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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  December 25, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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get get tonight, rush limbaugh goes on 00 "on the record." in a rare interview he tells us he likes scandals. why did president obama call very he real scandals phony. everything from the irs scandal to the obamacare disasters to the benghazi attack. now, our one hour interview with rush limbaugh. >> talking about the scandals. president obama says the scandals are phony. why do you think he says they are phony? because he believes it or is there strategy? >> well, there is a strategy. you know, i have been troubled by something with the obama, you know, i playfully call it the regime as i know it irritates them. it is, it's like a regime. i have been troubled.
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i have been amazed. here is a man whose policies have done great damage to this country. policies that have done great damage to the economy, have done great damage to the american culture, to the american psyche. i mean, there is a malaise there is a sense of hopelessness and depression out there. and it's his policies that have done. this what has always amazed me is how he is not attached to any of it. he has an agenda. he has been implementing it what i call the low information voters who voted for him and other democrats do not associate obama's policies and agenda with the condition of the country. the economy or whatever. that's always befuddled me. i have never known a president to be immune from economic circumstances in an election as he was in 2012. it all became clear to me -- there was a "new york times"
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story. i think one of their blog posts on the web back in february. and it basically said the polling data what i just said to you. it said most people disapprove of the agenda. they don't like the direction the country is going. they like him and they think is he great for the country. i said how can can that be, intellectually, how can a majority of people -- you know they oppose obamacare by 55, 60% in a number of polls. they are worried about jobs. how in the world can they like him, reelect him, and, yet, disapprove of everything that he is doing? and i came up -- i call it the limbo heorium. he is a bystander president or outside washington. the way he does this, he never appears to be governing. that's why is he constantly campaigning why is there is a campaign going on for
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obamacare? it's the campaign of the land. why is he out campaigning all of this stuff that's already law and it's already going to happen? my theory is that obama positioned himself as an outsider not attached to anything that's happening. what he has made happen he positions himself as opposed to it and, against it. and fighting for everybody else to overcome what he has done. and that's one of the reasons why the constant campaign. so he doesn't appear to be governing. so he doesn't appear to be part of washington. he appears to have this mysterious powerful bunch of forces that are opposing him, and stopping him from creating jobs. and stopping him from giving people proper healthcare and stopping him from making their home values going up. and he is constantly out there fighting it and he does that by constantly campaigning and never seen to be governing. so, all of these scandals he calls them -- they are not distraction, they are real. he likes them because they
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detract from the absolute what is happening to this country as a result of his policies. let's take a look at selling obamacare. why in the world are you on a campaign to sell obamacare? i mean, it's the law. yeah, you have got an effort by the republicans two or three of them to defund it. why the campaign? very simple. you go back to 2010, 2010 mid terms, the republicans, tea party created, cleaned the democrats' clocks. if you go back and look at the 2010 mid terms, that was one of the biggest shellacking the democrat parties had. the democrats took back the house of representatives. the democrats lost total nationwide, over 600 seats and it was because of obamacare and the rising debt and the fact that nobody was opposing it and nobody is stopping it. tea party gets created. these people show up now what obama the democrats want. what they are salivating about is winning the house
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in 2014. if they get that hold the senate. there is no such thing as a lame duck second term. don't even need a congress. all they are going to be a rubber stamp. whatever obama wants to do the last two years. signs it and stamps it congress. he can't be stopped. that's why they want it but they remember 2010. is he out there trying to change public opinion on healthcare. so it doesn't replicate 2014 what happened again in 2010 mid terms. he cannot afford tore a bunch of tea party people show up voting against him and holding the house to the republicans and maybe winning the senate for the republicans. that's one reason is he campaigning. the second reason he is out campaigning for it is simply to continue this notion that he is not of washington. that he is outside, fighting against these powerful forces doing everything he can to stand up for the american people. it's the most amazing thing i have ever seen. i have never seen a president get away with four and a half years of not
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being seen as responsible for anything he has done when everything that's happened is because of him. he can't be stopped. the republicans don't have any power. all they can do maybe if they get the can a honeys is stop things. they can't make things happen. the republicans are totally powerless in terms of legislation and washington. they have the the house the house. yet he is out acting like he has got to overcome all of this opposition and all of these mean people that want to prevent the american people from realizing their dreams. these dastardly republicans. so, the phony scandals, just another vehicle to continue the same mode mod id operandi homophobes, war on
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women. all that stuff. >> a lot of people are unhappy. phony republicans because a lot of people hate the irs. in early may he says this is a serious problem. now it's phony. and it's just a campaign tactic? is that what you are saying? >> he has got a slavish media he is k. say whatever he wants and not called on it by the media he can do pretty much anything he wants. i should have added in my previous answer to your question that he couldn't get away with any of this without a slavish media. the media doesn't question him. in fact, it is on board with his agenda and trying to help him advance it i have gotten to the point where what he says is irrelevant. i can give you quotes of what he said in 2002, 2005, 2007 about healthcare. i give you quotes on what he said about global warming and all these things that they are irrelevant. what you have to do is watch what he does. he is always going to tell you he is not doing what he is doing. he is always going to position himself as having
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nothing to do with what's happening? he is always going to position himself it's the republicans. constantly whining, i fixed the irs. i fired whoever did this. it's reprehensible. the media reports obama thinks irs scandal is horrible and that's it. the thing that you have to know is, and everybody says well, i wonder if there is a smoking gun memo. obama. it doesn't need to be one. he hires people. puts them in these places. he knows what they are going to do. they are all miniature obama mass. there won't be a smoking gun. there doesn't have to be a memo. he doesn't have to give people that work for him instructions or a manual on how to screw the republicans or stop conservatives. that's what they want to do themselves. plus they want to make him happy. so, i think it's incredible what's happening. out of the world incredible
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we have policies that have laid to the melees and destruction of the economy and the hijacking of the healthcare industry and he is not held accountable for it he tells people that healthcare premiums are going to go down $2,500 and they think that's true because he says it. the truth is never presented in the mainstream media where most of the low information voters get what they think they know. >> why does the media give him a pass on that if it's as you say. why do they not hold him accountable for what the things you said before. >> they agree with him. they are him. they are all part of the elitist, new york, washington, boston, media academic corridor. and they think they are obama. they think same education, same schools, same world view. but there is also, i think -- i have been doing my radio show for 25 years. it's getting to the point now where things are
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starting to repeat. start hearing the same things over and over about the same issues. and you realize that not a whole lot really changes. and the interesting thing to me about obama and the media, i think, greta, the explanation, let me short answer your question is, in 1988 you had cnn, the three networks even by 1995, i was still the only conservative national media voice other than national review and so forth. it wasn't until 1996, 1997 that fox came along and other radio talk shows and the blogospheres and internet blossomed and so forth. i think the media is very aware they have lost their
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monopoly and now they are in a competitive situation. i think they get as big a thrill just as all democrats do of defeating conservatives. as they do helping obama. i think we he have never lived in a more partisan, country. civil war, not included, that was bad. getting worse and getting done on purpose. the vision is happening on purpose. the media has assigned with aonly bama to defeat republicans, to defeat conservatives. and obama is all about that, that makes them his best friend and visa versa. >> what happened in 2010? you mentioned 2010. i mean not 2010; 2014. >> i have no idea. because if you look at 2010, that massive turnout and the vote there wasn't a
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republican on the ballot. and there wasn't a singular republican voice in electoral politics, i mean, that was artic would you late an agenda. there wasn't a potential presidential candidate that people were rallying around. that 2010 vote was all anti-obama. it was all anti-debt. it was all anti-healthcare. it was all anti-the democrat party. that's what has got them so bugged about what happened because there wasn't. people weren't voting for anything. they were simply saying ain't no way. no way don't want any part of this. and so, i expected that that same turnout would happen in 2012. and it didn't. >> why? >> well, that opens up a whole can of worms. that, i think, is else illustrative that the faces.
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ifit was mostly white republican voters that stayed home. mostly conservative, dissatisfied with the republican party's rejection of conservatism, another nominee that they weren't excited about. and it is amazing, greta, you look at what happened in 2010, the republican party didn't even make an effort to capitalize on that. here you have a national uprising in opposition to barack obama and the republicans acted like they didn't want any part of the tea party either. the consultants and the powers that be did everything they could to diminish the tea party. if i were the republican party, i would have embraced those people and brought them into the fold and done what i could to keep them as donors, as voters. but the republican party had no desire, and i think 2012 and the campaign some of those republican voters felt that and saw it.
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okay, if you are not interested in our assistance, and not interested in what we think, and our view of the country, we will sit at home. heck with it. >> he will with the tea party, if you actually talk to these tea party members, they are not kooks. they are airline pilots, they are shop keepers and family members. these are people with regular jobs and, yet, they are demonized. >> precisely. they are demonized because they don't understand politics and they are not of washington and they can't be controlled. they can't be dominated by the party. greta, there is really unfortunate thing happening with the republican party. as a conservative it appears to me the republican party is trying to push itself away from the conservative base on a number of issues.
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and i as republicans we opposed democrats, we wanted to beat them. i don't see that i don't see any push back against anything obama wants to do. the push back is against the tea party. the push back is against conservatives. it's a stunning thing. the republican party has decided that capitulation with the democrats seems to be the ongoing strategy and by capitulation, i mean, i had a guy call me yesterday, talking about this ongoing fight to defund obamacare, continuing resolution, fight, and so forth, and he took this caller took the exact viewpoint of inside the beltway republicans which is that might involve a government shutdown and we can't shut down government because the country will hate us, and they cite 1995. and look what happened to
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republicans after 1995, no, let's go ahead and let obamacare be fully implemented and it will implode on itself and people will see how bad it is well that's not a strategy. that's capitulation. that's not even pushing back against it. even if you don't have a chance to stop it, why not make a stand? tell people how are as republicans, as conservatives? you have never had, they have never had a greater chance to contrast who they are with liberal democrats and what's happening now. and, instead of doing that the republican establishment seems to be going along with them. obamacare, immigration reform, amnesty, whatever it is, there is no disagreement. there is no push back on it. and i remember in 1992, people would tell me, rush, let clinton win. let him win and then if people see how rotten the democrats are -- i'm hearing the same thing now that
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obamacare, let this happen. the american people -- we have never pulled entitlement back once it's been implemented. once it's there, it's there this is a huge one. this changes the relationship, obamacare between citizen and government and state like nothing ever has. once they have this healthcare is the way that they have legitimate claims it's constitutional control over every aspect of everybody's life because everything do you in your life has healthcare costs related to it. and it -- they are going to be able to dictate what you eat, how you eat, where you eat, and what kind of healthcare you get or don't get as a result. that's the objective of it control. the elimination of individual liberty and freedom. there is is no push back on this. i'm sitting here stunned. and the government shutdown argument, too, is 1995, classic point, the republicans won two seats in the senate. after the '95 budget
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shutdown. and didn't lose that many seats in the house. in addition, because of the shutdown, they were able to set the table for policy that was good, came later. welfare reform that clinton ultimately signed. the government shutdown was not a debacle for the republicans in realty. now, it was on tv the republicans were accused of starving children. do you remember that? little kids in new orleans are writing letters to republicans. please don't cut the school lunch program. i can't study if i'm hungry. there were no consults in the school lunch program. actual increases. so they called them a cut. >> that's the washington cut? >> typical baseline budget point is media portrayed this as debacle and absolute disaster for the republicans and clinton cleaned gingrich's clock. but, in reality, the
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republicans won two seats, set the stage for some pretty good things that happened policy-wise after that it's not a debacle to shut down the government. but, here's the point. a majority of people oppose obamacare whatever poll you look at. why doesn't the republican party want to embrace that? the republican party has a problem, right? they haven't won elections lately. the majority of american people don't want. this why doesn't the republican party embrace them? bring them in and try to grow and at least come up with a way to reach out and attach themselves to these people the majority of voters. instead, they are capitulating with what the the democrats want and not just on, this but on immigration, amnesty, whatever you want to call it i swear for the longest time i didn't understand it because i was looking at it the wrong way. >> straight ahead, rush limbaugh has more to say. why was he dead set against compromise in washington? does he have a better idea
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what does rush limbaugh
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say he gets so much grief even from republicans. once again, here is rush. >> the republican party wants a new base. they just -- the republican leadership isn't conservative, they are not particularly crazy about conservatives. i mean, i'm fairly prominent conservative in media i get more grief than the taliban gets i get more grief than al qaeda gets. conservatives do. we do constitute a threat to the way washington views the country. and i don't think it's so much conservative vs. liberal although it is but it's washington vs. the rest of the country is what is really transpiring now and washington has a mind set and desire for the country that doesn't dove tail with the majority of republicans. >> what suspect majority.
4:25 pm
>> i don't know. politics are too unpredictable. there is anything we are not conceding as scandal, cause people to start voting against democrats in droves regardless what the republicans do it's dangerous to start predicting the demise of political parties and so forth. i'm not doing that i'm just sharing with you the sense i get as a conservative, 2 r5 years of doing this on this show and washington it and so much on the surface doesn't make any sense. there has to be a reason. these republicans are not stupid. they have to know that agreeing on the democrats on issue after issue after issue is going to equal democrat victory after victory after victory. so why are they doing it? >> is there no room for negotiation by bipartisanship? is it just opposition?
4:26 pm
>> by who? >> are you suggesting the republicans shouldn't negotiate and have bipartisan approach with democrats? >> well, yeah, pretty much because i don't think we have anything in common with them. where is the commonality? i don't have anything in common with obama policy wise, zero, zilch, nad davment compromise is trade for wonderfully elite peerier form of existence. and too often what it means in washington is that conservatives have to compromise their core in order to be considered nice people or what have you. i'm about defeating them, greta, not compromising with them. they don't compromise is a one-way street. why doesn't the president ask obama and the democrats, are you willing to compromise? what are you willing to give up? it's always a one-way
4:27 pm
street. what do the republicans have to do to make things work or what do the republicans have to change make something work. the reason it works on republicans is they are shell shocked. the republicans, you know, the image of racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe has taken hold. i think that's what. they are nervous and scared. like everybody else, he they want to be loved and they have bought into this notion why they're hated and disliked and trying to change that rather than defeat the people responsible for it all. i'm about defeating them within the political arena of ideas. i'm not talking about anything of a deleterious nature. just defeating them in the arena of ideas. i think our ideas will trump obama's ideas every day. he doesn't want our ideas on the table. is he not about ideas. is he bruit force. obama is about eliminating opposition. not working with it so why should we help him? i think the democrats are the people that need to be
4:28 pm
defeated. there is nothing about what they believe that i want to compromise with i want to defeat it look at the country is hanging by thread here. as founded, it's hanging by a thread. we're about to lose it. why compromise with the people responsible for this. >> coming up, rush gets personal. you are going to hear talk about the radio, his job, and his wife. things you will only here are you sure say on the record. that's here next. and now my journey across the country has brought me to the lovely city of boston. cheers. and seeing as it's such a historic city, i'm sure they'll appreciate that geico's been saving people money for over 75 years. oh... dear, i've dropped my tea into the boston harbor. huhh... i guess this party's over. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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what makes rush limbaugh tick? a rare one-on-one interview rush gets personal. >> why do you do your job? >> i love it i'm doing what i was born to do. i love radio. radio is single greatest opportunity i have to be who i am. there are no constraints. i don't -- i'm not trying to be what other people want me
4:33 pm
to be: i'm not afraid of what somebody might think. none of the normal constraints. it's just me. i have total ability to do it the way i want to do it and to tell people what i think and if it goes wrong the first time and come back the next hour, the next day and say sorry, folks, what i meant yesterday was that the never ending opportunity to get it right, it's a never ending opportunity to -- i mean, nothing in it for me to lie about anything. i'm not going to gain anything by lying about what i believe or lying about fact i'm really trying to create the most informed educated group of citizens i can ask me what the purpose of the radio show that would be it after the business aspects which is creating and holding the largest audience possible, advertising rates, but from the consumer standpoint, informed, growing, i had
4:34 pm
indicated, participating. i find it, i think it's a great compliment that awful these great media people say i'm losing because obama won two elections. i haven't run against him. i can't give away money like he does. i can't buy votes. yet, they have put me in that political arena to judge me which must mean that i'm a bigger threat to them than they want to admit. at the end of the day i'm just a guy on the radio. that's all i ever wanted to do from age is be on the radio. >> any downside to your job? >> down sides to everything. could you be specific? >> anything you hate about your job? >> no. i have gotten to the point now where i don't have to do
4:35 pm
anything i don't want to do. >> well, you have to show up every day. >> well, but i love that. >> you can't sleep in until 3:00 in the afternoon if you ever wanted to. >> i can't on saturday or sunday. life is shell prepped. i leave here at 3 every day and i go home for several hours. by 6 or 7 i'm back at it. >> doesn't that drive your wife nuts? >> >> yeah. it does a little bit but she is busy, too. she is -- we have got a bunch of joint projects going. we have got our little ice tea company. she is the ceo and runs that. and that's expanding and going great guns. you know, she ran the host committee operation for the nfl for super bowls. and she is just -- she is as busy as i am. if not, i mean, my job is
4:36 pm
sedentary. a lot of what she does she is on the go quite a bit. but we get our time. weekends, vacations and so forth. but we both love what we do. it isn't work. that's the key. i mean, if i don't want to meet with somebody, i don't have to now. things i don't like about it. i mean, there are things i get mad at every day. misunderstanding sea of media report that is obviously filled with misperception and lies. everybody goes through that but that's just -- that's not something i would say yeah, i hate -- because it's part of it-have learned to -- you know, i call him the mayor of vealville, i live in reality. whatever happens, it is. and you have to accept and it deal with it and doesn't do you any good to wish it wasn't happening. me, my reality is i have the opportunity to change and to
4:37 pm
correct my mistakes in public whenever i want to. i have a microphone. do you know how many people are frustrated can't tell people about the way they think, frustrated about the way things are going. i get to do all of that. at the end of the day, i'm feeling 100% satisfied and fulfilled there. >> random question, twitter, what do you think of it? >> it's representative of the pop culture. a lot of people are on twitter because a lot of people are on twitter. one of these things where people follow people to it i don't do it much and the reason i don't is because you can't get it back. once it's gone, i'm very careful. in addition to that i want -- one of the reasons i don't do shows like this, i want people to come to my radio show to find out what i think. i don't want to satisfy them
4:38 pm
on twitter. i don't want to satisfy them on facebook post some pictures or things now and then. but they are appetite wetters. whetters. i want people coming to the radio show. i'm an old fashioned media guy. things you do to create an audience and hold it an one of the things is always leave people wanting more. never satisfy them and certainly don't make yourself available any time anywhere every day. people get fired tired of you that way. >> impact of the internet on politics? >> impact internet on everything is profound. >> that's all? >> yeah. i mean, it's allowed for people to be anonymous willly involved in things. allows people to be more honest about what they think. i think that allows people to do drive by hits. i like it better to know who is saying what. >> i'm not when i say
4:39 pm
profound, i'm not going to judge whether it's good or bad because it is. you can't put the genie back in the bottle. what the internet illustrates is how much real ignorance there is out there that has to be dealt with if you are in any way devoted to improving people's lives, growing. ignorance. on display. people are proudly posting what they don't know although they don't know they don't know it. i'm not going to condemn it. that would be like condemning the beetles. it is what it is. >> coming up, rush limbaugh talks unemployment, poverty and immigration. and why he says the democrats are making it all worse. more from rush next. i'm nathan and i quit smoking with chantix. when my son was born, i remember, you know, picking him up and holding him against me.
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we're talking one-on-one with rush limbaugh and he has plenty to say about the economy and jobs. >> in the arena of ideas, what would you do to solve a problem like detroit or even something bigger like the credible growing class of poor people? >> well, what you want to do first? >> either, take your pick. >> detroit, analyze what really happened there why did it go wrong? now, there are obvious things. the city had been run by
4:44 pm
democrats unchecked since, i think the last republican mayor was 1957. okay. you have had that town has been a petri dish of everything the democrat party stands for. everything the democrat party loves. massive unions, massive pensions, pay people pensions and healthcare long after they have stopped working. the math doesn't add up. you have massive welfare states, where citizens are given things left and right in order to buy their votes. you have no opposition whatsoever. then in the case of -- you throw race into the mix, and you bring on mayor coleman young who causes riots in 1967 in detroit and mayor young calls a white flight to suburbia and detroit is left with nothing but liberal democrats running it.
4:45 pm
it is what it is. and you -- any place in this country that has similar circumstances, the same fate is going to happen to them. now, what was the other thing about poverty? >> yeah. lbj says the war on poverty. we are going to have legislation to try to eradicate -- the poverty is growing. it's not getting better there are a lot of people suffering. >> yeah. imagine that. and it's been the number one issue of the democrat party out of their mouths well since 1964 when lbj first started care about poverty. percentage wise same number of people. in fact, under obama, it's gotten worse. four out of five american families are experiencing poverty. 9 million jobs have been lost. pardon me since obama took office. 9 million. they are just gone. >> so. >> because of his policies, the arena of ideas, this is where the republican party is not standing up, they are not pushing back, they are not articulating what is the opposite of this. and one of the things, i mean, you can point to
4:46 pm
successful people all over the country. no matter how successful, different levels of it you point to them. how did they do it? that's all -- how did he d. they do it? there are recipes. they cared, they worked hard. they had ambition. they learned what they had to learn. some of them might have had connections here and there. nobody does everything by themselves. but you are certainly not going to eradicate poverty by creating dependency. santa claus is not a cure for poverty. it isn't going to' ha. all it is is a way to buy votes. that's why the democrats want amnesty. see, the democrat party needs a permanent under class. they need a certain level of poverty. they need certain level of uneducated, hopeless, unskilled people to vote for them. that's their base. and as in a normal economy as those people escape the bonds of poverty and rise to the middle class, become more self-reliant, they don't need santa claus.
4:47 pm
they don't need the democrats. so they start voting other ways. hello amnesty. 11 million illegals here and by polling data alone 8 million are going to vote democrat the moment they are given the chance. that's why. all of this talk about solidarity with hispanics and compassion and con ders of immigration it's all b.s. the democratic party needs a permanent underclass and they need this -- they have salivating at all those 8 million or more votes. now, you might say but, rush, the immigration bill that's being debated doesn't grant them the right to vote for 14 years. you know he what's going to happen, if this thing becomes law, amnesty, whatever it is, pathway to citizenship. we bring them out of the shadows in about five hours after that happens, chuck schumer is going to go to the nearest camera and talk about how unfortunate and unfair and how lacking in compassion it is that we have just told these people
4:48 pm
they are on the pathway to citizenship but they can't vote. and we have got to do something about it. and they are going to be able to vote within six months after this thing because that's what is -- on the republican side, unfortunately, there is this thinking that there is certain work that people simply won't do that needs to be done. the american people, democrat voters have become conditioned to not working. look at poverty. you brought it up. look at poverty in this country. everybody out of work is eating. they have big screen tv. probably have a car. probably have a cell phone that they are using and they have got a place to live. the out of work is not poverty. the democrats have taken care of that and so there is a complacency among a lot of the unemployed and republicans will tell you hey, we need an influx of potential laborers because the american people have been conditioned more and more not to work. i think that's a bit of an
4:49 pm
extreme analysis, but it is true that the unemployed are eating for 99 plus weeks and watching big screen tv or some kind of it v. >> straight ahead, the q and a you would never expect. what did we ask rush limbaugh about president obama and what did rush say? well, you have to hear this next. i have a cold [ sniffles ] i better take something. [ male announcer ] dayquil cold and flu doesn't treat all that. it doesn't? [ male anner ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms plus has a fast-acting antihistamine. oh, what a relief it is!
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now more with rush limbaugh. i see the education system in this country is on such a downward spiral, and i see poverty growing. >> yeah. >> and i know from my own experience that these families in these terrible urban areas want their children to grow up and have a lot of chants. and it -- a lot of chance. it locks grim and horrible. i'm trying to think how we get ourselves out of it. it's getting worse, not better. >> well, the first thing that has to happen rather than me judge my answer. stop electing democrats. the democrat party is responsible for this. this is what the democrat party derives it power from. this is what it feeds from. they run the education
4:54 pm
system. you just described it and you are exactly right. you just described it they are not teaching. they are indoctrineating. they are turning little young skulls full of mush into loyal, rabid, liberal democrats. who are being trained tolights hate and dessurprise conservatives and republicans. it's all part of the mix. >> do you think president obama likes his job? >> i have no idea. i don't know him. i have never spoken to him. and i don't know how to read those kind of tea leaves. all i can do is read what other people have written about him is he doesn't show up early. i have read people say the job is beneath him. he really needs to be running the world. to be challenged, to be invigorated. the united states is chump change. he needs the united nations. he needs to be running the whole shebang.
4:55 pm
i don't know what's true. i don't know whether he likes his job or not. i think he does and is relishing the opportunity to put into play what leftists have only dreamed about in faculty lounges for 50 to 57 years. i think he is thrilled with the opportunity he has to transform america and move it away from this unjust, immoral way it was founded. and make it fair for everybody. whatever he is trying to do. i do think is he probably obsessed and absorbed with that whether he likes getting up and going to work every day and dealing -- yonk he likes having opposition. it is beneath him he doesn't want to negotiate with opponents. wipe them out in the political sense. just get rid of them. that's his mode of on per
4:56 pm
operandi. i don't think he likes the process like do dukakis did: that's it for this special edition of "on the record." go to and goodn in night and merry christmas. i can always call or stop by my local office. they're nearby and ready to help. so when i have questions, i can talk to someone who knows exactly how i trade. because i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. that's why i'm with scottrade. announcer: ranked highest in investor satisfaction with self-directed services by j.d. power and associates.
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and that you don't need to be famous to be unforgettable. that's what it's like to teach. the o'reilly factor is on, tonight. >> there has got to be someone who can defend christmas with a little more authority. >> over othe years we have taken on the role of protecting the federal holiday of christmas. >> once again, the grinch is back in the form of jon stewart. still denying there are anti-christmas forces afoot. and this story has major political implications. we will tell you what they are. >> i think the only thing that could be below you is to not have a job. >> yeah. >> [ applause ] >> go work until you can get the job that you want to have. >> a big tv star pushing self-reliance to american young people. we will take a look at ashton kutcher's campaign.


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