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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  December 22, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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we'll see you next fox news the sunday. that's it. say merry christmas, everybody. >> merry christmas. this is a fox report. tonight, an 11th hour request from the president of the united states. and it comes through the form of a letter that's hitting newsrooms. hurry up and logon, if you can. america's hoping to be covered by january 1 and they're scrambling to sign up for the new health care law. but people in one state are being told they'll need a plan b. tonight, the latest glitch and how it can affect you. and the latest in the duck
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dynasty tv reality drama. louisiana's lieutenant governor willing to find him a new home, if necessary. tonight, why he says the reality stars are good for the state's bottom line. i'm harris faulkner. months of confusion, delays and problems have come down to this. a major deadline for millions of you to enroll for health care coverage now only hours away. if you want insurance beginning january 1, you have to pick up an obamacare plan by the end of day tomorrow and pay for it by the end of the year. this deadline was supposed to be for the 15th, but that got extended due to the constant trouble with the website that kept so many people away and they couldn't sign on. meanwhile, a large number of lawmakers are concerned that the problems hampering the rollout overall are far from over.
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west virginia senator joe manchin saying the political fallout for democrats could be real and swift. >> at the end of the day, if it's so much more expensive than what we anticipated and if the coverage is not as good as what we've had, you've got a complete meltdown at that time. it's weighing heavy on that. i'm very close to our democrats who are up right now, and even the republicans who are my friends, they're using that and they think that's a great advantage they have. the democrats right now are feeling the weight of it. >> a prominent member of the president's own political party calling the president's signature legislation a meltdown presently. doug kellway is live tonight in honolulu. >> reporter: a memo was e-mailed to millions of white house supporters, urging them to sign up for the health care. it says, it is working. it uses the language the
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president used in his friday press conference before he departed for hawaii. it says that 800,000 are on track to get medicaid through their states. then it goes on to say, if you don't have health insurance, go to right now and sign up for coverage. now, the white house sending this out at the 11th hour might strike some people as desperation, but the white house needs all the help they can get to get people to sign up to pay for the elderly and needy who consume most of the health care experiences. harris? >> you remind us how big a number that is. i want to talk about politics for a second. you mentioned the timing of this letter, then you have senator
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joe manchin's comments about possibly a meltdown with obamacare and how that could have a ripple effect for democrats. today the discussion, repeal or fix this. >> reporter: that's the debate we saw on the sunday talk shows. many republicans are still advocating a total repeal of obamacare. they cite this latest tweak by the administration on thursday, which granted an exemption from people who were uninsured, who lost their insurance coverage from the individual mandate. republicans say this latest maneuver just throws utter turmoil into the insurance industry. here's senator tom coburn speaking today. >> you can't fix this mess. the insurance industry, the indemnification industry, it is on its ear now. and the fact that they granted people a hardship exemption, everybody who signed up that had a high deductible policy should
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cancel today. >> false. i think what most americans want us to do is not repeal obamacare, which is what our republican colleagues are focused on, but fix it. >> reporter: the trouble with fixing it, the republicans say, many of the tweaks the president has been undertaking in the past several weeks are outside the legislative language of the affordable care act and unlawful. harris? >> what's interesting is the journey and the distance that some democrats have come to land on the words that you heard him just say there, fix it from a democrat. we've been talking about the federal exchanges and the website and so on and so forth with double launches from the federal website. but states are starting to experience trouble, too, mainly oregon. >> reporter: yeah. in fact, many of the enrollees in oregon began receiving robo calls this friday, which warned them if they don't get
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confirmation that they are enrolled, they should seek health care coverage somewhere else. you hear a woman's voice on this call and it says, if you haven't heard from us by december 23, it is unlikely your application will be processed for january 1 insurance coverage. if you want to be sure you have insurance coverage starting january 1, you have other options. this is really troubling, because the oregon governor assured they could have subsidized coverage by january 1. based upon this robo call, oregonians will not have subsidized coverage even if they qualify for subsidies. >> your quote ended with other options, but you told us the other options are going to be problematic. very confusing. and less than 24 hours to go. doug mckelway, thank you very much. >> you bet, harris. thank you. new fallout over the nsa spying scandal. this time it's coming from our
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strongest ally in the middle east, jerusalem. they are demanding that surveillance of them stop. here's more now from conner powell. >> reporter: add israel to a growing list of countries furious with the united states and the nsa. the latest revelation from edward snowden is that beginning in 2008, the nsa intercepted e-mails of some of israel's top officials. according to snowden, the u.s. and great britain targeted e-mail addresses belonging to the offices of then prime minister olmert and ehud barak. there is anger here since the u.s. and israel have a close working relationship, but both sides have a long history of spying on each other. israeli and american officials have always worked under the assumption they are being monitored. a former head of israeli
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intelligence echoed that today saying he wasn't surprised. >> every empire makes -- to spy or get information, even on friendly states. i hope that they didn't find too much. >> reporter: if anything, this latest revelation has renewed calls here in israel to release jonathan pollard, a former navy intelligence officer, pollard was sentenced to life in prison in america for spying for israel and he's suspected of trying to pass information to other countries, as well. despite this latest revelation, pollard is unlikely to be released and the relationship between israel and america is unlikely to change. harris? >> conner powell in jerusalem, thank you. a fox weather alert now, a winter storm in parts of the northeast leaving tens of
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thousands without electricity. it's part of that deadly system we've been telling you about. it's bringing heavy rain, snow, ice, even tornadoes to some parts of the nation. in mississippi, a coroner is saying a man was killed when strong winds knocked over his mobile home. another when a car hit a fallen tree. and snow and isles being blamed for about 20 accidents on a major highway in texas yesterday. look at that. wow. police say several people were hurt, some critically. highway 287 shut down between amarillo and dumont. let's go now to janice dean in the weather center. you said some of this was coming. >> you know, we saw close to a foot of snow in texas. this storm had everything, and we still have a few hours to go with this. mainly heavy rain for the
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southeast, getting up forwards new england, that's where we've got that icy mix, hundreds of thousands of people are without power, not only in the northeast, but up into canada. over 300,000 people in toronto are without power. so this is quite a devastating storm. catastrophic in some areas with that's storm that could leave all these people without power for weeks and we are getting into christmas, and the temperatures are going to get cold. so taking a look at it right now, that icy mix right here on the border of canada. we have delays at all of the airports around new york city, every single one of them. then ice storm advisories for new england, where the ice continues to accumulate on the roads and the power lines. so we are not done. a very dangerous storm. we'll continue to monitor it. another wave of precipitation that's going to move through the big cities, rush hour tomorrow morning. so keep that in mind. the temperatures will be warm, so mainly a rain event. but they're going to cool down
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quickly within the next 24 to 48 hours. 62 for d.c. but 30s on wednesday for christmas. same with new york and into the 20s for boston. but once we get rid of this storm, we'll be thankful for that, things are quiet for christmas week. so that's the good news. merry christmas to you and to all of our viewers on the "fox report." >> merry christmas to you, your husband and two gorgeous boys. right now, this time yesterday on "fox report," this was breaking news, details were just coming in, pouring in actually as we were starting to get some pictures about those four american service members attacked during an evacuation mission. the latest on efforts to get all of our citizens out of harm's way in that country. and more on the nsa. it's under fire for snooping on americans.
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lawmakers now promising to reform the top spy agency. but it turns out all that eavesdropping may be helping one ally gain an edge against a well-organized group of rebel fighters. mine was earned orbiting the moon in 1971.
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an update on a big story we brought you last night. the violence gripping a central african country and the dangerous effort to evacuate americans that nearly took the lives of some service members. the state department is confirming u.s. citizens are trapped in the south sudan and they have now been safely evacuated thanks to united nations and american civilians helicopters. yesterday, and unknown group opened fire on three osprey aircraft, wounding four american service members. they were able to set down those damaged planes. after weeks of fighting, south sudan is on the verge of a full
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blown civil war. rebel forces are in control of the country's largest oil field, which may have been been responsible for roughly 99% of the government's revenue. and many nations have closed their embassies and taking out citizens and putting them in safer areas. as we mentioned earlier, the nsa is under constant fire for snooping on americans and our closest allies. now comes new word that the agency's eavesdropping is reportedly helping another nation gain ground in a decades long fight against a well-funded rebel group. steve? >> reporter: according to "the washington post," this operation began about ten years ago and is being carried out on two fronts now. first, the nsa is helping with realtime intelligence to locate the rebels in colombia who have been waging war with the government there for nearly 50 years. once they're located, the cia is
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stepping in to help colombia with a special weapon. it's a guidance system that turns a regular gravity bomb into a smart bomb that can strike a precise target under a thick jungle canopy. this as peace talks continue in havana. in spite of the talks, there is no cease-fire in place and government operations continue. when the colombian president came to washington this month, president obama praised his efforts to combat the rebels and mentioned u.s. support without offering any specifics. >> i congratulated the president on his bold and brave efforts to bring about a laster and just peace inside of colombia, in his negotiate uns with the farc, i'm pleased to see the president's strong commitment. >> just this month, a rebel commander and several others were killed in colombia. it's not known if this operation
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relied on u.s. assistance. this program has been in place initiated under president bush and continued under president obama. when contacted by fox news today, a cia spokesman declined to comment on this story. harris? >> steve, thank you very much. police in california tonight are searching for what they call a speedy thief. they hope somebody might recognize the guy caught on camera. one second you see him checking out an expensive piece of jewelry, the next you don't. the rest of the story coming up. brand new video of a mall brawl. they're trying to get their hands on a particular item that they say is very hot. is that guy naked? almost. very hot this christmas season. hi honey, did you get e toaster cozy?
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police in southern california are hoping the public can help them track down a guy caught on camera stealing a piece of jewelry. the guy asked to see an $85,000 diamond bracelet at a store in glendale. then he sprints away, with all that ice. the store now reportedly stepping up security measures. good idea. we want to take a closer look at a growing trend at malls, people shot, stabbed, beaten up in brawls over sneakers. one fight broke out in stockton, california. a few customers, one of them shirtless. wow, this gets really nasty. by the time police showed up, everybody involved was gone. in milwaukee, shots fired outside a mall. two men hurt. witnesses saying an argument
4:23 pm
started after one of them accused the other of skipping ahead of him in line. they were lined up for hours overnight. tempers flaring, all over, wait for it, bam. nike's air jordans released just yesterday. dominic, i understand that even michael jordan's people are talking about this tonight. >> reporter: absolutely, everybody is. these iconic boots that have taken his name affects his reputation and obviously he's such a role model to many people. this isn't exactly how he wants a product in his name to have the public react. they are astonishing, these pictures. how that guy ends up on the floor with his shirt off no one has worked out. was it ripped off him? this is retail rage. over in milwaukee, things got pretty scary. around 200 people there turned
4:24 pm
out for the eight pairs of these air jordans the store had. not many really. witnesses describe an altercation breaking out, shots being fired and two men taken to the hospital. fortunately not with life-threatening injuries. people say that the folks in the back of the line have become rowdy and they try to skip ahead. >> all hell is going to break loose and that's what happened. you want the shoes bad enough, you should have came out here and sat all night like the others did. >> they go crazy on a large scale in columbus, ohio when a crowd of more than 300 turned out for their air jordans. they got tickets for those. they broke down the mall doors in the surge to get in. astonishing stuff. on ebay, this boots are going for as much as $450. it's not the first time with nike we've seen this. the company responded today with
4:25 pm
this statement about it, saying, consumer safety is of paramount importance to nike. we continue to work with our retail partners to refine our launch process. we encourage people wishing to purchase our products to do so in a respectful manner. from the video we've seen today, they certainly don't seem capable of doing that, in a season that's supposed to be about peace. good lord, what is going on, harris? >> dominic, thank you very much. duck dynasty's phil robertson suspended after making comments about his beliefs. now someone is offering to help the robertsons on television. that is if a&e drops them. president obama sends out a personal letter about an hour ago. we've got it here. he wants americans to get the word out on obamacare. those who have less than 24
4:26 pm
hours to get signed up. and on twitter, tell me have you signed up and would you do what the president is asking and get your neighbors and friends at church? yes, he says that in the letter, to sign up? stay with us. ♪ [ chicken caws ] [ male announcer ] when your favorite food starts a fight, fight back fast with tums. eartburn relief that neutralizes acid on contact and goes to work in seconds. ♪ tum, tum tum tum tums! eartburn relief that neutralizes acid on contact i'my body doesn't work the way it used to. past my prime? i'm a victim of a slowin? i don't think so. great grains protein blend. protein from natural ingredients like seeds and nuts. it helps support a healthy metabolism. great grains protein blend. you can separate runwayridi. (voseeker of the from fason that flies off the shelves. and from tional.
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time for the top of the news. if you need health care insurance for january 1, you now have roughly 24 hours to enroll. tomorrow night's cutoff, an extension from the original december 15 deadline, thanks to the constant glitches and crashes plaguing and the messy obamacare rollout. just one of the presidents that has dogged the president's administration in recent months. with so many lawmakers trying to distance themselves from the law, this is about as positive as it got for the president on the sunday shows. >> i would say this is the worst year of the presidency. it does beat out 2011. especially given where he started, the fact that the first year of his second term is historically the most productive of the second term. >> that's the former press secretary robert gibbs. let's bring in our fox political insiders. they're reading the letter the president just handed out.
4:31 pm
pat caddell, thank you for joining us. john, former republican congressman from new york. and doug, thank you all. doug, we'll start with you. you have the letter in front of you. what stands out? >> what stands out is that the white house is no longer trying to convince people to sign up. they're asking people to talk over family gatherings, with their friends, their children, that somehow this should be a popular activity at the holidays rather than the government providing facts and information. one thing missing, harris, no notion that you can keep your plan or doctor. >> there are no promises in this letter. pat, why do this tonight? >> i haven't seen the letter because i'm in charleston, but i have to tell you, i suppose it's part of their came pr campaign. you know, this is the president, every american is getting this tonight or tomorrow.
4:32 pm
i guess it's a little bit like here's my christmas present to you. unfortunately i think most of the country thinks obamacare is like a lump of coal. >> this is like kathleen sebelius on black friday, she put out that sort of shopping is primmer on how to pick up health care. but people still haven't been able to do this. >> i have two words for this, pathetic. it's really a pathetic attempt, when they say the law is working. that's not the impression more than half the people have in the country. and the key group, the young people, really don't like this law. the more they learn about it, they don't like the fact that the security of the website is bad, which we talked about with you before. and they don't like the fact that the website has been slow and they're used to fast stuff on the internet. if they don't sign up, it's not working. precede thing letter was another attempt by the white house to have bars and restaurants --
4:33 pm
>> right, the bar tenders were going to get the word out. this letter mentions when you get to church, because it's sunday. you're supposed to tell all your neighbors and people that you hung out and co-workers about this. by then it will be too late. >> ultimately the white house is saying we don't believe we can do it. you've got to do it, and if you sign up, it's a good thing to do. it's almost peer pressure as opposed to logical argumentation. >> let's talk about robert gibbs. when he held the press corps news conference every day, he was a pretty tough guy. he says this was the worst year but 2011 was pretty bad too, what does it tell you? >> they're desperate. they still haven't figured out what to do.
4:34 pm
it was a terrible year for the president, and the problem is, this isn't going away. he had a terrible period in 2011, 2010 election period during the summer of 2011. but this is now ongoing. the 20-point shift in his approval rating this year. the drop in support with hispanics, young people. the sense that people don't have -- don't trust him. all of this, and the continuing rolling disaster of obamacare. as well as the problems in foreign policy. the president's in real trouble, and they are continuing to believe they can just pr their way out of it. it's a mistake. >> doug, when do they say to themselves in the white house it's time for us to do a different deal on this obamacare thing? >> i would have thought they would have done it by now. >> do you think it's coming? >> i'm skeptical, because the president has said he's not going to back off. he's had all sorts of opportunities to delay the measure a year, getting through
4:35 pm
the congressional election, bring the republicans in to talk through other ideas like cross border insurance and tort reform. but bottom line, this is his signature accomplishment. in his terms, he's standing by it, win, lose or draw and more than likely it's going to be lose. >> democrats worried about getting re-elected, they'll give it through january and see if it starts to pick up steam. then they'll go to the white house and say look, you're going to lose the senate because of this thing. we have to delay it for a year. >> you saw west virginia senator the joe manchin call this obamacare and all this just a meltdown. then you've had some others say you can seriously lose the senate, democrats saying you can lose the senate. pat, is it too early to talk about that? >> well, no. yes, it is in one sense, but this has put a real burden.
4:36 pm
the republicans still need to offer a solid alternative. but the pressure on the democrats is great, they all voted for this measure. they were all the 60th vote. at some point, they're going to have to say we've got to do something. and the problem with the president is, the president cannot get up and say this was a mistake. i'm willing to sit down and redo it all. he can't do that. he won't do it. his ego won't allow it, and the politics, they believe their entire position would collapse. that's the problem now. >> let's put up some numbers about trust worthiness. when you look in april of 2009, mind you, 2009 wasn't a cherry year either. >> it was his honeymoon. >> we had the bp oil spill, we had some things he got
4:37 pm
criticized for. he had some criticism that year, but 73% said they trusted the president. that's down to 45% now. >> this is a huge problem, because even when the president's policies have not been a success, people have generally had a positive sense of him and a sense that he's an honest guy. these numbers have been somewhat worse, and it suggests that his credibility is largely shot. i'm a democrat. bottom line, the senate is in jeopardy, and those democratic senators will be going to the white house, as john suggests, suing for something different. >> i asked before we went to commercial break for people to respond on twitter. so i think you're probably seeing some of this, too. have you signed up for obamacare? will you be doing what the president asked to tell your neighbors and friends? here, it's none of my business
4:38 pm
what insurance my neighbors and friends have. oopsy. >> that's not good. i think more people are going to tell their neighbors, stay away there this thing. let's see if it's going to work before you sign up for it. >> this is private business. >> it's personal. >> i don't ask you, you don't ask me about health care. it's not something you talk about over the water cooler. >> pat, finish your talk. >> this is desperate. this is amazing to ask people to talk to their neighbors. the problem is, this is terrible damage brand right now. and now you're telling the public to go out to buy the brand, even though it doesn't work. it touches on something that's very personal. i don't know what they're thinking there, but they're obviously drinking some kind of kool-aid laced with something.
4:39 pm
>> we haven't talked about the personal side of it. when we come back from our break, i want to talk about something that you all say as a group, by the way, that letter is in the e-mail to you, pat caddell. but big government, we're going to talk about it. is it too much, is it not enough and who says it is and all that good stuff. stay with us. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what?
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earlier this month, a judge ordered that the nsa's collection of all of america's phone records is likely unconstitutional. that judge cited the 4th amendment against up reasonable searches. this as the president is considering a series of still secret recommendations to reform how the nsa collects data. our political insiders are back.
4:43 pm
pat is joining us tonight by satellite. i want to start with that news conference on friday. our own ed henry at fox, doing something a lot of the reporters in the room, maybe they were just tired from the holiday shopping season or something, but he asked a really tough question, and then had to re-ask. watch this. >> do you have any personal regrets? you're not addressing the fact, the public statements you made to reassure the public, your director of national intelligence, got a question from a democrat about whether some of this was going on and he denied it. doesn't that undermine the public trust? >> you're conflating me and mr. clapper. >> he's still on the job. >> i understand. but what i'm saying is this, that yes, these are tough problems. that i am glad to have the privilege of tackling. your initial question was whether the statements that i made six months ago are ones that i don't stand by.
4:44 pm
what i'm saying is that the statements i made then are entirely consistent with the statements that i make now. >> doug, your head is going to fall off you're shaking so hard. >> first, he had no response to ed henry's question about clapper. >> that's why he asked it twice. >> the president said, here's what i want to say, then he paused for an awkward three to five seconds. then he said, well, what i said then is what i'm saying now. harris, there was no response at all. the issue of the nsa privacy security, it's all front and center. when we talked about health care before, i was thinking people are very concerned about the security of their information. not only on the health care website but in terms of e-mail, phone conversations. the president had no answers. and the american people are rightly concerned. >> i do have to bring up the fact because how might this affect help the government protect us? so john, can you speak on that?
4:45 pm
because you know there are all sorts of people who will say, this is necessary to keep us all safe. >> their argument that if a terrorist overseas is found, his cell phone is found, they can trace from his cell phone with this data stored by the nsa, they can find out who he's been talking to over here, and maybe uncover some terrible act, my rejoiner would be, we had an example, the boston marathon bombing, where he had a guy who we were warned about by russian intelligence, he was on the fbi watch list, he went to chechnya, came back here. what happened? he ended up doing the bombing. there was no interdiction and no stopping him and they were looking at him. if they can't stop him, why are they looking at all of us? >> they had a document dump on the nsa yesterday. sometimes you'll see this on a
4:46 pm
friday. it happened on a saturday because we had a news conference on friday with the president. do you think there's more coming down the line? >> of course there is. and harris, i have to tell you, to john's point, yes, of course, of course we have to protect national security. the one-word answer is, is this is overreaching. >> let's talk about big government and we'll do it kind of with the overarching idea of obamacare, because pat has opened his e-mail and he finds we do love him enough to send him the president's letter. just your quick thought about the leter? >> it's worse than you all described. the president says in there, don't look to me for information, look to your friends and neighbors? unbelievable. it was -- i got a big chuckle. >> millennials are not signing
4:47 pm
up for this. unlikely to enroll, 45%. >> first, there's concern about security, whether the information will be secure. there's concern about what kind of coverage they're going to get. there's concern, rightly about costs. and there's a sense that the penalties are modest in the beginning. why sign up? the law is a disaster, it's expensive and your privacy may be compromised. >> john? >> i think it's that, and i don't think they -- there's so much confusion. the white house is making this stuff up as they go along, harris. every week they change a deadline, they change a requirement. just last week, they added in a new policy that people would get for catastrophic health care. they're making it up. i think on the nsa, the same thing. i think they're making it up as
4:48 pm
edward snowden releases a new document every other day. >> pat? >> a lot of it has to do with the nsa. the president's numbers started falling immediately when the numbers came out, the results, with snowden's revelations. they said this is too much. obamacare, that certainly is another aspect of this with big government. young people have taken a real turn. they're the most suspicious. they are really the most offended by what's happening with the nsa. when you mentioned the document dump, this is unbelievable that the president said. his own commission said there are problems with this. and the dump they had to do was disturbing. and it's not going to get better. we have numbers on this on big government. people are frightened of big government now. >> the highest number of people fear big government since 1965. >> that's bad news for the president. that's for sure. >> and the democrats, with the
4:49 pm
senate in 2014. think about it, if the republicans win the senate, keep the house, it's going to look like a different world in washington a year from today. >> you made that promise. >> i said if they win it it will look different. >> but we heard lawmakers say this on both sides. wen we get in office, we being whomever the opposite party is, when we get in office things are going to be different. is it possible? >> more gridlock. >> republicans, if they win the senate and keep the house, obamacare and what's left of it, as it crumbles during 2014, it's going to be a upon them to fix something that the country doesn't like. >> guys, we have to go. you can continue the conversation on our website every monday at 10:30 a.m. eastern. that's tomorrow morning as we go out from the catholic charities of new york, we supported an event that recognized the wife of the claireman of the board
4:50 pm
here at fox for her fabulous work. can we pop up some pictures and we'll go straight to the commercial. there we are, that's our senior producer. congratulations to community. and we're blessed by it. >> we are indeed. >> and pat and doug were there too. we'll be right back.
4:51 pm
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4:53 pm
an about face from cracker barrel over some of the duck dynasty related products sold on the store shelves. we told you last night the restaurant and country store said it was removing some of the products in light of comments made by phil robertson about his religion and homosexuality. that chain is now announcing on facebook it is putting those
4:54 pm
back on shelves after customers complained. the lieutenant governor of louisiana is offering to help the robertsons find a new television home if they can't reach an agreement with a&e. they have suspended him indefinitely for comments he made in a gq magazine article. in an e-mail state, the second in command said regardless of robertson's comments, the show is good for the state's tourism and industry that currently accounts for one in ten jobs. and in just in. if you follow me on twitter you know i was reading this during the commercial break. british newspaper daily mail is now reporting that duck dynasty's phil robertson has broken his silence on this issue. reality show star says he is not a hater, he is a lover. but he refuses to back down from the comments he made about the gay community. phil robertson said he is
4:55 pm
sticking by his comments on homosexuality to gq magazine. he told the daily mail that he is simply quoting from the bible and saying homosexuality is a sin and this goes on to give you the same details about cracker barrel. you'll see this come out tomorrow, the daily mail with phil robertson breaking his silence on this. we have it on fox as it is happening. next, a story about a community coming together to bring joy to a sick little girl this holiday season. you are watching a sunday night edition of fox report. three days until christmas. take it away, whitney. ♪ mine was earned orbiting the moon in 1971.
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for an erection lasting more than 4 hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or if you have any allergic reactions such as rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop takg cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. thousands of people in pennsylvania are raising their voices to make a little girl's christmas wish come true.
4:59 pm
8-year-old delanie brown has a rare form of leukemia. her doctors believe she may only have days to live. her supporters are trying to make those days special. organizers are saying 10,000 people sang outside of her home in east redding after he wished to hear christmas carollers. >> i couldn't put myself in that situation, the devastation of losing one of my own. >> i changed my plans just to be here tonight, to be of support and prayerful for the family. >> i wish people would get together more for people like this. this is outstanding for such a good cause. >> god bless them. look at that outside of the home. delanie posted on facebook, i can hear you now. love you. amazing. that is what it's all about. that is how fox reports on this sunday, december 22nd, 2013. i'm harris faulker. the week of christmas, be
5:00 pm
blessed. enjoy it. huckabee joins us in minutes. let's look at the lights on sixth avenue and get you in the mood for christmas. tonight on huckabee, in 2010 the president dismissed his recommendation for catastrophic insurance. >> would you be satisfied if every member of congress had catastrophic care. >> i think we would. >> fast forward to 2013. >> it makes sense as we are transferring to a system in which insurance standards are higher, that we also address folks who get caught in that transition and there are unintended consequences. >> the wyoming senator's reaction. and christmas is a time for giving. he is giving those who can't afford to, a chance to get home for the holidays. plus your tweets on obamacare and the governor's take


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