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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 28, 2013 9:00am-10:01am PST

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it will be a wild ride in 2014. see you on "the five." more than a million people now facing the harsh realities that they will lose their long-term unemployment benefits. the benefits are expiring today because congress didn't act. president obama from his vacation in hawaii urging congress to take this up asap. a federal judge rules nsa phone tapping is legal and throwing out a lawsuit by the aclu, but they are directly at odds with another court ruling. coming up, reaction from former attorney general alberto gonzalez and find out where he thinks this issue should be decided. plus, he's back. >> thank you for another good day on planet earth. thank you for this fish you provided for us. thank you for your love, your mercy and it is through him i pray.
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amen. >> we have exclusive reaction from the head of the "duck dynasty" family as a a and e blinks and says he can now return to the hit tv show. all of that and a special holiday visit from a popular country star celebrating a milestone. ♪ country superstar sammy cershaw will join us. we are live in the nation's capitol and it starts right now. >> more than a million long-term unemployed americans are facing life without emergency benefits as we head into the new year all wondering what happens now as congress continues with the vacation and leaving capitol hill without confronting this issue head on. president barack obama making a personal plea to senators for a three-month extension and telling lawmakers they need to act on this as soon as they
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return to dc. elizabeth prann has more for us now. >> the unemployment benefits were inend ited to be temporary. intended to be temporary. funding for the program was not included in the recent budget deal like you said and here is a break down. 1.3 million people accept these supplemental payments. many do so longer than the 26-week maximum. they get about $300 on average a week. and the cost to the average american taxpayer is about $25 billion a year. since the extension was not included in the two-year budget deal passed, it is now creating a lot of political tension. democrats are pushing for an extension of the program and many are slamming republicans for not including it in the budget. the nc chairwoman debbie wasser man schulz released the following statement reading in part, today because of republicans refusal to act, 1.3 million
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workers will lose benefits. these benefits joy critical support to the economy and the millions of americans who have yet to find work. the republican leadership has indicated they don't want to sign on to the program before knowing it is already paid for. this while lawmakers and veterans groups are stepping up efforts to fight cuts to benefit for military retirees. >> the fee that they will cut retirement benefits will be $3600 a year. that is $twint,000 that is going to come out of the check. they will lose $80,000 before they are 62 years old. an officer retiring at 42 years old will lose on average $124,000. >> meanwhile, the president while on vacation has voiced his support for a bipartisan piece of legislation that does provide a three-month extension in the senate. lawmakers don't return to dc until january 6th. back to you. it is your turn to sound off now.
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do you think unemployment benefits should be extebledded for the un-- extended for the unemployed? tweet me your answers. we will share some of your thoughts later in the show. turning now to the data collection program that continues to make headlines, last week a washington, d.c. judge ruling the program unconstitutional. fast-forward to friday and the news that a new york federal judge is ruling the bulk collection of telephone data is legal. the aclu is challenging the nsa saying it is not giving up with this statement. quote, we intend to appeal and look forward to making our case in the second circuit. all of this is setting stage for a showdown that could wind up in the supreme court. joining us now, former united states attorney general alberto gonzalez. welcome and great to have you here, sir. >> merry christmas and happy holidays. >> happy holidays to you as well. let me ask you first, this may end up in the supreme court unless the issue is overtaken by the decision of the
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president on whether to accept the recommendations of a white house review panel to ban the nsa from directly collecting this data. where do you think this issue is going to actually beset telled? be settled. >> this is the first step and whether or not the supreme court will ultimately hear this issue will depend on the second circuit and the dc circuit. even beyond that the court will watch very carefully what the elected branches of government will do. they will take into consideration and recommendation by the review panel. they will be interested in seeing what congress does. it is very likely that there is going to be action by the elected branches of government which may move out any action by the supreme court. >> the judge who ruled in favor of the nsa.ed out that -- pointed out that technology will plot terrorist attacks and 9/11 shows us the cost of missing this kind of threat can be in his words horrific. should we as a country simply understand and accept in this
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post 9/11 era that this telephone data collection is an effective counterterrorism tool. >> we need to accept the fact that the more information we have about our enemies is plotting what they are planning on doing is very important and available to our intelligence community. the question is whether or not we can take this information and this vast amount of data and sift through it. can we analyze it? can we produce intelligence? in addition to that, it is very important that we have an adequate safeguard to ensure the privacy interest of innocent americans are not abused. so long as we can meet those conditions i support the information that may be helpful in protecting america. >> for the justice department friday's ruling comes as welcome news against a backdrop of stories and it has kept the department on defense. what concerns do you have over the potential abuses? should congress actually supervise this program when it comes to any type of abuse in the stiewt?
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>> there are safeguards and checks in pleas, but i think additional safeguards may be these satisfactory including those recommended by the review panel there mught to be additional reporting and additional oversight by congress. i think the ig at the nsa, the general council at the nsa should be more involved in supervising what occurred in the nsa. i think there are additional things that can be done and should be done to ensure the program is operating in a way to promote public trust and what our government is doing in protecting america. >> let me ask you about your reaction to edward snowden who is responsible for leaking so many top secret documents which forced the obama white house to declassify thousands of pages it fought to conceal for years. he said he is satisfied that his mission is accomplished. >> you know, i don't really care what edward snowden says
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from overseas. i am going to be most interested in hearing what he has to say in a trial for espionage. beyond that i don't pay much attention to what edward snowden says about what he has done. >> a lot of people are angry and calling him a traitor. do you see it that way? >> i think what he has done is violate the law. if this was in the public interest of the united states he should come back to the united states and stand trial and we will see what happens. >> alberto gonzalez, great to see you, sir. thank you for joining us today. >> thanks for having me. and new overnight libya releasing four military personnel after they were detained yesterday at a checkpoint and released several hours later. the four special ops members were vighting -- investigating evacuation routes and protecting the american embassy. no one was injured in the incident. teptions have been high between the u.s. and libya
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ever since last year's deadly terror attack in benghazi that killed four americans. and the state department releasing this statement saying, quote, we value our relationship with the new libya. we have a strategic partnership based on shared interest and our strong support for libya's historic democratic transition. turning now to the latest of the government's botched health carrollout. after months of glitches and major melt downs the white house is saying in the final days of the sign up period, the site known as helped hundreds of thousands of people to enroll. was it a fix that came too little, too late a? doug mckelway who is traveling with the president as he vacations in hawaii is joining us with more. doug? >> that's right. the administration is touting the new health care numbers that have been released as a great success story and proof that the website they say is working as it was intended to
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do. let's look at some of the hard, cold numbers right now. on monday, december 23rd, there were two million plus site visits. that was the peak day. the system was able to ham 83,000 -- handle 83,000 concurrentsers. on december 24th, christmas eve, 880,000 total visits. met the mark and did what it was supposed to do which was help americans find secure, quality, health coverage at an affordable price. here is the press secretary. >> we have made tremendous technical improvements to the website. when the website was rolled out it was crashing and was not reliable. it is now reliable even when taking on significant traffic. >> critics say this was all expected. the website was expected to
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work . they say the larger problems lie down the road. we have already seen the confusion with the insurance industry. we are beginning to see the confusion of the availability of doctors in rural areas. there is speculation that the flow of the newly insured without a caw mens rat increase in doctors might mean do diminished care and longer waiting times. and then there is the added cost of insurance to millions of americans. >> this is a real wild card. we don't know how many people are going to be affected by all of the turmoil that results from owe bay you ma care. it can be millions. it could affect their spending decisions and investment decisions. we just don't know. it is chaotic as we go to year-end. >> and there is also tremendous confusion and ignorance about the affordable care act. take a look at this poll. one poll found 81% of young
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democrats approve of the affordable care act. but 68% approve of obamacare. it is the same thing. they don't know the difference. that's remarkable. it suggests they are not paying a lot of attention and there may be a lot of surprises down the road. >> those are remarkable numbers in deed. thank you very much. as the new health care plans kicks in new fox polls show many americans remain skeptical and are not happy about it. in fact, more than half of the polls shea they wish the -- polls say they wish the health care law had not all. joining us now is republican congressman and/or that you pea duck surgeon -- and/or that you pea duck surgeon, thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> we are days away from the first phase of obamacare kicking in and there are a number of concerns as we have been .ing out. pointing out. even if you think you enrolled we are hearing there are problems with processing the information and if you show up
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at your doctor's office on january 1st or shortly thereafter, you are expecting to be covered and your doctor's office may have no record you are actually indeed covered. what are folks supposed to do then? >> that's a real challenge. this is the back end questions that have been asked for the past couple weeks. we are transitioning from the sign up period for obamacare, for the affordable care act, into the implementation and the actual service of health care for individuals. as a physician i can tell you the doctors i talked to who are trying to run their offices and trying to determine whether or not people who have come to them are going to have proof that they are actually insured and whether they can care for them, they don't know that answer yet. here is the last part of december and this starts on january 1st. there are real problems that will occur and sadly this will affect people's quality of health care. as a physician i know that the quality of health care is the most important thing to the vast majority of the american people. they are not going to have the kind of health care that either they had before or they think they purchased through
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this program. >> so if you have insurance for example you may have some problems going forward and getting the doctor that you would like to see since both plans are likely not to give you the access to the doctors you want or the hospital you want your carry given to you. >> exactly right. we are seeing that right now as the provider panels, the number of doctors that will be able to see through the affordable care act. they are diminished panels and narrowed panels. the likelihood is you will not be able to see the doctor you saw before. in atlanta four of the top hospitals in the city are not eligible for the provision of care in obamacare. that's not even beginning to talk about the kind of medications we are seeing shaw roping in drug formulary. a medication you and your doctor worked out and helps you with you a problem, that drug may not be available to you, and this is before you get the first invoice or the first bill or first care you
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will receive under the program itself. you will see the deductible is significant lehigher. >> -- significantly higher. >> do you think doctors hillary fuse to see -- will refuse to see patients? >> that's a concern i have had for a longtime as have others. with the narrowing of panels and the decrease in payment to physicians, you are not going to be able to see the doctor you thought you could see or go to the hospital or the clinic or the facility you thought you were going to be able to go to. that is looking like a medicaid program and it is providing a lower quality of care in many, many instances. significantly decreased access to care. that would be okay if the prices were low, but in fact the prices will be higher than what folks were paying for health coverage that they liked and that they wanted to keep and that the president said they could keep, and now they can't. >> i know you have alternate ideas and it focuses 0* patient solutions.
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the president said he is open to listening to new ideas from folks on both sides of the aisle. have you had any luck so far getting a meeting with him? >> no, we actually called out to the president in one of our hearings a month or so ago and gave my telephone number to the office to the president. i said look, we have been asking for over three years now to have a meeting with the president and talk about patient center reforms. it puts patients and families and physicians in charge of health care and not the government. we haven't heard from the president, certainly. the president i think will be clamoring for a real solution. what he has put in place doesn't solve the health care challenges. it makes them worse. we have ideas that would solve the health care challenge and insurance challenge and we can save hundreds of trillions of dollars, over $2 trillion is what we proposed. that's the bill the american people want. >> a lot is riding on this come the new year. we will keep close watch and i know you will too.
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keep us posted and thank you for injoing us. >> thanks so much. happy new year. >> happy new year to you too. and now a story that created a huge uproar for "duck dynasty" fans. a and e has blippinged and the standoff is -- blinked and the standoff is over. they will start filming with the show's patriarch next spreng. they said, quote, while phil's comments made in the "gq" interview reflects his own beliefs and personal journey, he and his family regret the, quote, course language he used and the miss interpretation of his core beliefs based on the article. and he said he would never insight or encourage hate. the family exclusively telling fox news that they are, quote, excited to make quality tv shows for dedicated fans. the outpouring of of support and prayer encouraged anden boldened us greatly. robertson was banned from the network for comments he made
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about homosexuality in a magazine interview, but the show was on hiatus during his success speption. the fifth season of "duck dynasty" starts january 15th. and now this video. with thick ice it is making it tough to rescue an expedition ship in the antarctic. the expedition ship has been stuck since somewhat eve. a chinese icebreaker had to turn back because it could not push through the heavy ice. now another ship, an australian icebreaker considered even more powerful is expected to arrive tomorrow. 74 people on board the stranded research ship are reportedly in good health with plenty of food and supplies for the moment. the egyptian government makes a bold move naming the muslim brotherhood a terrorist group. this after the group bombed the police headquarters earlier this this week. what does this mean for the on going power struggle in that country? we will talk to analysts at half past the hour.
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but first, a texas man behind bars charged with a hate crime all because of a knockout game-style attack. the very latest next. plus, the parents of a young girl refuse to give up even after doctors declare her brain dead. find out where their battles to ep could the daughter alive stands -- to keep the daughter alive stands now.
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welcome back, everybody. now to a story we have been following very closely. the family of a young girl declared brain dead says it has found another nursing home willing to provide care for the 13-year-old. the first facility the found backed out. the family's lawyer will only say the new facility is in southern california. that little girl is being kept on a ventilator. she wept into cardiac arrest -- she went into a cardiac arrest after a routine tonsil surgery. her family has until monday to file an appeal. the judge said the hospital can take her off life support. it is not a game at all and now a texas man is facing federal hate crime charges for hitting another man in what prosecutors say is part of the
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knockout game. a judge denied bail for 27-year-old conrad alvin barrett because of how vicious it was. his victim is a 79-year-old black man whose name has not been released. he cap you are toured the insurance -- he captured the incident on his cell phone camera. james rosen has more. >> at least 25 times in the last two years cowardly urban thugs have snuck up on innocent vehicle times and knocked them unconscious with a single blow and fled the scene. now for the first time the knockout game, a sadistic crime with no sporting element to it, has seen charges by federal and not local authorities and for the first time under a hate crime statute out. the justice department said conrad barrett made several videos in the cell phone where he identified himself and used a racial slur on african-americans and stated his intent to victimize a
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black man in this fashion to receive national media attention. the doj alleges that on november 24 in the town of katy barrett recorded moment he attacked an african-american man and fracturing his jaw in two places. >> maybe there are those who say the intent for the national hate crime is not there, but i do believe that this would be an excellent test case. >> suspected it crimes of this nature will not be tolerated, said the u.s. attorney in the southern district of texas adding evidence of hate crimes will be vigorously investigated and prosecuted with the assistance of all of our partners to the fullest extent of the law. in many of the past cases, the perpetrators were black and the vehicle times were white and often in a series of recent attacks jewish. they believe they expressed clear intent on the part of the person treaters to single out on the basis of hate and religion. lawyers close to the barrett case in texas told fox news
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that local authorities asked doj to intervene, but why is unclear. texas has its own hate crime law and even the aggravated assault statute outs could have yielded a life sentence for barrett. the maximum he could face is 10 years. >> i think the optics are bad and i think there is a real question as to whether justice has jurisdiction. it has a ring to me of being almost -- i don't want to say publicity stunt. >> a magistrate judge concluded there was probable cause to believe the criminal complaint against barrett was accurate. the judge held him until an indictment was returned. barrett never spoke and entered no plea. his lawyer said he was diagnosed with by polar disorder and battled alcoholism for a decade. he feels badly about his actions and is extremely depressed. 234* washington, james rosen, fox news. >> james, thank you. secretary of state john kerry shedding back to the middle
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east for another round of talks. but there is a new obstacle that could make that con conversation an uncomfortable one. still to come, weighing in on the brand-new nsa data mining rule.
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welcome back, everybody. now for a look at the other headlines making news right now. a million americans will be cutoff from receiving jobless benefits. congress leaving without voting for an extension. president obama is said to be pushing for the benefits when congress returns. and we may never know why
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lanza went on that deadly rampage. his mother told a friend that adam had become increasingly despondent before the shooting spree. and video of a pair of hikers being plucked out of a canyon near pasadena, california. take a look. rescuers finding those two men hanging from a tree near a cliff. they were airlifted out of the area and amazingly will receive minor injuries. move over, new york. florida is about to surpass new york state in population. the new census bureau is showing that the two states will be narrowly separated with new york dropping to fourth place behind florida. they blame it on people moving to warmer weather states. and those are some of the top stories in our fox news flash. john kerry plans to return to israel next saturday for another attempt at reaching a peace agreement.
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this will be the secretary's 9th trip to that nation since he took office back in february. his trip comes as israeli officials say they plan to build more settlements in the west bank. it is a move the palestinian authority says is a deal breaker. now here is the latest. >> both sides have their deal breakers. the palestinian authority has indicated it will not recognize israel as a jewish state. and that is something israeli leaders is demanding. they will maneuver through this geo political mine field. the palestinian city functions as an unofficial capital to meet with israeli and palestinian officials. reportedly he will present both sets of leaders in the deal between them. lawmakers at home are not too optimistic that this 9th trip will do mop good. will do much good. >> you can't bargain with the palestinians. they want israel gone and the
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only ones you can put pressure on who are reasonable are the israelis. they have figured out that they are being sold down the river. i don't think kerry is going to -- in fact, i hope and pray kerry does not do good in as far as convincing israel to give away more land. >> some of the sticking points are what they have always been, israel's need to protect itself from palestinian terrorists, bored you ares of a potential -- borders of a potential palestinian state and the control of jerusalem. after his last trip to the rescreen earlier this month -- region earlier this month secretary kerry believes it is possible to get a deal. >> we are working on an approach that both guarantees israel's security and fully respects palestinian sovereignty. we remain hopeful that we can achieve the final status agreement. why? because we are absolutely
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confident that president obama, myself and i believe the leaders for both sides and for the region at large, peace can bring enormous benefits. it will make israelis more secure and palestinians too. >> but secretary kerry has said he does not want to say much publicly about the negotiations because he says that, quote, breeds speculation. >> molly, thank you very much. let's turn now to more on the fallout from the ruling by the judge who just handed down a decision on friday about the nsa data collection. the judge declaring that program legal and our next guest says the issue should never have made its way to federal court in the first place. fox news strategic analyst and retired military analyst officer lieutenant colonel ralph peters joins us. >> happy new year. >> happy new year to you. >> i know you have specific concerns about what is taking
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place right now. first of all, you don't think this was the place to decide anything. >> the supreme court will decide whether they like it or not. >> we have one district judge, leon, who decided that well the nsa program is probably not constitutional. he was not sure he suspended the director whereas yesterday judge polly laid out a very strong case about why this makes sense. what troubles me is the fact that this was largely a manufactured scandal. the real scandal is a traitor gave the chinese and russians our closest held secrets. that's the scandal. the idea that snowden was some keened of hero was blown up by the press. lazy journalists can always get a headline by saying the government is after you. the government is doing something bad. nsa boogie man coming to watch you trolling porn sites. i'm sorry. i have actually worked in intelligence unlike virtually
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every talking head that is talking about this. our intelligence community is made up of patriotic people who are doing their best to protect this country and its citizens. uma, for all of the uproar about this, no one has been able to name a single law abiding american, not one over 300 million citizens who has been tang -- tangibly harmed by any nsa program. you want to see who is spying on us and who is cheating and creepy? look at google. >> that is something a lot of folks are exploring right now and have concerns about in terms of what you are raising. given what is at play right now, the aclu says it is not going to back down. they will continue to fight this ruling front and center. do you think though that for those who have concerns about abuses and even though you say not one law abiding citizens has been harmed at this point by this type of operation, do
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you think any potential abuses should have strict oversight by congress? >> certainly should and it does. that is another travisty in this whole affair. you have seen so many frightened democrats and republicans both and members of congress running to the microphone and saying we have to fix this, blah, blah, blah. the senate and house intelligence committees were aware of every single nsa program in details. the ones with courage from dianne feinstein to peter king have offended these programs. it is an campbel of nare civil in society that americans believe the government wants to spy on their private lives. the government doesn't have time -- the intelligence community is too busy to spy on us. it is just too busy defending america and we need these programs to keep americans safe. should there be oversight? of course there is and i am not even against stricter
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oversight. >> i only have a few seconds left and i have to ask you what happened in egypt this week with the government there, the military government declaring the muslim brotherhood a terrorist network and jailing anyone tied to that network. do you think that will provide some type of stability now in that volatile region? >> short-term, yes, long-term no. i can understand egypt's military's frustration and trying to get society back under control. they want the brotherhood back in the box. for me when i looked long-term it is better to have the muslim brotherhood out in the open where you can watch them and monitor them than have an underground hiding and moving more toward an active terrorist role. short-term gains, long-term pain. >> we will see what lies ahead. thank you, sir and thank you for your insight. >> he is new york city's longest serving police commissioner and now he is getting set to retire. after the break he will let us know what is next. and country music star sammy
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kershaw will be here to talk about his concert tour. you don't want to miss it.
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welcome back. get your forever stamps now. the price of stamps is going up january 6th to 49 cents. the new rate will last for the next two years. it is the largest hike in 11 years. the commission that oversees
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the postal service rejecting a permanent increase. after 9/11 ray kelly set the standard in fighting terrorism creating one of the most sophisticated anti-terrorism units in the country. and now with 12 years of service under his belt, kelly's tenure is coming to an end. he spent 43 years with the nypd collecting praise and criticism along the way. rick leventhal sat down with the commissioner for his parting thoughts on his accomplishments and his critics. >> the staffing levels has broken off. >> he spent 50 years in public service, a marine in vietnam and two dozen jobs with the new york police department from street patrolman to its longest serving commissioner. and now ray kelly is handing in his shield. >> any sadness at all walking away? >> not really. i am ready to go. >> you are ready? >> yes. >> it's time. >> it is time. >> kelly is credited with
9:45 am
drastically reducing crime and making new york safest big city in america. but he has faced criticism for his methods, mostly the stop and frisk policy which gives cops more leeway in questioning and searching people on the street. it sparked protests and lawsuits and was a central theme of incoming mayor's campaign. >> i think it was blown way out of proportion. it was done to a certain extent for a political campaign and in that sense it it worked. it was effective for the candidates. you have record breaking reductions in crime, particularly violent crime. last year there was a record low in shootings and murder. this year we are 20% below that. >> kelly was serving his first stint when the world trade center was bombed in 1993. he was hired back soon after the attacks of 9/11. since then they helped thwart 16 more terror attempts and establishing the most sophisticated counterterrorism
9:46 am
departments in the world. >> that threat is not going anywhere, is it? >> it is not going away. it is a reality of the world. people want to come and hurt us and they want to come to new york because it is a communication and cultural and financial capital of the world and we will have to remain vigilant as we go forward. >> does it worry you at all that somebody else will be making the calls and not you? >> not at all. that's the way the system works. >> this new year's eve will be ray kelly's last on the job. he looks forward to taking a vacation with his wife, their first together in 12 years. in new york, rick leventhal, fox news. >> we wish the commissioner all of the best. up next, a holiday gift to our viewers as grammy nominated country music star sammy kershaw joins us to talk about his new album, popular hits and new material too. you don't want to miss this one. stay with us.
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a holiday treat. to our viewers. country singer sammy kershaw has been on the country music scene now for 44 year. his release called "sammy
9:51 am
kershaw," the big hits, volume one, has all the chart toppers on that that made him a name for so many years. he joins us live from new orleans to tell us about the music. you have been around quite a while. there are a lot of folks who absolutely love you. >> oh, i've been around a long, long time. you know, i started playing nightclubs, honky tonks, barrooms, dance halls, beer joints, whatever you want to call them, when i was 12 years old. fixing to be 44 years next month that i started, you know, since i sang my first song in a barroom as a kid. >> wow. and you're celebrating another milestone. it's been 20 years ago you were nominated for your first grammy. and i know that is something you reflect on, it's a very special thing for you to remember. tell me about your inspiration. where does most of your inspiration come today for your music? >> let me start by saying i've been a pretty lucky guy, you
9:52 am
know, for 44 years i got to do what i love to do. i get paid for a hobby, you know. and, you know, my -- when i was a little bitty kid, my mom and dad used to listen to country music. i'm talking about hank williams, george jones, merle haggard, conway, loretta, ray price. we're starting to lose a lot of those legends, you know. but i can remember being 4, 5 years old learning those songs. believe it or not, i can also remember when i was about 5 years old when george jones sang a song, i could feel that song, even though i was a little kid. and i hadn't lived those stories yet. i call george the king of country soul, you know. i could just feel that natural tear in his voice. and i know a lot of singers, heard a lot of singers in my life that had that natural tear.
9:53 am
one of them was the late merrill street. and believe it or not, ronnie van zandt had a natural tear in his voice. with the leonard skynard band. who died in a plane crash years ago. i just always thought he was a great country singer in a rock and roll band. >> those are legends. you are inspiring a lot of young artists today. >> well, i don't know about that. i hope i've done well enough to make some other young artist feel what i felt and what i got out of music when i was just a little boy, you know. and hopefully some of these new folks that are coming around, hopefully they have listened to some of my stuff and maybe they heard that natural tear in the voice, you know, and felt that music and really, really sold the story. because, you know, i won't do a song unless i've lived the
9:54 am
story. no matter how much of a big hit record i think it might be. i'll turn it down if i haven't lived it. >> well, i'm a big fan, i have to tell you, and i hear that in your music, i feel that tear coming down as you sing some of those songs. we love having you on. we wish you all the best as you go out with your new concert tour and promoting the new album and we wish you all the best for a great 2014. >> i appreciate it. we're going to have a good year. i believe '14's going to be a good year for us. a lot of boys out on the roots and boots tour. we're going to have a ball. i really thank you for having me on today and hopefully i'll see you soon. >> i would love it, thank you, all the best to you. >> yes, ma'am. >> happy new year, take care. >> switching gears now, you can call it a groundbreaking
9:55 am
mission. spending several hours outside of the international space station. stay with us. just by talking to a helmet. it grabbed the patient's record before we even picked himp. it found out the doctor we needed was at st. anne's. wiggle your toes. [ driver ] and it got his okay on treatment from miles away. it even pulled strings with the stoplights. my ambulance talks with smoke alarms and pilots and adiums. but, of course, 's a good listener too. [ female announcer ] today cisco is connecting the internet of everything. so everything works like never before. i have a cold with this annoying runny nose.
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a pair of russian cosmonauts set a record for a spacewalk. they had to give up because those cameras malfunctioned. it's the last call. send us your pampered animals getting into the holiday spirit. check out marilyn's cat lulubelle. danielle winters sends us her two adorable pups miley and lila. and my own dog sassy is in the running too. be sure to vote for the best dressed on our show's facebook page. that's going to do it for us from here in d.c. we've been asking you if you think unemployment benefits should be extended. steve says no, the longer the
10:00 am
benefits go on, the longer people will stay unepployed. but debra says they should be extended because my husband paid into the system for 30 year, he's unable to find a job, my salary is not enough to sustain us. thank you for watching. make it a great day. hi, everybody, i'm jamie colby. so great to have you here today. welcome to america's news headquarters. >> good to be back with you, i'm kelly wright. jobless benefits for more than 1 million americans expiring today. now more than outrage as critics slam the white house for not acting sooner. >> and a new decision on "duck dynasty." the cable network a&e saying it will keep patriarch phil robertson on the show after all. how critics are reacting next. >>


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