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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 24, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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and to all of our troops that have gone into harm's way for our country, merry christmas. >> merry christmas to all of you dogs out there too. snowden declares mission accomplished. obamacare faces another deadline, the nativity revealed and the naughty and nice list. this is "special report." >> good evening. i'm shannon freeman in for bret baier. edward snowden leaked documents six months ago and the man facing felony charges and hiding in russia claims victory. steve doocy has the story. >> reporter: today edward snowden is living in moscow
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living on chips. a few months ago he had a place in hawaii. he said for me, in terms of personal satisfaction, the mission is accomplished. i already would be. -- i've already won. barton gelman, who has leaked some of the explosive documents last spring, spoke to snowden in person in russia last week. >> he said he is not trying to burn down the nsa, he is not trying to stop the collection of intelligence. he is trying to enable a debate in which the public can decide whether it agrees with him, that intelligence collection should be targeted. >> reporter: since snow deb wants the american public to decide the fate of some surveillance programs, one deputy cia director said he should put his own fate in the hands of an american jury. >> if you believe americans should be the judge of this
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program, then they should be the judge of your behavior. >> reporter: he has temporary asylum in russia. and he said if i defected, i defected from the public. and now he is carrying out in moscow largely uninterrupted. >> he said it is a guy that never used to go out that much. spends a lot of time in front of the screen, the life of learning and of advocacy and of contact with people that takes place primarily at the keyboard. >> reporter: in 2013 one document he leaked said the nsa ingests the equivalent of one library of congress every 14 seconds. in 2014, we may learn more details like that. >> he has no control and no desire to control over what new documents may be leaked. he's left that to the journalists to decide what our
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stories will be. but i think can you expect more stories and i assume you can expect more developments in foreign capitals and congress and courts and so on. >> reporter: we're going to see edward snowden tomorrow broadcasting a christmas message. and we have written a transcript aptd he will say a child born today will never know what it is like to have a uprecorded private moment. >> we'll talk about it with the panel. and there are plenty of last-minute shoppers still trying to get covered from obamacare. chad henry on obamacare deadline day -- take two. >> reporter: the president is trying to project a what -- me worry kind of attitude. his biggest disappointment so far is a putt he missed by one foot. that continued on health care
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deadline day. which was followed by a workout with more golf. leaving it to his staff to sweat out the details of the sign ups. >> there will be probably be givens. there were glitches before and more will come. but there are many working through the holidays to try to fix that inconvenience. >> reporter: having learned from the last deadline on october 1st when clebs -- kathleen sebelius told everyone everything was just fine. >> since i'm in charge, obviously we screwed it up. >> reporter: this deadline could be more critical because if there is another presidential stumble and the enrollment numbers are far below the poll, many democrats could join republicans in making sure the congress, which has power of the purse, will make things different. >> we need to do things to help
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our country and the affordable care act is not the way to do it. but for us to determine where to go from here, one would think, when they are spending taxpayers' dollars, they should have a say in it. >> the deadline got moved back 24 hours to accommodate a crush of last-minute entries. yesterday they got 2 million hits but those numbers don't tell us how many visitors have gotten insurance. though shell-shocked officials who have seen the president's poll numbers dive have set a low bar and sem relieved to say the website did not crash again. >> the website was sturdy and stayed up and people were able to shop for health care options and choose options that made the most sense for their family. >> the call centers are still open, but the deadline is midnight eastern time. so our viewers from chicago to
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l.a. and honolulu, don't have any extra time. >> ed henry, thank you. pill grams from around the world packed bethlehem for celebrations at the birthplace of jesus. connor powell with the sights and sounds of bethlehem where it is now christmas morning. >> reporter: thousands of christians packed bethlehem's manger square celebrating the birth of jesus. boy scouts led a procession that included a latin patriarch, the leader of the roman catholic church in jerusalem. in the decades old plastibban conflict, there was a call for a just and equitable solution. though view think an agreement is likely, but one hopes the message of peace will influence world leaders. >> you hear about division in this region of the world, but here are all of these people speaking different languages for a similar cause. and so that is very a very
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hopeful thing to see, which is very much the spirit of christmas. >> reporter: america started an effort to jump start the economy in bethlehem by pouring millions into the city, florida my -- particularly now during christmas. some tourists will come and visit for a few days, not just a few hours and it will anchor the future of a palestinian place. >> a home needs a family and not just the family of the bethlehem, all of the global citizens that believe in the message of bethlehem are welcome to come home for christmas. we cannot celebrate alone. >> reporter: and in the sign that anything is popular after more than a decade of fighting each other, the christian leaders responsible for maintaining the church of the nativity, which is believed to be the site mary gave birth to jesus 2000 years ago have recently agreed to a makeover,
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and this is being hailed as a christmas miracle. >> celebrations with coming to a close with midnight mass about to wrap up. but services with violence once gep flaring up here in the ho y holly -- holly land. one israeli and a child are the victims. >> connor, thank you. pope francis visited pope benedict xvi. the men dressed in identical white robes except for francis' cape. they prayed together in the adjoining chapel. he celebrated his first pass as pope. about a thousand people were in attendance at st. peter's basilica. and air raids have killed 15, including children.
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350 people have been killed since -- december 15th. amy kellogg has the story. >> reporter: christian groups are deeply concerned about the fate of mother superior of the st. catholic convert in theain sent town in syria. she is seen here a few years ago looking after organs, teaching the language of jesus christ, and opening her doors to pill grams who also revere the virgin mary. >> she and other nuns were taken by rebels in december. according to this fighter keeping a watch over the convent for their safety as the city is in the cross hairs of battle. but the chan groups claim the women are being held hostage by a jihadist group and calling for their release. while all groups have been affected by the ongoing civil war, christians say attacks on them have increased.
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dozens of churches have been ransacked and several religious leaders, including two bishops, have gone missing. >> we have thought been -- we have not been killed for a thousand years and now we are being killed. we are being beheaded because we are christians. >> chans are targeted because many have supported the hasad regime. but experts say they are also targeted because foreigners have infiltrated this conflict andin fused it with extremism in a sort of proxy war. >> i think what we're seeing in the region is a kind of cold war between saudi arabia and allies against iran. and both of the states have tried to utilize sectarianism. >> reporter: this has affected christians in other countries, from iraq to egypt in recent years as well. christians have been an
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important minority in syria, making up about 10% of the population. but they are leaving. estimates say they are down to now 3% of the population. amidst the chaos, optimists hope that the religious toll raps that exited -- tolerance that existed will continue. amy kellogg. means have arrived in south sudan following a fear of an all out civil war. they will provide security for the u.s. embassy and evacuate more u.s. citizens if needed. four u.s. troops were hit when gunfire hit an evacuation aircraft. more than a thousand people have been killed since the breakout of violence two weeks ago. it is called a terrorist attack, an explosion north of cairo. more than a dozen killed and more than 100 others injured.
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the u.s. state department condemning at tack saying it would -- the attack saying it would stand firmly with the people to push the path toward democracy and economic prosp prosperity in a world free. and here is what other fox affiliates are covering. kttv in los angeles is all over the holiday shopping sales after a strong sart to the season -- start to the season, stores have fallen. and extended hours are not bringing in the big bucks. kdvr in denver has a story on the marijuana history as they hand owl more than 100 retailer licenses to groerz and testing facilities. they still need local approval before opening up shop. and a live look at chicago from wfld. the big story there tonight, a four-week old baby is alive
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260 miles above the earth at the international space station, two u.s. astronauts took a sleigh ride of their own on a seven hour long space walk to finish up urgent repairs to a cooling system. nasa said it was a success, despite having to fend off a mini blizzard of noxious gas. the markets were up. the dow jumping 63, the s&p 500 rose five and nasdaq was up 6.5 and that is more good news for the administration looking to capitalize on any good news. doug mckelway has the political pivot that may take fire from
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all sides. >> reporter: reeling from obamacare, senate democrats hope to change in the subject in the new year with a three month extension of employment benefits. the current one runs out december 28th. >> there is no bigger challenge this country has than income equality. >> reporter: but they face a house against house republicans -- >> as long as it is paid for and other efforts that will help get our economy moving once again. i've not seen a plan from the white house that meets those standards. >> reporter: the other battle is against themselves. critics ask if the economy is doing as well as democrats claim, why is such an extension needed. >> extending unemployment insurance isn't going to help. >> reporter: the president put it this way before departing for hawaii. >> more than 1 million americans are poised to lose a vital source of income a few days after christmas. for many people still working for work, unemployment insurance is a lifeline that can make the difference temporary hardship or
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lasting catastrophe. >> reporter: the commerce today reported that november's orders for durable goods beat expectations, rising 3.5%. today's new housing reports sent mixed signal, dipping from september to october. the unemployment rate has sunk to 7%, still high but moving in the right direction. and the bublg deal removes some budget uncertainty. >> the important thing about this budget deal is the damage that the government didn't do. >> reporter: but the great unknown is the obamacare effect on the economy. >> so this is a real wild card. we don't know how many people are going to be affected by all of the turmoil in the health care market that results from obamacar ominous sign comes from the young and the healthy. the federal reserve bank of new york says in the third quarter student loan delinquencies sky rocketed and while delinquencies trended lower in all other
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areas. and that is the groop coming to the realization that the affordable care act is not as affordable as they told it -- as they were told it was. >> doug mckelway in hawaii. thank you. it is the busiest shopping period of the year and it comes to an end. for some is leaving shopping to the last minute is a time-honored tradition but for others it is pure panic. >> i've never come this late to go shopping so it is very overwhelming. >> just that one last present and it is the best time to shop. >> i think the retailers are trying to get what they can and whatever is left, then they'll mark down. >> i always wait for the end. >> well good luck. it has been a tough holiday season for target. the retailer announced the u.s. justice department is in on the investigation into a massive credit and debit card security breach. it comes as more than a dozen target customers have filed federal lawsuits with some
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accusing the store of negligence and failure to secure data. they have double the number of call center workers. we break down the naughty and nice list. but then breaking the law to let your dogs tag along everywhere. we'll explain, next. [ male anr favorite food starts a fight, fight back fast with tums. eartburn relief that neutralizes acid on contact and goes to work in seconds. ♪ tum, tum tum tum tums!
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a court appointed -- has -- doctor has confirmed a diagnose of a 13-year-old california girl that is brain dead after complications following tonsil surgery. the hospital petitioned to have her taken off life support. the family wants to keep her connected to a breathing machine and says they believe she is still alive.
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a county suppose earor court judge is allowing time for an appeal. geneva college, a pennsylvania christian college can exclude some types of birth control, including the morning-after pill in the health care plan. the school has argued that some kinds of birth control violate their religious beliefs against abortion. and dogs are excellent cannons for folks did, companions, but you can't take them everywhere. the length some people will go to. >> a growing trend has dog owners violating the americans with disabilities act to stay with their pets. >> she takes prince anywhere she can, but with a single lie, they could take their dog everywhere, including restaurants and planes with full protection of the law. they only need to buy a service
3:25 pm
animal vest and claim a disability. anything from anxiety counts. they can only ask two questions, is that a service animal and what task does the dog perform. it is used to protect the disabled and many merchants look the other way. now those who do the training are calling for government oversight to combat the cheaters. >> you have to prove that you are capable physically to drive a car, and to be qualified to be out on the highway. i think there is an an anology. >> people have tried to feed me out on the patio in the rain because they are concerned that my dog isn't going to behave as a service dog should due to
3:26 pm
their previous experiences with these fake assistance dogs. >> a number of dog trainers and other activists are trying to work with the justice department which enforces ada laws and national restaurant associations to fight this kind of dog fraud that is impacting tens of thousands of disabled americans who rely on legitimate service animals. shannon. >> claudia, thank you. well twitter is reversing course, restoring access to content from the pro--phil robertson website, just hours after marking it as a spam. a temporary block prohibited users to post to the link page. meanwhile fans are buying things off the shelves. and political correctness goes too far and a look at the
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citizen and brown bag. a local tv station reports a recent city memo said those words can be considered offensive. citizen should be replaced by resident because not all seattle-its are citizens. sit workers can use the word sack lunch or lunch and learn inste instead. >> chris christie's office has been met with disapproval by animal rights. a spider was swatted and while -- meanwhile pita -- petta responded. some people put the spiders outside and they are scary and that can prevent them from pondering their worth. in 2009 they disapproved when president obama swatted a fly
3:32 pm
during a television int interview. they called that executive insect execution. >> immediately there are no more fisherman or freshman in washington state. jay inslee has signed a law eradicating gender specific laws. so freshman are now first year students and penmanship is handwriting and there are exceptions including man holes, apparently there is no other word that makes sense for that. and the world's largest fortune cookie company is toning down their comments after they were claimed to be racy. parents said their kids were told, romance and the evening go together and romantic interest.
3:33 pm
the fortune writers said the cookies are supposed to be fun for everyone so they've gotten rid of the fortunes. this isn't the first time they have been persuaded to tweak a little bit. they get rid of you arin -- you will inherit a great amount of money soon, implying that a relative will die. how much do we know about the historical aspect of christmas? lauren green has a preview of her hour long special, nativity, acts, fiction and faith. >> it has been celebrated for 2,000 years and evolved into shopping, gift-giving and winter revelry. [ singing ] >> but that is far from how it began. >> it is the most powerful and subversive thing we can
3:34 pm
celebrate. it is about the overthrow of the way the world is and its replacement with a different world altogether. >> we see first the grotto of the birth and it is marked where mary gave birth to jesus. >> it is built over the grotto where tradition said jesus is born. >> christians from every background all acknowledge bethlehem as the birthplace of jesus and so it has a strong pull for christians. >> first century jus were awaiting a messiah that would overthrow their suppressors. >> for five centuries, the jewish people didn't have their own king. they were under the baby loanans and then under the persians and then the greeks and the romans. >> they were not expecting a baby born into poverty that
3:35 pm
would gain strength through weakness but that is the biblical world that was bosh on that -- born on that night in ledge law hem -- bethlehem. >> this is, as jesus sid, who didn't come to be served but to serve and give his life as a ran some for many many. it is spiritual power and politically dynamite. >> there are only two books of the testament in matthew and luke that talk about the birth. not much has changed in bethlehem and the birth for a typy -- a tiny baby is still bringing hope for a new kind of world. in new york, lauren green, fox news. >> the nativitnativity, faction infection or errors stars tonight. edward snowden said his mission is already accomplished. what do the fox all-stars think?
3:36 pm
hayes, stoddard and krauthammer give their opinions next.
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test test test test test test
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he said he is not trying to burn down the nsa or stop the collection of intelligence, he is trying to enable a debate in which the public can decide whether it agrees with him, that intelligence collection should be targeted. >> barton gelman talking about edward snowden after spending time with his in moscow, russia. but this is how the white house feels about it. edward snowden faces felony charges here if the u.s. and should be returned to the u.s. where he will be affording the protections of our criminal justice system. steve hayes from the weekly standard, ron williamss from the hill and charle krauthammer.
3:40 pm
merry christmas. steve, i'll start with you. as more time passes and more revelations come out, where do you think that the public perception is, between trader and whistleblower and patriot? >> i think people are concerned about the thingser concerned -- the things that he was concerned about, but i agree with the white house on this, he very clearly committed felonies, he broke his oath, he broke his oath i think to the constitution, he broke his vow of secrecy. and you don't do that. and whether or not he triggered a debate, clearly he did, but that is not his job. that is not what he was doing when he agreed to work in the intelligence community, even if it were for a contractor. and juan, he said he went to superiors and tried to raise the issues and it went nowhere. the agencies said they don't have any record of those
3:41 pm
conversations. and he said in his judgment, in his estimation, that he did uphold his oath to the constitution in protecting the american people and issues surrounding the fourth amendment. >> i find that hard to understand. in the article he said basically, he has won because he didn't want to change society, but just allow society to change itself. but in the course of the article he attacks people in charge of the intelligence operations in this country, not only clapper, but the director of national security, but also dianne feinstein, the senator from california, mike rogers the congressman. and he said they have abdicated their responsibility. they get run over by this. and he also goes after the court and said the court is in. so he puts himself above everybody in democracy. as you said, shannon, nobody has any record of ever talking to
3:42 pm
edward snowden about these issues. there is no record he went to dianne feinstein, mike rogers, that he tried to reach out to the media before hand to say there is a problem without disclosing information that has subs kwiptly damage -- subsequently damaged our national security operations. and i mean, one thing that is glaring to me in this article, he never says a world about there are people trying to kill us. there are terrorists out there. and we have to protect ourselves as americans. >> here is what he said from the article. he said i'm not trying to bring down the nsa, i'm working to improve the nsa. i am still working for the nsa right now. they are the only ones who don't realize it. he goes on to say, for me, in terms of personal satisfaction, the mission is already accomplished. i already won. charles? >> well then, mr. snowden, if you have won, then why don't you come home and make all of the arguments you made to the journalist, make them to a jury. why don't you tell them that you
3:43 pm
don't want to bring down the nsa, you simply are trying to spark a debate. why don't you tell them that all you want to do is have the nsa target rather than aim in a more broadway, tell that to a jury of your peers. after all, these peers are the ones in whose name you say you are acting, so surely you will trust their judgment. that is what you would do if you were a patriot. if you were a trader -- traitor, and if you have been charged by the government with espionage and felony theft, then you would hideout in countries who are american adversaries knowing there is no way all of the information you stole from unauthorized places have been downloaded in their entirety by the intelligence agencies of russia and china. you damaged our allies and our relationship with allies and you've damaged the united states and disposed the trade craft of our espionage to other countries
3:44 pm
and against terrorists in a way that will enable them to one day enhance an attack on the united states, which could, one day be an attack of weapons of mass destruction. so if you won, come home and let yourself be judged on the lofty aims that you claim you were attempting to achieve. >> and to that end, his legal team with the aclu said the administration knows where we are and how to contact us. we want to talk about a solution to bring him back to the u.s. but wouldn't involve him ending up in jail. steve, it sounds like right now from the white house on down, there are not a lot of folks here in the administration who think he should be given any kind of amnesty or deal that would bring him back to the u.s. and not involve him potentially facing jail time. >> and they shouldn't be talking to his legal team about those things, both for the reasons that charles forcefully and eloquently laid out and because of what it would do in the future. you can't afford to incentivize
3:45 pm
this. maybe he has provided everything about the way the intelligence community operates and there is nothing more to leak. that is what some journalists would have us believe. but there is no reason wh whatsoever that the united states should not try to prosecute him and to the fullest except of the law because that information have been divulged. he want to say he never provided directly to the chinese or the russians. nonsense, he was exactly doing what he knew. look at what he did to have the conversation and he knew what he was doing and now he thinks if it ever goes to court, it would gain him some measure of accommodation by our court system. i don't think it will and i don't think it should. >> it sparks a very important conversation. that is it on that topic. but next up, the panels' naughty
3:46 pm
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we are back with our panel. and it is time for the naughty and nice list of 2013. i'll start with nice because two of you picked the same person. juan and charles both picked the pope. juan, why is he your pick? >> after decades of trouble and scandal in the church, he has revived the church in an important way. i think he has brought people back to the church in terms of christian understanding of the pow of the gospel. in fact he talks about the gospel as something -- the joy
3:50 pm
of the gospel, shannon. and he talks about the notion of jesus as reaching out to people and offering counsel, compassion and comfort in a way that has brought people back to christianity. so what are a billion-plus catholics in the world. so to suddenly have a pope to seem as if he is not defensive or locked into orthodoxy. he says he is not going to be the judge of everybody, including gays, but, instead says: i want to reach out and i want to offer you a place at god's table. to me, this is, almost as something that would bring to you tears on this christmas eve. >> um-huh. and, of course, christ was all about not condemning people. dining with prostitutes and tax collectors. >> i think he would do the panel. >> yeah. we will put out the invite. it's on. charles, why is he your pick for nice? >> not quite the same guy but not quite for the same reasons as you might imagine. it isn't because he doesn't have a lot of views for
3:51 pm
orthodoxy. i think in a sense he does. but what he brings to the church, from what i see, speaking as one who is jewish, is he restores a kind of a franciscan, of course, that's the name he chose, franciscan vision of the christian mission. he is a symbol of humility and utter humanity. and i think that happens to appeal across -- it sort of transcends religion and sect. and it's a universal appeal. that touches everyone. and i think in that sense he brings kind of a new spirit or a refreshing spirit to the church that is felt everywhere. it's always surprising. you never expect that from an institution that old that you would have a breath of a new vision and a new sensibility. with simply a new pope. but i think that's what he has managed to do in less than one year. >> steve, your pick? >> mine is a different direction. mine are the military
3:52 pm
families around the country who are spending tonight and the holidays without a family member that they are missing. my family knows a family out in suburban, maryland. mother working small business. six children under the age of 12, raising them all, raising them well. and every time we say thank you or say you are amazing, she says, look, this is the life that we have chosen. so we deserve no special thanks. but i think on a night like tonight they do in fact, deserve special thanks. so they deserve an extra special christmas gift. >> my brother is deployed this year. my sister-in-law and the two little boys are living through the same thing. thank you to all of our military families. now, so we can get everybody's naughty in we have to speed it up a little bit. charles, who is on your naughty list this year? >> kathleen sebelius for playing evita to president obama presidente as they turn healthcare into banana
3:53 pm
republic thief dom. issuing edigits every morning and the country has to follow along. don't cry for her, cry for us are argentina. okay. >> okay. juan? >> congressional republicans get coal from me. it's not only me, i think their ratings are the lowest in history. >> the congress as a whole, yes, for sure. >> but congressional republicans are the lowest in terms of the votes of democrats independence and even fellow republicans. i think when you look at no jobs bill. no infrastructure. no effort to boost the american economy, shutting down the government for a time this year. you know, speaker boehner saying the way we should measure our success how much we repeal. not how much we get done. they have gotten donathan do nothing congresses in the pass. they get a lump of coal. >> they will argue. i see steve shaking his heads.
3:54 pm
they have passed dozens of pills relate to the economy. national ballot did tip in favor of republicans but i understand they are getting your lump of coal. >> let me just tell you it's since tipped back. >> coal it is. >> my original nomination for the naughty list was this absurd bureaucrat at the dallas va who has decided that christmas cards to children have written are not going to be delivered to bedridden veterans because it would have offended them in some way. >> they use the words merry christmas or god bless you, anything religious they said the school kids cards cannot be delivered to the vets in the hospital. >> but i'm switching my vote. now it's juan. juan gets my lump of coal and give an extra gift to congressional republicans who are doing what voters asked them to do. where is it written that passing more laws equals good government? it doesn't. you get my actual lump of coal. take it. >> when the american people see an economy struggling and asks the government to do something, that's
3:55 pm
failure. >> before we descend into complete chaos. steve'sgiving out a second stocking. >> my man here. >> that's it for the panel. stay tuned for dress code lesson on live tv. a quick message from the "special report" staff. >> 3, 2, 1. [ laughter ] >> merry christmas from the "special report" team.
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classic kicker end of the year staff picks. live tv comes with a certain dress code. coat and tie at the white house. rain and coat out in a storm. if you are a toddler, may bend the rules just a little bit. ♪ ♪ >> it was a game time decision. he worked out the last
3:59 pm
couple 'of days. he worked out earlier today. the decision was made that he just could not go and it was better to let him rest up. perhaps game number 6 ready for friday night. >> not only photo bombing but losing his pants at the same time. before we leave bret baier and his family have something they would like to share with you. >> merry christmas, a bit of a holiday decision bringing my family in for a special panel, my wife amy, my son paul and son daniel. we have a fire in the heather behind us. paul? >> we have a lot of things to be thankful for. merry christmas and a happy new year. >> we do have a lot tore thankful for this year. daniel? >> we wish you a merry christmas. >> we do. very forcefully. >> wishing you a happy, healthy, 2014 from our family to yours. >> and, paul, you want to wrap it up? >> merry christmas and a happy new year. merry christmas. >> yes, from our family to yours, merry christmas,
4:00 pm
happy holidays, and we will see you in 2014. >> such a beautiful family. those boys are growing up. thanks for watching "special report," i'm shannon bream. good night from washington and have a very, merry christmas. ♪ ♪ >> christmas eve in manger square at the church of the nativity in bethlehem. the birth of jesus has been celebrated here for 2,000 years. the tradition is celebrated with grand. music and prayer. for christians around the world, this is when god became man and a simple message of peace and love changed the world forever. >> glory to the


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