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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 2, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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check out snow. stay tuned for the latest. thanks for watching. i'm megyn kelly. 2014, the year of obamacare has arrived. hello, everyone. i'm in tonight for sean. coverage on the new obamacare marketplace kicked off yesterday and the individual mandate is now the law of the land. to say the future of the train wreck is uncertain would be a monumental under statement. a houston area hospital is blaming obamacare for being unable to pay employees for nearly a month saying the
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contractor is delaying payments to hospital. there are reports of this happening around america but medical professionals aren't the only ones impacted because 11 short months from now a day of reckoning for obamacare will arrive and the lawmakers who helped pass the affordable care act will be held accountable. a major ad campaign targeting kay haguen in north carolina, mary landrieu in louisiana and jeanne shaheen. watch. >> i was shocked when i got the notice my health care policy was cancelled. kay told us if you like your insurance plan and doctor, you can keep them. it wasn't true. now i have a temporary policy
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that costs me 20% more. next year my costs go up another $4500. kay haguen just doesn't get it. >> tell kay haguen obamacare hurts north carolina. >> much more in a minute on obamacare. first another milestone related to 2014. at year's end congress led let a package of tax breaks expire though they saved taxpayers and businesses billions. go to the facebook page for more. we want to hear from you on twitter. joining me to talk about the arrival after obamacare and expiring tax breaks, peter swietser and the third way senior vp and cofounder jim kessler. obamacare first.
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obamacare is doing what it was designed to do to drive people into insurance programs. the insurance industry like this is. when people say it is a failure of implementation, this is what it is designed to do. it's only getting worse. you are dealing with the individual mandate. 4.7 million people lost coverage according to health and human services. next year the employer mandate kicks in. the white house estimates probably a minimum of 6 million will lose coverage. this is only the beginning. >> i guess if the white house estimates 6 million it could be multiples of that. what happens as we go throughout the year and people can't get
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coverage? they will flood the system. >> health care has gotten more expensive and less secure. people were losing plans and employers were dumping people as well. look, obviously obamacare for the first three months, they would like a mulligan. the first year will be choppy, no doubt about it. >> i don't mean to interrupt but i have to ask you. what's changing? bank hasn't done a thing for health care. >> we have to move from essentially a pay for procedure health care system to a pay for performance health care system. obamacare takes some of the initial steps. i think more needs to be done in this area. health care costs for 30 years
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have been out of control. it's increased faster than triple inflation for years. there's a problem. >> what they have done since the bill was signed into law, they continued to increase the coss.s 20% will defy economics. we'll increase demand for health care by getting 30 million people uninsured in the current system. but by increasing demand we'll cut costs. >> 30 years ago it was 8% of the economy. now it's 20%. it's eating up wages, sending jobs overseas. >> there is nothing changing. >> go ahead, peter. >> there is nothing changing.
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the group that likes this and this is the dirty secret of obamacare. while people are lose coverage the health insurance industry loves obamacare. >> i wouldn't go that far. >> price waterhouse had a study that says as a result of obamacare by 2020 they anticipate health insurance company revenues will grow by $200 billion. look at the stock market. >> we have to move on. 55 new laws will kick in starting next year. a lot of them will increase the taxes. peter, start with you. $54 billion tax increase to americans. >> yeah. this is classic what happens in washington, d.c. both parties do it, unfortunately. they put together a tax extender. extend it for two years. why not five or ten or make it perm snent they want the high
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tech industry to give them campaign contributions, hire family members as lobbyists. destructive for the economy but great for the political class in washington, d.c. >> one of the areas being cut is the green energy business. there are a lot of other things. homeowners, teacher, college students and others. their taxes are going up. >> they are obviously too busy to pass last year. the problem is this. everything is scored by cbo and the tax extenders cost money. if you extend for five or ten years they need to find off sets for them. they extend for one or two years to find fewer places to cut spending. it is the way we do finances in washington. it takes away a lot of ashurdness the businesses have tax credits will be there. that's the reason they do it.
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this is the way we do scoring in washington. >> peter, final thought. >> congress never pays attention to the cbo. they don't base policies on it. >> we have pay-go as the law. they have to. >> they find ways around it all the time. that's the bottom line. >> it's a lot easier when you do it a year at a time than five. it's a big number. that's why they do it one year at a tile. i'm not defending it. it's the way t it's done. i worked there for 12 years. it's lousy but that's how it gets done -- or doesn't. >> there is a larger explanation that relates to how washington works. you don't get paid in terms of campaign contributions. lobbyists don't get hired if problems are solved. keep the tax extender going. >> that's the way it works in d.c. keep an eye on the lobbying firms. coming up next on "hannity" --
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>> there on governor romney's knee is his adopted grandson, an adopted african-american child. any captions for this one? ♪ one of these things is not like the other ♪ >> the left-wing so-called journalists can't help themselves. they now turn on mitt romney's adopted african-american grandchild. later, 13 states raise the minimum wage as of yesterday. we'll go head to head to debate if this will help or hurt jobs creation in america. and our great american panel will talk about the latest on the robertson family. breaking news involving the crack-smoking toronto mayor. don't go anywhere.
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welcome back. left wing journalists have done it again targeting mitt romney's african-american adopted grandchild. watch. >> this is the romney family. >> right. >> of course there on governor romney's knee is his adopted grandson. an adopted african-american child. any captions for this one? ♪ one of these things is not like the other ♪ [ laughter ] ♪ one of these things just isn't the same ♪ >> isn't he the most gorgeous? my goal is in 2040 the biggest thing of the year will be the wedding between kieran romney and northwest. can you imagine mitt romney and kanye west as in-laws? >> the picture is great. it sums up the diversity of the republican party.
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>> the rnc. >> you know, it's unbelievable and most of america found nothing funny about the segmo d harris-perry apologized writing, i'm sorry without reservation or qualification. i apologize to the romney family. those who offend do not have the right to tell those they hurt that they are wrong for hurting. joining me, eboni williams and crystal wright. pretty outrageous comments to hear. >> i agree. i was surprised. i'm familiar t with the writings. i was surprised, dr. perry being the product of a biracial union. i was taken aback. it was in poor taste as we saw her exhibiting in her apology her ak knowledgement of the bad
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taste. >> your thoughts on this before we get into details? >> i'm not surprised melissa harris perry engaged in mocking the only black adopted grandchild of mitt romney. this is the woman who decided to wear tampons on television to say women and parents decide when life begins. not only is it indecent and classless. the fact that she went back instead of giving a sincere apog apology she created her own personal hash tag to promote her disgusting brand. i'm speechless. and the fact that eboni pointed out. she's a product of a white mother and a black father. so what she's saying is when liberals have bi racial babies they are tolerant but when conservatives do it like mitt
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romney it's tokenism and we can mock them. it's disgraceful. >> crystal points out the time she wore those things on her ears but she also said conservatives using the word "obamaca "obamacare" with, she related it to using the n-word. there seems to be a recurring theme here. >> dr. perry can be very outrageous in her rhetoric. that's not to cut her slack on this issue. even she looking back with with some perspective saw it was just beyond the pale, out of pocket for her. the tampon thing is being typical, owe rajs dr. perry. this is what she does. >> just what she does. if a conservative did that the conservatives would be raked the other coals for it.
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>> exactly right. i can't believe you're saying that's what she does. she's a professor. she's a host of a network program. that's not just what people do. when rush limbaugh weighed in on sandra fluke demanding taxpayers pay for her sex, people demanded he should be fired. we don't see that for her. >> important point here. everyone has the right to say whatever they want with some exceptions. however the network has a right to remove her from her program. >> right. >> in fairness, rush had advertisers pulled from him because he called that young lady a slut. not because with she wanted him to pay for reproduct ty health rights. getting back to the point eric made, say what you want. >> i don't say what i want.
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she says what she wants. be clear. i'm respectful. >> i didn't say you said what you wanted. go ahead. >> it lacks decency and integrity. i'm scratching my head as a black woman. my brothers are married to white women. i have nieces and nephews of mixed race. it makes me sick to my stomach. >> we are talking about a beautiful adopted child. why point fingers at something as beautiful and innocent as that? >> it's beautiful and innocent. she acknowledged that part after the fact. we are all on the same page that it was distasteful. this was melissa's attempt to connect the gop. you don't do that to a child. it's not a public figure. didn't ask to be a part of the t game. that's why it was wrong and she
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apologized for it. >> very quickly, crystal. last thought. >> as you said, the child is innocent. adopteded. she took great pleasure as people ridiculed the child as a thing. ♪ one of these things is not like the other one ♪ god bless mitt romney for adopting a black child in america. >> we have to leave it there. coming up, 13 states increase the minimum wage on january 1. now democrats in washington want to pass a law that would do the same nationwide. is the so-called fair minimum wanl act proposal good for business or a job killer? i will debate dennis kucinich next. and later kimberly guilfoyle and the all american panel. the stars of "duck dynasty." and major news involving the
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crack-smoking mayor of toronto. and the this nfl player said he was fired for supporting gay marriage and calls his former bosses cowards. we'll investigate. [ laughter ] smoke? nah, i'm good. [ male announcer ] celebrate every win with nicoderm cq, the unique patch with time release smartcontrol technology that helps prevent the urge to smoke all day long. help prevent your cravings with nicoderm cq.
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welcome back. as of yesterday, 13 states raised the minimum wage. as you can see here some of the states exceeded the federal minimum wage standard of 7.25 an
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hour. in washington the hourly rate is 9.32. now there is a growing movement in d.c. to pass the fair minimum wage act which would impact all 50 states. would this help the economy or would that legislation kill jobs? joining me with reaction, former congressman and fox news contributor dennis kucinich. you were on the left side of the aisle. you are for raising the minimum wanl, right? >> if you consider 21 states have minimum wage in excess of the federal wage the position i take is that minimum wage should be increased to at least $10 an hour is in line t t with the main stream. it's center america. >> i would beg to differ on that. i'm not sure where you are getting your information. >> facts. >> where did you get $10 an hour?
10:25 pm
>> one of the bills being introduced is $10.10 an hour. california in september increased the minimum wage to $10 an hour. if you looked at t the minimum wage in 1968 the cost of living increased so much that our minimum wage today if you corrected for inflation would be $10.74. >> why not 20? let's go crazy? why not $50 an hour? >> we have to strike a balance between what's appropriate compensation for people for the work they do and what works for the economy. the economy has been struggling. a minimum wage increase that for every thousand dollars it increased.
10:26 pm
increases in the minimum wage promotes demand. our economy is driven. 70 oh% is consumer spending or gdp. >> you say we have to strike a balance with what's appropriate compensation. first of all, doesn't the free market dictate what the appropriate compensation is by striking a balance between supply and demand for labor? >> no. you have two-thirds of minimum wage workers with the biggest profits. they are not sharing great success in the market with employees. we have to keep in mind that it's not just about what we call a minimum wanl but a living wanl considering the cost of food, cost of clothing. transportation, health care. these are concerns affecting american families. >> my problem is when the federal government gets involved in deciding what the living wage is rather than the free market this is the way it works.
10:27 pm
economics 101 from high school and college. at that price that's where things should be. if you raise the federally mandated minimum above that, the jobs we low it go elsewhere. china and india. >> the reason we lost jobs is because of nafta and the general agreement on tariffs and trades, not because of minimum wage laws. there are university studies done by princeton, by economists in california and massachusetts which have shown no connection between job loss and increase in the minimum wage. you could argue the increase is good for employers because it helps to assure reliable work force -- >> how would this do that?
10:28 pm
how does it ensure anything other than the employer is paying more out of pocket? it doesn't qualify the worker. >> if you have turnover 57bdand lot of minimum wanl jobs are subject to high turnover. churning of employment t at that level is an adverse negative if he can on employers. if employers want productivity. if employers want to reduce turnover they pay a higher wage. >> that part you are right about. if they don't want turnover they will raise the wanls not because of a federally mandated min mudge wage. the unemployment rate between 16 and 19 in america exceeds 20%. if you are african-american, 16 to 1 t t9, unemployment is 35%.
10:29 pm
[ speaking at the same time ] >> anything above supply and demand you will ship those jobs over seas. >> 25 to 35-year-olds are most favorably affected by an increase in the minimum wanl. we should do it. >> thank you very much. coming up, if you live in the northeast get your gear ready. frigid temperatures expected tomorrow. i wonder what the global warming alarmists have to say about. and an explosive allegation rocking the nfl. this former vikings player says he was fired because he supported same-sex marriage. and toronto's crack-smoking mayor won't call it quits. >> i have the strongest track record. i have been the best mayor in this city. >> that and more. plus log onto follow the show and share your thoughts on this and more on she keeps you on your toes.
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the great american panel. co-host of the five kimberly guilfoyle. brian benjamin. the first topic, former nfl kicker says he was fired because of his stance on gay marriage. he said i was fired by a bigot who dn agree with the cause i was working for. priefer said on multiple occasions i would burn in hell with the gays. if there is one thing i hope to achieve it's to make sure he never holds a coaching position again in the nfl. ideally, never coaches at any level. >> these are alleged comments
10:35 pm
made to him. the reason he's claiming he was let go. the vikings said there is no ulterior motive. when you look at the report he's 17th in punting. he seems like he has an ax to grind. the attitude they have for homosexuals needs to be examined. >> this is a guy who is a free agent. not the greatest player in the world because no one picked him up in the last year. but we do need to have a conversation about sports. particularly in the nfl. >> locker rooms are typically macho places. >> fair enough. but someone will burn in hell, those comments are beyond the pale. >> as a prosecutor you have to make sure they said it. don't you have to have evidence? >> these comments are alenled to
10:36 pm
have taken place. was anyone else present? did you record them? these are strong accusations. if they show to be true there is something you have to do. it's inappropriate locker room talk or not. he's trying to suggest he was fired, let go. sounds like it was his athletic performance. >> an important thing is how prief t frkfer reacts. >> let's see if he says i didn't make these comments. the other people back it up, had a similar situation or experience that will be a problem for him. this story has more legs to it. >>le up next the free basing frat boy mayor of toronto is asking for your forgiveness. rob ford wants a second term in the mayor's mansion.
10:37 pm
>> it's like anthony weiner. they come back for more. he said, look t at my record. the question is whether canadians won't totally look t t t at his personal life and judge him based on his records. it was fascinating. they have 100 mayoral debates before the election. they will get a t lot of chance to see and laugh t t at a rob ford and his antics. he says let the record speak for itself. toronto people look the other way on the antics, crack smoking, drunken binges. if he's doing a good job. >> not really. when you're looking at -- i'm sure in canada if you smoke crack you go to jail. this is a different conversation. but the mayor of toronto should
10:38 pm
exemplify the best of the people. in our race here in new york city weiner imploding created deblasio's opportunity. that's what i have been hearing out there. there is a woman looking to gain from this activity. >> we threw it around on the five. you're doing your job, getting it done, property values are doing up. >> if you look at the record and see the fact that he said taxes are lower, unemployment is down. a lot of things attractive for business to help improve the community. you should be judged on your record but there is personal responsibility to expect from public officials. >> you are playing both sides of the fence. >> do you like it? >> i do. >> toronto city council put a
10:39 pm
lot of his duties in someone else's hands. >> in name only. >> politicians wear a slick suit, pretend like they have no problems and they will solve yours. over a third of people in toronto support this mayor because they think at least he's not trying to put on a sctick. co-i think he needs rehab? yes. >> if they put a camera in the bars. >> we re-elected our own. marion barry. come on. just saying. >> coming up, our great american panel is just starting. more with with them after the break. later tonight on "hannity." >> this is the website, folks. health if you go to the website you will find out how easies to to read, to navigate. >> brent bozel has more out
10:40 pm
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snow totals this the double digits and temperatures this the eastern half of america will shatter decades old records. get this. a global warming scientologist had to be removed from his frozen vehicle after days of being trapped. poetic justice. still with with us our great american panel. k.g. >> i can tell you wrote that. >> i love it. tell us about the temperatures. i read about the guy -- a global
10:45 pm
warming science guy trapped in his car. frozen in the car. >> frozen. look how gleeful you are. you have a great tan. this is the real weather. you can't lie. you can't change it. the temperatures are there. the records are broken. you have to deal with those signs, too. i'm not looking forward to that. i could use some global warming. >> i heard you had global warming with mr. beckel new year o 's eve night. >> the earth is getting warmer. the last 28 it will years. november was the hottest month on record. these are facts. to the a certain degree you can laugh but at the end of the day carbon pollution is real greenhouse gases are real. >> i'm not laughing at you. i'm laughing at you quoting 28 years.
10:46 pm
the earth has been here millions of years. before that it was cooling. the cooling effect. >> my point is simple. it's getting warmer. november was the warmest month. >> you had to go to puerto rico. >> oh, come on. >> how about this -- the polar ice caps. the ice is refreezing at a four decades fastest rate ever. >> there is a 16-year plateau scientists are trying to explain. for the past 16 years there was no warming to speak of. might need cooling action.
10:47 pm
>> who schooled whom? "duck dynasty" back to work as a&e plants their leg between their -- tail between their legs. >> a&e and us are fine. the robertsons are looking forward to getting back to making funny shows. it's a new year. we're ready to break in a new year and start all over again. >> all right. a free market win for the guys from louisiana. we'll start with you on this one. >> phil robertson made bad comments. comments about blacks being happy during precivil rights is absurd. that said people like him. clear tly the show is doing wel. i'm concerned about the branding guns and selling them around the country. >> so glad you said that. we have pictures. >> you made his night. >> i think that's awful.
10:48 pm
>> here's the deal. yes, they have a lot of brands. they are selling a lot of things. >> ak-47s. >> what's wrong with that? what's wrong with selling a gun? >> nothing, really, as long as everything is legal. but this is a cash cow. this happened right before christmas. they have ever 400 million dollars expected from all of the products they have associated with their name. this is a cash cow for a&e. they milked it. they had showed they would be airing already in the spring. this gave more value to a red hot brand. >> hold on. i am a gun own. i have a shotgun and a handgun. i want one of those mossburg rifles. am i wrong? >> you can't wait for father's day. you will get it right away but why not. that's your right. you can bear arms. you can buy a gun, do the paperwork, follow the law.
10:49 pm
that's what you can do here. >> the culture wars matter. i thought republicans were the party of our culture. when a guy says 15, 16-year-old girls should be married. >> then don't watch the show and don't buy the guns. >> this is the country we live in. if you don't like it, turn off the television. there is a large segment of the population, 46 million, that contribute 1.8 trillion dollars to retail every year. >> isn't it illegal to date young girls? >> i hear that. >> he's not doing it. not breaking the law. >> he's stating his opinion. >> he's not a political figure. >> let's leave it there. coming up next on "hannity." >> how do we get the young and healthy. >> i made my kids sign up. i said this is your patriotic
10:50 pm
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welcome back to "hannity" it's time for media mash, a weekly round up here with us to go through this week's material is the president of the media research center mr. brent bozell. let's start with the runner up, shot of the year. go ahead roll it. >> this is the web site, folks health if you go to this web site, you will find out how easy it is to read, how easy to navigate. all information, all of the basic questions and direction you need to take to get involved to get health care. this is a great guide if i may say, for any of you out there who feel so confused about all of these right wing commercials
10:55 pm
just permeating through your television screens. >> now, oh, boy. we should call this left wing open mouth insert foot award. >> you know, it reminds me of baghdad bob. he was cheer leading for a site that nobody could get on. and if you could, you couldn't sign up. if you could sign up, you couldn't afford it. if you can afford it and get on there, they're going to steal your information. this is why msnbc lost 29% of the prime time viewers last year. it's a mockery. >> anyone referring to himself as a third person you've got to push away from. okay. can you beat that one? listen to the winner quote of the year. listen. >> one of the most comprehensive first person accounts of slavery comes from the personal diary of a man called thomas thistlewood
10:56 pm
punishment invented by thistlewood spoke of the slave own owner slavery. she confirms if anyone confirmed a dose of discipline, she would be the outstanding candidate. >> that, no, you didn't run the actual footage the quote because it's too on seerngs ta -- obscene. they praised him as a good man when he resigned after doing that. >> one of the most disgust things i've heard, sara palin, a good friend of mine and i was offended by that. >> let's listen to brian gumbel
10:57 pm
calling republicans extortionists. >> number five, the federal government shut down. on our list as well.. >> i called it g.o.p. shut down. >> i know you did. it's a false. >> they tried that once before. did they not? >> i can't stand this man's arrogance. they did this in 1998. he was one of the people calling this a newt gingrich shut down it was bill clinton that should it down. democrats shut down the government. rinz passed a budget democrats won't support. i don't give a hooey this, man is so old and arrogant and elitist, i wish he'd go back to sports. >> how about this one. if you don't like obamacare you're one of the biggest losers of the
10:58 pm
year. >> richard wolf biggest loser of the year? >> biggest loser because this is the obamacare haters they thought they had a moment. health care site was just ready to fail completely. this was the last chance they can stop this train wreck. and then, it got fixed then, people started to get better health care. and all of those individual stories they globed on to saying someone didn't get health care turned out untrue. i'm afraid they're like the people placing the second world war in the pacific. they'll be there. but health care will have moved on. >> if you don't think like a liberal you're a big loser what. planet do these people live on? idea it's fixed? there are millions of people who are knocked off their insurance, tens of millions more going to be knocked off their health insurance and what is this business people are getting
10:59 pm
better health care. where can he back this up? obama haters is well over 50% of the american population. >> let's listen to this one on the rhino show. watch. >> you know what is interesting you talk about your kids and you know, one of the big challenges for obamacare so far is how do we get young and healthy. >> right. >> which dynamic prior to obamacare. >> right. right. >> i made my kids sign up. i just said this is your patriotic duty. >> patriotic duty? is that how it works? so to support a failed socialist experiment? i would say to the chief editor, medical editor of nbc is not this is not north korea. we don't need to do that in this country. when you're lobbying for left wing legislation, have you broken the most-critically important rule that journalism that are imaginable. that is what the chief medical editor of
11:00 pm
the network is doing. >> thank you so much. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> that is all the time we have left this evening. thank you for being with us we'll see you back here tomorrow night see you tomorrow. tototototonigh. that's it for "special report." we go on the record right now. this is a fox news alert. police in northern california are arresting a suspect in the the murder of a catholic priest. yesterday reverend freed was found murdered in a church after failing to show up for morning mass. just a short time ago, police arrested gary lee bullock. he had been in and out of police custody before the police was fouchbltd police a found. is the obama administration breaking the law? 11 attorney generals alleged


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