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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 31, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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higher, and it will have its biggest annual percentage gain since 1995. this is the dow's fifth straight annual gain this year. the longest winning streak since 1999. charles will have more on that just ahead. >> the party just about to go down in times square. and stocks keep going up. wall street closes out a huge year with yet another record. will the party continue in 2014? we're all over it. >> welcome everyone. i'm chase payne in for neil cavuto and this is "your world." break out the champagne. wall street has plenty to cheer about. the dow scourging 26% this year, and 52 record closes in 2013, the dow's best yearly performance since 1996. the blue chip average now up for five straight years, and the s&p 500 also finishing out 2013 at a record high.
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up more than 29% for the year. and the nasdaq, not a record finish but a hefty 38% jump for the year, the largest percentage gain since 2009. and we're all over it. we have the mood on wall street. our market watcher says this boom is about to go boss, and scoot says obamacare could be a good reason why. lauren? >> let me give you the final numbers and we're still closing out. the dow up 72 points, closing off the high but it's 50-second record high in 2013. haven't seen that many since the year 1995. let's take a look at the dow 30. you can see the top three performers are here, boeing up more than 80%. american suppress, as well as disney, all up more than 50%. out of those 30 stocks there's one that is down in 2013, it's big blue, ibm, down 3% this
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year. tech stocks putting in a strong performance today, and certainly this year. facebook has more than doubled. talk to teddy about that. that was his pick for 2013. we thought he was crazy. not anymore, hewlett-packard, almost doubling. this was the number one loser on the dow last year. no longer part of the dow, winner this year, also google hit $1,000 back in october. a lot of people are trying to figure out why this rally. almost seems like a hated rally, charles. right? low participation in things like that. but with the fed and the easy money policies continuing, there's been room to grow and the stock market has. one final point. interest rates in 2014, we saw the ten-year hit 3%. we have housing sales strong. new home sales up more than 10% this year. and existing home sales, the bigger part of the housing
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market, up more than nine percent. >> i want to go to teddy now because not only did lauren mention this was something of a stealth rally and hated rally but caught a lot of the experts on the floor by surprise, teddy. how are you kneeling about the rally, -- feeling about the rally, the legitimacy of it. >> we basically have stayed long all year. i would agree. i'm not quite sure why the market has done as well, about it's -- any selloff with the benefit of 20-20 hindsights, been a buying opportunity. but the trick this year was to come in common stay long and that's just what we -- come in common stay long. >> lauren mentioned you liked facebook. i don't imagine you to be a facebook kind of guy but i guess you are. you also picked some things off the bottom. >> i mean, i've been doing this
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a long time, charles, and you and i have kind of been going back in and forth. we're contrarians my stock of the year next year is facebook. but speaking of being a contrarian and looking forward to 2014, we're concerned the big flix the market is not that we continue economically and fiscally as we are but that the fed gets caught flat-footed and the economy and interest rate shoot us up a lot. that's the big unknown for the market. but if that is not the case, think it's basically hold the course, and the one contrarian move we made, we're obviously long, we bought all the golds today. >> i have to tell you, a lot of people say that is going against the grain. teddy, you have been amazing. that's whyover been at it so long. happy new year to you.
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>> happy new area to you. >> around the globe. in dubai, new zealand, australia, china, and there's plenty to cheer about everywhere. marks in britain, france, germany, rallying, despite austerity measures taking in to tackle their huge debt problems insuring asia, where japan was a standout, the nikkei average rising. you can thank the prime minister in china, they bucked the trend, posting a lossphone 2013. and is the rally about to come crashing down? if robert is right this dramatic runup in strikes is about to come to a halt and is saying get out now. he joins me now in this exclusive interview. robert, you have an enormous reputation on wall street for long time you could do no wrong. more recently you have been
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called a permanent ma bear. why are you going to be right now? >> i'm glad to see somebody else is working on new year's eve. >> i got dressed for the occasion, too. >> so did i, at least from the waist up. that's how you do it on television. the investors intelligence poll, which does a weekly poll, just reported the lowest percentage of bears in over a quarter century. so i figured it's about time -- i haven't been on tv for a year and a half and time to come out and represent that camp. >> in 2003, you made a prediction that the world stock markets would drop 90%. now, you're not one of these simple pull back direction guys. when you say we're going to drop, we're going to drop big. give us the worst-case scenario. >> we're within 0 to three percent from 2009 so it's getting very old. i think 2014 is going to not only be a down year but a very
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large down year. this is a very extreme minority opinion. there was major newspaper that did a poll and got a whole lot of wall street strategists together and they couldn't find a bear the most bearish person thought it would go sideway. so i'm stream -- >> robert, i know everybody that comes on fox business is a bear. i know a lot of bears now. what distinguishes you? what's the worst case worst case scenario. >> in 2007 we had record sentiment readings and in 2007, the same thing. we're now seeing for the third time -- i don't think many people expected that -- stream manic sentiment readings. there's a weekly poll of active investment managers who say they're 80% invested o. 90% or whatever. for the first time ever they reported a 104% invested. that means more money in the mark than they have under
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management, they're borrowing a bit. in the fund, people can buy long and short funds and buy leverage funds. they can be 200% long or 200% short. when you look at the amount of money in the leverage long fund, it's 12 times than the leverage short fund. anddebt is at a new all-time high, and that's masking some of the debt the public is going into because they're buying -- >> robert, you're saying they're too much giddiness to the point that professionals are borrowing to go long, and even individual investors so we set up the perfect storm for the perfect crash which will land us where. >> the market is actually slowing. not people know this because the momentum of optimism is increasing but if you work a 26-rate of change on the s&p and the -- >> robert, we have 30 seconds left. the dow is up 72, we're at 16,570. the market is rocket ago to the
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upside. you're known for your bear calls if give us a downtowns side market. >> 3% of the high, and 2014-2015 will take out the 2009 low in both the dow and the s&p, dow at 6,600 or lower. >> you've got it. >> have a great weekend, glad you dressed up at least from the waist up. a new fox news poll finds that 54% of americans think the economy will be better a year from now. but with the healthcare law and more mandates set to kick in, scott martin says all bets are off but dick unger disagrees. >> scott, educate rick. >> rick ex-listen up. small businesses, wages, job growth, drives it, and if you look at any recent survey, any survey in the last six months, small businesses don't like the aca in fact, 55 -- close to 60% of them say it's going to have a negative impact on their
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business. one in four, charles, small businesses, are going to cut the coverage altogether and pay the penalty in 2015. there's also a thing called the 49er effect, and that does not refer to the team in san francisco that is going to make iran in the nfl playoffs. the 49er effect of keeping the amount of workers in your company under 50 so you don't have to get hit by the man attempt it's going cramp hiring and wages and hurt the american people. >> rick, it's hart -- hard not to argue with this. we have seen he art part time-out. s and howling from the small businesses and they're the job creators. >> i know i'm supposed to be fighting with scott but he is a buddy and i have to say happy new year to him and his family. this is all his stair -- hysteria. if you look at the number and what is happening with small business and ask small business people if they're even aware that they're entitled to certain tax credits, they don't know it. the fact of the matter is many -- i don't want to say most
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but many of these small businesses are going to come out well ahead while being able, for the first time to give health care to their employees. they don't even know it. >> me think thou protest too much. the most bally hooked plan. the signature achievement of president obama's presidency and nobody knows about the good things. >> you have to admit, that's been the problem. the communications had been a disaster. this is where i fault the administration the most. they have not conveyed important things about the program. the tax credit is there. you won't disagree. it's there for small businesses -- >> so the -- scott, let me get back to you. watching this rally i always felt that one thing that could be relevant is the u.s. economy. we're seeing some good signs there but a lot of people feel the same way. if we get even a hiccup on the small business side, all bets are off. >> i agree, charles, and to rick0s point, a lot the small businesses because of the lack of communication maybe don't
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understand the bench fits because either they're not there or they're not being communicated. and rick is very charming and disarming so good work there. but listen, charles, if you go forward in this economy and look at where the jobs well be created, where the economic growth is, it's all in the small business arena, and they are scared out of their shoes about this mandate. so either something has to be cleaned up, more communicated or you'll see more layoffs or them not wanting to hire. >> scott, real quick, you heard robert saying dow, 6,000 this year. 2014. what do you think? >> he almost put me in tears. i think he is nuts. we'll see dow 20,000 before we sea dow 10k. >> if agree. i'm with scott on that. i was getting depressed listening to the man. i don't agree. >> in this rare case of kumbiya, happy new year. >> big hugs. >> the white house hoping erasee
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that's times square and it's cold out there but things are heating 'in here. we want to hear from you, "your world" wraps up the year. so many moments, facebook and tweet us with your favorites. we are going to replay the winner at the end of the show. first this. >> with all due respect to your office, you lied, sir. you lied. you told me i could keep my policy, and in fact i cannot keep my policy. >> the stories like that the white house is looking to erase, it's launching a new campaign to tout real life stories starting with this op-ed from kathleen
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sebelius, democrats hoping it will get more people enrolling and forgetting the botched rollout. but kathy will lose her plan in a year. >> they've given you a one-year extension but that's not enough. >> no, sir, thank you for allowing me back on. i did get a one-year extension until december 1, 2014, where i can keep my current plan. i call it my green mile. yes, i got an extension. yes, i got a reprieve, but they're is still a chair at the other enand that chair goes beyond the mid-tomorrow -- mid-term elections but millions do not forget the promise was broken, the lie was told, we cannot keep our plans, and i'm one of them. >> when that year is over, you'll have to make a decision. you will not be keeping the same plan you won't to keep. >> you know what? nobody can tell me, charles, what will happen. what i do believe will happen is that new ebb -- enhances plan,
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accord ago to the obama administration, will be forced upon me. i'm quite certain it will cost more and cover some child in to to- -- o'pekka with braces and glasses but won't help me. >> the white house was saying you had a junky plan, why not get a plan that covers certain things but at your age and your kids, doesn't make sure for -- make sense for you to pay for them. >> at age 54 i'm covered for pregnancy i'm grateful i have no children under the age of 12, but my 19, 22, and 23-year-old are covered for braces and glasses in some form. so, no, charles, here is what i resented. after i was on neil's show a month ago, i was first of all very impressed by the reach of this program because i got colorful e-mails from all over the country, calling me names.
1:19 pm
some i own, but some very unfair. and one of the names i got called in some form was that i was an elitist, that because i did not whatnots to be -- to part with my hard-earned money to pay for other people's health care, and what i say is that in fact, who is elitist in this equation is a washington lawmaker who have the unmitigated audacity, the arrogant hubris, to tell me that my plan was not good for me, when it was fine for me and my family, and now under penalty of law, the cost of my health care is doubling to cover other people. and in my mind that is nothing short of a redistribution of wealth. and -- >> kathy, i want to too this. let's pause for a moment. we heard from secretary kathleen sebelius. take a listen and get your opinion on this. >> i'm thrilled that we're going to have millions of people for the first time that have health
1:20 pm
security, and it should be a great new year for a lot of families across america. >> to your point the white house is pushing this, we're all in this together, a lot of people who never had health care, never had a dream of getting health care insurance, now they do and to the point to those people who sent you those colorful e-mails, they're going to double down on this saying, why not pay just a little bit extra so everybody in the country gets what you already are privileged to have -- or were? >> well, you know what? you said a word there, right there, charles, that i want to touch on. i'm privileged. am i privileged? i'm privileged to be an american, charles. i'm privileged to live in this country. but i work damn hard. i work seven days a week to be privileged. i work when i don't want to work. i pay my bills responsibly. i sacrifice. i do not have life extravagances that would prevent me from buying health insurance. that is not privileged.
1:21 pm
that's hard work, and i resent my hard work, my meager wealth, being redistributed to people who maybe didn't make the life choices i did, and then to call that -- of course they're limped i'd be thrilled if someone was paying for my healthcare and it isn't a little bit more. mine is $600 a month more. that's not a lot bit, charms. that is somebody who is -- who, like myself, who is going to have to figure out how to pay that. so, no, i don't blame those people for gloating. i would gloat, too, if somebody was paying for my healthcare. >> you're a fantastic proponent of the other side of this argument. we appreciate you spending time with us. see you soon. thank you very much. we'll be right back.
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target's troubles not over and this has nothing to do with the massive data breach. >> target's probably more than ready for 2014 after this rough holiday season this past year. less than two weeks after the massive data breach, which hit 40 million customersing are target confirmed that some of the gift cards it sold were not activated properly. past years, apparent live scanned a wrong code on the card, leaving them extreme this has impacted thousands of card although target says media reports have inflated the figures and less than .1% of the cards were impacted. the retailer says it will honor the carded. so if you received a tart gift card it may not work. target is asking sclupters to go to the service center in the store or call the number on the back of the card. some of the call services
1:26 pm
numbers are being swarmed with peel trike to deal with problems relate it to the security breach. targets partnering with the u.s. secret service that allowed malware and illegal access to accounts. consumers impacted by the breach were those who shopped in the sisters with debit and credit cards at the height of the holiday shopping season, from november 27 through december 15. culpers in california and oregos and remains to be seen how much of a black eye the retailer will take. >> after the problems at target, there's a group of democrats trying to make all retailers a target? they want to hearing to see if more regulations are needed to help shoppers. gary that's asset they last thing we need to do, but chris disagrees. gary? >> tighter standards, more regulations, the federal register at 79,000 pages and to
1:27 pm
comply with this, cost upwards of $2 trillion a year. everytime a business has a problem we do not need to jump all over them. target its already talking with the secret service and the justice department to make this right and fix it up. there's plenty of regulations from the states and the feds. leave be at this point in time. >> chris, this case -- this is blown up. 40 million breaches but is there anything that the federal government can do to gary's point that is not already happening with respect to private industry? >> well, i think there's a couple of ways to look at it. one is, the more this happens -- this is a growing issue and the threat is only going to grow -- kind of builds this political pressure for something to be -- to be done, and the question is what to do. you probably want to set standards. it would be better for businesses to set those standards without the government having to intervene? i agree, it would. but at some point the concern
1:28 pm
that consumers have if these breaches keep happening and they're at that time -- their data gets lost, pins get lost, there's going to be some action that needs to be taken because at some point it becomes too much. >> chris, when you start to say, let's layer on more things -- you just described several yellow if not red flags for business in general. >> i think this is going to be one of the growing threat, the more we become interconnect, the more we use credit cards to do purchases online to do our everyday lives -- i just received a letter a few weeks ago. not one of the fun moments of your day but at some point, something has to be done. i would prefer that companies kind of come together and deal with some kind of -- in a collective way, set standards that doesn't need some type of government intervention but let's be honest. you start seeing major breaches in coming years, there will be a bipartisan push for this.
1:29 pm
not just democrats. >> i got to tell you, gary, got a call from my bank saying my card was compromised and they're mailing me a new card. maybe they're getting their armeds around this problem. >> these are great businesses. they know they must. why? target, bad press, loss of confidence, loss of sales. with the affordable care act, when they had problems running it, they hired business people to run it. let businesses run their business and if it gets real bad, then maybe we can talk to the people running this country who put abuse 17 trillion in debt. >> happy new year. forget about the ball drop. something else is dropping in new york hat midnight that might give everyone a hangover. my name is jenny, and i quit smoking with chantix. before chantix, i tried to quit probably about five times. it was different than the other times i tried to quit.
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you're looking live at times square where thousands are gathering to watch the ball drop. when it does, new york city's new mayor, bill deblasio, will be sworn in, and charlie gas parrino says you may pay the price no matter what city you live in. >> charlie, i know you're -- you're not a bill deblasio fan but a record for everybody everywhere? >> he wave had 20 years under rudy giuliani and mike bloomberg and we became the city of urban
1:34 pm
renewal. and this guy said new york city is a horrible place, dicken sewnan hell hole, tale of two cities, a place that is -- turn back the clock to upton sinclair. that's how the described new york city. that's not true and these are the policies he is going to bring in barack obama came in as president as among the most liberal u.s. senator. this guy is far to the left of barack obama. and if you're a new yorker you have to be scared. the bottom line is this. bill deblasio was elected, won by 75-25%, big -- allegedly a big mandate, yet, yet, the won with 17% of the electorate. this is a very complacent electorate. the kids that move here from iowa and illinois and wherever don't remember the '70s. >> someone didn't artic late the other side of this, to your point, anytime a politician wins with north of 60%, done matter
1:35 pm
how many people showed up, they're going to claim mandate and push that agenda -- >> charles, charles, joe loto, the republican candidate, ran the mta during sandy, ran new york city -- >> a terrible candidate, though. >> but, but, the new york city press, most of it, i would say, everybody but the "new york post," did not cover just how left wing these guy is. the "new york times" ran a story about bill deblasio's ties to the sandinista rebels, his honeymoon in cuba and the fact he never apologized for that of he was elected as a democratic nominee. after -- i ask you, why didn't they run that story before? if they ran that story before, much more moderate candidate would have been the nominee -- >> you -- >> bill tom. >> everybody watching the show snowses about bill deblasio's background. what is he going to do to wreck new york city? >> he is going to raise your
1:36 pm
taxes. he is going to have a less aggressive police fierce. there's going to -- by the way, guess what his big thing coming out of the gate will be? getting rid of the horse-drawn carriages. we have an unemployment problem in new york. this guy is talking about penalizing the people, the people that create the jobs. the alleged tale of two cities which gives the money -- pays most of the taxes to the other half. here's what i'm most worried about bill deblasio. he ran on a lie. new york city is one of the most generous cities in the world. look at your paycheck, ladies and gentlemen, if you work is in town. you pay lot of taxes to create a social safety net, and that is not dickens and the other thing, look who he appointed as schools chancellor, another far lefty who is part of the education status quo, going to reverse
1:37 pm
what mayor bloomberg did -- >> -- he won with a mandate but with 17% of the vote -- >> doesn't matter in few hours he'll be the mayor of new york city. here's what want to talk about. why in this amazing successful city a rejection of capitalism. why is chile -- why is the pope coming out and saying capitalism is mean spirit. where is this coming from and could it spread across the country? >> i mean -- yes, i do. here's where it's coming from. in the past, you would have an aggressive media, when you take us out of it and a few others, not much aggressive media, who doesn't -- the media should not be taking this stuff so seriously. when the pope talks about capitalism -- i'm a catholic but the catholic church has not opportunity as much to spread wealth around the world and put food in people's mouth as
1:38 pm
capitalism what. who is saying that? not "the new york times." so when bill deblasio run on the motion of tale of two cities, trying to turn mayor bloom boring into a right-wing fanatic, you have to question his intentions and the very fact is this. he ran on a lie, and like i said again i'm a car-carrying catholic. i believe in the good lord. i always say merry christmas, but no system in the world has put food in people's mouth more than capitalism. sure live not the catholic church. capitalism. >> i do thing that somehow capitalism needs a new p.r. strategy, to maybe -- >> all you have to do is report it fairly. and that is the problem that -- the media will not report capitalism fairly. >> where are you before i let you go? >> anytime the great city of boston, and my wife and i are going to enjoy new year's here.
1:39 pm
it's actually colder than new york city. >> happy new year, buddy. see you soon. >> okay. >> these two military veterans know how to keep you headache-free tomorrow. you want to hear this. the inventors of the hangover cure are next, and the winner of "your world" mose most memorable maple goes to -- >> i want to take my clothes off. >> don't we all. we're out of time. >> let me, entertain you -- >> more coming up.
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. :
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the ball drops in seven hours but our party gets started in four, elizabeth and bill helping fox news all-american new year starting at 9:00 p.m. and you want won't to miss their
1:43 pm
interview with the "duck dynasty" clan. the first since the decision to dismiss their father, phil. >> for lots of americans new year's day is not as good as new year's eve thanks to he morning-after hangovers but that's where these people can help. they're military veterans and say they have a cure for the hangover. it's called end of night and you end with your favorite boozey beverage. welcome to the show. sounds too good to be true. give me a case. >> we dropped it all -- >> tell us how it works. >> let me jump in real quick. freddy and i got together at a yankee game with our families and talking about the bag they give kids in hospitals when they -- to recover from alcohol poisoning, predie put it together, put it in a bottle and that's what we have. >> charles, at walter reed or any other medical center, when someone has alcohol poisoning,
1:44 pm
they receive an i.v. fluid. the banana bag their ricker it was thigh -- it helps prevent conversion of alcohol. so it's not an invention of ours. we're modifying -- >> that's an external remedy? >> that's correct. >> but this is internal. how did you make the transfer from that to -- >> great question. used a fluid. so -- >> that went over my head. >> i'm sorry. if you got admitted to the hospit dehydration after running a marathon they don't give you a bag of i.v. water, they give you saline. saline is similar to you blood so we designed the beverage to be a low fluid so it gets
1:45 pm
absorbed faster. >> i was in the military, and i never went to the hospital for that. so maybe i didn't set the record after all. so, you guys are covered. >> yes, sir. >> and it's one thing to say, sounds like a good idea. it's another thing to take the plunge. how did that happen? >> he and i were first cousins, very close, but have been answers since -- opposites. i spent my life breaking stuff, he spent his life fixing stuff. i'm in the bar business and always saying, how -- there's got to be way we can prevent people from getting these hangovers. and freddie put it together. >> so funny, some people say you're taking your book. you have to be saying how can i get people to drink more before they pass out? >> never hurts. >> you take this and mix it with a drink you. have some real estate --
1:46 pm
recipes? >> yes. >> share a couple. >> the martin any. vodka, and a slight -- shaken, not stirred, a piece of lemon. >> and then you add a dollop of this to it. >> yes. it's a great mixer. >> can i start -- say i knock a few back and i forgot to add it. can i jug some of this down and catch up? >> absolutely. most important is to drink before, during, and after. >> on the screen we're putting up your recipes. pete is the mixologist here. which one did you come up with? >> i came up with the eon margarita. which we mix everything except for the lemon lime juice, is the -- >> so, instead of lemon lime, it's eon. >> how does it taste? >> the drink itself -- everyone says it tastes like franta,
1:47 pm
light citrusy player. >> out for two years? >> year and a half. >> why didn't you tell me a year ago. >> we heard about it and came down to tell you now. >> much success, congratulations, leave a case for me and we'll talk again. >> appreciate it. >> you wanted it, so you're going to get it. richard simmons is next. >> so this is the part -- >> you look so handsome today i can hardly deal with not climbing over this desk. >> all right. good to see you, too. about two. axiron is not for use in women. or anyone younger an 18 or men with prostate or bret cancer. women, especially those who are or who may become pregnant,
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you asked, we answered. what is the best interview for
1:51 pm
2013. maryland tweets you mean there is an option other than richard simmons. one of the best things i've seen. and can't beat richard simons hash tag bro-mance. >> look who is here. >> i took a two year absence because neil hurt my feelings and i got thousands of tweets in facebook but i'm back because i am forgiving. hello. >> good to see you. >> no, back to me. >> how did i offend you last time you were here? >> we don't have time for you. it is about me. you look so handsome today i can't help but not climbing over this desk.
1:52 pm
>> good to see you too. >> can't think about the negative. >> as dr. phil would say, we can't think about the balloons that don't make it. >> you have a lot of issues. >> we have to think about the balloon that are there. >> you know the one thing about interviewing you, i don't know where it is going to go. >> and now planet of the apes. >> you go to a restaurant and wear a disguise and pig out. >> patch me. hi. we'll have to go on to something more like calling butterball people turkeys or putting little wheels on them and -- [ noises ] >> do they laugh at you all of the time? >> just when you are on. >> give me a hand. >> i don't want to give you a
1:53 pm
hand. that's great. >> my manager lives here, we live in l.a. and his family is here and there is 30 people for a italian thanksgiving. >> do you watch how they eat or -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> why are you making fun of my people? >> when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie -- that's amore. i would sit at your feet and do this interview. >> i bet you would. you're set for this dinner tomorrow? you don't make them feel guilty if they have seconds. >> i actually bring in a bathroom scale with me. >> hi. >> there is nobody there.
1:54 pm
>> you had me on more than the guy who is selling clothes. the one who got all of the sporting goods stores. >> yes. >> so are you cooking or is your wife concern. >> i don't think that is your concern. >> okay, well i don't think this is your concern. >> i don't need them. >> hi, i'm richard simons taking over for neil. he had to go home and make a turkey and cranberry and then he's going to play tennis. >> i hear you have to go. >> do you want to kiss and make up? >> no. i just want to say bye. >> people do love you. you have had millions of hits from that video. >> let me sing from phantom of the opera. [ singing ] >> let your spirit sing and your
1:55 pm
fantasies unwind. >> i find it is hard to talk to you, because i want to climb on this desk so bad. >> well i wish you wouldn't. i want you to sit down. i enjoy you too. please. >> i'm sorry, everybody. i know that he's happily married. >> i have had a number of guests and sometimes they do want to climb over the table to hit me. >> no, i love you unconditionally, even though you have a sharp tongue and can be harsh sometimes. mother daughter, mother daughter. fay dunnaway in china town. >> look at the whole situation, you want to be positive or negative? [ in different voice ] >> look at this, we are out of
1:56 pm
time. i want you to stop. >> let me entertain you -- [ singing ] >> thank you for letting me on fox and the cavuto show. we've made up so you don't have to send out any tweets. say hello to your wife. >> do you want to say hello to anybody -- i mentioned bill o'reilly, hannity? do you watch? >> no. >> there is no contest. you are absolutely right. seven hours until the ball drops and at fox we're going to get the party started earlier. we have an all american new year's starting at 9:00 p.m. and don't miss the exclusive interview with willie and cory robertson from the duck dynasty crew. this is the first since a&e
1:57 pm
decided to suspend bill. just a record year for the stock market and a great year for america and let's all stay positive and enjoy the new year. happy new year, see you next year. lets you hear it in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. [ m'm... ] great taste. [ tapping ] sounds good. campbell's healthy request. m'm! m'm! good.®
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2:00 pm
hello, happy new year's eve. i'm greg -- i'm eric bolling with bob bob, greg gutfeld, dana perino and kimberly guilfoyle. >> just a few hours left until the new year and so let's get the party started. kimberly and bob will kick off the all american party at times square at 9:00 p.m. tonight. they will tell you what they have on tap so stay tuned but 2013 was a big year for the


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