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tv   A FOX Friends Christmas  FOX News  December 24, 2013 8:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> and that brings to a close our west point holiday special. we'd like to thank everyone here at west point for allowing us to share in this great holiday season. from all of us have a great holiday and a great night. ♪ >> merry christmas, everybody. welcome to a "fox & friends" christmas special. we want to thank you for merry christmas, everybody. and welcome to a fox & friends christmas special. we want to thank you for welcoming us into your home this christmas night. >> we have an exciting lineup. >> first we want to welcome you to our studio audience from the men and women who serve us from all the branches of the
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military. we want to thank you for your service to the country. [ applause ] >> merry christmas to all of the service men and women who can't be home for christmas this year. stay safe. we miss you here at home. >> we certainly do. and we want to welcome all the kids in the studio and watching at home. we have a big surprise for you. so ask mom and dad if you can stay up tonight. >> let's get started with country music star, craig morgan. ♪ ♪ chestnuts roasting on an open fire ♪ ♪ jack frost nipping at your nose ♪ ♪ yuletide carols being sung by
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the choir ♪ ♪ folks dressed up like eskimos ♪ ♪ yeah, everybody knows a turkey and some mistletoe ♪ ♪ help to make the season bright ♪ ♪ tiny tots, with their eyes all aglow ♪ ♪ will find it hard to sleep tonight ♪ ♪ they know that santa's on his way ♪ ♪ he's loaded lots of toys and goodies on his sleigh ♪ ♪ and every mother's child is going to spy ♪ ♪ to see if reindeer really know
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how to fly ♪ ♪ and so i'm offering this simple phrase ♪ ♪ for kids from 1 to 92 ♪ although it's been said many times many ways ♪ ♪ merry christmas to you ♪
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♪ and so i'm offering this simple phrase ♪ ♪ for kids from 1 to 92 ♪ although it's been said many times many ways ♪ ♪ merry christmas ♪ merry christmas ♪ merry christmas ♪ to you [applause ] rmgs i tell you what. was that not fantastic or what?
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is that a great christmas spirit song? craig morgan, you are outstanding. thank you all for your service. this is remarkable to have you here. this is my first time with the fox family, and it feels like home. you have given so much to this country, ten years of active service and you continue to do tours with the uso. >> ten tours to and/or iraq and afghanistan. >> so you continue to give and are definitely in the christmas spirit. i see all the kids out there, you guys are ready for christmas? i see your smile. >> christmas is really a time to give back and to show our appreciation. ultimately, i'm one to confess my faith. i know that christ came and died on the cross so i would be forgiven for my sins. no greater gift. >> no greater gift. >> and we do our best to emulate
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that. and i speak for the families, too. they make such great sacrifices as well as the service members. but the spouses that stay home make a lot of sacrifice as well. so they are the ultimate givers in my opinion. >> ultimate service. we are ultimately thankful for all of you and for you being here. you're going to sing another song? >> i am. >> and craig's going to stick around and join us later in the show with a special christmas tribute for the troops. >> speaking of our troops, we have a special christmas message for our service members from one of america's favorite families. >> hey, it's will and corey robertson. we want to take a minute to wish all of our men and women in service happy holidays. we know it's hard out there with the sacrifice. and a lot of you guys being away from your families at christmas. we're so thankful. from our family to yours. thank you. have a merry christmas and happy
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new year. >> our next guest is the founder of one of america's largest christian churches. >> merry christmas. and merry christmas america. people often ask me what's the purpose of christmas. and the purpose of christmas is found at the first statements that the angels made. they said i bring you good news of great joy. for unto you is born a savior, peace on earth, goodwill to men. that's salvation, reconciliat n reconciliation. christmas is a celebration. >> i'm ready for that. >> it says which shall be for all people. not just for christians, for all people. >> sure. >> second, it's salvation. i give you a savior in the city of david. what do we need saving from? well, a lot of things. from ourselves, from our past, from our grief, from our guilt, from our grudges.
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if we didn't need a savior, god wouldn't have september one. and third, he says peace on earth, goodwill toward men. that's all about reconciliation. a lot of times when people get together at crest mass, there are a lot of old feelings in families, it's a time for reconciliation. i would like to thank the men and women in uniform, all of those who are serving in the armed services, on behalf of a grateful nation. thank you for helping us have peace on earth this christmas. >> very nice. >> we love you all. >> we do indeed. i love your message. a purpose driven christmas. >> exactly. >> you didn't mention the gifts. for a lot of people, it's all about the stuff. >> the reason we give gifts at christmas is because the wise men brought gifts to jesus. can you imagine going to a birthday party where everybody gives gifts to each other except for the birthday boy?
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>> sure. >> so my question to new america, this christmas is what gift are you going to give god this year? you give him your life, you give him your time, your love. >> rick warren, merry christmas. >> merry christmas. and merry christmas to all of new america. and thank you personally for your prayer this is year. it's a very tough year for kay and me, and we're grateful for all of the prayers. thank you. coming up, he's america's favorite kmied yan. >> and he belted out god bless america, petty officer wilson is here to sing silent night. so stick around. ♪ i wanna spread a little love this year ♪ [ male announcer ] this december, experience the gift of exacting precision and some of the best offers of the year
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>> he is known as america's favorite comedian, i'm talking about jeff he's known as america's favorite comedian. i'm talking about jeff dunham. he and his pal peanut join me. you guys have been touring around the country. >> we've been all over the place. >> are you in the christmas spirit, are you not? >> absolutely. >> nothing says christmas like a turquoise sweater. >> hey, i was self-conscious. >> do you see any turquoise anywhere? >> right here. >> it's blue. >> thanks for introducing us. >> thank you so much for joining us. what kind of traditions do you have at your house? >> we would read the night before christmas. all three daughter, we go to their school and raid it. >> the night for christmas. >> it has changed. >> no it hasn't.
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>> yes it has. just go. >> whatever. >> 'twas the night before christmas. >> and the obamacare website still did not work. >> just keeping it real. >> all right. >> who says twas? it's old and stupid. >> it's tradition. >> tis it? >> when all through the house -- >> the nsa was listening to the call from your spouse. >> the stockings were hung by the chimney by care. >> with the aroma of gym socks filling the air. >> the children were all snuggled in her beds.
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>> ma in my ke-- when out on th lawn there rose such a clatter. >> it was michelle obama saying we're all getting fatter. >> as i drew in my head and was turning around, down the chimney st. nicholas came. >> this is a really big guy. and he fell down the chimney? and his face is all red? why does no one see this? santa is drunk. this is a horrible story. look out for peanut. you're going to get beat. >> a bundle of toys he had flung on his back. >> he now carries a gun in case of attack.
8:15 pm
>> the sprang to his sleigh, til his team gave a whistle. >> avoid north korea or you'll get hit with a missile. >> but i heard him exclaim. >> they picked ben affleck to play the dark knight? >> and that's our night before christmas. >> the kids got a lot of your advanced jokes. >> they did. >> it was nice. coming up, two people who make america great, one of them, a 22 year old paralyzed from the chest down. the other, a 72 year old complete stranger who swooped in like an angel to help. and then he made for himself playing gangsters in movies like license to kill, but did you know that his first love was singing? he's here to sing have yourself a merry little christmas. at this christmastime -- i'm bill hemmer by the way.
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>> i'm martha maccallum. >> we express our gratitude to our viewers who have made such a fantastic year for us. >> and what says merry christmas and how much you mean to us better than this little kitty cat. thanks to miley cyrus. >> merry christmas, ho, ho, ho, everybody. meow. ♪ [ chicken caws ] [ male announcer ] when your favorite food starts a fight, fight back fast with tums. eartburn relief that neutralizes acid on contact and goes to work in seconds. ♪ tum, tum tum tum tums! would you like apple or cherry? cherry. oil...or cream? definitely cream. [ male announcer ] never made wi hydrogenated oil. oh, yeah. [ male announcer ] always made with real cream. the sound of reddi wip is the sound of joy. you can separate runwayridi. (voseeker of the
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merry christmas. you know him for his roles in hit hollywood movies like license to kill. but did you know actor robert davi got his start in music? growing up in an italian household, you looked up to two people, who were they?
8:20 pm
>> there were many people, but two people in an italian house, the pope and sinatra. >> what were some of your tradition? >> midnight mass. you put the christ child in there. you wait until christmas eve for that. and there's a big tradition called the feast of the seven fishes where you make a bunch of these fishes, my grand parents and mother and dad made them, three of which i probably ate, the rest of them were weird, interesting. all great stuff. and then the midnight mass. >> and i know your dad played a big part in your life. and you have a special connection through the military through your father. >> yeah. my dad and his father as well, italian immigrant who was in the u.s. infantry, got two purple hearts. my dad was a gunner on a
8:21 pm
merchant marine ship in the navy who was torpedoed. he put on his navy uniform and raised the american flag. those were the images i grew up with. >> very patriotic. and you have a new cd out. >> yes, i do. it's called new york city christmas. it's a special tribute to new york city and christmas, actually. >> you're going to sing for us have yourself a merry little christmas. >> yes, i am. and it's for the troops, you know. all these guy whose sacrifice their lives and their families. >> happy holidays. take it away. ♪ ♪ have yourself a merry little christmas ♪ ♪ let your heart be light
8:22 pm
♪ from now on, our troubles will be out of sight ♪ ♪ have yourself a merry little christmas ♪ ♪ make the yuletide gay ♪ from now on, our troubles will be miles away ♪ ♪ here we are as in olden days ♪ happy golden days of yore ♪ faithful friends who are dear to us ♪ ♪ will be to near to us once more ♪ ♪ some day soon we all will be
8:23 pm
together ♪ ♪ if the fates allow ♪ hang a shining star upon the highest bough ♪ ♪ and have yourself a merry little christmas now ♪ ♪ here we are as in olden days ♪ happy golden days ♪ of yore ♪ faithful friends who are dear to us ♪ ♪ gather near to us ♪ once more ♪ some day soon we all will be
8:24 pm
together ♪ ♪ if the lord allows ♪ hang a shining star upon the highest bough ♪ ♪ and have yourself a merry little christmas now ♪ ♪ >> merry christmas, everyone. god bless you. [ applause ] >> thanks, robert. coming up, they know the risks and still choose to protect our country. when they are wounded in combat, the reality can be devastating. up next, two men who are changing that. and up next, craig morgan
8:25 pm
with his thanks to the troops who cannot be home for christmas. i'm shepard smith, merry christmas and happy new year. here's hoping that the news doesn't break out so we have to break in. because these people want to open presents and eggnog. merry christmas and happy new year from all of us. ♪ ♪ i know they say you can't go home again ♪ ♪ ♪ i just had to come back one last time ♪
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live from america's news headquarter, i'm kelly wright. a federal court of appeals has rejected a plea to put a hold on gay marriages. it means same sex marriages can continue. nearly 700 licenses have been issued since friday. the decision to put gay marriages on hold was not warranted and the case will be fast tracked for a full appeal of the ruling.> well, spacewalk astronauts spent part of their christmas eve replacing a damaged cooling pump on the space station. they were working outside the station for more than seven and a half hours. it was the second spacewalk in four days. the critical pump has now been activated. all systems are expected to be fully operational by this weekend. i'm kelly wright. now back to fox & friends
8:29 pm
christmas. welcome back. and merry christmas. we are so glad that can you join us. >> indeed. as millions of meamericans get together to celebrate the birth of jesus with their families, there are many others who are not. >> that's because they are overseas fighting for our freedom. and here is craig morgan. ♪ ♪ he said mama, i know you had a lot of plans for me ♪ ♪ college in the fall, hey, i'm almost 18 ♪ ♪ i've been doing lots of thinking ♪ ♪ about a lot of stuff ♪ went down to the recruiter today ♪ ♪ and i signed up
8:30 pm
♪ if not there then where ♪ if not now then when ♪ if not this than what else can i defend ♪ ♪ being gone and being scared ♪ what else can i do ♪ if i'm me, mama, ♪ if not me then who ♪ he's upstairs shaving ♪ his clothes are starched and pressed ♪ ♪ i'm down here praying ♪ my mind is in a mess ♪ i asked where he got this crazy idea anyway ♪ ♪ he just smiled and said it's the way that i was raised ♪
8:31 pm
♪ if not there then where ♪ if not now then when ♪ if not this then what else can i defend ♪ ♪ being gone and being scared ♪ what else can i do ♪ if not me, daddy, if not me then who ♪ ♪ he waits for his letters he mails ♪ ♪ and satellite calls ♪ and then the politics, number 84 wild receiver for the wildcats his picture is hanging in my home ♪ ♪ next to the soldier standing proud and tall ♪
8:32 pm
♪ he said if not there then where ♪ ♪ if not now then when ♪ if not this then what ♪ else can i defend ♪ being gone and being scared ♪ what else can i do ♪ if not me, dear god ♪ if not me then who [applause ] >> that was simply awesome. now on to a story about two more of america's heroes. major dan rooney is a pilot and
8:33 pm
he's joined by his wife karen and their two incredible daughters. both folds of honor scholarship recipients. thank you for being here. your stories are exceptional. major, i want to start with you. folds of honor is something that came to you. you felt more than motivated to start it. what's the mission of folds of honor for those who may not know, and how did it come about. >> our mission is to leave no family behind. we provide scholarships to kids who have had someone killed in afghanistan or iraq. and so many of our military is out in the audience. as an f-16 pilot, did three tours of duty in iraq, freedom isn't free. i felt a calling from god to do something in my life about it and didn't do anything until a
8:34 pm
fateful commercial airline flight of all places from grand rapids michigan and get on this flight, unbeknownst to me we land in michigan a little after midnight and the captain came on air and said we had the remains of a soldier and his twin brother was on board. and he had brought him those 7,000 miles home. on that night i watched the other side of war, his 4 year old son sat at the cargo ramp and welcomed him home for the last time. that was one of the most emotional things i witnessed. that was the moment god called me to do something and thankfully we had the courage to take some action. >> folds of honor is exceptional. the outreach is continuing. >> major, your story is one of
8:35 pm
pure gift, service, resilience. and now you found folds of honor and major rooney. walk us through the beginning, 2004, take us back. >> i always told everyone that my life is about god, family, country and the enlisted men and women. as an officer, that's who saved my life on that day on august 17, 2004. i was hit by an improvised explosive device. first fragment broke my knee, fragments to the left side of my body. arrived in baghdad, 17 hours in surgery. i've got a little female blood in me because now i cry all the time. the thing about it is that it was very important. and i would head to germany where i would be reunited with my family. and on october 1 of 2004, i prayed to god. my mom was there, my wife held my hand, and we made a decision
8:36 pm
to amputate my left leg. best thing that ever happened to me. but it was the vietnam veterans of america who were there for me. and they said mistakes made on us will not be made on you and god bless the united states of america. [ applause ] >> amen to that. >> major rooney gave me a chance to serve, to give scholarships to the families of the fallen and wounded. and i thank my wife and my two girls for being there every step of the way and major rooney for knowing and understanding that we can't leave each other behind. >> i give that a second amen. >> karen, i see you. i know every time you hear that story, it's not like you get used to it. folds of honor stepped in. really understands what families
8:37 pm
need a need. >> they give you that security back. that is one load lifted to me, not to worry about their future. the scholarship's in place. and one thing you don't have to worry about. and because there are a lot of worries that go along with a situation like this. it's given my husband a whole new purpose. he is a driven man. most of the time you forget he's got a handicap, because we're running behind him at the airport, trying to keep up with him. so it really has changed our lives for the better. and god's hand print was all over all of this whole situation. >> a blessing for sure. kaitlyn and kinsey, i see you smiling over there. you have an exceptional situation here. how do you feel about folds of honor and your dad and your mom? >> i think it's a great foundation. it does so much for the military families that have lost someone
8:38 pm
or somebody's been wounded. >> kinsly, i love your smile. i know it had to be scary, right? to know this was happening to your dad and what a blessing and what joy you must feel to see him racing ahead of you now at the airport, right? is it true you can't keep up with him? well, you know, i think that there are so many kids out there, and in our audience, you know, who have stories that have very similar. they share your heart. what do you say to kids out there in the military to their, to their friends maybe who just want to understand what it's like and the sacrifice that your families really do make? what two you say to them? >> well, since, like all of us it's great that daddy sacrificed and i just really love everybody. >> you have big hearts in this
8:39 pm
family, major. major hearts in a major family. >> brian kilmeade, i hear you coming. >> you now everything. >> merry christmas to you. and merry christmas to you, kinsly. congratulations. you can open them up on camera if you want. this is just because christmas is awesome that you get presents for the kids. look how neat they are. how well trained they are. of course folds of honor, that's what highlights every year. >> how is brian? >> oh. >> what did you get? can you hold it up? you got caroline? american girl doll. that is a must see.
8:40 pm
and what about this? >> i got an ipad. >> and special thanks to target for providing that. [ applause ] >> the american girl doll is perfect for you both. thank you for sharing your story with us. you girls are awfully special. [ applause ] up next, an incredible story of a young man who became paralyzed after a horrific car crash and the complete stranger who stepped up and save his life. and the brooklyn tabernacle choir is here to perform. i'm so very happy to celebrate with all of you, the fox & friends family christmas. and i thought, wow, it would be great if i just maybe became friends, friends with steve doocy, brian kilmeade, elisabeth hasselbeck. and i signed up for their
8:41 pm
facebook page, i thought fox & friends, i could be one of their friends, but steve and brian unfriended me. but it's okay though, elizabeth hassle beck kept me. i know they would never unfriend you, and i hope you and your family have a wonderful and merry christmas.
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. .
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2 well, a 22 year old and a 72
8:44 pm
year old may seem like an unusual pair, but ask anyone who knows them, and they are definitely a package deal, joining me now with an amazing story of faith, this is really a remarkable amazing story. collin, you were gravely injured in a car accident at 14, not long after ernest came into your life. tell us how that happened. >> well, i was, first time i met him was in rehab hospital. and i knew his face, but i didn't know who he was. so i woke up one morning. and this 6'2", 6'3" man is staring at me, i'm like wow, what's going on here, and he was there learning how to take care of me and do things for me. >> so ernest, you have had a long career. you have a family of your own, two children. what moved you to want to devote so much of your time of your life to someone you never met? >> i think pretty much all my
8:45 pm
life, my main enjoyment has come in being able to help others. collin is the latest of a number of kids through the years that i've done special things with. but i just have a feeling for people that need some help. >> does that come from your faith? >> it comes from my faith. i think that's what christianity teaches you. >> tell us about what your relationship is like, the practical element of it. you recently graduated from high point university in north carolina and you helped get him to class every day. >> every day. >> tell us what that meant. >> it meant that i had to be up early every morning. >> how early? >> i think 4:30 every morning. and at his house about 6:00 every morning. and got him ready, got him up, showered and dressed, breakfast, school, class, whatever else came along during the day.
8:46 pm
sometimes we were as late as 7:00, 8:00 at night getting home. >> that is such an intermat relationship. you're with one another from the second you wake up until late at night. that is more time than most married people spend together. how deep does your relationship become after all this time. >> it's hard to describe. the only reason that you can really see what it is, is if you have time away. and we have had a couple months away, i really got to think and see actually what he does for me. there's really no way to describe it. >> a christian group is going to make a movie or is in the process of putting together a movie about you all, callepacka. what do you think about that? >> my initial reaction was no way. i'm not out to promote myself. and so i wasn't that interested. when i found out that it was being done by people that were strong christians, and that
8:47 pm
their aim was to portray someone doing kindness and someone sacrificing and that type of thing, i just felt like that was something that would speak to people that would come to see the movie. >> your story's already inspiring people. thank you both very much. coming up, he's the mystery priest who came from nowhere to pray with an accident victim at the scene of a car crash. he is no longer a mystery. he is here along with the woman he helped save. and he wowed the crowd with his performance of god bless america. now navy officer jen rald wilson bringing his voice to this celebration. you know, you probably made a lot of money in the markets, if you weren't in the markets, i hope you are happy nonetheless.
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well, he left millions of well, he left millions speechless when he belted out "god bless america." petty officer carlos guevara belted it out. >> i have been singing professional games since 1999, and major league baseball just caught on back in 2011, i guess doing two world series. >> and they brought you back, you know, so many times you hear singers and you think what a
8:52 pm
great voice, and sometimes you hear people sing and you understand the lyrics. and i get a sense that you understand the flag in a way that you can tell us something that we can learn from that. >> of course, being in the military you know exactly what this uniform stands for, and what we stand for, for this country. so it is a lot of people that just live just to be living. but to understand what the -- the reason for being here, the freedoms that we have. just the different things actually people fighting for this country. it is a big deal to those men and women that wear this uniform. >> and understanding of that came through when you sang that. how has the military changed your life? >> well, it was the military or i guess, staying at home with mom. mom or dad, i really was not a college guy. i really didn't like school. so i had to go to the military. and the military, of course, trains you to study, because that is how you advance. so that is where i got my
8:53 pm
studying from. the military. and 21 years later i work for the v.a. now, so it is an honor. >> and then you have this side thing where you sing, you can si sing. >> yeah, well, thank you, praise god. >> this is the moment we've all been waiting for. genero is going to perform silent night. take it away. silent night ♪ holy night ♪ all is calm ♪ and all is bright ♪ round yon virgin mother and child ♪ holy infant so tender and mild ♪
8:54 pm
sleep in heavenly peace ♪ sleep in heavenly peace ♪ silent night holy night ♪ shepherd shepherds quake at the sight ♪ glory streams from heaven
8:55 pm
above ♪ heavenly host sing hallelujah ♪ christ the savior is born ♪ christ the savior is born ♪ silent night ♪ holy night ♪ all is calm ♪ all is bright ♪ round yon virgin mother and
8:56 pm
child ♪ holy infant so tender and mild ♪ sleep in heavenly peace ♪ sleep in heavenly peace ♪ oh sleep in heavenly peace ♪
8:57 pm
all right, coming up, he gives religion a good name. he is here to talk about the real meaning of christmas. >> and then, simon cowell is not too fond of many people but he did make an exception for leona lewis, here to perform. >> and from the fox news family and from the wallace family, we want to wish you the happiest of christmass, and santa, if you're out there what i would like is a copy of brian kilmeade's book, please, santa, that is all i want for christmas. you hear th? that's the sound of car insunce companies these days. here a cheap, there a cheap. everywhere a cheap... you get it. so what if instead ofjust a cheachoice, you could make a smart choice? like esurance for example they were born online and built to save people money
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merry christmas and welcome to the second hour of our "fox and friends" christmas special. we want to thank you for welcoming us into your home today. >> we have a special group, including cardinal timothy dolan, and bill o'reilly. first, we want to welcome our group who serves our country, we want to thank all of you for your service. >> absolutely, and we also want to say a big merry christmas to
9:01 pm
our service men and women who can't be home this christmas, thank you so much for defending outside freedom. >> we also want to welcome all the children watching at home. we have a big surprise for you, so don't go away. so without further ado, let's get this party started. here to perform carol of the bells is the brooklyn tabernacle choir. oh how they pound raising the sound oer hill and dale ♪ telling their tale ♪ gaily they ring, while people sing ♪ songs of good cheer ♪ christmas is here!
9:02 pm
ding, dong, ding, dong, ding, dong ♪ one seems to hear words of good cheer ♪ from everywhere filling the air ♪ oh how they pound raising the sound over the hill and dale ♪ telling their tale ♪ on, on they send on without end ♪ >> wow, fantastic, the brooklyn tabernacle choir, fantastic, so first up, you did fantastic, good job. >> you, especially. >> the one in the red. but carol, in particular, can you believe how far this group has come?
9:03 pm
>> it started with nine people and grew to 300, we couldn't bring everybody with us today. but we had 300 in the choir and it is amazing. >> what is amazing about this group, from all walks of life, this choir must be so special to you. >> it is so special, because it is so diverse. we have people from practically every country, i think everyone is going to be like that. i think everybody from every country will be in heaven. and it is just wonderful to work with all of these people. >> i love this, you say talent is easy to come by, but not to those who want to glorify christ. what do you mean? >> well, the whole purpose of our ministry is to glorify christ. so we want people in the choir who really love christ and want to minister to people hurt. >> and back here you have lawyers and professionals, it is obvious you love what you do. thank you for coming out and making the christmas so special.
9:04 pm
>> thank you. >> thank you, carol. let's send it over to steve. >> thank you, it is easy to find yourself consumed by the stuff, the gifts, food, whirlwind of activities. but it is also important to remember the true meaning of this special day. and joining us is cardinal timothy dolan. >> thank you, merry christmas to you. >> we invited you here tonight to give us the christmas message. >> sure, you know what? it is all about a baby. now, a lot of people listening now know the transformation the baby can make in your life. the arrival changes your identity, the man becomes the father, the woman becomes a mother, the center of your life is focused on your baby, that is what god the father intended when he sent his son, jesus christ, as a baby. when you think about it, a baby is at the center of history. everything in history is dated
9:05 pm
from the birth of that baby, before christ and after christ. and that baby is intended to be the center of our lives. that is the christmas message, and as the arrival of a new baby is almost an affirmation from god that life and that family is meant to go on. that is what god the father says when he sends his son, the holy infant of bethlehem. >> babies have their whole lives ahead of them. even when we're at the end of the year. >> and we, as catholics, we start the first sunday, the four week preparing for christmas, so christmas brings a renewal of hope and promise. christmas morning i can remember steve looking at my mom and dad. my dad worked hard, we didn't have much. but i can remember my mom and dad just with a sense of peace and joy and contentment, looking at their five kids, it just gives hope. you know the story of datewise, the birth of the son comes very
9:06 pm
near to the rebirth of the sun, when the sun is at its lowest and begins to be reborn with the winter solstice, that is when we celebrate the birth of the son of god. and winter doesn't have the last word, spring and summer do. the sun continues, life conquers death, that is the meaning of christmas. >> that is lovely. when you watch television you see all the commercials about get this stuff for everybody in your family. you have to have a lot of stuff. stuff is good. >> yes. >> but at the same time, it is the stuff in here. >> it is not the substance, i kind of like some of the stuff, too, i like turkey stuffing, too, by the way. but anyway, there is a lot of good stuff out there. and sometimes i'm tempted to get down with all of this flurry of buying and consumerism. but i think you know what? these people out shopping, 99% of them are buying stuff to give to others so that sharing, the
9:07 pm
generosity, this is where our buddy, pope francis comes in, he reminds us that the temptation of buying and hoarding and accumulating is that we begin to equate our worth on what we've got and can buy and accumulate. and he says no, we can't do that. our real worth, our value, our importance comes from who we are. >> you mentioned pope francis. is it just my imagination or it seems like this christmas, people -- i'm catholic, people seem to be a little more excited. >> not bad. >> he is a genuine christmas gift, pope francis is, he has the world's attention. i can't walk down these beautiful streets of new york without people stopping me and saying hey, you did a good job. they will be quick to say i'm not even a catholic, a believer, but i like this guy. there is a sincerity, a warmth,
9:08 pm
a simplicity. he has really captured the earth. >> and your presence -- >> i hope so now listen, steven, the day after christmas, the feast of st. steven. happy st. steven day. you should get a present on december 26th, as well. >> see the day after christmas my wife was going to have me take some stuff back to bloomingdale. >> merry christmas. >> elizabeth, over to you. well, looking at these pictures it is hard to believe the driver of the car made it out alive. but she did, and that is in part because of a complete stranger, he angel kept her alive through faith. joining me now, katie lenz, welcome to you both. >> happy christmas. >> and your story, everyone was talking about it. and katiey, that day was it august 4th?
9:09 pm
>> yes. >> can you tell us what happened? >> i was driving from my home in quincy, illinois, to jefferson, i was planning on going to church. i was about three miles away from center, missouri, when a car pulled into my lane. it was a head-on collision. and at first i didn't know what had happened. but when the cars behind me -- people had come up to me and asked is this real life? is this really happening? they told me indeed i was trapped in my car, and that they had called 911. >> your car was flipped? >> yes, it was flipped. officials believe it rolled and landed on its side. >> so you were trapped in the car, what is the first thing you asked. >> i asked for them to pray with me and to call my mom. >> which they did? >> did they start to pray? >> yes, they did, i asked them to pray out loud for me, the pain, and just the rescuers would come quickly. >> and you are driving by, you
9:10 pm
see the accident, right? >> i see the car laying there, for quite a distance. and i stopped in the line of cars. so i just knew there was something wrong ahead. and then, when they began to divert the traffic to go back around the detour, i drove off instead of following the cars as we were leaving. >> right, so many were turning as they were being detoured, but you didn't take the detour, you asked to approach the site. >> yes, i asked to approach just to anoint. that is what priests do, every priest does, they don't pass by an accident scene, they stop by and anoint. like they do at a hospital scene. >> katiey, you had been praying for an hour, your mom was on the
9:11 pm
phone saying katiey asked us to pray for two hours. father came up, asked to pray, and anoints you. you get out of the car, you had been rehabbing, i understand. august 4th is your accident, your birthday, when? september twebtth. >> so katiey has her birthday party, who shows up. >> i had seen him the week after the accident, i was in icu, i do remember it. it is one of the few things i remember from icu. i was so thankful we got to meet. and on my birthday, september 20th, we got to talk. >> father, you didn't want credit or to come forward. >> well, i don't watch television much. i am a little too busy. and i am -- a week went by. and one of the priests told me, look, they're looking for you. i told one of the priests that i
9:12 pm
had anointed a girl. he said look, they're looking for you, you better come forward. so i did contact katiey's mother and tell her who it was. and then it grew from there. >> your mom told me that when you walked in you heard father's voice. what went through your mind? >> i recognized it immediately. the way the car was positioned i could not see anyone unless they actually physically got in the car with me. so i heard father praying for me at the scene of the accident. and i knew it was the same voice. a hard one to forget. >> some people use cpr and other people use faith as their first aid, father dowling, we're so grateful to know the man behind the mystery was you. what a miracle, merry christmas to you. >> up next, country music superstar trace adkins, find out what christmas music means to him. and simon cowell not known for liking anybody.
9:13 pm
but he made an exception for her, singer leona lewis will sing. hey, everybody, we have a new baby, it has been a great year, i hope you had a great year, too, and if you didn't, who cares? here comes 2014. merry christmas to all of our fox fans, can you say that? aclu alert -- too bad. merry christmas, hope it is a great one. ick with innovation. stick with power. stick with technology. get the new flexcare platinum from philips sonicare and save now. philips sonicare.
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9:15 pm
trace adkins is known for his country hits, trace adkins is known for his talents, but now he is known for his christmas music. >> hallelujah, hallelujah ♪ earth to heavenly ties. >> trace is just wrapping up his christmas show tour, great tour, you just released this christmas album, a king's gift.
9:16 pm
tell me about this album, what makes it very different? >> it is very organic, and very old classic carols and hymns. and we did it in a kind of keltic kind of irish treatment. that is the kind of christmas record i wanted to make years ago, finally got around to doing it. >> what about your fans who maybe come into the show, buying a cd and expecting a little bit of that honkey tonk, what can they expect? why are they going to like it? >> well, i hope they like it. i love this record. musically, this is the most beautiful project i've been involved with in my career. project of my career, i can say it because i didn't produce it and create it. but very talented producers did. i am just fortunate to be the guy singing on it. >> oh star of night ♪ star with royal beauty bright ♪
9:17 pm
>> we wanted to ask you, too, about your christmas traditions. what have you done as a child, that you're going to continue on as you raise your five girls? >> i talked about when i was a kid, and my grand daddy always went in the woods. he never bought a christmas tree, which is one of the things i loved about him. he would go find this small tree charlie brown looking christmas tree and cut it. my mother had five sisters and brothers, and kids, and you couldn't really see the tree. but it was that bringing together of the family like that, that i have continued on. >> so you still go out and get a small tree or -- >> i don't do that -- >> we get one you can see. >> one about that size? >> well, not far from that. >> the shepherds keep their flocks of lamb. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ to whom god sang ♪
9:18 pm
which put the shepherds in great fear ♪ >> what about the people who are out there still struggling and those looking for work. because there are a whole lot of them out there right now? >> i'm very, very lucky yes, i have said over and over again, publicly, that this is simply a hobby that got horribly out of control and turned into my career. for those folks out there that are still hammering away every day, that is what they have to keep doing. you can't lay down, you just got to get up and go again tomorrow and just keep plugging until you make something happen. >> music gets you through tough times? >> it has me, yes. >> we also know you're a big fan and supporter of the wounded warrior project. do you have a message for the troops this year? >> you know, our heart goes out to them, and we wish them a wonderful christmas and god speed, and merry christmas. and hurry home. >> thanks so much, trace.
9:19 pm
merry christmas. >> merry christmas. coming up, what is christmas like at sarah palin's house? you are about to find out because she is here next. and simon cowell, not known for liking too many people, but for our next guest, he made an exception. x factor champ leona lewis takes us through a winter wonderland. and ainsley, heather, and heather, for all of our friends who watch the fox news channel, merry, merry christmas and have a great, happy and safe prosperous new year.
9:20 pm
9:21 pm
9:22 pm
i can feel you next to me ♪ >> she is a multi-platinum singer/songwriter, spreading
9:23 pm
holiday cheer with her christmas songs. christmas with love. joining me now, the talented leona lewis, thank you for joining us, you have had so muc. you have sold millions of albums and you have multiple grammy nominations and awards. what inspired you to do a christmas album? >> i think it is the timing, really, i just finished my third album and came off of tour. it just kind of came together naturally. i sat with simon, we discussed the christmas album. i wanted to do something that was in line with my genre, and with kind of like a motown feel. and, it was so much fun. >> you and simon cowell met during the x factor, i watched you. i was a huge fan, what is your relationship like with him? >> well, he is head of my label, we work together on all of my records, really. yeah, he is a great guy, he has
9:24 pm
really looked out for me for a long time. >> you guys look like you have a great relationship. and what do you like to do during the holiday season? do you and your family have any special traditions? >> yeah, i actually just hang out with my family. we veg all day. it is like a nice couch day for all of us. right now it is really special to me because i'm on the road a lot, especially for the past few years. so every christmas i know i'm going home, just going to be relax and be with my family and friends. and yeah, it is just nice to see everyone. >> and you like to open some of your christmas gifts early? >> yeah, when i was little i was so naughty, i used to like to rip all the presents my mom would put under the tree. make little tears and see what it was. and then i would angle it so my mom couldn't see, but then when it came to christmas day, the whole backs of the presents were open. so she let us open the presents on christmas eve. and that is kind of the tradition that we kept. >> beautiful tradition.
9:25 pm
same tradition that me and my family have, as well. and now you're going to perform a song from your album, winter wonderland, take it away. sleigh bells ring, are you listening ♪ in the land, snow is glistening ♪ a beautiful sight, we're happy tonight ♪ we're happy tonight walking in the winter wonderland ♪ gone away is the blue bird ♪ here to stay is the new bird ♪ he sings the song as we go along ♪ walking in the winter wonder land ♪ in the meadow we can build a snow man and pretend that he is
9:26 pm
parson brown ♪ he will say are you merry we'll say no ♪ later on we'll conspire ♪ as we dream by the fire ♪ to face unafraid ♪ the plans that we've made ♪ walking in a winter wonderland ♪ walking through the winter wonderland ♪ in the meadow we can build a snowman and we can pretend that he is parson brown ♪ in the meadow we can build a snowman ♪ until the other kids knock it
9:27 pm
down ♪ walking in a winter wonderland ♪ walking in a winter wonderland ♪ walking in the winter wonderland ♪ walking in a winter wonderland ♪ [ cheers and applause ] coming up, former governor sarah palin with a special message about the true meaning of christmas. but first, the incredible voice that captured our attention, but the incredible of battling tourettes captured our hearts. the incredible story of carlos guevara next. jenna has been esp good this happening now, santa claus is coming. and jenna has been especially good this year. >> i have, john, i hope you all have a great holiday and get everything you want and no coal. >> no coal in the stocking. have a great holiday, everybody.
9:28 pm
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9:31 pm
the great lakes and the midwest. at least 14 people are dead in the wake of that weekend storm. a california judge ruling on christmas eve that a brain dead teenager can be taken off life support. 13-year-old jahi mcmath went into a coma after surgery. the judge is giving the family time for appeal, she will remain on life support until then. the family feels there is still time for a miracle. welcome back and merry christmas, we are so happy you could join us on this special day. >> yes, that is so true. and now, we have a story that every kid should see, right, brian? >> absolutely, i totally agree, elizabeth, the incredible voice captured our attention but it was his incredible story of never giving up that captured
9:32 pm
our hearts. >> i was kind of different, my face did these weird things and my body was moving without me realizing it. when i finally got diagnosed it was an answer to everything. tourette's is really frustrating. music was the only medicine that worked. >> with music, you heal, which is magical. >> joining us now, the x factor contestant. for us, the true champion, carlos guevara. you have tourette's, what made you think you could go in front of a national audience and sing? >> i don't even know what made me think that. you know, i loved singing all of my life, the opportunity came to charleston. i was an hour away, and now i'm here. >> you killed it. you did fantastic, you went through almost the entire way. but as you did work through tourettes and having to overcome that, what do you think it did for people who have similar hurdles in their life?
9:33 pm
>> hopefully, it just showed people that you have things trying to hold you back, there is always going to be a mountain in your way, but you have to keep moving on. and climb it. >> everybody talks about what it does for you. everybody knows you coast to coast, what about from your family who supports you through the entire operation and pushes you? >> my family has been amazing. it has been so nice to come back home to south carolina and hang out with them. they have been my back bone, they're the only reason i'm here, and the way they raised me. and they're the only reason that i've been able to handle this, my life so well, through all of these conditions. and i'm so blessed to have you. >> now, carlos, we brought you all the way out here, we also love your voice, do you have a song for us? >> yes, oh holy night. >> all right, carlos, everybody! >> oh holy night ♪ the stars are brightly shining ♪
9:34 pm
it is the night of our dear savior's birth ♪ lonely the world ♪ he appeared and the soul felt his worth ♪ the thrill of hope ♪ the weary world rejoices ♪ for yonder lays a new and glorious morning ♪ oh, on your knees ♪ oh hear the angels' voices ♪ oh night divine ♪
9:35 pm
oh night when christ was born ♪ oh night divine ♪ oh night oh night divine ♪ oh on your knees ♪ oh hear the angels' voices ♪ oh night divine ♪ oh night when christ was born ♪
9:36 pm
oh night ♪ divine ♪ oh night oh night divine ♪ ♪ ♪ >> great job, and by the way, the reason why it went so well, lauren green, our superstar anchor on the piano. great job! >> thank you so much. all right so congratulations, >> keep in touch, can't wait to track your career, and steven, elizabeth, tell me what is coming up next. governor sarah palin is on a mission to preserve the meaning of christmas. >> her book "protecting the heart of christmas" has been an instant best-times seller. and has been a call to action
9:37 pm
for christians everywhere. governor sarah palin joins us now, merry christmas. >> merry christmas, thank you so much for allowing me to be here. >> this is a treasure, i always say it is a teeny book with a big heart. i can see why it is on the list for so long. you tell stories of your childhood, i love the picture of you with your teddy bear. do you have a favorite memory of christmas growing up? >> so many christmases, involving being out in the snow, skating on the lake with family and friends. in alaska, you can't escape the reality of a real white christmas, being outside with those -- who you love, being active. and enjoying it. so all of those memories that have to do with outside. >> we're having a memory right now, who are those people? that is what? 1968? >> yeah, probably, a little gold mining town where my dad was teaching school and coaching basketball, and that is my brother and sister. that was on a college break, we were all in college at the same time, my siblings and i, home
9:38 pm
for an alumni basketball game in alaska. >> that is really the key. as we look at another picture of the family. >> one more, and that is part of the family, not all. because it is a big family now. >> it has grown now, right? >> you know, i was reading the book, you had the kids go to the nativity. and they would always -- sometimes ask why after they got their oat meal, so why is it important for you to take them every year? >> well, it was real important when i was the city mayor and manager to kind of sanction the idea of allowing the real reason for the season, jesus' birth to be portrayed and kind of live that again in the public square. because it is very dangerous for a civilization to boot god out of the public square and still expect his blessings on civilization. so we wanted to make sure the
9:39 pm
kids grew up, and know whether you're a mayor, to be out there to promote the true meaning of christmas, promoting it. >> speaking of promoting, it seems like for so many people christmas is just about the stuff. it is how much stuff can you have under the christmas tree? and what elizabeth and i noticed and have been talking about today, the most important thing to us as parents, my wife, kathy and i, is just to have our kids in the same room with us. because that is better than a pile of toys and stuff. the height of the christmas tree. >> yeah, that is very good. and i love that stuff, i love that wonderful clutter of christmas, that is part of the fun and festivity. christmas, that is important to me at this stage of my life, to have my son home from deployment overseas. to have the youngest one there
9:40 pm
with us, happy and healthy, and then everybody in between. that is the most fun. >> it is. >> governor, you know, you talk about being a military mom, you are the heart of one and you speak to families out there that sacrifice. especially this year, do you have a message for those that sacrifice so much as a family on christmas? >> you know, perhaps i could speak on behalf of many americans and just thank them for the sacrifices they make, especially those who their loved one is perhaps overseas, far away from that wonderful atmosphere of family being tight-knit and physically close around the christmas tree, to know how much we appreciate what it is that they're going through. and for them to have an -- a feeling that they will be blessed for what it is that they will be giving to this country. >> it's a great message, thank you so much. merry christmas to you, sarah palin. >> merry christmas. >> rick and tucker, over to you. >> this year, the average american family will spend about $700 on christmas gifts. >> so what happens when you gift that family the gift with the promise that they only buy american?
9:41 pm
>> even something that had american or usa in their store did not have products from the usa. >> we're joined now by the ceo with, the group behind this project. >> it was great, hit the streets of new york city, surprised three families. you know, the economists say the average american spends 700 bucks on shopping, so we create 200,000 jobs in our country, just by this month alone, we went out there, grabbed three families and donated to give back to the wounded troops and soldiers. and took them out on a shopping spree, had a great time. they had a real hard time finding american-made products. at the end of the segment, we gave them the opportunity to go on our site and spend the entire
9:42 pm
amount on great american holiday gifts. >> it is hard to determine what actually is made in america and what is just designed here. >> right, how many products are on your site? >> we have nearly 7,000 products now growing every day. 300 vendors, coast to coast, and really does the leg work for the customer to make sure you're really getting high quality, safe products made here in the usa. >> you brought some of them with us, take us through them. >> this is my entire section here, this is a piece of history, a man by the name of merrill duncan, honored by his son, mike duncan. this was originally 750 created. this is a replica of a hand-written diary. this is a true american hero. he flew missions over the german-occupied areas, and many didn't make it home. 82%. so it is a heartbreaking story. i had tears in my eyes reading it. >> from the sublime to the clever?
9:43 pm
>> this is an american innovation at its best. one of the most reordered products on our site. these are phenomenal. my wife probably uses them, too, but this thing right here, if you have a curling iron, anything for a hot surface, you put this on, you don't mess up the counter anymore. and more importantly, women call up and say i used to get blisters using the curling iron, thank you so much for the product. and they're safe. american safety, american safety. >> what will they think of next? >> you know, christmas time is all about buying gifts for the kids, american made toys. >> again, you can't stress enough the safety, whether it is christmastime, or all the year around, these are actually very cool. they're step stools that you personalize with your child's name. the best part, it actually slides out with a puzzle. so while you fine tune the motor skills for your children? >> i just wanted to endorse the
9:44 pm
dog treats, the apple pie recipe, just had one, not just for your dogs but they are made in america. and i think the dogs will love them. >> they will say thank you, actually. >> merry christmas to you. >> coming up, a family with a very special christmas message. >> and more sounds of the season with the brooklyn tabernacle choir. >> hey, fox and friends, people, merry christmas, this is a christmas greeting, they make me do this. i have to do it. if i didn't do it, i would be in trouble so i have to do it. number one, i like christmas, number two, everybody give elizabeth a big round of applause, all right? so it will be a good christmas for elizabeth, doocy, so so christmas, and kilmeade, has a new book, who knew? always out with a tennis racket and golfing, who knew?
9:45 pm
so all the fox and friends, they're in a festive mood, you should be too. everybody who watches fox and friends, merry christmas. o the y city of boston. cheers. and seeing as it's such a historic city, i'm sure they'll appreciate that geico's been saving people money for over 75 years. oh... dear, i've dropped my tea into the boston harbor. huhh... i guess this party's over. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. [ engine revs ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the mercedes-benz winter event s back, with the perfe vehicle that's just right for you, no matter which list you're on [ santa ] ho, ho, ho, ho!
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get the new flexcare platinum from philips sonicare and save now. philips sonicare. ever wonder what makes us, the smurfs, so happy? the forest of course! this is where we, along with all the beautiful forest creatures, make our home. with beautiful plant life, clean water, and endless adventures. it's a place to celebrate! mortgage many today. .. .. and now, a special christmas and now, a special christmas message from peter johnson jr., and his daughters. >> for the past five years, blanche, veronica and i have been blessed to share our family
9:48 pm
christmases with you. tonight, we share our nativity moments. as a child of eight or nine, i often sat by the large nativity scene from italy, similar to this one my mother bought. when you wound it up, it would play silent night, as if to transport myself in time i would imagine myself becoming witness to the birth. >> at first i thought my father was kidding but then i thought of the nativity scene on the west coast highway, i was moved by his humility, so i asked must one be invited? >> and as they discussed their memory eryes, i summoned my own memories, i was six years old. and yes, i believed in my heart
9:49 pm
i was an angel. >> >> you both are, so i thought christmas is not really about a procession. it is about a living, breathing nativity. like the homeless man, how can we be invited into the stable? how do we become angels heard on high? how do we develop the wisdom of the three kings? there was no room at the inn for mary and joseph. >> but is there room in the stable for all of our hopes and fears, the shepherds in the fields wondered. and the heavenly host answered for all the ages, do not be afraid, i proclaim great joy for all the people. >> today, a savior has been born who was christ and lord, and this will be a sign for you, you will find an infant wrapped in swaddling clothes in a manger. >> the lord summons all of us,
9:50 pm
girls who would be angels, boys who would be kings. the price of admission is neither power or riches, but mere faith and a gentle baby born in bethlehem. so from our family to yours, merry christmas. merry christmas, girls. >> merry christmas. >> peter, veronica and blanche, coming up, the brooklyn tabernacle choir has more wonderful music. >> kids, stay right where you are. hey, fox and friends, merry christmas from all of us here in washington. you know, there is nothing like christmas morning. washington. you know, there is nothing like the little kids running to the christmas tree, seeing their faces. i'll have the video this year from my 6-year-old and 3-year-old, i guarantee you i can't wait for all of that. here is to a happy and healthy
9:51 pm
holiday to all of you on the curvy couch,
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9:54 pm
welcome back, and merry christmas, before we go, more sounds of the season from the brooklyn tabernacle choir. we wish you a merry christmas ♪ we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year ♪ we wish you a merry christmas we wish you a merry christmas ♪ we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year ♪ good tidings we bring to you and your kids good tidings for christmas and a happy new year ♪
9:55 pm
we wish you a merry christmas, we wish you a merry christmas, we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year ♪ joy to the world the lord is come ♪ let earth receive her king ♪ let every heart prepare him room ♪ and heaven and nature sing ♪ and heaven and nature sing ♪ and heaven and nature sing ♪ he rules the world with truth and grace ♪ a the glories of his righteousness and wonders of his love and wonders of his love ♪ and wonders and wonders of his
9:56 pm
love ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> tell you what, stay tuned for a very special guest. merry christmas and happy new year to elizabeth and brian. >> what? he is not even nice to me. does he work here? okay. merry christmas to steve [ male announcer ] has your phone turned you into a control freak? like, scoring the perfect table? ♪ or getting a better seat? ♪ or let's say there's an accident. if you he esurance, you can use their mobile app to start a claim... upload a few photos... anget your money fast. maybe that doesn't make you a control freak.
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. well, before our surprise guest joins us, we just want to thank all of you for joining us today and we hope you all have a very merry christmas and a special thank you to bass pro. >> that is right, but what would christmas be without a visit from the big guy? santa claus is with us! [ cheers and applause ] >> ho, ho, ho! >> we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year ♪ we wish you a merry christmas, we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year ♪ good tidings we bring to you and
10:00 pm
your king ♪ good tidings for christmas and a happy new year ♪ we wish you a merry christmas ♪ we wish you a merry christmas ♪ we wish you a merry christmasd ♪ welcome to fox news west pointed special. >> welcome to fox news, i'm john scott, coming to you from the united states military academy, from west point, new york. west point is one of our country's most fabled universities. each year more than a thousand cadets graduate from here, and tonight we'll get a rare glimpse of the rich traditions of the united states military. and we'll also get to enjoy the music of the army's oldest


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