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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 6, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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so it would have been wours, because think could have made me the daily double. those are super tough. what do you think? would you have gotten it right? let me know. or check out or facebook page. i'm megyn kelly. welcome to hannity. it is a new year and time to take the country in a new direction. tonight i will lay out the conservative solutions that will put america back on the right track. this is a hannity you cannot afford to miss. on the eve of one of the coldest days ever, we'll investigate while billions of your hard-earned tax dollars were used to study climate change in other countries. one of these things -- >> emotional times at the peacock network as another
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journali isist offers an apolog. fighting for life. >> we want to thank everyone that supported us. everyone that stood in our corner, everyone that prayed for us. we have the very latest developments regarding the 13 year old california girl who was declared brain dead as the legal battle continues. all of that, plus our great, great american panel. happy new year. hannity starts right now. all too often conservatives are accused of bashing president obama and not offering their own solutions. tonight that ends. let me be clear. i love this country. it's given so much to me. i want to see it succeed and every american suck side. earlier today i released an article on my website detailing the conservative solutions i think that can help put america
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back on the right track. in a moment i'm going to go through all of these in depth. but let's take a look at the solutions that will help fix america's economy. it's the penny plan. you cut one penny out of dollar the government spends. you do this every year for six straight years. guess what, you get to a balanced budget. wouldn't that be good for our kids because we're robbing them blind by taking a sledge hammer to their piggy banks. part two of the plan, a balanced budget amendment. we have 90 trillion in unfunded liabilities. part three, we must place a limit on the amount of money government will take from you. looking to our own energy resources could also fix america's ailing economy. now moving on to the universal nightmare known as obamacare, what's the solution to that?
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it's simple. health care savings account. that would allow you to purchase a policy in the marketplace. we need term limits. six years in congress with only one term al loued in leadership. 12 years in the senate and only two years in leadership. we need fresh blood. and moving on to america's failing education system, we've got to rescue our kids from failing schools. one school spent $19,000 per student and has the lowest scores in the country. and last but not least, when it comes to america's borders, the national security reasons and the rule of law, we've got to first and foremost secure the country's borders. and tonight, as always, we want to hear from you. you can find a full link of my article on my facebook page.
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and you can send your messages on twitter using #hannity. happy new year. good to see you both. kiersten, you're a democrat. 17 trillion in debt. we are raising the deficit. raising the debt anywhere to 1.4 trillion a year. tell me why it can't work to cut one penny out of every dollar every year for six years all across the board, no exceptions in government. could that work? >> it could work. but i also think you have to remember that the deficit is projected to be dropping, to pretend that nothing is being done on deficit reduction isn't entirely accurate. but i think there is room for more ideas, but more importantly, shawn, are you
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running for office? >> i was a busboy, a waiter, a bartender, i did every job available in construction. we're stealing from our kids. isn't, tucker, this an issue of morality at this point? >> there are still those jobs available and very few americans siem seem to want to do them. there are still busboys, find one that speaks american english. as kiersten said, the deficit has moved, that's because the government is taking in more money. it's very difficult to get anybody to give up a dime for anything. everybody is crying catastrophe. we're putting children on the street. hurting this group, hurting that group. you really have to get everybody to buy in on this. if you could do that, it would
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work. >> that's the point. it's impossible to sustain this, kiersten, isn't it? >> absolutely. it's one thing that we can definitely agree on, that we have far too high of a deficit. we have, you know, out of control debt. and something needs to be done about it. i do think obama has put some things in place that are perhaps not aggressive enough, and look, entitlements have to be put on the table because as we all know here, two-thirds of the government spending is in a couple places, in entitlements and military. and everything else you're talking about, you're basically talking around the margins. so you have to look at where the bulk of our spending is occurring. >> the unemployment rate right now in midland texas, tucker, is 3.2%. the answer, drilling in private lands. couldn't we institutionalize
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that? >> if you're unemployed in midland, you just don't want to work. same goes for wyoming and montana. the energy boom has taken place in spite of the government's best efforts. cheap energy leads to progress. we know this. to material progress. that's what separates us is cheap energy. and there are a lot of opponents of that who are against civilization itself, but if they'd get out of the way i think we could rise up pretty far. >> here's my prediction kiersten, and you love to tell me when i'm wrong. my prediction for the year, democrats are going to push hard on class warfare, raising the minimum wage which only impacts 2.8% of american workers and and they're not going to deal with
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substantive issues and the republicans want to coast on obamacare until november 2014. no big ideas, status quo. what do you think? >> i do think republicans think they have a winning political issue with obamacare and they are going to ride that all the way to 2014 midterm elections. i guess i would disagree on describing the minimum wage as not substantive. i don't think that that's not ha substantive issue. >> 2.8% of americans. >> there are a lot who would benefit. it has not tracked with inflation. if it had tracked with inflation, it would be at about $10 an hour. and immigration. >> would you be open for drilling? >> you know that i support, i'm not opposed to drilling per se. i do wish that we could become more energy independent into cleaner fuels, but as long as we are going to be using fuel, we might as well be getting it from the united states, you know,
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what's the difference if you're importing it, you're causing degradation to the environment somewhere. so i feel like we should at least be doing it here, creating jobs in the safest way possible. i'm not for offshore drilling. you know i support drilling in anwar, in places where there is nothing there. >> we all work in tv, we're probably all overpaid, especially tucker. >> speak for yourself. >> we do pretty well in the television business, right? why do i look at one in six americans in poverty and it seems to me unimaginable, and yet, there's no sense of urgency, tucker to really solve the problem. the deficit spending continues. the same old politics continues. it annoys me more that the republicans will do nothing bold
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than what i pect from the democrats. >> there's something wrong. you don't see it until you get outside the coast and move to the tcenter of the country. why do we have native-born american men working at hardee's? these are not handicapped. these are adult men, heads of families working in the service sector? there's something basically wrong. whatever you think of it, it does not address the core ailment here. >> i totally agree. and minimum wage just raises prices. minimum is still minimum. it tends to feed on itself. one of the proudest momentsly on my radio show, if i was in trouble economically, i would pack my bags and move to north dakota. believe it or not, people
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listened to me. they call back later and they're making six-figure salaries. that seems to be the answer. instead of importing oil, why aren't we using the resources we have. we could institutionalize north dakota and midland. >> who's stopping it? >> obama, democrat, environmental groups to start. >> in some places that's true. but i don't think it's true for everywhere. >> leases are down 40% under this president. >> look, it's become a hot button political issue, obviously, and i think it needs to be sort of depoliticized and looked at more as what's the impact on the environment, which frequently is not that bad. and i think creating jobs right now is the most critical issue that we're facing in this country. >> thanks guys.
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you've got global warming analysts studying, and they get stuck in the ice. later tonight, right here on hannity. >> we are dedicated to advocating for a wide diversity of families, and i am reminded when we are doing so, it must always be with the utmost respect. >> yes, another crying anchor. and ann coulter. that and much more as hannity continues.
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welcome back to hannity on the eve of what is expected to be one of the coldest days in
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history. wind chills in the negative 39 range in chicago and spreading. and we learn how much the obama administration is wasting on studies. more than $7 billion, b, was wasted on climate change studies in other countries. you can't make it up. the administration's willingness to waste your money is astounding. and first lady michelle obama has extended her relaxing hawaiian vacation, and the estimated cost to taxpayers, between 63 grand and $100,000. and that was low. >> happy new year. >> happy new year to you. >> before we get to the low temperatures, my favorite story, you've got a bunch of global warming alarmists. they want to head out to
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antarctica to prove that the ice shelf there is melting so fast that every beach front home in the world is going to be swept up in a massive tsunami, and they got stuck in trapped ice, then the rescue ship got trapped in ice. then the united states, i assume we're going to have to pay for this, that we're sending in a heavy icebreaker to free the two ships. what's your reaction? >> all they had to do is look at statistics. that back in 2012, arctic ice was growing, it was a 60% increase than it was in previous year, a million more square miles of ocean covered by ice. so all they had to do. they're scientists, aren't they? don't they like facts and figures? >> we heard in the 1970s that the new ice age is coming. then we have made-up facts and scientists actually lie to us. you've got to admit that all the
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global warming people got stuck in the ice. >> well, it doesn't quite work the way you think, shawn. the problem here is -- >> no. >> no. it's a changing climate. >> warming, cooling, and now changing. and that's the problem. >> no. no. some places will get warmer. other places will get colder. that's the way it works. >> and if it's raining, it's global warming, if it doesn't rain it's global warming. >> the $7 billion that they spent looking into global warming is a lot better than the 24 billion that the republicans blew on the government shutdown. >> are you saying that causes ice? >> no, i'm saying that if you think the global climate is not changing, i think you're wrong about that. there are lots of people, lots of scientists who brief you're wrong about that. >> and a lot of scientists made up a lot of phony data.
10:19 pm
explain why $7 billion is spent on other countries, global warming. >> what i find most astonishing, shawn, is the total hypocrisy. these are people who claim oh, we love the environment, so let's put everything in solar power. at the same time, we don't have any rare earth minerals in the united states. we have no rare earth mineral mines that we can use to harvest materials for solar panels, let's give china the business who have no environmental regulations. because they think there exists some invisible wall in the pacific ocean that keeps any pollution from coming over to the united states, which we know isn't true because of fukushima. this is all ridiculous. i don't know where the $7 billion went! why? i would love to know. >> can i ask you -- >> when you look at, when you look at countries that may have
10:20 pm
famines because of lack of rain and those kinds of things, that does involve us sooner or later. >> joe, $7 billion. >> guess who has to pay with american treasure and american lives to put those things down. >> 7 billion, other countries. we are robbing our kids blierngsd joe. >> it's better than the $24 billion the republicans wasted on the shutdown. >> and as americans will be freezing tonight because some can't afford to put on the heat. that money could help heat their homes, joe. just remember, it's all about the children. >> blame that on obama too, that's good. >> okay. if you insist. >> and the coal industry. and conservatives. >> guys good to see you. happy new year. allow me to apologize to other families, formed through transracial adoption, i am deeply sorry that we suggested that interracial families are
10:21 pm
funny or ridiculed. >> melissa harris perry took to the air waves for the apology. and we'll tell you exactly what she said. plus, the always outspoken ann coulter ready to speak to the media's new low. follow the show and you can join us on twitter @sean hannity. and we will continue. lookin' good, flo! feelin' good! feelin' real good! [ engine revs ] boat protection people love. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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and of course there on governor's romney's knee is his adopted grandson who is an african-american child, kirin romney, any captions for this one? >>. ♪ one of these things is >> it shows the diversity of the republican party. >> they can't help themselves over at msnbc. that was loud mouth perry. and this weekend she offered this weepy, weepy apology. >> i apologize to the romney family. also allow knee apologize to other families formed through transracial adoption because i am deeply sorry that we suggested that interracial families are in any way funny or deserving of ridicule. on this program, we are
10:26 pm
dedicated to advocating for a wide diversity of families, and it is one of our core principles. it must be with utmost respect and i am appreciative of those who offered serious criticisms of the program. and our critics can sometimes be our best teachers. >> governor romney accepted her apology. ann coulter's back. happy new year. >> happy new year to you. >> i can't read somebody's heart and all the weeping and after all the other hosts that were let go, was that heartfelt? >> yeah, it was a heartfelt e-mail from her boss. >> a heartfelt i do want to continue working. >> no and i especially like that
10:27 pm
their panel on msnbc and like all of these, they were reviewed by assistants. they had a segment specifically making fun of this adopted black chi child in the romney family. >> look at this picture. >> right. as with marten basheer. what does she think she -- >> why would you say that? you've got plenty of african-americans there? why do you say that? >> you don't have plenty. >> al sharpton. >> yes. think of how crazy msnbc is now that the voice of reason is al
10:28 pm
sharpton. >> i don't think he's the voice of reason. >> he's the only respectable one. >> he gets in less trouble than everybody else. i can't read somebody's heart, but hell has frozen over at the beginning of this new year as i agree with alec baldwin. he says if i cry, will i be forgiven all my transgressions? >> now there is nothing we disagree on. the only thing we disagreed on before was liz cheney's run against a conservative republican and alec baldwin. >> you have this obsession with watching these lunatics at msnbc. you've got ed schultz, chris matthews who's lost his mind. here's a short montage. >> he is an enemy of the country, in my opinion, dick
10:29 pm
cheney. lord, take him to the promised land, will you? i don't even wish he goes to hell. i just want to get him the hell out of here. and this right wing slut, what's her name? laura ingram? >> i hope you choke to death. >> did you hear what i said? answer me yes or no. >> you've got a big problem, you know that, don't you? maybe you are as dumb as you look. are you with fox, right? >> you're the one who almost hit my wife in the mouth with a microphone? you want to apologize? >> i didn't -- >> i asked you a question. do you want to apologize? i asked you a question. >> when mrs. palin invoked slavery, she doesn't just move her rank ignorance, she proves
10:30 pm
that if anyone requires discipline from thomas thistle wood, she would be the candidate. >> i want to talk about a controversial word. it is a word that has been with us for years. like it or not it's printed in the pages of american history, a word that was originally intended as a derogatory word. it was conceived of by a group of wealthy white men. you all know the word i'm talking about. obamacare. race obsession over there. what do you think of that? >> no, i mean, that is wh offensive about them joking about the romney grandchild, the way she apologized for it. though i think she was really crying. after she saw her fourth quarter ratings at msnbc. she apologized for making fun of
10:31 pm
children. and yes, liberals always do that to rfr ticonservatives. they will do it for sport. and it is an ugly thing when they go after the children, but this wasn't what it was about. this was making fun of a child for his skin color. it was about race. and this was coming from a network whose said that romney's use of the word chicago was racist. >> and obamacare. >> when romney said apartments. chris matthews says that was racists because black people live in apartments. >> i lived in an apartment. >> there's a special decoding ring for them. and then they make fun of a child. >> the use of the race card and the gender card and the class warfare card, it works. >> i wrote, it was just about
10:32 pm
gone in this country, and then they, liberals, needed to start playing it again to promote the most left wing president the country's ever seen, barack obama. if you've had a grasp of racism sightings, it was before the roof before the ofrmts j. trial. and then going after jesse jackson, it didn't work any more. and when obama came back, wow, it just exploded again. but unfortunately for liberals, there's no racism in america. there's more cholera than there is racism. >> would america elect a black president? and you know what? america elected a black president twice. >> an incompetent black president, that's how much they wanted to elect a black praez.
10:33 pm
and coming up, we'll talk about what made this alabama football mom go on the attack during the sugar bowl this weekend. plus. it infewer yates me that people like rand paul are putting americans lives at risk. >> congressman pete king, more fighting words for his gop. and then how much a man lost eating mcdonalds. and this little girl, her family is fighting to keep her on life support. we're straight ahead with this emotional story. every mine. every second -- we chip away. making theolors of earth and sunset skies into rich interi accents. or putting he beauty of a forest in the palm of your hands... it will take you to another place. whereverou happen to be. this is the new 2014 jeep grand cherokee.
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welcome back to hannity. joining us for our great american panel, good to see you.
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happy new year all. all looking pretty good. ed henry asked the question earlier today of jay carney, who's going to pay for the first lady's solo flight home. they do this all the time, separate flights to nantucket, separate vacations. american people are suffering at home. >> the white house said that was an early birthday present from the president. >> does that mean he's paying for the trip back? >> the first family will appropriately fund personal expenses. but you're accurate ccurate in description that her choice to stay, head add upcoming big
10:39 pm
birthday, and if you have kids, telling your spouse that they can spend a week away from home is a big present. >> this is the third time. separate trips. he goes to florida. she goes skiing with the kids. fine, understand. separate trips to nantucket. he goes, she goes. he comes back. she comes back. now they go to hawaii. he goes, she goes. why can they not rearrange this schedule and not burden the american people by paying twice. >> it happens in every single administration. george w. bush was the vacationer in chief. 800 some vacations. >> no, he worked in his own house in texas. >> i think work would be a -- >> the country was a lot better off. >> i think it's easy to spend somebody else's money. that's our money you're talking about. would it be more efficient for
10:40 pm
them to do it in a way that would not cost taxpayers, yeah. so if president bush had done that, does that make it okay? why can't we criticize this administration without saying bush did it. bush isn't president. >> get over it. bush is gone. >> it's taken a long time to get over what he did to the country. >> get over it. grow up. >> this is the first family of luxurious vacations. and the american taxpayers are sick of footing the bill. whether it's shopping trips to europe or africa or now to hawaii non-stop. they don't want to be paying for these big outlandish vacations anymore. >> it seems there's a certain out of touch-ness here. we have the lowest participation rate in the job market in decades in this country.
10:41 pm
>> and the greatest growth in the economy that we've seen. >> he's going to -- >> how's your stock portfolio, did it go up? >> i don't have much money in stocks like you. >> what about the people who left the labor force? >> how many poor people have stocks? how many poor people do you now, how many unemployed people have stocks. >> the economy is finally growing. are we much better off because of the stimulus? >> how much of that that he refuses to acknowledge and take responsibility. >> the debt went down from the largest portion of gdp last year. >> what world are you living in? >> the amount of money we pumped into this economy by stimulus, you're going to argue that that money fueled a recovery? you think that's a recovery? the number of people who have left the labor force? what the numbers would look like. come on. >> this is one of the greatest
10:42 pm
football weekends i have ever seen. 47 million people watched the game last night. 30 some odd million the night before. here we got the alabama/oklahoma game, and you've got this mom attacking oklahoma students at the sugar bowl. what is, what is wrong with us? i assume that person's related to you, bernard? >> all i have to say about this, i do like bama, but i am a sooner fan at heart, and i think that game was an extraordinary game. she obviously got a little out of control. it's unfortunate that sometimes our passion for sports boils up in pretty ugly ways. i think that was not a great -- >> i bet you're a big tom brady fan. >> no. i'm a giants fan, a boston fan. >> you can't pick on him. >> is there a problem? we get too involved in sports, and you think priorities are
10:43 pm
skewed when athletes work hard and get these jobs and entertain us, they get paid this. what about the guy who works in the restaurant? >> that's true, but that's how the free market works. we buy the tickets to those games, they make a lot of money off of them. supply and demand. i think she got a little carried away. yeah, she was a little passionate. she probably shouldn't have attacked a bunch of teenage boys. she says her son was called a certain name. sometimes when you're involved in those things you get very passionate and excited. >> last year during the championship game, i'm a notre dame fan. my wife graduated from alabama, and it was not a pretty household for a couple hours, and i lost. and we've got a group of kids from notre dame here. in honor of them they're going to be back next year. did you hear about the guy who lost weight eating
10:44 pm
mcdonald's? and the brother of terry sciavo is going to be here. we've got breaking developments on this major legal battle as hannity continues. vely city of boston. cheers. and seeing as it's such a historic city, i'm sure they'll appreciate that geico's been saving people money for over 75 years. oh... dear, i've dropped my tea into the boston harbor. huhh... i guess this party's over. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well-fitting dentures let in food particles. super poligrip is zinc free. with just a few dabs, it's clinically proven to seal out more food particles
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welcome back to hannity with our great, great american panel. a guy eats mcdonalds three months and loses weight. look at that picture! and he ate the healthy options at mcdonald's. >> this, i think, is an excellent lesson in personal responsibility. you're responsible for what goes, the food that you intake. exactly. so guess what mcdonald's isn't making you fat. if you decide to eat 12 big macs
10:49 pm
a day, mcdonald's isn't making you do that. >> when i go to mcdonald's, i don't go there for a salad. >> have you seen what the mcrib looks like? in the frozen state? >> i'm not an mcdonald's advocate. but you can go into any establishment and choose a healthy option or you can choose a not so healthy option. >> do you ever go to mcdonald's? >> i don't do fast food. i love my pizza, but i don't do fast food. >> you can do that now. back in super size me days, they didn't have what they have now, which is what this guy ate, egg whites. generally speaking, mccdonald's your favorite meals are not the most healthy. >> no one's going to get thin on
10:50 pm
mcdonald's, i want government out of my life. if i want five big macs, it's nobody's business. i don't need to be told what the calorie count is. it's high. i get it. you assume people are stupid. i don't. >> i want to seat calorie count. >> you know, to show the calorie count, to show the nutritional facts is different, that's fine to me. they can make their own choice. here was the worst story that i saw that really angered me. we had a representative of a human rights group headed by a designated al qaeda terrorist invited by congressional democrats to explain drone strikes. can you explain that? >> based on the information you gave me, no.
10:51 pm
>> member of the geneva based group was scheduled the morning of november 19. >> i said i don't speak for them. >> not someone who should have a voice at the table based on that. >> they continued to just pass the blame and say oh, it was the other congressman's office who set it up. oh, i don't have a comment. >> it's basically a whole trinity with these three. or trinity of brilliance. coming up. the family of this girl fought the state of california to keep her on life support. remember terry schiavo? her brother joins me next. coming up.
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♪ this magic moment -hit the beach in florida.ake -and a reunion in [man] when hotels have unsold rooms, they use hotwire to fill them. [woman] so we got our 4-star hotels... for half price. ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e ♪ welcome back to hannity.
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there are new developments regarding 13 year old jahi mcmath. after weeks of legal battles, she was released from oakland's children's hospital and is placed in a new place where she is receiving care. she was declared brain dead when she suffered complications after a top sinsil surgery. joining me is the brother of terry schiavo. >> thanks for having me. >> i was down there when you went through this. explain the battle between the state and the rights that they think they have versus the family. >> well, it's what we're seeing more and more every day. the state, in this case, the hospital, is imposing their wishes on this young girl rather than the parents. and our family, our foundation, we wanted to stand with this family, and say, look, this girl needs a chance.
10:57 pm
they came to this conclusion that she was brain dead awfully quick. and we believe that this girl needs a chance to see if she can be helped. >> and bottom line is the family wanted to take care of her. they were willing to take care of her. they had made arrangements, i guess, to move her into a facility where she would get the assistance, right? >> right. and the people that we had helping the family, we put a team together to try to get her transferred out of the facility, because as i said they came to a decision rather quickly that they were going to end this girl's life, and the family objected to that. and that's really that speaks the big picture here, sean is that more and more our health care rights are being eroded and they are being put in the hands of hospital members. and we don't know if jahi's going to get better. we just believe the family should have the chance to provide her the help to see if she can improve before coming to the conclusion that she can be
10:58 pm
killed. because kwuns you do that, you can't reverse that decision. >> she was declared dead by two doctors at the hospital. i never heard of complications from a tonsillectomy. that struck me as very unusual. >> i don't know the details, but you can understand why the parents don't trust this hospital and want to get her transferred after a simple procedure went wrong. and then they're making the decision to end her life. she's in a facility now. and hopefully they'll be providing her the help that this hospital did not provide her, and hopefully we'll see if she has a chance to improve. >> has the family looked into what potential mistakes the hospital may have made during the surgery, maybe too much anesthesia or something like that? >> that's for the lawyers to decide, but it's interesting here, it seems to me if there was some time of malpractice, it would be in the best interest
10:59 pm
for the hospital to end jahi's life. and i don't know the detail, but you can understand why the parents want to get letter out of there and get her in a facility that will at least give her a chance before they make a decision to end her life. >> all right. well, thank you very much for being with us. we really appreciate it. and please send our thoughts and prayers with her, it's a very, very sad story. and thanks so much for being with us. now that is all the time we have left this evening. by the way, we have some new radio stations that we have started here in the country. wor in new york. following rush, same with los angeles, keid in los angeles. wind in chicago. dallas ft. worth at ksky. all of these are on my website. also we are unleashing every day a new solution, as we begin the conservative solution caucus for
11:00 pm
2014. and of course on our facebook page. and don't forget, start your day each weekday morning with fox & friends. and we'll see you back here tomorrow night. rnchlth you sick of the problems in washington? in this new year, are you looking for leadership? answer this one -- is president obama showing leadership, or is he picking another fight? here's what the president said this weekend in about -- weekend about extending unemployment benefits. >> congress went home at the holidays and let the lifeline expire. for many constituents who were unemployed through no fault of their own, that decision will leave them with no income at all. >> former senior adviser to president reagan pat buchanan joins us. wasn't just capitol hill had a little holiday. >> not at all. listen, if you're going to attack the republicans for not being in washington and working on unemployment benefit, you should probably pick a different venue


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