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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  January 4, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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and free market. >> free speech and free market. that is just about all we need. that's our show. see you next week. you're about to enter the great zone tonight on "red eye." >> coming up, is the pentagon considering arming the statue of liberty to defend against space demons. plus, does the vice president want to force every american to get a lower back tattoo? >> it's the right thing to do. it's the christian thing to do. >> finally, rotary phones, why some experts are calling it the hottest stock. the story cnbc wants hard working americans to hear. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. i'm here with fox news network
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anchor lori. you're so perky. he's looking forward to this weekend where he will sit in a room alone looking forward to monday. he sneezes monocals. it's michael k. he's so tough even his beard has a beard. u.s. army special forces member and good waiver, terry. thanks for the lack of sleeves. could we do that shot where we're looking at terry again. this is a great camera shot.
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i would advice if you've putting together any kind of show, there is how you do it. it's a side view of an aging, balding leprechaun and somebody who looks like he fell out of a sons of anarchy casting call and ran out of meth. >> i never run out of meth. ever. >> we have no peer in striking fear. according to a global survey across 65 country, the united states is considered the greatest threat to world peace. of the 60,000 people surveyed, 24% felt alarmed about our land. iran is really north korea and afghanistan all receive 4%. better luck next year, losers. what's the appropriate response to being named world's greatest
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threat. i feel glorious. ♪ ♪ that is the greate estgreatest. mikey you're british. is america really the greatest danger to world peace and is that why you hate us because you're jealous? >> for the record, i'd like to get one thing straight. i love america. >> okay. >> that's why i chose to live
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here. my wife is american. i always got to question the validity of these studies. i'm going to play devil's advocate. i'm going to position myself in beijing for a second. the guy illegitimate invasion. the biggest nuclear arsenal and a congress ready to usurp. giving that evidence i can see why a resident of beijing or moscow might take the opinion that is u.s. is a threat. >> he convinced me. >> you actually bought that.
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>> he hates america. it's obvious. you can play the devil's advocate. america is the world's greatest threat to peace in the same way that super man is a bad guy because he's violent. someone's got to fight. we save your butt all the time. >> he pointed at mikey. >> you're welcome america. i'm just kidding. no i'm not. from china's point of view, we're a threat. russia we're a threat. i still believe all the mistakes we've made there's been no country with more power and more ability to mess people up that we haven't done it. china doesn't like us. really, china doesn't like us. >> it's not just china. it's pakistan. they are arch enemies with india. they don't see india as the
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biggest threat. >> it's the pakistan thing that almost sold me to your side. >> i don't know about you but i find this be to be great news because it's like having a kenyan born interloper in office. they still fear us. >> they still fear us that we are the most loathsome and threatening. if they had a choice they would choose to live here. everybody wants our stuff, iphones, energy technology, u.s. stock market had a fantastic year, 30% up. china, which thinks we're such a threat, well they happen to own most of our treasuries. huge stash of bonds. i think that's telling. >> china owns 8% of u.s. debt. look it up. >> nobody on this side can
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challenge either one of them. we don't look stuff up. we sit around till the show starts. isn't it better to be feared than loved and you are neither. >> of course. i'm calling bs on this. i was told when president obama took office the world would love us. i was told after eight years of the bush/hitler regime, a savior would arrive. >> we still know that mikey hates america. >> i don't think mikey hates america. >> i love america, just for the record. i'm sounding like a broken record. >> he doesn't hate america. >> we're shaking hands over here. this is interesting. new minimum physical fitness standard for female marines or
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farines was supposed toyear's d. they were postponed after half of the women were able to pass them. they were supposed to do three pull ups but only 45% could do that. the requirement will be postponed while officials continue to gather data and ensure that female marines are provided with the best opportunity to succeed. opponents of women in combat were quick to pounce. the court's decision a clear indication that it won't work. what's wrong with you? i believe we have kate frtape f physical fitness test. that was a panda.
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sometimes we like to have pan s pandas. you're a woman. >> last check. >> you were saying women don't belong in combat. they belong in the kitchen. >> i think if you can't do three pull ups that's bad. i don't understand -- >> that's easy for you to say when you weigh 12 pounds. >> i can barely do three pull ups, so i'm not sitting on my high horse. i don't think three pull up s the equivalent of being able to stand your ground. if you're going to put women in specific, it had to be a specific role. i'd be a great sniper because i can spot bad guys a mile away. >> i have no doubt about that. i would love to stare down your barrel. >> i'm not sure what that means. >> with the accent, he can say
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that. you'd remove me from the stud owe if i tried. >> let me school you. is to kill with efficiency and win. not to follow rules that make everyone happy. this rule makes people unhappy, women can't do as many pull ups, should that be factors in or not? >> it's marine corps not corpse. you're talking like the kenyan interloper. >> we're editing that out. >> it's staying. >> that's why you were asking us what we were doing. we said you or me. >> i thought i said corps. you're supposed to have it
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phoneticall in the teleprompter. >> i set you up for failure. >> or he gave you an opportunity to succeed, which didn't work out well. >> i've been on the show a bumpl of times and talk bs about the whole not for women in combat. we talked about the whole women in combat thing. you know how i feel about that. go ahead and let them until. >> do three pull ups. >> it's critical because of the nature of the contemporary landscape. what i mean by that is counter
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insurgency. there's a vital importance to have a woman or two but a woman's presence within a platoon in terms of that engageme engagement. >> i think people are going back to that. a friend of mine much smarter than me talk about being able to have guys and girls work together. we do need them. there's women working now. the problem is we're guys so we're idiots. i think the problem with the actual tension is we got to get over that. i'd like to have all female unit. have all girls in that
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battalion. i might start one at san mateo. >> what did do you in the army? >> how was the boy scouts? >> i wasn't even in the boy scouts. i did nothing when i was growing up. is this the end of the women or the end of bans like this? >> i think it's probably closer to the latter. a lot of testosterone at the table and a lot of it coming from lori. you have different physical fitness standards for men and women. that's already a problem. then do the standards properly align with the ability to perform a combat role. it's push up, sit ups, two mile run. does being able to do a lot of
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push ups in two minutes mean you're good to go in combat? probably not. >> you need something though. >> i agree. >> or i can get in. >> there's a height requirement. >> i still would make it. there's short guys in the military. >> not as short. >> i thought you had to be short to be a pilot. >> me legs were too long. please. >> now he's lofty. >> i have a theory. >> one thing we do that we don't talk about in this debate, the requirements for the physical fitness test are lowered as you get older. if you're going to lower them for when you get older and you
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think that's okay then it's tough to argue that you can't lower them for women. you're saying it's okay for a 35-year-old to meet lower standards than an 18-year-old it's tough to argue it's not fair for women. >> would the argument be the younger you are the more likely you're in a combat role. >> i think they just figured in for old guys like me. it's really not that significant. the standard is still much lower for women. >> up and running. it's a really good point. i think that we did the test where you run in between. >> the shuttle thing. >> i do that at 3:00 a.m. in bed. i'm getting old.
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>> the green bay packers decide to have a female front line. all the offensive linemen will be a football thing. just bare with me. the green bay packers decide we're going to be the first team to have women at the offensive line. no other team in america, not the oakland raiders will follow through. they'll beat the crap out of green bay packers. that's the way the world works even if the united states decides to put women in combat roles, iran and libya and egypt aren't going to do it. they're not going to. >> for the sheer idea of fighting and sloging, you're not really, this isn't to make that better. it's to make people happy. there are women in ground roles that are vital.
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just come on in. >> the big issue is infantry. >> special forces aside. >> i know artillery and tankers but that's not the big issue. that's the one that it has to be decided. you can't just say well, it's a fair thing to do. it's got to be the workable thing to do. >> it's not even the physical piece. i think it's the culture of whether specific a american thing. actual tension is not good for unit cohesion whether gay or straight. the guys in the military are not homophobic. they realize that's another element of sexual tension that we don't want. there's enough bad stuff coming at you than to worry about that. >> i agree. i think it's a culture thing. it's something you can work around. the big thing for me is operational efficiency should
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not be compromised. it's about opportunity. going back to the point on america's strategic importance in the world. if america opened the opportunity to its females, but it's just another progressive step forward on the human rights front. all this good stuff that america -- >> you call it good stuff. i call it the road to tyranny. last word to you. >> you could put some women in some positions and then they're in a practice. >> you mean the front office answering phone calls. you're such a sexist woman. >> let's go to another topic. >> we're going to go to a break. now you break the glass ceiling to shut the door. >> i'll break the glass. >> that was funny.
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#. thursday he filed paper work for the 2014 election and announced his new campaign slogan. >> what's your slogan this time?
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>> four more years. >> it's awesome. some killjoy reporters can't forget certain incident. >> it's all personal. >> you lied to the public for six months. why should they trust you now? >> let the people speak for themselves. if you don't want to vote for me, that's fine. as long as you vote. i'd rather have you vote against me than not at all. i've been the best mayor that the city has had. >> speaking of annoying things getting in your face. mikey, your british. >> i am. america.
8:24 pm
>> but you hate canada. i'm amazed. canadian viewers will be disgusted by you. england has embraced large personalities like the winston churchill. this guy seems to be doing his job. what did i say? >> he's only slightly rotund. >> i know. it's the only one i could come up with. i didn't even do a google search. >> name me another. >> fat british leader. >> how about george galloway. >> what do you make of this guy? answer any question in your head. >> that was creepy.
8:25 pm
>> i just think freedom and democracy, if this guy wants to run for re-election then i think he should be allowed to. whether it's right or wrong is immaterial. i think if he's re-elected then i'll not any sympathy. >> if he's re-elected, i'm moving to canada. they clearly know something we don't. >> toronto politics is like one long office party. when you were younger, you guys didn't have office parties where you're from, you were killing people. you were having office parties and you were buzzed, and you got stuff done, i think. >> who are you talking to? >> i don't know. at this point it's my saturday. >> were you talking to all the people that have fired you throughout the years? >> i think that's what it was. i was only fired three times. >> that you know about.
8:26 pm
>> i was fired from this show over six years ago but nobody here watches it so i just show up. >> the office space. he just shows up and i want my stapler. >> this guy has a good record. he's kind of like abe lincoln if he was a bit drunk and did crack. >> canada, america's hat. >> why do you do that? >> i love canada. i have a lot of good friends from there. no i don't. actually, i know one dude from canada. i think it's a little hypocrite c for a lot of people to come down on him. i think he needs to lose a little weight. if he got rid of the socialist crap that brought them down. >> who do you compare lihim to,
8:27 pm
elliot spitzer. >> maybe to marion barry. he did do crack. >> he did. he was re-elected too, right? >> exactly. >> he said he'd rather have people not vote for him than not vote at all. i think he's lying. >> of course he's lying. any politician that says that is full of crap. right now he's america's mayor. i want him to be america's prime minister. i want him to go national and be america's prime minister. >> north american prime minister. >> it's like a typo that works. >> it's better than stop the gravy train because looking at him he didn't stop the gravy train. how about four more beards. >> i'd like to see who else is running. i'd like to see if there's any
8:28 pm
options. >> a little too thorough for me. i go with what i see. >> you don't need anybody else. >> they're all dancing and partying and buzzed during their meeting. >> can't spend one when you're drunk. actually, you can. i think he is going to win. >> i do too. steve lock is sponsored by super tankers. those very large ships between 100,000 and 400,000 tons used for transporting oil and other liquids. thanks super tanker. >> my pleasure. do you happen to have the time? >> it's time for you to buy yourself a watch. never gets old. do dogs align themselves with
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the latest break from the traitor scum edward snowden revealed the nsa is working on a super computer that will be able
8:33 pm
to break most types of encryption. it will be given the ability to crack things that are encrypted. the government is trying to develop it as a research program called penetrating hard target. not proud of those years. if i didn't do that, i wouldn't be where i am today. i know who to start with. >> just a visual you have making that. >> i'll go to you first. >> we've got a volunteer. >> call me. call me. >> you were saying that snowden deserves the same fate as somebody we didn't do yet because we didn't do that story. you were saying that snowden is a traitor. >> is this about snowden or the computer? he leaked this stuff.
8:34 pm
it's the next expected development in the surveillance technology. i think it's super dangerous. we had this hackers this week. there's a target thing. it gets in the wrong hands, we're screwed. >> i say that every weekend. mikey. >> yes, i'm british. >> i thought you were welsh. >> it's no longer whistle blowing. it's basically narcing on your country. >> i don't want to talk about snowden. i want to talk about quantum computer. last time i looked the biggest threat to u.s. national security was al qaeda, not medical
8:35 pm
records. they switch them around a lot and make calls at random times of the day. i don't really know why we need to pursue a quantum computer. i think we need to stick to the basics and understand what it will that will ameliorate that. >> can i call him ed? i don't understand computers and can we get a better cell phone signal for me sometimes. that's all i want. andy, you? are you hosting? >> i was completely caught off.
8:36 pm
>> you must be proud that your hero, snowden has made america -- >> let me show you how quantum computers work. in a remember computer everything is binary. i'm just kidding. this is a nothing story. if they use it to target al kwie qaeda communications great. that's all i care about. i wish you would understand that and understand me a little better and maybe this be more than just a friendship. >> i can't give you what you want.
8:37 pm
a school district in west virginia -- >> he's giving me all these facts as if i don't know what west virginia is. >> the school district wants to put a dress code in place for public school teachers. the new policy would out law spandex, tattoos, facial piercings and overly revealing clothes. teachers are against it and claim the dress code is unconstitutional because it encroached on freedom of expression. >> what a job. >> you have children or you claim. never really saw them. how much dud it bother you if
8:38 pm
the teachers dress poorly or in my view, hotly. >> it's not a question of bother me. you don't want it to be a distraction but what bothers me about this story is they are fighting to wear spandex. there's so many other comfortable fashionable choices that are appropriate. spandex. >> what's a better option? >> maybe a black sheathe dress with comfortable flats which can still be sexy. >> that's what i was thinking. >> what about the women? >> if the women are fighting to wear spandex then the guys should wear it too. >> that's fine for shop teachers. >> spandex smells. the union believes that professionalism demanding them to dress a certain way will driver away younger, hipper teachers. do they have a point? should we be this picky. our education system, as you
8:39 pm
stated, is terrible. >> i'm going to get lynched. it's all your fault. >> can't help you. >> secretly i've come to admire you over the past half hour. >> we can bro hug later. >> this is a double love triangle tonight. >> we have a show going on here. i just think there are standards that we have to adhere to. you have to adhere to social standards when walking around town. you can't go mug someone or do whatever you want. i think it's appropriate. i really do. >> that's the point. if the unions claim it's
8:40 pm
unconstitutional, a dress code is unconstitutional then what stops you from being naked? >> right. that's a b.s. argument. when i was 17, there's some teachers i'm glad didn't wear spandex and some i wish did. if you're a teacher it's not about you. you don't have to dress in a suit or some kind of school marm. you can wear something that's edgy without showing. why do we have to enforce that with the law? are we that stupid? >> we need laws. >> was this in virginia, west virginia. i don't know where it is on the map. >> state. >> it's a language too. they have that problem. >> andy you wore a spandex suit for the first year of "red eye." why? >> a lot of complaints from male
8:41 pm
viewers. >> did you have anymore questions for me in. >> did you look like a seal? >> i looked like a navy seal. >> quickly answer a question. >> it's absolutely embarrassing that teachers would complain about a dress code that asks them to look professional. it's like wearing a sweater and jeans on a tv show. >> it shows the teachers unions, this is what they want to fight. >> this is the least. >> why don't you get the kids to pass the math test and stop wearing spandex, unless you're hot. >> got to take a break. we have more stuff when we come back. look at that cover. my head is floating in space like a beautiful planet. a planet you want to land on and
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all right. according to a report kim jung-un's uncle was thrown into a cage with starving dogs and eaten alive. it's a segment of is this real. he was accused of treason was strip and fed to 120 dogs that hadn't eaten for three days. "red eye" has verified the report. no, of course, we haven't. nobody has. we asked the north korea expert
8:46 pm
to weigh in. i want to go to you first. this guy is nuts. this probably isn't true. he killed the guy but he didn't feed him to dogs. does it matter? he took his uncle and killed him. >> he executed his uncle and i do think it's -- even when i read it not knowing where virginia is but i don't think that's right. it doesn't matter.
8:47 pm
>> it's a lovely day and we're all tired. >> we talked about how they are seen as scary and bad. north korea kills people for reading bibles. they kill people for watching movies. we can free all those people. why don't we do that? >> yeah, smarty pants. >> i think once again. >> once again i don't like america. >> all right governor. >> once again i think this is kim jung-un violating the right offense animals. how dare he feed korean leadership dna to those poor
8:48 pm
animals? it's awful. you want me to answer your question. >> i think we have allowed these poor people to suffer under a horrible dictatorship for decades. why can't we do anything about it? >> in short -- >> no need to call me names. >> no, that'd be shorty. in short, look what we did in iraq. we wiped out security in iraq. that allows them to thrive such as al qaeda. how do you think you take territories. >> you want to reunite.
8:49 pm
>> you just move your little man on the board. >> leave it contained. >> what a horrible devil. a horrible devil. >> those people have a really bad time there. they will eat you faster if they're hungry. if they are full they will take a couple of bites and leave you alive and in pain. that's worse. >> something tells me you know more about this. >> i'll stop. >> this guy was half the weight. >> i guess we say it's not real. we got to take break. more about dogs. this time defecating. how did this happen? fifteen minutes could save you
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may be more likely to misuse lyrica. ask your doctor about lyrica today. it's specific treatment for diabetic nerve pain. >> a brand new "red eye" returns monday, at 3:00 a.m laurie. we've got mike baker and
8:54 pm
kirsten hagland. >> i don't know why we're doing this story. maybe because it's awesome. do they plot where they squat? dogs align themselves with the earth's magnetic field when they poop. this is on fox don't come after me. all right? it is. a team of czech and german researchers came to the conclusion after studying 70 dogs during 1900 defacations over two years, lucky. when a dog is circling around it could be aligning itself. perry you poop more outdoors than indoors.
8:55 pm
>> i knew you were going to say. that i knew it. >> i would say this, i go circles. >> be vague i do like to line up in concern directions due to certain enemy threat. >> that is why there is a compass on the watch. >> how about you, miky? >> i don't know what the question is >> do you have to miss someone off to get this assignment? it goes and stands upwing and you get a whiff. that is what it's doing. it happens every time. you smell it. >> that is logical, laurie. >> i know is that next time any dogs crap in the house i'm going
8:56 pm
to have an excuse.. >> i know you were very angry, andy because there was nudge about cats because you watch your cats poop daily. sometimes, how they poop. >> the truth is that dogs poop if you put on an album from a band magnetic field. somehow in translation it got switched that it had to do with the polarity of the earth. >> nice song writer. i would suggest checking it out but that is not what the story has about. it's andy has destroyed this segment with an obscure reference to a band maybe 17 people know about. and how cats poop? maybe that is a prince song.
8:57 pm
that is the end of the show and what a wacky one it was. that does it for me. i'm greg gut feld i shall see you next time, i hope. s just torture on my hair. well you gotta use head & shoulders for men. it's all you need to reach polamalu levels of scalp and hairness. check it. ♪ [ male announcer ] head & shoulders for men. with seven benefits for a flake-free scalp and great looking hair. even if you wear a helmet for a living. i know. [ male announcer ] head & shoulders for men. 100% flake free.
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so here we are, the first saturday night of the new year. together a wish list of things we resolve to do in the new year. take better care of ourselves, spend more time with our family, do a better job at work. but this year, i have two resolutions. one for me and one for my country. hello and welcome to "justice" i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight. for 2014, i wish for the united states to regain its position as a leading world power, one that is both respected and feared,


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