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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 25, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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definitely looking out for you. hello, everyone. merry christmas. i'm andrea tant arrow with bob beckel, eric bolling, greg gutfeld and kimberly guilfoyle. this is "the five." we are so happy you could join us tonight. many of you are probably curled up by your fireplace drinking eggnog or exchange gifts with family. and we are going to exchange gifts too. but first we want to talk about some of the worst gifts men and women give each other according to the new york post. let's look at the worst presents that women give to men. okay, clothing like ties. that is always a popular one.
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what else do we got here? anything gadgety. i thought guys like gadgets. grilling equipment. sports fan -- a watch, a cheese tasting course, protein powder -- >> who gets a guy that? or a couple mannmanni-pedi. >> have you ever gotten those? >> no. can i just say i'm sitting next to these poinsettia. if it wasn't for christmas nobody would have these. the worst thing i ever gave a woman is hepatitis. >> well -- >> dana, have you ever given any of these gifts. >> certainly. ive course i've given clothing, what else is there to get guys
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out of this list. i've never given a couple man manni-pedi. and pajamas aren't on the list but those are popular this year than before. >> and you know what didn't make it on here -- eric, a nose hair trimmer. >> what are you trying to say? well, listen, guys there is no bad gift. if a woman gives you a gift, whether it is a manni, peddy or a nose hair trimmer. >> would you go to the manni peddy? >> i'll go if you go. >> you can say, gosh, it is a wonderful thing you did for me. the manni-peddy, forget about it. >> i thought you like massages. >> i do. but a different kind of place. and who the heck would go to a cheese tasting course. >> i would. >> well that's good. and a watch, if somebody gets you a watch it would be
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$30,000ain can't afford it. and then you get stuff nobody uses. anything that looks like a wrench is a gadget and you get mill meters instead of inches. >> one time i gave peter a remote control helicopter thing. >> that was a good gift. >> how long did it last? a day and a half. >> i thif these are good gifts, except for powder. or a cooking class, or a wine tasting class. doesn't that sound fun? >> no. but with grooming you send the message you look like hell. >> they all smack of home improveme improvement. if you give someone saying this will help you, it is insulting. nobody wants to be told they need help at christmas. >> or a nose hair trimmer. >> exactly. the thing is supposed to be fun, a bottle of booze or sporting equipment and never take up much
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room because if you hate it, you don't want to have to look at it. whatever is purchased can be fit in a draw so once you look at it, you put it away and never look at it again. >> and i can't tell you the number of times i've gotten sports memorabilia from teams i hate. they get it completely wrong. i like the redskins and they get me cowboy -- >> sand how about the presents men give women. i don't see any problem. a digital pedometer. and a scale. don't get a woman a scale. a toaster oven, a vacuum cleaner. how about no appliances. >> what is wrong with the vacuum cleaner. you ought to be using it more. >> and i gift card, a tool kit. >> i need that. >> every time someone comes to my house and they are like do you a screwdriver -- >> i thought you were asking for
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a drink. >> santa-themed lingerie. >> i'm all for that. what is wrong with that. >> my parents once gave my sister and i these little tool boxes and we were so annoyed. what kind of gift is that? and i ended up using that tool box for years. it had everything you needed in it when a guy was not around. >> that is a great story. >> and eric, you have given your wife chocolates and a teddy bear. that is on the list. >> you know like that life-sized ted yid bear -- teddy bear, she put it in the backseat for like three months. don't get a woman a diet book. >> that is a great way to break up. talking about a quiet night for yourself, that is it. >> or break up later. >> and cheap jewelry and if it turns her finger green don't get it. >> it doesn't turn green for about a month.
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>> are you betting on dumping here in a month. >> i'm going to sell this stuff out there. but the thing that bothers me here, when they talk about a diet book, that is a problem. but when it says a teddy bear, instead of a teddy bear, how about just a teddy. >> it says that. santa-themed lingerie, is one of the worst gifts. >> i would push back that being on the worst list. >> i would think it would be a wonderful gift. it would be wonderful to find under the tree. >> let's hope that somebody isn't receiving santa-themed lingerie. and up first, secret santa time to eric. >> but before you open it, eric, we have to play this sound from earlier in the year. >> i had three years of pictures and videos, three years of great memories. >> baseball. >> all of my contacts, baseball,
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and i never backed it up on a computer and those are gone now forever. so parents, as dana points out, this is a great thing, all of the parents out there, sync the phones and make sure they are on a computer so if you lose it and someone steals your car. >> and your car got stolen. this could help you preserve the memories in the future. >> wow, check this out. i've seen this. this is fantastic. all i have to do is put my iphone on it and sync it. >> and you can print them. >> i like the fact it has a little handle. >> awesome. >> you can take it with you where ever you want to go. >> that is an awesome, awesome gift. thank you. >> it depends on what kind of pictures you want to print from your phone, bob. >> you cannot borrow this. >> don't let him near the photo cube. >> who is up?
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>> to dana. >> oh, doug. tell me, is it a dog-themed thing? >> pretty paper. >> oh, look, it will fit me and greg. no, it will fit the dog. i love it. this is so cute. greg, you could really fit in this. >> it looks like a leg warmer for a fat person. i think there is another gift down there. >> is that for your dog? >> yes. it is for the dog. you put the two legs through there and you put it around like this and it is an american flag. see? >> yes. >> thank you. that is weird we had each other. >> freedom looks so cute. >> they could get together and be twins. >> i'm seeing a photo op later. >> and we'll find it because christmas should last all year.
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>> are you ready? bob, from secret santa. >> who is my secret santa? >> guess what, it is me. and i thought long and hard about what to get you and i feel pretty good about this. i think you'll be really happy. >> i really will? is it something i can show on television? >> yes. >> it's heavy. [ laughter ] >> that is awesome. >> who is it from? [ laughter ] >> it is a new paper back of joy and hate. >> the great gutfeld. if you haven't bout these been bought these yet, go out -- and score card by greg.
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and the bible of unspeakable truths by -- you got it, greg gutfeld. i can't tell you how moved i am by this. >> i've ordered this for you. it comes out in march and i've ordered it so you don't have to pay for it. >> i can't tell you how moved i am. these are going to take place right on the top shelf of my bookshelf. so you all go get these things because when this new book comes out we're going to promote it for six months. what is it called again? >> not cool. >> thank you very much, greg. a appreciate that. >> i couldn't resist it. >> and who is that? is that to you. >> and that is from me. >> i love it, bob. it is you draped in a greek flag. i don't know where to put this. >> wow, how did you think of something -- >> greek heavy weight boxing champ, bob beckel. >> and now you'll see why.
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you have another thing there. >> oh, boy. >> the greeg flag. >> oppa. thank you. >> the greek flag is to put around you when you get in the boxing ring with me. and then this here, your very own greek boxing gloves. and you and i have been boxing for seven years -- and it doesn't look like it fits your hand. greg, can you do this? >> at first i thought it said greg. >> i know why it is like that, because you always hit me on the leg. >> i do poke you when it is time -- >> don't drop your flag. this country is in enough trouble as it is. >> okay. >> gregory. >> that looks like a serious present. >> this is like something that you get in a box. how did you know i wanted paper?
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i love paper. >> it is beautiful. >> it is beautiful paper. >> oh. >> there you go. >> a t-shirt. you know i'm going to be wearing this. >> what does it say on the front? >> i'm going to wear it tomorrow and surprise him. the back is the best part of that. >> i finished second. >> greg, that is all right. >> greg, the original t-shirt i wanted to get you -- the original t-shirt i wanted to get you was adam levine basically naked. >> i think i have that one. >> i figured. >> two more. santa just delivered two more. okay. dana. >> oh, wow. >> and eric too.
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>> i would trade anything for this. >> oh, very fun. this will provide hours and weeks of entertainment. a chia willie. not that kind of a willie. >> duck dynasty. by the way -- >> it grows a beard. >> it sounds like a medical condition. >> we ordered this -- weeks prior to the controversy. >> and who wouldn't. >> is that from you? >> how ironic. he's growing a beard. >> now who is this? >> this is another one, i'm guessing from you. >> oh, yeah. are you sure you don't want to make a trade here? you get four for one. >> is this a statue or something? >> four for one. let's do the deal. what is this? i have a way out on this one.
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>> you bought something at brookstone. you are the first person to buy something from brookstone. >> i know. >> that is really cute, bob, slippers -- i mean comfortable shoes. >> i thought i would give you something serious. >> they have the temper pedic bottom. >> and youner want to take them -- you never want to take them off. and they will be great when you finish your mani-pedi. >> and let me say those cost one-one thousandth of what you have. we have more, we'll tell you what we're going to go see and some of our favorite christmas movies of all time, coming up next. ♪
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♪ welcome back to the five's christmas special. first ron burgundy back in
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anchor man 2. here is ron. >> oh, wow, did you see that, right on the lip. >> what is up blair? there is a new player. the players player. >> if you touch ron again, i will burn your face with a curling iron. >> if you did that, i would be forced to drown you in a dirty fish tank. >> this is awesome. >> i'm definitely going to see that one. and also do we have wolf of wall street queued up? take a look at this. >> this right here is the land of opportunity. >> you just tried to bribe a federal officer. >> this is america. >> this is my home. >> for you, little man. >> he is a little man. >> the show goes on. they're going to need to send in the national guard to take me out because i ain't going nowhere. >> they both look good to me. and greg, also, what are your thoughts. >> first of all, i don't need to see anchor man 2.
9:20 pm
i've seen it. i mean i've seen so much of it. and also that one scene that we saw where he is dating a black woman. i'm tired of the white clumsy guy acting stupid in front of the black family. aren't you tired of that cliche? i would expect more from what's his face. >> will farrel. >> i don't like going to see movies when people don't go out and they go out and talk to themselves and shouting and kids crying. i like to sit at home and cry. my favorite christmas movie of all time is blue velvet, the classic david lynch movie. i'm not sure it is a christmas movie but for me it reminds me of christmas because there is a lot of nitrous oxide. >> and dana, are you planning to see any movies? >> i like to watch at home, so whatever is available on netflix or apple tv, i'll try to catch
9:21 pm
that. and i have the grandchildren from scotland are coming, 7-year-old twins so we'll figure out where the disney channel is. and my favorite movie ever, christmas movie, and greg, don't grump -- >> don't do it. don't -- no, no. worst movie ever. it is not even a real movie. >> how can it not be a real movie. >> and i love that movie. i didn't watch it the last two years so i think this year i'm due. >> jeanne momma gave to me. >> jeanne momma. >> i can't stand to see guys with baseball caps turned sideways and women that looked like they just walked off the [ inaudible ]. >> my favorite movie is the wolf of wall street because i want people to be exposed about how
9:22 pm
bad the capital system has ripped us off and only one of them went to jail. there are a lot more that should have gotten more. >> we give the producers the favorite movie of all time and they pull that movie and we talk about it. >> my favorite movie of all time is miracle on 34th street. >> and now we'll roll video of that. and i would agree with that, best christmas ever. i never saw it. >> you have to see it. >> i'll invite you over to see it. >> you haven't seen it's a wonderful life. that is a timeless movie. you can see that and it will apply to you >> the title to lie. >> he'll get more use out of the adam levine t-shirt. >> your next book, it is a terrible life. >> are you going to see a movie? >> i probably won't make it to a movie theater but this is what i want to see when it comes out.
9:23 pm
dallas buyers club with matthew mcconaughey and hunter and wall street and the guy was interviewed for vanity fair and it was fascinating story about drugs and money -- it sounds like bob' life. >> i did a lot of that. >> they figured out a way to bilk small-time investors, not wealthy people, out of a ton of money. >> your favorite movie of all time? >> white christmas. it is classic human and it is very funny. i just love it it looks like you have movie watching to do. >> you know what was good, the lauerel and hardy one with the march of the soldiers. every morning that was on. >> would you get out today and walk around as grinch around your neighborhood. >> i think i have the flu.
9:24 pm
i'm seeing two bobs. not my favorite christmas movie of all time because all of the good ones were taken, but a great, fun movie and in an an if you have nothing to do, watch fred claus. the brothers -- famous brothers, and so there is steven baldwin, alec baldwin's brother, that was clinton's brother roger. >> roger. >> and the boxer's brother as well -- stallone. >> frank stallone. >> and it was fun. and they are all in an aa meeting. >> who doesn't love vince vaughn. >> it is kind of like grant beckel. he's in that group. >> yes, he should have. but he turned into a right wick because -- wing because he listened to you guys. >> i just saw him in scandal.
9:25 pm
he played a bereaved father. they are telling me we need to go. not even christmas is sacred in the eyes of the president. what he is asking people to do. and bob decks his home for the very last time and our cameras followed him again this year. followed him again this year. don't miss the final christmas [ eeping ] [ male announcer ] you hear that? that's the sound of car insunce companies these days. here a cheap, there a cheap. everywhere a cheap... you get it.
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live from america's news head quarters this christmas, the weather outside was frightful for millions of americans bitter cold making it tough holiday from michigan to maine. crews had to work around the clock. many folks spent their christmas at warming centers ask a different scene in hawaii the first family enjoyed a warm christmas holiday president obama spending time on
9:30 pm
the links and took time to deliver the white house message, encouraging everybody to help spread the message of christmas. and vice president and his wife visited walter reid military hospital. now, back to the five christmas special. have a very merry christmas. back to the fi. merry christmas. ♪ for the holiday, our president competed that for your christmas to be merry and bright, include a conversation about obamacare. and would a republican ever do the same thing? for them politics is never personal. they are keeping the others guys from ruining your lives. if there was no republican party
9:31 pm
your life would be run by the government f. there were no democrats, the republicans would stare at each other and go play golf drunk in their under pants. but this is an opportunity for more power why is why president obama would risk contaminating your life. here is a suggestion, mr. president, for your christmas, how about include a conversation on benghazi, "fast and furious," irs, and discuss people losing their health insurance for no reason or the rampant cronyism in your government? wait, is that too unsavory for your dinner? it is. i may be a weirdo, but i'm not a jerk. andrea, when you go and meet with your family, is there anything there that talks politics. >> yes. obama care came up because
9:32 pm
everyone was whining about how tarible it was and then we get angry about what a terrible president he is and we get angry and drink win. >> i feel bad for bob. because you don't drink. the only solution to such issues when you are involved in a political thing, is you just drown your sorrows. >> i would like to -- i talk about it all of the time, but i'll be happy to talk about obamacare and it is getting better and better and millions of people are signing up. >> what about you eric? >> most people are signing up for medicaid. >> so president obama, you talk about obamacare at christmas. how about this? i'll make you a deal. we'll talk about obamacare, if you let us take pictures of what is going on behind the scenes at the white house. he is on vacation right now in hawa hawaii. remember there were pictures of him in the surf and eating ice
9:33 pm
cream. >> shaved ice. >> yes. would you like to see what goes on behind the scenes. what do you think, dana, is there words you should avoid completely. >> i think so. at family dinners -- i think america needs a timeout, a political break, talk about different things. there is even little games you can get where if you need a conversation starter because you can't think of anything else to talk about beside politics, there are tools out there that can help you. >> i play this game where i get a bottle of wine and i find a closet and i close the doors and drink the bottle. >> it is like seven minutes in heaven. >> it is four minutes in heaven. >> zinners are wonderful things. [ inaudible ]. >> we're going out. >> that is a good thing, to go out. >> and it is just me and peter so i don't think we'll talk about politics. we'll just talk about jasper. >> he probably can't wait.
9:34 pm
any way, all right. next, christmas is a time of giving. i've heard that. and dana went all the way to the congo to give you a look at an organization that is worth giving to. she'll take you behind the scenes of her africa trip, coming up. ♪ [ male announcer ] if we could see energy... what would we see? ♪ the billions of gallons of fuel that get us to work. ♪ we'd see all the electricity flowing through the devices that connect us and teach us. ♪ we'd see thatlmost 100% of medical plastics are made from oil and natural gas.
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friends the five will remember my husband and peter and i took a visit to africa to visit a charitable hospital ship on a mission to the congo. fox put this together when we got back. >> getting ready to leave on a
9:39 pm
trip. jasper gets a last pet and a shake. >> we were part of the first mercy mission to the congo. we flew to germany where the plane refueled and finally to our destination -- congo. shortly after we arrived we were greeted by don stevens and his wife deon. they launched their faith based organization in 1978 to help the forgotten poor. >> i just wanted to welcome her and thank her for -- for coming. over the past 35 years mercy ships have visited more than 575 ports in 72 nagsz but the first time -- nations but the first time to the congo and they will be there for ten months.
9:40 pm
many don't have access to medical care and many haven't seen a doctor. >> i met the man who steers the ship and took a tour of the bridge. i also met buck, the 180 pound training and drill exercise dummy. and i got a tour of the kitchen from head chef, ken hatfield from north carolina. >> we do all of our own baking. >> his staff serves 1200 to 1700 meals a day. when i go home, if i've gained any weight, can i call and complain. >> or call it mercy hits, instead of mercy ships. >> the crew, including the doctors and nurses are all volunteers. nearly half from the united states. and you never know who you might meet, including the security team made up of six gurkas. believe me, the ship is in -- in
9:41 pm
good hands. on patient screening day more than 7,000 people lined up in hopes of getting care, all waiting to be seen by the volunteers. allish and you raw helps determine whether doctors can treat them. >> hello? hi. >> she told me about the joy she feels when she knows she will be sending someone through that mercy ships can help. >> there is nothing that compares to a person or a kid comes up that you know we can help. so being the first one and being able to say yes, it is saying yes to everything. >> but perhaps the hardest part of her job is when she has to inform others there may not be anything mercy ships can do. >> unfortunately the problem
9:42 pm
with your feet -- it is caused by a problem that is in his bra brain. so because of that, it is not something that a surgery will be able to correct. >> over the next ten months, thousands will undergo surgeries to remove life-threatening tumors or have cleft lip repairs and orthopedic corrections and more. >> one of the most moving things, if you show them very quickly when they are waking up and show them their face in a mirror, their face realizes they can see better even with the bandages on. >> there are so many angel as board the africa mercy. like gary parker or surgeon mark fine or director mark hugh. i marvelled how they work together and how devoted they are to helping others. a lost people asked me what was my deepest impression from the
9:43 pm
week long trip in the congo with mercy ships. it was a great reminder that kindness is at the heart of humanity and we could learn a lot from the people who make mercy ships possible. >> so that brings back great memories. and mercy ships just signed a contract to be build, the largest charity ship ever. donations have been pouring in since that report. and in order to say thanks, peter and i made a donation on behalf of the five equivalent of ten surgeries that will happen within the next ten months and we got a message from the ship. >> on behalf of the crew of the africa mercy and all of our sea ships, we want to thank the five for their participation and interest in us and we want to wish you a very merry christmas. >> i think she is so cute. what do you think? >> i love it when people make donations on behalf of me. >> because then you don't have
9:44 pm
to? but you don't get to claim it with the irs. >> i think it is a wonderful thing that you did. but these people will be spending their christmass helping people and that is what christmas is about. >> i think christmas on the mercy ships might be one of the most wonderful, joyous places. >> and hats off to you for doing that. >> and thanks for the fox support. we appreciate it. coming up, don't miss bobs last christmas light show at his home in maryland. trust me, it is not something you want to miss. christmas at bob's, next.
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or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, changes in eyesight including blurry vision, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling, or skin sores from diabetes. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. ask your doctor about lyrica today. it's specific treatment for diabetic nerve pain. ♪ many of you know i look forward to decorating my house in maryland. it has been an annual tradition for 20 years. but i'm going to be decorating my apartment in manhatten from now on, so watch it next year,
9:49 pm
it will be the lightest and brightest. we hung up my lights for the last time. and here you go. it is the end of an era. >> another day, another christmas. all righty. you know, i tell you, i've been doing this for 20-some years now and i don't suppose i'll miss all of the work that goes into it. but i know the kids will miss it and that makes me feel a little bad. but it is a little sad. i bought enough christmas tree lights to wire manhatten. they make these things so they can be absolutely sure that by the time you get to the next christmas season, they are all broken. every year, i got to go to the store. why would they build anything to last. hell, if they did that, they
9:50 pm
couldn't sell anything every year. here we go. help the local economy, buy more lights. all from china. another christmas, a lot more money. whoa, it is about time. it is my young son, the helper. this is what it's all about. this display is for all of the kids in brookmont, which is my
9:51 pm
neighborhood. from the big kid who lives here. >> how are you? >> good. >> what do you think? do you like it? it is twinkling. >> look at the dog and reindeer. >> you did a great job. and santa is up on the roof waving. >> well, here we go. this is the end product of a lot of work and we have to see if this thing will come on. it is the last one we're going to do here in brookmont. in fact, the last one i'm going to do at a house. and we're going to try this -- three, two -- whoa! it worked. there you go. by golly. another year, another house.
9:52 pm
last time. ♪ halleluiah >> it has been a real pleasure bringing it to the kids in brook mobt. it has been my pleasure and makes me a happy man, as soon as i'm done putting it together. one more thing is up next. [ male announcer ] here's a question for you:
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where does the united states get most of its energy?
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it is time for one more thing. dana, kick it off. >> did you know that 62% of homeowners in america have a pet. >> yes. >> and that is over -- that over 3-% they will -- 53% will buy a gift. do you know what jasper is getting? >> a 12 pack of tube socks from walgreens. >> that makes sense. why don't you get him a cadillac. >> because they don't know. he'll think tube socks are fantastic. >> i bet jasper can drive. he can do anything. >> jasper is driving this show.
9:57 pm
>>. [ overlapping speakers ] >> gregory, you are up next. >> some people might think it is a live show. it taped, only a couple of hours old but i wanted to surprise my mother because i wasn't supposed to be home for christmas. but i'm actually home for christmas right now. as we are watching this show because i told her i was busy. >> what do you want to say to yourself? >> i want to say, greg, that is a giant collar. >> you are probably going to be drunk? >> i'll go mom, it is you and that weird guy in the collar. merry christmas mom. >> well i'll be back home for christmas today -- this morning we had our first christmas opening of presents. and now my two kids are coming over. but i want to thank santa, because santa is worldwide, making the world a better and
9:58 pm
happier place for big questions and little kids and i'm a firm believering in santa's mystique and santa being an important pers person. >> eric? >> i was going to put up a picture frame. don't put it up. people don't get a lot of thanks, so i want to say thanks and merry christmas to our producers, nina, josh, sean o'rourke. >> not sean. >> yes, sean. and our senior executive producer, porta barry. they didn't do great. there is always room for improvement. >> next year could be better. >> i don't know who is good. average? >> we have the best team at the fox news channel. >> well maybe, i don't know. >> well you had a red eye team. i think the five is the best. since you didn't put up a picture of your dog. >> oh, more dogs?
9:59 pm
>> look at this picture. my sister texted me this last night and it is a yellow lab and it says i ate the elf on a shelf and the german shepherd next to them said i helped. >> they were shaming them. >> why don't you take all of your dogs on a cruise. >> like a doggy cruise? i wonder if there is something like that. >> if you have the place, go rescue a dog. >> i would be happy to pay somebody to rescue one. >> one year my family didn't give each other gifts -- >> you can do that. [ laughter ] >> i was saying something nice about giving to charity. >> i am fine. i'll give to charity, and give them a dog bummed out. >> give to a military charity. >> before we go, we want to wish you all a very merry christmas
10:00 pm
and to all of our troops that have gone into harm's way for our country, merry christmas. >> merry christmas to all of you welcome to this fox news presentation of firing line. for 33 years and over 1500 episodes, firing line set the standard for public standard for public apairs. the program went off the air 14 years ago and william buckley jr. signed off it was the longest running program in history with a single host. for more than three decades buckley sparred with preside


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