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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 31, 2013 10:00am-12:01pm PST

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and the worst worth is sel fie. all a year obsessed with social media. >> and gregg jarret is up in america's news headquarters, happy new year everybody. and we begin with a fox news alert. ntsb investigators on the scene of a foury train crash in north dakota as health other than cans grow welcome to hq in for bill hemmer. >> a tv news crew happen to catch the explosion and fire ball on tape. authorities are conducting air quality tests as we see. the fire is sending black soot in the sky and falling on the near by town of castleton. people living there are urge the
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to get out. will cart has the latest on this. i can tell you so much soot in the town the water tower is covered with it. look at the cell phone video. you can see the explosion and fire ball shooting up in the air, it happen around 2 o'clock in north dakota. a train owned by warren buffet was heading east and pulling hundred cars and carrying grain. something made it derail and the train in the opposite direction had a crude oil and the train ran smack into the cars. the witnesses saw thick black smoke for 15 miles. >> it was like night time and it was dark. the entire sky just blacked out.
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you couldn't see anything. we were digging around on the side street and it was a surreal feeling overall. >> flames were so high and it was like it was right happening behind us. nroughly 1600 people voluntarily evacuated castleton. and authorities was worried about potential health problems. they are testing the air quality and say that it is getting better but not prepared to let people get back in the area as of now. and ntsb on the scene and trying to find out what caused the train derailment in the first place. amazingly, there were no injuries involved with the crash or explosions that happen afterwards. >> that is good newsing, will car live thank you. >> and a fox news alert hours away from obama care. and many americans who signed up
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are in for a rude surprise. heading to $doctor and prescriptions filled in the pharmacy, that is because they may not have coverage yet and could be in limbo for weeks and months. insurers right now grapple with an avalanche of last-minute applications and david arcs sbin. insurance companies conduct risk assessment and based on complex calculations of averages and problem bility and obama carry undercuts that and basic economics does it not? >> it does. when you write legislation that has nothing to do with economic realities. let's talk about that. insurance companies don't payout claims until there is a pool of premiums to payout claims.
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the thing with obama care, three months before they pay in the pool. january 1st they can dip in the pool and it is empty and only ralph of the enrollees that signed up put money in according what we can tell. the numbers are sketchy because the dpft is reluctant to give out the numbers. if you have an empty pool, how will you payout people that go to try to get prescriptions filled and go to their doctors to fix the cold or something worse. people could die as a result of not having the right insurance now and particularly if the enrollees are a sicker group of people than usually enrolled by insurance companies. most of the people from what we can tell right now enrolling in the insurance companies are people who might dip in the pool more often than not. we are in for a rude awakening.
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>> and these formulas that the insurance companies are counting on are based on the law as written. the wrinkle is president obama has unconstitutionally without authorization altered a great many of these rules and provisions which they say really ruins the ability of the insurance companies to take the risk assessment. >> and let me interrupt it. that is a perfect indication of what happens when you have people making rules and don't understand how the game works. people who are academics and outside of the field of insurance companies et cetera and medical companies making up the rules. they don't know how it works and people who go to insurance companies to payout premiums which means we are going to see
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another bail out. a taxpayer bail out of insurance to need taxpayer money to tide them over until they have premium money to payout. >> risk asset and risk insurance funds, it is $10 billion. and that's going to get soaked up quickly. and so in the course of several years, insurance companies are going to be david, too big to fail? >> exactly. and again, taxpayers, we found out with the car bail out, that taxpayers ended up paying 10 billion out of their pockets for gm. it is going to be the same with insurance companies. a lot of taxpayer money needed to payout premiums and payout money that these people and newly insured are going to need because the money is not there right now. it was revealing when jason ferman was asked in a forum.
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do you have a plan b if plan a fails. >> he said no, plan a, plan a. and the real answer is plan b is a taxpayer bail out. no one wants to talk about that. >> remember supposedly obama care would not add a dime to the deficit. this will add billions to the deficit once there is a bail out. more on this now. halfway through the six- month enrollment period the administration is not close to the obama care sen million sign ups and not even close to the halfway goal. the number of enrollees combining at state and federal at 2 million. let's bring in rich lowery and fox news contributor, thank you
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for joining us. >> i. >> we set a goal for now, 3.3 million and the combination of about 1.1 million federal, and about 850,000 in the state exchanges, that is up to 2 million and that is 60 percent of the goal and they are 40 percent short. can they possibly make it up in the next three months and plus what they need to do in the next three months. >> there is a raw top number of 2 million and there is still more than a million short. goal of the end of the year and to get to 7 million by march, they would need significantly pick up the pace of what they have been doing so far. it seems unlikely they will get there. and the issue of top line number is really real or not. you are not insured until you pay your premium and the administration is telling us how
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many people basically put the policies in to their shopping list so to speak on line, but not all of them necessarily paid for these policies yet. and so it may be top line number that is short of their goal and that may be exaggerated and the problem may be much bigger than so manies. >> and add to that among those 2 million, who have signed up, a large portion of those may be among the 4 million americans who have insurance and policies were cancelled and so if 4 million people lost insurance, less than 2 million total enrolled in obama care, according to forbes. we are talking about a net loss. >> in the private insurance market you may be down at the end of the year which is an extraordinary fact and the factor of what is the composition of the people enrolled.
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is it older and sicker and younger and healthier. and so the insurance pools are going to work and the administration will not give us that demographic data which is a good sign that the demographic data is not encouraging. the insurance pools work state by state. they have their own pool and in oregon, they had 44 people signed up. there is no way that insurance pool is going to work in a state like. that there could be states that can make a go of it like new york and california, but there could be a lot of states where obama care can be still born. >> we are seeing a focus on the media in the fact that the website is working better and humming along. you still have the back end problems and obviously down the road, increased premiums and high deductibles and et cetera. this whole issue of the website a distraction? >> no, it was a real problem and
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if they hadn't fixed the front end it would have collapsed in the beginning. it is good that the administration got it working better than it was before. this will continue to be a huge political issue. because of the higher premiums, and higher deductibles and tighter networks and people may not be able to go to see the doctors they are accustomed to seeing. and this is a major political problem for the administration in to next year. >> and also the fact that people who have enrolled, paid their premium and think they are good to go have not received insurance cards and come january 1st and they think they are covered and try to go to a doctor they may find out it can not go through. >> we will hear from those stories and it will be high profile and while the law will be radioactive.
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and the red state senate democrats, they pushed for the partial suspension of the individual man date a week or two ago. i think it may be vulnerable in the week a head. >> all right. thank you rich. >> happy new year. >> an e-mail from a guy who runs an insurance company. we have dozens of people without id's and numbers and it is a total mess. >> the insurance companies are left holding the bag and they have a bureaucratic nightmare to deal with it. syria failing to live up to his word after president bashar assad promised to destroy the weapons. and what is next for the government who dpasd its own deal that doesn't live up to the deal. >> and a new twist on the girl that is brain dead.
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the family of a train-year-old girl that doctors declared brain dead plans to have her troonz ferred to a special treatment facility in new york. this follows the judge's ruling that she can stay on life support for one more week. the doctors say she will never recover and the victory for the mother. >> i don't care what they say. if it was their child they wouldn't want to pull the plug. if i was not fighting for her, they would say i am not a good mother and now i am fighting and they say i am doing. it i will fight for ja ha.
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>> she suffered complications on december 9th. she was declared brain dead days later. >> new concerns after syria fails to remove the chemicals on the dead line. president assad said they would be destroyed. after being accused of orchest rating a gas attack on his own people. so the bigger dead line is june 30th for syria to destroy all of the chemical weapons. but sunday it was for the destruction of the most dangerous toxins and the agency said that december 30th dead line might have been overly ambitious to begin with. do you agree with that?
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>> it was overly ambitious in traps ferring chemical weapons. we know in the past the syrian regime transferred chemical weapons. we are not looking at chemical weapons as the problem, but the regime that would use these weapons against its people and now the excuse by the regime is weather issues and security issues on the roads to getting the chemical weapons out of the country and while that is a hewning concern for the global community. we want them to be transferred out properly, the fear remains. do we believe them about the excuses. the state department said there is progress on a certain level to get rid of some chemical weapons and we are looking at a june 30th dead line in terms of eradicating all of the
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weapons. >> the plan sotruck liquid chemicals to a mediterranean port where they will be shipped to a u.s. ship that will chemically nudeeralized them at sea. transporting chemical weapons through a war zone is a nightmare and the weather has not copted and the same officials are saying they believe that progress is strong and there is a clear indication that all sides here want to achieve success. but can syria be trusted? >> coming back to the regime with which we had the problems to begin with and can they be trusted? the actual challenge for them to keep the end of the promise in terms of getting rid of the chemical weapons. it is demonstrating the bigger problem here and the challenge
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of dealing with this regime altogether. we had russia step in because we didn't want military strikes against syria. and the bottom line for so many people watching the story closely, the u.s. and allies did not work in terms of a humanitarian concern for the syrian people who are murdered on the streets and many of them being children. and that problem remains and if assad is only more comfortable as a dictator and only since december 15th, 500 people, many of them children have been killed. we haven't gotten rid of the problem and this is another set back and delay and excuses. the state department looking at mid2014 dead line in terms of getting rid of the chemical weapons. and we are promised by the u.s. and state department that they are keeping surveillance on this and we'll have to wait and see. this is a delay and problem that we foresaw.
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thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> new developments in the investigation of a deadly high school shooting. what the suspect did the night before the attack may have a disturbing connection to worst school shootings in american history. >> time lapse video from a rescue ship trying to reach dozens of passengers and crews trapped since christmas eve on a ship stuck in artic ice. stranded passengers do what they can to help the rescue crews. >> we left it and can't reach it. it is a heli pad. and we are stuck down in the snow and ice. and so the chinese helicopter can reach us when the weather improves. legs, for crossing. feet...splashing. better things than the joint pain and swelling of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. if you're trying to ma, now may be time to ask about xeljanz.
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chilling new details in a deadly high school shooting this month. the suspect carl pearson went bowling hours before he walked in the high school and shot a school mate in the head before killing himself. that echoes the 1999 columbien massacre. the students in that massacre were attending a bowling class. clare davis was shot in the face at point blafrpg ran -- blank re and died of injuries. >> latest attempt to rescue dozens of people are a week on a russian research ship. there could be a new strategy
10:26 am
for saving the people on board. johnathon? >> gregg, you will remember yesterday at this time we talked about how the second icebreaker that went to rescue those on the research ship had to turn back. that was the aurora. they are going to try to land a helicopter and evacuate the passengers that way. that's why you see the passengers on board stamping down the ice to try to provide a stable landing platform for the helicopter. the leader of the exhibition explains here. >> it is the 31st of december. we learned that theaurrora can't reach us. and we are trying to get it for a hello pad can reach us when
10:27 am
the weather improves. >> the weather has not improved. and the helicopter did a fly pass over the weekend. the weather is expected to improve in the next 12 or 24 hours. in the meantime, it is already new year's day there. and i am reliably informed they had a party including champagne and singing. one, twoshgs -- 2, 3. ♪ ♪ (singing) >> i spoke to the science correspondent with britain's guardian newspaper and he confirmed that everybody is indeed in good spirits and telling me "we are all safe and
10:28 am
happy. the expedition and rescue effort have been incredibly well- organized and we're all just rolling with the punches. if we are here in two months it might be different. ". but difficult as it is, the helicopter rescue will get under way in the next 24 hours, gregg. >> it was five months ago this month a l gore said the ice caps would be melting. satellite data shoes that coverage is up 50 percent. >> that's all science. i just know they are having a good time drinking champagne and plenty of ice to keep it cold. >> they know how to party, don't they. >> they are a hearty bunch, the expeditionary scientist. still to come, the tax man
10:29 am
cometh. and a bunch of tax breaks are set to expire in the new year. what does it mean for your bottom line? we'll break it down. >> another key obama figure is stepping down. michelle snyder is in charge of the roll out but not being fired. what does it say about the administration's idea of accountability. >> michelle snyder is responsible for the debacle. >> excuse me, congresswoman. she is not responsible hold me accountable. i am responsible. >> thank you. >> welcome back. how is everything?
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simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex. time for a check of the head lines, four bodies, two of them belonging to children found in a souther california home. a 16-year-old called to say his family was injured or killed. the police chief said multiple homicides took place. >> and the aftermath of a tropical cyclone is under way in australia. there is a category 3 cyclone and winds up to 80 miles per hour and damaging trees and fences and rooftops. >> adding roses and putting plans on the rose bowl parade in pas adenna. >> police plan to use bomb
10:34 am
sniffing dogs. >> and high- ranking official for obama care is stepping down. >> mishil snyder is retiring. that is not the same as being fired. some are asking where is the accountability? john is a spokesman and marjorie is with us. >> johnathon if obama care were run by a private company heads would have roll the and they would have cleaned house. it demonstrates that government is inefficient and incompetent to handle big things. >> it reminds me when mitt romney liked to be able to fire people. and like obama's mantra, let
10:35 am
people work until they retire. a lack of accountability. and the worst roll out in government recent history. he ran in 2008 on the idea he would bring smarter and efficient government to washington. he hasn't done it and not fired a single person over it. the democrats are proving that the government is a perterrible provider of goods and services. >> marjorie, what about accountability here? michelle snyder is retiring, but slated to retire in 2012 and stuck around to help out with the roll out. so you know, people leaving a year after they were originally going to retire is not any kind of accountability. >> look, governments do not like to fire people. you look historically. the bush administration and director of fema retired.
10:36 am
it is ugly to fire people. that is a way the administration is saving face in one light. and she was slated to leave before this happen and typically administration officials don't stay beyond a year or two years. and i am sure the woman is exhausted and i would be out of the doras well. it is typical. >> and the president's biggest critics say he never holds anyone accountable. you keep your job and doctor and the average premium goes down 2500 per family and much of that is untrue. and benghazi and fast and furious. and no one gets the boot. i wonder, is this going to get worse as the deadlines continue particularly on march 31st. >> all signs point to that greg. >> we have a situation that
10:37 am
1.1 million signed up. this was a law that was supposed to provide coverage. and less will have coverage this year than last year. and i expect people signs up by march and not everyone will. we'll have a wave of taxes and fines. but the kicker will be when the insurance companies reup their rates right before the election. they will have to determine whether enough people came in to subsiddize the coverage. it will not be just for people on bum pumcare, but everybody who doesn't have going to do with obama care. their rates will go up to subsiddize everybody else. >> marjorie back to michelle snyder. they talked about what a great job snyder did. and retiring with praise. but darril issa of california wrote saying that documents and
10:38 am
interviews indicate mishil snyder was involved in bypassing the recommendation of delaying after testers raised concerns about serious vulnerabilities, if it was not michelle snyder, who was it? >> that's a million dollar question. it is interesting to see kathleen sebelius to stand up and not me. they have not had any increases in spending and in fact a decrease in medicaid spending and higher enrollments. and i would say there has been accountability. we paraded the president's clips out him saying it is on me. kathleen sebelius and there is not hiding. it will come to play in the elections and not any way to
10:39 am
hide from it. >> marjorie, and clifton, happy new year to you guys. >> thanks. >> 55 tax breaks are set to expire at years end and that will affect millions of americans. molly henningburg has the details on this. >> hi, patty ann, what the government giveth, the government taketh away. that's the case with popular tax breaks. every year congress allows them to expire and reinstates them retroactively. and businesses cannot wait on that. there is research and development by drug and high-tech companies. and a tax break writing off large capitol expenditures. and plans that preduce renewable
10:40 am
energy. and tax donations for the needy and those who buy electric- powered cars. when law makers return, it could take months to renew for 1 or 2 year or not at all. and in the meantime businesses and individuals wait to try to plan the budgets accordingly. >> it affects your business planning and profitablity and your bottom line and competitiveness. not only domestically but globally. it could affect the economy. >> part of the calculations for law makers each of the 55 tax breaks means less money coming to washington and less money to pay for the government spending. mole, live in washington,
10:41 am
thanks. >> the slap on the wrist for a key in the drunk driving deaths of four people making our year end legal roundup. >> the death penalty phase in the murder trial that grips the nation. when jurors decides if jodi a rias gets the ultimate sentence. >> the state of arizona faces jodi arias. we the jury upon our oath find the defendant first-degree murder, get. and ah, so you can see like right here i can just... you know, check my policy here, add a car, ah speak to customer service, check on a know, all with the ah, tap of my geico app. oh, that's so cool. well, i would disagree with you but, ah, that would make me a liar. no dude, you're on the jumbotron! -- guilty. ah...yeah, pretty much walked into that one.
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>> 2013 quite a year for legal cases. and here is edward snowden. his list blowing the lid off of the program particularly the metadining of telephone records
10:45 am
and the stunning verdict in the murder trial of george zimmerman and the shooting death of trayvon martin and jodi arias who could get the death penalty. we'll look a head to see what we expect. johnathon and fred joins us. we have a lot to cover and let's begin with edward snowdep. johna, he proclaimed proudly he won and then a federal judge said not so fast, i find it is constitutional and legal. this battle is far from over. >> that is a crazy ruling. and look anywhere. you are a lawyer and you need a reason, just a tiny reason before you undermine people's privacy undermined the rest of ours. one judge said one thing and it will go to a pole and the judge will rule the opposite. it is a long battle.
10:46 am
>> this guy ed snowden accused his employer violating the constitution and fleeing to china and then russia. he is thumbing his nose to the constitution's established judicial system. >> he learned it in the nsa. the thing we are tele230e7b mining it is up if you like your plan you can keep it. they have the entire content. and they are looking at header or box. they have it call and they can look at it all. this is most unconstitutional thing i have sewn in 30 years of being a lawyer. >> moving to obama care, in the stroke of midnight, millions of americans could sue. they will finally have standing to sue, don't they jana? i think it would be interesting over whether the president had the legal authority to make all of the changes.
10:47 am
>> can you imagine this being the largest class action case? i personally watched someone go from having coverage to not have any coverage trying to sign up on the obama care. i watch today with my own eyes. he's not the only person. millions in the same boat and it will come to fruition on january 1st. >> what the president has done this year alone, there is no authority for that. they were man dates and there was no choice? >> i know, but what is interesting, not to be a legal wonk. there is one attack on obama care that may get. it the way the stat u is written the irs cannot give subsidies to anything other than the state. the laws are illegal and that's the one. that is a legal tripwire that may bring the whole thing down. >> jana move to the zimmerman
10:48 am
trial. it captured the attention of americans, why? >> because this case was touted to be about race from the get go. and as you watched the trial unfold, it wasn't about race. people wanted to make it about race and it wasn't. and in the end those people could not get over what i domed to be a just verdict with the not guilty verdict. >> not only just. but that case frightens me. he was charged solely of political pressure. everyone deemed to it be a race case. that is troubling to me. we don't charge people unless the facts support the charge and in this case they did not. >> and the other case everybody watching was jodi arias. in the end of the not withstanding the his tronnics on the witness stand she was
10:49 am
convicted of killing her ex. and now have to redo the death penalty part of it. >> it was a train wreck. and none of us could look away. as opposed to george zimmerman. it was a foregone conclusion she was found guilty and he butchered the boyfriend. i don't think they will take mercy on her in the penalty phase. >> i don't think they will give her a death penamenty. i am an advocate of the death penalty. it was a skrishs crime but a crime of the passion. give her a penalty of becausement cell no access to the media. >> and the outrageous defense of her year. the teen that gets probation in the deaths of four people. >> i am all about mitigating circumstances when they are actual and real. this is not one of them. the fact that you are raised in
10:50 am
the silver spoon in your mouth doesn't give you a time to now down four people and meditate ten years in malibu. if it swings the other way, they will not get it. it is a shame. >> does it circumstances and those people won't get it. it is a shame. >> does it work for people who say i have had a poor childhood does that ever work? >> no, sometimes it does. this case is pohorrible for two reasons. >> the judge are should have put this kid over her knee and given him a severe punishment. >> big year in law and thank you for joining us. happy new year. >> all right a race car champion
10:51 am
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new creamy alfredo soup. at a company that's bringing media and technology together. next is every second of nbcuniversal's coverage 0f the 2014 olympic winter games. it's connecting over one million low-income americans
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to broadband internet at home. it's a place named one america's most veteran friendly employers. next is information and entertainment in ways you never thought possible. welcome to what's next. comcastnbcuniversal. >> so where will you be when the clock strikes midnight? we invite you to be in front of the television celebrate the kick off of 2014. "ring in the new year" begins tonight on fnc. >> surprising signs of improvement from formula one champ michael schumaker after
10:55 am
suffering a head injury while on a ski trip with his son. >> doctors say they can't report that he is out of danger. here is what one of his doctors had to say about the surprising signs of improvement after reviewing his later scan. >> the scan showed signs that he is in relatively stable condition. that is to say that there were no signs of worsening lesions. >> he suffered critical head injuries while hitting his head on a rock while skis on a vacation. he was wearing a helmet which doctors say saved his life.
10:56 am
chief surgeon says the latest scan shows bruising on his brain everywhere. the head of the intensive care unit said it is out of the question to evaluate whether or not he has suffered brain damage. he was impressive on the track and shared the same entensity on the track. we'll bring you updates as we get them here in the news room. >> with enrollment far from where it needs to be, will his signature achievement fall flat in 2014? oil train derailment sets off multiple explosions. we'll have the details coming up. >> it was the third explosion that rattled the house and the doors and windows were shaking and scott and i came out. the garage door and the flames
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hours from now obama care enroll lees can use their plans for the first time. you can bet your bottom dollar that he and his staffers are going to be watching closely as the calendar flips. >> kiersten powers is a fox noes contributor and joins us. >> some people might find out their enrollment didn't go through.
11:01 am
what happens when people show up at doctors and there are administrative problems? the hope is that every one's application goes through. there have been so many glitches with the website that there is a website to be reasonable about this. i'm going to wait until we have the complaints before i start talking about them. insurers can't vary their rates as much based on a customer's toe tobacco use.
11:02 am
what is your take? >> i think that is right. they prefer to not insure people with health and pre-existing issues. so, i think that is something that almost everybody can agrey is a good thing. almost everyone agreed eds is good aspect of obama care. health care is a human right and people have a right to it. i understand the insurance company's position but i'm more on the side of expapding it to as many people as possible. >> tomorrow the individual
11:03 am
mandate kicks in. >> the administration has shown no desire to walk back on obama care and it is central to its success. people lost their insurance and weren't able to find something as affordable. the mandate is critical to obama care working. you have to have a healthy pool of people to choose from. so, i don't see the administration changing that at all. the open rollment people ends
11:04 am
march 31st, the goal is 7 million enroll lees, if they don't get that or get enough healthy enroll lees, or get enough sick ones the plan starts to collapse. what is at stake here for the administration or midterm elections? >> a lot is at stake. this is bobama's signature legislation. this is part of his legacy and for democrats, who all stood by for the most part the administration of president obama and many repeated the promises. i think that because there has been so much turmoil around this, you are probably going to see voters energized on one side and depressed on the other side.
11:05 am
if we look at like meeting that deadline that you brought up. right now they are at two million enrollees. that is one million shy of what they said they were going to do. but it is not, i think considering all of the problems that they had with the site, it is not that bad. if it is worked out, maybe they will be more on target to get into the plan and get it to work. >> thank you for joining us. happy new year. >> the botched obama care roll out already turning up the heat on many senators trying to keep their seats. they are trying to gain the six additional seats it needs to take control of the senate.
11:06 am
live in washington with the latest hi carl. >> reporter: happy new year. the gop exsect expects to pick seats. so that would be three open seats that they think are vulnerable and are beatable. and then you are two more and there are five that the gop could win -- well four critical battlegrounds. first another democrat is retiring in iowa. there are 7 republican candidates battling for the nation. the fear there is that a nasty race could for fit the gop's ability to pick up another seat. there are 8 republicans running for the nomination in georgia and it could make it easier for
11:07 am
democrats to win in the fall. in north carolina five republicans battling for the chance to try and knock out freshman democrat kay hagen. also a freshman like hagen. they are at their most vulnerable. they will indicate how the gop and the tea party will or will they be able to resolve their differences. winning elections principle and sticking to their conservative values. carl, happy new year. thank you. >> you bet. >> fox news alert and no all clear just yet for a town west of far fwgo north dakota after train exploded overnight.
11:08 am
some 2400 people forced out of their homes. thankfully no injuries reported. >> russian president now vowing to work toward the quote complete annihilation of terrorists after a pair of bombings leave 44 people dead in a southern city. and it raises concerns for the 2014 winter olympics. >> hi, for example, well it certainly does. olympic organizers insist that the games will be safe. they say quote, everything necessary has been done. the fact that these two bombings have been done is not a good sign. for the people who should be gearing up to celebrate russian
11:09 am
orthodox christmas, this has been a tragedy of great proportions. the second bombing was caught on tv. police are conducting searches and detained people. they have mow dbilized police a what is being called operation anti-terror whirlwind. the caucus has called for attacks to disrupt the olympics but they say there are franchises operating around southern russia who may be praninpra planning attacks and some going back to the 19th century in the region where the olympics will
11:10 am
take place. putin came out swinging today saying that russian thwill consistently fighter risk and some say that he has not managed to get a total handle on terror. it may dent his credibility towards the end of his reign. others say russians will blame everyone but putin in times of trouble like this. >> thank you. >> a former small screen actor from a show we all show getting a fresh start after serving time behind bars. >> criticism mounting. new reaction from a former state department official as lawmakers say the times got it wrong. >> and speaking of capitol hill
11:11 am
2014 brings challenges for the president and other elected officials what can we expect to get done in woashington?
11:12 am
11:13 am
11:14 am
icious looks like another black eye for target this holiday season. cards were not activated. customers can go to guest services desk or call the number on the black for help.
11:15 am
a lot of it had to do with video. andrew, rosenthal would have us believe that all of these people in the obama administration would have us believe that this was al qaeda. leon panetta saying it was a terror attack and all of those people were wrong and this one guy a reporter is right. does that seem implausible? is. >> it is ludicrous. it is a piece that is intended to stop the support for hillary clinton.
11:16 am
hillary clinton wasn't mentioned one time on this. into some movie trailer no one had seen. >> i kept reading through his report. >> hillary clinton i looked up the date, on september 26th, she said, publicly for the first time and this is directly linked to al qaeda. he is defining his newspaper. >> it gets more strange.
11:17 am
the chief defender of this report is not from the journalism side. he is going to be one of the chief people who decides whom that newspaper endorses when the process comes around in 2016. it is odd you have this journ journalist and you have someone from the opinion page coming forward. >> i was surprised that the tone of this struck many people as adolescent. here he is mocking the critics of the story for being political in the same breath he is being political defending democrats. >> right. you know i spent five years on the floor of the state department there. but they are not generally
11:18 am
political and if they are they tend to be democratic. the notion that athey would risk their security clearances that it was in response to a video and not an al qaeda attack. they say you know it can't be al qaeda because the president said al qaeda is done for. >> it depends on your definition of al qaeda. it is pretty broad now a days. who knows. but the state department, you spent time there. state department initially claimed the attacks sprung out of a video protest. they later admitted there was no protest on the ground. spokeswoman comesorward and
11:19 am
the "new york times" part of the storty sa story said they were not part of the attack. >> it seems like they are being in consistent from what they original said but that was false. what they originally said was in all of the facts that they received, the first hand witnesses at the scene. what the government told us immediately. we had a drone overhead that watched this howhole thing. all of that said planned terrorist attack. someone created this phony story that it was in response to a movie trailer and this was less than two months before the election. and so it is a political cover up and we haven't gotten to the
11:20 am
bottom of it yet. >> happy new year, greg. >> fox news alert now. kathleen sebelia speaking out before obama care's official start. the health and human services secretary telling fox she is confident about tomorrow but acknowledged that some things could come up. we caught up with her in washington moments ago. >>. >> do you have any -- are confident going into the new year going to have coverage? >> i'm thrilled. it should be a great new year for lots of families. >> do you anticipate any hiccups. >> i'm sure there will be issues. people change plans every year. these are private plans and there are millions of people who
11:21 am
change plans every day. but we have done a lot of outreach and we have helped to make the transition as smooth as possible. >> do you anticipate anymore delays? >> no. >> a new year's resolution? >> lots of people getting health care in 2014. >> people in the insurance industry getting an e-mail saying he has clients with no numbers and no id's and no information on this. >> a lot of people saying they haven't gotten their insurance card yet and it is not clear what is going to happen tomorrow. we will keep our fingers crossed. public filgs getting down and dirty this year. we are going to show you who made the list of the top scandals of 2013. >> i did not use crack cocaine nor am i an addict. >> do you smoke crack cocaine?
11:22 am
>> yes, i have smoked crack cocaine. ♪ too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection.
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new creamy alfredo soup. it took a lot of juggling to keep it all together.k. for some low-income families, having broadband internet is a faraway dream. so we created internet essentials, america's largest low-cost internet adoption program. having the internet at home means she has to go no further than the kitchen table
11:25 am
to do her homework. now, more than one million americans have been connected at home. it makes it so much better to do homework, when you're at home. welcome to what's next. comcastnbcuniversal. so get this, a commercial flight took off from key west florida and landed in havanna cuba today. it is the first flight in more than 50 years. the two islands are just 90 miles apart. before the cuban revolution there was regular ferry service to key west. >> 2013 it has seen it's share of controversies.
11:26 am
candles from the sports world to entertainment to politics. they were the stories that got us talking a lot. alison takes us back to the year in scandals. some sports figure s makes headlines for their antics. i rutger's coach berading his team. >> manmante tea reporting abouts girlfriend. >> yankee's slugger appeals his suspension over the labor contract. sports star bullied another player right off the gridiron. he is having his past haunting him. >> for politicians the past has
11:27 am
a way of sneaking up on you. >> as to that couns lore, how do you plead? guilty or not guilty? >> guilty. guilty. or not guilty? >> i let down our country. i've let down our constituents and my family. >> i did not use crack cocaine nor am i an addict. >> yes, i have smoked but it, but am i an addict. no. >> while celebrities speak loud and clear. >> i beg you my children my team, my fans, my partners, i beg for your forgiveness. >> some young stars could not stay out of the headlines. >> miley cyrus twerks her way to
11:28 am
the headlines. even older ones had us scratching our heads. simon cowell fathering a child with a friend's wife. >> i think important facts for me to get out. >> to the irs targeting important groups. >> fox news chief washington correspondent finding himself at the front of claims that the front of a scandal. >> the president spoke with her and reassured her that the united states is not monitoring the chancellor's communications. >> the president feeling the heat back home with the roll out of his health care law.
11:29 am
his approval rating hitting an all time low. i think that we under estimated the complexities of building out a website. >> embarrassed cbs news sends her on a leave of absence on the wake of her reporting the bean benghazi attack. >> i forget about some of those. >> benghazi still so many questions. irs, here is a young man who decides that he is going to steal top secret data and disclose it illegally. he is not a whistle brothlower that is why he is hiding out in russia right now.
11:30 am
>> it is probably between that and the twerking. >> don't forget her. >> all right. the family of a california girl doctors have declared her brain dead still holding out hope that she will somehow push through. this after the judge made a key decision in the case. what is the family's next move we are live with the story. and can lawmakers work together on the hill in 2014 especially after all of the fighting on obama care the strategies ahead for the midterms and beyond. >> we spent the last year trying to protect the american people from the consequences of his health care law. if you look toward next year we will look to protect the people from what is happening out there.
11:31 am
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... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
11:34 am
time now for a quick check of the headlines. after three failed attempts by icebreakers. they may be rescued by air. walking arm in arm preparing a helipad to pick up passengers a d dozen at a time. they are calling on george w. bush to help south sudan.
11:35 am
>> happy new year australia. lighting this fire works display to ring in 2014. 25 minutes from now dubai will attempted world's largest fire works show to welcome in the new year there. >> we have our own celebration tonight. >> well the president is about to start the second year of our second term. he is coming off a couple of rough months. so what is the strategy to turn things around should he work with republicans on capital hill. joining us is chris plant. leslie marshal. good to see you both. even democrats on capitol hill
11:36 am
are krit ccritical of the presi. doesn't want to tall to him. do you think he will change that strategy this 2014 and engage congress? >> well, i think greg it takes two to tango and no negotiate. you need willing parties on both sides. i think there are items boneficial to both parties but i'm perplexed when john boehner said that will be tackled. certainly now going into 2014 this evening at midnight. we still don't see a package that has been agreed on. on both sides. i think he is going to fight hard and hit hard back. there will be attacks with the
11:37 am
new midterm elections coming up. the "wall street journal" saying yeah, president obama took some congressional republicans shot themselves in the foot. republican leaders were so singed that they moved swiftly to keep the government funded through next year. this piece going onto say that they think the republicans are in the mood to compromise more so, what do you think? >> if the past is ourfi guide a it should be, he bullies and demonizes and he is the most polarising president and leslie was starting us off for 2014. the republicans are the bad guys
11:38 am
and they are on the defense. it takes two to tango with the government shut down too. and he didn't get his share for the responsibility for that as is commonly the case here. i don't think he is inclined to do that. i think he demonizes who he called his enemies. he made a lot of promises. they have all proven to be pretty much untro. he admits the health care plan thing isn't going to work out. americans think he is dishonest and not trust worthy. >> oh absolutely not. as you know, americans can't remember what they had for lunch a week ago.
11:39 am
both left and right so no, i don't feel that the president has an inability to lead. we have a new year and he has a new start. there are things that the americans want. one of the things that they don't want is to have the assassination if you will by obama care going to the right. they want both sides to get things done. >> we are running out of time, chris? >> the president is famous for leading from behind. he doesn't lead he attacks. leslie rightly starts to tick off their agenda points. they want to raise taxes and get the amnesty through. it is about not getting a bill through. it is about the latino vote
11:40 am
period. and the democrats not losing the senate. it is going to be warfare from here on out. >> you engage each other. happy new year. good to see you both >> thank you goes. happy new year. >> well, a judge extending a deadline to allow a california girl declared brain dead to remain on life support. her family says she has been showing signs of life and we are hearing for information about where she might be moved next. >> adam has more on this. hi adam. >> we are hearing from the hospital about how this might take place. the hospital has to keep her on a ventilate or until a week fro
11:41 am
today. the hospital is going to give guidelines to the family. we expect to hear more information about that shortly. the facility in long island has said quote we will having and aware of the dire situation and willing to open our facility to her. the father says that she is keeping the faith no matter what happened even as last night the deadline loom ed. >> do you know the torture that your child is going to die on december 31st at this time. think about that? >> there have been vigils held for her for two weeks. the family has raised more than $20,000. the hospital says they will lay out guidelines for the family
11:42 am
and the hospital still says that they believe that the girl is deceased. >> in similar patients where the patients are deceased or brain dead there is the lazerus effect and it is common for their muscles to move. that is not something unusual shocking nor is it a sign of any life in the body of this child. >> a heart breaking situation still a lot of things that need to be cleared up. the court order keeps her on the ventilate to ventilator. it is uncertain whether or not or how she could be moved. it could cost as much as a couple of hundred thousand dollars. >> some amazing medical breakthroughs this year.
11:43 am
we will tell you how cat scans could save the lives of people.
11:44 am
11:45 am
11:46 am
2013 has been a year of major medical breakthroughs and sear yut heious health scares. potentially saving millions of lives. here now with those and other top stories this year. thank you both for joining us. thank you. the first topic we'll talk about is this new low dose skacan tha could help find lung cancer. >> this is a great device. we already had the cat scan. we were able to get a scan.
11:47 am
the problem is most patients with lung cancer present when it is too late. we can do this simple 20 second test. >> that is fantastic. dr. radcliffe a government panel has issued guidelines to issue new lung cancer deaths as well. >> lung cancer is the number one killer among men and women in the united states. >> you know what is the most amazing thing, many outpatient centers are offering free or at no costs for the test. they don't want to find out that
11:48 am
they have cancer. >> it is a simple and non painful test. >> knowing is better than not knowing. >> moving on another big medical story statin drugs for cholesterol may be over used and may not fight heart disease. >> the two major heart associations have come up with major guidelines. we are going to be looking at risk factors for heart disease. cholesterol levels are just a number. >> new study found that sitting can lead to an increased risk of diabet diabetes? >> if you sit too much more than 8 hours a day. you are doubling and tripling your risk of death by all
11:49 am
causes. >> change the furniture have our desktops on a cabinet so that we have to get up. instead of using the phone walk down the hall and talk to somebody. >> it is an important study. dr. radcliffe another big development a new vaccine that kills the bad cancer cells while leaving the good ones s in tac. previously the way we treat is going for the bad cells. >> dr. garner i know you are excited about this development. we are taking t cells and putting in genes and telling them go out and kill the cancer cells and then stick around and watch it to make sure it doesn't
11:50 am
come back. she had a couple of hours alive. they are looking into pancreatic cancer. dr. june at the university of pennsylvania approaching the way we fight it. >> looks like we are out of time. very briefly, happy new year. >> don't sit too much. >> okay head up. okay. >> who faired better in the wake of the great recession? >> you are out of your mind.
11:51 am
11:52 am
11:53 am
new numbers from the labor department show women faring much better than men after the
11:54 am
recession. apparently because women tend to hold jobs in sectors like health and education that have done well. anita is live with the story. >> we all are talking a lot about healthcare these days. it's the number one industry for women. consider that in 2013, 80% of the healthcare workers were women, whereas men kented for only 20%. aside from healthcare, hospitality and retail have weathered the recession fairly well and you see a lot of women in those industries, too. you can see how in 2007, at the beginning of the recession, men far outpaced women in the work force. now that gap has closed significantly. employment experts say if you get laid off from one industry, you need to be ready to try something else. >> i think in this economy, men and women are seeing the need to learn new skills and retrain for the new jobs that are growing in
11:55 am
our economy. >> take, for example, 37-year-old bobby gonzalez who spent most of her contrary in construction. she decided the job was taking a toll on her physically and she was concerned about the future. so she decided to do a six-week job training course in customer service. she ended up with multiple offers and now works selling telephone products. >> i feel like now my income has improved, and it's not always just money when you talk about improvement. for me it was benefits as well. something i didn't have in construction. so, from the benefits was the key. >> many men out there lost jobs during the recession in the construction and manufacturing industries. they have been a bit slower than women to turn to other things, although hair look at healthcare now in particular because they realize it's the one industry that is growing. back to you. >> interesting.
11:56 am
anita, live in l.a., thank you. >> a display like nobody has ever seen before. dubai going for a fireworks record and you can see it live here. don't be afraid to toast the new year. the reason why? coming up next. ♪ i get no kick from champagne ♪ -- block ( bell rings ) they remind me so much of my grandkids. wish i saw mine more often, but they live so far away. i've been thinking about moving in with my daughter and her family.
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people are saying "progress-oh!" share your progress-oh! story on ♪ >> here is another reason to enjoy that glass of champagne to ring in the new year but not that many. a new study finds that moderate drinking may boost your immune him in. >> the study tested a type of monkey with an immune system similar to ours. researchers emphasize that excessive alcohol consumption can harm your immune function. >> moderation ills the key. have a great happy new year,
12:00 pm
folks. >> an attempt at the world's largest fireworks display right about you. >> i'm jon scott in for shepard smith. we're just secondle april from what could be the world's largest fireworks display ever in debut. it just struck midnight and here we go. organizers are setting off 500,000 fireworks within just six minutes. guinness world record officials are on hand for the event. and if all goes as planned, it will be more than six times larger than the current world record. that's the tallest building in the world there. you can see kicking things off. let's watch the world's largest fireworks display.


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