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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 30, 2013 10:00am-12:01pm PST

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>> 17 people just yesterday in a crowded train station. amy kellogg is live in lopped lond with the timing of the winter games. and also that the bomber was.
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this morning's was on a trolley bus that killed people and the bomber was stopped by security in the checkpoint and detonated killing among others that security official. and the bombs were made of the same material and in the same place. they were snapped for schra pel. the group did not claim responsibility for the attacks but suspected of involvement. security is stepped up in russia including the capitol moscow where terrorist penetrated one of the major airports and a subway and theater and high profile locationses over the years. and people have to give the gift
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of blood this holiday season. they turned out in numbers to turn o turn out -- give blood. the u.s. would welcome greater cooperation with russia on the olympics. we heard that call before. the boston marathon bomber had his roots in dagestan, and there was discussion of him being on the radar screen a head of the attack. and this is an issue for some time now. better cooperation between russia and the u.s. on security and terrorism. >> hopefully no chances are taken. >> amy, thank you very much. we'll talk to a military expert about the security fears for the russian city hosting the olympics games in the wake of these attacks. it is just weeks from now, what
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will be done to keep them safe. that's coming up. the administration touting a surge in obama care sign ups. it is less than 48 hours before the new health care law kicks in. raising concerns about obama care's cost and questioning whether many of the last-minute enrolleys have the coverage. they are here now on that. stephen, good day to you and happy new year to you. >> what is your expectation come january 1st? >> reporter: the good news/bad news for the administration. december was a good month for sign ups on the federal website. but if you include federal and state they are 1.3 million shy of their own target and 4 million shy of where they need to be by the time the man date comes in affect and people pay
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the pen alley in march. it is required that americans have insurance and the actual penalties don't kick in until you have gone three months without insurance. those people who signed up by christmas eve will use that insurance. and if they paid the premiums and they will show up in the pharmacy and doctor, the question is, insurance companies are getting bad information from the federal health care website. people think they have sign up. but the question is do did they and will the insurances know they signed up and will they be able to go to a doctor? >> stephen 1.3 million. is that the paying public? have they forked over the money? >> some of them have. some have until it january 10th. not all of them have paid.
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you can assume that generally folks especially the ones that signed up. they intend to pay the first month's premium and we count them successfully enrolled. >> pay attention to the demographecs. i guess very soon we'll figure it out. what about the taxes in the now years and what can people generally expect on that? >> the main tax is of course, the penalty tax. if you don't buy insurance, then come the end of the year, you will have to have, you will have to pay a tax for not been insured if you go three continuous months without health care, but the question for the people in addition to the taxes, what health care going to look like? >> great point. >> reporter: some people will feel the taxes and more people will look at what their plan covers. these people are just now getting into these new plans. every time your company switches
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plans, all of the sudden a bunch of people switched because of the government. people who lost their insurance. and the real affect on americans, what is covered and whether people are happy with what they covered. it is a tax that is important. and important that what the actual policies look like and premiums and deductibles look like and how much they are paying out of >> it is a huge story in 2014. stephen thank you. just getting word that the centers for medicare and medicaid services is now retiring. michelle snoider was in charge of the obama care and technology experts who built the site reported to her. she would be the second official
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to depart since the roll out of october 1st. so many hospitals and pharmacies are bracing for the obama care confusion as patients are struggling to understand new policies. some expected to show up without insurance cards and others could find themselves victim of back end of errors. our dr. mark seiggel is joining me to talk about what we will hear about. dr. siegel, people who think they signed up and didn't. doctors who don't know what they can charge and deductible and co-- pay and how much cop fusion do you expect? >> as of thursday, we'll see a lot of confusion. i will want to add to the list. people who sign up on the website don't have active insurance and those with big deductibles because a bronze
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plan and they find out if they are sick that deductible applies. it is not like the old catastrophic you don't worry about the deductible. you do. and third group people who don't know how to get the insurance. they don't know if they go to a website. a patient who is 25 who could get it on his mother's policy. he is having urinary symptoms. he said he didn't know how to do it. i call that undocumented. yeah, maybe obama care in the future will lead to less uninsured. not now but sometimes in the future. but what about the people who have coverage and don't have it. it is a lot of pressure on doctors, jamie. >> and they were told if you want to keep your doctor you can and they can't. and the other is a lot of doctors are being dropped by
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insurance companies as part of the obama care roll out. what is the impact on the medical community with that? >> that is a great point it just made. this is a network, and that insurer may not want me. same thing with my hospital. i work in a university hospital and the insurers in order to keep premiums down. under obama care. they have to cover a lot of preventative services and may decide we don't want that expensive hospital. patients get stuck and if they do manage to find a doctor, that doctor may think there is a lot more referrals to do. it is not easy as it used to be. it is easy and harder to practice medicine. and you know a lot of people are saying especially young people critical to the plan and working and haven't signed up. you know what, i will pay the
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penalty and that is less expensive with the plan i was eligible for. and i went and got on the website. what happens to the patient who doesn't sign up and show up in the emergency room and maybe you are eligible for medicaid, is there a situation that is complicated to? >> that is an excellent ponent. the truth is, you will have to get taken care of. you may get past the march eligibility period. yes, you will get care and you will get a bill like you used to. you will not be covered at that point. >> mark, you followed this in the beginning. what part of the obama care went
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right? >> it is hard to figure out what went right. >> jamie we are spending a lot of time on the five percent and insurance coverage. i am really concerned 50 percent get it through their employer. that is most at risk and that is most americans. those plans will not stay in affect either. it will get worse than this. >> as much passion and emotion, you presented it factually in i way we can understand. why we keep him around. new information on the terror attacks and those
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responsible that are on the loose. my next guest said these attacks are justut beginning. >> plus, terfoyed customers, duck for cover. a gunman opened four in the middle of a popular restaurant. >> there was a shooting. and they called out the back door. too small. too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection.
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some new details in a restaurant shooting that left a mother dead. police say the victim's estrained husband opened fire in the applebees in jacksonville, florida. most diners ducked for cover successfully and others held the suspect until the police arrived. he confessed and now charged with murder.
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growing security concerns after back-to-back terrorist attacks killed 30 people. this is in russia, 400 miles from sochie. good day to you. you say the bombings are just the beginning, expran. >> they certainly are. the islamic if nattics are doing all they can to harm the olympics and embarrass huttin. they will try to olympics ven u. but russia have a security blanket over them and the terrorist may or may not get through they are trying to hit the transport hubs and moscow airport. they may fail but just the attempt scares off international
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visitors and russian travellers and bill, volgegrad is formerly knowns stalingrad. that was where the soviets turned back the nazi invasions. for russians, the fact that chechya n hit it three times since october. that is emotionally powerful as though terrorist in the united states were hitting independence hall and a la mo. and airport all at once. >> most militarized games. >> they will be the ugliest games since mun ich and most totalitarian since hitler's olympics. >> cornell. excuse me, i have a frog in my throat. fighting this nine days now. the zone of security is
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enormous. it is 60 miles long. >> yes, they are going to have not just police and kgb successor ffb and the insurance. they will have special operation's groups on the grouped and it will dense and annoying for the athletes and the process of getting a ticket is complex. it is awe vanitty for putin and on the scale of the pyramids. and it is a grudge fight. for me the bottom line is, i don't like putin and would love to see him get a comuppance. but not for the olympics. we need to be shoulder and shoulder to realize the common enemy. >> they have battled it for
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decades. can we help them or are they better left to fight this battle themselves? the russians are often their own most enemies. nsa could help them and the cia. we don't have people on the ground. that is considered russia's department. we are busy elsewhere. but any help to give against the islamic fanaticism we ought to. but it is hard to be optimistic. >> it is the most militarized games. it makes/beijing look lovely
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famous race car drivers in a fight for his life. could the housing bust be returning to a housing boom? what the latest report on home prices may say about the real estate market and the economy over all.
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going to be on new year's eve? john hasselbeck and hammer in times square. we start at 9 o'clock eastern with gilford and becker. and we have palin and duck dynasty and the list keeps growing by the day. and last names only. >> no colby though. >> you have to book me early. >> we upon to know this hour and the next hour. >> i like it. what is the prediction for 2014? >> you can sendtweet. and jamie a tweet at jamie colby tv. i can't hear what people think. it doesn't have to be political. >> and points for activity. and name and up to and name and town. >> world renowned formula one
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race car driver michael schumacher in a horrific accident. he suffered brain injury. he was wearing a helmet and skiing with his son. he is in a medically coma. >> back here at home, another sign of strengthening of the economy. there is new data that shoes housing prices have not only rored from the collapse, but some cases reached new all- time highs. what does that say about the nation's housing market? joining me now, ed, this is good news for folks who want to sell their home or will they sell it
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right now or continue to increase. >> i don't think they look at their houses asap asset. this is good news. and this is a good sign that the question is coming back. it is important to note that the areas doing the best is areas from boom to bust. it is areas that stayed steady and not that affected by the local economy. this is good. no question about it. >> what areas are you seeing the improvements? >> right where i live in the dallas area. and oklahoma city and you will always are seeing good news and especially in new york city. you will see the value of the places are soaring and the west coast is doing well. and this is i positive thing. but the flip side is the economy is uneven. it is important for them to note
10:27 am
they see the consistency in the economy we'll not see everybody happy about this. it is a good sign and a great way to end the new year. >> and markets and s&p 500 having good numbers. and you say it is what we are not looking at that tells us how the economy is doing over all. evaluations and what should we be looking at it? >> number one thing is not the employment. it is the number of new jobs that are created and this is really important to know. when we see the jobs, that is better than the net. but we need 300 net new jobs a month to get the economy the way it is going. we are no closer. we are 60 percent of the way there. we need to see the gross
10:28 am
domestic product number. and they need to focus on the two numbers. we need to average four percent a quarter or for the whole year. we are not there either. it is getting better. and why that is relevant. when those numbers are where they need to be. they are offset of the incredible money to spend in this country. that's why it is important. we'll ask them to tweet us the predictions. and thanks so much. happy new year. >> and outram today over the new york times report on benghazi, saying there was no al-qaeda involvement and reaction from ambassador john bolton. >> and nation's highest minimum wage is causing contraversy. and even court action.
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and promoting the health care law. will that silence obama care's critics. we'll debate that and this. if you like your doctor, you would be able to keep your doctor and health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan period. you're givi away pie? would you like apple or cherry? cherry. oil...or cream? definitely cream. [ male announcer ] never made wi hydrogenated oil. oh, yeah. [ male announcer ] always made with real cream. the sound of reddi wip is the sound of joy.
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a left nows today. arizona police a kouzing a mother of killing a 13-year-old daughter and trying to kill three other children and her husband. the woman used poison on her kids and stabbed her husband. no word on the police on the motive. >> new jersey, emergency crews rescue two men on a ska folding. >> it is a bird, plane, no, it is a flying car. 2013 car jumping car championship taking place in england. they are sending the clunkers flying. the winner doesn't get money. and bragging rights and gets a free beer. oh, wow. >> incentive. >> kind of. >> and after a month long blitz,
10:34 am
the administration and supporters are launching a campaign to highlight success stories. and josh, founder of the voices of conservative youth and democrat strattist bozel, how are you doing? >> thank you. josh, what about the reported offense, you could launch and try to pitch the good side of obama care, how will that go? >> i have news for the communication, no pr person can put a positive spin on the disaster. and contraries to the progressives of the world believe, the american people are not a bunch of bunker heads. they recognize premiums are going up and trapped by the
10:35 am
insurers and recognize the president lied to them. >> hey, listen, if you take the amount of money that people are trying to use to do successful marketing of the health care bill aside, the numbers spoke for themselves. you have a million people in the last month alone. between the federal and state websites. and so the numbers themselves bear out the success of their program. >> basil can you report to them. >> i can't say. that getting insurance is not like buying music and off of the internet. i understand that. they are source life choices. i can say there is enough people for what this program is. and those will sell the success. josh, we are 36 hours from the
10:36 am
new year and what is your expectation for the law to play out. >> they had 900,000 people to seen up but that will not cut. it for it to work is the young people to sign up for it. many of us feel invincible. we'll pay the $95 fine. the administration needs 40 percent to be below the age 35 and they are not getting that. it is a majority of the sick and elderly of our polluls will you really don't know the demographics. and we don't know if they are young or old folks and we believe they are not on the yougful side. >> and i think you are right in
10:37 am
saying that the program needs more young people to sign up to balance out the risks and the amount of money used by the elderly and sick. and i get that. it is targeted to the demographic. and i am confident we'll see that. we'll get there. >> i don't know if they are winning converts? >> the president derided the messaging saying it is not only messaging. but it is policy. but you need to package this in the right way and they didn't do. that but as more success stories become evident more people will sign up. >> you need more than pictures of guys in pj's drinking hot chocolate. >> you respond to basil.
10:38 am
>> here is what basil doesn't understand. we do know who is signing up. will not release the napes. but the gold policies and platinum and silver policys are more expensive and than say the bronze policy. why are they choosing them? they are sicker and elderly. >> and as we get closer to the dead line, we'll see more young people signing up. it is really just a matter of better information getting to them. i expect that the white house will do a full blitz to make it happen. >> no it is not. >> and a lot of lipstick. and we'll see whether or not the sticker shock takes affect here. we are hearing about people logging on and saying that is
10:39 am
more than before. there will be a lot of losers on the report. thank you, gentlemen, happy new year. >> happy new year. >> it is an interesting story about a key courtroom ruling that gives new perspective. >> the town passed a $15 minimum wage last month. the impact of the 63 percent increase is huge. they are live in seattle with more. hi, dan, great to see you. >> we have focused on it come january 1st. the town finds itself in the middle of a heated debate by setting the highest base pay in the country at $15 an hour. and a judge's ruling it limit the impact. and they ruled that the 4700 workers are not entitled to the
10:40 am
pay encrease. only the port of seattle has the authority and work rules in the airport. that leaves 1600 hotel and transportation workers still affected. and employers are reacting the way they expect and get by with nower workers. one hotel gym said he would cut hours and staff and lay off 200 employees and then the jobs that will not be created and the owner of the company that owns three hotels in cpack has a land and wanted to build a fourth and that will not happen. >> it is bad for business and we are right in the area. organized labor finalize the ballot measure. and even as she was getting elected to the seattle city
10:41 am
council. >> there may be a few jobs lost here and there. but if we don't fight for this. the race to the bottom will continue. >> she is determined to have seattle to be the next city for $15 minimum wage. the city will fight that unless it gets a big tax cut with it. >> so a &e is reinstating phil robertson as the patriarch. >> they got publicity out of that one. >> and heart breaking story with a happy ending; i told you the store tore and i knew you would stepum. a 12-year-old girl was denoticed surgery who needed gasstric
10:42 am
bypass surge row after a brain surgery. this is the before and after pictures. they will join us live with an exciting update. stay with us.
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welcome back, everybody. there is more out rage for a 12-year-old who has a rare illness and denied life- saving weight loss surgery. she developed the surgery after a surgery that was successful for a brain tumor. after the surge row, the side effect, she was gaining weight constantly even on a restricted diet and exercise. her body continues to think that it is starving. alexis is bravely joining us now along with her parents and jennifer shapiro. you are a wonderful family and
10:46 am
we told you the story. and viewers from all over the country and probably the world reached out to help. first of all, can you explain medically what happened after alexis survived brain surgery? >> right afterwards her body started to develop things that are common for that type of tumor. her body doesn't react to food the way a normal person's body would. as we put up the picture before she developed the side effect from the surgery. what is daily life like for alexis before developing the side effect? >> the way her life is before. >> how is it for you as a family now. >> yeah, i mean it is harder
10:47 am
since the day of the surgery. we are happy she made it through. but daily life, it is something new that she can't any longer do. or hurting and uncomfortable. it is just a struggle. >> it will continue from are what i understand. she will continue to put on weight and developed diabetes and locking the cupboard and stick to the plan. is there an update that you can tell us about since we reported the story on saturday. >> i mean, with it being a weekend. it is not much of an update but we are overwhelmed by the gens onitty and i can't explain the feeling of knowing that people care. >> it is a compelling story. >> you work for the air force and you are intelligent hero and
10:48 am
tricare and the military humana refused the life saving surgery. how does that make you feel? >> disappointed. we had no issues with them previously. and we understand that they have policies in place, unfortunately we were hoping that they would look at alexis as an individual and not a number and fitting into a box. >> what really struck me, gen, it is not alexis over eating. it was medically induced and so many doctors concur that she has to have the gas trick bypass and willing to perform. you didn't have the money and the insurance company said no. can you describe the feelings that go through your mind if she can't have the surge row what will happen? >> i don't like to think about
10:49 am
it. i know what happens. >> i belong to a support group and many kids lost their lives to this exact problem. you develop all of the symptoms that come along with weight gain and it is rapid. their bodies don't have time to adjust to it at all. and ultimately they lose their life to this disease. >> and so have other stories that we reported, if the surgery doesn't happen, you may lose alexis, gen. >> it is a possibility. you don't want to so that happens and alexis. i know you are shy and your life changed and now it may change in the way you hope and pray. alexis, is there anything you want to say having to rely on
10:50 am
strangers and not people in the insurance company that were supposed to protect you, you want to say anything to the folks who write and care about you? has it made you feel good? >> yes. >> okay, and appreciative 12-year-old girl and next time we see you alexis, your life will change in the way you dreamed and we are happy to be a part of the story. your fight, it all paid off and when will the surgery be, gen. do you know? >> i don't know. there is so much we have to figure out. and we department anticipate so much support. we'll work and figure out what her step will be. >> her life will be saved and so happy for you and keep in touch. we'll continue our help. >> thank you. >> and family there. a race against time and moving
10:51 am
block of ice. and 70 stranded on a cruise ship trapped. will they get the help they need? . ♪ ho ho ho [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant
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it took a lot of juggling to keep it all together.k. for some low-income families, having broadband internet is a faraway dream. so we created internet essentials, america's largest low-cost internet adoption program.
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having the internet at home means she has to go no further than the kitchen table to do her homework. now, more than one million americans have been connected at home. it makes it so much better to do homework, when you're at home. welcome to what's next. comcastnbcuniversal. a nice wide manhunt for a suspected cop killer saying the man was killed in a police shootout over the weekend was wanted in georgia and mississippi. that story live in atlanta now. jonathan. >> hi, bill. well, turns out the suspect in these cases was arrested back in 2010 for allegedly making online threats against president obama according to published reports. the clairon ledger newspaper out of mississippi is reporting that the suspect 40-year-old mario garnet served time in prison for those threats against the
10:55 am
president. police say he had served in the army for four years but even before they identified him investigators suspected he might have a military background because of some of the tactics displayed in bank robberies in georgia, mississippi and arizona. tupelo police officer kevin stoefr was fatally shot while confronting the suspect in a bank robbery in mississippi on december 23rd. a fellow officer injured in the confrontation remains hospitalized but authorities say his condition is improving. then on saturday police in phoenix, arizona, received a 911 call from a person reporting a masked man walking into a bank. police say the suspect opened fire on the responding officer, but a detective who happened to be working on an unrelated case nearby had arrived on the scene as backup and returned fire killing the suspect. investigators believe the same man was responsible for the robberies in all three states
10:56 am
because he used similar clothing, issued similar statements and used similar tactics. police are expressing relief that the string of bank robberies appears to be over. but of course their condolences go out to their comrades in tupelo, mississippi, who lost a fellow officer and friend gunned down in the line of duty. bill. >> john than, thank you. an update on that story today out of atlanta. jamie. another high-ranking administration official that was closely involved in obamacare's rollout is stepping down. white house reaction to her departure as we are less than 36 hours from the new health care law officially kicking in. >> also, the fire storm over a "new york times" report on benghazi. ambassador john bolton on whom he believes responsible for the murder of our ambassador as the families of the dead continue to seek justice. >> every time i see this on tv, i see these bloody fingerprints crawling down the wall of that
10:57 am
benghazi place. and i keep asking everybody do those belong to my son? and nobody has told me anything.
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fox news alert and growing controversy over a "new york times" report on the deadly benghazi attack. welcome everyone to america's news headquarters and i'm jamie colby in today. >> i'm bill hemmer. nice to see you. good morning at home or the office. new fallout over the terror attacks at the u.s. consulate. house lawmakers disputing the times report that al qaeda was not involved in that attack. four americans dead that day. ambassador our guest today, mr. ambassador, good morning to you -- or good afternoon, i should say. you saw the story in the "new york times." what did you make of it? >> i thought it was more of an editorial than a news article. i think it reflects a reporter and newspaper in the straight
11:01 am
jacket of an ideology simply not willing to acknowledge the reality that t own newspaper reported contrary findings earlier in the year. i think it's a point of view that says the war on terror is over, al qaeda is a tiny fragment and basically there's no more threat. i think it's badly misguided. >> technically speaking i saw the reporter on "meet the press" and he seemed to make the point that if you can tie it to osama bin laden, stamp it with al qaeda, but if you cannot then it cannot accept that classification or that stamp. what do you make of that if true? >> well, i think that's entirely consistent with the white house view of the world. up here is this tiny little thing called core al qaeda. and over here in benghazi, that's something completely separate. that's ridiculous. you know, when we were attacked on 9/11, we didn't respond against a global war on al qaeda, it was a global war on terror. there are a lot of terrorist
11:02 am
groups out there. and arguing about some mathematical definition of what constitutes al qaeda i think is beside the point. and people ask, well, how could they make that mistake? i think it's the ideology. it's like an ant colony. once you admit that the basic precip is wrong, the whole colony falls apart. there's no global war on terror, no terrorist threat, there's no al qaeda anymore, the war on terror is over. i think the reality of benghazi is so shocking to that ideology they simply can't admit it. >> there are some suggesting this was cover for hillary clinton. >> i think that gives them too much credit. i think it gives them too much credit. i think this is an ant colony. this is how people caught in an ideology react. because if you can refute the ideology by what happened in benghazi, a lot of other things fall apart. the blindness to the threat of radical islam in the middle east, in the western democracies. this is a mindset that says that
11:03 am
there is no global threat from radical islam and terrorist associated with it. and the sad truth is throughout the middle east and north africa we're seeing terrorism increase over the past several years. you can argue about whether it fits somebody's precise delineation of core al qaeda or not, but these people don't hold corporate board meetings with minutes that decide who's going to do what. a lot of this is just flying in formation. it suits al qaeda to have affiliates that are not under their control. it gives them deniability but gives them extra reach as well. and i think that's what happened in benghazi. >> here's mike rogers, house intelligence committee on "fox news sunday" when he was asked about this with chris wallace. >> there was some level of pre-planning. we know that. there was aspiration to conduct an attack by al qaeda and their affiliates in libya, we know that. the individuals on the ground talked about a planned tactical movement on the compound even --
11:04 am
this is the compound before they went to the annex, all of that would directly contradict what the "new york times" definitively says was an exhaustive investigation. they didn't do the talking to the people on the ground. when you put that volume of information, i think that proves that that story is just not accurate. >> what do you make of that? >> i think that's exactly right. i think interviewing people a year after the attack where they say, oh, no, not us, we're not al qaeda. and really was that mohamed video that motivated people to conduct the attack, they know what the story is. they've been told this story before. the president of the united states told them what the story is. the real evidence in any kind of crime scene, any kind of terror attack like this, you're going to find right there at the time of the event. and there was no doubt not only on september 11th and the days after that this was a preplanned attack, we had cables from the embassy in the month beforehand saying we are here in benghazi
11:05 am
in the midst of a terrorist training camps, al qaeda affiliates and a rising threat to the special mission or consulate. we can't defend it. we ought to pull the people out or bring them into the cia complex. so a month beforehand the people on the ground were saying that. they knew they were in a dangerous environment and that al qaeda and al qaeda affiliates were all around them. i don't know what other proof you need really. >> john bolton, thank you. this story will continue to be a focus of a lot of debate. thank you for your time and happy new year to you. >> happy new year to you. another deadly attack to tell you about shocking one russian city this morning. a homicide bomber detonating a vest inside a trolley. it's about 550 miles south of moscow where it happened and it killed 14 people. this is the second attack there in as many days. there was another bomb that exploded on a busy train and station yesterday killing at least 17 wounding dozens of others. all of this violence
11:06 am
understandably raising security concerns ahead of february's winter olympics a few hundred miles south in sochi. now, no group has claimed responsibility, but chechen rebel leaders have called for an increase in attacks ahead of those games. >> now to brand new developments and obamacare the woman who oversaw the glitchy website takes retirement. comes at a last-minute surge push still far short of a lot of predictions we were given from the white house. wendell traveling with the first family live from honolulu with more. wendell. >> well, michelle snyder is the chief operating officer for the center for medicare and medicaid services. she had planned to retire at the end of last year but persuaded to stay on an extra year overseeing the agency's budget and personnel both of which came under fire which may have turned it into an unfortunate year for snyder. she may have been rethinking her
11:07 am
decision several times. her boss thanked her for more than 30 years of federal government service but kathleen in which everyone agreed was a disastrous november. >> michelle snyder is the one responsible for this debacle. >> excuse me, congresswoman, she is not responsible. hold me accountable. i'm responsible. >> okay. thank you. >> she didn't deny it was a debacle the. with the website largely fixed, obama care enroll ms soared combined with state enrollments. but experts say far fewer people seem to have actually paid their premiums. >> so actually enroll in health insurance, you have to pay that first month's premium. and the most recent feedback we've gotten from the insurers is that about 5% to 15% of
11:08 am
people who selected a plan have actually paid that first month's premium. >> also the number of people who have enrolled so far is well below the roughly 5 million whose insurance policies have been canceled though the administration has asked companies to accommodate those people whose insurance companies don't meet the standards but still want to keep them. we are still however only about halfway through the open enrollment period which extends through the end of march. >> three more months to go. wendell, is that a wave machine or real thing i hear? >> that's the real thing, bill. >> that's what i figured. >> that's the real diamondhead over my shoulder too. >> enough, enough. >> thank you, wendell. even with the last-minute surge in signups, problems could still lie ahead for this law. that could have a huge impact on midterm debates. a former top intelligence official striking a harsher tone on nsa leaker edward snowden now calling him a traitor.
11:09 am
former nsa and cia head michael hayden now claims snowden's revelations have been the most serious leak of american secrets ever. molly hanenberg live in washington with more on that. hi, molly. >> hi, jamie. in part because snowden keeps disclosing more and more information to more and more countries, or at least trying to do that. general hayden, as you said used to lead the nsa and cia has said in the past that u.s. citizens who sold our country's secrets used to defect to moscow and that was really it. but the snowden case he says seems to be different. >> in the past two weeks in open letters to the german and brazilian government he has offered to reveal more american secrets to those governments in return for something. and in return was for asylum. i think there's an english word that describes selling american secrets to another government and i do think it's treason. >> and therefore hayden says
11:10 am
snowden himself is a traitor. one former nsa employee who exposed some nsa intelligence gathering techniques because he felt they did not go far enough to protect americans' privacy, he disagrees. >> i don't consider him a traitor at all. i consider him a whistler. the unconstitutionality and the fact we're losing huge, huge amount of trust overseas. >> general hayden contends it will take years or even decades for the u.s. to recover from snowden's disclosure. jamie. molly hennenberg live for us in washington. thanks for the latest on that story. so it is full speed ahead for drones as the faa is set to test them around the country. we will tell you where and why that's significant in a moment. >> plus, sometimes we take a closer look at ourselves and everybody else in the media on the "duck dynasty" controversy today, howie will be here to weigh in. and a race against a clock for a teenager declared brain dead. she's said to be taken off life
11:11 am
support only hours from now, and her family's desperate search to keep her alive. >> every time i go in there i let her know i will not let them take you to the coroner's office, jahi, i won't.
11:12 am
11:13 am
11:14 am
the faa announcing six states where research will develop drones. military can use them overseas but also used by government, farmers and universities we're told. alaska, nevada, new york, north dakota, texas and virginia. the faa considered geography and climate, infrastructure and air space for its criteria. the goal is to have unmanned drones safely share the skies with airplanes by the end of the year 2015. what will they be doing? >> well, if they're delivering packages, it could get crowded, right? >> indeed. >> well, the "duck dynasty" drama hitting all the hot
11:15 am
buttons. with phil robertson's comments on ho mosexuality creating a fire storm and a&e's actions taking it all to the next level, first a suspension met with outrage by conservative pundits and then the network announcing an end to that suspension basically before it even began because the show was on hiatus until next year, which is coming up. joining me now, host of media buzz. good to see you, howie. >> hi, jamie. thanks. >> how did the media handle this initially? first of all let's talk about the media as observers of the controversy. >> with great relish, especially during a slow holiday period, this was as you say a story that hit all the hot buttons. and you had the initial outrage among gay groups and the left over phil robertson's comments about gays and a&e got on high horse saying we're champions of the gay and lesbian community and we're not going to stand and put phil robertson on hiatus.
11:16 am
and then the suspension was then whittled down to about zero days. >> so did a&e bow to pressure? >> i don't think there's any question about it. i mean, a&e didn't have to suspend phil robertson, some people agreed with what he said. certainly the show's fans thinking that he's expressing his religious views and basing on the bible. a lot of other people were offended by the language he used. but a&e could have put out a statement distancing itself saying we've talked to phil robertson, he regrets what he said but phil didn't want to go along. but then to do a 180 because this is the most lucrative show on the network, just to have a fig leaf about he's not going to do it again and put out p.a.s about tolerance, looks like a classic case of corporate spinelessness. >> do you think this is a case of any publicity is pretty valuable publicity? >> i think a&e probably would have liked to have done without this firestorm because it really has pulled up the rare feed of ticking off both sides.
11:17 am
one side with the suspension, second the other side with the nonsuspension. but i have to say once this blows over and the show comes back in mid-january, it's going to do a huge number because you have millions of americans who weren't quite sure what "duck dynasty" was, everybody knows now. >> do you think that viewers will continue to be watching even more closely to what he says? or do you think a&e will put their foot down and say let's just take it down a notch? >> i think a&e's publicist probably won't be putting phil robertson before anymore magazine interviews any time soon. i think all the people who love the show, and it's an interesting show presenting a point of view not often seen on national television, they will come flocking back. and i think a lot of other people will just check it out to see what the fuss was about. >> at the same time, howie, the first amendment did come up in this argument. how relevant is that for the future of journalism, was that appropriate? >> well, i thought that was a mischaracterization. this was not a free speech issue. phil roblson has the absolute
11:18 am
right to say whatever is on his mind. and a&e has the right to take him off the air if its executives conclude what he said was offensive. you don't have a constitutional right to appear on a television show, even a reality television show. so it wasn't a free speech issue. it was an issue of what conduct corporation in this case saying thought was acceptable and i think a&e's decided to listen to the marketplace and chose the big bucks over this what had appeared to be a principle, right now principle's out the window. >> it's interesting to get a suspension during a time of hiatus is probably the best scenario. >> i get one of those -- >> no, not you. play by the rules. great to see you. so obamacare not just a major political story this past year, it could impact mid-term elections in october. but by how much? we'll debate that in a moment. plus, we've been tracking the ship that's trapped in the ice at the bottom of the world. the race against time now to reach dozens who are trapped on board, the incredible challenges
11:19 am
that more than one rescue ship has already faced. look closely here, a mother snapping a picture of her son while he was surfing in the ocean there. what's lurking to his right? causing a bit of alarm. oh!
11:20 am
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at a company that's bringing media and technology together. next is every second of nbcuniversal's coverage 0f the 2014 olympic winter games. it's connecting over one million low-income americans to broadband internet at home. it's a place named one america's most veteran friendly employers. next is information and entertainment in ways you never thought possible. welcome to what's next. comcastnbcuniversal. i mean, where else would you be on new year's eve other than? with our very own. not long ago organizers with the iconic new year's eve times square ball sent it up and then sent it down 130-foot pole atop
11:23 am
one times square for a test run. and here it goes. looks pretty good, bill. you're going to be in good shape. >> three, two -- kidding. join hasselbeck and hemmer tomorrow night. we're going to kick it off at 10:00. at 9:00 gill and beck el are out there. >> watch out. >> we have a cast of millions to ring in 2014. >> you know what i think is very cool? you know who's going to press the button? >> sonia so tomayor. >> we want to know this hour. do you have a prediction for 2014? something for me, or bill, or maybe the president. >> so some tweet this our at billhemmer or. >> jamie colbytv. we're checking it out. 20 minutes away we'll read the best ones coming your way. >> that's right. bad weather continues to hamper the rescue efforts. can you imagine this russian
11:24 am
ship that's been stuck in the ice near antarctica? it's pretty darn cold. the vessel carrying 74 people, many scientists, some tourists, it's been stranded since christmas eve. and now russian authorities say the passengers are going to be air lifted out, boy, did they try everything otherwise. jonathan hunt is live in our new york newsroom. they sent these ice cutters in specifically they're supposed to cut ice. and they couldn't, jonathan. >> it's been beset by difficulties this entire rescue operation and the idea of a helicopter going in to evacuate those on board is anything but certain. the russians are saying they are considering it. this is not decided by any means because of the bad weather in the area. the helicopter from the chinese ice breaker, the snow dragon, did a fly past of the stricken research ship yesterday. it would have been trying to check out areas of ice where it would be stable enough to land. then they'd have to get everybody off of the ship -- or most of them off the ship, and
11:25 am
walk across the ice to that helicopter, which can only take 15 people at a time. so it would be very difficult. in the meantime if the weather does improve, the aurora astralis, which is the toughest of the ice breakers involved, may make another attempt to get alongside and carve a part out of the sheet ice for it. those onboard remain optimistic that they will eventually get out of there. listen here. >> as you can see the weather's a bit sus today, minus 1 and blowing snow. we're all in a really good mood because the other ship is only 20 miles away and we're looking forward to seeing her. the weather is set to clear later in the day. >> about 20 kilometers away is a very long way in the kind of conditions that they are still currently experiencing. it's about 8:25 a.m. december 31st where that ship is right now. we're told by professor chris
11:26 am
turney, one of the leaders of the expedition, that they're just sitting down for breakfast. that's usually when they give passengers a briefing. we're also told by the australian maritime safety authority which is coordinating this whole thing that the weather is still too bad for a ship or a helicopter to get in there. and it's expected to get worse before it gets better. the new year's eve party is going to be onboard the ship, doesn't look like they'll be going anywhere for at least another 48 hours, jamie. >> such bravery to be in those conditions. and i'm assuming that things are running out. so keep an eye on it. >> a new year's eve party they'll never forget, that's for sure. >> that is for sure. so time's running out to keep that teenager on life support. a live update on what her family is doing to try and keep the treatment going. >> they really are trying. >> the clock is running. it is. enrollment numbers may be up, but approval numbers for obamacare may be down.
11:27 am
what voters face next november as the president has even admitted his health care law may have put fellow party members in a real fix. >> there is no doubt that our failure to roll out the aca smoothly has put a burden on democrats, whether they're running or not. a subaru... ...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new baru. 'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand.
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headlines now, state of
11:31 am
vermont that storm leaving more people without power in maine where thousands have been in the cold and dark for more than a week. a wicked ice storm there. >> meanwhile in egypt 150 protesters and supporters of deposed president mohamed morsi sentenced to two-year prison terms of over charges of rioting and sabotage. they can do this after egypt's interim military government declared morsi's political party, muslim brotherhood, a terrorist group. el salvador, this volcano is hot on fire. >> nearby homes are being evacuated as scientists look for signs of fresh lava. so far nothing, big old fat zero. last time that volcano erupted was 1976. >> those pictures are amazing. even better at nighttime. not if you're too close though i'm sure. there's controversy speaking of too close because january is right around the corner from the efforts to repeal it to the glitchy website and the troubled
11:32 am
rollout, it really did dominate the headlines in 2013. and now there are concerns about obamacare in the new year. the impact it could have on the upcoming midterm election. political editor of, and julie, a former political advisor to senator frank lautenberg, both fox news contributors. happy new year, great to see you. >> happy new year to you. >> i'm sure you could see this topic coming. we're so close to january 1. we heard earlier about patients' concerns and doctors' concerns, what about politicians concerns? >> well, those politicians on both sides i think should be concerned for the democrats obviously the rollout has been a complete debacle. no way to get around that. and if by the middle to end of march this is not fixed, this rollout, seems like they're trying to get the train back on the tracks, but if it's not fixed and we don't start hearing success stories, it's going to be a problem for the democratic party going into midterms next year.
11:33 am
i think if the president and other democrats are finally starting to focus on messaging this a little betterment again, it's a lot to overcome when the last few months have been such a debacle when it comes to the president's number one priority. >> you know what's interesting, guy, is perhaps preventively each party is sending out e-mails to their members and an interesting one from the dnc. did you have a chance to take a look at it? >> i did. it was an e-mail that they blasted out trying to raise money suggesting that perhaps republicans were gearing up to try to impeach president obama. and i saw the headline and i thought to myself is this really a thing? and then i read the e-mail and concluded that, no, this is not a thing. this is classic political fund raising 101 where you try to steer up the passions and fears of your political base. both sides do it. i think a lot of democrats out there in america are feeling a little demoralized because of president obama's terrible poll numbers, they want to rally
11:34 am
troops by talking about the common enemy namely the republicans. frankly, the dnc needs the money. they were steadily outraised throughout 2013 by the rnc and still struggling with some back debt, which i think is rather fitting. >> i thought it was interesting that sound bite we played to break of the president where he actually does say that his policies have had in many ways a negative impact on democrats. and many of those will be running. and how do you argue when the president is the one that's saying you're troubled. how do you come back from that, julie? how do you advise a candidate or their constituents saying i don't like you voted for obamacare, i had problems and the president even agree with me. >> luckily for the republican party, they never miss an opportunity. people like harry reid and other democrats shouldn't be in the senate if you look at politics. but the republicans keep nominating these. claire mccaskill is another one. the debacle disasters put their
11:35 am
foot in their mouth and lose seats they should have won, delaware being a very good example, nevada, missouri, i could keep going, indiana. time and time again republicans keep nominating people that they should not nominate. at the end of the day it's always a contest between two candidates if you're not running in a vacuum. and that contest usually benefits democrats because republicans end up going way too extreme and nominating people that the majority of voters just can't get behind. >> if you even want to put yourself through any of that and be a candidate, that will be interesting to see who steps forward. >> right. >> guy, if the deficit is something that americans will look at, new taxes as a result of obamacare, lack of jobs, not meeting the number that we need in order to overcome the recession that we were in, there are so many numbers for voters to look at, and obamacare may effect some but not everyone, what will republicans do? what will they tout as what they accomplished in the last year
11:36 am
that deserves someone to go from democrat to republican, let's say in a blue state. >> i think they really will point to obamacare, a lot. it's not just the rollout that's the issue. i think the problem, the fear that democrats are going to have throughout the calendar year of 2014 is what are the next shoes to drop with this program? people are going to realize that their co-payments and deductibles are much higher than they expected. people are going to realize that actually they cannot keep their doctor, another violation of a major promise. and then there will be another big round of dropped coverage and hiked premiums right before that election, probably september or october, early november of 2014. i think the gop is going to harp on that. and i will agree with julie there have been a couple of really costly misfires for republicans over the last few cycles. that being said, let's remember the last midterm cycle where the major focus was obamacare and democratic overreach. republicans picked up 63 seats in the house, six senate seats, six governorships.
11:37 am
and if the winds are blowing that direction again, i think there's a lot of e ner sha headed for that direction, i think the democrats could be in for another walloping. >> what's the make or break? is it just obamacare? >> no. >> what's the other concerns? >> before obamacare came along the last couple months or the re-focus on obamacare, you had the republicans shutting down government. we'll see again the debt limit is coming up, the budget obviously we have to go through again next year. so, you know, when republicans talk about obamacare, they're not a vacuum. as though they are operating in a vacuum, but they have a lot of things to take responsibility for. as they overreach, if ted cruz decides he's going to shut down the government again or filibuster his way through this again and people like even john boehner say enough is enough and the john boehners of the world can't stand up to the tea party, the tea party continues to take precedence, we're going to see again the republicans miss yet another opportunity to pick up some seats and possibly get back
11:38 am
the senate. >> all right. all predictions. thanks for both sides there in balance. happy new year. >> happy new year to you too. the deadline now only hours away for the family of a 13-year-old girl doctors have declared brain dead. jahi mcmath is on life support in a hospital in california after complications after a routine tonsillectomy earlier this month. a court order expires at 5:00 local time and then the hospital has permission to pull the plug. we're live in oakland childrens hospital from there. adam. >> reporter: good morning, bill. a deadline does loom here in oakland, california. about five and a half hours from now barring any change in the court, barring any miracle really that this body would be moved, jhi mcmath will be taken off life support, two tubes will be removed and only the ventilator keeping her alive but the feeding tube at least that's what we're being told from the hospital, five and a half hours from now barring some change.
11:39 am
the family remains hopeful. over the weekend there were a number of vigils here in oakland and neighboring communities for the last couple weeks as she's remained inside on life support. they've raised a number of moneys between those individuals and also online more than $20,000 has been raised. but at this hour the family says and their spokespeople say as well as their church they are hoping for a miracle. take a listen. >> the fact that there's a rally cry across the world for a little girl that went in to get her tonsils taken out, that's a miracle. the community evidently see, you know, what's going on and they want to give jahi a chance to live. >> reporter: meantime the hospital did hold a press conference this morning to talk about the situation. they still insist while this is a very tragic situation for the family and their heart goes out to the family, in their mind jahi is dead, she is deceased, that she's only being kept alive basically on a ventilator and that in their mind there is no life left in her.
11:40 am
they are planning to, again, at 5:00 pull that ventilator. they say they had three different facilities they were told might be interested in bringing jahi but only one contacted them and only for a moment. as far as they are concerned there are no plans in place. take a listen. >> this is one of the most tragic situations imaginable. a family has lost their young daughter, the family and friends have lost their young daughter. jahi mcmath is unfortunately deceased. no amount of prayer, no amount of hope, no amount of any type of medical procedure will bring her back. our sympathies go -- our deepest sympathies go to this family and friends of this community. but there's nothing we can do for this young woman now. >> reporter: once again, bill, that deadline looms here in oakland about five and a half hours from now. and as far as we've been told there's been no facilities at this point anywhere in the country and there have been talks from some as far away as new york have agreed to take
11:41 am
jahi. >> adam, thank you. watching the clock in oakland. what does this law say about this young woman's fate? defense attorney david wool with me now. david, good morning to you. >> good morning, bill. how are you? >> i'm doing fine. it's the afternoon here in new york. force of habit on that, my apologies. what can the family do, if anything, at this stage? >> well, bill, you know, adam referred to the facilities that were prepared to take the young lady, but the reality is, bill, in california once there's a declaration of brain death, the insurance coverage is cut off. there's not a carrier in this state that will provide for the child once that declaration has been made. so she's shifted to another facility, there won't be any coverage, there won't be any payment and keeping her on a ventilator is an extraordinary expensive procedure and cost. at this point it doesn't appear anything is going to intervene. the child is as dead as if she would be she had a heart attack and heart stopped beating. it's a difficult concept to grasp and the parents grief and
11:42 am
level of denial is understandable due to the fact this poor girl went in for a tonsillectomy and came out deceased. >> all right, david. but the hospital's making this decision or the state of california's making this decision? >> the hospital is making the decision based on their three experts initially making a declaration of brain death. and then an expert appointed by the court coming in from stanford university, a neurologist, also confirmed that declaration of brain death. this is the hospital -- under the law it's the hospital's right to do this. the hospital is not required legally to incur the extraordinary expense of keeping her on a ventilator. the court has intervened because the parents petitioned the court. even if there's an appeal, bill, don't count on that being granted. >> so you're in los angeles, this young lady's in oakland, california. is this law the same in other states as it is in california? >> you know, bill, as far as i know it is essentially the same. a person who is declared brain dead cannot be revived.
11:43 am
the brain is not an organ that can be regenerated or can be regenerated by, you know, physicians or any other type of medical procedure. she is dead. she's being kept -- essentially being oxygen nated by the ventilator. and that's keeping her alive. but she's not getting any nutrition. the brain does not function. there are no brain waves. there's no blood flow to the brain. while i'm not a doctor, i know that much and i know there's no legal way to have this child saved under the law, under insurance coverage. it's not going to cover anything she's going through right now. so it's tragic, but it looks like 5:00 is the end. >> 5:00 your time, 8:00 our time. our best to her and the family. >> yes, bill. >> prayers heading to oakland now. david wolf, thank you out of l.a. >> tough story to tell. well, preparations are underway ahead of tomorrow night's big ball drop in times square. we want to hear from you what is your prediction for 2014? get creative, go ahead, tweet
11:44 am
us. also new health guidelines could mean some major changes in the food you buy to feed your family. just how far back should you cut back on that sugar?
11:45 am
... ... ... ... ... coming to a close,
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it's not bad for canned soup, right? pfft! [ laughs ] you nearly had us there. canned soup. [ male announcer ] they just might think it's homemade. try campbell's homestyle soup. here's a photo bomb, a mom snapping a picture of her son and friend swimming in manhattan beach, california. you can see close by an ominous sight, or so they say. looks like a shark. mom's saying they did not even see the thing until they got back in the car and looked at these pictures. those two look like they're looking around not just at the wave but the dark image at the wave. what do you think, colby? >> i think we should let you know that kids got out just fine. >> all righty. so did santa apparently. after all the christmas cookies and cakes that were left for him this year, the world health organization might be for next year. they're proposing their new own new year's resolution. the w.h.o. asking all of us to
11:48 am
cut our sugar intake by half. new guidelines say sugar should be cut to five teaspoons a day, main concern is heart disease, but sugar has a lot of other connections to our body. senior attending physician of emergency medicine at st. barnbus hospital in new york, knowing what i know, it is an emergency. a lot of us don't realize how much sugar is in things that don't look like sugar. what do you want us to know for the new year? >> well, what i want you to know for the new year is it seems like sugar has really become one of the basic food groups because it seems to be in everything that we eat today, jamie. i brought some of my famous props here for the audience. you know, they want us to reduce our sugar intake to five packets, equivalent to this amount. most folks don't know that in a normal 12-ounce can of soda or cola you have ten teaspoons. that would be the amount of sugar i have in my hand right now, ten teaspoon packets. also equivalent to the amount of
11:49 am
sugar in this test tube. i brought along a number of different props we use to train students and medical professionals in nutrition. i mean, the amount of sugar is just staggering to ingest that much with one serving of a drink or food group. >> so even bread has sugar. and you know what startles me this morning i was pouring skim milk into my healthy breakfast and my coffee. skim milk has sugar and carbs. how can that be? really? >> don't forget milk is produced in animals such as cows, goats, and that milk does contain sugar because that's, you know, needed for proper growth and nutrition of the baby. but we're talking added sugar. and in bread, yes, they add sugar, salt, preservatives, a number of other things. most of which we could really do without. >> well, is the w.h.o. spot-on on this? >> well, i would have to say yes. i would think that we should definitely cut our number -- our amount of refined sugars.
11:50 am
i don't know if you remember when we spoke about cereals about six or eight months ago, maybe a year ago, jamie, and i brought in the ten pounds of granulated sugar you would ingest if you ate one bowl of a particular cereal every day for a year. we need to cut sugar out as much as you can. i love a treat every now and then but it should be occasional historically they were given as treats. today every meal is accompanied by something that is sweet or low-fat, but has a high amount of sugar in it. >> they take the fat out, add sugar to make it taste 'er. people can read labels in the new year. that's a good new year's resolution. >> stick to the fruit. it's a natural sugar and much more easily absorbed. >> thank you. well, bill usually has his banana. >> yes, sir. thank you, doctor. >> first renovation in 50 years.
11:51 am
the capitol dome in washington, one of democracy's most enduring symbols. you'll see that next. block oh! progress-oh! [ female announcer ] with 40 delicious progresso soups at 100 calories or less, there are plenty of reasons
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11:54 am
the u.s. capitol is getting a new year's facelift, undergoing major restoration that will last at least two years. one of the greatest symbols of democracy and about to look better. peter? >> reporter: the last big restoration was more than half a century ago but officials are hoping that since technology and materials have improved since 1960, this repair is going to last even longer, and the big reason this restoration needs to happen right now, there are 1300 plus cracks in the cast iron dome, and water has been flowing through the cracks, allowing rust to form. the cracks will be repaired with
11:55 am
a technique nope as lock and stitch, which involves putting pins into each crack, and to complete the big job, scaffolding will soon wrap around the entire dome, be up there about two years. when workers are on the scaffolding they're racing against the clock, and here's why. >> after you take the -- all of the paint and primer off the dome, the cast iron of this generation/rust in eight hours, so, the timeliness of the application is important, and we have to have those processes down very well so that we don't have to double--do workment. >> reporter: some preparations are are in underway, and soon the famous artwork inside therot for a few weeks so that protective netting that looks like a giant doughnut can be placedder in the top. once the netting is in place the paintings on the ground level will be visible and so will the
11:56 am
famous fresco on the ceiling, which depicts our first president rising up to the heavens. the first -- the big price tag for this project right now, $59.5 million, and the architect of the capitol says the repairs should be made well ahead of the next presidential election, so the scaffolding will be all gone in theory when the 45th 45th president is sworn in. >> see if they can finish the job on time. >> and on budget. right and it's not too late to be heard. what your prediction for 2014? go ahead and tweet us, some of us already coming in. the pest ones, next.
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>> we asked.your prediction for 2014. >> andrew says staying out of times square.
12:00 pm
>> leslie: bill's cough will go away. >> mike, one day richard simmons wears pants. >> someone will find big foot and intelligent life is found in d.c. >> good luck with that. >> i'm john scott in for shepard smith. looks like family's fight to keep their daughter on a breathing machine could be offered. a court order allows the hospital to remove the 13-year-old girl from life support five hours from now. 5:00 p.m. pacific time. she suffered rare complications after surgery to remove her tonsils. doctors at the hospital, along with a court appoint editor, ruled she is brain dead and the breathing machine is not keeping the teen alive but is merely preserving her body from natural course of events. the family has not given up hope. they have been fighting the hospital in court to keep her on the breathing machine. they say they found a facility in new york that might be able to


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