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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 3, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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we are getting very funny tweets. i welcome yours. follow me on twitter. and check us out on kelly file. good night, everyone. hello, everyone. i'm eric bowling in for sean. in a few short moments my exclusive with senator rand paul who will be here to make a bomb shell announcement regarding a lawsuit he plans the to file against president obama. this is something you will only hear right here on "hannity." the senator's exclusive announcement comes just 24 hours after two major newspapers called ton the administration to pardon edward snowden for his role leaking information about the spy agency's activities. it is argued that he's a whistle blower who deserves better than a life of permanent exile.
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an editorial in the paper of record concluded by stating, quote, president obama should tell his aides to find a way to end mr. snowden's vilify indication and give him an incentive to return home. coming up, glen greenwald, the first journalist to break the story will respond to that editorial. first, kentucky senator rand paul is here with an exclusive announcement involving a major lawsuit against president obama. senator, others have filed but your class action lawsuit is the first of its kind. this takes it to a new level. >> the question is whether you can have a single warrant apply to millions of people. we thought what better way to illustrate the point than by having hundreds of thousands of americans sign up for a class action suit. about six months ago we began this call. we have several hundred thousand people who want to be part of
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the suit to say to the government and the nsa, no, you can't have our records without our permission or a warrant specific to an individual. it's an unusual suit. we think everybody in america who has a cell phone would be eligible for the class action suit. if your viewers have a cell phone they have to go to my facebook and sign up to be with part of the lawsuit. we want to overwhelm the government and show publically that hundreds of thousands of people don't -- we object to the government looking at our records without our permission. >> one of the lead lawyers is ken cuccinelli? >> the former attorney general for virginia. the first attorney general to file a lawsuit against obamacare. he's joined our legal team. he has constitutional expertise. we are hoping with his help we can get a hearing in court and ultimately get this class action lawsuit. i think the first of its kind on a constitutional question to take it all the way to the
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supreme court. >> senator, what do you want the outcome from this lawsuit to be? what do you want the administration to do? >> protect the fourth amendment. we want them to protect the right to privacy. we want them to understand that we are not willing to trade our liberty for security, that we think we can have security, that we can defend against terrorism. that doesn't mean every individual american has to give up their privacy. we think we can have both, but we are upset that this president doesn't seem too concerned with our right to privacy. >> so you are looking for the administration, president obama specifically, to turn to the nsa and say, hey, be moreville gent when you ask for a warrant? >> yeah. you know, i have introduced legislation to make it specific. when the president goes to the court and issues a war ant for the cell phone records in the country we want the cell phone provider to be able to appeal
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that secret ruling. we want them able to appeal the ruling into a public court such as the supreme court. we don't think constitutionality should be decided in secretment. >> it sounds crazy. i'm serious about this. are you worried that you are being monitored by the nsa and other agencies? >> you know, i don't really think so. i think the potential for the abuse exists. think about it in this context. we have an administration now that's used the irs to go after people who are of conservative political bent or have certain religious beliefs. they have shown that they will use what is supposed to be impartial -- the irs to do it. leads me to wonder and worry if they would use the nsa that way. i have no proof that they have. i am concerned that it could be abused. i'm also concerned that even if a president isn't going to abuse power i'm concerned that the president thinks he has the power to collect records.
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when they came out of the white house with several congressional leaders about a month ago and said, oh, we are not spying on americans because they defined the collection of this data not to be spying. i'm concerned they will whitewash this and he'll say, we have these reforms. we have looked internally and have new controls. this has to be decided publically by the supreme court. the president doesn't get to create the law, write the law and decide and adjudicate it. it has to go before the supreme court. >> let's play sound from march of 2013. what james clapper testified to the, i believe, a senate and congressional panel. listen to the sound bite. >> does the nsa collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of americans? >> no, sir. >> it does not? >> not wittingly. there are cases where they could
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inadvertently perhaps collect, but not wittingly. >> so given what we now know, that appears to be a false statement given to a senate panel. should james clapper be prosecuted? >> lying to congress is a felony. i don't think we can pick and choose the law. you have people like james clapper and others beating the table saying we want to put edward snowden in jail for life, yet they don't want the law applied to themselves. the law has to be applied equally. that's one of the tenets of american jurisprudence. apply the law equally. i think it would be enlightening for james clapper and edward snowden to share a prison cell. maybe we'd all learn a little bit from that. >> do you distinguish between the data mining of phone records which would be who i call, how long i spent on the phone and the phone number of the number i called versus some of the bodies? the actual conversations we have
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had and maybe even the same going for e-mails? not only who i e-mail but what i'm saying in the e-mail. >> i think this is something we have to figure out and the courts have to decide. i'm worried about meta data. people saying that doesn't mean anything. for example, my visa bill, some would call that meta data. but you can tell whether i drink, whether i smoke, what magazines or books i read, whether i go to a doctor, what medicines i take. they might say it's meta data because it wasn't the content of an e-mail. i'm concerned that those are private matters that the government should only look at your visa bill or phone bill if they have a warrant that's specific to you and says they think you have committed a crime. then i think it would be appropriate. without a warrant specific to an individual, i think it's illegal and unconstitutional. >> before i get you go, tell us again where we can learn about the lawsuit. they can sign up an your facebook page. is there anywhere else you can do this?
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>> go to my nongovernmental facebook page. sign up there. to rand pack and sign up there. there are several venues. if you have a cell phone in america and you are unhappy about the government looking at your data, your records or even your content, go to my facebook page and sign up. we'd love for you to be part of the class action lawsuit. >> you expect to have several hundred thousand americans sign up, is that right? >> we already have several hundred thousand. hopefully with all your viewer ship tonight we'll get a couple hundred thousand more. >> we'll leave it there. senator, thank you very much. coming up here on "hannity." >> giving him amnesty would be idiotic. he ought to be prosecuted for treason. if convicted by a jury of his peers, hanged by the neck until he's dead. >> is he a patriot or a traitor? when we return, the journalist who broke snowden's story will be here to tell us whether or not he thinks the nsa leaker
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as far as i'm concerned edward snowden is a traitor or defector or both. >> snowden is not in control of them. snowden has given the information to a bunch of other folks. >> he stole american classified documents that because of their release jeopardizes our troops in the field in places like afghanistan. >> mr. snowden's disclosures have been profoundly valuable to the country and the world. they have changed the whole
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debate here. >> snowden says i have won, my work is done. does that mean we won't see any more leaks, we won't see more stories? >> i don't think he could get a fair trial here. in fact, i don't think he should have a trial. he's been granted asylum. >> the fact that he's done this, he should get a pardon or preferential treatment, absolutely wrong. >> giving him amnesty would be idiotic. he ought the to be prosecuted for treason and, if convicted by a jury of his peers, hanged by the neck until he's dead. >> snowden is a traitor. he deserves to come home. i believe he deserves to end his life at the end of a hangman's noose. >> he doesn't believe he should have a life behind bars. >> snowden should not be granted relief for what he's done to the nation. >> he would love to be back in this country. he's a patriotic american. he loves his homeland. >> it will take years if not decades for us to return to the position that we had prior to his disclosure.
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>> some are calling him a patriot who deserves to be pardoned. s say he's a traitor and deserves to be brought to justice. one thing is clear. his actions forever changed surveillance practices in this country and likely around the globe. joining me to share his thoughts on this and more is the journalist who helped expose practices of data mining and gathering of information on americans -- television, text and e-mail information. you heard a sound bite. it doesn't fall left or right. liberal or conservative. some people say snowden is a traitor. others think he's a hero, a whistleblower. your thoughts and then senator paul's lawsuit. go ahead. >> it's amazing how it doesn't break down left, right or democratic and republican. the breakdown is do you have primary allegiance to the government in which case you don't like edward snowden since
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he exposed things the government wanted secret or is your allegiance to the constitution in which case you consider him a hero for telling americans their privacy is being violated by the u.s. government. throughout american history back to benjamin franklin, any time people exposed information that their government was oppressive wanted secret they were called traitors but history views them as he ros and patriots. >> let's talk about a republican senator the a block bringing a lawsuit saying the nsa has to stop the data mining, the unconstitutional data mining of americans. you want to weigh in on the lawsuit. >> did anybody who ever read the 4th amendment which was designed to prevent the government from searching and seizing data and information believe that the government should be learning, every single person weal call and who calls us, how long we
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speak to people for, who we e-mail. that's what the government is collecting. no about terrorists but every one of us. hundreds offal milli millions o every day. it is a violation of the fourth amendment. the place to resolve it is in the kours. we can only do it because of oh what mr. snowden enabled us to do. >> maybe you would sign up for the lawsuit. >> edward snowden is in exile now. knowing him well and knowing the things he knows and maybe haven't been released yet, would you suggest he come back to face accuser or so stay where he is because who knows what would happen if he were to come back is this. >> here is the problem. if you are a whistleblower as he considers himself to be and other people do, too. you would want to come back if you could go into court and say, i disclose ed this classified
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information because i believe it revealed wrongdoing on the part of the u.s. government and law breaking. i was justified as a whistle blower in doing that. the way the justice department created the law is if you are charged with violations you are not permitted to argue that you were justified in exposing the information because it revealed serious law breaking on the part of the government. it is not a fair fight. you are barred from going in making that defense. if he thought he could get a fair trial, that the justice system would fairly treat him and test that claim, i believe he would come back. that's not what the obama justice department is tying to do. they are charging him under laws on purpose that prevent him from going to court and saying i believe this violated the constitution. >> you have a lot of additional information. >> edward snowden said his job
7:18 pm
is done. meaning him as a whistleblower. he got the information. now he wants to inform the american people. there are a lot more stories coming in january. the first two, three months that will be very interesting to americans about what the government is doing to their privacy in the dark. >> we'll leave it there. i have spoken to you several times, glenn. appreciate you having the conversation with us. >> thank you. >> i believe americans need to understand what's going on. coming up when "hannity" continues. >> without insurance coverage contraception, as you know, can cost a woman over $3,000 during law school. for a lot of students who, like me, are on public interest scholarships that's practically an entire summer salary. >> should a religious group be forced to violate beliefs all because of obamacare? tonight there are breaking developments out of washington regarding the president's contraceptive mandate. a full update is next. then, bob beckel will be here along with the great american panel to tell us what
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welcome back. there is breaking news regarding the obama administration's efforts to the force catholic institutions to provide contraception to employees. the white house asked the supreme court not to exempt religious groups from the
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contraception mandate which was put on hold by justice sotomayor. joining me with reaction fox news contributor leslie marshall and from next -- fields. the obama administration keeps pushing the supreme court to make the contraceptive mandate a reality. let the supreme court do their job. no? >> this is very different, eric. i think a lot of people don't understand. it's actually a three-way religious battle. one, you have actually institutions that are religious, nonprofits that are already exempt. they have the example of the nuns which started this. private business owners. they have private businesses for profit with a religious link. now they have to decide if the religious link by a business owner is linked to a person's
7:24 pm
first amendment religious rights, constitutional rights. the employee also has a constitutional right. the supreme court is the best place for the decision to be made. >> the obama administration continues to push them to find in their favor. >> this is such a violation of their religious rights. what's essential is for the government not to force you to violate your beliefs. these groups like little sisters of the poor are forced to sign permission slips that authorize insurers to grant abortions, to grant contraceptives. this is not what they believe in. why are we forcing them to do this? it violates their rights. >> the little sisters believe firmly that there should be no contraception, they shouldn't
7:25 pm
provide that. unions believe whatever they believe and are being exempted left and right. how do you square that circle? how is that fair? >> we are not talking about fairness. we are talking about the constitution, what is and isn't permissible or allowed to be exemptable under the first amendment. with regard to contraception that's not all the affordable care act for women's rights and women have many more physical ailments throughout their lives. we are talking cancer screenings, not just breast, ovarian and cervical which nuns also need for themselves. my question is how come they don't want to provide services but they will pay employees to perhaps get the services themselveses through insurance companies. it's the same -- the money is being funneled through the same organization and through the people who are religious. this comes under the guise of
7:26 pm
obamacare. >> they are not violating women's rights. women are free to go get contraceptives, free to get abortions but they are not free to force people to pay for those services, to pay for those things. that's the difference. >> they are paying for them when they pay their salary. if they work for the organizations. t the. >> they are not going to sign off. they will pay them. they don't want to be complicit. >> that is not just for women. con doms also aren't permissible within the catholic church. >> i think it's time to go. >> they can pick and choose what employees do when it comes to sex. >> we have to say good-bye. michelle, i will see you tomorrow morning on "cashing
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in". >> yes, 11:30 a.m. eastern time. >> that's the promo. thank you very much. don't go anywhere. our great american panel is coming up next to react to the breaking developments about the former minnesota vikings punter who said he was fired for supporting same-sex marriage. today the team responding. and is this christmas card a clue governor chris christie will toss his hat into the ring for 2016? find out who he sent it to next. and log onto to follow the show and share your thoughts on this and more. we'll be right back with beckel. aflac! got 'em. ♪ yeah, he's clean, boss. now listen e, duck. i have an associate that met with, uh, an unfortunate accident. while he's been incapacitated, somebody's been paying him cash. now, is this your doing? aflac? now, if i met th some such accident, would aflac pay me?
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her nurse. her personal assistant. her housekeeper. her cook. her accountant. when i starled taking care of mom, i didn't realize the challenge of playing so many roles. but above all, i'm still... her daughter. [announcer] visit to connect with experts and other caregivers. together we can better care for ourselves, and the ones we love. welcome back. in a moment we'll bring in the great american panel. on this program we told you how the former minnesota vikings punter accused a coach of being a, quote, bigot and claims he was let go from the team because
7:32 pm
of his pro same sex marriage stance. we have several developments to tell you about. the coach in question mike preifer said he denies the allegations and also the vikings organization is taking this seriously saying they will review the matter and also said in a statement, quote, any notion that chris was released due to his stance on marriage equality is inaccurate and inconsistent with team policies. chris was released based on his football performance. for a reaction let's go to our great american panel. here with us, texas's louis gomert and bob beckel from "the five." you're a football guy. sort it out a little bit. >> first of all the vikings had a miserable year. it's not surprising that the whole team should be let go to
7:33 pm
be honest with you. it seems to me they would expose themselves. i'm not siding with the vikings but going out of your way to do that to someone from a football management standpoint makes no sense. >> the guy wasn't a good enough punter to start with. your thoughts? >> he doesn't have a new job. i think that's probably telling of his punting skills but you are getting down to two guys going up against one another. there is no evidence. i think it will be interesting to hear from anyone else on the vikings team who overheard the rants. if you are a player and the guy got fired i don't know why you would speak out. >> as a former punter, punting from the floor of congress. >> no, no. i don't know if you knew this, but in football the center snaps
7:34 pm
it is ball up in the air. the punter, i found out the hard way isn't in the way for a fair catch. back for a five-yard penalty for delay of game. that's why i love football. it's not about what anybody on the team believes. >> how far you kick the ball. >> what the hang time is. let's move on over the holiday season. several iowa republicans received a christmas card from new jersey governor chris christie. is this a hint he could be looking at 2016. let's start with you. thoughts on the christmas card? >> i'm hoping maybe he'll get a chance to hug the iowa voters one at a time like the president.
7:35 pm
>> bitterness left over here. >> just a smile. is that transparent or what? >> do we need a christmas card to realize he wants 2016? >> it's 2014 and we are talking about chris christie in 2016. the weird thing is he didn't already know these people and he's sending them a card. why not set up a lunch? >>bob, you think chris christie sent barack obama a christmas card? >> i don't think he did. i'm almost convinced. i didn't get one. talk about transparent. yes, you have to do these things in iowa. i have been through five presidential campaigns. you visit, the do the dinners. this is a strange way, sending christmas cards. one thing is for certain. those people aren't weren't on the list before. system i'm not sure if we clarified this. christmas cards to state senators in iowa.
7:36 pm
>> we may have offended iowans. you're wasting money. why waste money sending that? i want to know your positions. forget the card. >> people in iowa are used to being panderred to. i can't imagine this was a surprise for them. >> how important is iowa for chris christie? >> iowa sets the stage in particular in the republican side because they have now gone to representation. you could get winner take all and wrap up the state early. mitt romney knew that. he was winning and couldn't get to the magic number for months. iowa set the stage. ironically, you're right. they want to be pampered to. take them out to dinner. i'm tired of iowa in that way. >> oh, come on.
7:37 pm
the caucus is in the winter. it's the coldest place in america. >> we'll leave it there. the panel will stick around. up next on "hannity." >> did he take any money? >> no, no. when he showed me, i jumped up and went for my gun. when i went for my gun i said, i will blow your [ bleep ] brains out and he was gone. >> a would be robber faced off with a 90-year-old store owner. plus, bob beckel will tell us what block buster new movie set the record for the use of the f-bomb. and the northeast is digging out from yesterday's blizzard-like conditions as the temperatures continue to plunge. coming up, i go head to head with a global warming alarmist who stands by his radical climate change position. we'll be right back. welcome back. how is everything? there's nothing like being your own boss! and my customers are really liking your flat rate shipping. fedex one rate.
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welcome back. a 90-year-old man gave a would be robber the shock of his life. surveillance footage shows the eld erly owner of an ohio laundromat turning the tableses on a thief. he didn't hesitate. he pulled out one of his own and ran the robber out of his business and then made this call. >> did he take any money? >> no, no. when he shoved me, i jumped up and went for my gun. when i went for my gun, i said, i will blow your [ bleep ] brains out and he was gone. >> for reaction let's bring back our great american panel. sara, you have to love it when a store owner defends himself. >> here is the reason i love this. he had a gun presumably legally. defended himself and wasn't quick to the trigger. he didn't pull the gun out and
7:43 pm
shoot. he scared the guy away. nobody got hurt. in the end this old man was the hero. >> the gun is the great equalizer like the nra fought for america to have guns so the democrats and pro-jim crow law folks couldn't keep them down. a gun is a great equalizer. the nra knew that since they helped free slaves many years ago. >> how are you doing? >> this is a message george zimmerman could have learned. if you are going to kill somebody you might wish they had a gun and it's a fair fight. not you being a wife beater. >> or you could say the store owner defended himself with his own handgun. >> given your position that everybody should be armed. >> the world would be a safer place. topic four. the wolf of wall street, bob. it broke a record for the most
7:44 pm
f-bombs in a movie. >> in this very seat two years ago i used that word live on "hannity." >> and elsewhere. >> now i have a swear jar at "the five ." i don't know of a movie that doesn't use a lot of swearing. it's part of what the movies do now. i don't necessarily agree, but it is what it is. >> 506 times an f-bomb was dropped. >> it's a lot. i work in a newsroom. i'm used to hearing the f-bomb. i can't say it offends me any more than a normal day. >> my teachers in east texas would say it shows a lack of vocabulary and they need better teachers, better education and it would be a better movie. not every movie has to use the f-word constantly. >> this movie is about three hours long. so we are looking at 150 times
7:45 pm
per hour. that's quite a few f-bombs. >> had a couple of liberal democratic relatives. it was incredible. >> you have liberal relatives? >> in fact, this one i love very much. >> a movie like that has a lot of other things. >> 506 times. that's the issue. >> this is one we need to spend time on. from nevada as it became the latest state to make it legal for illegal immigrants to apply for driver's licenses, the dmv was flooded with illegals looking for driver's licenses. your thoughts, louie? >> it comes to the rule of law. either we are a nation of laws and nobody is above the law and we'll apply it across the board like the old testament, new testament. talk the about it without partiality. you will enforce the law and be just. you can't be just if you are
7:46 pm
just ignoring parts of the law. there are consequences for a society that does so. >> these illegals flooded the dmv. if i'm an i.c.e. agent and i want to find illegals i can find a bunch at the dmv. >> it says something if they are illegally here and they are getting licenses. i don't have a problem with that. they are going to drive anyway. it's a better idea they are insured and have a license. it seems like you are breaking the law. >> you are. >> if you are an agent of the state and you give it out and know they are not here legally, it doesn't make sense. i have a difficult time. >> sara. >> we shouldn't be surprised. we are not seeing congress do anything. the senate passed a bill. they sent it to the house.
7:47 pm
you haven't passed anything on immigration. you held hearings. you haven't had votes. >> here we get the wall street journal, the big business. we need all this cheap labor for our businesses. but the fact is -- and this is why i have a problem with the wall street journal. the law needs to be enforced across the board. businesses that think we can ignore the law and the business will be protected are so wrong. we have to follow the law. the one bill we should pass is my resolution that says once the borders are secured as confirmed by border states we'll then immediately move and get immigration done. >> i have yet to see many businessmen brought up for hiring these people. that bothers me. >> go a reporter, so i'm
7:48 pm
independent. but i think what the state is trying to do is instill some semblance of law. these people are driving and probably don't have car insurance because they don't have license. if you are going to be hit by someone in a car don't you wish they had insurance? >> we heard senator rand paul announce he'll sue president obama. i think this is big news, bob. your thoughts on senator rand paul's lawsuit? >> yes, sir. >> he's suing the obama administration. >> i think, look, you know where my position has been. it's unkonl what the nsa is doing. a federal court judge decides it's okay. i don't know who left their copy of the constitution back at home. the idea that they could randomly go through and look at phone records is beyond the pale. if it requires administration, so be it. >> this is an issue that isn't left or right. >> the liberal democrats we agree strongly.
7:49 pm
and the is just like bob said i don't care what your position is politically. a judge -- and i have reviewed 2000 affidavits, signed many warrants -- you have to have specificity under the constitution. there's got to be probable cause. there are those who say, yeah, there are phone logs. you don't have a privacy interest in they will. we do. that needs to be fixed. we have people. >> we have a lefty and a righty. what about down the middle? >> we were telling you this earlier. it doesn't seem like smart security. everybody goes to the airport and through the same metal detector and is treated the same way. the reason we find things is we find a piece of intelligence that warns us about a person not because we caught them in the metal detector with everyone else. >> coming up a nor'easter splams a large portion of the country and brings frigid temperatures with it. we have managed to find an outspoken global warming alarmist who still thinks
7:50 pm
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welcome back to hannity. people in the northwest packed on extra layers because of the record cold temperatures, negative 16 degrees in burlington. and many dug themselves out of piles and piles of snow. in boston, two feet of snow. football fans also had their eyes on the weather. tomorrow, philadelphia eagles hosting new orleans snants a must see post-season game but eagles fans helped shovel snow from lincoln financial field. and sunday, packers host 49ers,
7:55 pm
temperatures at lambeau field supposed to be 0. let me preet the high is 0 degrees. it's being reported this could be the coldest game in the history of the nfl. we're having a hard time understanding how global warming alarmists are still trying to push for a radical position but alas we found one. joining me now mr. dan weiss good to speak to you again. i get it. cold air masses come down that is not a whole -- that doesn't change the game, however, things start to add up like cold temperatures, snow. like global warming scientists geth stuck in the arctic because it's too cold, you have to say okay, it's cold, getting colder. >> well, first thank you for having me. scientists have a technical term for what is going on now. it's called winter. in fact, winter conditions have happened in recent years in 2010
7:56 pm
horrific snow storms up and down the east coast in washington z in 2010 the warmest year on record. right now in, australia they're breaking all kinds of heat records. it's 122 degree there the other day. >> for a while always global warming. al gore, warm, getting warmer, then, we realize it's getting cold, too. then, climate change. which is it? global warming? what is wrong with climate change? >> well, first it's the court denotes nasa reports 97% of climate scientists believe the earth is warming and humans are primarily responsible. that is the same certainty we have smoking cigarettes causes cancer. second, we're seeing extreme weather like with hurricane sandy. >> this is extreme weather
7:57 pm
forever, 1977, april, time and news week both had on covers the coming ice age. because of the world cooling so fast. all of a sudden going from cooling too fast to warming too quickly. >> well, it's important to note, eric this past november, just a month ago, the warmest november on record. this year is likely to be the fourth warmest year on record. climate change has been the most studied problem, ever. >> let me finish here. >> billions of, tens of billions or more funneled from tax payers around the globe into laboratories of scientists who claim they know what is going to happen. if to come back beings if these scientists were to come back saying do you know what? warm in winter ask cold, warm in the summer, it's normal. how much money would they get?
7:58 pm
how much money would we be turning over to them? >> it's important to note climate change has been measured every decade, zeros were warmer than 90s, 90s warmer than 80s. ocean is warmest than we've had in thousands of years. not addressing climate change is costing americans lots of money. >> how do we know how warm the ocean was? thousands of years ago? >> there is techniques to carbon testing and dating and things like that. if 97 doctors told you a lump on your lung is something to worry about ask three doctors told you not to worry are you going to listen to 97 or 3? >> if 97 were getting paid to he tell me i had a lump and it was bad they're in the getting paid to do that. they're doing studies
7:59 pm
that are pure views. nasa said 97% of climate science studies found it's real and human induce oochl i think these scientists are wacky in nice boats that are well equiped and because that is all -- >> i've got ten seconds. well, climate change is rule, a cold snap doesn't prove anything. this past year will be fourth warmest on record. >> oh, boy. it's old, but fun. always fun. >> thank you. >> that is all we have time left for this evening. keep it right here on the fox news channel. do you know why? tomorrow morning 11:30 a.m eastern. have a good weekend everybody. see you on "the five" also.
8:00 pm
the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> >> what about money and jesus? is the new pope against capitalism? the american left says yes. you will hear our take tonight. >> you are being an idiot. if you are being an idiot, i'm going to call you an idiot. if you don't like it, then stop acting like a idiot. >> new polling says presidential race of 16 may be hillary against christie. has problem with women voters. also gutfeld mcguirk with the pinheads of the year and their predictions for 14. caio


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