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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 7, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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thank god for my trusty microwave, because it works it all out. send me your thoughts on twitter @megynkelly. have a great day. no one can control the weather, not everybody can control their employment situation. >> the left is now using the freezing temperatures all across the country as a crust to push their radical left wing agenda. >> not only can we stop the wind from blowing, we can't stop the republicans from being heartless and cruel. >> it is now america the entitled. >> we're called to put an end to economics and social inning equalities that threaten to unravel the city we love.
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>> rudy giuliani responds to the big apple's new mayor in his obsession with raising taxes on the so-called rich. more of my conservative solutions for america tonight, how shell oil can remedy our current economic crisis. >> we don't have to take the abuse. >> hannity starts right here, right now. >> welcome to hannity, we begin tonight with the big chill that is shattering records all across the country. thanks to the so-cold polar vortex, negative 24 in michigan and negative teens elsewhere in the country. keeping schools and businesses
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closed. earlier this morning, new york city broke a 118-year-old record with a low temperature of 4 degrees, minus 17 with the windchill. and standing by outside our studios in midtown manhattan to tell us how it feels. >> i was watching you on new year's eve. >> it is 9 degrees on my phone here, but if you look at that map you just showed, sean, negative six degrees with the wind. this is the sean hannity wet t-shirt contest, it's the conservative version. >> when did you do that? >> earlier. >> this bucket is full of water, we have our fox news t-shirt. it doesn't take long for the
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shirt to freeze. look at this, it's freezing already, can you tell. >> while that's getting frozen. >> we have a video of a man throwing water in the air, and it instantly is freezing. let's watch this. >> isn't that incredible? it's boiling water. >> and it becomes snow. >> right, and you know, we discovered this, it was a student, i was reading about this earlier, a student was making homemade ice cream and they realized the ice cream froze quickly when the milk was hot. >> i was watching you on new year's eve, i was wondering how at some point your mouth has to freeze and you can't speak. but that didn't happen. >> we toward the end of the segment were having a difficult time talking.
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>> it's close. temperatures continue to hit historic lows, it seems the freezing cold weather is getting some liberals, especially those on the peacock network. al sharpton got all dressed up to slam fox news. watch this. >> these right wingers are boiling over with denial. because it snows in winter doesn't mean the planet isn't getting warmer. >> it doesn't take much for the folks at fox to hit the melting point, the results of tonight's experiment to end. >> we reduce the right wing could use a new talking point. >> sharpton puts on his wife lab coat. his colleague is using the weather as a metaphor.
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>> not everyone can control their employment situation. not only can we stop the wind from blowing, we can't stop the republicans from being heartless and cruel. >> yeah, heartless and cruel. it didn't end there. the left wing lunatic goes on to blame the cold weather. cold weather on what? nothing else but global warming. >> what's your analysis of this cold snap? is it climate change? the aftermath of what we have seen happen in our environment? how do you call it? >> it could be just one of those years, we're cyclical sometimes. you go back in history, you think here, 15, 20 years ago, had a big cold snap, you look back in the records then again, 15, 20 years ago then. maybe longer than that, sometimes it's cyclical, but these cold snaps. >> here with reaction from the competitive enterprise institute. clean tech investor howard gould is with us. good to see you. >> 118 year record, and i think
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the one that got me the most, chicago is actually, it's colder there than at the south pole. now, how do you explain that, howard. >> you know, we've been talking about this polar vortex, the fact is, you have arctic air that is moving down over the -- over where we are currently, it should be over the arctic, but the arctic is heating. >> the reverse -- you think this is because of global warm something. >> yes, i do. >> all right. >> if you look at the -- i have seen this -- you go back to "time" magazine, they were proclaiming the next ice age is coming, now it's become global warming, now they seem to be backing off and talking about climate change in general, if it snows, global warming. it doesn't snow global warming, if it's cold, global warming, if
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it's hot it's global warming, if it rains it's global warming, if it doesn't rain, it's global warming. seems everything is global warming. >> it's better to remain silent. >> every time the jokes begin, you can tell by watching reverend sharpton. every time the jokes begin, particularly if it's precisely different, they can't resist and they begin this flailing insistence, particularly the opposite of what they said was going to occur, is proof of their faith, it only burns in the public's mind i think, that the lack of seriousness for the movement. global cooling caused a global vort vortex. that was a polar vortex in january. they see, and always when the
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jokes begin, major counter reality. it's just like, if you like your plan you can keep it, any fool could see you were going to lose it. they claimed the opposite, they're doing our work for us. >> i have to be honest, how do we believe the same people that were predicting a couple decades ago that the next ice age is coming. it seems they've lost correct. and we have scientists that were caught making up data? >> well, we can get to that in a second you're talking about an article that was written 40 years ago we're talking 1974. >> we know more about the at s atmosphere. >> what chris was saying, i think it's quite ironic, you guys don't have people on the
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show to talk about issues of climate change. all of a sudden it comes out, hey, it's cold out, they obviously. >> chris, as i look at it over the years, the patterns are very clear. the earth's temperature, it seems we just didn't -- there's a political agenda, am i wrong? >> climate change must be curbed, there will always be people who fail those lifestyles they don't like. for example, the witch next door caused the crops to fail and the babies to die, that was common during age. you do shows on global warming when they say there's proof of warming.
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>> they got stuck in the ice, and then the rescuers got stuck in the ice. we check back in with ainsley earhart. come on, no way. is that really -- that's the one? where's the other t-shirt? >> over here, can you pan over on this t-shirt, i'm trying not to slide, because it's -- we poured water on the ground. >> i know why you keep shaking it. >> i think i -- listen, it took a little longer, but we proved our point and we probably avoided a great segment on jon stewart. thank you. still ahead tonight, tomorrow marks the 50th anniversary on lbj's war on poverty, we have a heated debate on whether the government is the
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answer or the problem. >> we are called to put an end to economic and social inequalities that threaten to unravel the city we love. >> new york's new mayor bill de blasio raised a lot of eyebrows, someone referred to new york city as a plantation. we'll come back for the first time on tv. this is a hannity exclusive coming up straight ahead.
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put an end to economic and social inequality that threaten to unravel the city we love.
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and so today we commit to a new progressive direction in new york. we will ask the very wealthy to pay a little more in taxes so that we can offer full day universal prek for every child in this city. we will require developers to build more affordable housing. so new yorkers see our city not as the exclusive domain as the 1%, social and economic justice will start here and start now. >> to each, just a small glimpse of new york city mayor, bill de blasio in his widely controversial address. he took progressivism now to a whole new level. it's called action, it's raising a lot of eyebrows.
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here to discuss it with us is rudy julian nae. that little tax he's talking about is a thousand dollars. >> there are plenty of inaugurations, those are just awful. >> they were mean spirited. and the mayor is owed an apology. he worked tirelessly. >> he did a lot of good things. >> you left the city that's in good condition, and to be characterized as a plantation, that's outrageous, absolutely outrageous, i'm getting really annoyed at this concept of progressives, there's nothing progressive in this class warfare stuff. it's retro guessive, every policy that they're talking about is a policy that's famed several times historically, going back 130, 140 years.
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we're talking about marxist ideas. we saw them used in europe, asia. first thing i did was lower taxes, not raise taxes. the next thing i did was require people on welfare to work. if you want welfare, have you to work. >> how many people got off welfare? >> how about 500,000 to 600,000. >> this wasn't a spin-off of -- the person i boreried it from was the governor wisconsin. we called it workfare, the new york times viciously attacked me for doing this, what i can give you that will get you out of poverty is not redistribution to wealth. what i can give you -- i can
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give you a chance to keep the work ethic. >> we don't ask more of the wealthy to punish success. we do it to create more success sto stories. help people understand, we have federal taxes 39%? state taxes. state taxes in new york 9%? >> 12 to 13. >> so that would be -- that's 55 and a half%? >> if you consider you detukt your state and local taxes, your tax rate is 45, 46%. >> that doesn't include county taxes. >> oh, no, no, no, no, no. >> you are in new york you are the junior partner in your earnings, the governor is the senior partner. >> 60 cents of every dollar works out right? >> you are working for everybody
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else mostly. >> these are concepts? the point that i'm trying to make sean is, these are new ideas. these are all ideas that have failed. they were at the heart of why the city was a disaster in 1993, 1994, they were at the heart of why the city had 10 and a half unemployment, why the city had a deficit of 2 to 3 billion dollars, things i turned around and mayor bloomberg expanded on. we changed it by reducing tachs, we changed it by requiring accountability for people on welfare. nobody said that people on welfare are lazy, what happens when people are given things is, they can fall into a loss of the work ethic, that can happen. that's been demonstrated. that's why -- >> most people want to work, but they can lose that over a period of time. >> what you want to do, you want to fight to keep them in the workforce. if the mayor wants to do something good, how about setting up a work fair program and getting 30,000 to 40,000
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people. i had 40,000 people working for new york city that were on welfare, the unions don't like that. if you're owned by the unions you can't do that. if you're owned by the city of new york, you can do it. >> what do you think -- how long does it take before you think the negative impact of these policies -- because new yorkers -- you're right, this has all been tried before, it's been tried in new york. how long before -- >> it will take longer than you think, because mayor de blasio has taken over, despite all that rhetoric which was horrible, he's taken over a city that mayor bloomberg has left all the fundamentals -- it's taking over a business that's doing well. before you can deteriorate it, it's going to take a lot. i hope he changes his mind, i hope and pray, and i'm optimistic about the fact that he becomes practical. one of the things that can happen to you as a mayor, it can make you practical. ed koch was one of the most liberal members of the house of representatives when he became mayor, he became an
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extraordinarily practical and very conservative mayor. sometimes it happens, we had the example of president obama who probably has gone more to the left, so we're going to have to see what happens, but these ideas are not progressive ideas, these are retrogressive ideas, they're all ideas that have failed over and over and over again. >> what did mayor koch say? >> after six months of being in office, and complaining about how the city was falling about, he said the people have spoken and now they must be punished. >> great. we're going to be punished on a federal level, congressional level, now in the city. great to see you, appreciate it. still ahead right here on hannity. >> we need to go back to america, take the abuse. do you, sir. >> it only gets better, when we come back, our great american
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panel to react to dennis rodman's melt joan over north korea, as well as tim tebow's epic debut. wait until you hear about his prediction that he made about last night's big game. and also coming up. >> this administration today here and now declares unconditional war on poverty in america. >> we mark the 50th anniversary of lbj's war on poverty and examine the democratic policies responsible for creating an entitlement society right here in america. that's important. this is betsy. her long day of pick ups and drop offs begins with arthritis pain... and a choice. take up to 6 tylenol in a day or just 2 aleve for all day relief. all aboard. ♪ and shift through all eight speeds of a transmission connected to more standard horsepower than its german competitors. and that is the moment that driving the lexus gs
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unfortunately many americans have no hope, some because of their poverty and some because of their color. all too many because of both. our task is to help replace their despair with opportunity. and this administration today here and now declares unconditional war on poverty in america. >> now, 50 years after that declaration of war, poverty continues to run rampant in america, it seems the only solutions the left has to this
7:27 pm
problem is to demonize the so-called rich and encourage more citizens to rely on the government. the senate advanced a $6 billion bill to extend unemployment insurance even though that's not paid for, the president was quick to applaud the vote. >> america's getting stronger and waif made progress. the economy is growing and we have to do more to make sure that all americans share in that growth. >> we should build on that progress. the first order of business is extending unemployment. voting against unemployment does not create jobs. congress should pass this participate plan right away, and i will sign it right away about. >> the president raising the minimum wage and taxing the rich, he always says that, he's admitting his economic strategy failed. here's brit hume.
7:28 pm
>> the administrations appeal for further extension of unemployment benefits may put republicans in a tight spot. it may be a shrewd political move. yet embedded in it is an extraordinary acknowledgement of failure by the president and his party, we are four and a half years into an economic recovery that democrats keep telling us is getting better all the time, yet the job market remains so weak, the jobless rate so high, that the president considers it an emergency. indeed that is the official name of these extended benefits, emergency unemployment compensation. >> here with reaction from the business network, tamara holder, i listen to this, we're entering the sixth year of obama's presidency. we've been through a stimulus, the summer of recovery, where 500,000 jobs were going to be created every month, and we have the lowest job participation rate in decades. is it unemployment the answer or
7:29 pm
the policy that will create jobs. >> what is your policy? >> my policy is to drill, economic insanity. drill, fracking, natural gas and coal. >> what about the poor, it seems like every time i've been on your show, you question where i get my sources, i went to jesus, i went to the holy bible, if i recall, in mark, jesus looking at him, he said you lack one thing, go sell all you have and give to the poor, you will have treasure in heaven, come follow me. >> it didn't say, the government take it, though, did it? render unto ceasar -- >> the poor will be with you always. is that not in that good book? >> absolutely, you don't think that there are people in america who need help who are not lazy. >> i do. the unemployment rate is 2.6%. in midland texas is 3.2%.
7:30 pm
how about a job for the 50 million americans on food sta stamps. >> this is the worst post recession we've everybody had. >> compared to what. >> post recession. all recessions. >> which ones. >> name another recession we've had. >> which all -- all. >> just make up all recessions? >> if you're going to throw out all recessions, what recessions are there? >> every recession we've had, this is the worst post recession recovery we've had. more importantly, i want too read off some bills to you, sean. we have the economic opportunity act. medicaid bill, elementary, secondary education, water quality, housing and urban development, immigration, medicare and clean water, except these are bills, these are actual acts, these are laws that were passed as part of lbj's society. these are supposed to save us today. >> how much do we spend? >> it's a gazillion more than we promised.
7:31 pm
>> it's a war. the thing is, sean, let's talk about the answers to this. the answers you got answers. >> the government declared war on poverty and poverty won. you know -- >> poverty won? >> you mean, poor people won? >> government helping people in the end helped them more than hurt them? >> how so? >> people who are getting help are lazy? >> because the people who are -- >> did i say that? >> no, because -- >> that's your argument. i put on my website today, we're dealing with this later in the program, conservative solutions. we have more natural gas, more energy, more shale oil than the middle east combined and yet we're too stupid to tap into that. those are job creations, let me put up on the screen some things -- >> talk about the middle class. >> those are -- >> they need to create the jobs, you want to talk about tax cuts so they can do that, fine. what about the man that watches -- >> the working man that now --
7:32 pm
why is the unemployment rate 2.6% in north dakota. >> why is the unemployment rate so high in mississippi -- >> because they're not drilling for oil in mississippi like they are in all these other states, that's my point. >> okay, but not the middle class -- >> yeah, the middle class person. >> that works for the oil. >> all right -- >> charles, the economic backdrop is such that did you look at prosperity in this country over the last 20 years, these are places that are very rich. millions of people have fled those areas, it's all about these high taxes, high regulations, in california, a million productive people left by low skilled immigrants and babies -- >> babies? babies are working now? >> no, the million people replaced with -- >> if you look at california's population, it's the same as it was, productive people leave these places. >> what is the annual income of someone in mississippi that
7:33 pm
makes minimum wage? $15,000. >> it's attributed to abraham lincoln, ronald reagan quoted lincoln, it's a minister by the name of john henry. 1916 this is wisdom throughout the ages, you can't bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift. you can't help the poor by destroying the rich. >> and what you shall do -- >> the brotherhood of man by insighting class hatred. you can't keep out of trouble by spending more than you earn. and one last one, you cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they can and should be doing for themselves. >> and according to the holy bible you should open wide your hand to your brother, to the needy and to the poor. >> by the way, tamara --
7:34 pm
>> by the way, by the way, you're not -- i don't know why you think helping someone -- people who were born and dying on food stamps, why you think that's admirable. i will answer the question you asked earlier, a lot of people are lazy, and we're not doing people a favor by letting the job skills erode. >> charles, one study. show me one study that people are becoming lazy. >> we doubled the number of people on food stamps, it's not good for them, it's not good for the country. since when, i thought liberals believe in church and state. you can't mention god in public school, here you are quoting it as an argument.
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>> more of dennis rodman's meltdown on national television. we want to hear from you. follow the show, share your thoughts to this and much more, don't forget you can join us on twitter. open to innovation. open to ambition. open to boldids. that's why n york has a new plan -- dozens of tax free zones all across the state. move here, expand here, or start a new business here and pay no taxes for ten years... we're new york. if there's something that creates more jobs, and ows more businesses... we're open to it. start a tax-free business at
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welcome to our great american panel, joining us tonight we have fox news contributor, republican strategist and neighbor of katie la france from the fox business network, new mother, congratulations on the baby, sandra smith. and i saw pictures, very cute. >> thank you. thank you. meltdown, national tv, in case you missed it.
7:40 pm
>> they left their families to help this country. does anyone understand that? >> we do, and we appreciate that, and we wish them well. >> no, i don't care what -- what you think, i'm saying to you, look at these guys here, look at them, you guys behind the mic right now, we're the guys here doing something, we need to go back to america and take the abuse. do you have to take the abuse? do you, sir, let me know, are you -- guess what, one day -- one day this door's going to open. >> wow! >> the only thing i had to say, blah blah blah, i cannot believe north korea has made dennis
7:41 pm
rodman relevant again. it took this guy from north korea to make him relevant in the media again. don't you know, he's loving this, putting on the sunglasses, the cigar, what an idiot, sorry. >> i feel sorry for chris cuomo, he was being nice and he goes off the deep end. >> you know what's so interesting about this? the feds are probably debriefing this guy we haven't had access, after watching that, my god, i don't think you have enough money. there's not enough psychologists on the payroll to debrief this guy. >> i think chris cuomo, he could have pushed that interview any further, would have said point blank to dennis rodman, he fed his uncle to dogs, you're calling this person your friend and you're actually saying we should have relations with him. then again, why are we holding him to a high morality right now. dennis rodman, years ago wore a
7:42 pm
wedding dress. and he -- >> it's got to be money motivating something here. >> there's something -- >> so tim tebow i think should be playing the nfl. why are you looking at me like that, i think he's been punished because of his christian beliefs. you don't think so? >> he's awesome, number one, he's such a great role model in sports. and looking at so many of these guys, they're drinking and being nutty. >> if you had been involved in dogfighting. >> if he were a good quarterback, right? >> not for new york he wasn't. >> in new york, yes, he threw four passes when he was in new york, he did well when he was with denver, if you get peyton manning, you get peyton manning. >> this is tim tebow's first month on the job. he made a great call. he's a guy i would want to call my brother, any mother would love to call him a son, he's a
7:43 pm
great representative. too bad the nfl doesn't want him or need him. >> let me put this out, auburn, talking about the game last night, may be a team of destiny, tonight florida state is deeper from top to bottom, and with james winston and smith leadership in the fourth quarter, i think they win 35-31. he was off one point. >> i don't think the nfl or any sports franchise cares about your personal beliefs. look, have you people -- >> you got people like mariano rivera who is a huge christian. >> but he got on his knee and it became a big thing and a distraction when he was in new york. >> he was good enough to play in the nfl. >> he didn't get the chance. he didn't get the opportunity. >> that's tim tebow's brand, i think he can write his own ticket. >> he did a bangup job. he has a great career. >> i like him, i think he's a good guy, i agree with all of you. we'll take a quick break, come
7:44 pm
back with our great panel. ♪ [ male announcer ] to truck guys, the truck is everything. and when you put them in charge of making an unbeable truck, good things happen. this is the ram 1500. the 2014 motor trend truck of the year. ♪ and first ever back-to-back champion. guts. glory.
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welcome back to hannity, we continue with our great american panel, we have anti-speeding. have you to watch this. pretty fascinating. >> so sorry. he just pulled out. i didn't have time to stop. >> come on, mate. >> it was a simple mistake. >> please.
7:49 pm
>> i got my boy in the back. >> i'm sorry? >> i like reality, and you know, as i've gotten older, used to have a heavy foot, i don't have a heavy foot any more, i drive much safer than i used to. >> you point out new mother, i have chills up my arms right now watching that, i think the best message to send is self-responsibility. this is about a guy who wasn't a bad person who had the pedal to the medal, he was a guy going to work, in a tie, this could happen to anybody. i think it was a great message actually. >> i think this is reality, and we live in a world of reality tv, and i think we can relate to this, and another thing,just like the texting commercial, was that text really worth it to reply? >> i think it's all great, and who would ever want to kill
7:50 pm
somebody? it makes you think ahead of time. we got to roll, congratulations. and by the way, best of luck to your friends, neighbors, wendy. >> yeah! >> not to mention the whole family. coming up, the former ceo of shell oil is here to explain why energy evidence is america's solution to the current economic crisis. you don't want to miss this, hannity conserve differ solutions part two tonight. ♪ we're gonna be late. ♪
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still runnng in the morning? yeah. getting your vegebles every day? when i can. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8.
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two full servings of vegetables for only 50 delicious calories. welcome back to "hannity" yesterday i released an article detailing solutions i think can help put america back on the right track. one solution is energy independence by looking into our resources and locking down we can solve the following problems. unemployment problem, deficit, debt problem, social security, medicare, money to fund fund them, and health care problems. here to debate this is richard
7:55 pm
fowler. john, i've interviewed you many times, you've been inspiring and have convinced me america has more fossil fuel resources, natural gas, shell oil, than the middle east combined? tell me if i'm wrong? >> well, we have more than we'll ever need, sean. that is the key point. you can never believe reserves of other countries. let's just say we'll have more than we ever need. because if you talk about the first part of the energy independence plan, which is transportation fuel independen independence, you're going to talk about putting a $500 stimulus into the economy over the next 20-30 years to make sure we have the fuel we need. that gets us to 10 million barrels per day of oil converting 5 million barrels equivalent of natural gas to
7:56 pm
methanol for france pore tags fuel and growth of battery, transition to hydrogen cells and anything else we need from the transportation fuel standpoint. benefitting from canada and mexico. >> one question... >> but that is only part a. part b is transforming the electrical generation system to a 21 century reliable energy system. that is another half a tril wrin dollars per year to make that happen. you're talking about a trillion dollars per year over 20, 30 years that, is 6% to 7% economic growth for next three decades. >> wow. >> that is what energy independence... >> why do you say more than we'll ever need? >> it's not inexhaustible. we're going to transition down as technology enables us to do
7:57 pm
that. today's technology is inadequate. i live in texas. we had the polar freeze come through. there was 0 wind, all day, yesterday. and it's the coldest day of the year. so if we're going to intend upon wind farms with no wind we're going to be freezing in our homes. >> richard fowler... >> you've got to have a well balanced system. >> drilling on private lands. and john, awful these states we can duplicate that success, take those 50 million americans off food stamps put them back to work. less money we have to pay out to people. more money to the treasury. lower heating bills, lower gas prices, helps industry. and we're not dependant on the middle east. why won't you do that? >> i think it's clearly an argument about developing energy here at home. we need to do that. >> why don't we do it now?
7:58 pm
why do we depend on country that's hate us? >> we started thachl the president came, when this president took office we were 1% market share of the green battery industry. >> not true. >> 9% of the green battery issue. we can't depend on fossil fuel alone have you to begin to make the transition. we have to focus on wind power. >> john all of the increase and production has been on private land. am i wrong? leases have gone down what percentage? >> federal land permits down 50% over the last four years. governor romney said that during the campaign the president said not true, governor the president is absolutely incorrect. because the governor romney was correct. >> well, wait a minute. is it true that the leases va that have been leased are not being explored at the moment?
7:59 pm
that is -- >> there has to be oil. >> they're not exploring it, though. >> have you to leave. if oil company has a lease and they're in the exploring to see if there is oil there, we have a huge problem. >> last word? >> well, we have had the opportunity as you said, sean to have economic and energy independence simultaneously, together. there is nothing holding us back except lack of leadership, and lack of political will. >> i agree with you. it would create jobs and increase revenues to the government. just dumb, one of the dustest things this country has done g to see you. john, thank you. thank you. >> that is the time we have left this evening. new radio stations we've started on across the country, stations like wwrc, live now in miami florida, 610,
8:00 pm
fbi in seechlt 970 in tampa. k how in denver, colorado. start your weekday with fox and friends at 5:00 to 9:00. the o'reilly factor is on: tonight: >> i'm the what the hell you think. i'm saying to you, look at these guys. look at them. >> the dennis rodman-north korea situation is turning serious as a basketball player is being used by a brutal dictator. inside story tonight. >> nowadays if you are racist, you are probably a republican. >> why is the political rhetoric in america so nasty? bernie goldberg thinks he knows the reason. >> a child is not going to know the difference between edible product without marijuana and edible product with marijuana. >> shocking story out of colorado, a 2-year-old eats a marijuana laced cookie


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