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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  December 27, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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good night from washington. i will see you again 9:00 eastern for the kelly file. for now you'll go "on the record." this is a fox news alert. "duck dynasty" star phil robertson will return to the show. a&e announcing it will resume filming "duck dynasty" with the entire robertson family in the spring. enews senior correspondent and breaking news editor ken baker is live with the latest. ken? got any inside scoop on this reversal? >> we just got the statement about an hour ago from the a&e network saying that their temporary suspension of phil robertson which they enacted just nine days ago has been lifted. he is now back and ready to work according to them. and said that they will resume shooting their upcoming season of the reality show. this doesn't come as a surprise to anyone who has been following this. of course, a&e network
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swiftly said they didn't tolerate his statements about homosexuality when he made them in a gq magazine article mine days ago. after that, there was a lot of uproar from both sides of the spectrum from supporters of phil robertson and also those who really just said phil robertson was intolerant and had to be punished. during that time, a&e had to take interest their business interest, which is that the "duck dynasty" is their number one rated show over 10 million viewers every episode. it's the number one reality show on cable. so we knew that it was only a matter of time from a business progressive that phil would be taken back into the network fold. and this statement that the network released is very interesting. because, in it they say that they still do not tolerate his views. they distance themselves from phil's views on homosexuality. they also say that they are going to be starting a psa campaign to promote tolerance and unity and acceptance. so it seems that while they are letting him back on the
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show, they are also saying we still don't agree with his personal point of view. >> given that the gq magazine interview happened quite a while ago and it wasn't until the magazine hit the stands that there was actually any action taken by a&e, could one be forgiven for being cynical about all this being pr ploy to begin with? >> i think that a&e, they have stated unquisk cab buy buy -- unequivocally that they do not endorse his view as stated in gq article. however, when you look at the teeth of their so-called suspension, there really wasn't. to it because while they suspended him, they weren't shooting anything anyway at the time. they were on a break. they had already had had several episodes and a lot of shooting in the can for their upcoming season that doesn't even start until january. so, in a lot of ways, though the suspension was, if anything, symbolic because in practical terms, it really had no impact on the actual production of the show.
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>> and what do you think will then happen when they come back? i mean a&e continued with the "duck dynasty" marathon they were running during the holidays. do you think that this whole controversy will actually end up increasing their ratings going forward? >> i think it certainly has raised a lot of awareness, because if you didn't know who the guys from "duck dynasty" were nine days ago, you certainly do now. but, at the end of the day, this, i'm sure, to reinstate phil robertson was a business decision. they are clearly stating in the statement that they released just this afternoon that they do not tolerate what he said, but, look it, this is a show and they are trying to remind us even in the statement that it's a show about family and that's what they want to focus on. so, it looks like they are trying to move on from this. but one very important point is that although we have heard from a&e. we have not yet heard from phil robertson or anyone else in the family and we don't even know if they are on board with this. phil has his own point of view on a lot of things, not just homosexuality, so we
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are not sure if he is on board with everything that the network has put out. that's going to be the next beat on this story. >> they certainly have a lot of fans that hope that the show continues and they can can move on and do their thing. >> that's true. >> all right. ken, thank you so much. >>paragraph and now to american veterans who fought for their country. now they are fighting a battle on capitol hill. any bipartisanship budget deal cuts backs certain benefits for veteran retirees. fighting against those cuts. >> it is absolutely wrong to take from our military retirees. >> i can't imagine that we're doing this to the people who have stepped forward to serve our country. >> of all the people we could have picked on, how could we have arrived here? >> they have earned this retirement that they received. >> this is unacceptable. the only battles our military cannot fight are the ones here on capitol hill. >> hello, everyone, i'm dana perino in for greta van
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susteren. there is bipartisan sch p cuts back benefits for veteran retirees. a veteran who served in iraq joins us now. first, ryan, let me thank you for your service and for, of course, joining us tonight. what was your reaction when you first heard about these possible cuts, i would imagine you are in a little bit of a state of disbelief that the congress would actually pass something like that. >> well, dana, honestly, i was a little disheartened more than anything else that this would be a the topic that they want to start cutting for budget savings with. there are plenty of ways we can save money in our federal budget, and this is not the way we, you know, thank our troops for their service. >> some people might say well, look, it's a cut back, minus 1% in the cost of living adjustment. and then when you turn 62, you get all of that money back. is that a good enough explanation for you? >> well, it would be in some ways if it didn't also effect all those who have been promised a full 20-year retirement as it was
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originally laid out when they enlisted or joined. and it also effects those who are medically retired. all those who are served, were wounded in service, and now have to live on that retirement because they can no longer do the job that they have wanted to do for their entire life. >> i think that's a very good point. i wanted to ask you something overall with the government when it comes to america and what it asks of its recruits. do you think that washington overpromises to young people who make a decision to join the military? >> well, i think it's somewhat incumbent upon the recruit to know exactly what benefits are out there for them when they join and what will be order -- offered to them when they leave. i don't think there is any overpromise. in some ways there is kind of a lack of understanding by these recruits to know what's going to happen when they get out of service, when they try to transition back to civilian world. >> right. because i would imagine you you would assume as a recruit that the least your country will do is keep the promises that it made to you when you first decided to join. let me ask you about your
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current situation, what you hope to do in the future. because i think it's quite inspiring. >> well, i will continue to add advocate for all veterans. i have been doing this for many years, working with several organizations, including the armed forces foundation as an ambassador for them. i also work with cause, which is providing support for various wounded service members at military installations throughout the country as they are recovering and providing them health and welfare benefits. >> what do you think will -- i don't know if you have any inside scoop as to what might happen when the congress comes back. president obama did sign this bill yesterday, but do you think there is a chance that in the upcoming discussions of the budget that they might try to restore these funds? >> it seems as though there is a lot of support going behind members such as from members such as chairman of house veterans affairs committee, who is pushing very hard to have this aspect repealed and fixed because of the unintended consequences such as those disabled veterans who will be losing portions of their
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retirement that they so desperately need. there has been bipartisan support throughout all of congress to try to fix this. brian, let me ask you one last question before you go. do you think that there is waste within the department of defense, that could be cut out that would help maybe pay for this if people were reluctant to cut other places? >> well, you know, without getting too much into the nitty gritty of the budget details. and getting into every aspect of the defense budget, there is waste in every aspect of our government in some way, shape, or form. and there is a need to streamline. and i really don't agree with the concept of hurting our retired service members, when they are trying to transition into a civilian life. and using them as the kind of punching bag to balance our budgets on the backs of. >> well said, ryan, thank you so much. >> thank you, dana. >> and straight ahead, new warnings that obamacare will destroy doctor-patient relationships. what does that mean for your
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some reporting about some pretty exciting private sector innovations in the sort of tele health market. are there anything that you think in there that is and exciting for patients aside from being able to go in and see their doctor? >> well, you know, some of the medical schools like east carolina have been way out in the forefront for many years on telemedicine and many of the instruments that we use, the stethoscopes. oat toe -- oto scopes can be used tele metrically so that it can actually bring better healthcare to people in remote areas. the danger, of course, is that we begin to substitute these things for the real personal interactions. this is where the problem occurs. and if you are going to have less physicians and more patients, that's actually going to exacerbate the situation rather than make it better so i am in no way opposed to the advances in medicine. i mean, that's who we are, the innovators as i was told
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when i was in a socialist country and they said if you guys become like us, who is going to be the innovators in medicine. but we still are and we want to main taint edge that we have. but, it's going to require people to be willing to actually sit down and talk rather than dictate. >> you say that one of the things that you noticed as a doctor is that say you got to know me. i was your patient. and i came in with one complaint and you recognized that there might be something else going on. there is no way to really do that over the internet. >> no. no. you can't do that there have been many, many times when i would have a patient that would come in. they might have a mild shouldn't problem. something that carries fluid from the head to another part of the body they weren't quite themselves. that would not be something i would know unless i spent significant time interacting with them. we need to make sure that he that we maintain those kind
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of things particular whether i people with complex diseases. when we have a program that doesn't allow you to keep your doctor, somebody who has established that relationship with you for a very long time, you are losing a the lo. and it could endanger your life. >> what should the government's role be then? because we know that people are concerned about their health insurance, their premiums, maybe their deductible is so high that they think they shouldn't, you know, go to the doctor, is there something that the government can do to try to get people to go back to the doctor? >> well, there is absolutely a role for the government in healthcare it is not the control of people's healthcare. the government can supply a safety net, they can supply healthcare savings accounts they can work with the electronic medical records credit card or in a person's driver's license and not
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expose to cyberspace so that that information key roo remains private. they can begin to show some concern about privacy and care of their citizens rather than seeing them as subjects. >> as you travel around and talk to a lot of different people and other doctors, what do you hear about the anxiety people are feeling in regards to their own healthcare or their worries about the future of healthcare under obamacare? >> well, i'm hearing a lot of anxiety, not only from patients, but from the physicians as well. because, you know, they didn't sign up to become government employees. and december these are very very smart people. but as far as the patients are concerned they are concerned about being able to have the same kind of access that they had before, remember, that before all of this started, you know, 75 to 85% of people were quiet happy and quiet satisfied with the care that they were getting. to upset the whole appear cart, for those who were not
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doesn't make sense, to address their needs makes a tremendous amount of sense. and there are a lot of ways that those needs can be addressed. and all it would take, really is a little bit of humility isn't that what this country was built on and somehow we seem to have forgotten that if we can get back to it, i think we can again begin to make forward progress. >> i wanted to ask you about innovation because one of those most important things are bringing in new medical students into the system. do you sense any reluctance amongst young people who thought they might want to go to medical school who maybe now are deterred from that because they are not sure what that future would mean and all the debt that you incur when going through medical school? >> sure. i have talked to a lot of young people who have expressed that concern. i was talking to a young man just recently who now is in law school who was planning to become a doctor.
4:17 pm
blue i try to encourage all the young people that i see. i hope everybody will. because, you know, we do not want to be in a situation down the road where we have this tremendous dearth of medical talent. we want people who are smart and innovative to go into medicine. and their hope is is that we will come up with something that actually makes sense in the relatively near future. the average person needs to understand that physicians spend an enormous amount of time in training. and it costs an enormous amount of money. people frequently come out of medical school owing 20300, $400,000. that impacts upon the way that they make choices. these are all things that we need to address because we don't want that going into the future. again, i believe that these are all solvable problems, with a little common sense and take the politics out of medicine. it's too important. >> very wise words. thank you, dr. carson. >> thank you, dana. and coming up, the
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is president obama abusing his power? that will be the case that the supreme court decides next month the high court will hear arguments about presidential appointment power during senate recesses and then the justices are going to decide whether president obama's recent appointments are constitutional. georgetown law professor nicholas rosenkrantz joins us next. you think it's going to be a big year for the supreme court starting with this case. >> this is a huge case, in
4:23 pm
general, when the president makes senior appointments, those folks are supposed to be confirmed by the senate. but there is a bill of an -- bit of an exemption to the exception to the rule if the senate is in session or recess the president can make these appointments the senate does not confirmed if they are not around. what happened here is the senate thought that it was in session. it purported to be in session. it was holding little microsessions and the president said that's not a real session. it doesn't count. so i'm going to go ahead and make these appointments as though you were in recess. >> is that different to what previous presidents have done like i know president bush had some recess appointments. is this the first case of its kind to go to the supreme court? >> well, this is the first time that a president has purported to use the recess appointments power when the senate itself thought that it was in session. >> not in recess. that seems like it should be pretty easy to decide. >> i think it should be nonzero, actually. it's a real overreach. the president has very few
4:24 pm
crystal clear restrictions on his power in the constitution and this is one of them. >> all right. the next one that you want to talk about is the hobby lobby case. that's the nickname for it this has to do with obamacare and contraception. what's this case about. >> this is another obamacare case. this is somebody who is objecting to a mandate with within obamacare that requires insurance policies to cover certain kinds of contraception. and these are folks who are a closely held corporation and they object to providing this sort of contraception as a religious matter. and so this brings into conflict some obamacare requirements and this provision of different statutes, the religious freedom restoration act. so, generally, this is bringing into attention the rights of conscience of these folks and these new mandates from obamacare. >> has that case been heard
4:25 pm
yet by the court. >> no. that's coming up. >> do you have any prediction on how that will go or do you want to hear the arguments first? >> actually, it's quite a complicated case and there are strands to it i think the important principle at stake is the more and more the federal government gets its hands on the smaller there is room for individual conscience and individual liberty. these are new problems that are created by the overreaching federal government. >> and you may have given bill o'reilly his word of the day for monday. i think this is the first time doctrinal strands has been mentioned on fox news channel. the third one is about affirmative action. this case has been working its way through for quite a while. finally the supreme court will decide it? >> this case is truly bizarre. in michigan, a constitutional amendment of the michigan constitution would forbid affirmative action. so forbid preferences on the basis of race, forbid discrimination on the basis of race.
4:26 pm
and bizarrely, the sixth circuit held that that constitutional amendment actually violates the federal equal protection clause. so, here is michigan actually requiring equal treatment on the basis of race and the sixth circuit says no, that violates the equal protection clause. it's turned the equal protection clause on its head a strange result. >> it's almost backwards. you said the previous case might be a 9-0. this one what do you think? >> i think this one should be 9-0. but i think it probably won't. i can imagine that it will be closer to 7-2. i certainly don't think the sixth circuit opinion can stand. i think the michigan constitutional amendment will be fine. >> so if you were a fan of the supreme court, 2014 is going to be a big year? >> this is a great term. very interesting cases. great year to be a constitutional law professor. >> exactly. your students probably love it. >> they do. >> okay. great. nick thanks for joining us. >> good to be with you.
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tacked a convoy of issued national troops. it happened in kabul. the taliban is claiming responsibility for the deadly attack. paragraph behalf now to texas,. now to texas, a suspect in a knockout game appearing in court today. comrade barrett is accused of punching a 79-year-old black man. a victim whose photo was just released suffered a broken jaw. prosecutors say that barstd recorded the knockout and claimed he did it to get national media attention. today a judge ordered
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barrett to remain in police custody. now to the ant artic sea and bad news for the dozens of explorers stranded on a ship in the ice. chinese vessel racing to the rescue has also run into too much ice and it can't make it to the stranded ship. so what's next in the stranded passengers are pinning their hopes on an australian rescue ship. it's better equipped to get through the ice and could get there by sunday. now to the latest on the holiday package delivery delay. u.p.s. and amazon will offer refunds to customers whose packages did not make it in time for christmas. am zon is offering $20 gift cards and refunds on shipping costs and u.p.s. is refunding shipping charges. now to a good deal for some lucky airline travelers. delta says it will honor tickets bought during a web site commuter glitch. yesterday, the glitch triggered amazing ticket prices like round trip tickets to hawaii for seven bucks. now to times square and
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preparations for the nation's biggest new year's eve party. today workers putting the finishing touches on the famous new new year's crystal ball. this year's ball is made from more than 2,000 crystal triangles. they will make the ball shimmer as it crops to ring in 2014. that's tonight's speed read. and more than a million americans are bracing for tomorrow. that's when their emergency unemployment benefits will come to a stop. congress has already put off the expiration date 11 times. and lawmakers will fight that battle again in the new year. joining us our political panel, "the weekly standard" steve hayes. washington examiner susan and rick klein also a crowd favorite. thanks so much for joining me, everybody. steve, let me start with you. these benefits are for long-term unemployed. they were temporarily extended. 11 times they have been extended and the congress continues to fight this battle because republicans say they want it paid for.
4:33 pm
democrats say that they should just be able to move forward without having the deficit reduction. >> right. and i think there is a third argument which is is that you hear from conservatives and libertarians which is that long-term unemployment benefits often cause long-term unemployment, not only help the people who are among the long-term unemployed by giving them incentives to stay on government assistance rather than getting out and looking for work. i think we are hearing that argument made more and more these days as the economy seems to be picking up. >> there was dissidents in the president's press conference a week ago today when he spent the first several minutes touting that the growing and strengthening economy and then immediately shifted towards a call for another extension of these benefits. so i think you are going to see a louder voices on the republican side making that argument. >> susan, one of the things that the democrats touted in the budget deal from last month, the ryan murray deal was that there was deficit reduction in it. when it comes to trying to fix the spending problems in
4:34 pm
washington, any time they take a little step towards actually doing that there is lots of havoc reeked back in their districts. do you think that's going to have an impact going into their decision-making next month? >> absolutely. first of all, it's been extended 11 times and at a cost of more than $250 billion. it's a lot of money. if you don't pay for it it's adding to the debt and the deficit which we're on the hook now for about $17 trillion and climbing. so, there is an argument to be made that this has to be paid for. on the other hand, a lot of these members represent people who are going to suffer because they are not going to be getting their unemployment checks. people in nevada and illinois, for instance, they are going to lose 30 odd weeks, 40 odd weeks of unemployment checks if the federal government doesn't extend. this that's a lot of money for people out of work. as steve said, you know, this isn't going on and on and there is an argument to be made if we keep extending them make people less likely to look for work or find a
4:35 pm
job. there is a lot of pressure as you say on lawmakers to do something about. this yet, on the other hand, people want deficit reduction, people want the government to control spending. but, you can't have it both ways. >> rick, your observation was that this is not a red state, blue state problem. this is a national problem. >> that's right. if you look at who is being impacted by this, it is urban areas, it's rural areas, it's around the country. it's about the economy in individual places. i think a lot of of times you look at these numbers and you realize people are trying to get work again. because, in places where the economy is booming again, like in north dakota, for instance, there is almost no one on this long-term unemployment. no one is impacted by that other parts of the country that have had trouble in this economy has been quite a different story. this is a, as susan mentioned, this is the big argue: this is what we are talking about when we talk about deficit reduction. it has to be services at some level. it has to be things that people depend upon. folks getting cut off right now have been depending on this for some time it pays for clothing and housing and food. it matters, and it matters to folks who want to cut the
4:36 pm
deficit as well. that is why this is going to be a big argument in 2014. income inequality. this in particular. >> especially getting people back to work into good jobs. panel, we want to get your opinions on something totally different now. the most embarrassing political tweets of 2013, and, of course, there were some very memorable ones. rick, we will got other way. rick, let's start with you. your favorite political tweet of the year? >> i have to go. i have got a soft spot in my heart for chuck grassley the iowa senator. is he 80 years old god bless him. it shows on twitter. he tweeted the letter u. it's prompt add whole range of options to complete that phrase. what's great about senator grassley i interviewed him about his tweets a couple of months ago, he doesn't care about the pockets. his staff cares. he doesn't care because this is what he he does and says. he has clumsy fingers and let's it all out there. people have a lot of fun if the twitter verse with that whether it's embarrassing, good fodder for fun and rest
4:37 pm
of us to keep our keyboard locked. one tweet away franklin county fired. >> indeed. >> susan, let me ask you, you had a good one, i liked this one. well, the valerie jarrett tweet came out on october 28th where she declared obamacare does not force anybody off their insurance plan and no change is required for under the new law. and,, this is at the end of october where thousands and thousands of people have already received cancellation notices. again, the problem with twitter and politicians is that now it is there in writing to be retweeted and cut and pasted over and over again where it just signals denial about the healthcare law and it signals sort of a lack of accountability that the republicans will be able to use and associate with the president when they go on and on about the healthcare law in 2014. for me, that was the most damaging tweet of 2013. >> twitter sometimes does not give -- allow for context and nuances depending on what she meant. >> no. >> all right, steve, what about you? >> susan's was a lot better
4:38 pm
than mine. it was more relevant and i think more pointed. i had a similar idea. i went back and looked at some of the tweets that were coming out of white house communication shop. in the early days of obamacare, october 1st, october 2nd, october 3rd. what you heard from the white house at the time was, what problems? there aren't real problems. we have a ton of people visiting the web site. everything is going to be fine with obamacare, then you fast forward and see the kind of tweets that susan mentions and ones even later where they own up on the white house twitter feed or on various white house twitter feeds to the problems that they had just been denying even existed. so i think that's probably because of the prominence of obamacare as a political issue in 2013 and going forward. probably the most significant one for me. >> rick, do you think it's smart, if you were advising democratic or republican candidates in 2014, do you think they should do their own tweets? >> i think only if they have the utmost self-control. if i was a staff working for a campaign i would say please put that thing await a minute then again we have
4:39 pm
seen people to use it to great effect. cory booker volted himself in that national prominence. he used it well. he had awkward exchanges at times particularly with one adult film star he was in a documentary with so you have to be careful there, too. if i'm working with someone i'm saying i'm sorry candidate x. please give me your phone before you start running. >> steve, do you think it's possible in the upcoming election year that we could actually see somebody's candidacy doomed because of a tweet? >> yeah, no question. i mean, there is always a temptation if you spend any time on twitter at all, there is always a temptation particularly in the context of a heated political debate to tweet something that might signal some level of intemp presence or some level of anger at a time when you shouldn't do it. there is a reason that people say take a few minutes before you respond. people who have a fight with their spouse, take a few minutes before you, you know, resume your argument or resume your discussion. there is a reason for that. and what twitter does is it
4:40 pm
takes that away. it allows you to respond quickly, often, you know, in funny ways or ways that might seem funny at the time and later less funny. >> susan, what the safest thing, let's see if you know the answer to this. what is the safest thing that somebody in the politics and media can tweet about? >> policy. it's boring. but it's safe. i mean, twitter is permanent. it's unedited. and it can ruin your career in 140 characters. >> i thought you grping to say your dog because that's what my answer would have been. >> that's a safe one, too. but policy is boring but suspects safe. >> insider also get that opinion pa. thank you so much. straight ahead organizing for action says that republicans should be worried but are they or does the g.o.p. have a big plan for 2014? rnc chair ryan priebus is here to tell you coming up. annos
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fiewfns tweeting, family openings christmas gift expecting head phones, gets canned tuna instead. a father ordering a set of beats by dre head phones. he wanted to give them to 14-year-old daughter for christmas. when the teen opened the head phones box, he she found canned tuna instead. all is well that ends well. a beats by dre executive visiting the family and giving the teen new head phones. and if you think living next door to jose canseco would be wild, imagine dealing with the baseball player's pets for the win tweeting jose canseco's goats are annoying the neighbors. tweeting a letter from the homeowner's association complaining about the former baseball star's noisy pet goat. and asking him to promptly remove the goats from the property. and a toddler's loyalty to an alabama town is paying off. mobile tweeting 3-year-old named a city ambassador after a video of
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her crying over going to disney world instead of mow mobile went viral. becoming an internet sensation after choosing her grandparent's hometown over disney world. >> we're going to disney world! right now. >> i want to go to mobile. [ laughter ] >> and mobile's mayor presenting little mary keys to the city. now it is your turn to hash it out with us. just use #greta on all your tweets and posts. coming up, get out the popcorn, we will give you a sneak peek at the season's new movies. stay tuned.
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so should republicans be worried. organizing for action today democrats are winning. what will happen next week when problem-plagued obamacare officially launches and put up a front. ryan priebus joins us. okay, mr. chairman it should
4:48 pm
say that your title is herding cats, which have you been trying to do. you are going into 2014. you have this gift of an issue of obamacare, so what's the plan? >> look. i think it's a gift that keeps on giving all year around as eddy said in christmas vacation. unfortunately because it's bad for this country that it's going to be an issue that isn't going to go away dana, it's only to get worse and keep spiraling. and the beginning is before us. and women don't like it. young people don't like it. and this president is blind to it. and i th be the demise of the u.s. senate for the democrats. and i feel good about where we are at in 2014. >> how is candidate recruitment for you and is this issue helping that? >> well, i think, i mean candidate recruitment couldn't be going any better. if you look at the u.s. senate and looking at alaska and montana, arkansas, louisiana, west virginia. we have got six states in places where the president
4:49 pm
didn't win 42% in those states. and so, you look at put on top of that obamacare, look at mary landrieu in louisiana today. now she is distancing herself from obamacare, when she told her constituents in louisiana just last year, look, if you don't like obamacare, then you ought to judge me on my vote and i'm willing to stand up and be judged. well, we are going to judge her, dana. i don't think it looks good for them. but, unfortunate part about, this of course, is that this is an awful thing for this country. and it also shows what happens when government gets so big and so out-of-control it makes our case on some levels to the american people. >> what dues to critics that would say that the republicans don't have a proactive plan to sell? that's a criticism that i think must poll very well for democrats because you hear them say it all the time. but is it true? >> well, it's not true. i mean, obviously what we
4:50 pm
have got is a layer of people of preexisting conditions. people who can't afford the healthcare that is available to them. they are kind of in that layer just above a working poor layer that we have to have an answer for. and we have been putting proposal after proposal on the table. we have talked about ending junk lawsuits. we have talked about open pricing, so that we could figure out what doctors and hospitals charge. we have talked about pooling so that individuals and thousands of small businesses can get lower prices and more accessibility. we have rattled that off every single chance we get. and you know what in the democrats didn't want us at the table, so now the democrats got what they wanted. which was obamacare. and so, look, we're going to talk about obamacare every day. if you ask me what day it is? the answer is obamacare. if you ask me what i want in my coffee, i'm going to tell you i want a little bit of milk and obamacare. we are going to talk about obamacare between now and 2014 and beyond until there we repeal it and get rid of it and put something in
4:51 pm
place that's much better. >> all right, ryan, thanks so much. >> okay. >> coming up, tom hanks, leonardo decaprio, hollywood pug out othe big guns hoping to cash in if this big weekend. which new movies should you run to see? you will find out. during sleep train's huge year efor a limited time,dels save hundreds on tempur-pedic mattresses. get the most highly-recommended bed in america at closeout prices. plus, get interest-free financing and free same-day delivery. why wait for the new models? sleep train's year end clearance is on now. superior service, best selection, lowest price, guaranteed. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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restaurant rule is making customers angry. restaurant owners have the right to say no to firearms that's despite a state law allowing people to carry guns into restaurants and bars. now some angry gun owners are boycotting toby keith and the gun ban is sparking a firestorm on social media on one side people say that no gun sign alerts criminals
4:54 pm
to potential unarmed victims and on 00 other side people say that guns in a place that serves alcohol is a recipe for disaster so now you be the judge. should gun owners be allowed to carry their guns into restaurants and bars as long as it's legal? vote in our poll. coming up, tied season for big movie releases. what should you go see this weekend? you will find out next. mine was earned orbiting the moon in 1971. afghanistan in 2009. on the u.s.s. saratoga in 1982.
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it is suppose to be the most wonderful time of the year for new movie releases, which are worth the price of admission. kevin mccarthy joins us. kevin, i love seeing you. okay. >> good evening, greta. >> there are great movies coming out. which one do you like. >> good evening i hope you and jasper and your family had a wonderful christmas. >> thank you, very nice. >> 2013 has been the best years for movies i have seen in a long time. these are five movies i want to recommend that are currently in theaters right now. out of 138 films i saw this year. i only gave four out of five ratings. gravity, captain phillips, saving mr. banks and now martin score cease wolf of wall street. this is the best performance hands down of leonardo decaprio's career. i have never seen a film like this in my buyer life. three hours of the most insane, crude, raunchy, graphic, debauchery i have ever seen in my entire life. this movie is not for everybody. it was almost nc 17 rated.
4:58 pm
it's nearly three hours long, but it is a wild, wild ride. based on memoir about a wealthy stockbroker and rise and fall. i highly recommend it if you are a decaprio fan. i can't belief -- believe he has never won academy award. saving mr. banks. i love movies about movies. this move made smile. i was crying a little bit during the movie. it's a really emotional film. i love the making of mary poppins. tom hanks was born to play walt disney. emma thompson does a good job of p.l. traverse in the film. it will make you laugh and smile and make you love movies again. i highly recommend that as well. this movie is all for the family. this is a movie called frozen. growing up i loved the lion king, beauty and the beast, aladdin and little mermaid. this brought me back to that classic disney formula. i love the music. i had the sound track in my car, i listen to it all the time. the music is fantastic. the animation is great. it is beautiful movie in 3-d
4:59 pm
as well. i highly recommend that for the entire family. coming in northbound 4 is a movie called american hustle. david owe russell directed this movie. also directed silver line playbook. fighter and three kings. the performances in this film are a five out of five. they are phenomenal. christian bale, amy adams, jennifer lawrence. bailey steals the show. he gained 40 pounds in the role that stomach is actually his stomach. he shaved his head for terrible do you pay he has. pope fiction as well. i highly recommend that. finally a little movie called herr by joaquin phoenix. i recommend that one as well. >> the thing i learned that shocked me the most in this segment is that you grew up during the lion king. which makes me feel very old. i love those recommendations, thank you so much. >> thank you for having me on. absolute honor. people can can follow me on twitter at kevin mccarthy tv if you have any movie questions. >> they should do it. thank you for being with us.
5:00 pm
see you again on monday for the five. join us for "on the record" monday night at 7:00 p.m. eastern. have a great weekend. good night. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> we have in the first year an immigration bill that i strongly support. >> broken promises. most of president obama's big pledges have come up short. how is the white house planning to turn things around in the new year. fox's ed henry joins us with a special preview will governor chris i have -- chris christie play across the land. new poll finds chris christie and hillary clinton leading the pack for 2016. can anyone derail their path to become their party's nominee? we will analyze. i don't got


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