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tv   The Fiye  FOX News  December 26, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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hello everyone. i'm dana with kimberly, bob. it's 5:00 in new york city, and this is the five. we hope you had a merry christmas. we have a jam packed show for you tonight. first in iraq, a deadly attack on christmas day on baghdad. on the obamacare front could there be a silver lining for republicans the they don't blow it? and news from bieber, bee i don't know say and duck dynasty. first let's start with
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christmas. bob, how was your christmas in washington? >> it was fine. the interesting thing after the first time people drove by their cars up to my house and said is this bob beckel's house the five decorated like this? a guy outside said there must have been five or six people that said is this the five decorated house? they said yeah, sit. they said can you go get bob out of the house? he said no. >> you're a job creator? >> did anybody throw eggs? >> i had christmas dinner with my ex-wife and my two kids. believe it or not it went great. my ex-wife is really a nice person i must say. >> your kids are really handsome. >> handsome and pretty. >> yeah, adorable. >> nice christmas tree too. >> thank you. >> some on facebook and twitter have been asking why. they think you're never doing christmas lights again. they missed the whole thing why.
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>> that only happened when i go to -- that will be another 30 years. i'm going to decorate my apartment. it's going to be the biggest decorated apartment in all of manhattan. it's going to have stuff hanging off the side, lights going all the way down. i want to drop them down. >> you've got stuff hanging off the side as opposed to women hanging off the balcony? >> exactly. more like weather. >> i'm sure there are rules with doing that on your balcony. >> why? >> that's a fire hazard. >> i don't care. i'm going to do it any way. bloomberg is not around. >> last time you had to go to the emergency room when you tried to lay down carpet. you almost cut your finger off. >> that's right. eric, how was your christmas? >> we had a great christmas. dogs went to the animal shelter and made a nice donation. you though we literally would
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have. freedom smelled the two puppies and looked at me like how could you? saturday made a donation to the animal shelter -- right tuesday. christmas day, an elf ran into the house. little christian, trying to make him part of the family. watch what happens when the elf runs into the front door. >> go get the the elf. go get it. he went out the back. >> he's adorable. >> the elf was my wife adrian. >> who's the kid? >> he's my wife's brother is trying to adopt little christian. they're fostering him now. if everything works out he'll be part of the family. >> wow. that might have been your best
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christmas gift. >> that was so cool. >> that was your wife? >> that was adrian. >> she's in the elf costume? she's like leaping. >> very energetic there. >> your little boy had surgery 10 days ago or so. he's doing much better. how did christmas go? >> he's recovering well. probably doing better than i a. we decorated the tree. he has on a new york giants jersey on. we spent christmas with my ex-husband eric and his wife. >> you and i are like birds of a feather. modern family all the way. there was a huge fight at the restaurant. two waiters beat each other up. he said this was the rest restaurant ever. he loved it. he was like this is amazing things that go on here. >> wrestling and -- >> yeah it was unbelievable.
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were you in pennsylvania? >> i was in pennsylvania in allen town, pennsylvania. we had a nice christmas. it was good. am i the only one that's happy it's over? maybe because i'm in this chair i get to be more negative. i'm so happy it's over. i'm like christmas check the box. we had a great time. we surprised my mom with a trip to the caribbean for her birthday. >> a cruise? >> for her birthday in march. we surprised her. all her kids and grand kids were all with her yesterday. >> who's going on the cruise? >> all of us, bob. >> oh you're all going. >> it's not a cruise. we're going to an island. >> are you taking your boyfriend? >> why do you always get so personal. >> you get personal. you told me about women hanging off my balcony. >> when you share it with people
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everyday. >> i e-mailed the ladies today. my baby sitter brought me this dress and earrings for christmas. i want to say thank you very much. >> it fits perfectly right off the rack. >> it fits great. >> peter and i, just the two of us, we spent the day. i'm obsessed with my fit bit. we walked six and a half miles. that was pretty good. we were coming under a bridge. the sun was shining a cross on that tree. it was great. people want to know if the sweater fit him. yes, it did. >> dana, i saw you post had the. it had thousands of comments. >> yeah. let me tell you, rob thinks jasper is annoying. he's holding this show together. >> any favorite gift?
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any good gifts they got? >> you know what i got. this is wacky. we did secret santa. somebody gave me chilly willy. that happened before our christmas show aired. christmas eve i got chilly willy. >> somebody made a mistake and gave me a becks book. maybe it was a joke. i left it. he's a nice guy, don't get me wrong. he's a little strange. >> kimberly, did you have a favorite gift? >> i liked this a lot. my ex-husband's wife made me earrings. i got them for christmas. it was nice. it was from her not him. >> any gifts of note? >> in our household we all have decided we all have what we want. if there's something we want we get it for ourselves. what can we do every christmas?
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we give to a clarity, eating a military family. this year we were able to give someone a very special gift that was very important in my little brother's life that felt better than any gift in the world. we can enjoy the day that day. it's not about the gifts. the little kids get gifts. >> what did your boyfriend get you? >> i'll tell you after the show. >> i got a great gift. if you and i ever have to take together again. i'm going to bring them with me. the little noise kanscancelling headphones. they're the little ones. they have three iear pieces. >> here's the of thing that's happening all over the country. bob, you love these pictures.
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these were mostly take nn europe and england. these are men at the mall waiting around shopping. which is probably happening a lot today people go returning today. anybody here a big returner, taking things back? >> that reminds me any time i've been in the mall, i feel the same way. get me the chair fastest. >> all these guys look so bored. they're all on some type of mobile device. >> the bar is always crowded. anything to get your mind out of the mall. think about the mall. teenagers run around with their hats crooked. girls look like hookers. >> don't bring the guy to the mall. he drags you down any way. you can't purchase the shoes. unless he pays the bill, you don't need him. don't bring him. >> and carry the bags. look at this poor guy.
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>> # they're like a donkey. >> they're a pack animal. they keep handing you stuff. of course your credit card comes out. >> i got something that was a gift from peter. it's a sale item. it was all sales final, but the thing is, i wanted the same kind just a different color. i'm hoping that the store will be understanding on that. what do you think my chances are? >> is it j crew? >> no. >> we'll shame them if they don't. >> let that be a warning. >> i love your husband peter but he's scotch. >> the lower cost item happens with scotch. >> the best gift he's going to get tomorrow, his 7-year-old grandchildren twins, boy and girl, from scotland arrive tomorrow afternoon a. he's actually going into the airport, park, welcome them at the arrival. that's neat isn't it?
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>> how long are they going to stay? >> a while. >> can you get him in the elf contest? >> leaping all the way through the house. >> it's only an apartment. there's not a lot of places. >> two grand kids for nine days? >> no. they're already on the plane hopefully. >> where's the final sales comment? please let me have the other color. that's what i was hoping for. are we good? good christmases. hope you had one too. less than a week from obamacare. bob couldn't be happier that's the next topic. could this debacle be good for republicans in the next election? a poll says it might. that's ahead on the five. ♪
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wow. we're six days away from obamacare officially taking effect. things are looking dicey. what will happen january 1st when people can use their new insurance for the first time? reports say insurance they thought they purchased might not work. meanwhile potentially good news for gop. a new pop says thanks to obamacare, republicans have a huge advantage over democrats in the elections, bob. ones like this are starting to run where democrats are vulnerable in 2014. >> 30,000 have lost their coverage. people like randy. >> i received notice my health insurance was no longer qualified. i've had three heart attacks in six years. my life depends on it.
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>> obamacare is hurting insurance. >> you saw that ad. i predict more like that to come. we're six days away. what's going to happen when people think they signed up and they go to their doctor and walk in and the doctor goes i'm sorry we have no paperwork for you. your administration says call your insurance company putting pressure on the business. it's going to be a mess. >> insurance companies will go like this. the doctor and patient will go like this, i really want to help you. how can i help you? i really think, every instinct in me, in six days this is not going to get much better. they're watching a slow moving train wreck. every night around 12:00 or 3:00 in the morning they put out more news how they're ratcheting back. a young woman i met at dog park. unfortunately she was laid off from her job at the end of november and needs to get insurance. she says she went on and doesn't
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want to my the deadline and have the the penalty. she said there's a penalty or fine or something like that. this is a smart young woman unable to grasp all things happening to her. my friend and i said the penalty is on the only $95. she said oh, i'll pay out of pocket if i get in a car accident. i said that's not a good idea either trying to help her through it. i thought i can't be an obamacare navigator. i don't want to be. >> why not? >> is it going to keep changing this law as problems a rise? can they do this constitutionally? >> i'm not sure they can do any of it. i'm pretty sure this can't but they do any way. what they've done is gutted their own health care law. what ted cruz said months ago. it's only three months. it's not a substantial period of time.
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the general idea was it was the democrats fought. the republicans took a massive lead n. three months only, that has flipped to a massive lead by republicans. guess what, as we pointed out here, the other shoes to drop, doctors dropping out of the system, cost going up. as that happens, it's going to get bigger and bigger that lead. bob, you've got to be worried. >> bob you act so cool about this. there's got to be panic. >> first of all, these polls -- looking at a poll now and projecting it to november makes absolutely no sense. number two, i remember when y'all were outraged one of the obama super facts ran an ad about a guy who's wife dad -- >> that was blaming romney saying romney killed his wife. remember that bob? >> i don't think he did to be honest with you. now you've got a guy, republicans on this thing. this guy had three heart
2:20 pm
attacks. let me tell you what we're going do on this show. i guarantee you, come second of january, we'll cherry pick people that couldn't get insurance. oh there it is. it's going to be terrible. you guys are looking for failure. that's your problem. >> when you blamed ted cruz and talked about the polls with the republicans, but it's okay now? >> i didn't say that was going to hold until november? >> kimberly, forget the polls. if you look back at what ted cruz did, he actually put republicans on record saying we're against this, want no part of this. how do you see this going in the next several months. from the policy perspective when you look at what's bound to happen, forget public opinion. there's reality. premiums going up, direct-examination going to drop out. going to cut reimbursements.
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this is all part of the law. what about people like bob that say we'll see. >> i think bob knows what's coming. it's a bad situation for the white house. families deeply impacted, moms that realize they don't have the coverage they thought they had for kid, can't go to the doctor or pediatrician they were after customed to, don't have the depth of coverage they thought they would, this is a big problem. poll numbers will continue to get worse. back to your point about ted cruz. at the time he was criticized that wasn't a good move. looks like now he had a good move and took a stand for republicans they're able to benefit from now. you see it in polls. it's i don't know the margin of error not to be ignored. >> i'm not ignoring it. you make it sound like everybody is without insurance. 95% of the american people will be sured come january 1st. >> that's not accurate. >> really? >> yes. >> that would be 15 million people without insurance.
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we know there's 45 million without insurance. >> you don't know that for a fact. >> we'll do this again. cbo told us as far as ten years down the road there will be 30 million people without insurance. >> it's like fraud and medicaid, there's going to be losses. >> all democrats should move to another country and start something else. >> what does it do flou for republicans? helps with two things. candidate recruitment if they have those on the fence about whether or not to run. this may give them encourage top. take the step. second and fundraising to convince people to write a kmek in 2014, this could be the difference. on those important points, this is good news for republicans. all right. directly ahead, disturbing developments out of the middle east. islamists launched attacks on christians on christmas day.
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latest from baghdad when the five returns.
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. ♪ regrets i've had a few but then again too few to mention ♪ >> welcome back to the five. millions of christians around the world were celebrating the birth of gjesus yesterday, al qaeda had a different message. people were killed as car bombs tore through the iraqi capital, including a church service. good for you brave boys. little comment from the moderate muslims after yet another slaughter on one of the holiest day of the years. why would you finally week up and realize we have a right to
2:28 pm
our religion. the number is down to 400,000 from well over a million. the idea is epic cleansing. you muslims have got to get your act together. >> eric, what do you think? >> i think it's going on throughout the middle east and muslim world. i agree 100% it has to stop. you're passionate about it, bob. when it goes on in places we know it's happening, do we negotiate with them? do we sit down with iranians and different groups? i don't know if they're just looking other way. they lean on the groups doing it to stop it. maybe it's time to take it to that level. for me, i'm more concerned about them getting a bomb at this point right now. i don't think we should be talking to them. >> dana, why is it we don't hear from clerics, anybody in the muslim community standing up
2:29 pm
and -- we bailed this country out, made them a democracy supposedly and yet they slaughter christians. why don't the iraqis do something? >> america is resending back arms and supplies to iraq to fight back against al qaeda. there could be an argument leaving prematurely led to the situation # with al qaeda targeting christians. it's not just muslims. if you look at christians in china for example, persecuted in different ways. not necessarily bombs in churches. they're not allowed to have church at all. so america should just feel confident to be on the side of christians, religious freedom. christians need, i believe, american government support around the world. >> absolutely. >> i don't think it stops bob, until we drop the p.c. culture
2:30 pm
in this country. the president gave speech in cairo talking about the shared tolerance between islamic culture and united states of america. that's the biggest bunch of bull i've ever heard. we don't talk about it in this country, don't know who our enemies are. they know who we are. al qaeda is not what it used i to be. it's a brand, a jersey. you can go online. in this country we sit silent and try to be nice to them. they're not going to stop. if this was their way to attract people on christmas day, it was a heck of a way to do it. >> it was a strong message they were sending it. i think it should be met with equal or greater force. i don't think we've done enough. we've done small steps that wasn't good enough. this religious cleansing gob on with christians being persecuted, it's sad it's happening when we're a country
2:31 pm
so capable of doing so much. yet, i think we're failing to send a strong message throughout the world this will not be tolerated. >> quickly, you asked why more don't condemn it. an interesting poll polled muslims in the united states. it was a very small number of muslims in theist who actually condemn bombings and killings. >> one thing that worries me more than anything else. in northern egypt with al qaeda terrorists are active, one of the things that scares me. the egyptian military is in a battle against terrorist. the canal is a prediction i hope i don't have to see come true. if for some reason terrorists get control of the canal, it will rank havoc over economies in the world. >> we would make sure. >> i certainly hope so. >> can i touch on news today. egyptians declared the muslim
2:32 pm
brother hood of terrorists. do you remember what we talked about here when the muslim brother hood -- president barack obama was pushing the muslim brother hood. >> i want to mention the others as well. america has more it could do diplomatically. some people don't want america to be the world's policemen. we're reaping what we've sown. >> i agree. we've got to get out of here. pop culture conversations coming your way to discuss justin bieber, beyonce and duck dynasty again. eric has them all right after the break. don't go away.
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to the fastest seven minutes on the air. three stories, seven compelling minute, one crazy excited host. heartless, harm warming rendition. reverend jesse jackson getting in on the game duck dynasty referencing phil robertson's comments were suggestive to the row say parks story. get to the back of the bus. he took the opportunity. >> he's a little late. he's like ninth inning. i guess just trying to get in on the action. he must have been away for the holidays or something. i think his comments are not inappropriate measure. put it that way. to make it kin to rosa parks. i'm throwing a flag on weather. >> remember we talked about this. i was surprised on the comments phil made about blacks. there was not much comment on them. what he said was intolerable. i can understand why jackson
2:38 pm
would react the way he did. the fact of the matter is what phil did was say things that i understand he's an old guy from down in that part of the country where that was looked upon as blacks were happy people and we were all happy with them. it's a terribly racist description of people. >> i'm not sure that's fair to call phil robertson racist. >> jesse jackson is late to the game. >> maybe he wanted to wait for his opportunity. he knows pr and timing. if there was one way to make this story more ridiculous, it was having jesse jackson come out on this. i think people were ready to move on from this story. on that point, i think bob, when we first talked about this controversy, i thought that's where most the the anger would be. that was late and coming. >> you said you were a crazy excited host. more than your wife in an elf
2:39 pm
suit? okay. >> it's predictable he would assert himself in this conversation. this has gone so ridiculous i think. he said what he said, apologized sincerely. let's move on. i think it makes it worse for jesse jackson to jump in. people go oh, let's move on. >> i've got to clarify something. i did not say he was a racist. i said it was a racist stereo type. here's be making a dying girl's request. all she wanted was to see a beyonce concert. she made the girl's wish come true. she sang and danced with the little girl. watch. ♪ i'm aurvivor
2:40 pm
. >> good for you beyonce. sometimes we beat them up a little bit. that's kind of nice. >> we beat them up a lot. this is a great story. what she did was touching and sweet. i love the make a wish foundation. however when celebrities do little things like this, we do celebrate them. then we talk about how bad they are on another segment. when average people do really big things or people like duck dynasty go to visit with the troops, take days out of their schedule. that to me is the the real sacrifice. >> definitely when you have a huge talent and big fan base, if you can give of yourself, it's great. >> it's done by most who are more conservative than i am. >> you don't even know who they are. >> i welcome the opportunity. i wish i had the ability and dancing and singing like beyonce
2:41 pm
to be able to do that and make a child's wish come true. can you imagine how powerful that is, to give them happiness with such a terrible illness. i think it's great. >> awesome stuff. heartbroken as in justin bieber suggesting he may hang up the skinny jeans. he tells that to 47 million twitte followers. what's more interesting that beebs is retiring or that he's got 47 million following him. >> now i'm embarrassed. i finally scribed to people magazine and us weekly the last couple of years to figure out what the heck is going on. i'm going to preticket to you around next fall, christmas season, when he has a new album coming out, he's coming out of retirement and he's going to come out with a new hair cut. >> bob, do you have skinny
2:42 pm
jeans? >> this is a kid who made it too tast. too many people coddling him. i hope he comes back with new music. what he does is terrible. it's sad. he's another young person -- >> he said he was joking about it. he can do pr stunts, talk about it, 47 million little girls cry. mr. bob, you've had nasty words for the beebs by the way. >> you didn't know who he was. >> what did i say nasty? >> you just said he doesn't have talent. >> i don't think he's got much. he could come back with songs. >> miley cyrus, you don't like her either. >> i liked elvis. >> we've got to go. >> frank sinatra was my main man. >> coming up, inside the wild
2:43 pm
demands of the a list power couple katy perry and john mayor. we report next on "the five." ick with innovation. stick with power. stick with technology. get the new flexcare platinum from philips sonicare and save now. philips sonicare.
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♪ you're going to hear me roar >> singing sweethearts katy perry and john mayer may look like a laid back couple. the couple love birds may be more high maintenance that what meets the eye. $80 of scotch, cherry coke zero and fuji water for john. two dozen snacks including a bowl of ranch dressing, six beverages, fresh quack moly and a director's chair. not sure what that's for. eric, i could do your list. >> sounds bad right? i'm all for that. i'm glad they have the list.
2:48 pm
the hotel charges them an arm and a leg for all that stuff, that's the free market at work. you want it, want people to wait on you hand over fist, you're going to pay for it. >> what would you like? >> vodka. >> vodka to the face, blow dry reagan pomp, tanning booth. you could bring yours. your whole body waxing kit. >> whoa. >> what do we get? >> ladies. >> i looked at list for katy perry, i didn't think it was all that extravagant. i thought she could ask for more things like green mms on the bed spelling out her name. i thought she was completely delightful on entertainment tonight. >> she's cute.
2:49 pm
>> you love for champagne a lot. >> i love champagne. i would take a personal yoga instructor. that would be great. >> i don't like the exercise. >> i like champagne. >> all right. i love katy perry. i don't love her political views. i adore her. i have additions if i was katy, fluffy pillows, big bottle of vodka, six pack of fresca. bubble bath. michelle and bradley that do our hair and makeup here, i'd want them in the room. >> i didn't know who this woman was until i saw the pictures of her. she's all right. >> what i'd like in my dressing room would be this, movies that are not necessarily g rated, certainly not g rated.
2:50 pm
a personal masseuse, preferly korean. i would like to have a hairdresser. by the way i was going to raise that. porter said, our executive producer said you could raise her name. >> she's amazing. >> when you mean korean you mean kim jong un, right? >> what kind of food lagoons. whatever they are. >> what about doughnuts. >> i just thought about this. >> a bikini wax? >> gross. do you think about these things. that really creeps me out. >> i thought that would take care of your -- >> bob, i can't. how can we do an hour of this. okay. any way -- here's what i like. now you've ruined it.
2:51 pm
i loves to tis toes chips and dip. i liked sliced cilantra, diet coke with a lime, bubble bath, white candles. that sounds cool. >> why is bob laughing? >> the jacquelyn smith sheets from kmart. they're luxurious and a good value. >> i want to apologize for you. i just all of a sudden realized what a bikini wax was. i didn't know. i thought it was the thing eric used. i'm sorry. it's the thought. >> eric doesn't have that. the male version is tunga. >> i thought of one more thing.
2:52 pm
i would like to also have a dj so i could dance it out. wouldn't that be fun? >> in the room? >> i would want silence. >> you need a mini noise cancelling thing. >> that was interesting and disturbing. i get to do it. one more thing is next. >> how sweet. >> that's how you do it. ♪ i am the one ♪
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if you only knew what happened in the commercial break. it is so disturbing. now it's time for one more thing. i'm going to turn over to eric who hopefully is more composed than i am. >> very disturbed. >> i thought it was disturbing too. >> you said it. >> check out the kid opening possibly the the best gift he could ever get. >> mom and dad have one more thing. >> oh my gosh! >> that young man is going to go watch auburn take on florida
2:57 pm
state in pasadena for the national championship. he's excited. >> good for him. >> bob, please be on your best behavior. you're next. >> i was on my best behavior. rest of the people on the break were terrible. people think i don't like animals. i do. look at this wonderful scene of this fire man rescuing this dog. give him a lot of credit for doing that. that's a mighty cold in there. the dog survived and so did the fireman. look at that. hope that never happens to anybody else's dog. this dog made it. way to go. he deserves an a ward. >> he should have a day in his honor in that town. i want to wish a congratulations to mmichael
2:58 pm
bloomberg who became a grandfather. his daughter gave birth to a son. guess what the child's name is. it is jasper michael grown. >> you had to get it in. >> the only way you could raise bloomburg. >> her husband is a professional from argentina. >> i know that beyonce did a nice thing. these are the stories that are really special. brenda schmitt was dying of stage four ovarian cancer a couple of years ago. before she died she sent a letter to the radio station wishing these wishes for her husband and her family but only when he moved on and found a woman. he proposed to his new if i an
2:59 pm
say jane. she sent this letter to a friend. when the friend heard about the proposal she sent it to the radio station. definitely look at the video. anonymous donors made a trip to the family, gifts for the nurses that took care of the woman and day of pampering the new wife. it was amazing. he was brought to tears. >> i want to kill myself right now. i don't like that story. >> no? >> why? >> i don't like it at all. >> i think it's so special. >> you had an amazing experience at this end of the take. you get to close it out. one more thing. >> i'm hoping my give me counselling for what i got from bob beckle. this is great. in you like the new york times, it's great for one thing, the cross word puzzle. our very own super star dana perino was in the cross word.
3:00 pm
she's 12 down. how cool is that? >> that is cool. >> on new year's eve. we'll back to you bob. we're chained together for eternity or an hour. new year's eve. don't forget to set your dvr. a desperate cry for help from a man who feels abandoned by the white house. this is special report. good evening. i'm in for bret baier. as many of you sit down with your family over christmas dinner left overs. a man captured is pleading with the the obama administration to help reunite him with his family. we have the lead story tonight. >> a


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