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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  December 27, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PST

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s >> it is friday december the 27th. a fox news alert. a plane slams into the side of a house and bursts into flames. who was on board and the incredible aftermath caught on camera. >> a major security breech at the airport. targeting a plane with passengers on board. how he got on to the tarmac in the first place. >> a warning one of the most popular systems may be exposing your information to thieves. what you need to know. "fox and friends first starts right now.
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♪ radio oo still dark here at 5:00 eastern time. >> i'm heather childers. >> i am dana kooiman. video of a deadly plane crash in california where the aircraft smashed right into a house. >> crashed into my neighbor's home. (bleep) on fire. >> a man and 9-year-old boy were killed when a small plane crashed 800 feet from the runway in fresno. they were the only two people on board the plane.
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the house was not damaged and no one in the neighborhood was hurt. the faa is opening an investigation into what caused the crash. another fox news alert this time in louisiana a shooting spree. ben free man has been identified as the shooter. he went to the home of the councilman lewis go and shot the councilman along with his wife and daughter. deputies arrived to find his wife dead. the councilman and his daughter are critically injured. he was married to go's other daughter. he went to a home and shot a hospital administrator and his wife. the administrator killed the wife hospitalized. the current wife was also found dead at their home. a motive remains unclear this morning. >> they will release thousands
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of documents. the report includes texts, photos and 911 calls and could shed light on 20-year-old gunman adam lanza. it came month after the department of criminal justice released a report concluding that lanza acted alone and his motives may never be known. weather has turned deadly. 27 people have died in the freezing temperatures left behind by an ice storm that knocked down power lines and left ten that he is of houses without power. 7 deaths have been linked to carbon monoxide poisoning from generators or other ways people are trying to stay warm. >> officials say they hope to have power restored to all customers by the end of the week. >> patti ann take a look at this. a massive pileup at least 25
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people were sent to the hospital near morgantown two hours from philadelphia. 35 cars were involved and parts of the road were shut down all day. the traffic jam for 4 miles causing a nightmare for any one on roadways in the area. witnesses say they were terrified. >> an arizona man is untder arrest after running toward a plane that just landed. this surveillance video shows him after he touched the plane's engine. his mug shot suggests robert bump was not in a stable frame of mind. >> one thing they noticed right away he was under the influence of alcohol which they could defect text and even possibly drugs based on his bizarre behavior. >> the southwest flight had landed from atlanta with 136
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passengers on board. someone on the plane snapped this photo of him standing on the runway. i climbed over an 8 foot bashed fire fence to get on the runway. they don't know why he did it. this is the second airport breech in a week. >> just a few days away from january 1st. will that is the day coverage under obamacare begins. but questions remain about how many people will have coverage. elizabeth bran pran has the latest on the final ush p. push. >> the closest milestone lying ahead is january 1st that's the day according to planned at least when people can start using the health insurance for the first time. it is when we will see if people have a hick up free trip to the
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doctor. there are at least two states plagued with very big malfunctions massachusetts and vermont. in fact reports say that officials are reviewing legal options and halting payments to cgi group that's a contractor hired to carry out the rollout. while the administration says the deadline prompted an influx to traffic at healthcare ghealt there are two sides to the story. they have a drop since the rollout of the health insurance program. >> we need to do things to improve healthcare in our country. the affordable care act is not the way to do it. for us to determine where to go from here one would think that congress would have something to say about it. >> in fact there's one poll out this week that showed congressional republicans at an advantage over democrats on the ballot when folks were asked
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which party they favor in 2014. it is not a good p indicator as far as individual races for the 2014 elections but it can show you how the electorate is leading. president obama swinging budget bills while on vacation in hawaii. one avoids a government shut down but cuts benefits for military retirees. the other a defense bill provide 550 billion for the military plus 80 billion for the afghanistan war. >> relatives of 13-year-old fighting to transfer her from oakland children's hospital to a nursing home and ruling to care for her in that area. this after she was declared brain dead after complications from a tonsilectomy. >> she has more movement in her body. she is able to move her
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shoulders today. she shows signs of breathing on her own. we are still hopeful. very hopeful. >> a judge gave the permission to remove her from life support but not until 5:00 p.m. monday so her mother is trying to appeal. >> cruise ship passengers there stuck in thick ice in antarctica. a the russian ship got lodged in the ice during a blizzard. three ships were dispatched to help free the ship from the ice but there were 74 people on board who are still awaiting help. well amazon and ups are offering repundz funds to customers who receididn't recei their christmas orders on-line. a huge surge caught the companies off guard. customers with the late orders will get $20 gift card and
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shipping charges refunded. neither company is saying how many packages were delayed. here is maria molina. >> today we are looking at relatively quiet weather conditions across most of the lower 40. we have lingering snow showers across portions of the great lakes and further south heavy rain developing across the corpus christi area and south of the city of austin and also houston. we are going to see a storm system developing across the gulf of mexico. it will be moving northward. saturday into sunday you could be looking at several inches of rain across portions of the southeast with a flash flooding concern. this will be something we are talking about across parts of georgia into the carolinas. several inches of rain again out there. with the storm something else you will notice along the east coast is very mild temperatures.
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we will be in the upper 40's in new york city and 60s raleigh, north carolina. colder temperatures moving in. in far go the temperature is 7 degrees below zero and monday the warmer air continues to move eastward. >> maria molina, ythanks. >> phil robertson is getting support from an alabama state senator. he is offering a resolution that would give the state's official and unanimous support. fill robertson's family values are shared by the vast majority of alabamians. the proposed resolution says robertson should be celebrated as a hero for his controversial remarks about homosexuals. this comes as robertson
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supporters celebrate the tv star. they have created a chik-fil-a day enoccurcouraging them to sh in camouflage clothing on january 21st. the restaurant is not affiliated in any way. low prices for delta flights. we have the story. >> lucky delta customers walked away with super cheap fairs yesterday morning after a flich on the web site displayed incorrect prices from 10:00 a.m. to noon eastern time. tickets were as low as 27 bucks each way including a $27 fair from boston to honolulu, hawaii. the issue is now fixed but they will honor the low prices snatched up as mandated the department of transportation. a slim line design used by the airline means even less leg room
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now. no rekleining. they are using lighter materials that take less steps. sea they are calling the new seats prereklein which will be a mere 3 inches. if you use g mail a new setting could leave you vulnerable to hackers. it displays all images sent to e-mail users. this allows senders to track your e-mail behavior through mal wear and let's you see if the message is open. change the tab to ask before displaying images. >> good to know. thanks. 12 minutes after the hour. stay in school or stay off the roads. a new push to ban truant teens from driving. >> a weapon in the world's deadliest place for shark
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attacks. how sweeting sharks could save surfers. mine was earned orbiting the moon in 1971. afghanistan in 2009. on the u.s.s. saratoga in 1982. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve current and former military members and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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>> a bank robber who fate staley shot an officer in mississippi. gail stauffer was killed and another officer shot when they confronted suspected robbers during their get away out of the city. they are looking for a thin man between 5 foot 9 and 6 feet tall a charcoal colored sedan may have been used as the get away car. in one with information is asked to call the tip line. a white houston man is in court today on federal hate crimes charges stemming from a knockout game attack.
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27-year-old conrad barrett sucker punched a 79-year-old black man. he was arrested after flagging about the attack to an off duty cop he had just met at a restaurant. the victim lost three teeth and needed surgery to repair his jaw. >> (indiscernible). he was a good guy. he didn't bother nobody. he minded his own business. >> barrett is charged with a hate crime because police found video of him using racial slurs. >> 600 person brawl breaks out at a movie theater parking lot on christmas night. now five teenagers are under arrest. he called for backup and used pepper spray to try to control the situation. after the officer locked the doors nearly 6-people walking through the parking lot began fighting and jumping on cars. a single engine plane
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touches down without landing gear in south carolina foyersing the runway to close. there were two people on board at the time. no one was hurt. caught on camera a deer into a dick's sporting goods. a man tackled the animal and held him down. the game commission duke ttook deer from the store. time for brew on this. consequences of cutting class in michigan could be getting a lot worse. it would allow the state to revoke the driver's licenses to cut down on truancy. >> legislation introduced by democratic and de shore that a student's license be suspended for six months if the truancy gets so severe that the school
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brings the matter to the court. >> is banning students from driving too tough or a good lesson? e-mail us at we will read some of those later on the show. >> michigan state representative and de shore will be on the show to talk about his controversial proposal. the time right now 19 after the hour. the government actually taxes your car now it wants to go after your bike. why they are looking to tax two wheels. >> doby keith under fire. what his restaurant is banning that has customers up in arms.
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>> the los angeles airport shooting pleads not guilty. he is accused of killing one person and injuring three others at lax last month. he is facing several charges including murder. he could get the death penalty if convicted. he is being held without bond pending trial which is scheduled to begin on february the 11th. the u.s. sented air to ground missiles to help them fight al qaeda. it is responsible for recent vie p lent attacks. the iraqi prime minister visited the white house to ask for assistance. the u.s. is sending surveillance drones. >> arizona border patrol agents making a pair of high profile holiday busts.
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the driver leading agents on a short case before abandoning the truck and fleeing to mexico. agents make a startling discovery. the aemerican driver busted by canine units. officials in western australia are hoping to decrease the number by warning beach goers. it is not officials or humans sending out the warnings it is the sharks themselves. jonathan samuel checks out this unique approach. >> patroled by air and sea are the traditional ways to spot sharks off australia's coast. but now when sharks swim too close to beaches they send a warning message themselves via
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twitter. scientists attached transmitters to well over 300 sharks like this. when a shark swims about a kilometer of the beach it triggers an alert picked up by computer that turns the shark's signal into a twit ermis sandaling. a tagged shark was spotted off the coast. by following the shark's tweets kim swimmers can make an informed choice about whether to go into the water. the system far quicker than old fashioned warnings in local papers and on the radio. >> it might not be vrelevant. what we are saying is seconds in the light. >> it is the world's deadliest
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place for shark attacks. >> 25 minutes after the pour. a warning for any one feeling sick after christmas. a deadly outbreak is growing. >> it is exactly what you wanted but nicky haley being called naughty for showing off her christmas gift. what is considered one of the greatest sequels ever made? the godfather part 2 was the number one movie in the box office. {off-lin {off-line}
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>> it is friday december the 27th. a fox news alert while you were sleeping investigators trying to figure out what caused a small plane to slam into the side of a em who. >> a second security scare at a major airport in two-days. a man runs on to the tarmac and goes after a plane full of passengers am how he easily made it on to the runway. >> people up in arms over tobey teeth's new restaurant. why the restaurant is coming under fire. f "fox & friends first" starts right now.
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♪ >> let him talk about himself every once in a while. my favorite country song actually. i am anna kooiman in for ainsley air part. >> i am at that time pee ann brown in for heather childers. pear tieierrifying video in california. a man and 9-year-old boy were killed in a plane crash. they were the only two people on board the plane. the house was not damaged and no one in the neighborhood was hurt. the faa is opening an investigation into what caused the crash. another fox news alert in louisiana a shooting spree leaves three people dead and
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three wounded. police say the gunman targeted his family. he went to the home o parish councilman lewey goh last night and shot the councilman and his wife and daughter. the wife was dead but the councilman and daughter were critically injured. he then went to another house and shot a hospital administrator and his wife. the administrator died. free man's current wife was also found dead at their home. a motive remains unclear this morning. winter weather sweeping the northeastern united states and canada. they are dealing with frigid temperatures left behind by an ice storm that knocked down power lines and left tens of thousands without power. 7 deaths have been linked to car upon monday poisons from generators or other unsafe ways people try to use to stay warm.
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take a look at this massive spi pileup in pennsylvania. 25 people were hospitalized after the crash yesterday morning near morgantown. it is two-miles north of philadelphia. 35 cars were involved. the traffic jam stretched for four miles causing a nightmare for any one on the roads. a houston area teen has died from the h1n1 flu virus. the health department says there have been 13 confirm the deaths in the greater houston area. texas children's hospital reporting 7 children were admitted from the flu three of them are in intensive care. this season's flu vaccine does offer protection against the h1n1 virus and they say it is not too late to get it. >> we are a few days away from january the 1st. the day coverage over observe care begins. questions remain about how many
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people actually will have coverage. elizabeth prann has the latest. >> a lot of unknowns come the first of the year. will the fact that those who enroll in healthcare coverage be provided the services they signed up for. for man he into it won't be conclusive until the first doctor visit. long call times jumbled res images reinstated cancellation notices have left people in the dark about what is to am am come. two states are taking action. officials there reviewing legal options to halt payments to cgi groups that the contractor that was hired to carry out the rollout. while the administration says the deadline for obamacare enrollment prompted an influx to traffic to there are two sides to the story. they are suffering a dramatic drop in testing since the
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disastrous rollout of the healthcare web site. >> we need to do things to improve healthcare in our country. the affordable care act is not the way to do it, but for us to determine where to go from here one would think particularly when they are spending tax payer dollars that congress would have something to say about it. one poll showed this week congressional republicans are at an advantage on the ballot box when folks from asked which part they favor during the 2010 mid term elections. it can show right now at least how the lek terrelectorate is l. thank you for that were ro. >> thanks. >> not 2014 even though 2016 is nearly two years away there's already talk about possible presidential nominees. according to a new fox news poll secretary of state hillary clinton has a commanding lead with 68 percent of registered democrats favoring her.
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vice president joe biden the next closest with 12 percent. chris christie leads the gop nominees with only 60 percent of republicans favoring him. ted cruz, jeb bush and paul ryan getting 12 percent. >> a man is under arrest after climbing a fence and running toward a plane that just landed. this shows him after he touched the plane's engine. the southwest flight landed from atlanta with 136 passengers on board. he was not in a stable frame of mind. someone snapped this photo of him on a runway. he climbed over an 8 foot bashed wire fence to get to the runway. it is unclear why. a man hopped a fence and crossed two runways on christmas day. >> getting closer for ship
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passengers stuck in thick ice in antarctica. the ice called the snow dragon got lodged in the ice. three ships were dispatched to help the ship break free. there are 74 people on board the stranded ship. >> before you leave the house this morning let's get your first degree weather update with maria molina. >> some parts of the country are going to be seeing temperatures plummet once again. >> especially across the midwest and great lakes. temperatures drop as we head toward the weekend. we had quiet weather conditions across most of the lower 48. it has been quiet over the last several days. good news for so many traveling over christmas and the holidays. lingering snow showers across the great lakes.
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overall light accumulation. in parts of texas we have rain developing through out the morning hours. we will be seeing it coming down. grab the umbrella as you head out the door. it is going to be heading into the southeast was we head to saturday and sunday. we are going to see some of the moisture spreading over portions of the northeast. flash flooding will be a concern over parts of the panhandle and georgia and the carolinas. i want to show you some of the highs. today it will be on the cool side in raleigh and atlanta in the 50's. take a look at saturday some of the mild temperatures are going to start to move into portions of the northeast like in new york city where the high saturday 49 degrees. saturday colder temperatures. president 7 below zero for a high in far go and 11 below in marquette.
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>> toby keith is ruffling feathers. despite local laws allowing it guns will be banned in the restaurant. john henry has the story. >> toby keith is not only a hugely successful country star and actor he is personally opened a couple of restaurant and through other companies have expanded those establishments into about a dozen cities. the latest opened up in woodbridge, virginia last week. prominently displayed on the front door are signs saying no guns permitted. virginia is a gun friendly state where it is permissible to strap on a gun and bring it into the restaurant. the owners have a right to say no. that's what the rule is. facebook erupted over the issue with one patron saying she is disappointed and believes the no guns policy announces to criminals any one leaving your establishment is likely
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completely defenseless and easy pickens or a robbery. she will not patronize his restaurant. another person wrote the no guns policy is sad and creates a more dangerous environment. manager declined to be interviewed. we asked customers outside what they think of the no guns policy? >> i think it is a great idea. any establishment that serves alcohol i am going to tell you right now alcohol makes you do funny things. that makes my feel more comfortable. >> what do you think no guns permitted? >> it is a private business and has the rights to maset the rul it wants. >> gun fans are boycott be the establishment. if that is happening it doesn't appear to be effective. at lunch time there was a 20 minute wait for tables. toby keith has not commented
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on the controversy. santa came baring arms after this video of her touring a gun factory went viral. she tweeted this video of her proudly showing off a baretta. our family had a wonderful christmas together. i must have been good. santa gave me a beretta px store storm. some say the gift inappropriate. a single act of kindness at a starbucks in connecticut inspired hundreds of people to pay it forward. the chain of giving started on christmas eve when a customer at the newington starbucks offered to pay for the next person in line. the recipient of the free drink made the same offer to the next customer. the act of giving spread. the number of people topping 640. >> 19 until the top of the hour marriage trumps money. why that little ring on your
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finger could make all of the difference in your success. >> men on a mission smashing a van through a wall and right into a dmv. what was inside they were so desperate to get their hands on. flush ♪
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>> these cigarette makers added a tv glitch. advertisi advertising tobacco on television has been banned since 1970. as of now e cigarette advertisements have not been banned. supporters say these cigarettes are a healthy alternative. critics are worried about unknown risks. officials say plow the road ways cyclists should play for the plows just like the drivers do. they recently proposed a $25 annual cycling tax. cyclists jokingly responded
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perhaps pedestrians should be charged a shoe tax. >> don't give them any ideas. >> americans about to lose their unemployment benefits. >> diane macedo has more. >> 1 million are set to lose employment benefits during a program created to supplement state unemployment aid. lawmakers extended the emergency benefits 11 times since they were instituted in 2008 paying out $225 billion in benefits. it means those collecting unemployment will only be able to do so for the 28 weeks or so the state is willing to pay them rather than the 99 weeks granted under the federal program. whether this is a good thing or bad thing depends on who you ask. jack read has already announced plans to introduce a 3 month extension to the benefits in a conference call yesterday he told reporters from a human level cutting 1.3 mill americans
2:47 am
off the lifeline doesn't make sense and it is not anything we should be doing. opponents say this is an emergency program and being that the u.s. has been out of a recession for four years now it is time to end it. they are expected to lead to a drop in the unemployment rates because some people will be forced to take jobs they don't want and others are expected to drop out of the work force entirely since they no longer will be required to work as a condition of getting benefits. we are not done yet with 2013 but we have a new issue for congress to fight over in 2014. ladies, back to you. 47 minutes after the hour now. image the shock for this boy when his toy helicopter goes up into flames. what caused the christmas gift to come bust and what other parents need to know. >> and a mother uses her 6-year-old daughter to do the dirty work in a jewelry store robbery and it is all caught on camera. but first let's check in with clayton morris and see what's coming up on "fox & friends."
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>> i am sitting in for brian on the couch. the latest on the flu outbreak. right now more than a does inge people died from that no signs of slowing up. obamacare costing the democrats at the polls. what it means for the president's party heading into 2014. then if you ditch class lose your driver's license. a cont chroversial program out michigan to teach students responsibility. will it work? get a tablet for christmas? it was the number one gift this year. i am going to help you set it up and figure out the cool apps for it. >> we brought the boat show to our plaza. maybe we should combine those with the celebrity melt down. "fox & friends first" coming up in about 12 minutes. hoo-hoo hoo. sir... i'll get it together i promise...
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heeheehee. jimmy: ronny, how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? ronny:i'd say happier than the pillsbury doughboy on his way to a baking convention. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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it is nine minutes till the top of the hour. a texas man is accused of poisoning his neighbor's three dogs because their barking annoyed him. the neighbor suspected the dog had been poisoned after they fell ill. he had a security camera and caught gary ewald pouring poison into their yard. christmas is full of surprises and one california boy started his day off with a bang. joey plugged in his new remote control helicopter to charge it when something strange happened. >> i was over here playing. i heard a popping sound like a fuse. >> i was going through the kitchen heading out the door and the thing just exploded, went into flames. >> luckily joey's father was holding the helicopter by its propeller when it
2:53 am
exploded which kept him from getting hurt. the helicopter was purchased through a third party vendor through amazon. >> when it comes to success don't count on wealth or fame. look at that ring on your finger. studies show more than two thirds of married people consider themselves to be a success. this may be because people don't feel money is the definition of success and forge important relationships is more important. 53 minutes after the hour. with only days left in 2013 we're looking at funny and cuddly animals that made us laugh this year. ♪ ♪
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>> oh! all right. well, if you don't go to school stay off the road.
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one state wants to take away trueant's driver's licenses. we asked to you weigh in. an nfl player doing something with his paycheck after retirement. don't forget our new year's eve special with elisabeth hasselbeck and bill hemmer. starts 9 p.m. on tuesday.
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two minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house here's what's happening. connecticut state police releasing thousands of documents today tied to the sandy hook shooting investigation. the report includes texts, photos and 911 calls. amazon and u.p.s. offering refunds to customers who didn't receive christmas order on time. amazon giving $20 gift cards. delta agrees to honor air fares after a computer glitch allowed customers to book really cheap flights. time to look at the good, the bad, and the ugly.
2:59 am
first the good. after tony romo's season ending injury, quarterback turned teacher john kidna was called back to dallas for one week. now he says he's donating his whole $53,000 game check to the school. the bad, a smash and grab. thieves stealing a van and using it to break into a georgia d.m.v. finally the ugly. a six-year-old girl robbing a jewelry store in saudi arabia. her mother and another woman distract staff while the girls steals $150,000 in cash. a new proposal in michigan would ban truant students from driving. we want to know what you want thing. tonya says this is a good lesson. if you are not responsible enough to attend school you are likely not responsible enough to drive. ed says it seems misguided.
3:00 am
dave says i understand the intended lesson to be learned but it seems that should be up to the parents to teach. if they can't or won't get involved, then revoke. thanks to everyone who responded. anna kooiman right now getting ready for "fox & friends" which stars right now. good morning. today is friday, the 27th of december, 2013. i'm anna kooiman in for elisabeth. president obama signs a budget with controversial costs. what it means for our veterans and the terror suspects at guantanamo bay. >> remember this government official enjoying wine at the spa on taxpayers' dime? whoever thought today good news would come out of this photo? >> really? >> yeah. >> ditching class used to be easy. >> bueller. >> here. >>


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