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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 8, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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we are getting a ton of feedback from you about our story about christie, follow me at megynkelly, let me know what you think. thank you for joining us. we knew secretary gates was writing a book as everybody did or most people did. but we received the book last night. >> panic on pennsylvania avenue after the president's former defense secretary opens the gates of fury in his new tell-all book. and the cop-killer turned advocate for a justice department post. more on the incredible details. the governor of maine wants kids to be able to go to work. and our friends from "the five" react to this proposal to allow 12-year-old children to enter the work force. the mention must now deal with this latest threat to the nation's health care law.
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these ladies. nbc news says nuns are the latest threat to america. and the tsa wants to indoctrinate your kids. our great american panel tackles the most outrageous videos. all of that, plus the architect, karl rove, back with his news. "hannity" starts right now. and welcome to "hannity," the white house is in full damage control after former white house secretary robert gates reveals explosive details about what happens behind closed doors on pennsylvania avenue. and how your commander-in-chief is choosing politics over the lives of our soldiers. and now, the book, entitled "duty," reveals that when it
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comes to president obama's commitment to the war in afghanistan, had he wroe wrote a doesn't believe in his own strategy. and that is not all. another quote says obama is not above politics and his own strategy, and he writes that hillary clinton wrote that it was political, she was facing him in the iowa primary. the president conceded vaguely that the opposition to the iraq surge had been political. now, to hear the two of them making these admissions was as surprising as it was dismaying. and woodward writes, although the book simmers with disappointment in obama, it reveals contempt for joe biden, who is accused of poisoning the well against the military leadership. and earlier, the white house sent a memo proving that this
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book hit a nerve, inviting cameras to film his weekly lunch with the military. it is hard to argue it was a political move, but jay carney says it was just a coincidence. we want to invite you to the conversation, join our facebook page, sound off on twitter using the hash tag @hannity, joining me now to react to all of these developments, columnist, author, patrick buchanan, and juan williams. i guess the most outrageous accusation here is how can a commander-in-chief be sending forces into combat if he believes they're going to fail. what does it say about our commander-in-chief? what should military families think about hearing that? >> they should think that the commander in chief has questions and he was questioning the
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strategy all along, making sure it was effective and the right choice for their children as they were in combat. and i think that is evidence of somebody who is thoughtful and not arrogantarrogant, and not t people under the bus. >> let's give texture to this, pat buchanan, we talked about it on this program. the military leaders wanted 50 or 60,000 troops, the president couldn't make a decision, he decided -- remember, they said if we don't get that amount of troops we risk failure in afghanistan. the president only gave them 30,000. is that because he wasn't convinced they could win? >> i tell you, sean, that is the most serious charge i've seen about the book is that secretary gates says the president of the united states sent 30,000 troops from america on a mission in which he did not believe in. namely, afghanistan, that is a
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very awful suggestion about the president of the united states. gates does come back later and say i believe the president made the right decision but he does in effect say i believe the president really didn't believe in the mission on which he sent these young americans to fight and die. >> but isn't it deeper than that? if he is convinced they would fail and he sent them there without the troop level requested by the military, then wasn't that a scenario where he is putting them in a position of being a sitting duck? >> well, it is something of that nature. look, you're right, if you don't believe in the mission you don't send anyone. and did he think that the 40,000 that were requested, i believe, by mccrystal. >> it was 50, i believe. >> okay, 50, but did he believe they would succeed? what gates is saying, in my mind, i don't believe we think the president could succeed. and that is a terrible charge to make against the president when he is sending 30,000 guys to
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fight and die and believe in a cause that he does not think they're going to succeed. >> patrick, can i interrupt you a moment, the facts are these, the fact is the president did send the troops on a major surge to afghanistan. the military will always ask for more. he sent 30,000. and let me just say this. he did this despite overwhelming disapproval from the american people. the american people, and i would say and i specify this to you, sean hannity, overwhelming numbers of republicans believe that we should not have been there. >> juan williams, wait a minute. if you're going to send men and women, american sons and daughters into harm's way and you are not convinced they are going to win you have no business sending them there. >> that is not true, what did president bush do in iraq? >> juan, let me respond to you, look i want to respond to what you said. look, if the president of the
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united states believes it is virtually a hopeless mission in afghanistan. >> he didn't say hopeless. >> okay, he didn't say that, but he didn't believe in the mission. if you don't believe in the mission why would you send soldiers to fight and die in a cause that you don't think can succeed? >> no, he didn't say he didn't think the cause could succeed. he questioned the strategy, and as you point out, bob gates comes back in his book and says you know ultimately i think the pretty made the right choice. >> that is gate's view. gates thought it could succeed. but the president, apparently in gate's mind didn't think it would succeed but nevertheless sent the soldiers in. >> what about the revelation in the book where hillary clinton told the president she opposed the surge in 2007, for purely political reasons? and that the president himself did the same? what does that say about these people, juan? >> yeah, i'll tell you what it
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says, it says gates, i can't believe that he thinks that the people who run for office in this country don't make political judgments and look at polls. and to reiterate, most republicans as well as democrats think that we made a mistake by being in afghanistan. >> we're talking about american children. >> but juan, we are talking about a war. that was in iraq, whether or not you're going to win or lose a war. and the two of them said look, we took the position we did against sending the surge and troops because that is the right thing to do in the iowa caucuses? >> good grief. >> they were making political judgments. i think the two of you forget that this is a washington ritual. you forget that even before 9/11, everybody said what is this guy talking about? this is what you get when you look for different opinions -- >> juan, you're excusing the
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inexcusable here. because if you're making a decision about a war that is being fought because of your political ambition and our sons and daughters are going there and losing their lives and losing their limbs, fighting for our country, there is that in and of itself should disqualify anybody from ever having a position of power in public service. >> let me tell you, juan, if your party, richard believed in vietnam, and if they didn't, they said he should have brought the troops out then as soon as he took office. you got a president who didn't believe in either war he inherit inherited, yet with afghanistan, he went and send 30,000 troops into a war that he didn't believe in the mission. >> and he did that because the american people and the military said let's do this. and the president supported the military. >> he wanted the -- >> despite the political advantage to be gained, the
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president did what was right. before we go, quick programming on this topic, be sure to tune in this coming tuesday, former secretary of defense robert gates will be here for his first exclusive interview on this tell-all book coming up on tuesday, 10 eastern. and also coming up, why did president obama nominate an ardent supporter of the black panthers? abu-jamal? and coming up next, how young is too young to start working? see, ainsley aearhartd is there.
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ainsley ains . and welcome back to hannity, my next guest has launched an investigation into why the president has chosen to support this guy, to head the civil rights division as an assistant attorney general. now he is a co-author of an nbc brief. earlier today, the nominee testified on capitol hill. take a look at his response. >> the work involved legal issues relating to jury issues, about the legal process. and it was years after the conviction had been entered by the lower court. it was on an issue of whether or not the jury had properly been instructed. but it is important, i think, to understand that in no way does that legal representation zealously, as an advocate, cast
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any aspersions on the loss of captain faulkner. it is looking at the cases so that all of our rights can be vindicated. >> he happened to be a former sesame street actor in the '70s, another example of why he is so qualified for such an important post. here are the details on this man, also joining us, dr. fernandez, a professor of history. thank you. katie, you broke this wide open. i have followed this case closely over the years about the death of police officer daniel faulkner. tell us your reaction to this. >> well, president obama has nominated him as an assistant attorney general to head up the
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civil rights division of the department of justice. the problem is during his time at the legal defense fund, this man decided to voluntarily give his services to help get rid of the death sentence for mr. abu-jamal who has been convicted multiple times, the conviction has been upheld multiple times of murdering daniel faulkner in 1981. and of course it also goes into the idea that president obama wanted to nominate him because he has a past of pushing racial politics into inside the law. >> i don't know why, maybe you can explain this to me, professor, the free mumia movement, when there was so much evidence in this case when you go back and look at it, that he killed officer faulkner that night. >> well, i think it is important to say before we go anywhere that the european parliament, and somebody that you probably venerated, nelson mandela, and
7:17 pm
archbishop tutu, supported jamal and actually argued that he did not get a fair trial. what we know for sure, what the prosecution argued at the trial, and the prosecution was led by joseph mcgill. the prosecution argued that jamal shot the officer four times. >> and there were witnesses. >> no, hold on, but there are photographs, there are photographs that suggest that what the prosecution argued could not have happened. there were no divets on the ground as the prosecution argued at trial happened. >> let's go back to -- you know, i don't want to give mumia supporters a soap box to go back to why he is innocent. it has been proven multiple times he was not innocent. he never entered a not guilty plea. he murdered daniel faulkner, he
7:18 pm
never said he didn't do it. there were witnesses in the emergency room that overheard him say he did shoot him and hoped he died. but back to the story, president obama's nominee to head up the civil rights department of the justice department. the fraternal order of police credits the justice department with turning this on its head with unfounded and unproven allegations of racism. so this goes into the whole history of him defending jamal, and really, the false charges of racism were used to slander and libel the name of this police officer while he was a dead man after he had been killed. and they're trying to use this as a way to get this nominee into the justice department to carry out the racial pipe dreams of attorney general eric holder through the justice department. >> reaction? >> i think it is important to note the person future she is referring is priscilla durham,
7:19 pm
somebody in the hospital who supposedly heard jamal say he shot the officer. and the doctor who was with jamal from the moment he entered the hospital said there was no way he could have said anything. another thing is, that officer -- hold on, sir. the officer also said -- >> how many times was he convicted? numerous times. >> no, absolutely not. >> we need to go on appeal. >> actually, this goes back to the -- >> you want to retry this case. >> no, i don't want to retry the case. i think it is important to say this. on behalf of the naacp, i think it is important to say this. the naacp legal defense fund is one of the most respected legal civil rights organizations of the united states. >> let's go back to katy -- >> it was initiated by thurgood marshal, the person who
7:20 pm
implemented the brown versus board of education. >> one at a time. katy. >> the point of this segment and the point of this story is not again to rehash this case, again, we know that abu-jamal has proven guilty in multiple courtrooms over the past 30 years. the fact is now we have a president who nominated a cop killer advocate to head up the justice department. that is something that should be taken very seriously. >> all right, we'll continue to follow. i'm out of time. we would love to have you come back, and any time in the future we would love to have you back. thank you. coming up next, 12 years old, is that too young to work? according to one person. and ainsley earhardt has been monitoring this all day. we'll check with her. and in the house tonight, later, security checkpoint. >> and those people work for tsa.
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>> oh, it looks kind of scary, i don't think mommy will like it. >> no, it is not scary. >> our great, great american panel reacts to the creepy new tsa ad that tries to affect your children. that and more as "hannity" continues straight ahead. [ male announcer ] we could say a lot
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is raising eyebrows saying we don't allow children to work, at 16, but at 18, they can go off to war, that is damaging our economy. i started working earlier than that. there is nothing wrong with being a paper boy or in a store sorting bottles at 12 years old. comments like that are sure to fire people up. we've asked our panel to weigh in, and ainsley earhardt has been asked to weigh? >> i worked fourth, fifth grade. >> my baby-sitter got so upset she left the house and left us alone. >> you were one of those, i had had a few of those, sean, they would hide under the bed and wouldn't come out. >> the baby-sitter was in the bathroom, and then ran down the block and went home crying.
7:26 pm
me and my sister i never got along, except driving her crazy, that was the only time we got along. >> i don't think any of us got along with our siblings when we were growing up, now we get along. yeah, she started working at 11, dishes in a cafe, 16 at walmart, ten, 12 years old, picking strawberries. i love this one, i was paid to be a bus boy/dishwasher at my father's cafe since i was 12, and have been employed ever since. and lou says, washing dishes at a local restaurant, 12 years, a baby-sitter, donny ray, a twin brother, they both started to work at 16 years old. faye, picking blue berries for pocket change, many of these are saying baby-sitters, local paper boys, many of us were talking in
7:27 pm
the green room before this hit. it kind of depends on the parents, we're not advocating somebody go out and work in the coal mines, at age 16, because the burden is on the parents. they have to pay for college and what not. if you can help out, it also helps you to stay on the road. >> what was your favorite job? >> waiting tables? no, i worked for dr. boyd, i was going to work in the area, all the girls wore matching uniforms. it was fun working in his office. and we're still good friends. >> all right, ainsley earhardt, thank you for your information.
7:28 pm
and i think besides my work experience, andrea and i, she is the person i think we have had the most similar backgrounds in terms of really hard work at young ages. tell us. >> my parents owned restaurants. and i still remember the day sitting in a booth, he looked up at me, it was a sunday breakfast, my dad looked at us, he said i think you're ready to start cleaning tables. >> how old? >> nine. >> and i started to bus tables on the weekend and had the big, heavy bus pan, bob said was it heavy? it was, the faster i got the tables in, the more i got customers in, the more money the family made. i did the schedule for all the waitresses. i worked shift after shift, even midnight shifts, i am not afraid of hard work. even when i haven't had jobs as i got older, i always knew in the back of my head i could waitress for money. >> bob?
7:29 pm
>> well, first of all, the baby-sitter still won't come to your house. >> i threw out a needy one, bob. >> i was a dishwasher, they wouldn't make me a bus boy, a dishwasher, i mowed lauren eed that, about 11 or 12. i worked on the garbage truck, which probably makes sense, age 14, one job i had i really enjoyed when i was in college, i worked for the funeral parlor. >> that is creepy. >> closed the caskets all by myself. >> that was five stories worth of caskets. >> but you told me that, eight years old i delivered papers under my sister's name because you had to be 12. 12 years old i was a dishwasher by hand, no machine. 13 years old, a cook, bus boy, waiter, bartender at 17. that was my troubled years. and then construction. >> and -- >> you were actually a good
7:30 pm
cook. you cooked when you were 13? >> in a restaurant. >> you are kidding. >> i swear. >> i have cooked for bob many times. >> yeah, he is a good cook. >> but doesn't it say something about your work ethic. sean, you are one of the hardest working men in the building. you work tirelessly. >> i love it. >> i love it, too, i love to work. >> coming up next right here on "hannity." it is the outrageous new campaign, to try to paint them as rapists. and share your thoughts on this, tell us your first job, join us on twitter @seanhannity. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief
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smoke? nah, i'm good. [ male announcer ] celebrate every win with nicoderm cq, the unique patch with time release smartcontrol technology that helps prevent the urge to smoke all day long. help prevent your cravings with nicoderm cq. . and welcome back to "hannity." and tonight on our panel, democratic strategist, freedom works director, and director of the lawrence project, brook gold stein, all back, good to see
7:35 pm
you. we have what is painting republicans as rapists, well, shocking? no, let's watch it. you decide. >> a woman assaulted at night on the reservoir. another by an intruder who forced his way into her bedroom window. and for so many, traumatized again by facing the suspect in court. in the virginia senate, i'll fight just as hard against tea party republicans who would take away a woman's health care and her right to choose, even in cases of rape and incest, on election day, help me stand up for her. >> i want to be fair, i really do, it is perfectly legitimate to say you can read this ad in a way it does draw a parallel against tea party advocates and rapists -- >> that is what it was designed
7:36 pm
to do. >> absolutely, a well known fact, the left does not pay attention when somebody has an ad like this, it is completely outrageous, if a republican came out with an ad like this, it would be criticized all over the media. i don't want to play that game. i want to hope that she really does not equate tea party activists or tea party republicans as criminals. >> you want to hope, but this is the reality. this is the problem, denean, you and i have discussed in detail the same playbook used every election year. race card, it will be the agenda card, republicans hate women, old people, all of that. they do it, i would argue because it has worked for them. >> and that is why they do it. no, you're absolutely right. this ad is outrageous, sean, but the left is desperate. they can't run on obama care because it is unpopular. people are not happy with obama. there is a problem with
7:37 pm
unemployment, it is the new normal now. too many people are on food stamps. so there are a lot of individuals depending on the government. they can't run on the failed policies coming out of the obama administration. so what they do is attack, call you names. this is the card they deal all the time. yeah, it works for them and it is a double standard, and it is unfortunate. >> sort of like mitt romney, he had binders and that became such a big deal in the campaign. you're more left of center than i am, because we debated many times, do you think conservatives dislike women, hate women and are anti-women? >> our issues with conservatives are not about whether they're anti-women. it is about policies. this woman in this ad is talking about very specific policies and she is clear. she said there are tea party republicans who oppose a woman's right to choose, even in the case of rape and incest. that is factually correct. and they own that. she is repeating what they own.
7:38 pm
>> actually, most people that are pro life do make an exception, in my case, i am pro life except in cases of rape, incest or a mother's life being in danger. >> that is good to hear. >> and by the way, i do look at extenuating circumstances and think they have to be factored in. i don't know anybody that has this position and i don't know of anybody being elected that has that position, she wants to create an unfair -- >> but he talked about women -- he legitimately said that on national television. there are other people -- on top of it. look at this, she is a prosecutor, making a point about having prosecuted violent offenders, what you do when you run for office is bring your credentials. >> the left is very desperate right now with the upcoming
7:39 pm
elections. so they're going to attack, they're going to do the name-calling. how about promoting job growth to grow the economy. how about promoting economic resource. >> she has done that, as well. >> how about getting people employed, developing energy. >> she does have those ads, as well, this is one ad for one issue. this is an issue she stands up for. >> i just think it is amazing that nobody was making the connection she is actually equating tea party republicans for standing up for what they believe in with criminals. i mean, it is okay for her to say what her prior experience is, but in the same sentence, same breath, she equates the two. >> by the way, i want to warn this audience, just buckle up. this is just the beginning of the election cycle coming up. by the way, nbc news, nuns are the latest threat to american, nuns. we'll have more coming up after the break. and also coming up tonight,
7:40 pm
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the administration must now deal with this latest threat to the nation's health care law. these ladies, the little sisters of the poor. their issues was on religious grounds it would seem that the administration has bent over backwards to ensure people can exercise their religion. >> and welcome back to "hannity." we continue with our great american panel. now, nuns are the latest threat to america. what bothers me about this, we have different positions on the issue of contraception, religious rights and birth control. why should religious
7:45 pm
institutions, catholic charities and hospitals be forced by the government to do something against their deeply held religious believes? >> i agree with you 100%, they should not be forced to do that. but the exemption, that is why the health care law has an exemption by simply completing form 700 you can be exempt. and many people have opted for that exemption to date. and another point is, remember, religious freedom works both ways. >> coverage for individuals, against their values and against their religious believes. so the government is a bully. how about that? we have a government that is you know, bullying nuns for crying out loud. have people not had enough of what is going on with the government. tsa, nasa, the irs, it is really outrageous for americans to push because, take a stand against this massivegoing after nuns, t unbelievable. >> the government is not bullying nuns. it is an effort to distort the
7:46 pm
facts here. you saw it in the same segment where howard dean says these are nuns forcing their religious believes on employees. first of all, the nuns are not the ones forcing their religious belief beliefs, second of all, there is no exemption, the exemption says you have to authorize this third party provider to authorize this contraception. if they were not except -- >> but this is the point, they still have to do it. they're kind of saying we're taking away the guilt of you forcing you to do away we're going to make you do. >> if a person wants to seek it through a third party, why shouldn't they be able to do it. here is the problem, you're looking at religious freedom from one perspective. we live in a country where different beliefs are held -- >> if you -- >> if the government is not working, the government -- >> the government --
7:47 pm
>> we'll have a separation between church and states which somehow is forgotten. and i don't quite understand why that is being ignored. >> religious freedom, read it. >> freedom of all religions. >> which is not an insignificant number. 45 pending cases across the united states on this very issue, whether or not -- >> i would encourage you to -- >> it is to sensationalize to think the war is irresponsible. >> we have a new tsa video showing children how fun it is to go through the wanding, groping and grabbing before you get on an airline. this is creepy. >> this is a security checkpoint and those people work for tsa. >> oh, it looks kind of scary. i don't think mommy will like it. >> no, it is not scary. tsa officers are here to keep us secure. >> but wait, mom, whether or not is he doing with mommy's bottom? >> oh, it is stop, clean, go, for baby bottles, too. but don't worry, she will get
7:48 pm
her milk back. >> here you go. >> are we all done? >> yes. >> that was not scary. >> that was fun look, most tsa people i have met are really nice people doing a very important job. there is nothing fun about going through the wanding. i get wanded every time i go through. you get wanded? wanded. >> there is helga wanding me every time i get on. this is important, children should learn about the importance of constitution and the balance of government, that is what we should be taught. >> i love it because we pledge allegiance to the flag every day -- >> i am not saying the pledge of allegiance, that teaches us to love our country. >> we're supposed to love the tsa? >> that is going way outside of what i'm saying. no, my point is, first of all, i
7:49 pm
don't think this ad is anymore creepy than sponge bob square pants, talk about creepy, that is creepy. >> have you had a crabby patty? >> no, i haven't, that sounds scary, like something else. >> you're putting in the kid's head that it is okay for the government to do this. >> now that the kids had to go through it, it should make it easier on them. >> do we have a problem with kids throwing tantrums across the airports. >> but if there is a terrorist attack we'll have a lot more explaining to do to these kids. we would have to do a lot more explaining to that. >> happy new year to you, you, and you. thank you for joining us, and by the way, throwing the football. coming up, the architect, karl rove will be here, reacting to
7:50 pm
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welcome back to hannity. a political scientist wrote in part i'd argue three factors are paramount the president, economy and election playing field. those three factors seem to be pointing toward republican games in both houses in 2014. here with this trusty incredible, expensive white board tell us whether or not' agrees fox news krbltor the architect karl rove. how are you? >> fabulous. they're not expensive, they're inexpensive. >> latest high-tech thing. >> exactly. >> you've got big senate races this year everyone is going to be watching. >> right. you know, look the real clear politics average shows democrats with about just less than half a percent lead on
7:55 pm
the generic ballot. i think sabato is right about three big things that affect election. first president's job approval today it's in the low 40s i remind new 2010 on the eve of the election it was 45. and that is when the democrats lost 63 seats in the house. six seats in the senate. bill clinton was at 48 just before the election. they lost 52 seats controlling the house, and eight seats in the senate. so i think job approval is the biggest factor. i think sabato is right the economy is a factor mainly if it's more if it's bad. and if it's, if it starts to be better the question is how much do people credit the government with the, being responsible for it. how much they feel in their individual lives we know people dmot feel good about the economy as it's affecting them. large part because of the either perceived fear of obamacare. and finally,
7:56 pm
the playing field, republicans have a big advantage. 2014 will be fought in the house on in districts that were redistricted in 2011 in favor of the republicans 17 republicans whose seats were carried by barack obama he's going to be less popular in 2014. on the other hand there are nine democrats whose seats were carried by mitt romney. two of the nine retired and 33 democrats whose seats were carried by the democrats with less than 55% of the vote. there are less republican seats in play. >> i'm listening there is no white board. >> we're leading up to the white board >> i'm waiting for the white board. >> here is the white board. here is one of the important things i think this is an important
7:57 pm
factor how enthusiastic are the parties participants in voting? pew did a sur vachlt -- survey. 60-48 in 2008. cnn asked are you very or extremely enthusiastic? 36% of republicans wrote very. about voting this time. only 22% of democrats that shows that the energy on the side of the president's political vote. >> all right. now, but because of jerry mannedering, there is probably a limit in terms of how many seats are going to be up for grabs what about the senate races we talk about in these red state democrats? >> there are seven red state democratic seats up for election. in three of those, democrat pulled a rip cord. west virginia, south dakota and
7:58 pm
montana. these states were won by mitt romney. democrats remaining in the races in alaska, arkansas, louisiana and north carolina. president obama lost north carolina by two points and other states by double digits but those aren't going to be the only contests out. in 2010 when republicans picked up six seats, republicans picked up seats in purple states like pennsylvania and illinois. and we have races in potentially in minnesota, michigan, virginia, and new hampshire in purple states that could broaden the field. >> al franken. >> yes. >> al franken sup. open seat in michigan. look, there is talk about former senator scott brown of massachusetts born in new hampshire. >> yes. >> running in new hampshire. democrats are spending money on new hampshire tv to attack scott brown who has not made a decision about whether or not he's going to be a candidate.
7:59 pm
that shows to me they're worried about the challenge faced if they'd get in the race n virginia we've seen, senator warner who was invisible in doing things like calling and saying i want to be on fox tv because he's worried about the challenge from ed gilles pichlt e >> interesting. >> he's been active in virginia politics a lot of connections. karl rove, thank you for sharing the white board with us. >> appreciate it. >> eric bowly's is bigger >> it's a comment on self confidence with a bigger board >> big twitter fight coming. >> remember, you can hear me on brand new radio stations this year including erc in birmingham. and kida in and
8:00 pm
start your day with fox and friends each weekday morning. thanks for being with us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. > the o'reilly factor is is on. tonight: >> we are making progress against our core objective of defeating al qaeda denying safe haven while helping the afghans stand on their own. >> but a new book by former defense secretary of state gates says president obama did not believe the strategy would work. are you surprised? we will have analysis. >> whoa! helmet out, ball is out. oh my. josh gribs is probably out. >> as the casualties mount in the national football league and severe head injuries are causing-million-dollar lawsuits, is the future of pro-football in jeopardy? >> so much


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