprieve makes some sense. control of the senate, shifting to politics is focused on four or five states where there are incul bent democrats -- incumbent democrats, and for them, and for those sitting democrats this was a big political problem. people who are angry tend to vote more than people who are happy. a lot of folks are angry and are going to vote based on that. >> it certainly motivates voters to get out of the polls. senator brown, you were at the center of the law as it came together and it played a key role or were co-opted from playing a key role as it played out. as we continue to have more and more exemptions for people of different ages and unions and certain companies and certain groups, will the law be able to stand on its own with so many of those legs kicked out from underneath it? >> first of all i agree with evan. it is politics, period.
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you have all of the senators that are up and vulnerable and are pushing the white house to do more. i question the fact whether the president can actually do what he is doing using his executive power to so-called tweak. he is not tweaking. he is doing major changes to a law passed by congress. i wouldn't be shocked if there isn't an illegal challenge brought. listen, this thing is a complete disaster and people are in the pit of their stomachs are getting these notices and are saying oh my god, honey, what are we going to do? they are upset and they will take it to the polls in 2014. and the fact that the president is going to enroll, listen, give me a break. the president is not going to sit around getting on-line and doing it. it is all for show. the people deserve better. we will see what happens. >> and senator, we have talked about this. there are a lot of folks who feel like there are significant changes being made to the health care law repeatedly by this administration. and they are going to lump this in with that. senator brown talked about a
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lawsuit. we know there are house members who are trying to get a resolution passed by the house itself to sue based on some of these changes. at this point, do you think the law is salvageable? do you think there is enough of a fix that it can get up and running? >> that's hard to know right now. th is a work in progress and we are going to find out. there are millions of americans who qualify for medic -- medicaid. how the changes will work because there are so many exceptions, i think it may be a year or two before we find out if the underling economics that depend on millions of uninsured people signing up whether we know enough of them have signed up to make the thing viable. my guess is the politics of it are pretty tough over the next year for the democrats and looking at 2016 if it will have resolved itself if it is politically okay. we just don't know right now. >> can i just add one thing? it is not a question of who is signing up, but who is actually paying?
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has anyone paid how will they pay for this thing. that's what people need to look at. i don't care who is signing up. i want to see who is writing a check and obviously pay forget this mess. >> can i make a comment about that? scott is on to something there. if you ask me to project out and assess the fallout with the public, people who are poor and qualify for medicaid will be happy. people who qualify for subsidees will be happy. people who have a preexisting illness or catastrophic illness will be pleased. others who have had to make financial sacrifices, middle class families, not as much. >> and we will see how they vote. >> thank you both and merry christmas to you both. >> merry christmas to you all too. >> merry christmas. the northeast is bracing for more winter weather from a storm system that has ripped through the south. we know at least two deaths in mississippi have been blamed on the wild weather and from
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oklahoma to main travelers, a lot of them out there right now are dealing with icy conditions. will things clear out before christmas? let's talk to our expert. >> shannon, the good news is we are going to clear things up for santa and his travels. that's the most important thing. unfortunately we still have a storm that is lingering across the eastern third of the country. it is still bringing icy conditions to upstate new york and northern new england. mainly a rain event and it will continue for the next 24 hours and heading into tomorrow's rush hour we will get another wave of rain. but it will just be rain. the temperatures l going to be crazy warm. we are talking abo degrees in new york city topping 70 in dc. tomorrow is still very warm. but things are going to change. look at that. 36 by wednesday and by christmas day it will teal like christmas. same for new york and into the 20s for boston. we talked
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about christmas day and let's look at the forecast. we don't have any major storms to talk about and temperatures will be seasonal for much of the country. as i mentioned santa should have no problem delivering presents to kids on christmas eve. back to you, shannon. >> we don't want anything slowing them down. thank you so much. >> know he is going to her house because she has been good this year. the cia program is partially responsible for helping columbian ep forces -- columbian force killing rebel leaders. they have interviewed 30 former or current u.s. and columbian officials. the post reports that the national security agency secretly helped columbian forces eavesdrop on the rebel insurgency. the cia is not commenting on the post art -- article. peter king is an outspoken backer of the surveillance programs. this week he buys -- invites president obama to ignore a report on
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recommendations and limits. the agency's program says it is a phony issue. let's ask him about it. he joins us from knock. welcome, congressman. >> thank you, shannon. merry christmas to you. >> merry christmas to you as well. please explain for us why you think concerns about the nsa and these new recommendations why this amounts to a phony esh you. >> the reason i say that is the president was in a press conference and he said the intelligence gathered by the nsa is very important and there is no indication of scandal or rebeauts and can cause great damage. the intelligence we gathered is important and i don't see why there is such a rush to reform something that is monitored by the courts and monitored by the justice department and monitored by the congress and by the intelligence committee involved in the house and the senate. to me this is really -- it is caused by snowden and when you go down to it there is no abuse. it has been of available
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assistance and in cases of the subway attack in new york city in 2009 and the nsa was primarily responsible for stoping that. >> and of course we know that this is a very delicate balance. we have the fourth amount. the americans are rightfully so concerned about their own privacy. it is a right we are guaranteed. absent warrants and those legal protections, there have been so many court rulings on this. but this week, of course, we see the one from the federal judge who had a lot to say. he called some of the nsa programs in the 68-page opinion that the government didn't site a single instance where they stopped an -- imminent terrorist attack. >> i think he is totally wrong. in fact, i worked with judge leon when i was on the banking committee as a member of congress and he was a special council he brought in. generally i have great ready -- great regard for him.
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they did site a number of instances, but he felt it didn't satisfy him. under the separation of powers, a judge has nothing to say about what is good intelligence and what is not. that is the comabder -- the commander-in-chief. the executive department has determined that this intelligence is important and has been important and that he is going way out of his lane to make that decision. it is not for him to decide what is available and what is not. he is a judge. he went way beyond what i think he is entitled to under the constitution. >> and there is a lot of question about what role judges do play. we think of the secret court who we know who the judges are, appointed by the chief justice to make decisions about this so that the programs can be protected to some extent and methods that would tip off our enemies would not become public. but at the same time there is a lot of criticism about the courts and how they operate and whether or not there should be somebody there, a public advocate.
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it is basically one sided. the government goes in and makes its argument and that's it. would you be for some type of third party public advocate, somebody to go into the hearings and advocate on behalf of average american citizens? >> no, shannon, i wouldn't. the fact is throughout the rest of our legal system, child pornography, organized crime, they are one sided. there is no defense advocate in there. it is the judge and the prosecutor. if a person is going to get a search warrant there is no adversary in there. if the person will be indicted , there is no lawyer in there representing the defendant. it is always in these cases between the judge and the prosecutors. and so to me there is not even a constitutional need to have the court. the court itself is a protection. but, no, i do not want to have an adversary in that room. again it was an ordinary decent court. i don't care why terrorists should have an add veer care
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y'all -- adversarial proceeding. >> is there anything you can tell us about the report we had earlier about the cia assisting in columbia? anything you know or can share? >> shannon, i cannot comment on that. i am on the details committee and i cannot comment. the nsa performs extraordinary service around the world for the united states as far as providingen tell inteligence and providing information that enables us to do our job. we live in a dangerous world and there are killers killers and terrorists 1k3* murderers out there. they do an important job as far as working with allies and our own government to stop it and to keep it down. >> yes, the agency and the folks are doing a lot of important work. keeping the balance will be key to convincing americans of that. congressman, thank you so much. >> thank you and merry christmas to you. >> thank you too. still to come, one of our closest allies are speaking out about the spying scandal. we will tell you why israeli officials are so upset and
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what they are demanding the united states do now. plus, get out the tissues. a town rallies to help a little girl with cancer. what they did to fulfill one of her dying wishes. and we love hearing from you at home. boy do we have a good reason to stick around for the end of the show. it is a special surprise from one of our most loyal viewers. you don't want to miss it.
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dismie new revelations -- new revelations about the security we have been talking about are straining ties about the u.s. and the cloggest allies. israel broke its silence. connor powell has more. hello, connor. >> america says the anger in israel says they are beginning in 2008 and continuing through the obama white house and the nsa targeted senior israeli officials according to snowden and the u.s. and britain targeted the e-mail addresses belonging to the office of
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then ulmert and barack. there is anger since u.s. and israel are close partners and have a good working intelligence relationship and truthfully the dark secret is both sides have a long mystery of -- history of spying on each other. israel and american officials worked under the assumption that they were monitoring their activities. a former head of israeli intelligence echoed that saying he wasn't surprised by the spying. >> it makes the utmost way to get information and even on the friendly states and i hope that they didn't sign too much. >> if anything the latest revelation has renewed calls in israel to released jonathon pollard. a former navy intelligence official.
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pollard was sentenced to life in prison for spying on israel. he is also suspected it to pass on information to other countries as well. despite the latest revelation it is unlikely pollard will be released anytime soon. and the relationship twin the u.s., shannon, and israel is likely to remain very strong. they are two close allies and given the past history of spying on each other this is not really news, and in terms of intelligence officials it comes as a surprise, shannon. >> connor powell live in our middle east bureau. thank you. multiple rulings on the obamacare contraception mandate this week. the catholic community reacts. and it won't be smooth sailing for travelers. wild weather could stand between you and your smas destination. and your christmas destination. we will keep you updated.
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we are just one day away from the deadline to sign up for obamacare in order to get coverage by january 1st. as the clock ticks down a court ruling impacts the controversial contraception mandate. more on that in a minute. first, peter doocy is here making headlines. peter? >> a massive and deadly storm system is heading east just in time to snarl holiday travel. so fa are it has brought everything from snow and ice to tornadoes. in fact two deaths in mississippi are already being blamed on these storms. the northern areas may get more snow today while the south could see more tornadoes. it will be a christmas eve spacewalk for two american astronauts aboard the interest national spacestation. yesterday they successfully pulled out a cooling pump for the bad valve. nasa says it means an extra day to get a back up spacesuit ready.
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on the last few days of the christmas shopping season, chase is dealing with the security breech. they used their debit -- those who used their deb bait cards at target are facing purchases of no more than $300 and withdrawals of $100 until the bank can get the new cards. it will be a white christmas in one part of sacramento, california. a church had 100 tons of snow trucked in and made six sled runs. the church says it is a gift to the community and it is free to everyone. those are the top stories. shan n no, back -- shan n no, back to you. >> thank you, peter. it was a mixed bag for those looking at the hhs money trough exception -- mandate. it will require it makes sure it gives employees access to cost free contraception. while there are some victories they lost their bid in
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washington. he is the leader of that group. >> this court is saying that the government can force us to act contrary to our religion and because that is against the principals on which this country was founded we were founded on victory. >> and in new york this week a federal judge granted a permanent injunction against religious groups who challenged it dl. challenged it there. they will hear a mandate by two for profit companies. 47 attorneys general are banding together to ask congress for funding to help fight human trafficking here in the u.s. it is a major problem in florida which our next guest ranks third in the nation for calls of the national human trafficking hotline. joining us now is the attorney general. good to see you today. >> you too, shannon, thanks. >> i have to say when i started to look into this it was stunning to me just how far and widespread this
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problem is all across our country. 83% of those here in the u.s. that are, you know, caught up in this human trafficking are u.s. citizens. we should be concerned whether they are citizens or not. what is happening in florida? >> whether they are citizens or not, thisy are victims. 83% department of justice comes right from here in the united states and not only that the majority are between the ages of 12 to 14. that's horrific. >> it is. we have made -- go ahead. >> i was going say, you know, tell me about what you are doing in florida, but also this call you are asking for more funding. as this grows to the tune of -- what i president ared by hhs $32 billion in profits this is making money pour somebody and it is going to continue until you have the tools and others have the tools to fight back. >> and it is the largest growing criminal enterprise in
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the world. can you believe that? $32 billion worldwide and that is why this is such a great bipartisan effort and we have to make it stop. there are 47 of us. there are 47 attorneys general and we have all written a letter to congress regarding the trafficking victims' reorganization -- reauthorization act. again these are our children throughout our country who are being victims of these traffickers. january is awareness month. thank you for talking about this very important issue. we have to bring awareness to it. but in florida we have been working on this year-round. we have partnered with many -- we had to be -- we had to be pro active. we had to be creative. we had to attack this from all fronts. let me tell you we work great with the state attorneys in miami. our u.s. attorneys are doing a great job and my prosecutors. last session we have had
10:32 am
increased penalties for human trafficking and prosecutors have the authority to go up on wiretap. as soon as that was signed we went up on a wire and made a huge human trafficking case right in the tampa bay area. people don't want to believe this is real, but it is. we had to hit it on other sphronts. on other fronts. 24 is so tragic. this is great with the petroleum industry. many times these young girls, the only break they get is to run into a convenience store to use a restroom. we partnered with the truckers. we have an on-line tool kit teaching the trucking industry what to look for. where are these criminals taking these young girls to traffic them? truck stops. truckers have now become our eyes and ears throughout florida. we have partnered with the retailers and the association industry of florida. many business industries with our on-line tool kit. we are also training law enforcement officers as to what to look for and then, shannon, something else we
10:33 am
found of course with our growing technology, often kids are being recruited off the internet. that's no surprise. we have come out with a statewide campaign and it is called from instant message to instant nightmare. and parents, i encourage you, please go on-line. often your kids think they are talking to other children, but they are talking to the worst of the worst predators posing as children. that's why we have come out with that. you can go to my florida to get any of this information to teach your children about it and educate them. >> it is horrific and it is real. it is happening here across the u.s. attorney general, thank you so much for what you are doing. a good reminder for all of us to keep our eyes and ears open. merry christmas to you. >> merry christmas and thank you for bringing awareness to this. thank you. with the end of the year deadline approaching of afghanistan has yet to sign the security deal with the u.s. what could it mean for thousands of troops still there? we will talk to the general after this break.
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and a little girl given just days to live watching as a group of strangers makes her holiday dreams come true. you do not want to miss this story. stick around. that's next.
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an 8-year-old dying from leukemia is seronated by strangers.
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she is getting ready for what could be her last christmas. her wish is to hear carolers sing her favorite christmas songs. >> a lot of people don't even know her, but through social media they have been able to give her this wish. itthe different stories her mother has posted showing her strength and her courage and her humor and all she wants is carols? we can do that. >> the christmas cheer did spread through facebook. some carolers even changed their travel plans to be there for her for this special night. the standoff between afghanistan and the white house drags on as hamid karzai continues to refuse to sign on to an agreement that would govern the status of troops in his country. aids said president obama is likely to extend the december 31st deadline in order to ultimately get this deal done. let's talk about it with our military analyst and retired four star general jack keen.
10:39 am
always good to see you, general. >> good to see you, shan n no. >> -- shannon. >> if this does go into the election of the predecessor to karzai where does this put the ?uz. >> frankly he will be out of office in april. we should rightfully look beyond him. i think the president and the administration are probably doing that. the fact of the matter is the military is making plans for a draw down based on different options, and they will be able to execute it. i don't think it is all that big of a deal. the fact of the matter is we have a strategic partnership agreement that will last for years. with the size of the force that stays behind is the president's decision and we don't know that yet. i am hopeful it is a sizable force to be able to do the missions that are assigned. >> what does karzai get out of this? does he stay relevant? does he keep the headlines? what is his purpose and something that was negotiated and it sounded like everybody was on board and now the
10:40 am
brakes. >> we have had a 12-year journey with karzai. he is paranoid about leaving and being irrelevant as you suggest of the he -- he certainly doesn't want to feel like a lame duck and he is concerned about who will take his place and he doesn't want anybody to take his place that will chase down his family the next 10 years. the tension and the emotion of his leaving is driving some of this. >> quickly, what do you make of the two sides who say, fine, let's do a complete withdraw and get everyone out of there and others say they have great concerns about that and the describe not ready for it. >> most objective independent analysts say walking away from iraq and leaving no forces there was a huge strategic blunder by this administration. to do that again in afghanistan would certainly invalidate and squander all of the gains we have made these years. the fact of the matter is we have some genuine success in afghanistan and we should make certain that we leave a force there. it is not going to be a combat force in its entirety.
10:41 am
only a small portion would do that. those are our classified forces. it will be supporting the events taking place by the afghan national security forces. >> general, always good to see you. merry christmas. >> merry christmas to you too. target shoppers are scrambling to make sure their info was safe after a massive security breech. how can you finish your shopping unscathed? brenda butner tells us next. >> i am glad to be home with you. >> we love these stories. a father and daughter reunited just in time for the holidays. the happiest of homecomings. we will show you the rest of this sweet video next.
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>> daddy. >> how are you doing? >> love, love, love that story. and now you know santa has his work cut out for him. this texas family has everything they can want or need. he surprised his daughter after months away from home. he wasn't able to see or talk to her wheel he was away. mom helped to organize the surprise.
10:46 am
merry christmas to the fimp -- to the finch family whether you are together or apart, you are in our thoughts and prayers this holiday season. >> the massive data breech at nearly all of target stores could mean your credit or debit card numbers may have been taken. how can you keep your info safe as you finish up your last-minute holiday shopping? senior business correspondent brenda butner has the answer. >> customer information including names, card numbers, expiration dates and security codes may have been compromised. law enforcement including several states attorney general and the u.s. secret service are investigating the breech. some security experts believe data hackings like this one occur in the credit card processing software. >> a lot of the breeches that have occurred are done by organized web mobs. they function here in the u.s. and are scattered throughout the world. they are technologists,
10:47 am
criminal hackers that understand the mechanics of how all of this works. often they will need somebody on the inside here to make something happen. in general they can function on the web from all over the world. >> watch those credit card statements and report any discrepancies immediately. >> when bad guys get access to this type of information, they know the clock is ticking and that that data eventually may be useless once it is discovered in the card numbers -- and the card numbers canceled. they will make charges, unauthorized credit card transactions on the phone and they will rack up as many dollars as they possibly can. check your statements and refute the unauthorized charges. >> as the mobile phone shopping trend grows so can your security. >> we are seeing an evolution in the payment processing and transactions that we have seen not only in store, but on-line. i think we are going to see a de materialization of credit cards into the phone. it is where the codes you can
10:48 am
scan like a at starbucks you can pay for your latte or specific one-time pass codes that authorize you and your identity to carry out a payment will be the wave of the future. >> but for now, the fallout continues. jp morgan chase is limiting debit card activity to anyone who shopped at target during the hack. will other issues follow suit? lots of questions to be answered and angry customers doing last-minute shopping and scrambling even more. shannon, back to you. >> brenda, thank you and merry christmas. >> you too. the way the "duck dynasty"'s comments on homosexuality, the crack customer barrel removed -- the crackle barrel removed some of its products fearing patrons will be offended. now the chain is doing an about face. a short time ago they posted to the facebook page, you told us we made a mistake. you took to social media to
10:49 am
express your thoughts and feelingses. you said we were wrong and today we listened. today we are putting our "duck dynasty" products back in the store and we apologize for offending you. we support people to express their beliefs and we didn't want anyone to think differently. that brings us to the tweeter question. what do you think of cracker barrel's reversal? will you keep eating and p shoulding at cracker barrel? tweet us or at sean -- shannon bream and let us know. and getting military moms and dads something that can be hard to come by. date night. how you can help spread holiday cheer. and a mom is in a battle with her children's school district over cookies. we will have a look at how that debate is heating up. ♪
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love the organizations that give back to america's military families. operation santa by college students does that by providing free baby-sitting services to families. i got a chance to talk with some members about their mission. >> welcome to you both. glad to have you here. luke, start by telling us why you started this organization and what it's about. >> so we -- right now there are approximately 1.2 million champs, and a champ is a child hero attached to military personnel, they're the children of the men and women of our armed services today, and we started this organization to help say thank you for all they do for us. we do that kind of in two ways. the first is our little champs initiative, and that resolves --
10:55 am
revolves around this book. our ceo and cofounder authored the book, and its serves as a coping tool for military children, to help them with the difficult lifestyles, and it's really -- puts a high value on validating their existence as americans. we want them to feel like they're meshes like everybody else, so this book does a great job. we got some great welcome from many of the military organizations after publishing it, and the uso bought 6,000 copies. >> i think that's -- one of the things you do with the proceeds of this is you make sure that there are sitters available to help out with military children, and brown checks and cpr training. lindsey, i understand you're a volunteer. >> yes, i'm a champ sitter. so, everytime we have a champ sitting appointment, a champ sitter will be paired with another champ sitter, all college students. based out of the university of maryland at this point, and we
10:56 am
go to the military families, have our operations champs book in hand and we're ready for whatever. we're trained ahead of time only on military cultural confidence and extensively how to make these champs feel special and appreciated. and we're ready for whatever they can throw at us. >> i have a couple of nephews who are champs because my brother is deployed right now. i know that kind of helped me so much. and i know a lot of what you do to bridge the gap of underring between the civilian community and the military community. operation get the book there, fine out more, and you are thinking about expanding this to other college campuses near military installations. thank you for what you're doing. >> thank you. appreciate being here. >> it is a story getting a lot of clicks. a conservative group fighting to overturn the california's new transgender bathroom law. >> this group claims that state
10:57 am
officials are refusing to count the signatures asking for a referendum. the controversial law allows transgender students to choose which public school restroom they want to use and to decide whether or not they want to be on the boys or girls sports team. the new law is intended to reduce discrimination but opponents say it violates privacy. another popular story, a minnesota mom has been shut down for giving cookies to school kids. the offense is 15 years in the baking. the weekly cookie drop started as a thank you to the bus driver, and then anne says she couldn't give the driver cookies without giving one to the kids. this week she received a cease and desist not from the school after a complaint. >> a reddick user has a surprise when she found out the identity of her online secret santa, bill gates. she said the donation to heifer
10:58 am
international and a stuffed animal was the perfect gift and she is sorry for asking for an apple ipad. >> i'm still not over the cookie situation, an anonymous complaint. >> you know there are online secret santas and that bill gates is out there? >> we need to sign up. i had no idea. >> not too late. >> are you my secret santa? peter, thank you very much. you can send cookies. i've haddor mom's cookies. they're delicious. >> we love hearing from you at home. earlier today, crackle barrel decided to put recently pulled "duck dynasty" items back on the shelf. what do you think about cracker barrel's about face. >> mike says, hope the wind direction doesn't change again, mark says takes a strong person to correct things. kudos to cb for correcting this mistake. dan says, cracker barrel decided
10:59 am
it was a bad thing to offend the majority who speak with their wallet. thank you for sharing. we love to hear back from you. we got hundreds of responses on that. that's it for our show here on was. fox news sunday is next. before we go, we have a special surprise for one very loyal fox news viewer, rodney, we hope you are watching, check this out. >> good afternoon, shannon. thank you again for this opportunity. basically i'm on national television to ask this wonderful woman if she would love to spend the rest of her life with me. samantha, will you marry me? >> all right. there they are, the happy couple. at first i think anhq's live proposal. we hope congratulations are in order. tweet us, let us know. we want to know what samantha has to say. you at home keep an eye on our twitter feed.
11:00 am
we'll send it around to share with our viewers. we think it will be good news. congratulations. thank you for watching fox, where more news is always on the way. >> i'm chris wallace, another obamacare change has in the insurance industry and runs up in arms. >> since i'm in charm -- in charge obviously we screwed it up. >> former arkansas governor mike huckabee weighs in on the latest rewrites of obamacare. and we'll ask what he means about keeping the door open for a 2016 presidential run, as well as getting his take on the "duck dynasty" controversy. mike huckabee only on fox news sunday. plus, special message for the holiday season. >> to me, christmas, the berth of christ and also about making memories. not necessarily, did i get the right gift.


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