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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 31, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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hello, happy new year's eve. i'm greg -- i'm eric bolling with bob bob, greg gutfeld, dana perino and kimberly guilfoyle. >> just a few hours left until the new year and so let's get the party started. kimberly and bob will kick off the all american party at times square at 9:00 p.m. tonight. they will tell you what they have on tap so stay tuned but 2013 was a big year for the five. our producers have picked some
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of their favorite moments from the past year. we're here to show you. this is clip number one. and this is k.g. with her reaction to bob's confession. >> boxer or briefs? >> what about you bob? >> nothing. >> oh. >> what is the follow-up question? >> oh, god, it is so close to me. >> that is the funniest moment in the three years we've been on. >> so bob, i never look at you the same. >> but you didn't ask what i was talking about. >> we all know. commando. >> no, it was like speedos. >> now you are changing it. >> is that better? >> bob in a speedo or nothing at
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all, which is worse? >> not too far off. >> please wear that for new year's eve tonight. >> i will remember that. it was quite an experience. and andrea relating a story about her childhood and growing up greek. >> the same reparks he made today about immigration reform were the same thing he said about health care reform. my dad said to me once when i tried to undertake two massive things at one time. he said, you know, andrea, you can't run with two watermelons, you're going to drop one. the president dropped one. get your mind out of the gutter -- you too, bob. >> so, bob, what were you thinking? >> what do you think i was thinking? that was so obvious, why would you say that. >> she was talking about watermelons, were you not? >> yes, because they are heavy and they are hard to run with.
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have you ever tried to run with two big sized watermelons. have you ever tried? >> no, i haven't. >> normal people appreciate the greek -- >> keep those water melons running. >> and who can forget the hottest rapper of the year, look out kenye, it is tanya. >> i gave it a shot, if you want to take a look. >> my name is tiny d. and i'm here i bust funky fresh rhymes in a major way. i white like casper, i love jasper, if you don't think beyonce is scared of me, go ahead and ask her. if you love your freedom, pick d.p., that's me. >> that is the funniest thing i
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have ever seen in my life. >> she did it like in slow motion. most rappers do it fast. >> i should have gone faster. >> you know why greg was laughing so hard, people was worried that people would think i was serious. he wanted everybody to think, ha-ha, and think it was funny. >> and i like the casper and jasper. >> and remember that? >> the kanye west and the kim kardashian on the motion. >> yeah. >> it issee rottic -- it is erotic. >> i would pay to see that video. >> illicit music video. >> i want to do that with greg.
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>> wasn't kardashian and -- didn't they do the sex video together? >> no. that was ray jay. next up, good old boy bobbie, man of the world, getting his jamaican on. >> i don't know what the problem is here. don't get old and man here, i mean what the problem, you got to chill out, everybody. be happy, get yourself something to eat or get yourself some home grown weed from where i come from. you'll be much happier. >> i had somebody -- some jamaican around here safing how do you say these things? and he said, man, you ain't no jamaican. >> it sounded like irish jam achan. >> that was on the heels of a commercial that people found
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racially sensitive. there was a volkswagen. >> bob, you are making me crazy. >> but the gagga was good. >> i have no idea. >> if you did that, you would pass out for six months. >> i think she would laugh and laugh. >> she would listen to one marley song and go shh -- that's it. and the producers kept me in the dark about this. >> we want to take you with how we are dealing with the flu. we have all of these home medication. what the hell is this? the fox news snuggy. >> do we send those to people? >> are you purposely trying to get yourself thrown off television? >> this talks about how to handle the fibers. >> this is because you want me to shut up. do you think this will shut me up. >> and the producer is like i'm
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not sure you should do this. i said just trust me. >> you don't think it is awesome? >> no, our website sells fox news snuggies. >> they have those things and you wear them? >> they are awesome. they are warm and flannelly. >> can you get two people in them? >> are you going to wear it later upstairs? >> bob, you are your own fox news snuggy. >> i will loan you my snuggy. afterwards, i don't want it. especially if you are getting two people in them. here jim carrey gets socked until the gut. >> jim carrey has killed everybody than all of the rifles. he is a stinky coward. he is so worried about his career. he is a pathetic sad, little jibbering mess.
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he's a bottomless pit of insecurity and he knows in his heart he's a fraud. >> he was done and then -- >> and bobbin stig ated and bob had to -- instigated, had to get it going again. >> bob gets into one of those rants all of the time. >> i actually miss greg today. isn't he with his momma? >> yes. >> he's very funny. but when he gets mad. one time he said shut up, bob, shut up! >> what the hell are you doing here, this is family. >> he apologized. >> yeah, he did. >> don't yell at bob so much. >> poor bob. >> and your thoughts on that? >> i just remember jim carrey had no idea that greg gutfeld as as -- was as ferocious as he was and he had to scurry into his
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corner after that. >> he came out and said something. >> i love when he is the most negative. i don't know why, it makes me happy. >> it does? >> how about this one. one of the whackiest moments of the year happen while we are out of the regular studio. you never nove what helps when you are in somebody else's studio. >> the u.s. air force band surprised people at the smithsonian in washington, d.c. they wanted to promote their 29 holiday shows so i think we have a shot here in just a second that we are going to toss to. take a look at this. congratulations to the u.s. air force band for the first photo bombing of a museum. >> yesterday was the last day of hanukkah and i was just putting a men ora away. >> and the whacky part of that, we were talking about photo
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bombing, and with a menorah. >> he said he didn't know if he should do it because he would get in trouble. and i said that is what the five does, get in trouble. >> i didn't catch him until out of the corner of my eye. he is very funny. >> he is like back and forth. that is a good year. >> that is when we were upstairs. 2014 is going to be so fun when we talk about politics all year. obamacare, yeah. >> i cannot wait. i cannot wait. that's all right. i'll get my gloves and get in fighting shape because it will be four to one next year. >> and don't forget juan williams is one of the five. our new year's resolution and our predictions for what we think will happen in the upcoming year. but first running through 2013 biggest scandals, the crack smoking mayor, beyonce, the lip
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count down to 2014. we want to take a look at biggest scandals of the past year, in politics, entertainment and in sports. there are way too much to pick from but we'll start with the biggest stories of 2013. >> yes, i have smoked crack cocaine. am i an addict? no. have i in one of my drunken stupors? probably. >> if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan, period. >> if you have or had one of these plans before the affordable care act came into law, and you really like that
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plan, well what we said was you could keep it. if it hasn't changed since the law was passed. >> there is so many to choose from but those are some of our favorite moments from this past year. take it around the table. ladies first and handsome gentlemen last. >> anthony wienerer by far. every day there was a new new york headline. and it would say carlos danger. i loved that. it was fun. dana? >> i liked the rob ford thing and weiner was not that interesting but on obamacare, the scandal, but the benghazi and the irs, they were the two. but when you say you get on a airplane and things pass, that
2:17 pm
is like the scandal. >> i think rob forward was the most fun of all scandals, but i'm agreeing with the benghazi theme because if i'm not mistaken, clinton testified in january of this year because she bumped her head and couldn't testify right away. >> at this point what difference does it make. >> about four dead americans. that is one of the biggest scandals and that will live on again, maybe not in '14, but in '16. >> first of all, what happened to your shoulder pad -- pads? >> what? they don't have shoulder pads. >> it looks great from this angle. and this guy says i'm not an addict, but only inny drunken stupor. let me tell you, you're an addict. and then weiner, his wife
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standed next to him and i don't know why she does that. and barack obama, if you are not bilingual, he didn't say you could keep your plan. >> yes, he did. >> well if you speak russian? >> are you saying he was speaking kenyan? >> kimberly is bilingual. >> in any language he said you can keep your insurance. >> we know what you are doing, bob. >> bob, the biggest scandal besides the irs was spying on our own james rosen and his parents, the a.p. as well. i think that was a big deal. >> how about the nsa altogether. >> and if it was a republican establishment that did it they would be freaking out, going crazy. >> we need a good political scandal, something salacious in 2014. >> but when it is not good enough, like weiner and ford, there is always the celebrities.
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♪ and the home of the brave [ music playing ] ♪ blurred lines >> you almost hit my wife. do you want to -- i asked you a question. get the [ bleep ] out of here. >> what a jerk. >> i think he has to hideout until like halfway through 2014. and beyonce, really good at lip syncing, i couldn't tell. >> but that was the whole point. she was lip syncing there. >> i'm doing that right now. >> who cares if she was lip
2:20 pm
syncing, everybody knows she can sing well. >> was that her voice singing? >> yes. >> it was? >> but playing miley cyrus, it was her song and she was moving her lips, and i'm for beyonce because she helped the nice little girl who had cancer. >> most of them lip sync, on the award shows they lip sync. not that big of a problem. miley cyrus, i kind of like -- she's fun. i like that. alec baldwin is a jerk and a loser. i know his brothers, they are good people. alec, you have a problem and need help, my man. get some help. >> let's say that again of the you need some real help. like anger management help. miley cyrus, she should have been heading up the prostitutes new year's eve ball. >> is there one, bob? >> yes. >> what do you have against twerking? >> that is not twerking. kids look at that.
2:21 pm
what does it look like? it looks like a sleepy -- sleazy motel on route one doing the dirty. and celebrity. i don't mind lip syncing already, and that is okay because she's so beautiful. and that's all i have to say. >> thank god. we're going to cut you off at that. beyonce i like and alec baldwin, i feel bad because his family is good and he did lose his show. now let's turn to sports, because there were some great scandals. see what you think about these. >> yes or no, in all seven of your tour de france victories, did you ever take banned substances or blood dope? >> yes. the last seven months have been a nightmare. it has been -- probably the
2:22 pm
worst time of my life, for sure. >> but i didn't lie. i never was asked did you see her in person. and so through the embarrassment and the fear of what people may think, that i was committed to this person who i didn't have the chance to meet and she all of a sudden died, now that scared me. >> i have no words for that last one. and one more time around the table for old time's sake. i don't think lance was a surprise. a-rod wasn't a surprise. they are big scandals but did anybody think lance wasn't doping. everybody thought he was lying. i thought manti te'o was a crazy lie that he concocted. >> that is like me trying to explain my report card to my parents when i was in high school. i got all f's and changed them to b's and i realized i had to take it back and get it signed.
2:23 pm
and that guy was covering up for him. and a-rod, you poor $60 million boy. get out of here. >> okay, dana? >> sports isn't my forte. the a-rod thing, i don't know as many about. the manti te'o, i felt sorry for him because he was obviously making the story up. >> why did you feel sorry for him for that? >> because you have to be really lonely or screwed up inside in order to concoct a story like that and to have it blow up in your face on international television, i was sad for him and i hope he's doing better. lance armstrong, i have no time for. he destroyed many lives and showed no remorse for it. and i don't understand how all of the sports -- all of the sports go forward when it goes to doping because we talk about that on here, as my views have
2:24 pm
changed on the legalization of marijuana, in some ways, i'm still not completely comfortable about it. but i think we'll be talking about it in years to come. >> you were supporting that? >> here comes the hate mail and hate me for, this but i don't care if they dope. >> reporter: don-- >> i don't care if they dope. when you try to mandate no doping or drugs, half of the people will figure out a way to cheat and half of them won't. they are all going to dope so they can make millions of. >> so what does that say about high school kids? >> it is parental responsibility. teach your kids not to do it. when they become adults, i'm all for an 18-year-old knowing enough -- >> athletes okay to dope, but not -- you've changed.
2:25 pm
>> i said if you want to smoke weed, do it legally. >> as someone who smoked through my athletic career. it is a terrible, nasty horrible thing to do. and i started when i was 16 -- doping. i mean not just dope-dope, but doping. >> and here you are on the second highest rated show on all cable news doing very well for yourse yourself. >> yeah, except being held up underneath here by -- there are problems that you don't want to know about or hear about. >> that is for another day. >> i do want to hear about it. >> no, let's don't encourage it. do you have any habits you want to give up in 2014? here is the big reveal. and n that's coming up on the five. ♪ should not all those presents make the cut ♪
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i'm jon scott. we may have a new record for the largest fireworks display in the mideast city of dubai. officials say they set off half a million firearm -- fireworks. we are still waiting for guinness to tell us. and the dow up 26% from 2012. but more trouble for target shoppers. reps for the retailer said some gift cards were not activated. less than a tenth of the cards have that problem and vows to honor them. that comes after the security breach that may have affected 40 million debit and credit card
2:31 pm
holders. i'm jon scott and now back to the five. no dancing. welcome back to the five's county to 2013. many plan to wipe the slate clean and kick bad habits and start anew. i think we should start with kimberly -- >> how many do i have? i'll try to resist the temptation to become one with bob. >> what does that mean? >> people say oh, we think you love bob secretly. >> she does. >> do you make resolutions, kimberly? >> i don't feel that i should, because if i break them or -- give up what? my godiva chocolates with the caramel inside, i don't want to
2:32 pm
do that. >> and you don't want to give up your number one thing -- >> which is? my husband. >> no, did you that five times. save yourself and tell us your resolution? >> as i said, i went through a lot -- substances on top of other sub stansz and -- substances and alcohol and i paid a price and i have got to get into a health regimen. but not for me because i'm never going to be a good blow dried anchor like he is, but i want to be around for my kids and be on the this show. it catches up with you, at the rate i was going. it does. >> i applaud you for doing that. >> drinking and drugging, but that doesn't stop giving up sugar. >> one of our great moments was watching you get that sobriety award. >> mine was when you drank the
2:33 pm
twinkie. >> i never got so sick. >> but you are going to try to be healthier and cut out some sugar. and do you have a goal -- >> with you around, i haven't had any sugar in three days. you always go, there is sugar in that. >> and i poured your sports energy drink down the drain. >> you said i paid $5 for that. >> i didn't know it was that full of sugar. >> i fast every tuesday, i don't eat meet and i go to church every day before the show. there is not more i can do. i'm going to stop going so easy on liberals this year. >> go easy on liberals? are you kidding me. >> have you drank that whole bottle of champagne. >> just so people understand. this is not alcohol.
2:34 pm
it is apple cider. >> i thought about it and i thought about it, living in the moment and not worrying so much. this is pretty darn good what just happened and appreciate it. we just fly through the days and it is hard to stop and be thankful and be happy in the moment and not worry and that is what i'm going to do. >> well i'm not going to take away from all of the illicit activities that i do. but i'm going to add some things. i'm going to add a yoga class a week to my schedule, because when i go -- >> another one? >> i really like it. and then i will write down one thing a day i like about new york city, if i can try to find one. i tried to do three things a day and i couldn't find one. >> how about jasper. >> i will take more jasper photos because i want to get better at the photos i take. >> don't put me on your mailing list. >> your calendar was very good. you outdid last year. >> it was better.
2:35 pm
it didn't have the doggy thing on the front. on the front page. >> remember that one -- >> up next, the fox and what took the internet by storm in 2013. check it out.
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♪ well time now for some of the top viral videos of 2013. first up, this one got more than 305 million views on you tube. it is what does the fox say but a comedy duo.
2:40 pm
♪ the sound that no one knows -- what does the fox say? ding, ding, ding ♪ ♪ what does the fox say -- pow, pow, pow ♪ >> so a lot of people apparently love this video. eric, you love this video? why. >> i love this video. about six months ago there was a state office and one of the staffers called me and said everybody is talking about what does the fox say and you have to play this on the five. and i said this is crazy but it had 180 million views. and everybody looked at me like i was anid yorkts but it was -- an idiot, but it was fabulous.
2:41 pm
>> it looks like a bad acid trip. >> what does the fox say? >> the fox says what the heck was that? >> ding, ding, ding. >> i don't see the talent. but i like country music so i don't quite get it. >> and here is what happened -- the animal costumes freak me out, adults and animals. >> is it a weird fetish community that likes it? >> but you will not stop doing that. >> that will be in my head. >> would you wear that thing on your head? >> yes, of course i would. next up, with 440 million views on you tube, miley cyrus' wrecking ball. ♪ i came in like a rainbow
2:42 pm
[ singing ] so what do you think, kimberly? this is the song that i think high school girls send the guys that broke their heart. but i happen to love the song. >> i didn't even know what it was about because i can't get past -- i said i would cry. if this was my kid, i would feel like i failed. if she was naked on a ball. >> what do you think the wrecking ball would say if it could talk? >> help me. call the fire department. >> get a big hose. >> explain it again. >> put that on my shoulders, it would say. [ laughter ] >> gross. oh, god. >> eric and i love this song. >> i love this song. >> you may not like her, but she has talent.
2:43 pm
>> she has talent. >> dana's thoughts on the wrecking ball. >> i love ball's voice imitating the wrecking ball. >> but whatever happened to hannah montana? seriously. >> right? >> and her father defends this stuff. >> well that is good. can you imagine what would happen if her dad wasn't defending her? then what would happen. >> i would ground her. >> i have a friend of mine that saw his daughter on a porn movie once. he called me, so freaked out. asked me what to do about it. you can't do anything, she's 18. i guess she's old enough. >> about a hundred million bucks. >> she couldn't get a hundred million without showing her watermelons like that -- >> more like cherries. >> and one of our personal favorites on the five, 65 million views on you tube, juan
2:44 pm
claude van dam's commercial for volvo. >> i'm set to master the most epic [ inaudible ]. >> bob, did you ever do something similar in your drinking days? >> no, and i wouldn't get up for the next few years. i wonder what he felt like the next day. i can tell you what, he wasn't doing the doody, i know that. >> what do you think? >> i love juan claude van dam. and i always used to say kick it like juan claude van dam. this was done on one take. i'm a believer. you go. >> no chance. no chance in heck that that is
2:45 pm
real. >> there is absolutely no way that is real. >> in all of his movies, he does that in all of his movies. he can do the splits. >> he does all of his stunts and he is for real. >> are the trucks moving. >> dana just said, i'm good, don't ask me anything about this video. >> seriously, think about that guy. >> don't go away, the five of us give our predictions for 2014 when we come back. >> oh, mine is good. i always say be the man withhe plan but with less energy, moodiness, and a low sex drive, i had to do something. but with less energy, moodiness, i saw my doctor.rive, a blood test showed it was low testosterone, not age. we talked about axiron the only underarm low t treatment that can store t levels to norm in about two weeks in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger an 18 or men with prostate or bret cancer. women, especially those who are or who may become pregnant, and children should avoid contact where axiron is applied as unexpected signs
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♪ we have no self-respect. >> none. you have to do something to be on this show. it is time for our predictions for 2014. here is mine. obamacare will be much better than these people predict and not cost democrats that many seats. >> wishful thinking. >> kimberly, go. say something. >> mine is to stop infighting and i think they can have a
2:50 pm
banner year in 2014. take back the senate. and to surprise victories and losses for your team. >> hey, don't tweet my thing there. >> for those of you listening on radio, he meant his kazu. >> even worse. >> let's go. we have to move. bolling, you are up. >> same as last year. i came so close this year, this is the year that the five is number one in all of cable news. we're knocking on the door. so pretty soon. >> okay, dana? >> i have a prediction. it doesn't have to do with politics. i predict that kate middleton will announce she is pregnant with the second royal baby by the end of 2014. >> you so wouldn't have said that if greg was here. he gets mad at me for saying royal stuff. >> i think the media will start
2:51 pm
to turn on chris christie, the golden boy, and you'll start to hear this push, a woman president, and a celebrity quick prediction, i think alec baldwin and hallaria, i think he's going to turn on her. >> she's going to turn on him. one more thing is up next. youand you're talking toere rheuyour rheumatologistike me, about trying or adding a biologic. this is humira, adalimumab. this is humira working to help relieve my pain. this is humira helping me through the twists and turns.
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[ squeals ] ♪ andou do the best you can ♪ i got lostin this o♪ ♪ and forgot who i am
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time for one more thing. and k.g., kick us off, i hope you keep it right here on the fox news channel because our happy new year's eve special is starting right now with big daddy over here and myself. can you handle it? >> yeah, babe, can you handle it? you gotta handle it. >> it will be fantastic. we have surprises from bill o'reilly, megan kelly, joined by ainsley earhart and rick leventhal and bill hemmer and elisabeth hasselbeck will take it into the new year right here on the fox news channel. be there. >> how come there aren't any pictures of us. >> we're too good looking, we might blow up the screen. >> i'm committing myself to losing 25 pounds by june. >> you can do that. >> particularly if dana is on my
2:56 pm
back, i'll probably lose 50. >> she throws everything away. >> and not because -- not for you right wingers out there, it is not about that. it is to stay healthy and torment you. >> and anything to say about the new year's eve show, bobbie? >> you have to watch the new year's eve show you know why? >> why. >> because we are getting in the snuggy together. >> it will take the fire department to get us out. >> it will be cold. >> that is must-see tv. and andrea, you are up. >> a couple of fun facts, pro-seco is now replacing champagne as the drink of choice. and when you pour it, pour it as a 40 degree angle or there will be too many bubbles and you'll lose the alcohol and each bottle has 49 million bubbles inside. isn't that interesting? >> i do not discrimination, i
2:57 pm
love proseco, champagne, everything. >> how do they know? >> because 50 million people will consume champagne this year. >> 2014 will be better. >> mine says 24? >> that is a one. so after the special, if you stay up for 29 minutes more past midnight, you will see a special red eye that includes greg gutfeld, andy leafy, sherrod, gavin and me. here is a sneak peek. >> tonight -- >> coming up, a look back at a year in the news that no one covered except red eye. the world's most dedicated dog refusing to stop jumping rope
2:58 pm
until obamacare is repealed. >> and you said something to me why complain about crack when it is coke. >> and you want to see gavin making fun of talking, it is a red eye not to be missed. so tape it if you can. >> it is nice that we could promote greg's show because starting in february, we'll have to promote his dang book for six months. so i would like to promote a show. >> do you know what the name of his book is? >> i don't know. >> it's cool. >> why don't you write one. >> i am. >> do you have a title? >> oh, no. >> you should title that. >> tonight, party, drink and do your thing but don't get in the car and drive afterwards. enjoy everything in moderation.
2:59 pm
feliz -- >> moderation. >> so is bill o'reilly calling in or going to be there? >> that is a spoiler alert. >> we can't tell but that. >> but i'm looking forward to bill standing next to me. >> remember what he called the show? >> bob o'reilly. >> remember when he called the first time and he thought the five would end in like three weeks. >> it is going to be fun. >> have a great show and we're looking forward to 2014 with you guys. i want to wish a happy new year to our troops and greg and juan not with us tonight and all of you very loyal fans, thank you very much for helping make 2013 our best year yet. don't forget, fox's all american new year starts 9:00 p.m. eastern with kimberly and bob and then elisabeth hasselbeck
3:00 pm
and bill himmer take over. happy new year, everyone. >> happy new year! obamacare gets ready for its close-up. the new health plan goes operational at the stroke of midnight. this is "special report." good evening, i'm john roberts in tonight for bret baier. happy new year to you. as millions of americans ring in the new year in a few hours, president obama's health care emerges. people go to clinics and emergency rooms and pharmacies, hoping their coverage comes through. white house corresp


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