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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 23, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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no replay then. i'm jon scott in for shepard smith. thanks for joining us today. have a great holiday week. desperate for the last-minute rush? retailers are praying for it and the white house are extending its store hours. why the only dash may be for your cash. welcome, i'm eric bolling in for neil cavuto. tonight was supposed to be the deadline for signing up for obamacare but it looks like now there is a one-day grace period. the president said more than a million people have signed up for obamacare, a far cry from the 3.3 million that were expected to enroll by now. so on january 1st when the law
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kicks in, are we looking for a big taxpayer bailout. steve, we don't know if the million people who have enrolled who are people that are paying yet, right? >> we do not, we do not, eric. >> and when you say big fat taxpayer bailout, how does that happen? >> let's go over the math here, eric. you are right there are about a million people who have signed up. we don't know if they are paying premiums yet but there are about 6 million people who have lost their insurance. so do the math. so for every person that has benefited, six people have been affected. come january 1st those people will be without health insurance and that means they will discontinue coverage and maybe not able to go to the -- or the hospital of their choice. the only way to do with this -- to deal with this is some kind
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of infusion of taxpayer money. i believe we're looking at a taxpayer bailout and i believe this could be in the hundreds of billions of. >> and not only that, steve, for every person enrolling in obamacare, paying into the system, in some estimations it four or five or higher of people pulling out of the system in the form of medicaid. >> that is right. and by the way, medicaid is the worst health care system in the industrialized world. people on medicaid already don't like it very much. there is not a lot of benefit to putting people on that medicaid system. and i won't be surprised, by the way, eric, if one of the solutions the obama administration comes up to deal with the 6 million people and that is just the tip of the iceberg, it will be more than 6 million as the year rolls on, that will be a push to put people into the medicaid system which is a much worse system than people have right now with
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their current insurance. >> so let's talk about this for a second. so we have the employer mandate that was delayed a year. >> that's right. >> and then some portions of the individual mandate being delayed another year. what is left of obamacare. >> that is why i think the taxpayer bailout is looking increasingly likely. when you delay the mandates, that was supposed to raise the money. it was only a couple of clears -- years ago when congress passed this, they said it would save money for the health insurance program aand the congressional budget office said this would save taxpayers money. anybody who believes that right now hasn't been paying attention to what has been happening in the last several weeks. >> we'll leave it right there. thanks very much. >> merry christmas. tonight was supposed to be the deadline but folks have until tomorrow to sign up. and ed henry with the latest. they are delaying it by one day
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but there is a lot going on in d.c. bring us up to speed on all of it. >> reporter: there certainly is. the white house is trying to down play this latest tweet, they said if you are in queue online at today and trying to enroll, you get an extra day into christmas eve, meaning if you try to start the enrollment process tomorrow, you're not going to get in in time to get insurance on january 1st. they say it is just a tweak to let the people who are online today and there is a surge of traffic because people wait until the last minute and other people legitimately tried to go on a week ago or a month ago and couldn't get on. but republican frank upton said this is another last-minute change by the administration saying, while the holiday surprises have become commonplace, the latest extension is another dispointment for the most
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transparent administration in history, as we celebrate christmas. and as this is to begin on january 1st. since that deadline is here today and into tomorrow, the president himself had promised that he would sign up for an insurance exchange as well. the white house today initially said he did do that, although the details suggest he didn't really do it. let me explain. first they came out with this statement saying that the president has now -- has enrolled in the d.c. exchange, saying, as you all know, the president is one of the 85% of americans who get health insurance through his employer and like previous presidents is privileged to receive health care from the military. the act of him signing up is symbolic since his health care is provided by the military. that is legit.
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previous presidents have done that. but then they add more information that while they suggest he had enrolled, over the weekend his staff has enrolled and not all of his information is online for data, and his staff over the weekend did it instead of him waiting in line like most americans and he didn't have to expose his personal information. well obviously that is a concern among other americans about putting their personal information online. >> you know what my problem is, i remember when this law was passed and once president obama signed it, i'll never forget, it was a big photo op. it was staged. he signed it with 17 different pens. he signs up for the plan and no one heard about it. pain it wasn't even him signing up. what is really going on? >> well, look, he's on vacation in hawaii and maybe it was more
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complicated but they could have had him sign up on friday or a week ago and brought in the press poll showing him going flieb to do -- online to do it but as we get more information, he didn't actually go online and do it himself, it was a special case where you had to do it in person and since he was in hawaii, his staff did it for him over the weekend. but they were trying to do this symbolically to suggest he was in solidarity with other americans but at the end of the day his had his health plan before and will have the same one because it is not your normal plan, it is provided by the military. >> i guess we could all wish to only symbolically sign up for obamacare. thanks. did you happen to catch this? no, they weren't fighting to get into obamacare. trying on a pair of air jordans and if latests are any indication, there are fewer shoppers shopping this holiday
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season despite the deep discounts. is sticker shock from obamacare the reason why. let's ask former toys r u.s. ceo jerry stoit. and there is questions that because of the higher deductibles and premiums, people will wait and see what happens before they shop. >> it is part of the load on today's consumer and it relates to other themes. one is the concern and fear about obamacare and the cost. and as we look, the over all employment rate is still poor and since the great recession started, that was weighed on the economy, and low income strata. people who have a job are afraid of losing it and those who don't have a job, they are not stopping to even look. also there is taxes. keep in mind that earlier this year we saw a nice tax increase. that is played throughout the year, less money in that envelope. and now it is christmastime and we haven't analyzed that. >> and let's stay on this.
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say you are a family of four and paying $300 or $400 a month, and that may stay or go up, but the deductibles are rising. now that is money out of your pocket first. what is the first thing that gets hit. >> anything discretionary gets hit. we had a good report today on consumer spending for november. but if you looked at it, you saw the spend on every item declined. the increases were those who have money to buy cars and durable items. >> so if a family goes from $4,000 or $5,000 a year for insurance to $15,000 or $18,000, it is obvious some of the things you cut back are retail spending. >> and apparel spending is amok the hard -- among the hardest hit, because it is more discretionary as opposed of something you have to eat or things for your child. >> to people are speculating on how the season was and there
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were dark reports that it was going to look weak. >> well reports from this weekend were still disappointing. so we don't know for sure. in the lower income strata we saw that start to fall off from sales reports in september, october and november. people had been spending more but there is in con guilt going on, if you have money, don't squander it. in inequality versus growth. people don't want to spend. but any way you want to look at it, it is not a good environment for consumer spending. >> thank you very much, sir. merry christmas. >> same to you. a controversy takes flight and huck says the market is winning out. >> sometimes if it is a dangerous situation, you need to
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duck dynasty merchandise flieg off the store shelves at walmart, cracker barrel reversing course and supporters of the show come out in force. william in l.a., keeping track of it all. what is the latest my man. >> reporter: whatever boycott for duck dynasty has backfired big time and it stands an embarrassing about face for cracker barrel and the network that suspended the star phil robertson is planning to air two marathon showing this week with him in it despite taking him off future episodes because they consider his remarks on gays so offensive. yet over the weekend robertson said he was sticking to his guns and would not apologize for saying homosexuality is a sin. i'm quoting, i am just reading what was written over 2,000
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years ago. those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom. all i did was quote from scriptures. whether i said it or they read it, what is the difference. now the restaurant chain cracker barrel reacted by removing duck merchandise from shelves on friday. but by sunday the items were back after customers complained. in a statement, cracker barrel said, and i'm quoting, our intent was to avoid offending but that is just what we've done. you told us we made a mistake, we are putting all of our duck dynasty products back in our stores and we apologize for offending you. has sold out of a number of duck items and some kmurs are -- kmers on -- customers on twitter are saying stores are wiped out as well. in atlanta, hundreds ran in a 5-k duck dash, unper teshed by robertson's comments. >> everybody has different
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beliefs and no one can judge that. >> everyone has their own opinion and they are entitled to it. so we'll enjoy the show and many other people will and it won't deter us from watching it. >> a&e holds the rights to the show and the family members are backing phil. sources saying they are bound to appear and they would violate that contract if they attempted to not show up for future episodes. as you've said before and i believe, there is so much money at stake for both sides, it is in all likelihood it would be back and probably on a&e. >> william, thank you very much. so did freedom of speech and religious freedom win out in the end to mike huckabee who started a facebook petition in defense of the duck dynasty stars. i heard that facebook page, 267,000 likes. >> we'll had 22 million people view the page, and 8 million -- a little over 8 million viewed the page just about cracker
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barrel. this thing blew up, because i think there is a point at which a lot of people, people in the south, in the midwest, people that a that are christian, they say live and let live. but we want you to just shut up and go away and people said we are going to stand with phil. that is what has happened. cracker barrel stepped in it. and they had to come back and reverse their course and finally decided they had really screwed up with their customer base. >> and that is the free market working. so you make a decision, even if it is a wrong decision, and the people tell you. kmur -- customers that are fans said reverse this. and when will this air without phil robertson in it. >> what a&e should have done,
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like glad, but a&e should have said, look, the opinions expressed by robertson family don't reflect the views of a&e or sponsors or executives. that would have been the end of the story. but phil robertson said out of the convictions of his heart, i'm glad he hadn't capitulated, this is who i am, you knew who i was when you put me on the show. this is the way we talk in the louisiana swamps. it shouldn't have been a big surprise to anybody. >> and it wasn't going to be a big surprise but where do you stand on what a&e did. there is a debate, freedom of speech and say what you want with the exception of a few things, which you would get arrested ford, but you can express your opinions. but then you shouldn't be persecuted or fired for and in
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this case pain suspended for, do they have the right to suspend phil robertson? >> they have the right to do it. it is just not very smart to do it. it is not smart monetarily for them but not smart from a business stand point. the whole right of free speech, the purist form is only the government can sensor free speech. a&e can say this is not something we want on our air, but if they do, they need to decide do they want 19 million viewers, which they have for some of the duck dynasty episodes, the most popular program they have and the most popular program on all of cable television for heaven sakes, but what we need to realize, the founders, it is not just free speech, but more. if you don't like what phil robertson, then say what you think. but what phil said was not
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directed toward an individual. they said like what martin bashir said about sarah palin. that is a big difference. martin bashir was speaking about an individual and that was in fact hate speech because it was targeted toward a person. what phil said was a matter of his opinion based on scripture. which is not really all that off the wall of an opinion. >> mike, before we go and we don't have a lot of time. it strikes me a couple of months ago or a year ago, you were involved in this, the chick-fil-a dust-up. tell us how this is different -- or how it is being treated different, phil robertson versus chick-fil-a. >> there is a similarity and it is this. christian people don't like to be against something but they are willing to be for something. with chick-fil-a and robertson, they are not boycotting as they are standing with someone that they think has taken a stand
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that reflects their own views and their own values. and that is what is similar and i thinks that why you have seen this huge reaction and i bet a&e and cracker barrel wish they had not wandered off into this. taking your cash, why and where it is happening. >> and say it isn't snow -- is using santa to push a product like this or not? ♪ here comes santa claus stick with power. stick with technology. get the new flexcare platinum from philips sonicare and save now. philips sonicare.
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first the breach and now the
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blocks on debit card holders after target was hacked. the terrible timing for those holiday shoppers. >> eric, millions of americans just trying to get the holiday shopping done get a message like this from the credit union, please call our offices as soon as possible, we are open today. the message, your card was caught up in the second largest data breach in u.s. history. scramble to get presents under the tree and food on the table. 40 million people impacted. their data was pirated through the scanners at target and sold on the black market. target sales down 3% to 4% down last year. the offer for free credit screenings, people lost trust with the retail giant. >> i will use cash more often and not use my debit card like i used to. >> i would never swipe my card
1:26 pm
in target, ever again. >> chase bank kept retail outlets on sunday to reissue cards for accounts compromised. and chase informed 2 million customers that their limits will be limited to $100. there is alleged that target didn't do enough to protect their customers. the court system will ultimately only allow one class-action lawsuit. >> thank you, michael. so if you want to stop this in the u.s., look to europe. while we are still using 20th century technology here but europe is using 21st century technology. >> if you have a credit card in the united states, the only
1:27 pm
secure is the magnetic stripe on the back of the card and that keeps the information on the front of the card. in europe they have chip and pin technology there is a chip embedded in the credit card and you have to put a pin number in. so when you think about security, it is something you have, the card, something you know, the pin. that is what they use in europe. we only use the card. >> so why wouldn't our retailers and our banking -- the financial institutions move to the chip and pin? >> there are reasons. the first one is cost. you would have to replace all of the credit card terminals all over the united states to the chip and pin readers. the second is convenience. you have scare reader that you can plug into your phone and swipe a card, whether you are taking credit cards at a flea market or whatever, that won't work with chip and pin technology. and if the chip and pin doesn't work, those just default back to
1:28 pm
the old credit card reader any way. so what hackers will do is they'll find a way to get it to default back into the regular credit card and make work just like the security we have here in the united states. so it is a large expense. >> mr. rash, it sounds like we're being short-sighted here in america because the credit card fraud is in tens of billions, right? >> it is. and this will reduce some forms of credit card fraud, particularly the kind that happened with target. once they steal the credit card numbers they want to manufacture new cards. with chip and pen it is harder to do that. and we are always moving to new payment technologies. eventually we'll get rid of the conference call entirely and use something different. >> i'm afraid of knowing what that is. some sort of digital eye scanning or fingerprint. we'll leave it there. mark rash, thank you very much. >> thank you. after target was hacked it informed customers, that is required by law. but obamacare websites get
1:29 pm
hacked, john fund from the national view said good luck finding out. what do you hacked healthcare.v they won't tell me. >> they are exempt by the law. they were asked during the final comment for the website, they said please add security provisions and they said no, we don't want to. in september the chief security officer for the website said this website is not secure and i won't sign off on it and it was signed off by a political appointee. this is an unsecure and unsafe website and they don't have to tell you if there is a breach. >> we investigated this and if you go one page in, to the coding, a box that sends you to another area where you check it. do we have a full screen of this? where you are saying -- you agreeing to this. you have no reasonable expectation of privacy regarding
1:30 pm
any communication or data transiting or storage on this information system. so when you sign up for obamacare, you are agreeing to that. does that exempt them for what you are talking about. >> this is added exemption for lawsuits. you are rolling the dice, it is that simple. >> what about the hhs, we were told that the hhs had some sort of -- requirement to inform you if your data is being stolen. again hhs. >> not on >> but what if you sign up directly and hhs is involved in that too? >> there is conflicting information on that. we do know if you sign up with a navigator, there is a problem because navigators don't have federal background checks, who will have all of your private information. in that area, you are more exposed than if you sign up on the website. >> let's put it this way.
1:31 pm
how much risk do i have if i sign up? >> we don't know. but target had incredible security. and i just talked to one of the people you had on the air in the green room, he said they spent millions on security and there was no security provisions for health care gocare.go, in fact the day it started there were 19 flashing warnings. rand paul, and what is stirring a big debate. and nasty weather hitting 35 states just in time for holiday travel, delays and cancellations. how much is this going to get? that's coming up next.
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ip vestors getting an early holiday gift. stocks taking off gep. the dow hitting another record high. it is 48th of the year. that is good news on consumer spending for the month of november helping to fuel today's rise. the dow is up 24% so far this ye year. all i want for christmas is power. ice storms cutting off electricity to hundreds of thousands of people from michigan to maine, right before christmas. to jeff lock in jones michigan at the ski resort with the latest. that is not fair. you are skiing and people want power. what is the latest? >> it is here in michigan as well. it is one of multiple state
1:36 pm
where's half a million people are out of power. i haven't skied in a while so this is interesting. but a patch work of electricity across the country. and it has wreaked havoc across the country. look at cancellations, 8,000-plus delays as of 4:00 p.m. eastern time and 60 or 50 or so cancellations and it has been a mess and a real ice storm in a lot of plays and snow as far down as oklahoma. as you report, a lot of folks have no power and then there were flash floods in a number of state where's it got warm over the weekend. so the only people that i think are cheered right now are the people we've been talking to today out here at the swiss valley ski area in michigan. it has been a white fall and now again a white winter now that this has kicked off and it is
1:37 pm
good news for folks that spend time skiing. so invest in those resort stocks and the ski stocks, that is always a good thing. eric. >> lock, listen, french fries to go, a piece of pizza to stop. jeff lock in michigan. the president just admitted it was his biggest mistake of the year and now the a.p. naming the botched rollout of obamacare care the biggest story of the year. and they say just wait until next year. and jeff, i'm wondering why we are having an employer telling us about that. next year when the employer mandate kicks in after the delay, what will happen? >> well i think you'll see small businesses really get whacked, eric. let's be honest about it. 70% of the new jobs comes from small business. and i run a medium-sized business.
1:38 pm
we are already putting everything into place. but think about the time and energy and effort i've wasted in doing that. and you know as well as i do, because you followed the markets for years, eric, businesses depend upon confidence. we have just turned over one-sixth of our economy in the biggest of ways and now we are expecting the employers to have confidence about where we are going in 2014. i can only the imagine the recovery we would be under if we didn't have the botched obamacare rollout. and mr. obama said this was his biggest mistake. i have news for the president. this is the biggest mistake america has made passing this aca with the slimmest of majority forcing it down the american people's throats. and i think it will affect people bigtime in 2014. >> so some of the bipartisan groups have estimated when the employer mandate kicks in, around november of next year
1:39 pm
insurers are supposed to tell people orb or employers are supposed to tell people they will lose their insurance. the estimates are that 80 million or 90 million people will be thrown off their insurance. do you think that is an accurate number? >> yeah, i do. and i'll tell you why. i think it is a conservative number of the i think the insurance companies are dealing with the law and they are making the rules as they go. how can the insurance agencies continue to change on a dime, eric? it is like a oil tanker. >> i think you just hit on something so important. today we found out president obama said we will give you another day. last week he said hold on, we are not going to hold you and we're going to allow you some wavers if your income doesn't meet certain criteria which was different from the law when it was passed. he keeps changing the rules mid-stream but as a business man, what does that mean for you -- the indecision? >> it is horrific.
1:40 pm
and that is why i can't plan for 2014 right now and that is why you are seeing most businesses hire part-time people because we don't know what we are going to be faced with if the president wakes up on the wrong side of the bed tomorrow or if something politically doesn't work for him properly. and these decisions are being made from politics, not from policy, not for what is best for the economy, but what is best for the white house. make no mistake about it. john pedesta was brought in for a reason. that is called damage control. he is a politico. and if this president doesn't make decisions best for the mesh people and -- the american people and the economy, we are going to have a bad 2014. i'm not trying to be a doomsdayer, but the president can't make up rules on laws as he goes. >> he is right. you have a five-year outlook and if you don't know the rules, it is difficult to make those plans. craig smith, thank you very
1:41 pm
much. forget the cookies and milk for santa, saint nick wants something else. should this billboard depicting chris cringle have people cringing. i trade like me. that's why i'm with scottrade. announcer: ranked highest in investor satisfaction with self-directed services by j.d. power and associates.
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well he's not only jolly, he is a vapor and a company under fire for a billboard depicting santa saying, i don't always vap but when i do, i choose vapor sharp. is this giving kids the wrong message and some say yes and some say no. so remy, can you believe santa claus smokes e-cigs and vaps. >> we have laws and regulations for actual true cigarettes that cause cancer and a whole host of health issues. this e-cigarette is promoting unhealthy behavior for children
1:45 pm
and making it cool and why put it into santa claus's hand unless you are trying to get people hooked on it. and they are full of nicotine and aand so why are they trying to get the young people involved. >> mr. zimmerman, remember when they pulled ads, joe camel and you couldn't have a cartoon endorsing cigarettes but santa is okay for a cigarette? >> this is not a cigarette. some of them don't have nicotine in them. but if we outlaw this, where will it stop? not advertise fast food for kids or soft drinks. the fda said it might be potentially be harmful, and if we ban everything that might be harmful, we are going to have problems. >> they say we use elect ronnic age verification if all of our stores and make products for adult smokers and that is it and we think a gorgeous woman has
1:46 pm
much more persuasive power over a person than the use of santa. >> i'm not sure i follow that logic. children shouldn't be smoking these things. they are potentially harmful. is there anything else we need to know. to say it is not truly a cigarette is a distinction without bias. >> we are showing jenny mccarthy promoting the blue brand of e-cigarettes. but remy said there isn't a difference but there is a huge difference. >> there are a lot of people who smoke tobacco. people use these to quit and the less that smoke these smoke tobacco. >> but we are not talking about outlawing, we are not saying you can't go to the store or buy them and you can't smoke them,
1:47 pm
we are saying let's not target children. these are not toys. sell them to adults who make no distinction on what they are doing to their body. >> good point. you are targeting children in your ads. >> listen, do i think it is tacky? i wouldn't run that ad. but should we outlaw it? there are a lot of things that are tacky that are not allowed. the american lung association said it might be harmful and if there was more evidence than i would agree that. >> i tend to agree with you, kent, but i don't like outlawing things. but take a look at an ad that green peace ran using santa claus to promote their message as well and when you do this, you affect the kids. the kids want to see what santa is saying. watch this. >> there may be no alternative but to cancchristmas.
1:48 pm
>> so that fake santa thing on the bottom, we put that on. so kids are watching this on the internet and they are saying we are canceling christmas because of global warming. >> what is next. if santa is smoking an e cig, then what is next? barney? we're not saying take them off the shelves, we are saying target an audience the say way that true cigarettes are being targeted, let's regulate that much about how they are going to advertise, not to children but to adults. >> but using santa, you have to admit the kids are focused in whon santa claus comes up. but a world in which we don't influence kids negatively is a pipe dream. no pun intended. but we can't have everything based around outlawing things that might wrongly affect children. that is not the free market system we live in. we are not china or a place where the government tells
1:49 pm
everybody what they want to do. >> we have to leave it there, remy and kent, good debate by the way. and how this senator spared nobody in his twitter tirade. f s is also enough to keep your smartphone running for how long? 30 days? 300 days? 3,000 days? the answer is... 3,000 days. because of gasoline's high energy density, your car doesn't have to carry as much fuel compared to other energy sources. take the energy quiz. energy lives here.
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well today's festivous and that can mean it is only one day and it is time for erroring our grievanc grievances. and rand paul taking to twitter to air his opinions. there it is. the recent bipartisan deal will hail $7 trillion more in debt. and he said the bipartisan deal is a sin on em for increasing
1:53 pm
our debt. hadley, let me start with you. i tend to agree with a lot of the things that the senator is expressing his grievances regarding. >> right. fiscal conservatives like rand paul, it is understandable why he is disappointed in this deal that makes losers out of taxpayers and others who face the national debt. the republicans were burned by the last government battle when the government shut down and they took a big hit in the polls so it is understandable this could be the best deal they could go. >> there are so many grievances, i'm surprised rand paul stopped at the one he did. the debt is continuing to sky rocket out of control. >> our deficits are reducing than at a faster rate than has been seen in decades, and in fact, this bunl deal reduces it by $20 to $30. when we are approaching 1.4% gdp growth in the fourth quarter,
1:54 pm
eric. >> i don't want to go way back, when you say that our reduces are -- best in decades, these were under the president's control. >> [ inaudible ]. >> it is still higher than the bush deficits. >> they are being reduced at a faster rate and at the same time this deal reduces the deficit without putting additional breaks on the -- brakes on the economy that we are seeing move into a 4.1 growth in dbt which -- gdp that helps american. >> be ahead. if i'm a retailer, i'm going to mark it up 200% but next week it is 25% off, but i'll still making money. >> and he makes a point. when bush was in office -- but two wrongs don't make a right. that doesn't mean it is the
1:55 pm
right thing to do. in fact president obama said about the debt ceiling before he was president that it would be unpatriotic to continue to raise the debt ceiling. so it is a changed position and now that he has to leave the country and bipartisanship doesn't always mean -- >> let's have fun with this. can we take a look at some of the other fun grievances. >> he said my dad auctioned off this car instead of giving it to me. we have a picture there. grievanc grievances. and he said with his otherwise wonderful staff, which i know personally, leave the turtle neck alone. i like it and so do viewers. i love the senator, i'm not sure i like the turtle neck. hadley? >> i -- i don't have anything to say about the turtle neck, let me put it that way. >> and david mercer -- >> don't say anything if you can't say anything nice.
1:56 pm
>> are you pro or con to the turtle neck. >> i'm going to take a pass like hadley. and with what she said earlier, we are working and the president is working to reduce the deficit and to increase employment which has come down from the bush levels and we've already -- >> i need to cut you off. i need to give hadley the last word. >> president obama is the architect of obamacare. and one reason republicans don't want to have a shutdown because they would rather focus on the failure that is obamacare. [ overlapping speakers ] >> we are going to say happy festivous and merry christmas for everyone for tomorrow. and we'll be back tomorrow for a special your world. mia love will be joining us. merry christmas, i'll see you on the five in about three minutes. [ woman 1 ] why do i cook?
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i'm bob beckel and kimberly guilfoyle, eric bolling, dana perino and greg gutfeld. and this is the five. ♪


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