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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 28, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PST

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benefits go on, the longer people will stay unepployed. but debra says they should be extended because my husband paid into the system for 30 year, he's unable to find a job, my salary is not enough to sustain us. thank you for watching. make it a great day. hi, everybody, i'm jamie colby. so great to have you here today. welcome to america's news headquarters. >> good to be back with you, i'm kelly wright. jobless benefits for more than 1 million americans expiring today. now more than outrage as critics slam the white house for not acting sooner. >> and a new decision on "duck dynasty." the cable network a&e saying it will keep patriarch phil robertson on the show after all. how critics are reacting next. >> we know how many signed up
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for obama care to meet the january 1st deadline but is it enough to meet the administration's proposed goal? we'll have a fair and balanced look coming up. there are more than 1 million americans receiving long-term unemployment and now they're going to be cut off. an estimated 1.3 million americans are seeing their benefits expire today and more than an additional million middle of next year. and if congress doesn't act, there are going to be another 1.9 million that will lose their benefits before the end of june according to the white house. a total of 4.9 million others could also be impacted by the end of next year. i'm throwing you a lot of numbers. but elizabeth prann is going to bring us this story live in washington. the bottom line is a lot of people are going to lose their income as a result. >> you're saying a lot of numbers because it is a lot of people. it's immediately impacting anybody who's been collecting unemployment for more than 26
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weeks. that was the maximum set before the recession hit. that's when the benefits were temporarily extended. at its peak, the program was providing up to two years of coverage that has since been tapering down. since it was not included in the budget, lawmakers are now at a stalemate. democrats are pushing for an extension. house minority leader nancy pelosi released a statement which reads in part, neglecting to extend this vital lifeline to millions of workers is simply immoral. we have an obligation to support those who worked hard and lost their jobs through no fault of their own. republican leadership says it needs to be paid for first, extending benefits would only add to the federal deficit. >> first of all, it's been extended 11 times. it's at a cost of -- well, more than $250 billion. it's a lot of money. if you don't pay for it, it's adding to the debt and deficit which we're on the hook now for, for about $17 trillion and
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climbing. so there's an argument to be made that this argument has to be paid for. >> house bills have been drafted to undue pension cuts for military retirees. funds for that program was also left out the budget deal. >> we're going to talk about how that impacts all of us because it puts less money into the economy. thanks so much, elizabeth. joining us from washington. kelly. >> here's a story we've been following. the leader of the flock is back. cable network a&e deciding to bring phil robertson back to its most watched tv show "duck dynasty." this, after his controversial comments in a recent article in "gq" magazine. but it remains to be seen if the network can mend fences with viewers on both sides of this issue. to many people, this comes as no surprise to see phil robertson back. >> certainly does. look, capitulation to public pressure or just not being able
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to afford to destroy a moneymaker this big, that's what people are thinking are the reasons for a&e doing the 180 it's done on robertson's suspension. in a carefully worded wreck conciliatory statement yesterday here's how a&e tried to stop this flap over "duck dynasty." saying he and his family have publicly stated they regret the coarse language he used. he also made it clear he would never incite or encourage hate. "duck dynasty" is not a show about one man's views, it's a show about family, a family that america has come to love. they come together to reflect and pray for unity, tolerance and forgiveness. these are three values that we as a&e networks also feel strongly about. a lot of words in that statement. but no verbal reaction from phil or the family about his reenstatement on the show. but his son willie did tweet this though. back to work is how the tweet
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read, so proud of all the fans of the show and family. phil may be a little crude but his heart is good. he's the real deal is how willie put it. also politicians who have been backing the duck commander seemed to galvanize that support for him yesterday. alabama state senator jerry fielding saying he plans to introduce a resolution next month praising robertson as a hero, believe it or not. the gay rights group glaad hasn't agreed with phil's return. they issued a statement strongly worded saying phil robertson should look at african, american and gay people in the eye and hear about the hurtful impact of praising jim crow laws. if dialogue with phil is not part of next steps, then a&e has chosen profits over the african-american and gay people, especially its employees and viewers. the gay lobby group clearly not happy by the developments.
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phil expected to be back on the air in january. back to you, kelly. >> we will follow the developments of "duck dynasty" which will probably increase in its ratings. >> it is the epitome of irony. there's a chinese ship that's designed to break through ice but it was forced to turn back because it couldn't break through this ice. it was trying to rescue a stranded vehicle near the antarctic. the snow dragon ran into an ice floe while trying to reach the research ship. it's been stuck there since christmas eve. 74 people that are on board that first ship will likely have to wait at least another two days to be rescued. now, live in our new york city newsroom with the latest. at first i heard everyone was okay being stuck on the ship but now the rations and the food are starting to get a little dim. >> they are. they say they do have enough food to last. that chinese icebreaker, the snow dragon, came within just seven nautical miles of the
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stranded russian vessel when it was unable to push through the thick heavy ice. a french icebreaker also called off its mission about 12 nautical miles from the ship. both ships are now waiting in place. now the stranded russian research ship is putting its icebreaker from australia said to have the best ice breaking capabilities, which is expected to arrive by late sunday their time. the stranded ship left new zealand on november 28th carrying 74 tourists, crew and scientists. they were recreating an australian explorer's 1911 voyage to antarctica when on tuesday high winds wrapped sea ice around the ship, freezing it in place. >> the location, the high winds, labeled this area of home of the blizzards. it's in the book of records as the windiest place in the world with average wind speeds of 70 kilometers an hour. >> but the ship is not in danger of sinking.
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there are a weeks worth of supplies. the crew is said to be doing dandy. they even had their own sec santa gift exchange. >> at the moment, we're just waiting, and in the meantime, just keeping the spirits of the rest of the team high. they are very good. and continuing as we spend each day here, making the most of our time. >> scientists aren't letting a little thing like being stranded at sea stop them from exploring. they're posting videos on twitter and drilling through the ice surrounding the ship to photograph sea life. by the way, the scientists on board say they plan on continuing their expedition once they are freed. in terps terms of the rescue, they say they think they can perhaps save them with rescue boats if the worst case happens and these boats can't reach them. >> we wish them the best of luck on board. thank you, brian. >> tough conditions out there. anyway, coming up, rebuilding
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shattered lives. an in depth look on a home away from home that helps women trying to recover from addiction and other adversity. >> thank goodness they do. plus, ahead to 2016. it surely isn't too early, especially for the candidates that are thinking about being candidates. coming up, we're going to take a look at who voters say is the next person they want to see move into the white house. when it's donut friday at the office, i use my citi thankyou card to get 2x the points at the coffee shop. which will help me get to a beach in miami and they'll be stuck at the cube farm. the citi thankyou preferred card. now earn 2x the points dining out, with no annual fee. go to [ male announcer ] at progresso, we lieve the second chapter of your life
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time for a quick check of your headlines. an update from that deadly car bomb in the heart of beirut on friday. a 19-year-old male has died, raising the death toll now in the attack to seven. the blast killed a pro western former lebanese ambassador to the u.s. at least 70 more were hurt. new overnight, libya releasing four u.s. military personnel after they were detained yesterday at a checkpoint. the four likely special ops members were investigating exit
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routes. and despite months of delays, the white house is saying on the final day of the signup period for plans beginning january 1 actually helped 800,000 people to enroll. >> as we get ready to ring in 2014 of course you'll be joining fox for that, there's already talk of the 2016 presidential primaries. according to the latest fox news poll, the preference puts new jersey governor chris christie on top with 16%. on the democrat's side, former secretary of state hillary clinton miles ahead of other candidates at least for now with a whopping 68%. bringing in our political panel to take a look at these. welcome to both of you. always great to have you here. >> thank you. >> great to be here. >> maybe there's no surprises for you guys at this point, but what about down the road,
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angela? do you think these poll numbers -- >> i think it all depends on the democratic side, if joe biden decides to throw his hat in the ring. they're saying president obama might endorse his vp so that could be a problem for hillary also. ben gaez. let's not forget. a great television commercial would be what does it matter now when she testified before the committee in the senate. we'll have to see, if joe biden throws his hat in, i think hillary will have a problem. >> richard, i was thinking about this last night after a took a look at these fox news polls, that hillary clinton perhaps as one campaign issue could say joe biden was really the foreign policy president, but our relationship with israel, et cetera, would that assist her at
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all in overcoming a possible bid for the race by the vice president? >> i think it will assist territory greatly as she figured out what she's going to do next. i think it's too early to tell on either side. where i disagree with angela is where i feel the president is going to stay out of this one and let the the two individual also fight it out. i think you're right, hillary's foreign policy experience, her domestic experience as first lady, her domestic experience as senator from the state of new york. a formidable candidate for the 2016 nomination. we've got to think about 2014. >> let me play a sound bite from charles about hillary clinton as a candidate and then i want you to respond. >> i think she's going to be -- if she decides to run, which i think is likely, she'll be a relatively weak opponent. the republicans will have a really good shot there.
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>> angela, do you agree? >> as richard stated her whole resume, we have a lot of things to run against hillary on. not only her policy as a senator, but also what she did as secretary of state. but also what her husband did during the clinton years. do we want four more years of bill clinton being first spouse? i do believe she will run. remember that barbara walters interview? she's going to run -- >> what about health care, angela, you didn't mention that but, you know, the first lady at the time, hillary clinton, had some ideas about health care. it was somewhat unique for a first lady to take such a strong position on such an important issue. now, she will have to explain away the obama care debacle. >> that's what she's trying to do. she's doing this political two-step jamie where she is trying to distance herself from the president's unpopular
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policies. still, she has to play to that base. she is going to have to explain would she have supported obama care and when she was first lady. she wanted socialized medicine. so then -- >> why are you laughing, richard? >> i don't know if i would call it socialized medicine at all. beyond that point, i think that -- i really feel as though hillary is the formidable candidate. i think hillary is a strong candidate. where i disagree with charles. one, she has infrastructure. two, she can run on her resume. three, like angela said, you can talk about the former president clinton if you like, but one thing that is the truth is when president clinton was the president of the united states, we had unprecedented economic growth -- >> i don't know really -- i don't know really if you can compare the times because the economy is where it was -- can i
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put up the poll again and look at the list? because chris christie won by a big number when he ran. we have other candidates too. if florida governor jeb bush put his hat in the ring, richard, would he be a formidable candidate to hillary clinton or joe biden? >> he would be a formidable candidate. the problem here for the republican party is this is going to be another gop primary carnival. i mean, you think of the likes of the stars of this gop primary. you have ryan, you have bachmann, you have sanitatorum the list goes on and on. the republican party doing this primary is going to be the gift that keeps on giving. >> i think we learned our lesson the last time. you had newt gingrich against mitt romney and the democrats -- i think that whoever we decide we're going to get behind 100%.
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>> all right, great discussion. it is going to be both the 2014 and 2016. very interesting time to cover. thank you so much. happy new year to both of you if i don't see you. >> happy new year, jamie. >> you too. >> kelly. >> today's installment of beyond the dream, we focus on the walter home. it's an incredible place that offers valuable help from women seeking recovery from addictions and perilous lifestyles. >> i had been getting high, smoking crack cocaine for over 20 years off and on. >> 20 years, thamika? >> yeah, i started smoking crack cocaine when i was 13. today i'm 37 years old. i have four girls. >> life can be tough. it can literally break your heart. tamika knows how hard living can be. growing up in the inner city, she saw the harsh conditions of poverty, drugs, prostitution and
10:21 am
abuse. no hope. just despair. >> i turned to drugs. i turn to men. i turned to stealing. i turned to anything to cover up all that emotional pain. >> angela know also the scars of deep emotional pain, battling an addiction to drugs for ten years. even though she was living her dream as a wife and mother, a painful divorce broke her fragile heart and plunged her deeper into a life she never wanted. >> it spiraled out of control with that. i started trying every stuff and drinking every day and things like that. i lost my whole identity. i hit my breaking point. >> angela and tamika are two women among many whose lived are shattered by drug and alcohol. they have tried to beat the demons of addiction but with no victory until now. in the picturesque setting of
10:22 am
garrison new york is a mansion called the walt eer hoving home. here in the peace and quiet women are having their lives transformed through the renewing of their lives. >> any time you're dealing with addiction, you've got life and death situation. people die every day from ov overdotzs. they didn't think it would be their last hit but it was. we're in a life and death fight when girls come to us. we know if they leave here not ready to live a life of recovery, then we know that death could be at their doorstep. so we bring them here and try to offer them the opportunity to never go back to that life or death fight, that addiction. >> beth is the executive director of the walter hoving home. she explain, the home is a faith-based home helping women ages 18 or older.
10:23 am
women enroll for a 6 month or 12 month recovery program. they work daily on developing a winning attitude over depression and drugs and they're even required to sing in a gospel choir. the program is entirely supported by the generosity of private donors from people who care deeply about the women. >> a lot of people don't want to talk about the god factor. talk about what god can do. medical science. you know, it doesn't really matter what you believe about addiction. i think we have to be open to what people need. i think there is a spiritual side of people that until that gets dealt with they're always going to struggle. >> it's only by god that i am here. he has given me the strength every day. >> i just feel so free. i no longer carry the weight of the world on my shoulders.
10:24 am
excuse me. >> it's okay. >> i'm just free. i have the victory. >> that's right, the victory. the home also provides a residential recovery program in las vegas and pasadena, california. the faith-based group has been helping women recover from and overcome their addictions one lady at a time. we saw the elizabeth ailes home, the lodge, rather, that's something the wife of our chairman and ceo sought to do, because she understands the plight of these women. she reached out to help them. we thank you as well. >> absolutely. >> for building that wonderful home from the ground up. >> that's amazing. i believe every woman deserves a chance and i know that both mr. and mrs. ailes share in that. every year, i learn about something else incredible they have done. these women deserve that chance. >> the bottom line with these women -- i met these women two years ago. they feel that one person deserves one more chance and
10:25 am
that their lives do matter and that was certainly something i was eager to do and we finally got a chance to do it. congratulations to all the women. >> and others can help as well. >> absolutely, private donations only. your generosity does not rely on any government support whatsoever. >> that's incredible. those women are clearly committed to getting well. thank you, kelly, so much. we wish them all the best. meanwhile, let's get back to our other top story. big numbers coming in. hundreds of thousands of americans have visited the website in this 11th hour but is it enough for the administration to declare a victory yet? >> and tehran, well, it is moving full speed ahead with uranium enrichment. we examine the growing pressure president obama is facing over his support for a nuke agreement. [ male announcer ] this is george.
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it dissolves in any temperature, even cold. tideod pop in. stand out. it is the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. 1.3 million americans receiving long-term unemployment. seeing their benefits expire today. and the change will affect hundreds of thousands more who remain jobless in the months ahead if congress does not act. >> after a week controversy, the leader of the flock is back. cable network a&e deciding to bring phil robertson back after his controversial comments in a recent interview with "gq" magazine. and the rescue ship sent to save a stranded vessel in the atlantic is turning back due to thick ice. the ship with 74 people on board
10:31 am
has been stuck since christmas eve. it will likely have to wait another day or two to be rescued. >> a lot of people spent their christmas holiday on the computer. they were at trying to get coverage. the obama care website received 880,000 visitors on christmas eve. the last day that americans could enroll to receive health care coverage that would begin on january 1st. but are these numbers enough for the administration to call a victory they have been looking forward to? doug mcelway traveling to president in honolulu still. >> jamie, the website is from all appearances working much, much better. it is working for the most part. as it was intended to do. the center for services has released some numbers from that prechristmas rush which conveyed just that. on monday december 23rd there were 2 million plus site visits.
10:32 am
that was the peak day. the system was able to handle 83,000 concurrent users while the queueing system was activated. 129,000 was sent into that queueing system. here's white house deputy press secretary josh earnest. >> millions of people are taking advantage of this opportunity to get access to quality affordable health care. what the team has been focused on is making sure as they transition to the new health care coverage that that transition is as smooth as possible. we have put in place a team of experts who are working through the holidays to try to minimize that inconveniencnconvenience. >> we understand that the president was briefed on these new numbers. we would assume he has got to be pleased with them. and that the glitches have been
10:33 am
largely removed. critics expected this in large part. they say the bigger problems with obama care lie down the road. here's republican congressman tom price of georgia who himself is a physician. >> folks in obama care and the affordable care act believe they've purchased something that they haven't really purchased. they're going to have a health care coverage with fewer doctors, fewer hospitals, fewer clinics being able to see them. they'll have higher out of pocket expenses. higher deductibles by and large. >> there is also tremendous ignorance in the united states about the affordable care act. take a look at this the one post. truly remarkable. it found that 81% of young democrats, 81%, approve of the affordable care act. what's the difference? nothing. it's the same law. it suggests that a lot of americans have been paying virtually no attention to any of this back and forth. they could be in for some fairly big surprises down the road.
10:34 am
jamie. >> doug mcelway live from honolulu where the president is still vacationing. doug, thanks for the update. >> president obama facing mounting pressure today to drop his support for a recent nuclear agreement with iran and back a new round of sanctions. it comes after tehran announced this week that it is now in the process of building a new generation of centrifuges for uranium enrichment which critics say is a clear sign iran is backing away from its promise to curb its nuclear program. the fox news security analyst join us now to share some insights. this is really problematic because this is what crickets of the president's plan have been talking about all along, that you cannot trust iran. why are we here? >> you know, this is so incredible, kelly, for the last decade, the united states, republicans, democrats,
10:35 am
congress, presidents, and even the united nations, have had a deal on the table. here was the deal. we would drop economic sanctions. the iranians would stop their nuclear program. now, what is the deal seem to be now? well, we're dropping the sarngss. in fact, the economy in iran is starting to boom. are the iranians stopping their nuclear program? no. they're not only not stopping, they're ramping it up. the question becomes is this a deal that's even worth having. i don't think so. >> wrapping it up. as you recall, k.t., the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu had warned of this situation. he said if you start easing the sanctions or even giving the perception that you would be going lightly on the sanctions that people would be standing in line waiting to build iran's economic base and reward them with helping them build their nuclear -- well, their nuclear program. so what happens now? how does the united states turn it back? >> well, here's the problem, i'm
10:36 am
not sure we can turn it back. netanyahu was absolutely right. the iranian stock exchange for example in the last month has gone up 133%. we haven't even lifted those sanctions officially. just the mere suggestion we're going to lift them has met the companies and countries are lining up to do business with iran. so iran is on the verge of having a huge economic boom. so what does the united states do now? sure, congress should pass legislation to say if iran does not go along with what they promised to do, sanctions should be reimposed. it's going to be hard to reimpose those sanction. going to be really hard to get that toothpaste back in the tube. >> i was going to say, to your point, when you go back to the president's friday press conference, before going on his vacation to hawaii, he was talking about, hey, we haven't removed sanctions. they're still effective. that was his argument. how effective is that argument when you see that iran is kind
10:37 am
of thumbing its nose in the face of the president? >> well, what iran wants is the sanctions to be lifted and they want a nuclear program. now, why? because they want to be alpha dog of the middle east. they want to be the most powerful country in the region. particularly because they think the united states is leaving. president obama may have said, look, we haven't eased sanctions, but, in fact, we have. there's already evidence to that. it's come out in a number of reports. including the united nations has even talked about it. what the united states should do is repair our relationships with the allies in the region. assure them they do not need to get nuclear weapons of their own. the other thing though we need to do, kelly, is -- as long as we're dependent on the middle east, we the united states, we the world, as long as we need middle east oil, we're in the middle of this. if the united states immediately went for energy independence, we
10:38 am
haven't be having these conversations. >> it's not like we don't have that option as well right here in our own country. how precarious of a situation might this be if we fail to act and do something about this? >> it's very serious for two reasons. one, if iran does get nuclear weapons, they're the alpha dog in the middle east, they start dictating events in the entire region. the second thing that has been a worry is if this launch is a nuclear arms race, even if iran doesn't have a nuclear weapon, if they're thought to be on the verge of having a nuclear weapon, the other countries in the region have already announced they will get nuclear weapons of their own. you could see a nuclear arms race in the most unstable part of the world and a part of the world the rest of the world economy needs for energy. >> certainly the one thing we do not need at this juncture. we appreciate your insights and your perspective as always. have a great day. i know we'll see you before then, but have a happy new year. >> happy new year to you too, kelly. >> k.t. would like it too if you
10:39 am
say go navy. a difficult day, i got to tell you, for more than 1 million americans. they are especially hard hit because today is the day that their long-term jobless benefits will end. coming up, we're going to talk about how that impacts not only them and their family, but also the economy and all of us. experts claim it could cost tens of thousands of people to drop out of the job market all together. we will be right back.
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colorado authorities are searching for a runaway teen from wisconsin involved in a stolen car police chase that crossed two counties. 15-year-old brianna gomez went missing december 23rd and she had just been released after serving six months in juvenile detention and is believed to be traveling with her boyfriend and two other teenage males. police say the teens may be california and finding gomez is especially pressing since she's insulin dependent. back to one of our top stories. there are more than 1 million americans that right now today is the day they lose their unemployment benefits. all of that comes as the
10:44 am
government's five-year extension program expires for all of those who have been on unemployment for more than 26 weeks. our guest is the founder of help save my and these folks will have fewer dollars for sure, scott, if they lose their benefits. 96 weeks is a long time to be on unemployment. what's the impact overall to the economy if now these folks are taken off the roll? >> twofolds. we could see a drop in consumer spending. a strain on the gdp, which has been recover at an anemic pace since the recession of 2000. we could see an impact on the unemployment rate but not for the right reasons. we could see the rate drop about a half a percentage point. principally because people could give up looking for work. thus, they would not be counted in the unemployment rate so it would drop. or you could see people simply flock towards temporary jobs which is not a solution to the
10:45 am
unemployment problem but rather a band aid. the economic impact is rather significant here. >> for so many years, 96 weeks was not what was available. you'd get like six months of unemployment. and hopefully you'd find a job by that time. employers are shying away from hiring people that have been unepployed for such a long stretch. are we friend or foe in giving people who are out of work this much assistancassistance? >> that's the thing, there is a stigma among employers about hiring someone out of work for over six months. it's just how it is. an unfortunate side effect of the economy we live in. like you mentioned before the recession, unemployment benefits were upwards of six months pft. and then after the recession the federal government kicked in to help the states. they spent billions over the past five years. we're at a point where we have to say what are we going to do with the future of the program.
10:46 am
>> hopefully, it will, but it is at a very slow pace. next year, close to 2 million more people lose their benefits. there's already a bunch of folks on the sidelines that stopped looking. >> we've been seeing that labor participation rate at its highest level, which is part of the reason you're seeing that unemployment rate drop. also, the latest reading from november at 7%, that also accounts for some of the temporary jobs we normally see during the holiday season. it wasn't the most accurate depiction of how the job situation is looking in the country. >> what's the answer? for the folks out there who are going to lose their benefits or maybe they have a family member who will, what should they be suggesting to their elected officials? >> well, look, at the short term, they might see a delay in
10:47 am
their check, especially as we have to wait for congress to get back from vacation on january 6th. in the long term, you really need to prepare for these unemployment benefits to slow down. we're entering an era where this program just isn't going to have the room in the deficit, the room to spend money on this stuff. so, you know, it was left out of that bipartisan budget deal from a few weeks ago. that just shows the democrats, even democrats, are saying, look, this issue is slowly getting to the back burner. it's really going to be a full deal over the next few months. >> if you're in a position to put some away in case of an emergency like this, do it. >> it's so true, try to have at least three to six months of emergency savings on the sidelines so if you lose your job you have some money to tide you over. >> all right, we are grateful every day when we do have a job, so i hope folks find something soon, thanks. the tragic case of the family of the california teen left brain dead after routine
10:48 am
surgery hoping for a miraculous recovery, sparking a national conversation about life support. our doc is in with some unique insights on this emotional issue next. hoo-hoo. hoo-hoo...hoo-hoo. hoo-hoo hoo. sir... i'll get it together i promise... heeheehee. jimmy: ronny, how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? ronny:i'd say happier than the pillsbury doughboy on his way to a baking convention. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. isn't it time you discovered the sleep number bed? becausonly the sleep number bed offers dual air technology that lets two peopled the perfect balae of comfort and support for their bodies. their sleep number setting. ok, right there. and only the sleep number bed is clinically proven
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turning now to the tragic
10:52 am
case of a california teen who doctors say was left brain dead following complications from a reportedly routine tonsillectomy. the attorney representing the family saying they have found a facility where they're hoping she can make a miraculous recovery. after a court appointed doctor completed that the girl's condition is irreversible. our guest is a private physician who can weigh in on this. you dealt with a lot of cases in surgery and anesthesiology. have you ever heard anything like this, where a routine tonsillectomy goes so very wrong? >> even simple cases can be problems. most of the time it can be stopped, but this is a case that went tragically wrong. >> you talked about how they do the suture or the cauterizing to
10:53 am
make sure there is no substantial bleeding. however, in this case, as you said, something went terribly wrong. was it a case of perhaps oversight, not being proactive enough? >> blood is sent to there, so it's possible you cut a blood vessel. before you finish the surgery, the surgery will visualize to make sure there's no additional bleeding. however, in certain cases, there is called a primary bleed which happened within 24 hours. it can occur and it can be very brisk. it appears she lost so much blood her heart and blood pressure dropped significantly. >> this comes at a bad time. there's a story about how the young child didn't want to go through this to begin with but it was something the doctors wanted to do, because she was overweight, they were trying to basically do something for sleep ap apnea. is there a chance she could have a recovery? >> our thoughts and prayers go
10:54 am
out to this family. no parent should ever have to bury their child. there are no words for this. there was an indication for this procedure to help her breathe better. so they went in with the best of intentions. and it is very difficult. if i was supposed to take my daughter for surgery, i don't know how would do this after hearing this story. most cases, this is not the norm. >> as we follow this, follow the developments of it, she's basically known to be brain dead, what type of activity can give a glimmer of hope th this family? >> in this case, she's been declared brain dead by three different independent people. in this situation, there is no brain activity. we are providing what we call life support, which is a misnomer. we're giving her mechanical support to her lungs and her heart. there's nothing that can be done when there's no activity to give life back to the brain. it's a little different in something happens to your heart or your lungs. we're hoping because this is the time, it is the holiday season.
10:55 am
hope is unfortunately in the way. it's extreme lly tragic. >> jamie, you're also a parent as well. >> as well of course. there's a good samaritan in this story. there's a nursing home willing to take jahai and take care of her for this family but the hospital is refusing to give her the breathing tube and feeding tube she needs to be transported. why would they make that decision? >> i don't want to say it is the fault of the hospital because it is not appropriate to operate on a dead person. >> that is their theory? >> this is a moral and legal thing and they are not heartless in this situation. >> thank you, dr. radcliffe. we wish the family the best certainly. >> yes, all our prayers. >> and sensitivity to it as well. >> it is so hard as a parent even to tell the story. all right, that's going to do it for us and this hour of america's news headquarters. >> for those of you watching, keep watching. >> we want to wish you a healthy and happy new year. we hope you'll keep it right here on the fox news channel.
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we are having huge fastests on new year's eve night. we'll be thinking about you. i'll see you back here at 2:30 with gregg jarrett. [ sniffles, coughs ] shhhh! i have a cold with this annoying runny nose.
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