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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 23, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PST

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photos of your pets. thank you very much. we have a surprise guest. >> winston himself. >> the wonder dog. >> we'll bring him in tomorrow. >> see you here live. nhope he behaves. >> america's news headquarters starts right now. we start with a fox news alert. you have less than 12 hours to sign up for obama care. there may be a new exception at this hour. the administration is issuing other exceptions and what this dead lean really mean? welcome to hq. >> i am allyson camerota. >> we are getting word that they may extend the deadline until tomorrow. but for now today is d- day. >> we'll bring in chris stierwall. you heard the braking nows.
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that they may extend the deadline until tomorrow? >> children all over the world will be sorry to know that medicare services domed it not christmas eve, eve. you get one more they to wait for santa claus. this is an indication of how problem plagued it is. aside from the discussion about the rightness or wrongness of this cause shift on health insurance. the practical application continues to be difficult for an administration to do more complicated things this year. >> the latest reports of people trying to log on to a cue and you are on perma hold and not knowing what you will get through to enroll. doesn't that suggest great interest in signing up?
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>> there better be. they cancelled five and half million policies and managed to sign them up for medicaid which is different, that is not particularly good coverage but is a welfare program. and that is not the same for people on individual plans that cancelled medicare. and volume is not a problem for the administration on this. and they nuked all of those plans. and the problem is, can the people get on and sign up and will their data be secure. and will the right data to be to the correct people. people who think they have insurance go to the doctor or hospital and find out it is just not so. >> you say volume never was a problem but the numbers lived up to expectations.
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the president said that 1 million people enrolled in obama care but that is less than anticipated by this time. >> it is less than they anticipated by this time and never forget. what we are talking about ultimately, the success of the law so far is signing people up for the welfare program. that was not much discussed pause the care is bad and expensive. it costs a lot of money to get little care for poor people. the president is out touting the success of people signing up and the beg success is people signing up for the welfare program. and the paying customers that offset the cost for insurance companies and obama care. they got through and found out the costs under obama care are so high they are going without
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insurance. >> chris, it seems as though everyone is holding their breath to so when obama care will work. and if it will work and if it is okay for the country. what date is certain if we need to know that this system is actually working? >> i would say the memorial day is about when we'll know how severely damaged the democrats in the senate are remembered. everybody admits and chuck shumer admits it has to be fixed. how much of a fix and how bad the law is on all of those things depend on one, how they sign up and how badly democrats are setting it. and we'll track it through the month of may and how is it going to that point and are democrats in utter rebelian or mutt aring under their breath. chris stierwalt thank you so
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much for being with us. >> in the known time insurer ares are rushing to figure out how many people to cover and whether those people are trully covered and paid in the potential fallout for all of them and consumers and the list goes on and o. and matt mccall helped us to straighten it out and we learned that they may make another change and extend that deadline until tomorrow. the president made so many changes, matt, wafer ands exceptions and consumers are request best we can tell don't have a clue to what is going on. and are insurance companies bewildered and frustrated and angry? >> they are frustrated and angry and insurance companies are there for the share holders and making money and running business. the rules of the game are changing from day-to-day. and news that we broke and potentially pushing it back one
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more day that has a major affect on the insurance companies. when they tell you how much the health insurance costs for a year it is not just pulling out of the sky. you don't know who is seening up and you don't know when they will get the payment in, this throws it out of whack for the insurance companies. >> the insurance companies are depending on getting now customers which is what the president promised to the shrps companies to subsidized the increased costs. but matt, the numbers are not there. 6 million plans and that may mean 15- 20 million people lost coverage through cancellation, and so those insurers have lost those in premium incomes. and only a million people signed up, and so financially, this thing so far looks disastrous. >> and thankfully for the
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insurance companies. americans could care a less about the insurance companies. but yes, they base the numbers on the fact that what obama said. you are going to get so many people coming in the poll. the bigger issue is not only 1 million people. they wanted 40 percent and healthy people 25- 30 years old and only half of what the government projected and we are getting people with preexisting conditions and people who need more health care and for insurance companies to make this work, they need younger and healthier people in there. they ignored them and what happens if the young people don't sign up? that's the problem right now. >> the risk poll is to thin. the insurance companies can't handle that sort of risk. they have to have that much in reserves. last question to you. you know, the president and the white house and the entire team
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went before the supreme court. and they said that the man date is the essential part of the law and to its success. but hasn't the president so eroded the man date. giving the employer an exception, part of the individual exception. and now again, the structure is financially unsound? >> you go in with a man date that is his rock and base and you waiver from that and it crumbles. and greg, you talk about the insurers and young people coming in, if we don't get the young people in there, what happens is that people who are getting insurance now, the old people, next year the premuals could be doubled and that will be disastrous and then the man dates kicks in and it is bad now, but in the year it could be
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worse. that is known in the business the death spiral. >> and we told you about the mounting problems of oregon's health exchange that costs hundreds of billions to build and promote and now this message. >> if you have not heard from us by december 23rd unlikely you would have coverage. >> if you have not heard from us today, you better look for alternative coverage. this is a latest problem from a site that had many glitches and had to reloy on paper applications. >> another world leader is taking direct aim at the nsa. israeli prime freedom benjamin netanyahu said this coined of behavior between close allies is not acceptable.
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cunner has the latest. >> reporter: there is real frustration and anger in israel. the u.s. and israel monitored and spied on each other. but the direct targeting of israeli officials tested nerves in jerusalem. in 2008 under the bush administration and continuing in obama administration they spoied on the prime minister. the prime minister demanded answers from the u.s. saying in the close ties between israel and the u.s. there are things that must not be done and not acceptable to us. but the dirty little secret in israel, is that the relationship between the israel and united states has long spied on each other and there is renewed calls in israel for the release of
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johnathon pollard a naval official that was convicted of spying for israel in the united states and sentenced to life in princeor in the u.s. the relationship here is unlikely to change as a result of the new revivation and polland is unlikely to be released. but it cast a dark shadow. it is an embarrassing moment but something that both sides will work quickly to move past. >> conner live in jerusalem. president obama warning that military action may be needed to get americans out of a hot spot. >> and a plane's wing hits a nearby building in take cough. >> thousands of passengers stranded by severe weather. the storm that caused it all is on the move.
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fox news alert for you. breaking news out of the white house. the obama administration pushing back the enrollment dead line by one day to sign up for obama care for those who are stuck in the so- called waiting queue. apparently the line to sign up is so long that people are getting a screen that said they will at some point be able to enroll but not begin a time and now the deadline is pushed back. we'll post on how that is turning out. four airport. os injured after a wing of a passenger jet clipped
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a building. the plane was prepared for take off to london. the aircraft was removed to a remote location as the cause of the accident is under investigation. we are happy to report that none of the 180 people on board were injured. a military megz to rescue american people out of south sudan end happen with four solid yers injured. south sud an is on the verge of an all out civil war. in a letter to congress, president obama said our troops may have to go in again. as i monitor the situation in south sudan, i may take further support to secower american personnel and embassy and property in south sudan. we'll get a update from our general scales. thank you for being here.
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do we know what is happening and whether or not americans are trapped in south sudan. >> americans are not trapped. they are u.s. citizens in the embassy and 46 troops on the ground guarding the embassy. but everyone who wanted to leave south sudan is out of south sud an. but the problem is, this compulsion the administration to come to the rescowed of failed states, we saw in serria and libya and looks as if this country may be devolving in a bloody inner country civil war. and the impulse to intervene and hopefully other nations in the remmion will irpt voen and this palace coup will intervene and it will not turn in an actual deployment. it doesn't sound like based on
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the statement it is not a humanitarian effort but only to secower american citizens that are all out by now. and the property in the embassy, do you feel differently? >> we said that in the early days of syria and we almost went to war with syria the administration has a strong affinitty to south sud an. we virtually made the state and pumped hundreds of millions of dollars to it and the administration's credibility. and so far it has been a palace coup turns in a tribal- based civil war and then the impulse to do something other than to protect u.s. property and interest could escalate to a deployment. i certainly hope it doesn't happen. >> this area is a hot bed of
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unrest. and what tipped it over in the past days? >> money and power. i know that is a big surprise. but the serving president pilfered 6 billion in oil rev -- revenue. and now they have taken over the norther part of south sudan and declared the territory. and the problem is, these two contending forces are tribally based. they have been in their throats for centuries. and the fear is that there is a civil war and a mini rwanda. >> that would be terrible. thank you for the update. >> thank you. there is new trouble for
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target. how consumers are fighting back after their personal credit and debit cards are sold on the black market. >> and a man's car goes up in flames. one thing, you are never supposed to do while filling up your gas tank. and by the way, it is not the only reason he ended up in handcuffs. and your boom was bigger than the verbal boom. speaking out. that's what phil robertson is doing about his controversial comments that got him kicked off the hit reality show. >> living a long healthy life. doctors say the answers is simple. the easy, easy fix for the holiday treat this weekend. >> it can't be that easy. >> it is very easy, gregg, i will tell you about it.
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got to tell you about the story, a scho-year-old man in portland, oregon stole gas from a truck and pours it in his own truck while smoking a cigarette. >> the car is on fire. >> what is the license plate? >> yeah, the gasoline ignited and burned his socks and pants and eyebrows and hair and after being treated at the scene by medical personnel. the 62-year-old was charged with criminal mischief and reckless
10:25 am
burning and theft. that is a great exhibit a right there for the ills of smoking while filling your gas tank. >> don't do that. >> and don't leave the engine running either. good advice. phil robertson is breaking the silence about the controversial comments that led to a suspension for duck dynasty and the back lash is in full swing. the patriarch says in a boibl study class that he was quoting scripture. here is details from los angeles. william. >> reporter: duck dynasty will go on and uncertain who will go in it. phil robertson will not apologize for saying that homosexuality is a sin. i am just reading what was written over 2,000 years ago.
10:26 am
they will not inherit the kingdom. all i did was quote from the scripture, whether i said it or they read it, what's the difference? fellow cast members said they will not be in the show unless the network reenstates phil. it would be a breach of contract should they back out of future episodes and experts say it is unlikely since the show helped to sell the family products. and the cracker barrel was forced to put duck merchandise back on the shelves two days after removing them because of robertson's remarks. our intent is to avoid offending. and you told us we made a mistake and you were not shy about it. we are putting them back on our store shelves and apologize for offending you. in atlanta hundreds came out for a five- k duck dash and runners
10:27 am
were unpreterbed by robertson's comments. >> he is an old- timer. and they have different beliefs and no one can judge that. >> everybody has an opinion and we it will not deter us from watching it. >> a &e holds the rights to the duck dynasty. thpoet the show including two marathons this week. if they are so offended why are they running shoes with him in it. >> you feel surprised that there is hypocrisy in television. i am stunned by that. >> they know where their bread is buttered. >> tense drama, 240 miles above
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earth. emergency space walks are called off raising serious new questions about nasa's technology. >> new reaction from the administration about a delay for obama care. we just found out about this one. people trying to sign up by the deadline. we'll have the details on this latest development. (announcer) scottrade knows our clients trade and invest their own way. with scottrade's smart text, i can quickly understand my charts, and spend more time trading. their quick trade bar lets my account follow me online so i can react in real-time. plus, my local scottrade office is there to help. because they know i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. i'm with scottrade. (announcer) ranked highest in investor satisfaction with self-directed services by j.d. power and associates.
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time for a quick check of the headlines, a tour bus heading back from a casinno crashed in los angeles injuring 13 people. authorities say the bus went off an interstate ramp in the early morning hours. nnasa forced to delay the second space walk because of a problem with one of the space suits. two american astronauts tried to wrap up urgent repair work. >> charles ramsey, has signed a bock deal. no word yet on when his memior will be published. >> and our fox news alert. the obama administration once again pushed back the enrollment dead line by a day for those stuck in the waiting queue for
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obama care. joining us now is two talk radio host richard and chris. good to see you. i wonder how many experts and how long it took to help president obama sign up for obama care? he did it and they are saying he didn't have to but did it symbolically. what do you think? >> another publicity stunt. i would like to see the videotape of him signing up and getting on line. catherine sebelius tried to get on line and famously was unable to do so. i would like to see the techies room to clear the path to let him sign upon. unfortunately the rest of us do have to because it is the law. >> sort of. he is one of the 85 percent of the americans who get employer
10:34 am
sponsored health care. this is a gimmick. he didn't have to do it. republicans called for him to do it. and richard, i am not sure why he gave in to the demands since it was all for show? >> alisyn, the reason why the president signed up. he understands how important the law is and system works. in a press conference he talked about how the roll out was not all he wanted it to be. but how important it is to the american people. i and my family will sign up for the affordable care act and she it is important. >> he will be covered by the old insurance. and it was all just optices. i think it reverts back to his employer based coverage, chris? >> right, look the executive branch exempted themselves from obama care. congress just arranged for us to
10:35 am
pay for it which is the same thing only different. this is show business. and this is an embarrassment and debacle and the president signing up for it in a day before christmas eve, photoopdoesn't change that. 16 percent of americans believe that obama care will leave them better off in the end. that might be about right. 16 percent of the americans may be better off and unfortunately the rest of us are hurt in the process. >> richard tis an unpopular law and even the democrats are turning over the president. joe manchin said it could meltdown and not good coverage and we could lose the senate over this thing. your reaction? >> i think we have heard it a lot. i think what happen and the reason why the affordable care act is unpopular is everything to do with the pr cam 59 and
10:36 am
people saying it is not working and members of congress out there and constittedients who are calling for help in the system. we'll not help you because the law does not work. >> pr, seriously? >> richard, pr? are you kidding? you didn't read the front page over the new york times, the chapman family, their policy now doubled under obama care when the original one got cancelled that is reality. >> there are no questions that there are glitches in the system. everybody admitted. that and in any major roll out there is glitches. when george b. rolled out medicare d there were glitches. >> oh, come o. >> it is not just a pr problem. >> claiming it is a pr problem is whisting by the graveyard.
10:37 am
the president was found lying repeatedly. and the washington post gave him full- blown complete lies. and everything is false, the american people. >> that's not true. >> of course it is. you can pay less and keep your insurance plan. and on on >> the fact people who have previous conditions have health care. and mammogram screening. >> i don't need those. >> and prostate. >> i don't need that. >> and come on. everybody agrees, richard, hang on a second. everybody agrees about the preexisting condition. you can do something about. that >> he's the only president. >> i don't need a pap smear or mammogram or pediatric dentist row. >> before we get into chris'
10:38 am
medical diagnosis, we better stop right here. gentlemen, thank you for helping us to navigate in the changes today. thanks for coming on. >> are you trying to stay healthy as both of them are? >> the trick is hitting the pavement. and according to a brand new study. just 20 minutes of walking a day can decrease your risk of cardiov cardiovascula r problems. we have a doctor who is in beth israel hospital. doctor, i am excited to talk to you before the big holiday feast and we eat all sorts of sweets. if we take a 20 minute walk. we don't have to it go to the gym, but 20 minute walk.
10:39 am
>> the heart is a muscle and you have to exercise by doing small things, walking up and down the set of stairs and a mile in a leisurely pace. and decreasing your chances of heart disease by ten percent with 2,000 steps and just getting out of the chair and couch and walking around your house is a wonderful thing. diet is extremely important. eating nuts. we are eating christmas cookies and cakes. that's not what you want to do. you want to go out and walk around. and your doctor will tell you whether you can walk or run or swim. >> where are we getting this
10:40 am
information? we looked at 9,300 people at risk for cardiovascula r disease. taking 2,000 steps a day lowered the cardo and diabetes risk. your goal for the day 10,000. >> we have 80 million people in our country with diabetes or blood sugars that are p prediabetes. >> and you heard about peanuts and eating nuts if you are not allergic, and fruits. you should have fibers and if you are eating cookies, go oatmeal and fiber in your
10:41 am
grannola that you add to your oatmeal. there is ways to decrease risks. and by the way, if you are buying a present for somebody. i hear one here and i find out how many steps i am taking every day. >> a odom meter. and there are new wrist devices to attach to your arm. >> you don't realize how many steps. it is a practical one. dr. vaughn thank you so much for explaining it to us. >> thank you, alisyn. >> i will get off of the sofa. >> that's what you do. >> sucking down bon- bonbes an your point? >> that was a great idea.
10:42 am
the person you give it to, they think you are fat. >> like yourself. do a gift for yourself. >> you think fat? >> new trouble for target. facing lawsuits following the massive security breaches that impacted 40 million people. do they have a legal case? >> and a wild brawl in a shoe store and why they are pushing over a brand of sneak ares, next.
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time to check in with gretchen carlsson. >> merry christmas, guys, the president signed up for obama care and there is a new dead line. tackle it for you. and how budgets are making it tough on the bravest veterans. wait until you hear how many are relying on food stamps and why are credit cards not on the
10:46 am
cutting edge of technology. our buzz panel tell you all you need to know. if flying in stockton, california over the now air jordan. the nasty brawl over the must have kicks are now going viral. we are told that police were called to the scene and everyone involved had run off. chaos is all over the country. >> it is repeating itself. it was in 1984, the first jordan sneakers. and brawls everywhere to get their hands on. it who would think 30 years later same thing are happening. >> sneakers, really? >> that is bad behavior.
10:47 am
hard to believe. customer frustration and t outrage over the security breach from the complaint department to the courtroom. class action lawsuits are foiled after 40 million people had personal credit and debit information stolen on the black market. keith, let me start with you. these class action lawsuits could be viable if target was negligent in their security protection procedures, right? >> that's right. you have to begin with a premise that target itself was a crime victim and they were targeted. no pun intended and two other victims as a result of target. one is the banks and credit card companies and the other is the credit card holder such as myself and you. if they are not using the latest
10:48 am
and the greatest technology to combat hackers and security breaches, they are going to be held liable. and in addition if there was a excessive delay in reporting. that may be you and i. the credit card company is covering. that but the bank may incur millions dollars. they have to reissue new cars and that cost 3- 5 million. >> chad, you agree with that? >> absolutely. i agree with pretty much everything that keith said. i tried to use my debit card and my bank shut it down because i did deputy to target. and the reality here, just like keith was talking about. what is the gold standard of security for credit cards? for one, we know we are using 20th century credit card and magnetic strips. they are not using them in
10:49 am
europe anymore and using digital chips that are better. >> isn't that exhibit a of negligence? it is. but it is not target's negligence. it would be the banks or in theory the entire country. >> but these class action lawsuits could be against target and a bunch of banks, right? >> everybody will be brought in and they are deep pockets and to target's defense, they are credit cards issued by the banks and not by target. >> and there is another aspect as we wrap things up and damages in this case. when you have your identity stole ep and unfingerprintly i had mine stolen. it tock me years to clean up my credit record. and i had to write letters and spend hours and hours.
10:50 am
and time and emotional distress would be added to the damages, would it not? >> if this happen to you in the past. fast forward to today's day and time. you can be using things all over the country. i helped out a lot of people with their identity stolen. it is a mess and takes time and. you're 100% right. >> good to see you both. thanks so much. greg, a white christmas is one thing. but large parts of america are now frozen, under a sheet of ice. thousands without power in the frigid cold possibly through christmas. >> the latest track on the massive winter storm and its impact on one of the busiest travel times of the year. >> the thing is, when they get one line repaired, now another branch is coming down. they're not really catching up. they're not gaining any ground. just when you think you've got one fixed, now all the sudden another branch goes down. of back pain...
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nearly half a million people across the country are now completely in the dark after a deadly snow and ice storm knocked out their power over the weekend. it has left them stranded. that storm is moving east, threatening many travel plans. the forecast. violetta, where is it now? >> hey, yeah. this is the same system that produced all of that snow, the sleet, the freezing rain across the central u.s. still bringing rain into the deep south. rain tapering off in d.c. and baltimore. though still raining pretty good from philadelphia to new york city up into boston. travel delays being reported newark, also back into philadelphia. you can see this pink area. that's where we see the freezing rain. that cannot only cause issues for travelers there along the northern extent of the i-95, but that freezing rain can
10:55 am
accumulate on tree branches and also power lines, of course, producing a whole nother problem. rain extends all the way down into the deep south. this produced over three inches of rain in atlanta this weekend. certainly looking at the potential for some flash flooding in those heavier rain bands. i want to talk about the temperature differential that's coming. very warm across the east this weekend. that is going to be out the door for the remainder of this week. yellow temperatures here were the highs from sunday. blue temperatures are the expected highs for your tuesday. much, much colder. although the core of the cold here is across the north central u.s. feeling like minus 14 right now in minneapolis. same goes for bismarck. of course, anybody without power sitting in this extreme cold, of course, a very dangerous situation there. now, it's that arctic air mass that's going to be sliding to the south and east, bringing the cooldown to the east. with that cooler air we can start to see some light snow from philadelphia northward here. some places do have a chance for a white christmas. it is going to be rather tranquil across the south. looking for those snow showers across the great lakes. although it is doubtful across the i-95, again, we can see
10:56 am
those light snow showers perhaps leave a coating to an inch. it is possible for places like philadelphia and new york city. alisyn, thank you. >> violeta, thanks so much. heartwarming reunion for a military couple deployed to different countries. >> how they managed to surprise their son and come together just in time for christmas. ♪ you know, ronny... folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to geico sure are happy. and how happy are they jimmy? i'd say happier than a bodybuilder directing traffic. he does look happy. get happy. get geico.
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visit truecar.comoney,com,t and never overpay.yer's remorse. a good deal or not. "okay, this is the price,"sman comes and you're like.ells you, ♪ i'll be home for christmas >> love that song. a christmas surprise stacy welcher and her son that they were going to the airport to pick up their aunt. with a week of planning u.s. airman andrew welch managed a surprise homecoming for his wife and 2-year-old son. >> both andrew and stacy are in
11:00 am
the air force. they have both been away from their little boy. so that was a beautiful reunion. and a merry christmas for everybody. thanks so much for watching today. i'm alisyn camarato. >> the real story with gretchen carlson begins now. fox news alert. i am gretchen carlson. president obama officially signs up for obamacare. according to the white house it's only symbolic and he gets to keep his old plan. the military will continue to care for his health. meantime, many americans trying to sign up on website today have been finding they can't. instead, getting the message that it's just too busy and they have to wait in a so-called queue. now today's deadline has been extended through tomorrow. yet another delay. to accommodate the high volume and supposedly different time zones across this nation. chief white house correspondent ed henry live for us in washington. ed, yet another last-minute delay. it is so confusing. what can you


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